The senior royals have ‘gone out of their way’ to welcome Meghan to the family…?

Royal Ascot, Portrait of TRH Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex and TRH Meghan the Duchess of Sussex in front of HRH Queen Elizabeth the Second

It’s both funny and sad to me that senior royals and Prince William will get off their royal asses in a hurry to defend the Duchess of Cambridge’s royal wiglets or Future Queen Botox, but they just slink about saying not much of anything about the racist smear campaign against the Duchess of Sussex. Those same senior royals are the ones helping Prince Andrew too, providing happy photo-ops with him or providing cover for him. But again, they won’t say sh-t in defense of Meghan. But after the Sussexes spoke on-camera about feeling burnt out by all of the lies and tabloid drama, the senior royals know they have to do *something*. And that something is… concern-troll, gaslight and keep some kind of weird tab on how they’ve been secretly checking in with the Sussexes this whole time. William wanted people to know that he’s “worried” about the “fragile” Sussexes. Here’s what the other senior royals want us to know:

Senior royals have “gone out of their way” to make the Duchess of Sussex feel welcome, the Standard has been told, after she said in a documentary that she has found life “a struggle” since marrying Prince Harry. Senior sources admitted that the Royal Household, with all its formalities, can appear “daunting” but said that both the Queen and Prince Charles had made efforts to include Meghan.

One Palace figure told the Standard: “I know that the Prince of Wales has several times reached out to Meghan. They get on and share a love of music too. I know he invited her to a preview of an exhibition at the palace. The Queen has been a source of strength too and invited them both to Balmoral where family problems are usually aired.”

[From The Evening Standard]

“Gone out of their way” to… do what exactly? Invite her to an event last year? Check to see Archie once? Besides, this is about a lot more than “Charles invited Meghan to an art exhibition.” This is about how Buckingham Palace, Clarence House and Kensington Palace have lined up to smear Meghan. They don’t even have to put that much effort into it – all it takes is one staffer spilling some tea to a Daily Mail reporter and the tabloids will gleefully do the heavy lifting for weeks. Meanwhile, with all of the senior royals’ vague concern-trolling, they also managed to find time to drop some nastiness to various royal commentators:

The Queen and senior royals are ‘very worried’ about the direction ‘divisive’ Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are heading after they launched their extraordinary attack on the British media, royal experts claim. Royal commentator Phil Dampier, who wrote ‘Royally Suited’ about Harry and Meghan’s romance, said senior royals ‘from the Queen down’ are concerned and branded their comments in their new ITV documentary ‘very serious’.

Jonny Dymond, the BBC’s royal correspondent, said: ‘I think they (the royal family) will be pretty horrified actually.’ While royal commentator Penny Junor described the couple’s actions as a ‘big mistake’.

Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, Phil Dampier, who has written about the royals over three decades, said: ‘I hope on their six week holiday they reflect very carefully on what they do next. They had turned a corner with the Africa trip but all the good works were overshadowed by this attack on the press. ‘They are either being badly advised or ignoring advice.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Heavens to Murgatroyd, they ATTACKED THE PRESS. The press was just sitting there, minding its own business and publishing lovely, glowing, truthful article after article about the Sussexes and Harry and Meghan just LASHED OUT and attacked them!! I mean, all of these old-guard royal commentators and royal reporters keep insisting that the senior royals hate everything the Sussexes are doing. But the senior royals want everyone to know that they TRIED once or twice and that was enough. All in all… the Sussexes stay exposing these emotionally stunted hypocrites.

The Duchess of Sussex talks with Prince Charles at the Westminster Abbey Commonw

Fiftieth anniversary of the Investiture of the Prince of Wales

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  1. Oh No says:

    Goodness these people are trash. They’re just mad that they’ve been exposed on a global level

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      Trash in fancy hats. Meanwhile what is Andrew up to, at another orgy by any chance?

    • bamaborn says:

      Oh No…Yep! And they know it’s not a good look. The queen, grinning with Andrew, in that car was the most disgusting.

      • Sumodo1 says:

        At this point, I’m treating the BRF like hot dogs: I like ‘em but I don’t want to know the details.

    • Lucy De Blois says:

      Not only mad because they were exposed. More and more, reading all the articles that have been published, I firmly concluded that they want the Sussex out. And they won’t stop at nothing: either pretending to ignore all the bad press, or taking steps to favor other RF members in detriment of H&M, or feeding the same press with harmful bits about them. Until MM arrived, William was confortable in his shoes, doing near to nothing (remember the press calling him “work shy”?), Kate was also very comfy dodging duties as much she could (remember “Lazy Katy”?) and Harry was a buffon hanging around with a wild crew. Meghan changed all the picture: Harry gave to the world his other side, he showed he could shoulder responsabilities as a grown up man, commited to his royal duties, his wife (used to work, by the way) showed that she could do her share. William’s ego didn’t take the blow. Kate, the Queen Bee, felt threatened. The result is what everyone sees every day on the tabloids. The same way an unexpected side of Harry’s personality surfaced with the wedding, a much more dodgy side of William’s personality surfaced too: he’s showing crystal clear that either he’s the One, or whoever is standing in his way has to go. And I won’t be a little surprised if they are banished out of England as soon as the queen dies (if they don’t loose it and do it before, very unlike, but not absurd).

  2. Millennial says:

    Yeah this whole “attacked the press” narrative is such crap. They sued two newspapers who broke the law! They broke the g.d. law!

    Gaslighting. Definition.

    • Erinn says:

      LOL, right?

      It does make me think that it’s a BS story for the most part. There’s a bit too many hurt feelings with the press for this to not be at least heavily embellished in their favor.

    • Le4Frimaire says:

      This is why this is such hysteria. Suing two newspapers over clear violations is not attacking the press. Saying they are not 100% A-ok doesn’t mean they’re about to go postal or are oblivious to their privilege. They really don’t listen to them. They don’t hate the Royal family,hate William, or want to quit the monarchy ( yet). I read that there were 450 articles written on Meghan in May, when she was out of sight on maternity leave. Constant reminder of cost if Frogmore renovations with no context. Remember the 10 Meg commandments article? 100% BS and false, but it was out there long enough to do the damage. The absolute meltdown over the Vogue issue was what made the international press and celebrities/ prominent people take notice of the absolute contempt and double standards she’s been subjected to by tabloid. And still the press would not give a little. I really wonder what they had in the news pipeline after the Africa tour. It would have been so much worse and again over petty crap like clothes, cost of security, or dog whistles like why they didn’t talk to enough white people or solve Government corruption .

  3. Toot says:

    The UK “press” is so full of shit.

    They’ve been at her throat since she got back from the Oceania tour, newly pregnant and all, and haven’t let up. These people are truly scum. I like that Harry said he wouldn’t be bullied to play their get along game, especially after how low they behaved.

    • Indiesr says:

      First time poster here….and as I stated in my post below…. I sometimes thing that while the BP are a nasty set, I think the Royal family purposely asked the press to attack the Sussexes. Megan and Harry were just too popular and the Royal themselves admission the press to destroy them…just my thinking.

  4. Esme says:

    If this is how they welcome you, what do they do when they don’t like you? The Queen points at you and orders “off with her head”?

