Meghan Trainor complains that her husband never uses sauce on food & likes it dry


Meghan Trainor is very much in love with her husband, Daryl Sabara, this much we know. So in love, that she often doesn’t think before speaking about how much they love each other. Like, for instance, rarely does vomiting factor into a declaration of love and yet, Meghan had no problem explaining all the (gross) details of how it does. Sometimes she crosses over the TMI line, like when she goes on about how obsessed Daryl is with her body. But Meghan’s filterless candor is probably something Daryl loves about her so I’m certainly not here to stop her. Meghan appeared on A Little Late With Lilly Singh, which I haven’t watched yet, has anyone seen it? Is it good? Lilly and Meghan discuss Daryl, who is backstage, and Meghan admitted her nickname for the love of her life is Serial Killer. And that’s fine, but then she goes on to justify it and I don’t know, he might actually be one.

Meghan Trainor’s husband Daryl Sabara might be her biggest fan, but she still finds some of his quirks to be a little bizarre.

“We call him ‘Serial Killer’ because he looks crazy in a lot of pictures,” she told host Lilly Singh. “But, also, he does, like, suspicious things that we’re like, ‘Are you a serial killer and we just haven’t figured it out yet?’ Like, he’ll go to the movies by himself, but not, like, just one movie, like four back-to-back. Like, solo dolo.”

But that’s not all!

“He never has sauce on anything, not even salad,” she dished. “Like, just dry. And I begged him, like, ‘Just try this sauce. Is this the wrong sauce?’ And he’s like, ‘I like the grass taste.'”

[From E! News]

Daryl is an actor, best known for Spy Kids, but I think it’s safe to say that Meghan earns more money. So although watching four movies back-to-back seems slightly excessive, were I a lady of leisure, I could spend a day doing this as well. And I’d do it solo, I go to movies by myself all the time. But the poor guy does frequently give off a dead-eyed stare when photographed. Again, I could possibly look past this as not everyone photographs well. But the no sauce thing, that’s what going to convict him. I certainly understand someone abstaining from sauce for health reasons, I’d have hit my goal weight decades ago if I could keep away from it, but not liking the taste? And your taste buds work? I’m with Kaiser when it comes to wanting to taste steak, I don’t like anything to get in the way of that, but I will smother the hell out of a piece of chicken or pork. And drowning a portion of fish in something non-fish tasting is just about the only way I’ll eat it. But probably my single greatest weakness is salad dressing. I don’t dislike the taste of vegetables, either, I just love the taste of dressing. I’ll take a flour tortilla or piece of bread and dip it in some bleu cheese as a snack. Serial killer aside, one advantage to living with Daryl would, in fact, be more sauce for Meghan so this could work out beautifully for her.

Alas, Meghan has nothing to fear. Daryl adores her, to a fault, really (see vomit story above). Lilly showed a clip of Daryl and Meghan dancing in matching tacky Christmas sweaters, and a person who will dance in a tacky Christmas sweater can’t be all that bad. Plus, studies show a link between serial killers and an early exhibition of cruelty to animals. Look at this man, he couldn’t possibly be a serial killer:

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11 Responses to “Meghan Trainor complains that her husband never uses sauce on food & likes it dry”

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  1. Erinn says:

    He seems like a childstar who turned out pretty much okay, but god knows what he had to put up with in the industry. I have a soft spot for him because I was right in the target audience for spy kids.

    My dad doesn’t like most sauce, but will eat a good BBQ sauce at least. He barely even adds dressing to a salad. He just likes boring, basic food. It drives me nuts, but I’ve accepted it at this point haha.

  2. janey says:

    If that was my only complaint about my husband I’d be thrilled!

    You do you Daryl

  3. Ana says:

    Hecate, thank you for this article. It was fluffy, funny, and cute! I need to read more stories like this in the morning – I think it’s a healthier way to start my day.

    I wish I didn’t like sauce or dressing. And also chocolate (how do some people not like chocolate?!) – I’d be thin by now!

  4. manda says:

    I like salad dressing, but I have to put it on myself. Some people put way too much! Like, at the end there are bits of carrot floating in dressing. That’s way too much. I like the taste of the veggies with the dressing, neither by themselves though. I can’t imagine enjoying a dry salad

    I quite often eat sandwiches dry. Again, people that make them put way too much on, and I can’t always be bothered to grab mustard or mayo. Those are whatever condiments to me

    I cannot eat mashed potatoes unless there is a ton of gravy. I think potatoes are so blah. That being said, I don’t put ketchup on my fries! Gross. Vinegar is good, mayo is good, or just salt is good

  5. PlaidSheets says:

    That’s cute.

    My daughter doesn’t like ‘sauce’ on her sandwiches. Every sandwich is dry as heck. If I dare put mustard, mayo, bbq sauce, dressing, or anything to not make it not dry, she won’t eat it. It feels wrong to fix a dry sandwich but it’s what she’ll eat. Yuck.

  6. Claudia says:

    Well, I don’t like sauce on most things (I do like salad dressing though) and I have no problem with going to the cinema on my own. Guess I’m a serial killer, too. #teamdaryl

  7. Cee says:

    LOL I barely use ketchup or mayo. Salad dressing consists of olive oil and maybe some balsamic, if I’m feeling like it.
    No BBQ, no caesar, ranch, etc. I like to taste food.

  8. Jillian says:

    People say I have a serial killer smile too so I don’t know show my teeth in pictures. I also look angry because of my resting bitch face

    • Valerie says:

      LOL I have SRF or Sad Resting Face. I always get asked if everything’s okay and told I look very contemplative.

  9. Valerie says:

    This is like the Italian equivalent to white people’s unused spice rack, haha! I love pasta on its own, and when I ate dairy, butter and cheese were my favourite non-sauce pairing. I like the grass taste, too. He probably likes unsweetened green tea as I do. Nothing wrong with a little light dressing, though!

  10. elle says:

    I think that seal might be a serial killer.

    I’m a low- to no-sauce person. I need to be able to see my food, so I don’t eat smothered things and don’t like soups or stews unless the base is light or clear. Dry sandwiches. Oil & vinegar salad dressing. No ketchup or mayo on anything. Very occasionally mustard.