LeAnn Rimes says she was ‘running from a lot of trauma’ when she sought help in 2012

Singer LeAnn Rimes arrives at the World Premiere Of Disney's 'The Lion King' held at the Dolby Theatre on July 9, 2019 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States. (Photo by Xavier Collin/Image Press Agency)

In 2012, LeAnn Rimes entered a “treatment facility” for what was supposed to be a 28-day treatment for stress and anxiety. There were always different theories floating around about what was really going on with that whole story though. For one, LeAnn had been boozing it up especially around her 30th birthday, and she entered the treatment facility two days after said birthday. Brandi Glanville claimed LeAnn went to “tweehab” because at the time, LeAnn was being especially crazy on Twitter 24-7. LeAnn’s management insisted that LeAnn really was suffering from too much stress, and something about bullying too. I don’t remember. What I do remember is that the “28 days” was absolute bulls–t. LeAnn left the facility after a matter of days to perform at a concert. Then a week later, she was at a premiere with Eddie Cibrian. I said at the time that LeAnn didn’t so much enter a “treatment facility” as she just came and went as she pleased from some kind of spa. I still believe that.

Why this trip down memory lane? Because LeAnn gave a speech at the Hope for Depression Research Foundation’s luncheon this week and suddenly she’s trying to pretend that back in 2012, she was in some sort of real-deal facility where she was alone for 28 straight days? For the love of God.

Seeking treatment for anxiety and depression was the best gift LeAnn Rimes ever gave herself since it likely saved her life, she revealed Wednesday. The Grammy Award-winning singer checked herself into treatment on Aug. 29, 2012, the day after she turned 30, she told the packed audience at the Hope for Depression Research Foundation’s 13th Annual Luncheon Seminar at The Plaza Hotel in Manhattan. Breaking down in tears at the podium, she said, “Honestly, It was the best birthday gift I could have ever given myself because I don’t know if I would have made it to the next one.”

During her emotional speech, Rimes talked about how she was “panicking” on the way to the treatment facility because she would be all alone for 28 days straight and left to face her thoughts, fears — and pain. “Honestly until the day that I checked myself into that treatment center, I had never been alone,” she said. After her loved ones said their goodbyes, “it was real,” she said. “It was the first time I couldn’t run anymore and I was running from a lot of trauma.”

She broke down again, pausing for a moment before regaining her composure. “I cry because I am so happy to be able to share this because there is a lot of hiding that goes on and there is a lot of shame,” she said. “I know that so many people here understand that, so thank you for offering me the podium, because being able to share that is healing. It is freaking healing.”

On Wednesday, she talked about the toll of the ordeal [of her affair with Eddie Cibrian and the years-long fallout]. There was “a very public shaming around my relationship with my now-husband of nine years,” she said. “And all the running, and all of the hiding and all of the shame that lived inside was incredibly exhausting. I wasn’t sleeping, though I couldn’t get out of bed, which made no sense to me. I was having debilitating panic attacks where I could not breathe and honestly, I think I’ve been holding my breath my entire life.” Then came the help she so badly needed. “I was so fortunate to have wonderful friends around me, and a wonderful husband, and a great support system … that sat me down and suggested that I get help.”

[From People]

I don’t doubt that LeAnn is an anxious person, or that she’s incredibly high-strung or that she has significant mental health issues. We know all that. We’ve seen it over the years. What bugs me is the complete rewrite on what was actually happening out in public, facts about her life that we already witnessed. She didn’t get some intensive 28-day treatment, she was in and out of that place as soon as she got some sympathetic headlines. She was publicly shamed because she was openly cheating on her husband with another married man, a man she openly pursued until she destroyed both of their marriages. Also: wouldn’t her mental health be in a better place today if she hadn’t married a compulsive liar and degenerate cheater? God knows what kind of gaslighting Eddie has done on her over the years.

LeAnn Rimes, Eddie Cibrian attends The premiere of  Disney "The Lion King" in Los Angeles

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  1. Risa says:

    Eddie’s son is so tall! Or is Eddie short?

    That’s all I’ve got.

    • ChillyWilly says:

      Lol! All I’ve got is that those boys look so much like Brandi. Leeann must hate that!