    • AnnaKist says:

      It’s appalling, isn’t it? That poor girl. My late hubby was a bit of a rogue, but with a heart of gold. Once, his youngest and rich golden child brother and his wife visited us from New Zealand, and took us out to a fancy restaurant. As we were having coffee, he said to me, “Well, Mrs Kist, we’d just like you to know that we approve of you.” Whaaaaaat? I very calmly said, “Really? Oh, thank you. Actually, you should be asking yourselves whether I I approve of you, because, to be honest, I don’t give a flying pharque if you approve of me or not. I married him, not you, so you needn’t worry your pretty little heads about us.” That was his way of “welcoming” me to the family, and he didn’t stop to wonder why his brother had crossed the ditch to get away from them.

      • Lady D says:

        The ditch? Are you referring to the Pacific, because that’s hilarious. Over here, it’s referred to as the pond.

      • sequinedheart says:

        @LadyD, Across the ditch usually refers to New Zealand to Australia.
        Bloody good on you, @AnnaKist!

      • A says:

        @AnnaKist, if it were me, I’d honestly have said, “Oh really? Well I don’t approve of you actually. I think there’s a lot of room for improvement here,” with a big smile. But your response works too.

    • Ladybug says:

      These people are straight trash bags. They have done more to defend fucking Andrew than Meghan and Harry. When H&M actually say what they’re feeling oh, its let’s go straight to the press. Like seriously, WTF? Now you can go to the press. That family is a piece of work.

  5. Beli says:

    My left bumcheek they have.

  6. Derriere says:

    Who is advising the royals?! Gosh, they just say everything WRONG! They could just say, you know what, the Sussexes are right! We need to change the way we function with the press and the media, because it is getting incredibly unhealthy for all of us. Dispatch the sources that say Prince Andrew’s photo ops are mistakes and that HE is the one who needs a sabbatical to get his SH– together. Dispatch more sources saying that the royals thought the old way of working was the right way, but after the Sussexes, they see that it is not. I can’t believe it is so hard for them to be decent.

  7. Eleonor says:

    I know the fairytales are beautiful, but I am going to say something unpopular: probably they should have waited a bit more, to give Meghan the time to adjusts herself to this life and decide if it is really what she wants. Let her decides if everything is worth, because she hasn’t married a husband, unfortunately she has married The Firm.
    They don’t have our feelings, they only think to protect themselves.

    • Esme says:

      In hindsight, yes, the question should have been phrased as “do you want to be a biracial public figure, in the days of Brexit and all its xenophobic rethoric, in a country where classism is a way of life?” – not only as “do you love him?”
      I think that at this point, especially if they win their lawsuit, they could really retire to private life for a few years, and softly come back later, when the knives are no longer out and posed to strike.

    • Rogue says:

      @Eleonor I’m assuming her age& desire to have children would have played a factor in how long they dated before marrying.

      As a mixed race foreign woman who espoused liberal values she was always going to be a target for Britain’s right wing dominated media. What’s probably made her situation more desperate is her father’s betrayal, family fallouts& internal leaks& lack of visible support- which made the press whipping girl, which wasn’t exactly predictable. Not sure she could have predicted the toxic obsession with her eg when was the last time you heard of someone trying to take invasive pictures and videos inside a royal’s home? The press have descended into some pretty dirty tactics again which some claimed had levelled off after the phone hacking scandal.

      I’ve seen limited coverage of the Prince Andrew documentary whereas there is wall to wall coverage of how fragile and unhappy the Sussexes are which is very useful for the Firm.

      • Eleonor says:

        Of course we couldn’t have predicted Toxic Thomas, but the Firm is going to protect Andrew, because he is one of them. And they will always throw Meghan under the bus as long as it useful.
        RUN MEGHAN.

      • WTW says:

        @Rogue, They took pics of a topless Kate on a balcony. That’s pretty invasive and happened in the recent past.

      • Lady D says:

        That was almost nine years ago. I’m not saying it was right, just that it was not recent.

      • Coffee says:

        Also, why are H&M reading rags? The only time i know rhe press giving them grief is from this site when its mentioned theres a new article in the daily something.

        Why dont they just NOT read and continue to love their life? Are people approaching them and being vile? I know they get death threats which is awful.. but so does Prince George?

    • HK9 says:

      I really don’t think there’s anything that can prepare you for marrying into this family.

    • tempest prognosticator says:

      @Eleanor, I agree and if she had known what her life would really be like, I doubt she would have married him. Life is too short. She deserves better.

      • aurora says:

        I was watching the wedding with my friend, and when the cameras were on Doria in the church, I asked my friend: “I wonder what she’s thinking right now: “What did my girl get herself into?”"

      • Le4Frimaire says:

        I wouldn’t be surprised if she said the exact same thing to Harry and probably wondering if it is worth it. I think they’re basically done for now with everything. There is no empathy and compassion and the Royal family will do nothing because they want to see if the Sussex’s totally crack or if they come through. Harry has such a sense of loyalty and duty so not sure if they can just leave, and if only she leaves, it will be worse than staying, at least short term.

    • WTW says:

      @Eleonor I mean, the British tabloids attacked her from the beginning. The Daily Mail’s “Straight Outta Compton” headline about her was one of the first I recall seeing about Meghan. Her sister Samantha used the press to attack her from the beginning. Reporters were camped out in front of Doria’s home. This was all before she and Harry were engaged. She absolutely knew the press were horrible from jump but said she ignored the nasty stories. She got engaged anyway. I don’t think waiting would’ve made a significant difference.

      • Rogue says:

        @WTW the kate topless pics was a French photographer (I believe) and in a French magazine. I’m talking about the British press doing invasive stuff especially post Levenson where they were supposed to have been reigned in.

        I think being forced to be a bit restraint post Levenson is also why we are seeing so much nastiness now.

        I wonder if Meghan was so keen to get to work thinking that obvious nasty racism etc would be just noise if she put her her head down& showed her work eg cookbook. I personally think that& the Oceania success is what unnerved the palaces.

        As I maintain it’s probably her father, making her out as a terrible daughter and the lack of support from her new family that’s been the hardest part of this& I don’t think she could have predicted that.

    • Coffee says:

      I said the same thing and it wasnt a popular opinion. Harry is to blame. She had hearts and rose colored glasses on her eyes during the courtship – but what about him? He knew what the press did to Chelsy and he knew what the press did to his 23 year old girlfriend (hence why she ended things). How could he have let this happen? It wouldnt hVe hurt to let her take a year or two, maybe THREE, to ease into this role (even if married). At least she wouldve been mentally strong enough to weather this $_hit storm. A marriage, a baby, a move to a new country – that’ll make anyone insane.

      I think they should just tKe a few months off and go chill somewhere under the radar. Get to know one another evaluate, their new lives with their new born.

      • bonobochick says:


        Victim blaming is a troll response. You are basically saying they asked to be abused by the media when they most certainly did not.

      • blue36 says:

        I don’t think them going under the radar is going to stop the press, they are worse when she’s not in the spotlight. Honestly, she was getting criticized for not working a month into her marriage, they would be going after her for not doing anything if she took time or they eased her into the role. She was never going to be treated by the press fairly, this was apparent from day 1.

      • Nic919 says:

        Meghan was under the radar during mat leave and the press continued to print stories about her daily, so going away won’t actually stop anything. Right now the DM and other tabloids makes money off Meghan and they won’t stop. I doubt they are reading all the articles, but the stuff about her father, especially the letter being printing, wouldn’t go unnoticed. And then there is piers Morgan who has been non stop going on about Meghan like a deranged fool.

