The palace ordered Prince Harry & Meghan to ‘slow down’, they were working too much

(L-R) Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, Prime Minister, Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds attend the annual Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall on November 09, 2019 in London, England.

We’ve been talking a lot about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and whether they’ll be forced out of the UK (exiled by Prince William) or whether they’ll seek a second home base in America willingly, because they’re tired of being trashed 24-7 by the British press and by members of their own family. I genuinely feel like the Sussexes are at a crossroads at the moment, and I don’t think their “six week break” from royal work is simply about “needing time off.” I think they’re making some larger decisions about their future.

All that being said, I wonder if Harry and Meghan had some advanced knowledge about how Prince Andrew’s sh-tshow was going to play out, because now the Sussexes look like geniuses for escaping the royal Christmas at Sandringham. They’ll be spending Christmas with Doria Ragland, Meghan’s mom, but no one knows if they’ll be in England or America or somewhere else entirely. I’ve thought this entire time that Harry and Meghan would end up doing *some* of the pre-Christmas activities, like the Buckingham Palace lunch about a week before Christmas. But maybe they’ll be skipping that too. I hope they do skip it after Andrew’s mess. So… in an effort to have some kind of story around the Sussexes in the wake of Prince Andrew’s trainwreck interview, we have this:

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were urged to slow down by palace aides after not taking a full maternity leave and summer break, an insider claims. The pair have had a busy year with various engagements, the birth of baby Archie and a tour of southern Africa – sparking worry for those close to them.

An insider told the Sunday Telegraph they have been implored to “slow down” for months as “there was no maternity leave, there was no summer break”.

[From The Sun]

Basically, after weeks of hand-wringing about the Sussexes’ six-weeks “off,” the palace is now taking credit for it, saying that the Sussexes were basically ordered to take time off because they were working too much? I can’t even keep up at this point. I guess the point is that the Sussexes need to be criticized for something, anything. They work too much! They need to be lazy! Palace orders working royals to take a nap!

Also: a cute story about how Harry took Archie to a playgroup session. Meghan and Harry both attended a playgroup close to Frogmore Cottage and it was Harry’s first time at the group. Harry enjoyed himself and so did Archie.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex attend the annual Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall on November 09, 2019 in London, England.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex (C) and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex attend the annual Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall on November 09, 2019 in London, England.

Photos courtesy of WENN and Avalon Red.

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  1. Fluffy Donuts says:

    I’ll take “things never said to Will and Kate” for 100!!

  2. Oh No says:

    …in the words of the underrated songstress JoJo, ‘GET OUUUUUUT’

    The Sussexes don’t need this family and this spin is so gross

    • Noely says:

      That song was my jam when I was like 10. And JoJo was my idol for a short time.

      Coincidentally I just brought her up recently on an article about Taylor Swift here (because Tay wants to re-record her albums, which JoJo has done) and yeah, she is criminally underrated!

  3. stepup says:

    And if Meghan had done less work than she did, the press and Daily Mail-reading public would have crucified her for being “lazy” and a “gold-digger.”

  4. The Long-suffering Sequin says:

    “Guys we need you to slow down because Big Baldy and his infantile wife are not happy that you’re making them look worse than they already do.”

    • Chrissy says:

      Exactly!!!! They’re making Bill and Cathy look really bad and Bill’s having a tiff. How dare Harry and Meghan help others and look happy doing it!

  5. Betsy says:

    I think this is code for “…and you’re highlighting William and Kate’s laziness!”

    This, if true-ish, confirms that Harry and Meghan are doing a lot more work than is recorded, whereas Kate sneezing as she drives past a charity toward her hair appointment is counted as giving a speech.

    • truthSF says:

      “This, if true-ish, confirms that Harry and Meghan are doing a lot more work than is recorded, whereas Kate sneezing as she drives past a charity toward her hair appointment is counted as giving a speech.”

      Betsy, thank you so much for the morning laugh! I am currently on the floor😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

      • Betsy says:

        You’re most welcome! The fact that Harry and Meghan are clearly working behind the scenes, probably an actual 40 hour week, and have been told so many times they don’t do anything (and I see it on here sometimes, too)…. ARGHHHHHH. I guess I take the embiggening a little too much to heart.

    • indiesr says:

      ROLMAO!!! If I could only sneeze for my paycheck! Brilliant!

    • PrincessK says:

      Also the end of year numbers will be out soon and William and Kate MUST be seen to be ahead of the Sussexes. It really is so ridiculously childish.

    • Chrissy says:

      LOL! So true, Betsy!

    • Elfje99 says:

      Betsy, that is the best comment I’ve read in a week. ‘whereas Kate sneezing as she drives past a charity toward her hair appointment is counted as giving a speech’. Priceless

  6. Becks1 says:

    I can believe this, but coming from friends and family (like Doria), not from the palace. Harry and Meghan have worked consistently since their marriage, even when we think Meghan is just home relaxing drinking green tea she’s been consistently working behind the scenes. So, I can see friends saying to them – “take a break, enjoy the holidays with Archie, come back ready to go in January.”

    • Devon says:

      Yeah, if anything it is coming from the RF. Meghan is working way less than she did pre-royal even though she is still doing more than the Cambridges. I think this is coming from RF so Cambridges don’t get outworked.

  7. Mumbles says:

    Only in comparison of the horribly lazy Cambridges can these two be viewed as “working too much.” The Sussexes do work but their workload is incomparable to the rest of us. But yes, the Cambridges are much worse.

