Virginia Roberts on Prince Andrew: ‘There’s only one of us telling the truth’

Prince Andrew and Virginia Roberts **FILE PHOTOS**

Over the years, Virginia Roberts Giuffre has given interviews and told her side to anyone who would listen. She was just a teenager when Ghislaine Maxwell procured her, groomed her and trafficked her to Jeffrey Epstein and Epstein’s powerful friends. Virginia was only 17 years old when Maxwell took her to London – at Epstein’s behest – to sexually traffic Virginia internationally to Prince Andrew. Just a few months after Epstein’s mysterious death in a New York jail, Virginia and five other Epstein victims came together to do a group interview with NBC (the Today Show). Virginia got a one-on-one interview as well, where she reiterated her claims about being trafficked to Prince Andrew, and how he raped her at least three times on separate occasions. Virginia has also been speaking to the FBI for a while. She’s one of many victims trying to find justice. Even though Epstein is dead, Maxwell is still out there. So are many of the powerful men who raped Epstein and Maxwell’s trafficked teens.

I don’t know how people reacted to Virginia’s earlier interviews, but she always came across as authentic and honest. Even moreso in retrospect, now that we’ve seen and heard Prince Andrew lie and bluster his way through a 45-minute BBC interview which was so catastrophic, it could bring down the g–damn monarchy. Shortly after Andrew’s shambolic interview, the BBC announced that their Panorama series (which is like 20/20 or Dateline for American readers) would be doing an interview with Virginia. The interview airs Monday night in the UK. Panorama released a clip:

She says to the interviewer, “It was a really scary time in my life.” She also says, “He knows what happened, I know what happened. And there’s only one of us telling the truth.” Yep. Sorry to all the pizza joints in Woking, but Prince Andrew was telling lies. Also: Virginia is trying to keep the focus on Ghislaine Maxwell, and Virginia really wants Maxwell to pay for her crimes too. That’s what I don’t understand from the FBI/DOJ perspective: why hasn’t Ghislaine been arrested??

Britney Spears, Sam Asghari attends The Beauty Awards in Los Angeles

Prince Andrew leaves home after receiving the sack from the Queen

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  1. Call_me_al says:

    Keep talkin, Virginia. She must be so patient and strong having repeated this story for years at this point. Already so much has happened due to her using her voice. When a woman finds and uses her voice, she is unstoppable. She is a heroine to me and is doing so much to combat rape culture, just by telling her story. New Mt. Rushmore campaign, she, Dr. Ford, Anita Hill, and ??? Who would be your fourth?

  2. Cidy says:

    We believe you Virginia.

    One of the most important things we have to learn in our society today is to trust women and believe them. This woman was absolutely a victim and the fact that Andrew isnt in a jail cell is appalling.

    Why hasn’t Maxwell been arrested? Does anyone know?

    • (TheOG)@Jan90067 says:

      VERY “important” friends in high places? LOTS of “insurance” hidden away with various lawyers?

      Or maybe no one has yelled, “Olly-olly-oxen-freeeeeeee!” yet? 😣🤬. She should’ve been one of the first arrested.

    • Jaded says:

      Maxwell and Jean-Luc Brunel were recently traced to a resort in Brazil via their cell phones, but by the time reporters got there they’d disappeared. They’re no doubt being hidden and financed by some heavy hitters but sooner or later they will be tracked down. Give them enough rope and they’ll hang themselves, it’s a waiting game.

      • Carol says:

        I thought she was in Connecticut in plain sight? Didn’t some paparazzi take a pic of her reading a newspaper?

      • MC2 says:

        That pap photo is rumored to have been staged & the location was a throw off. It did seem very fishy…..

    • 10KTurtle says:

      Didn’t she get immunity from ever being prosecuted as part of Epstein’s cake plea deal in Florida? Why is that even a thing- like why is that even an option for a crooked prosecutor to even consider?

      • Jaded says:

        She did get immunity however that doesn’t stop the victims from pursuing her and others in civil courts.

  3. Christine says:

    She is so well spoken and … composed. Authentic. And you know the powerful forces that would love to smear her, take her down…and still she rises. I hope she and the other survivors stay safe. I believe them.

