Sebastian Stan on his ‘serial-killer resting face’: ‘People always ask me if I’m okay’

Emma Watson at the world premiere of Little Women at the Museum of Modern Art on December 7, 2019 in New York city.

I was never really into Sebastian Stan during the whole Marvel thing. To me, he looks like too much like Michael Weatherly (who is a douche). That being said, I thought he was great in Tonya (he played Tonya Harding’s trashy, abusive husband), and his trolling of Gwyneth Paltrow is world-class. All of this to say, I’m not into Sebastian Stan, but I can see how other people like him. I might have to get interested though? Because he has a REALLY nice body. Sebastian covers the January/February issue of Men’s Health and it is a good thing. The photos are FIRE. I like that he’s well-built and well-proportioned, and it’s not like he’s got huge, veiny arms and little chicken legs. You can see Sebastian’s full Men’s Health editorial and interview here. Some highlights:

On his signature deadpan expression: “People always ask me if I’m okay. They’ve said I have ‘serial-killer resting face.’ No matter what I do, I’ve always had dark circles under my eyes that never really go away. Lately there might be a little moisturizer happening here and there, just in case. Preserving a couple years, or whatever.”

On the pressure to get ripped and outgrowing the arm he wears in the Captain America series: “I was so insecure being around these massive f**king guys, so I started lifting really heavy and ate a lot. I remember I showed up, and I was a little bit bigger than I had been in The Winter Solider. The arm was a bit tight. I was losing circulation.”

On whether the Marvel superhero narrative is a dated, unrelated picture of masculinity: “When I was watching Steve Rogers, I saw him question his identity, his alliances, the government. ‘Who am I? What is this? What made me come into this is very different than the role I am in now.’ I think it was very timely, in the sense that you could see that character evolve. Then he gives up his shield and is like, ‘I’m out. I’m going to do my own thing.’ He chooses his own life. It’s actually more relatable.”

On comparing his physical self to other Marvel stars: “I mean next to Evans and Hemsworth and all those guys, I feel like I’m 50 miles behind. I don’t think I can get to that size to be honest. My body right now Is probably the best it’s ever been.”

On moving to New York from Romania and Vienna in 1995: “I am Eastern European. We left communism. When I came here, I just wanted to be like everybody else.”

On the mannerisms he picked up from his Romanian heritage: “For me, based on my mother, the ‘Romanian temperament’ is perseverance – being able to handle more than you think you can. At 27, my mother was working two jobs in a foreign country where she barely spoke the language. There’s a sense of family and perseverance that’s deeply ingrained in the blood.”

On reaction to filmmaker Martin Scorsese saying that Marvel films “are not cinema”: “All I know is that all movies affect people. I’ve certainly experienced firsthand many people who have been affected and helped by Marvel movies.”

[From Men’s Health]

“They’ve said I have ‘serial-killer resting face.’” I guess? He actually has a great face for a – gulp – character actor. Not crazy-handsome in a way that’s extremely memorable, able to transform his look very easily, and those dark circles and thousand-yard serial-killer stare make you question whether he’s the hero or the villain, perfect for a character actor. I always forget that he’s not a born-and-bred American guy too – he’s a European immigrant who escaped to America after the Iron Curtain fell. Also: I’d much prefer to be with a guy built like Sebastian Stan than a guy built like Chris Hemsworth?




Photos courtesy of Carter Smith for Men’s Health, sent from promotional email.

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  1. Lucy says:

    I find him to be one of the best actors of the MCU (also based on other things I’ve seen him in) and he has a REALLY nice body. More on the skinny side, yet solid as a rock.

  2. Louisa says:

    The poses are a bit cringe (not his fault) but he does have a nice body!

    • Esmom says:

      The whole shoot is kinda funny to me, I guess that’s men’s editorial photo choices. It’s either this or a motorcycle in the desert, it seems.

      He is an extremely handsome guy.

  3. Sierra says:

    I stan Sebastian Stan 😍

  4. SM says:

    I am sure people ask if he is ok because they just want to offer “help” to him. He also is humble ans stays in his lane gets work done and is appreciative of opportunity. I have a soft spot for a fellow post communist world traveller, especially as good looking as him. He also seems quite sensible and kind, if you look at his social media. So I am rooting for him.

    “I like that he’s well-built and well-proportioned, and it’s not like he’s got huge, veiny arms and little chicken legs.” – are we taking about Tom Cruise here?