  8. undergalaxy says:

    Oh yeah really welcoming. Laughing at the wedding, spreading trash stories about her, barely managing to cover up their jealousy over Harry’s popularity and the boost it got with Meghan’s arrival. Sure, welcoming.

    Or as the saying goes – with friends like these, who needs enemies?

    • sequinedheart says:

      oh god – the laughing at the wedding was the worst. I wanted to smack hem all upside the head. How bloody inappropriate to roll eyes & giggle at a formal wedding.

      • undergalaxy says:

        And they knew they were on camera. They aired their disdain and literally did not care that hundreds of thousands of people could see it. That’s how “welcoming” this nasty bunch are.

  9. Lala11_7 says:

    My G-d…


  10. Erica says:

    That family is a mess not one of them has uttered one word since the beginning to say how bad the press is bullying Meghan.Now they want to say something cause they want to appear to care when they don’t.They really want the Sussex’s to fall in line but it ain’t working. I hope they pack up and leave William and Kate with the spotlight to do the charity work they are so Keen to do now .

  11. Bookworm says:

    Why didn’t Harry and Meghan go to Balmoral? That would have been family time with the queen.

    • Sarah says:

      From that “senior source” I guess TQ was insulted that the Sussexes didn’t go. Sounds like everyone’s bossy grandma who wants her own way.

      • Erinn says:

        And that’s hard, man. My gram is the same age – there’s only going to be so many holidays / family events together. But my gram thinks my husband hung the moon for the most part, so I’m thankful I have that going for me. I don’t blame them for not going, though.

    • MsIam says:

      They live next door to the queen and supposedly see her more than all the other family members do. So I believe this “the queen was insulted” is just more b.s. from the press and gossips.

    • Elisa says:

      Yep, that’s what stood out for me too and confirms that TQ is not supporting H&M, but using them to bury the Andrew/Epstein story.

      • lingli says:

        Channel 4 aired a documentary last night about Andrew’s ties to Epstein – examination of flight logs showed that the two men spent a lot of time together despite Andrew’s recent denials. (I haven’t watched it yet, so I don’t know what else it contained.) I’m sure that the media preoccupation with the Sussexes has diverted attention away from this; the Daily Telegraph had an article on it but I refuse to give the Mail any clicks.

    • RoyalBlue says:

      @bookworm. When they got wind that pedo Andy was going to be there doing pap drives they kept as far away as possible. They will not be used to garner support for that tool.

  12. HK9 says:

    One word-Bullshit.

  13. BayTampaBay says:

    I would love to know what happened after the Oceania Tour that set of this powder keg.

    Absolutely none of these “statements” from Senior Royals make any sense. I would love to know the real reason Harry & Meghan did not to Balmoral if it is true that they did not go. I do not think anyone knows what is really going on with the BRF.

    • Rapunzel says:

      I’m convinced the whole problem was her getting pregnant. The BRF seemed perfectly welcoming up till that announcement.

      My tin foil hat theory is they (the BRF) were hoping the marriage would not last and Meg would disappear, but baby solidified Meg’s place as permanent. Harry and Meg got slapped in the face with the reality of his family’s racism when his family disproved of the baby. I absolutely think that is what went down with Wills and Harry.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        Excellent Tin Foil Hat Theory.

      • Bookworm says:

        I don’t think that’s it. It would be pretty obvious that a baby was a priority at their mid-thirties plus age group. They were always vocal about having a family.

        Lol – I think Will is more concerned that Kate will want to have another baby than if anyone else does.

      • DS9 says:

        @bookworm, I would imagine they didn’t think she would get pregnant

      • notasugarhere says:

        I cannot see them thinking that, DS9. Kate was pregnant at 37. Queen had Edward a 37. One of the Kents or Gloucesters (one of their children) had a healthy baby in mid-forties. Katherine Kent’s breakdown was precipitated by an abortion due to German measles exposure at 41 and then a stillbirth two years later at 43, but she was still able to fall pregnant twice in her early forties. Sophie had Louise at 37/8, James at 42.

      • MsIam says:

        I agree, I think the pregnancy upset the apple cart. And I don’t think it’s a case of them thinking she wouldn’t get pregnant, I think they felt they would run her off before it could happen. That maybe it would take a year or two for them to get pregnant and not less than six months.

      • Keeks says:

        This theory sounds good. I think that the BRF realized their popularity during engagement, and even more so at their wedding. I think the jealousy has escalated because they are happy and in love and that the world wants more and more of them. Charles’ popularity has never been great, but Williams? I think we can all look at him for the answers as to why his staff has leaked these bullshit stories. And it has been said that William is jealous of other’s popularity. I also think he may have a secret crush on her. I know it sounds stupid, but I think we can all look at the Cambridge’s for this mess. Both Will and Kate have motives to dislike her. The queen probably loves the attention and love they get. She’s too busy keeping tabs on Prince Pedo to worry about them anyways.

      • (TheOG)@Jan90067 says:

        I think it’s more due to the fact the Australia trip was *wildly* successful and Harry and Meg’s popularity was looking to overcome the “Golden Twit” and his lazy wife (and I *do* like Kate, just not her work shy ways; can’t stand the Egg).

        I think The Firm had to find a way to smack them down into “their place” in the pecking order. Can’t have anyone outshine/be more popular than Charles and William.

      • Bohemian Angel says:

        @Keeks I think you are right about William being jealous of Harry and Meghan’s love for each other and I remember at the wedding when Meghan walked up the aisle and came to Harry at the alter, the look on Williams face, my daughter and me looked at each other and both said the look he gave was a bit inappropriate. I believe he fancies/ fancied Meghan.

      • RoyalBlue says:

        I think it was their popularity and rockstar status that scared them. Think about it, when Sophie, Ann, Edward, the Kents and the rest do engagements, it’s understated and without all the hurrah we saw in Oceana. Heck when the Earl of Wessex showed up at my kids school (they told all the parents before and asked them to come out to support) around ten of us showed up as the contingent drove up in this huge Range Rover. No one really cared to see him. It is most likely an unwritten rule that none must be greater than the crown or those who accede to it.

      • Amy Too says:

        But it’s not like Harry and Meghan can make the people like them less or be less interested in them. They just have IT. Meghan, especially. And Harry when he’s with her. She just radiates genuineness, kindness, compassion, and warmth, and she’s absolutely stunning, besides being the first American, the first black biracial duchess, the first divorced duchess, the first American TV actress duchess, and she married everyone’s favorite Diana son. People are interested in all of that. Harry and Meghan actually don’t have that many more public engagement than Will and Kate (but I do think they work more behind the scenes and their projects are more meaningful) so it’s not like they’re constantly putting themselves out there 5 days a week leaving no room for the other royals. They even kept their son’s birth and christening mostly private and haven’t made Archie into a social media baby or PR prop. They stand behind everyone else on the balcony and at family events. Meghan dresses down or in drab colors to let the other women stand out more.