  4. Samsara says:

    I’m really glad she got to say her bit on TV too. It makes me wonder whether many men, including Andrew really understand what rape is. I mean I can fully see this girl being ‘gifted’ to Andrew, her feeling powerless and going along with it and Andrew taking the lack of protest as meaning she was a willing participant. It probably still hasn’t crossed his stupid mind that coercion could have been involved.

    • Ainsley7 says:

      I don’t think he understood at the time that she didn’t want to be there. Someone as stupid and arrogant as him couldn’t understand that she might not want to be there without it being spelled out in no uncertain terms. He probably thinks she’s only calling it rape because she regrets it. Which hurt his ego. So, instead of anything close to a believable alibi, we got a story about what a good father he was, and what a heroic non-sweaty soldier he was. He’s exactly like Trump when his ego is wounded and needs to find a crazy excuse why an insult couldn’t possibly be true. Andrew was the only one who actually wanted to meet Trump when he was in the UK and he wasn’t allowed for obvious reasons.

      • Keiji Tsatsi says:

        No, I’m sorry, Andrew may be daft as hell and probably very arrogant as well; but he must have known on some level that what he was doing was wrong. ALSO SHE WAS 17, that alone was enough. If he was confused or unsure about anything he could have asked. He didn’t want to know, he just wanted that clandestine sex.

      • Babs says:

        Thank you Keiji Tsatsi. Samsara and Ansley7 please stop making excuses for Andrew, he very well knew exactly what he was doing, he knew he was raping these girls. These kids weren’t any older than his own kids, what would make him think these kids would willingly agree to be continuously raped? No thank you to the he had no idea at the time BS, Andrew and Ghislaine and Epstein are ALL equally as guilty, none more than the others.

      • Ames says:

        Gonna go ahead and call shenanigans on that one.

        “I don’t think he understood at the time that she didn’t want to be there” is the same mealy-mouthed rationalization rape apologists use to portray men as passive slaves to sexual impulse who, when presented with “temptation,” simply cannot be held responsible for their behavior.

        Your comments paint a man like Prince Andrew as a hapless victim of his own clueless stupidity, while shifting the onus onto a vulnerable teenaged girl in crisis, thousands of miles from home, to explain to men more than twice her age that they shouldn’t rape her.

        That’s not just an irredeemably disgusting read, it’s also ignores an important fact. Because get real: Unwillingness is the whole point. That’s why we call them rapists.

      • Allie says:

        You guys realize that an explanation is not an excuse, right?

    • minx says:

      Please, don’t make excuses for him that he’s just dim.

  5. Kittycat says:

    I am looking forward to Ghislaine Maxwell being held accountable for her role in this tragedy.

    I cant imagine having Virginia strength to keep giving interviews. Its incredible

  6. SJR says:

    I believe her completely. She has been very consistent for years/decade in telling her story.
    What I want to know is, WHY isn’t that GMaxwell in custody? The fact that she has not been arrested or at least questioned by authorities shows me that she or someone is paying bribes to still be on the loose.
    How can we have faith or respect for the police in a situation like this?
    G Maxwell knows and is guilty of human trafficking, period.
    Scotland Yard, FBI, Paris Law, British Police, etc. ……who is protecting this woman from the law?

    If it comes out that BP is somehow covering for her in an effort to shut down the heat on Prince Andrew, that will end the monarchy.
    And, IMO, it damn well should!

    • tback says:

      I’m sure the FBI knows where Maxwell is… she’s probably in a country that won’t extradite her. Dubai or something.

      • Jaded says:

        I think she’s in S. America with Jean-Luc Brunel, that creepy “modeling agent” guy that Trump worked with. Their cell phones were tracked to a resort in Brazil recently but by the time reporters got there they’d gone. They are definitely being protected by men who took part in Epstein’s vile lifestyle but the FBI is certainly keeping tabs on them, they’ll eventually reel them in.

      • Purplehazeforever says:

        I’m not as hopeful as others…I was surprised Epstein was even arrested. I’m not a conspiracy theorist.. probably because I was raised by one & it drive me nuts to hear about them while growing up. But I’m beginning to think Epstein was arrested so he could be killed. Whoever he was blackmailing wanted him silenced permanently.