  8. vanna says:

    This sounds like the honestly dumbest two-pronged attack. Firstly report how they are taking weeks off before christmas, implying ‘work & family avoidance’ and now the second step is to complain about how they work too much and are wearing themselves thin. When obviously M&H love working and the only thing wearing them down are the stupid press stories and their snakey family members. Uncoordinated shambolic mess.

  9. Peg says:

    Meghan and Harry are planners, they knew that they did not want to be at Sandringham for Xmas, that’s why they worked through their maternity leave.
    I remember people on here saying they should take ML.
    The Royal family after the Luncheon for staff, are off in December, but had H&M not worked through ML, it would/is a big story about their time off.
    Is Kensington Palace getting rid of leakers, now that they will be exposed in court, there is a REAL reporter on record saying KP was leaking stories about Harry and Meghan. Even Pedo Andy got into a bust up with their staff.

  10. Chisey says:

    I cannot comprehend being told by my employer (which is kind of what the palace is, right?) to work less. ‘Take your maternity leave more seriously!’ Wow. I’m not really mad at it – people keep saying American work culture is unhealthy and it’s probably true. But it’s definitely weird (esp because royal ‘work’ is weird work that I don’t understand) and I get the feeling that they need a break from the royal family more than they do from work. I’m imagining a lot of passive aggressive bs and pointed comments that stop just shy of being overt enough to call out. Who needs that, really?

    • BeanieBean says:

      I think it’s more that they’re not following the usual royal calendar–all that time off in the summer, all that time off at Christmas, Kate’s maternity leave (which I don’t recall ever being reported for any other royal woman), and basically, all that time off period. It not only makes the Cambridges look bad, it makes them all look bad.

    • mazzie says:

      We did that to someone on parental leave. She was still in contact with us and we’re like, “It’s ok! Go enjoy your baby.”

    • PrincessK says:

      I noticed that this story about the Sussexes being asked to slow down has not been reported by the Daily Mail.

  11. Florianight says:

    I think the Sussexes are trying to get their excuses in early for when the end of year numbers are published. Once again the numbers for the younger royals will be dismal compared to their much older relatives. Then they can pull out the ‘working behind the scenes’ card and them being forced to slow down. Slow down from what exactly?! I mean they’re not even close to doing Charles & Anne’s numbers.

    They are not the only members of the royal family that work behind the scenes but at least the older ones still manage to maintain a high number of public engagements. Royals need to be seen to be believed.

    • Peg says:

      Numbers are all relative, cutting hundreds of ribbons or one event that help hundreds, take your pick.

      • ira says:

        But UK have public officials to help hundreds of people, it’s actually their duty as elected officials. The Royals are not there to pick their duty, they are there to represent The Queen as the head of state doing ceremonial engagements.
        How many hospitals or schools to be built in the UK is not decided by Meghan, Harry or other royals.

      • Peg says:

        But are the public officials helping?
        Cutting off aid from a legless man is one example of elected officials

      • ira says:

        @peg. I don’t know, I don’t live in the UK. You have to ask British people whether their elected officials help the people. Even if they don’t, it’s still not the royal’s responsibility to decide what the public need.

      • Peg says:

        Gee, I thought you lived in England, you sure sounded like you knew what elected officials were doing.
        England is a free country if the public don’t want help, it’s not forced down their throats.

    • VS says:

      Anne has a high number but I will take the Smartset capsule collection to 300 of Anne’s engagements.
      I am not minimizing Anne’s work, please don’t take me wrong, but what’s the true impact of it? the visibility Meghan gave to some charities is still way more valuable than many many many of Anne’s engagements

      This is the problem of quantity vs quality. At the same time, those who cannot do the quality, should definitely do the quantity…….

      Additionally, a lot of Meghan meetings are never put in CC because she doesn’t want people knowing about the projects she works on.

      How many meetings for the SmartSet, the cookbook, , Vogue, Shout, the tour? even HRC’s visit wasn’t counted for her but it was for William.

      She definitely is not playing that game or is not interested in it!

      • BayTampaBay says:

        I think Anne prefers “Bread-and-Butter” engagements because there is little press or only very local press and probably no TV cameras. I think Anne enjoys the one-on-ones generated by giving away awards at a science fair or middle school graduation ceremony. Charity patronages and “Bread-and-Butter” engagements are equally important for very different reasons.

      • PrincessK says:

        Well l have been saying this for years, it is not the quantity of engagements but the quality. Meghan does things that have a measurable impact. Cutting ribbons and attending villages fetes also have their place.

      • Bookworm says:

        Why should Vogue be counted? That was her choice to play at editing the magazine. Nothing to do with the RF.

      • VS says:

        @Bookworm —– in everything I said, that’s all you can focus on? remove Vogue, your favorite has never reached and probably will never reach the impact of Meghan’s cookbook work……..hope that helps you sleep! less than 2 years vs how many years in the RF?
        Vogue has highlighted important Luminary Bakery; It might not matter to you because Charity doesn’t really matter; it is all about tiaras, hair and dresses for people like you
        If you want to troll, move on please!!!! thx

      • Maria says:

        Bookworm- her work with Luminary Bakery which was highlighted in the Vogue issue should absolutely count.

      • Chelle says:

        I think the bread and butter events add value. The impact is different. More soft PR. I think it endures people to the BRF like “wow, they came.” Those events have impact but just in a different way. The royals, including H/M, should probably have a mixture of the two. Charles does, especially if you count the work of the Prince’s Trust. I do think the younger royals should have more project-based works on their agendas than ribbon cutting events tho.

      • Bookworm says:

        @VS – I’m from Diana’s generation so I don’t think any of the current crop will top her. There’s no question that Meghan is committed and driven to work hard; however, she did not need to edit an entire magazine simply to support Luminary.