        I just don’t see HOW the BRF thinks they CAN knock them down a peg and make them less popular by creating a smear campaign and icing them out with no support. What is the point? To make them afraid to show their faces in public so that everyone will focus on the other family members? Meghan was gone for half of this year on maternity leave and it didn’t make her less popular. (Plus it’s not like Will and Kate took advantage of that time to be more active and increase their own popularity.) There are hundreds of smear articles written each week and they’re widely read and commented on. Little things that the Sussexes do or don’t do (she crossed her legs! wore jeans to Wimbledon!) get blown hugely out of proportion when royal aides give snarky insider quotes and the resulting attention overshadows the things that other RF members are doing. These articles might make some people hate the Sussexes (or at least make the few haters louder and more frenzied) but it’s not making them less popular. And by taking so many swipes at the Sussexes, or at the very least being so chillingly cold as to never give support, they’ve made an entire Sussex Squad out here who want to show Meghan and Harry as much love as they can as loudly as possible with stuff like #WeLoveYouMeghan campaigns, Sussex Baby Shower, the Vogue issue selling out immediately even in America, and the Smart Set collection pieces selling out. The campaign to “put them in their place” is keeping them in the press 24/7, is overshadowing all of the other RF members’ work, and it’s making people who never really cared about the RF before into outspoken Sussex fans/defenders who are grossed out by the rest of the family. Me included.

        It doesn’t make any sense and it’s not logical but I do still agree with everyone that the RF is so pressed about their popularity and think that this smear campaign and lack of support and protection is somehow going to help make the Sussexes less popular and make everyone else more popular.

        Unless the BRF’s goal is to get Harry to leave? I think that might be the press’s goal, but is it the family’s goal too? Are they truly that callous and dysfunctional of a family that they would make their own grandson/son/nephew/brother feel so unloved and so miserable that he would take his wife and baby (their own great-grandson/grandson/nephew/cousin) and run away to live privately on an island somewhere? But why? So that the remaining family members will look more “stable,” less “fragile,” more royal/aristocratic British stiff upper lip, and distant (as in above others and untouchable)? Is the idea to make themselves look as bland as possible, like an institution that isn’t made up of real people but just BRF robots who smile and nod from balconies, so that the people will just go on auto-pilot and let the BRF live on forever as some kind of “stabilizing” force for the nation? Does having a dynamic, biracial, American woman and a man who’s unafraid to take on the press and talk about bullying and racism bring too much attention to the monarchy and they’re afraid that attention could lead to some nasty secrets being unveiled and people eventually thinking “Why do we pay for this family anyways?—they’re just as nasty and criminal as any other group of extremely wealthy white people in positions of power.” I think it might be that. I think Harry and Meghan bring too much attention, they’re too human. If people realize that the BRF is just made up of human beings with the same petty family squabbles, the same feelings and emotions, the same vices and sins as anyone else, then it doesn’t make sense to have them anymore. It’s probably also why they cover up affairs, finically crimes, and protect their pedophile.

      • M.A.F. says:

        I thought the conspiracy with pregnancy has nothing to do with her actually getting pregnant but more to do with it being announced too close to Princess Eugenie’s wedding? Like family members knew on the day of the wedding. And because of that, some of the smear stories, like tiara gate, were coming from Andrew? Frankly, I wouldn’t be surprised if most of these smear stories are coming from his camp.

      • morrigan01 says:

        @Amy Too

        You are correct, you can’t fake having “IT.” IMO, Harry low-key had IT before meeting Meghan, but was still letting people place him into the role they thought he SHOULD have as the “wild child spare” or whatever. There was no reason for him to fight back against it.

        I knew there was more to Harry when he and Michelle Obama became such good friends. Michelle doesn’t suffer fools, and her affection for Harry was clearly 100% genuine. I knew then that there was clearly more to him than his public screw-ups showed.

        Meghan clearly has IT which is why she ever succeeded in having a steady career in in the industry. And Harry flat-out said he had to “up his game” to get her.

        I think the press – not the Royal Family – were hoping the marriage wouldn’t last long, but Meghan getting pregnant was the wake-up call about it. I think the RF were more concerned about their popularity than the baby. There were some in the aristo-set who wanted Meghan gone because she spoiled their plans for getting their own posh aristo-girl together with Harry (Ingrid Seward being one of those types), while I think the Cambridges/KP were alarmed by the Oceanic tour and it’s success. The announcement of the pregnancy and the tour success overlapped, you had two different sets (maybe even three) working from different places wrt either wanting to take the Susuexes (but Meghan in particular) down (either just kill her popularity or get her out and gone all together) . . . and now here we are.

        There really are only two end goals here because of how badly those sides played this. No way Meghan leaves without Harry and Archie going with her. It’s long been said the only reason Harry stayed in the first place was because of his Grandmother. If it came down to it, it would be *him* leading the way out for him and his family, not Meghan taking him away despite a few lines and columns here and there asking her not to take Harry away. And even if they DID leave it wouldn’t kill their worldwide popularity/support. They are not the types to stop doing their worldwide charity work just because they’ve left the UK. There will still be a focus on them. And having them go away isn’t going to make anyone left behind (*cough*Cambridges*cough*) somehow now MORE popular by some kind of default. It doesn’t work that way. So the only other thing is that they stay, win their lawsuits, and still continue to be wildly popular, and all of this accomplished nothing except exposing certain people wrt their hands being in this press hounding and giving the Susexes even more worldwide populaity and support than they already had.

    • Toot says:

      Meghan was too good and well received on that tour and I think folks in the palaces told the press to go full nuclear on her to bring down her shine.

      • Esme says:

        Yes, I think she upset the status quo somehow. Also I think she is too openly liberal when the Firm has turned “never ever have an even slightly political opinion” into an art form. For all the talk of “bringing the monarchy into the 21st century” I believe such an outdated institution works better if it stays outdated, archaic, and preserved in aspic – the more you try to make it modern, the more you can’t help noticing how outdated and absurd it is.
        Meghan is too modern for the Royal family, IMHO.

      • Purplehazeforever says:

        Yes @ Toot. I’ve tried explaining this a year ago but it was shot down…this started with Clarence House & Buckingham Palace royal courtiers & Prince Charles’ biography. It snowballed from there. Most on this site want to launch unfounded accusations at Kensington Palace but their household is not the most senior household. Prince William should have realized where these attacks were coming from, though. It happened to his mom & that is more than likely the source of the rift between the brothers. Royal courtiers…

      • MsIam says:

        I agree @Toot. I was watching that special with Paul the Butler (yes, I know, I know everyone hates him!) and he was commenting on how there was a lot of jealousy in the royal family towards Diana. None of the other royals wanted to see her shine, especially Charles but even TQ and the QM didn’t like her. So it seems like there is a lot of pettiness in that so-called family and it seems to be playing out all over again. It could be why Kate is such a shrinking violet, maybe she wants to keep out of the line of fire.

      • Mego says:

        This. William and Kate being those most affected by the shine and seeing themselves as rivals.

    • Lorelei says:

      I would love to know too.

      I don’t think it was the pregnancy because anyone could have assumed she’d get pregnant quickly given her age. And do we think the Queen would have greenlit a big, televised wedding if they saw Meghan as a starter wife who they would be rid of soon?

      I have no idea but I hope that someday, someone spills it all.

      • MsIam says:

        The Queen green lit the wedding because it would have looked bad for her and PC if she didn’t. How would they explain the son of the future king and grandson of the queen not having a big whoop-de-doo if all the other kids and grandkids had one? Since it was Harry’s first marriage there was no excuse not to. But does that mean they were not secretly hoping the marriage would fail quickly or keep them from actively working against the marriage?