      • A says:

        @tback, if she were, she would have no fear of letting her location slip, would she. But she’s been quiet. So I’m assuming that there’s a reason for that.

        Unbelievable how things have turned out for that dipsh-t of a lady. And doesn’t she have brothers?? How have none of them been hauled in to be questioned about her whereabouts?

  7. Seraphina says:

    I think drop the mike is needed after the header to this article.

  8. Bookworm says:

    I think Maxwell has turned and is informing on the whole mess to the FBI.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Yeah I think she’s chucking everyone else under the bus to save her own ass, esp since that Judge is now unsealing all the documents in the slander case which is proving everything Guiffre has been saying.

  9. sue denim says:

    I hope this isn’t hijacking, but the NYT has an article on how Charles is stepping in to take more control in the wake of the PA tv interview. But then the article goes on to say that the far greater threat to the monarchy is H&M, their row w W&K, and the threat if they distance themselves too far, even tho the article also says PC is planning to streamline the monarchy, likely moving H&M to the side anyway. They can’t win it seems. And the utter failure to see the far greater moral disaster of PA, the total lack of empathy for victims, just shows me who these people really are. I’ll go even further to say, I think they see true sensitivity to others as a liability not a strength, and that’s what also threatens them about H&M…

    • aquarius64 says:

      Even NYT can be off base and the paper is off here. No charities that have Harry and Meghan as patrons want them gone. Neither Harry or Meghan are consorting with criminals ( and Meghan has distanced herself from the petty crooks in her paternal family). The real threat is Andrew and now with new stories that he and his former private secretary has passed secret government documents to business associates. This episode is starting calls to abolish the monarchy. Charles is also being papped with Sir Nicholas Soames, a former MP and Winston Churchill’s grandson. Charles is probably asking him if the government make take action against the royal house if nothing is done about Andrew. Too many public figures have defended Harry and Meghan; backlash will be fierce if Charles pulls the plug on them. He will I think have House Cambridge and House Sussex to get in formation for the sake of the monarchy.

      • CatWomen says:

        The way this was handled was horrible. Andrew should have reached out privately, apologized, and arranged a private settlement, where he could have donated a large check to a child abuse charity of her choice and then a second big one for her for her mental health treatments doctors visits for the rest of her life and whatever else she needs. Then he could tell the public he was guilty but didn’t realize she was 17 (that’s possible). It could have been handled so much better, referencing the Times article on Charles position, the Queen neèds to step down now, and Charles should take over. This continues can pull down the monarchy. There are so many other ways this could have been ended where everyone was satisfied and could get closure and move on. Vs how they allowed this interview, is, astonishing.

      • Babs says:

        Oh dear Lord @Catwomen, you are incredible. Are you even listening to yrself? I really can’t with how less people think of Andrew’s victims!! So he should have written her a check and silenced her? Would that have been a more acceptable “handling of the situation”? SMH, are you even serious with the “it’s possible he couldn’t have known she was 17″? Andrew raped this girl 3 friggin times, and that is this girl alone, 3 bloody times, please have that sink in for a minute!!!! Every time he raped her was at a different location, twice he traveled out of the UK and crossed boundary lines to go commit rape against Virginia. And there are lots of victims that are fearing to come out and tell their story because of how victims of sexual assaults are blamed all the effing time, are you serious? Andrew pay off the victims and continue living his life untouched!!!

    • Becks1 says:

      Charles isn’t about to sideline the Sussexes. Maybe in 20-30 years when George and Charlotte are full time working royals, but not any time soon. They work, the crowds and charities love them, and their foreign tours are hugely successful.

      • CatWomen says:

        Hopefully the Sussexes get a reboot In January and I hope 2020 is a great year for them. They need them more then ever after this fiasco. Charles will hopefully work things out. The issues they have can be better addressed by Charles vs his mum. She really needs to retire.

    • Chelle says:

      If the sex charges won’t bury Andrew then he’s definitely going down on what looks like financial crimes and abuses. This, of course, is sad. He had a chance to redeem himself in the future cause we are “only” talking sex crimes against young, exploited women who may or may not have fully known what they were getting into for $500 per massage. But the money crimes? Now that my friends is the real crime against humanity 🤨.