        By the way, Meghan worked with her capsule collection for Smart Works, which I think is what you refer to as SmartSet.

    • Becks1 says:

      Nah. The Sussexes don’t need an excuse for their end of the year numbers. Kate STILL gets a pass by many because she’s a “mother of young children.” If Meghan wanted to explain her numbers, the fact that she had a baby and was on maternity leave should be sufficient, its worked for Kate for years.

      And like VS said – if Meghan wanted to count her behind the scenes meetings, her numbers would probably double. Kate counts all her meetings, Meghan certainly could if she wanted to.

      She’s showing us that she is going to be a different kind of royal than Anne, and I think people will be okay with that. Its not like she’s hiding out for months on end in Norfolk with no one seeing her.

    • Lowrider says:

      I expect Meghan’s annual number to be under 100, but Harry has no excuse. His numbers are continually in the low 100′s, what’s his excuse?

      • Maria says:

        He’s planning actual large scale events like Invictus? Lol.

      • Devon says:

        His numbers don’t included all his behind-the-scenes meetings for Senetable, Invictus and Travelyst. The Cambridges count all their BtS meetings as well as other BS to prop up their numbers.

    • Devon says:

      The #s are always doctored. Kate got a bunch of bullshit “engagements” added to her count to improve her dismal numbers and Meghan has some real engagements not counted in the court circular + her and Harry’s behind-the-scenes meetings aren’t counted while the Cambridges are. The Sussexes aren’t allowed to appear to outwork the Cambridges in counts. The Palace can’t control that the Sussexes’ work itself is more impressive than the Cambridges’ dismal contributions of log chairs and ribbon cutting.

    • Olenna says:

      Ha! Do you honestly think the Sussexes leaked this BS story? And, do you honestly think the Sussexes GAF about numbers knowing they’ll get dragged by the tabloid media and haters no matter what they do? As others have said, they work projects which require efficient, but effective time management and goal setting. So, I’d think again about who’s talking or leaking numbers.

  12. Digital Unicorn says:

    This reads to me that 1) its in response to their SA documentary where they both said they were struggling and 2) the DoLittles have complained to grandma that they’re being outshone. I can’t see that coming from Chuck as he’s mellowed a lot in his old age, I think he’d be thrilled that at least one son is eager to do their duty.

    • Peg says:

      I don’t believe this story, right now if an Aide of theirs went to the BM with this story they would be looking for a job.

  13. lanne says:

    Can the royal family look any more disorganized and incompetent than they do right now? As a branding exercise, this has been a complete disaster. First of all, they must decide what their “brand” as a family truly is. If it’s all about white status quo, then why give Harry permission to marry Meghan in the first place? They probably could have strong-armed him out of it with the right application of pressure. If it’s about “the comfort of tradition that adapts to the time” (what their brand SHOULD be if they want to survive), then why not embrace Meghan’s popularity and work ethic and welcome her into the fold? Why not quietly retire Pedo Andy to Switzerland with a nice sum of money and tell him to keep his head down or the funds are cut off?

    But these arrogant idiots really believe that being a member of their institution is such a “prize” that people should be willing to do ANYTHING to be near it/part of it. Meghan should meekly submit to bullying, the raped girls should be GRATEFUL for being raped by a Prince. That’s some Saudi Arabia level bullshit there.

    So what now, Royals? You’ve checkmated yourself when it comes to Meghan bullying. Any time you bully her, the rest of the world will bring up Prince Andrew. I believe they could make a shit-ton of money as independent operators now. I said this last week, but if the likes of Paul Burrell and Lady Colin whoever can make a living based on being a royal-adjacent, the the Sussexes are set for life. They could be even bigger than Diana when Diana was let loose by the family, and they’d have the sympathetic upper hand of “racists boot them out to support pedophiles instead.” That’s Goldmine stuff right there. No kowtowing to Prince William and grey men. Doing their own thing. Making their own money.

    Imagine this: It’s the year 2030. The Prince and Princess of Wales (in name only) are about to be crowned King and Queen Consort of England. Members of the former Commonwealth and the former United Kingdom are invited to the investment, along with members of the 3 organizations supported by Kensington Royal. We are told that the Princess’s “Broken Britain initiative” will finally be launched in the spring AFTER the coronation in the fall of 2031. But the big question remains: Will the Duke and Duchess of Sussex make an appearance at the Coronation? The question of their appearance has been dominating the news cycles, and the now King of England is furious. Again. One paper quips that William has snarled for the past 10 years, because “those damned Sussexes keep overshadowing him.” He was even heard to whine ” I was born first! It’s not fair!” But he has larger worries because teenaged Princess Charlotte was slut shamed for wearing a cropped t-shirt and jeans on the same day that images of Prince George drinking underage were furiously scrubbed from the Internet.

    • Lowrider says:

      Your last paragraph made me chuckle this morning.

      History will repeat itself for the Cambridge kids, poor things.

    • VS says:

      @lanne BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO…..what a wonderful and articulate post!!!

      We need a multiple like button on CB……..

    • Onlyashes85 says:

      I have a crush on this post and want to marry it. Yes yes yes.

    • Beth says:

      I’m standing on a chair while madly clapping! Fantastic commentary

    • Olenna says:

      Agree, excellent post! Regarding your second paragraph, I would love to see the day when people cease claiming the Sussexes can’t have a great lifestyle and do good work independent of royal money, despite the cost of personal security. I’ve said before that capable, smart and already wealthy people know how to turn assets, both tangible and intangible, into more wealth and opportunities. And, that capable and smart part? That’s what separates the Sussexes even more from the people who constantly underestimate or try to belittle them.