      • Lorelei says:

        @MSIAM I don’t disagree with you, I just think this makes the Queen look so much more hypocritical — all of that press about welcoming Meghan, Charles walking her down the aisle, etc. We can now see how hollow all of it really was, and IMO the royal family will come out looking so much worse now.

        I’m extremely overtired so probably not articulating this well, but I guess what I’m saying is that it was so short-sighted of the Queen if what you’re saying is correct. The entire world watched the wedding, and so what is the BRF’s endgame? We saw how, following the wedding, they did absolutely nothing to support Meghan and Harry. They are all so self-serving and not nearly as smart as they think they are.

      • insertpunhere says:

        I don’t think anyone in the BRF thought they didn’t want to get pregnant quickly, but fertility drops off at 35, and I think most adults know at least a few people who struggled to have babies. This is obviously pure speculation on my part, but I would guess they thought it would take 1-2 years for them to get pregnant (not at all uncommon given her age), and that gave them enough time to run her off.

        After everything the press has put them through, I do wonder if Meghan would have left if it weren’t for the baby. I know plenty of marriages that ended over invasive/difficult in-laws, and this is about a million times worse.

        They didn’t have to keep her from getting pregnant, just drive her out before that happened. Now that there’s a baby, even if the pressure gets to them, and they divorce, the BRF will never be rid of either Meghan or the baby.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Plenty of ladies in this royal family had babies at 37, 38, 42.

  14. aquarius64 says:

    Let’s call it for what it is: all roads leads to the Sussexes lawsuits. MoS and others are afraid the dirty laundry will be aired in court, a court that is known to be favorable to the plaintiffs. Piers Morgan is off GMB, most likely to line up with his asset Thomas Markle to find out what part of Meghan’s letter he didn’t turn over to DM (and see how much he’s implicated). Remember Meghan’s lawyers turned over the complete unedited letter to the court, a fact only the Guardian reported and MoS said no comment. The royals who were leaking are doing this gaslighting because if the RRs get busted in court they will name the palace snitches and show receipts. These moves remind me of the impeachment mess in the US now. They can spin all they want, they will eventually get cauget.

    The Sussexes had to get a lot off their chest and they probably feel loads better now. They will be fine. Meghan has an event tonight, One Young World at the Royal Albert Hall. She attended the event in 2014. And you bet the press will be there.

    • Guest2.0 says:

      I hope Meghan doesn’t settle the lawsuit and takes it to trial….let all the dirty laundry air. That’s probably what has then “palace sources” shaking and trying to gaslight them.

    • Beli says:

      Yep. The press will throw the royal leakers under the bus if they think it will help them and I bet that’s got a few of them worried.

      • Nic919 says:

        News of the long time KP assistant Sophie being let go happened just days after news of the lawsuit being filed. That’s no coincidence.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      I am so sorry but I am lost in space. What is “MoS”?

      • Beli says:

        The Mail on Sunday ie the paper they’re suing.

      • Feeshalori says:

        Bay, that would be the Mail on Sunday. I have to keep up with these acronyms too!

      • Esme says:

        Mail in Sunday, the tabloid she’s suing.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        Thanks for the definition of MoS. Highly recommend a show on PBS Masterpiece Contemporary called “Press”. It is British show about the British print media. It follows two fictional newspapers, one tabloid “the Post” (The Fail & The Dim) and one broadsheet “The Herald” (The Guardian). The show is very good at portraying how reporters get their stories. This is a great show to binge if you have on-demand television.

      • Lady D says:

        Every time I see MoS, I instantly think Ministry of Science. It’s like a brain fart or something, because no other set of initials triggers a response like this one does. Nor is there a Ministry of Science in Hogwarts, I checked. Curse you J.K. Rowling.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      Aren’t H&M suing over the letter Meghan sent to her father? If the tabloids got a hold of it, they got it from her father. Why would the palace leakers be involved? I mean, I’m sure they are involved in OTHER leaks, but specific to this lawsuit (involving the letter)? I don’t see the connection.

    • morrigan01 says:

      I had a good laugh when it was confirmed that Meghan had a copy of the letter. Because I KNEW she did the minute the letter was not only revealed to exist but when Thomas Markle took the bait and gave it to the tabs to publish.

      I’ll bet anything Meghan got her street-smarts from her mother because her father is a damn fool. And so is the tabloid that published that letter too frankly.

  15. Kittycat says:

    What a bizarre story.

    I pray the Sussexes win their lawsuits

  16. Guest2.0 says:

    This is Gaslighting 101.

    M&H are surrounded by vipers…the racist press on the outside tearing them apart and the toxic family and “palace sources” tearing at them from the inside. Praying they’re getting the care they need to support and love one another.

    • TheHeat says:

      In fairness to the RF, The Daily Fail would consider a person who walked past Buckingham Palace once to be a “palace source”.

    • insertpunhere says:

      That was my first thought. Who stresses how welcoming they’ve been to a new family member if they’re actually acting right? It’s like volunteering that a phone call was perfectly normal. You only volunteer it if it’s not true.

  17. Mamasan says:

    Similar to the height of Diana frenzy.

  18. Diana says:

    Ugh.. I hate these a-holes.

  19. TIFFANY says:

    I have always had a feeling that the pregnancy is what set off the royal family and the press attacks.

    I bet the senior royals thought that they had more time to sic Michael of Kent on Meghan and convince Harry that the marriage is not working and Meghan does not ‘fit’ into the family and he should just divorce and try again.

    But no, Harry had to go out and make decisions that were best for Meghan and the then unborn Archie and The Firm was not having it.

    They are legit upset that they control the fact that he is not leaving his biracial wife out to fend for herself.

    But those two character is the problem.

  20. Claire says:

    I once read that “evil is it’s own undoing”. Given enough time bad people will destroy themselves. Seems to be happening right now with the BRF. Times are changing and people will remember this.

  21. starryfish29 says:

    Sure, Jan. It’s weird how everyone is suddenly so eager to share how supportive they are after the rest of the world spent the weekend calling them out for being a**holes. They were awfully silent about this support over the past year, in fact, last week weren’t they all supposedly washing their hands of Meghan & Harry. Curious.

  22. BlueSky says:

    So the Sussexes fighting back against a deliberate smear campaign is worse than dealing with a pedophile in the family???

  23. PsychoBot says:

    @ Eleanor: Truth. But with the initial wave of adoration, warmth and positive attention they must’ve would carry them through. I mean, people were writing dissections on how an archaic institution has welcomed a black woman into it’s fold, a great love story. Sure, there were crazy articles here and there, but nobody would’ve thought the DM/Sun would take it this far.

  24. Rogue says:

    Yes quite the turnaround. Last week a royal reporter was saying on social media that nobody is supporting the Sussexes, William has washed his hands of Harry. Now it’s leaking to the press how concerned they are and how much support they’ve provided.

    As for Balmoral apparently Harry hasn’t gone or at least pictured there for years so maybe that’s normal he wasn’t there is being made a big deal this year- probably as the press had reported they would be there and their sources were wrong -again. They do live in Windsor near the Queen so don’t need to go to Scotland to air laundry out.