      • Starfish says:

        I think her days of using the boys will backfire on her, crazy step-mommy. She bought their attention, she used them for interviews, her mental health issues (gag) are her guilt playing out now. Caught in her own trap, Eddie unemployed, her jackpot gigs, kids know what others do to people they love. Eddie smeared Brandi to please the nut he married, $$$ was Eddie’s future, no working and have a woman pay his bills. They deserve each other. imo

    • Murphy says:

      Eddie is short but Brandi is tall.

  2. Digital Unicorn says:

    I like the dress, just not sure on her.

  3. Apalapa says:

    I felt sad when I read this. Mental health and emotional health matter so much. Look at Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. They had so much talent and were performing from a young age but it seems like their development took a severe u-turn and ended up reinforcing unhealthy habits and narcissism.

    Out of women who became famous young, pretty much only Zendaya seems well adjusted to me.

    • Pandabird says:

      Zendaya is still really young though. Only time will tell.

    • lucy2 says:

      I agree, adolescence is hard enough, but add fame and pressure and scrutiny, I can’t imagine.

    • WTW says:

      There is a connection between mental illness and creativity, though. Brain scans look different in creative types vs. “normies.” What we think of as mental “illness” may be the driving force behind the talent of many of our greatest artists. It has been that way for eons. So, I don’t think it’s just fame from a young age. My favorite composer, Tchaikovsky, for example, got into music as a young boy precisely because he had anxiety. Mental illness clearly has numerous drawbacks, but one of its positives seems to be the role it plays in fostering creativity.

  4. AmyB says:

    I actually watched her speech – it was moving. And I think anyone that promotes more awareness to mental health issues should be applauded! HOWEVER, I saw the whole thing play out with LeAnn and Eddie (and their respective exes). We all did. The girl was nuts and crazy and lost a ton of weight (probably over stress sure). I am sure that she wants to hang on to Eddie anyway she can, at this point, just to save face. I am very surprised she hasn’t had kids with him at this point, but who knows? Maybe she has issues conceiving. ???

    But LeAnn promoting Mental Health???? COME ON!!! I would take this more seriously from someone who, I don’t know, took the whole thing about therapy seriously! You don’t get better in 28 days! And who knows if she even stayed that long! It is a committment that takes YEARS!

    • Marcela says:

      Yeah I have come to like the new version of Leann but we all remember what a cruel and unstable person she was towards Brandi and her ex husband.

      I understand she had a strange childhood that negatively affected her but it’s not an excuse for the trauma she inflicted on Brandi, the children and her own ex husband. It may explain the why of her actions, why she was drawn to toxic man like Eddie but will never be an excuse for her behavior. It speaks for itself.

      I’m glad she has found some healing for the sake of the people who must deal with her on a daily basis such as Brandi and the boys.

      Also, I read years ago she doesn’t want to have children because she would have to get off her psoriasis medication if she wanted to get pregnant. And apparently her psoriasis was very bad before she got it under control and she isn’t willing to go off her medication.

      • Starfish says:

        You have a willing partner, Eddie does not want kids with her. His mooching days would be over. I wonder if he promised her a child and the lowlife made sure it NEVER happened. Can’t really blame him.

      • AmyB says:

        @Mercela I agree with what you said. LeAnn certainly did not have a stable childhood. But trust me, many of us DO NOT! And it definitely is not an excuse for horrible adult behavior. I too am glad she seems to have settled down, but I guess what is kind of insulting to me is that she claims to be some kind of mental health advocate now – like really? Did you really do all the soul-searching and hard work of therapy

  5. Valerie Purvis says:

    100% to all of this.
    This was the fun days when Leann would stay on Twitter day and night fighting w people about her truth.
    She was partying and canceling to do peen patrol with Ed.
    Don’t forget this was at the time of the Smiley case
    Leann checked herself to get pity for the case.
    That case was the greatest show.
    She called someone to harass them over the phone for no longer being a fan. As a matter of fact Leann was blocked.
    Leann was a laughing stock because everyone thought the case was absurd.
    Experts said the case was not worth it and it would further tarnish her image.
    If that was possible.
    She was avoiding deposition. She thew the fan that helped her under the bus.
    And Ed is a 90% the cause of all her problems.
    He was a cheater when he met her and it will never end.