  14. kelleybelle says:

    Read: “You’re making everyone else look bad!” (especially William and Kate)

  15. Kyra says:

    I am watching the crown season 3 and have gotten to episode 3. I never knew about the Aberfan disaster but I cannot fathom how anyone — anywhere — could have liked queen eliz after that. We see this with people in power, how they outsource everything except wiping their own butt — including compassion. I have suddenly and completely lost all interest in anything monarchy oriented. This is no longer a fun hobby. Our ability to stomach anything from these people is surprising to me. Mine is gone after reading about this.

    • A says:

      Reviewing the Aberfan disaster kind of reinforces the fact that the Queen fundamentally dislikes dealing with emotional issues, be it her own, or anyone else’s, even her own country’s. We saw it with Diana years after the Aberfan disaster. My personal theory on this is that she really thinks, on some level, that open, honest public expressions of emotions are shameful. Public mourning, according to her, should always be staid, dignified, and contained. She is not willing to relate to her own people when it comes to grief, especially if that grief is expressed in a messy, vocal way.

      But the fact is, public expressions of mourning are rarely ever going to be neat and tidy. And as a visible, public figure, the constitutional monarch of a whole fcking nation that she has sworn to be the monarch of, it is her duty to share in the people’s grief, even if she disagrees with it, even if she doesn’t like how it’s expressed. She has shown, repeatedly throughout her reign, that she is not capable of that. At what point does one’s stiff upper lip merely become cowardice when it comes to confronting your own emotions or learning how to be empathetic? Because that’s what it is. Being vulnerable is what shows real courage. And she can’t do that.

  16. Silas says:

    The gaslighting. It’s not the harrasement, guys! You’re fragile because you work too hard!

    Before it was that they worked because they were attention seeking.

    *Everything* about them is criticized. Nothing is allowed to be positive

    Even royal friendly sites like GFY are spinning this concern trolling bs.

  17. Devon says:

    This would explain why some of Meghan’s events have not reported to Court Circular and why she is doing so few public events for her charities but continues to do private events that don’t count in CC.

    They have to slow down to make W&K look less lazy it seems.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      I am sure the guest editing Vogue did was not listed in the CC and did not count for anything toward year end numbers.

      I also do not think Princess Anne got any CC credit for her work with Save The Children UK until she became THE Royal Patron in 2016. IIRC Anne’s work as the President of Save The Children UK was done in a semi-private capacity.

      “HRH the Princess Royal became the Patron of Save the Children in 2016 after serving as our President since 1970.”

      • notasugarhere says:

        I’m sure any of her overseas trips for Save the Children were counted in the CC. For instance, she took a trip in early October 2014 for them. The CC lists 5-6 events a day for Save the Children.

  18. Veronica S. says:

    Honestly, if I was a PR rep, I’d be telling them to seriously consider settling out financially, finding a place to “retire” from royal work from, figure out what they want to do career-wise, and then get the hell out of there. The days of the RBF are numbered at this point, IMO, particularly with Brexit looming. Leave on a higher note than the others because the disorganization behind the scenes is very telling. British taxpayers should be getting very impatient thinking about how many millions of dollars go to funding these people when they’re looking at hard years to come.

  19. FC says:

    I feel like the Sussex’s have leverage now that the Andrew thing blew up. They are clearly the most famous royals and do the best work. Maybe BP will finally realize that and woo them to stay by promising to stop throwing them to the wolves. It’s honestly TQs only hope to save the monarchy, imo.

  20. Onlyashes85 says:

    Tinfoil tiara:

    This, along with obvious racism and classicism, is one of the biggest reasons the knives are out for the Sussex’s and in particular Meghan, in my humble opinion.

    If you think about it…she has shown up, gotten down to work and business. While also not shying away from supporting human rights causes and initiatives that most people do truly care about. Very much like Diana.

    Causes that do not ultimately jive with the idea of supporting a monarchy.

    How much can one truly insist on equality, equal voices and representation from a high position in a coddled and privileged institution before people start connecting the dots. I mean REALLY connecting the dots. I believe meghan set out to do the most with her role. The “problem” is, she makes it obvious in some ways how unnecessary the monarchy is. She minimizes the work done by the heir’s heir, in particular, and more senior royals than she because, well, how does a community garden look vs any of her visits during the SA tour? Or how does trying to play at being down to earth and normal while living in a palace vs her showing up with banana bread for her hosts during the Oceania tour?

    She actually IS the real deal. They’d rather she cut ribbons and highlight a few causes quietly, like Kate – who I do like, so as not to draw attention to the fact of how little a lot of them do. They want to keep the charade up.

    Change does NOT jive with the monarchy. They have feathered their nest of wealth, power and continued privilege under the guise of being needed for their charitable endeavors and lauded for being set apart. I understand how hard some of the royals work but the majority of them do not. And even then, we are told how demanding the job can be (read: Will and Kate) when we all know that’s truly not the case after seeing Harry and Meg get it right.

    Meg disrupts the system. It’s not just that she’s a star. She makes it look easy. And at that, she’s a normal gal, though I think she’s extraordinary, she’s clearly someone who was born without privilege who made her own way without a name or blue blood or titles.

    She makes it obvious they could ALL be doing more. And even then – it still doesn’t qualify them to receive the deference and honors they have simply for being royal. What’s ironic is instead of utilizing her, they’ve blundered this so badly. And it’s delicious that it may actually be one of the best (worst) summations of the toxic privilege that family enjoys that could torpedo the entire operation, unlike, as we have been told, “the biracial American who had the audacity to hold her belly while pregnant and wear black nail polish.”