    But anyway as said above they are trying to pressure them to drop their lawsuits under the guise that they are being divisive. I hope they persist and win and all the tea gets spilt.

    Apparently James Hewitt and Paul Burrell have joined in a phone hacking suit…

  25. Guest says:

    I hope meghan and harry keep on stepping on their throats. The royal deserve every bit of karma. Sitting and smiling next to andrew the day after Epstein died showed a lot. Now the whole family has shown their a$s.

    Still hoping Meghan and harry leave the cesspool and move. Let them have William and Kate as the face of the family.

  26. janey says:

    “said that both the Queen and Prince Charles had made efforts to include Meghan”. Is this walking her half way down the aisle and taking her on a train trip after the wedding? Have they done anything since then?

  27. Margareth says:

    The British Royal Family, royal reporters and British media are all a pile of trash. This is the truth.

  28. Becks1 says:

    I just find it kind of funny that the press keeps publishing these stories about how H&M “attacking” the press is such a mistake. Its like…..of course you think they’re making a huge mistake, because they are attacking YOU (you = the press.)

    I do think that someone involved with the BRF has realized how bad this is making them all look, hence this story about how welcoming they were to Meghan, the story about William being worried, etc. The Queen went out of her way to show Andrew had her protection and I think that is coming back to hurt her in more ways than one.

    • Bohemian Angel says:

      Well now thanks to William’s ‘concern’ the morning programmes and lunchtime news are now talking as though Harry has lost his mind and how William is ‘very worried’ about him. This is disgusting, Harry and Meghan are rightfully upset by all the attacks against them (mainly her) but they don’t seem to be suffering any mental health issues. Talk about diminish their concerns about their safety and that of their sons. I really can’t believe how low William can go. This is truly a sad state of affairs.
      On another note: Andrew must be happy nobody seems to be talking about the doc about him ‘The Prince and the Paedophile’ aired around the same time as Harry and Meghan’s doc.

  29. DS9 says:

    So basically, “it’s not our fault she doesn’t fit in”…


  30. Chelle says:

    Perhaps Meghan and Harry are the change agents the Windsors, as a family, need post Diana. I find that there is always one or two people in a family that says things or acts in a way to let the family know that “no, shit is not all right.” Those people are usually ostracized, unfortunately, in my experience too.

    If you look at the Windsors through the lens of generational trauma (maternal and paternal)—and backed by their family’s unique role and just cultural expectations, you can almost see how they with their Victorian & Edwardian approaches/outlooks on life have probably gotten so hunkered down and bunkered down in with an us against them mentality that that they are no longer feeling anymore or have been cut-off from feeling and are now just operating/existing/surviving as a Firm and not as people in an emotionally supportive family network instead of a pecking order of quod pro quo.

    Megan and Harry’s situation with the senior royals is kind of like when a sister says that you can stay with her after a bad break-up (shelter), but you were stupid for dating him (where is the empathy?) and if you want to stay here this is what you have to do for me (conditional support).

    Now, to take that from a different approach. I was curious from the jump how this Harry & Meghan thing would work when looking at their individual profiles. I’m no psychologist but they are sort of predisposed and primed to feel cut loose, unsupported and abandoned.

    Harry is the youngest of two brothers and raised to know and accept that he isn’t necessarily the important one but more like a spare key—just in case. His mother died when he was a child. Both parents seemingly loved him but both were probably overly occupied with their own lives too. He was raised by those parents along with a series of nannies and then boarding school. In some ways, that’s not an unusual profile but it’s one that can perhaps make a person not feel as emotionally connected as they should. Meghan is the only child of divorced parents. Loved by both. However, her background seems dysfunctional and a cut-off from a deep network of family support. She’s had to tough and pretend her way through a lot of situations because of that. The upside is that she’s self-made. The downside is probably feeling emotionally alone. Also, being biracial could have left her feeling alienated and just in some strange situations from time to time. (Of course, I’m speculating). Anyway, when they got together, I always felt that it was really two people who have been scared all of their lives but who found safe harbor and their emotional signature in the other. I always felt that that wasn’t recognized by people., read William. IMHO, Meghan is to Harry what the Middletons (I didn’t say Kate) is to William, what Camilla is to Charles and what QEIIs situation was to Philip.

  31. OriginalLala says:

    The BRF is a horrid viper’s nest and they just keep showing their asses more and more. But go on Queenie, keep protecting your pedo son.


  32. S808 says:

    The ITV doc has been bought by multiple networks to broadcast in other countries + the outpouring of support on social media of H&M then this statement….they’re scrambling. And it’s funny to watch but sad to watch them side with the press but that was to be expected since they’re working together. I maintain my stance that the first tour was TOO successful and the palace overreacted to it.

  33. RoyalBlue says:

    This is brilliant! Who has gone out of their way? The men in grey are stuck in the 1920s and are showing their true colors the more they open their mouths. Meghan and Harry are playing chess while the rest of them are playing checkers. They have baited the RF into not keeping that stiff upper lip and goaded them into commenting. William took the bait and showed what a narcissist he is. Now the rest of the family are doing the same and implicating themselves as sociopaths. Team Sussex!

  34. TheOriginalMia says:

    The Queen misread the pulse of the nation after Diana’s death and she (her courtiers/advisers) have grossly misread the situation regarding Meghan. I think she and Charles thought removing them from KP/William would be enough support, when the situation called for a more united front. It called for an unprecedented response and it never happened and here we are.

    These weaksause leaks aren’t going to change popular opinion of the BRF.

    • S808 says:

      Yes! Everyone says H&M are getting bad advice but I think it’s the more senior royals that are. It’s unbelievable how badly they’ve handled all of this.

  35. Jumpingthesnark says:

    Just wow! Are they also horrified by pedo Andy’s activities and associations? We see you RRs courtiers and senior royals…….

  36. Harla says:

    You forgot to finish the rest of your sentence Kaiser, it believe you meant to say, “the senior royals have gone out of their way to welcome Meghan…when it made them look good”.

  37. Lyn says:

    Over the past year I remember reading a lot of people here and elsewhere wondering why the senior royal families were not showing any support for Harry and Meghan. They were all silent while the press assaulted them relentlessly. To the extent some of the tabloid writers were gloating about how they were being briefed on the royals hating Meghan, washed their hands off them, wanted them away. Now they are peddling pure fiction via their sycophants in the media about how they have always been supportive. Talk about gaslighting.

    All of them were all boasting and reveling in thrashing the Sussexes now they are all supportive. What changed?

  38. A says:

    First of all, where did Meghan and Harry ever say anything about their family, lmao? They never said anything about whether they’re lacking in support from them during the interview. They actually kept their comments strictly about the press, and what little Harry said about William was carefully worded to not assign any blame to him. So I find this all quite funny.

    Second of all, I don’t buy this. This strikes me, more than anything else this contingent of the media has said, as something purely made up. Meghan and Harry are working out of Buckingham Palace. The Queen has loaned them her staff members. The whole slant with the press at the time was that the Queen was moving them down the hall in order to “monitor” and “keep an eye on them.” So now you’re telling me that the Queen didn’t know and didn’t have a say in this? Really? How odd.