  6. Deanne says:

    Mental health awareness is very important, but LeAnn’s rewriting of what was actually going down when she sought “treatment” is extremely disingenuous. Those boys don’t look happy in that photo. Eddie isn’t going to be able to force Mason to attend these photo op events for much longer. How ever will LeAnn cope? On another note, LeAnn looks like she’s wearing a Victoria’s Secret nightgown and Eddie couldn’t look like more of a schlub if he tried.It’s like they dressed for completely different events.

    • Valerie Purvis says:

      On her podcast Brandi said the boys did not want to go to that particular premiere.
      Leann made them go.
      The boys thought they were too old for The Lion King.
      Leann went for the exposure.
      The boys has made it clear they are not interested in having their Pictures taken

  7. Meg says:

    I still cant believe she gave up her career for this guy. Her ex husband had a big hand in her career, there are exes who split amicably and are able to work together in some way but she burned that bridge. Maybe she belittled the impact he had on her career? Country music is also sexist and much more forgiving to male singers caught cheating, like Jason Alden whose career wasn’t affected in the slightest it seems

    • Starfish says:

      Country star at 13 is when it all stopped for her. Sorry, her voice is nothing unique. She dished her crap about others not paying their dues. She wanted Hollywood, not country traditions. Child one hit wonder, happens everyday. imo

      • Valerie Purvis says:

        She gave a interview several years ago bashing country music.
        This when she thought Remnants was going to be her big comeback.
        Now she has a new booking agency passing her off as a country music act.
        She can no longer fill seats. They sale tickets all the way on to the day of the concert.
        Leann is having a hard time believing it’s over.

    • Anonymoose says:

      I’m sorry but IMO you’re incorrect. Miranda Lambert’s career hasn’t suffered from all of her shenanigans. Country music hates Leann because she’s a jerk. She takes swipes at other female artists every chance she gets and behaves like she’s the greatest female country singer who ever lived. She’s an arrogant ingrate, that’s what made her so unpopular in that industry.

      • Christin says:

        Agree. When country music washes its hands of someone (especially a young artist), there is a reason. She bashed her own father and wanted to go pop, a la Britney.

        There are plenty of female singers with sketchy relationship overlap (Reba and Amy Grant, for example). The affair itself was not the issue. Nor was trying the pop music route. It was the behavior and attitude.

      • Valerie Purvis says:

        There are a number of country music celeberties who was caught cheating.
        Only they never gave numerous interviews trying to justify there actions.
        Plus they never went on Twitter to argue with their fans.
        And they never taunted the spouse in public.
        Leann put all her dirty laundry out for everyone to see. It bites her on the a$$ daily bc you can Google her drama

  8. why? says:

    Translation: Leann had a meltdown in 2012 because even after becoming Eddie’s wife, Eddie just wouldn’t stop seeing other women.

    What exactly has Leann done to advocate for depression and anxiety? It is amazing how Leann and her new pr team are rewriting history. This is just another indication that Darrell bought this award for Leann because if the organization was legit and actually did their homework before awarding Leann this award, they would have seen that Leann is far from being an advocate for depression or anxiety. She spent less than 3 days in the “rehab facility”, she was constantly on twitter at all hours of the day, and then her “rehab” stay was over when she needed to exploit Brandi’s sons on the red carpet of the Batman primere. She slept with another woman’s husband, aggressively pursued Eddie(even going so far as to buy him gifts), publicly flaunted the affair every chance she got(including making albums and singles bragging about her affair), and had her friends, family, and staff taunting and harassing Brandi. If Leann was so unhappy in 2012, then why did she constantly stage all those handholding smirking photo-ops with Brandi’s sons and Eddie in public and on social media?

    • Starfish says:

      She caught the prize—-Eddie! She is a phony, she’s pleased to get any award these days. How sad and low do you have to go for attention. She needs to give up all social and get extensive help. Seems like Eddie must push this crap for $$$. The snakes slither together. People with issues don’t put it all out there, they quietly and hopefully can get help. imo

  9. Falafel says:

    “Out of women who became famous young, pretty much only Zendaya seems well adjusted to me.”

    Beyond singers, there’s Jodie Foster, Brooke Shields, Natalie Portman, Emma Watson, Selena Gomez, Drew Barrymore, Christina Ricci, Kirsten Dunst, Alyssa Milano, Christina Applegate, Mila Kunis, Abagail Breslin, Fanning sisters, ScarJo, etc. (Yes, I Googled for some of that list.)

  10. Red Stripe says:

    She’s painful. Brandi is at least honest.