    This is not a critique on Meg. I like her a lot. I’m simply just summarizing what I’ve been trying to understand the last how many years that she’s been bullied and concluded in the last couple of months that it’s along these lines. Along with her being thrown under the bus for the gain of others around her.

    She makes the system look unnecessary and outdated and highlights how disjointed and insulated it is from the modern world.

    Also I have also had lots of coffee. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

    • What. . .now? says:

      All of your points make sense, and I am curious to see if there is a “reckoning” within the palace. Is there anyone there with enough smarts and spine to say, “Things need to change if you hope to have the Monarchy survive. . . ” But I doubt it.

      If the palace “grey suits” or courtiers are anything like Lady Colin Campbell who twisted herself into a pretzel to excuse Andrew’s odious behavior, then the BRF is effed.

    • lanne says:

      I enjoyed your Ted Talk, but I will say that the idea of the “limousene liberal” predates Meghan. Wealthy do-gooders for liberal causes have always been popular, and I would say that Diana’s work in that area (land mines, embracing people with AIDS) was much more “controversial” in that regard than Meghan’s. The idea of royals doing public work at all grew out of WWI, when monarchies across Europe were being upended left and right. The Brits saw the writing on the wall and knew they would have to justify their exalted existence somehow. That’s when the ribbon cutting and hospital visits began: (Queen Mary famously said, “We are the British Royal Family and we LOVE hospitals!). So the Royal Family knows about change, is capable of change, and understands the importance of justifying its own existence in an changing world. That was one of the things the Brits got right in the 20th century, from WWI through the early years of Diana. The downfall of the British RF in my opinion will likely be petty jealousy. Charles was jealous of Diana’s popularity and worked hard to undermine her (had his friends calling her crazy). That backfired spectacularly. Did they learn from Diana’s example? Did William, who more than anyone else learn anything? Nope! Petty jealousy rules the day, when he could have easily embraced Meghan and Harry and used them to his own advantage. They could have been the “Fab Four” with the Cambridges ruling stateside and the Sussexes internationally. But nope, petty jealousy. Will wants all the cookies for himself, but doesn’t want to work for them, and is angry that someone else is actually willing to work. I wonder if the royals, or if their minions, even know their own history as much as some royal watchers do. This ain’t rocket science. If armchair lookers-on around the world can diagnose what’s at stake and suggest courses of action, then why can’t they see it themselves? Well, Prince Andy showed us this weekend that they really ARE that dumb.

      • Onlyashes85 says:

        I agree! But to add – the royal family understands the necessity of APPEARING to change with the times. But on a whole? It’s still the same system of inequality, the same bubble of privilege surrounded by hangers on who want to justify themselves as necessary and important. Look no further than Meghan and Harry being mentioned in the same breath as Andrew as detriments to the monarchy. And it’s not Andrew actually doing what he did over the years – its the fact that now it’s OUT out and he’s sat down for an interview and there can be no more avoiding and cushioning with the subject. He’s opened the can of worms because he is that arrogant and foolish and isn’t sorry to say the least.

        It’s the same archaic going’s on only now, it’s great optics to present as seeming normal and down to earth and that royals are busy with real work as if that justifies the institution. They did adapt and it’s bought them another century. The issue is society is changing and more and more people aren’t going to continue to tolerate egotistical and privileged blow hard like Andrew screwing up and then carrying on with their lavish lifestyles. At least, I sure hope not.

        I say all this as an American, not a Brit.

    • VS says:

      I think @lanne and you have killed it with your posts today!!!
      Thx Thx Thx for saying what needs to be said

      Look at Meghan’s body of work vs a garden after 8 freaking years…………or even vs William’s work (whatever he does)

    • Beth says:

      Ding ding ding

    • morrigan01 says:

      I quite enjoyed your Ted Talk.

      I’ll add: They don’t understand *why* Meghan doesn’t give deference and such and the whole “not knowing her place” refrain we see from many of the quarters who are attacking and bullying her. We American here that “not knowing her place” stuff and automatically think when they say that it ALL has to do with race.

      However, Andrew’s interview really reveals that no, it isn’t all about race when it comes to the whole “knowing your place” thing. Race is part of it, yes, but The Royal Family and British Aristocracy really DO believe and enforce the idea that their status, blood and titles when they were born put them above people, especially those born without those things. Andrew didn’t even *think* to express sympathy for the victims of Epstein because he truly doesn’t see them as important. He *said* it. Even though I think he way lying he said he just saw them as “the help” meaning they were unimportant. And that those type of people, as you’ve said, should pay difference that someone of Royal Blood. Aristocratic blood.

      However, Meghan truly has the idealistic American view of such things as being ridiculous, and that how you are born does not dictate – and should NEVER dictate – your importance. And that if you see instances or places where it’s not true, then you fight to *make* it true. Especially if you have the privilege to do so. That’s clear since she was a little girl writing to change what she thought was a sexist dishwashing liquid commercial.

      So she not only does not act like they are better than her simply because of the status they were born with, it’s more than likely a compelty foreign concept to her to even *entertain* such thoughts. I’ll bet anything Harry had to sit down with her at some point and actually explain the inner workings of the British Class System to her. (Hell, I myself as an American didn’t really register the word “Posh” and what it meant until The Spice Girls arrived back in the 90s. And I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that most Americans didn’t).

      Meghan’s now found herself in the *heart* of a world that think they are better all because of how they were *born*, not because of anything they have actually ever *done*. You’re right in that she makes it obvious that they could be doing more, but she ALSO makes it obvious that you don’t have to have been born into such a life TO do more. That being born into it *doesn’t* make you more important or better able to do such things.