    Finally, I think the RF did know. The Queen and Charles knew that H&M would be taking action, and let’s not forget, their legal action actually has a proper basis in that the Fail published her letters. But with this, as with everything else so far, I think the RF is content to make Harry and Meghan their fall guy. You know that Charles or even the Queen would LOVE to go all out on the press in this way. Lord knows the press deserves it to some extent. But Harry and Meghan are the only ones with a legitimate basis for doing so, and the only ones with enough motivation to actually do something. So the RF is perfectly happy to step back and take the hits while the rest of the RF benefits from their actions.

  39. Migli says:

    I think it is really hard on anybody to leave your home and family and start anew in a foreign country. No one from the BRF have ever experienced it. Maybe this is the reason, why they just never understood how hard it is to adapt. I watched “Good Morning Britain”. On this show was a women (sorry can’t remember her name) , who is American and married to a some British Viscount. She married 20 years ago. She pointed out: “ All we (American and British) have in common is that we speak the same language.” I could not agree more. I for myself moved in my early 20s to California. Boy oh boy was that hard on me! I had my difficulties to adapt the “American Way of life”. M pointed out in her interview, that she was overwhelmed how tough it was on her. I understand that completely. She made mistakes in the eye of the British Press and she did not understand, why she was being criticized. Of course she did not understand! How could she? With me in the US at the beginning it was the exactly the same. I was doing the things the way I had learned at home. In the US they did it differently. So I was criticized. Actually: It was not a mistake. I just handled it DIFFERENTLY. It is simply a culture clash! In the universe of conservative BRF, you do everything wrong what they don’t know. As for the smear campaigns: I think what is far worse is the commentators who bully and call M and H names. The only thing what made me really mad about the two (and all celebs, no matter where they live!!!!) lecturing other in saving the planet and using private jets is a NO GO!! At that point: everyone who criticized them for that, was right! You guys made your bed ,you have to lie in it. That had nothing to do with bullying or racism: we have just one planet and not another one in the trunk. And please, spare me with safety issues. IMHO the best for HMA is really to take a timeout. Not only six weeks. Just be for yourself, sort things out and start anew. Maybe living for a few month in Cape Town might be a good idea. Not in the US, not in Britain. Kind of a “neutral” place…and maybe they can adapt and find a better way to get along with all that load they have to deal with and bring the best of their two “worlds” together.

    • ProfPlum says:

      @Migli, I appreciate your thoughtful take on the cultural clash. Very helpful to have this POV. Is it possible that you’re understating the degree to which racism is also at work here? It doesn’t have to be either/or. In fact, it seems like it’s both/and—racism and xenophobia combined with different cultural takes on the same conduct.

      • Migli says:

        Thank you for your kind comment. tHmmmm….did not look at it that way. But you could be right. Definetly it could be a mix from all includiing jealousy on what Meghan achieved as a women with biracial (is ist allowed to use that word?) background. Do you also mean racism, jealousy on side of the BRF and their staff towards Meghan?

    • Some chick says:

      They should not have to move to another country because of being bullied.

      Also let’s not forget that no one really knows if ANY of these “palace sources” even exist, or whether they know what they are talking about if they are actually someone talking to reporters. Crazy Samantha could be calling them and disguising her voice! And as someone else said, the Daily Fail considers someone who walked past Buckingham Palace once a “palace source.” There is a lot of guesswork, fanfic, and wishful thinking going on.

  40. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    I wish H&M could walk away from The Firm. They seem so good for each other, so connected and happy together… it’s such a shame that they are treated the way they are.

    • Mego says:

      Let’s take it further and abolish this useless monarchy while we’re at it. I want William to be King as much as I want Trump to be President. Ditch the monarchy and free these people to live their lives.

  41. Lexa says:

    I mean, she did get certain things very early on that Kate never got as a fiancé or recent married-in. In fact, there was quite a narrative here that the Queen preferred her immensely to Kate because Meghan was invited to Christmas as a fiancé, got a very early solo engagement with the Queen on the train we’ve still never seen the Cambridges take, she got to join the Royal Foundation’s forum before she married in, the press about how much Charles loves her/calls her Tungsten, etc. I think what they want is more emotional support and more validation from the family and this is just a family that doesn’t provide either. As many people here have pointed out, I think the Middletons are the ones primarily providing the emotional support to the Cambridges and it’s honestly too bad Meghan’s family is the complete worst and couldn’t do the same.

    • A says:

      I think it’s more that this family doesn’t provide that type of support in this particular context. They’re very much the, “Keep calm and carry on,” sort. But I think the Queen is blinkered by the fact that she’s the Queen. I don’t think she’s truly ever understood how damaging the press is to members of her family. To her, it all seems like a big fuss, and I suppose if it’s easier to ignore because well…she is the crown. She receives a degree of respect that sets her apart from everyone else in her family because of her position. So I’m sure it’s really easy for her to set these emotional quibbles aside and focus on her duty. But that’s not the position others in her family are in.

    • Taryn says:

      That’s what the British press do though, build them up just to take them down. I remember the initial coverage of her when they were first engaged and starting to sprinkle in more and more racism and sexist attacks on her just to see what would stick. They took those things (diva meg, too bossy, too American) and ramped them up ten fold to what it is now. Everything they say about her one day they contradict the next and the public just eat it up as the truth. The power they have over her life and Harry’s is scary and knowing that TQ or Charles can just step in and put a stop to at least SOME false stories but aren’t must feel awful.

  42. ojulia123 says:

    And yet not one of them has “gone out of their way” to protect her or stand up for her. Okay.

  43. Mego says:

    Meghan stated point blank that not many people ask if she is ok so I’m not buying that every effort has been made to reach out to her. Certainly every effort has not been made to help stop the smear campaign or address the lies published about her.

    This is cya gaslighting at it’s worst.

  44. Mego says:

    I am deeply grieved about how the press has been given free rein and encouragement to tear a thoroughly decent person like Meghan down in this way. It’s been so disheartening to watch wave after wave of negative publicity written about her and I am so very sorry for her distress.

  45. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    I think the royal family doesn’t care about Meghan being attacked by the press, because that’s *her* problem (being African-American), not *their* problem. Of course they would totally support William suing the press over his affairs, because the rest of the royal family all have affairs too, so it’s in THEIR interest to intimidate the press into not covering infidelity. And they totally support Andrew, because they all have shady financial dealings and connections, so it’s in THEIR interest to not allow Andrew (or any of them) to be subpoenaed, sued, or criminally charged. But Meghan? The rest of the royal family aren’t black, so they don’t care about racist attacks. That’s Meghan’s problem, and not one that any of *them* will ever face, so they don’t care. And yes, my opinion of the royal family really is that low.

    • spooky says:

      The press are not that easily intimidated.

    • Rogue says:

      @Mrs K I agree- not sure why people would expect the royal family to defend against racism- a lot of them have said offensive things in the past including Harry so not like they can relate. I do think basic support like a joint engagement would have been helpful at the height of the smear campaign though.

      I do think there were calls inside the palaces to knock her popularity and it got out of control. What I don’t get is why courtiers or whoever didn’t just tell press mates to starve her of coverage so the heirs etc got more attention?

      They made her probably the biggest story in the royal family so that even haters focus more on her than the others. eg story before Trumps state visit was about her absence as a reporter asked about her. You’ve had ex Secretary of State, current congresswoman and presidential candidates etc express support for Meghan and/or her charity recently and I doubt that would have happened if the press had left her alone.