    • Sunshine says:

      Sue denim you have misquoted the article. They said PH and MM leaving is a greater threat as they represent the future rather than the past.

      • sue denim says:

        I don’t think I misquoted it but I did interpret it, poss incorrectly, that H&M are being told to toe the line now, but that PC is planning to downsize the firm in future.

        2 things struck me about that — one, that the courtiers interviewed for the article (and prob TQ and PC) view any independence by H&M as a far greater threat to the firm than PA’s disgusting crimes, like H&M’s charisma, empathy and service are the true crimes here, and you’re right that the courtiers’ concern is for the future, but two, that PC plans to downsize in future likely pushing H&M to the side at some point, which means to me they’d be smart to begin carving out a future on their own. So it’s a mixed/unwinnable message to them.

        I know there are a lot of PC supporters btw but I’ve always seen him to be riddled w jealousy at anyone shining more brightly, and W&K have been smart/lazy enough not to do that…hence all the sunshine blasted their way while mainly fog and clouds for H&M…

  10. Charfromdarock says:

    I’m in awe of her strength.

    I hope she knows how many of us around the world believe and support her.

  11. Rapunzel says:

    Dailymail has more articles about Andy’s shady finances. And a new article says he’s been in constant contact with Ghislaine Maxwell via phone and email.

    If I was Andy, I’d hire a royal taste tester because I would not put it past Charles to slip a little arsenic in Andy’s Christmas tea. Joking/not Joking.

  12. Mtec says:

    I hope she’s being protected. Who knows what these powerful men are willing to do to shut her up. Hope she keeps frighting and sees justice.

  13. Becks1 says:

    I believe her. I’m so glad she is continuing to
    Speak her truth and tell her story. Hopefully Maxwell will be held accountable.

  14. Liz version 700 says:

    This woman and the other in her situation are so brave. They have spoken out for years waiting for a decade for people to care enough to listen… all the respect

  15. Birds eye view says:

    One of the most appalling and entitled statements I’ve ever heard was PA’s comment that he “didn’t notice who was in the villa but assumed they were “staff” …..i.e lackeys/slaves/minions… if that’s an excuse for ignoring their plight…..I always thought he was an entitled arsehole but jesus….appalling….

  16. Mego says:

    My goodness she is so much more credible than PA and her interview will kick ass.

  17. kerwood says:

    And this is the woman that Fergie wanted to see being ‘drilled’.

    Speaking truth to power can be a dangerous, frightening thing. What this woman endured as a child is unspeakable, especially since she was victimized by men with so much wealth and power. She must have felt so helpless, knowing that these men had the ability to crush her. The fact that she’s continued to tell the truth and fight against the monsters who abused her is amazing.

  18. A says:

    I’ve been seeing some news about how the BBC is planning on “screening” her interview. I’m not fully sure what that means, but does this mean that they’ll be excising parts of it to make it seem more favourable to Andrew? And then there was the disgusting news about how the UK police is not interested in pursuing any charges against Ghislaine Maxwell or Prince Andrew. So there’s that.

    I feel really bad for this lady. I feel bad for every single person who was victimized by Epstein. They deserve their day in court. They deserve justice. Period.

    As for why Ghislaine Maxwell hasn’t been found/charged yet–I’ve talked about this sort-of conspiracy theory before. I want to preface it by saying that people should take it with an ocean of salt. But, there have been allegations that Ghislaine Maxwell is some type of secret service operative with the MI6 or some type of intelligence agency, as was Epstein when he was alive. If that’s even remotely true (and I am NOT saying it is), then it doesn’t surprise me that she’s disappeared off the map. She would have the means to do that, and if it’s true, she’s likely protected by intelligence agencies as some type of asset. Ghislaine Maxwell’s father, Robert Maxwell, was also rumoured to be an intelligence operative, and he died under what can be thought of as mysterious circumstances.