      And Meghan clearly also doesn’t think she has to act or view herself as “lesser” to them because she doesn’t view being accepted by them as something she desperately needs, wants or even cares about. They’ve tried to make it be, and tried to paint it as something she does care about, ie their acceptance, but it’s clear as day that she doesn’t.

      • Onlyashes85 says:


        “ You’re right in that she makes it obvious that they could be doing more, but she ALSO makes it obvious that you don’t have to have been born into such a life TO do more. That being born into it *doesn’t* make you more important or better able to do such things.”

        I feel like you’ve summarized even better just what I was getting at.

        The world Meghan populates now is the antithesis of our American viewpoint of the world. And her even breathing, let alone crushing it with her work load, has just rattled them so. I think she’s revealed them for what they truly are even though the royals have tried to do a decent job of seeming to be more approachable. I use the term “more approachable” loosely. The way they’re acting? It shows they’re pressed. It shows they’re still the same institution built on inequality, feudalism and the have’s vs the have nots.

        Kate does the line. And knows her place. And this is truly what this is all about. Only in Meghan’s case, she’s also a woman of color and an American. I truly think anyone Harry married would have gotten flack. And if he’d married just anyone and she had emerged a star in a similar way as Meghan, she’d have gotten flack. But Meghan has the “audacity” to be a self made biracial American woman showing up the born in royals. They cannot even right now.

    • A says:

      I think you’re quite right. I have a similar theory to yours. I think that Meghan’s existence and her work are an anathema to the royals and their grey suits. It isn’t so much that she does *more* work than them or anything, but it’s the fact that she genuinely cares about the work she does, and she shines while she does it. They don’t like that. They think there must be some type of catch. They can’t abide by the fact that there is this person who is smart, gregarious, kind and not someone who’s constantly up her own ass. The fact that they genuinely tried to paint her as this person who’s only doing all of this as a front to attract attention is what indicates to me where their real values are. They genuinely think that a person can only be all of these things if they’re trying to attract good PR. They don’t think that a person can be all of these things for the sake of being them.

  21. Chelle says:

    And the people all said sit down, sit down, you’re the rocking boat. Underachievers always tell overachievers “would you stop? you’re f*cking it up for the rest of us.”

  22. 2cents says:

    My theory is that when H&M exposed the joint smearcampaign by palace/press through their Africa documentary and lawsuits, the palace and Andrew felt embarassed and pressured to look for another deflection shield or strategy to cover up his scandal. H&M were wise to take a 6-week holiday break abroad to get away from it all. I think the palace/Queen told Andrew they were not willing/able to protect him anymore and that he was on his own to solve his problems. He panicked and gambled the BBC interview could save him or buy him more time to find a secure exit. Now that his strategy has failed miserably the palace will isolate him and strip his role to defuse his threat to the Crown. One escape for Andrew could be “faking“ mental health problems (to which he referred in the interview) to retreat permanently from the angry public eye and stay behind safe palace walls.

    The outer pressure to dismantle the monarchy will continue. Already tabloids are diving into Charles’ and Camilla’s shady past lovelife, moving closer to the monarchy’s center.

    • What. . .now? says:

      I wonder too if P. Charles and the Queen are just fed up with Andrew, and were like, “Sure, do the interview! What could it hurt?” And now use this unmitigated disaster to shunt him off to the hinterlands like PC wants.

      I honestly believe to that the RF saw how the perception of H&M’s changed after their interviews, ie. how much sympathy they received around the world. And Andrew felt 100000% sure he too would come off seeming entirely sympathetic in this whole “sordid affair.” I mean after all, he’s just too nice for his own good, you know?

      Out of touch buffoon! AKA His Buffoon Highness.

      • 2cents says:

        Of course Charles and the Queen are fed up with Andrew’s scandal. But they can’t ignore it anymore. This BBC-interview was a wake-up call. He’s damaging the royal brand perhaps beyond repair.

        My theory is that they defended him through all these years because he was in a position to blackmail them (to some extent). I guess he knows many secrets of other members of the RF that he could easily leak to the press. The same tactic Epstein used to “keep Andrew in his pocket”. The RF/palace is a vipers nest.

        Maybe this debacle will lead to necessary changes within the Firm to win back public support. If so, I can see a constructive role for H&M if the terms are fair.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        I def think Charles is fed up with his feckless brother. I’m not so sure about Liz. He’s her favorite son and she has always had blinders on when it comes to Andrew, not to mention her general ostrich tendencies.

      • 2cents says:

        Although she loves Andrew very much, under these critical circumstances she will prevent the monarchy from collapsing. QEII has consistently defended the Crown during her 60+ years as head of state.

        Fact is she is gradually losing her grip on the situation and is making mistakes. Given her age, it’s time for her to let Charles take over some of her responsibilities and to let William become the Prince of Wales. I would not be surprised if she makes such an announcement in her Christmas speech next month.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        QEII has always had terrible instincts – if she acts to save the Crown then it is only because someone has pressed her enough to take action.

  23. Mignionette says:

    Looking at that picture from the festival of remembrance, something has always bothered me, namely the way the press have always tried to link Meghan and Paedo-Prince.

    I’ve always theorized that certain members of the RF wanted M&H to associate with them (i.e. engagements etc) to pass on some of their popularity. This is something that may have come up in the case of Andrew and but which the Sussex’s for reasons we are now aware of were vehemently against. So the RF& Press pack decided to associate them and punish them anyway in their way, much in the same vein as KP using Meghan to cover William’s affair.