  46. spooky says:

    They were visiting a country were there is abject poverty and children missing limbs from mines. Perhaps it might have been better if they had got home first before giving those interviews.

  47. Le4Frimaire says:

    It’s all getting bit much with all the tabloid frenzy. If nothing else, the way KP responded is turning this into a brother war, and I don’t think documentary was about that. This still deflects from the tabloids and the constant smears and half truths. The senior royals should have shut this down long ago and showed some public support and mentoring of Meghan. Taking her to an art exhibit is laughable. I think we’re very sympathetic to the Sussexes and they have brought so much to the table, and instead of being threatened by them and leaking crap, they should have been used as such great assets for the Crown, abd things would have settled down. However, to some this is becoming rich people problems. Wendy Williams ( queen mean herself) was dragging her ( and only her of course), the right wingers are frothing, and some US talk shows thought they were being too messy and whining with privilege. I hope they just get back to focusing on the work and everyone figures this out. Royals will support their own like creepy Andrew, but when they think you step wrong, they are the absolute worst, and leave you out there in the cold and throw you to the tabloids. Now they all look tone deaf, petty and rudderless. This while Brexit still isn’t resolved and elections will happen soon. They need one of those corporate retreats where they play paintball and have team building exercises 😂. Who needs the Crown when all the drama is in real time.

  48. morrigan01 says:

    So I’ll just say it: I don’t think The Queen or Charles can do much here, like calling off the press which the Queen totally CAN do because she’s done it before, because it’s well known that Rupert Murdoch is just waiting for The Queen to die before he dumps all the scandal info he has on the Royals. All the Royals from the Queen on down have made faustian deals with the tabloids to more or less keep some sort of peace. Harry flat out said he refuses to do that/play that game (and Meghan is clearly following Harry’s lead on this), and so here we are.

    The Queen OR Charles get out in front of this between the Susexes and the tabs, I think the tabs would turn on them in an instant and start unloading any scandals they have when it comes to The Queen and Charles without hesitation. So they are not going to risk it.

    To be clear, I’m not excusing what The Queen and Charles are doing (or not doing). I’m just saying the feeling of all of this from them (and William too) have all the signs of playing the game that Harry says he wouldn’t play. And it’s not hard to figure out the reasons why these people are still playing the game when we *know* they have no love for the press either. It’s clearly self-preservation (and, as far as WIlliam goes, jealousy as well) is a greater motivator.

    • February Pisces says:

      I think harry did play along with the game too for peace along with the rest of the family, however that all changed when certain members of the family, courtiers and press hung him and Meghan out to dry. He had to cut off his access because he knew those royal reporters had aligned themselves with those who were out to throw him under the bus. This treaty between the RF and press clearly wasn’t extended to Meghan when she joined. The press and RF only have themselves to blame, because now harry is going to bring out a lawsuit dating back nearly two decades, because they didn’t keep their word. There is only so much a person can take, and clearly harry has nothing to hide.

  49. Curryong says:

    I’ve been a Royal watcher for a very long long time, many decades in fact, and I can smell the aroma of a PR campaign whirring away at a rate of knotts from a mile away. ‘Oh, this will make us (the rest of the RF) look bad. Quickly, get the staff to contact those friendly RRs and show the public that it isn’t us rejecting Harry, it’s the other way around! We are all in anguish, we are all so terribly worried about Harry and Meghan’.

    In spite of the fact that Harry’s brother, a man who has a prominent anti bullying campaign on his CV, a man who made a speech about a stiff upper lip being bad for you, did not lift one finger in open support of his brother (and his brother’s wife) in the year since October last while Meghan was incessantly bullied daily by the tabloid press.

    Not one word in public, not one nice gesture, in spite of the fact that he knew Meghan was a new wife and new to British and to Royal life, and that his brother loved and adored her and would have appreciated the support.

    • Cluces says:

      I have no respect for the monarchy or British press! I knew England was racist. But goddamn give a sister a break. Insulting sisters on a daily basis times 3 years. How pathetic. I’ve never seen such behavior. Hell the downtrodden/ghettos/third world country has more class then those delusional pricks in cesspool England. The British press gets off lying, bullying and putting out false narratives! The public eats it up. Meghan siblings and idiot father screwed her big time. They have no respect for Meghan. People saw her family show out. The haters have respect for the Markles. Meghan had no family at the wedding. Tom cat faked a 💔! Doria and Meghan destroyed the Markles, according to the trolls. Meghan’s married into a family that has oppress her ancestors. She went from the pot to the fire.

      I hope the Sussex got the hell out of dodge. The RR enjoys destroying people. They want Meghan gone! The ninth day of the African tour front page news “the Sussex shipped several cars to SA!” They hate Meghan. Their pissed off about Archie. That baby going to be smart and successful! Very alert, cute and happy. He’s got traits from dad/mom. He’s a smart baby. For their children sake leave. Go live on Charles Scotland estate.

      This is the end of that selfish monarchy. The commonwealth and the new fans around the world…..WTF! These people haven’t evolve. Their so out of touch with their subjects. They way women are treated gross. I was going to plan a trip to England. Screw that’s, keep my useless American $$. This isn’t going to end well. Too much hate.

  50. PrincessK says:

    William is jealous of Harry, and envious of his vivacious , intelligent and hardworking wife. William identified a woman who was more like Meghan in terms of charisma and star quality but she turned him down, and so he settled for poor Kate.

  51. KatV says:

    I watched the documentary last night. And wow it was powerful. I loved the focus and how well spoken Meghan is. I actually said to my husband (who doesn’t care about royals the least) that how can anybody have anything against this woman? I’m still in shock. Overall people are supportive of her in my country and also think the British press is nasty. I do believe the BRF is an archaic institution and that they feel they’ve been trying but theyre actually only protecting themselves. Believe me, our crown prince’s younger brother has gotten an awful treatment by the press too. But not with this racist undertones.

  52. Rogue says:

    I hear what people are saying but if they had done interviews in UK, people would have said the same thing if they did it in UK- privileged spongers moaning when there’s Brexit going on& record homelessness, food banks use etc.

    Not sure if point of their discussions was to fill in why they are launching legal action but fact is a lot of people want the pile on to carry on unchallenged& would never want them to speak out.

    The Sussexes have been head down showing their work amidst the negativity& that didn’t stop anything. It shouldn’t have come to their taking legal action& doubt they are going to pull back from that which a lot of the criticism is now aimed at. Still the Queen etc need to get their act together& shut down the public in-fighting. The press will delight in this cos think it’s a useful distraction from continuing brexit mess

  53. JaneDoesWork says:

    I actually believe that Charles believes that he has gone out of his way for Meghan. When her trash father wasn’t there it was Charles who walked her down the aisle at her wedding so she wouldn’t be alone. Its always been said that he got along with her much better than Kate. That said, I don’t think Charles actually has any idea how to have relationships with other humans.

    People always blamed Kate for her parents being so involved with George when he was young, but the reality was Charles always waited for a formal invitation to things and wasn’t ever really interested in being hands on with small children the way the Middletons were. Thats just the way he is and what he knows, its not even his fault – he’s just a product of his upbringing.

    That said, the quotes here wreak of William stomping his feet and proclaiming “I went completely out of my way to attend their wedding when I really wanted to be hunting with Rose or female companion who wasn’t my wife.” He’s the worst.