    I’ve always found it rather interesting how a man like Epstein, who was wholly unremarkable in every single way, with a mediocre and subpar college education, found himself in places like the Dalton school and Bear Stearns. Then the way he managed to evade any charges for the Ponzi scheme for which his partner got 20 years in prison. Then that suspicious comment Alexander Acosta made about how he didn’t press any significant charges against Epstein initially because he was “warned off” by people who told him “he’s above your pay grade” (I’m paraphrasing here). The fact that there are SO many question marks around how he got his wealth, even with the knowledge that he was likely illegally obtained. If any of this is true, and I’m honestly just pulling up random details here with my tinfoil hat on, then not only do these people have powerful, wealthy individuals protecting them for so long, but also an intelligence establishment that, for whatever reason, wanted them to remain in the field.

    ETA: I looked up the article (written by Vicky Ward), and in it, she writes that Alexander Acosta ‘had “been told” to back off, that Epstein was above his pay grade. “I was told Epstein ‘belonged to intelligence’ and to leave it alone,”’

    • Snap Happy says:

      I don’t think GM or Epstein we’re spies. I think GH grew up in a very messed up home with a horrible father who warped her relationship with men. She actively pursued children to ensnare them and offer them up to Epstein for his perverse games. I think it’s more likely there is a large number of powerful people with sexual perversions who can easily be exploited and blackmailed. That’s how they got their power.

      • A says:

        You’re probably right. But I still think that it would be quite difficult for someone like Jeffrey Epstein to get into the circles that he did just out of nowhere. So much of his history and his past is obscure. I don’t think all of it, at least initially, can be explained by him blackmailing people around him. Maybe my brain just has worms, lmao, but for some reason, I don’t think it’s entirely far-fetched to think that someone placed him in those positions and protected & sustained him until he got enough dirt on people to blackmail them on his own.

        With GM, the rumours stem entirely from her father being accused of being involved with MI6, I think. There is so much smoke and mirrors here, but the simplest explanation is that the world seeks to protect those in power who have wealth. And the people who wind up getting screwed over are poor young girls like Virginia Giuffre and other victims like her who are chewed up and spat out and forgotten about. Their lives don’t matter, not in comparison to a person like Prince Andrew and other “”"luminaries”"” like him who lucked into their positions.

  19. Tess says:

    “There’s only one of us telling the truth” Dayum Africa!

  20. Deeanna says:

    Speaking of how powerful Charles is, he had an ex-wife who was displeasing him mightily. That ex-wife WROTE that she feared she would be offed in a car crash. And then, coincidentally, she died in a car crash.

    The cause of the car crash that killed the ex-wife was supposedly due to the driver being drunk. Blood tests showed he had a very high level of alcohol at the time of his death. But NEVER EXPLAINED is that those same blood samples showed an EXTREMELY HIGH LEVEL of carbon monoxide. Very high. Never explained.

    Also, it is well known in the medical field that high levels of carbon monoxide cause the skin of a victim to become very reddened.. Nothing like that was ever mentioned in regard to the autopsy of the driver. Not in the French investigation and not in the British investigation.

    Strange, huh?

  21. JustMe says:

    Maxwell and Epstein weren’t MI6 …Mossad that I could see. Israeli prime minister is facing fraud charges. Its been known for years thats agencies use agents to get dirt on powerful men and women, then blackmail them for $$ and access.

    Oh and about that paparazzi pic of Maxwell. Totally fake BUT if you noticed the book she was displaying ”
    The Book of Honor: The Secret Lives and Deaths of CIA Operatives.”….that was the message -that she knows the names of agents and will sell that info if they don’t back down..all a conspiracy but it makes sense to me

  22. SM says:

    As much I would love to see someone like Epstein or his partners in crime getting punished for what they do, I truly would like someone like the pervert Prince – the wealthy and the powerful to experience consequences for what they did. As long as there are people like him, someone will find how to make their living out to meet the demand. I am sure there is already someone new, filling the role of Epstein.

  23. Betsy says:

    Women and children being raped or otherwise violated just…. disgusts me. Words begin to fail me here and I feel helpless to do anything because it’s so multifaceted and in so many different countries. It’s just horrific.

  24. zotsioltar says:

    Really surprised that BBC of all networks is airing this after protecting scumbags for decades. Hopefully the free press is finally coming to the UK without the Royal limit (see the Colbert+Stewart parliament clip where Colbert deep throats a banana)!