    I believe that is why Team Sussex have been distancing themselves. This theory was also strengthened by Richard Palmer’s deranged tweets a few weeks ago. It feels like the RF are fearful that M&H will unwittingly reveal that they are actually the ones seeking to distance themselves from the Firm.

    • Peg says:

      From the beginning It was said that Pedo Andy, did not like Meghan, so I don’t think he would’ve done any engagements with her and maybe she felt the same way about him.

      • Mignionette says:

        I agree that Andy may not like Meghan as he likely views her as taking the place of his daughters. She naturally outshines their inbred mediocrity which must sting. That said I suspect that he would relish the opportunity for some of the shine of the Sussex’s being radiated in his direction at a time when he is literally being skewered by the press. I have always got the sense that also contributed to some of the falling out with William. Meghan attracts the attention of US power players = money and she would have twigged early on that association with Andy = bad news.

  24. Miriam says:

    @ onlyashes8
    I don’t agree with you that Meghan is “rocking the boat ” as she’s similar to diana in many ways like being serious about helping others not just for pr! The royals have long been INTIMIDATED by strong confident women I mean look at how they treated Margaret!! Meghan just has the double hardship of being American and biracial which has stereotypes attached to it (comparison with Wallis, being half black and getting racists call her difficult for having opinions..etc)
    I think this piece highlights what we all suspected especially after Tim shipman’s article which EXPOSED bill’s jealousy and his involvement in BULLYING Meghan. They will all be EXPOSED in 2020. The tabloids will sell them out to save their own skin and I hope by then the Sussex foundation is up and running so they can leave this trashy family

    • Onlyashes85 says:


      Hi Miriam! I’m sorry I’m not quite sure I follow you?

      I definitely believe Meghan cares very much about her work. She puts in a great deal of energy and effort behind each project. She’s thoughtful. It’s clear she isn’t just showing up but is actually involved in many facets of what she does. She’s quite impressive. I did not mean to imply anything untoward about her efforts. At times, for me, she can seem a touch too “on” for cameras. But I’m a pop culture sponge. I read a lot of entertainment gossip and think pieces. And she was an entertainer before she married Harry. I can see that in her and why that can seem intimidating to others. I will say Kate IS very relatable. It’s a shame she doesn’t work more to back that up because she truly could have a niche for herself if she wanted to lay claim to it. Meghan has got so much more gravitas than Kate. She’s comfortable where is she despite the efforts of those around her to, I think, destabilize her. The Fab Four truly could have been a thing that was immensely helpful for the next generation.

  25. Appalachian says:

    I think they actually meant “Slow down with the work because you are making the rest of us look bad”.

    • Flying Fish says:

      I agree.

    • Lowrider says:

      No. Sophie is making all of the young royals look bad and no aides have told her to slow down.

      In the last few months, Sophie has traveled to Kosovo, Kenya and Canada for her work. Plus she continues to do royal engagements in the UK. She craps on both Kate and Meghan.

      • Peg says:

        Then Sophie is going to have to start writing her own speeches and stop using Meghan’s without giving her credit.
        I’m trying to remember one project that she is attach to.

      • VS says:

        She copied Meghan and couldn’t even give credit; well Harry did it too yesterday but Meghan is his wife, so he gets a pass……I guess that doesn’t fit your narrative

      • Myra says:

        I think she has been inspired by Meghan. She had a career before marriage. Became a lazy Windsor like her husband. Besides as soon as the Queen takes her last breath Charles will reduced Andrew to nothing. Edward and I mean Sophie, will have to step up

      • notasugarhere says:

        Sophie has upped her numbers significantly in the last few years as has Edward. Reason? The Queen’s former private secretary publicly lobbied Charles to keep Edward and Sophie on after HM passed away. He was sacked/retired soon after. E&S are working for their slice of the Sovereign Grant to still exist in Charles’s slim down plan.

      • Nic919 says:

        Sophie’s kids are getting older as well so that means they can travel more without it being an issue. Even when her kids were quite young Sophie and Edward were pulling off at least double if not triple of what Kate and William have been doing. I don’t think it’s fair to lump in Meghan there yet because she did have a baby this year and there are many things that didn’t get included in the CC count. She will probably have about 75 by the end of the year even so. Compare that to future future queen who with every single meeting counted will just top over 100. For someone who wasn’t on mat leave there is no reason for that.

  26. Gaboo says:

    These people live off the tax payers dime, are we supposed to feel sorry for them for being “overworked”? No, thank you. They suck just as much as Will and Kate. I feel bad that Meghan has to deal with racism, it’s bullshit, but otherwise, she and Harry should probably check their privilege. The whole royal family are elitist assholes, Meghan included.

    • Peg says:

      I’m sure they’re not asking you to feel sorry for them, just stop lying about them.
      ‘Taxpayers’ buzz word, Do you pay taxes when you’re on welfare/Dole?
      It takes one elitist asshole to know another

    • notasugarhere says:

      You’ve missed the point of the article. Harry and Meghan aren’t claiming they’re overworked; the claim is they’ve been told to slow down to make other royals look less bad.

  27. Well-Wisher says:

    Do not blame the Sussexes for being more interesting and relatable than the Cambridges.
    The Duchess of Sussex has the best work ethic for the ‘gig’ economy. So she will be able to always be able to be effective and efficient in her endeavours and her husband is no slouch in that department either.

  28. AprilMay says:

    You should have gone to the source for this story, and not the suns interpretation of it. The og article makes it clear its their decision based on the fact that Meghan didn’t take maternity leave, their house was still getting work done when they moved in and they want to spend time as family. It’s also clearly from someone in their team telling people why they’re taking time off.

  29. Gaboo says:

    Peg, I’m not the one who’s part of the elitist royal family. Meghan and Harry need to recognize their privelege and stop complaining. I will stand up for Meghan when it’s comes to the racism thats so often lobbed at her, but I’m not going to act like she’s any better than the rest of this family. She’s not. She knew exactly what she was marrying into.

  30. NikkiT says:

    In other words..Will and Kate refuse to work as hard as the Sussex’s so of course the Sussex’s had to lower their standards.

  31. Gaboo says:

    The Sussexes are no different than the Cambridges. How anyone could stan any of the people in this family is beyond me. And that includes Meghan.

  32. A says:

    I don’t think that Meghan and Harry were asked to step back or slow down because they were making Will and Kate look bad perse. I think they were asked to step back and slow down because anything they did or tried to do was seen as “far too much” or “attention seeking” on Meghan’s part especially. The BRF doesn’t exist to do work, let alone hard work. They exist to be staid, traditional, distant, and aloof. The whole thing about them being a platform for good works is just BS. They are not here to make a difference. They are here to reinforce hierarchies and tradition, to be the face of longevity and British tradition. They are here to be seen and not heard, to not grab attention.

    Anything or anybody who steps out of that norm is seen as getting ahead of themselves. They are viewed as putting on airs. “How dare you try and go above and beyond what the RF has decreed you’re allowed to do?” is very much the question here. You’re not supposed to be approachable. Any hard work you do has to be kept quiet, otherwise you’re not working hard, you’re just trying to embarrass other people. All of this goes doubly so if you’re a biracial American woman who is genuinely trying to be sincere in your efforts to make a difference. These people view any and every type of sincerity as something you put on, something that isn’t real, that is only for show and attention and adulation. You don’t try and make a difference because you care about making a difference. No, you only try and make a difference because you want to look good and get attention. They’re a bunch of fakes, and they expected Meghan to be a fake who played by their rules, and when she refused, they branded her as a fake who tries too hard and is obviously only here to get attention and make the rest of them look bad.

    • notasugarhere says:

      See The Prince’s Trust helping 800,000 people. See The Duchy Originals. See Dumfries House. See the entire town of Poundbury. Some royals do exist to work and accomplish high-profile, public projects.

      • A says:

        And? I’m not denying that they don’t offer some type of help. But that’s not what their existence is centered around and saying as much is to remain ignorant of what their purpose is, or even what *they* think their purpose is. Their charity work, at best, is a happy accident. But it’s pretty obvious that this has largely been something they feel they are obliged to do in order to justify their continued existence in the eyes of the public, and they’d be quite happy if they didn’t have to do it. Which is a good explanation as to why they find genuine, sincere efforts on this front to be disconcerting. Like I said, they’re fake, and they expect every one else around them to be fake too. If this seems like an uncharitable read of the situation to you, then perhaps that’s something to take up with the grey suits who get hired in these parts.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Again, missing the point. You’re claiming others aren’t accomplishing things, when it is only W&K who have yet to do something of note.

    • Peg says:

      So only Prince Charles is allowed to do something out of the norm.
      This is the 21st Century.
      Darn, if only Kate had come up with solutions to help people, the nerve of Meghan to forget her place and let others take credit for her work, not going to happen.
      Then why are the other Royals copying Meghan?
      They’ve suddenly discovered hugging, copying her speech, copying the Sussex Royal Instagram, clothing line idea, hustling to make appearances.

  33. Myra says:

    The middle age couple (Will/Kate) seem very odd. Poor work ethic and Kate needs speech lessons.

  34. JanetFerber says:

    Meghan and Harry need to be standing in front of Andrew and Boris instead of behind them.

  35. JanetFerber says:

    Meghan and Harry need to be standing in front of Andrew and Boris instead of behind them. I’d have loved to see pics of Harry and Archie at the play group. Heavenly.

  36. Gaboo says:

    Myra Meghan is not above criticism. Stop with that nonsense. She’s no better than the rest of them.

  37. sophieb9 says:

    Here’s the thing. In order for me to be near to someone who has been accused of the predatory behaviour of a minor, as Panderew has, I would have to suspend belief. It would be even more difficult if I had a daughter, as Kate does, and daughter and grand-daughters, as Camilla does. Meghan is no shrinking violet when it comes to activism, either. I would have thought that Royal get-togethers are pretty darn tense all round, and it would be rather wonderful if none of the major female members attended Christmas celebrations where Panderew was present.

  38. Peg says:

    Then Sophie is going to have to start writing her own speeches and stop using Meghan’s without giving her credit.
    I’m trying to remember one project that she is attach to.

  39. NoneOfYourBusiness says:

    The royals aren’t used to hard work. Lazy family..they don’t know what to do about MM because she is everything you should be!

  40. Miriam says:

    Thank you @NIC919 I totally agree with you on NOT lumping Meghan whose only been working royal for 18months now with people who had the chance to do something for 8+yrs!!!

    @ONLYASHES85 I speak as someone who USED TO expect so much from kate especially as she tries DESPERATELY to copy diana thinking shed copy her work ethics!!! Even with Meghan being on mat leave she DID NOTHING!! NOR WILL SHE NOW as Sussex finally take a break! Wheres the early years research or broken Britain project??? I’m sick of seeing people praise her for NOTHING!! Why is it Meghan’s fault the others are LAZY???
    The article proves the insecurity & jealousy of those unwilling or unable to achieve something. I mean even having daily fail on speed dial and printing PR pieces like their “meetings” which they DONT WASTE TIME TO POST (EX; NHS mental health ad being promoted as kate/cambridge thing until its launched & we found out its JOINT work)