  5. helonearth says:

    I know how it feels to have people ask if you are ok because of how your face is naturally.

    I have resting grump face. People have been known to talk carefully or avoid me because of it (which I consider a good thing sometimes!) and I have had botox in the past for the lines between my eyebrows because they make me look even more annoyed/grumpy. It can be a pain.

  6. Snazzy says:

    Do people actually take baths in a tub filled with ice? WHY?

    • maximeducamp says:

      Some athletes and dancers do. I think it’s for pain or recovery after a grueling workout? I watched a documentary about a ballet dancer and he mentioned taking ice baths. It’s probably been or soon to be replaced by cryotherapy for those who have it available/can afford it.

      • Esmom says:

        Yes, it’s definitely common for after workouts. I had a friend who was a marathon runner and had been experiencing random, minor injuries and once he started putting his legs into an ice bath after his training runs, his injuries went away completely.

    • deadnotsleeping says:

      I took ice baths back when I did marathons. They were horrible. You’d have your legs and bum in ice water, and then have a sweatshirt and hat on while drinking something warm. But they helped enough with recovery that I kept doing it.

      Now I just don’t run that far. Problem solved!

    • tealily says:

      Yes, I’ve done it while training for a race too. It’s pretty miserable, but it really helps with the soreness!

  7. Over It says:

    Them: Do you know it takes less effort to smile than it does to frown?

    Me: Do you know it takes less effort to leave me alone than it does to tell me that?

  8. Lady Baden-Baden says:


  9. Busybody says:

    He looks to be in great shape. The bathtub pic is 🔥🔥 but also bordering on male stripper “ewww” territory, lol, but I’ll let it slide because he probably didn’t pick the pose.

  10. Sankay says:

    He was a great villain in Hot Tub Time Machine, a really funny movie.

  11. A says:

    Sebastian seems like a lovely guy, his fandom on other hand….*shudders*

    • Algernon says:

      The nicest actors always have the craziest fans. It’s a rule.

    • Holly says:

      THIS. he has some TERRIFYING femalefans. we are talking stalkers. there’s a minority of them that very much believe in the whole “If I can’t have him, no one can” & won’t hesitate to ruin a woman’s life if they “move in on [their] man” it’s one thing to be already established in the industry & get that coordinated attack. What if he dated someone who was a director or screenwriter that’s still vulnerable? I mean, it’s scary to think the jealousy of mentally unstable female fans behind a screen can try to hurt a woman’s life/job/career before it’s even started. Honestly, the internet nis great but it’s allowed a LOT of toxic/obsessive ppl to find others like them & combine their awful lol

      I love being a nobody. Fame sounds terrifying. Ugh 😂

  12. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I like the room! The walls, window frames, chipped paint and decor…right up my alley and very sexy. 😁

    • BeanieBean says:

      Really? I thought it looked horribly depressing and as though you might get tetanus from something.

  13. J says:

    He is definitely one of the best actors in Marvel. Also, he’s probably the best-looking one.

  14. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Meh. Ive never gotten his appeal. And his body is okay. He looks like every other guy who spends a decent amount of time at the gym. *Shrug*

  15. Bookworm1858 says:

    His character was so horrible in I, Tonya plus he had this awful mustache but I was still feeling him – so hot! I don’t super like him as Winter Solider just because I like his shorter hair like in this editorial. He is a snack!

    • schmootc says:

      Yeah, her husband was the biggest, most idiotic douche, but yeah, I was still like this guy can get it anyway. Embarrassing, but true. And I’m old enough to remember when the whole thing went down, which makes it just a smidge worse.

    • BW says:

      He was so good in I, Tonya, that I didn’t even know it was him until the end credits rolled. I never recognize him, which I guess is the sign of a good character actor.

  16. Raven says:

    I like Sebastian. He is one of my faves. But dear sweet Baby Yoda, his fans are banana balls crazy! They threatened and harrassed the lady who wrote this piece because she made, what they felt, was a disparaging remark about his forehead. It was bonkers.

  17. Dylan says:

    his fans are scary. good luck to him ever having a normal partner/wife/family down the line bc he has a collection of female fans who wont hesitate to ruin that hypothetical partner’s life if you are so much as seen out w/him. Lord have mercy on his potential partners. I can’t imagine having to deal with that kind of fandom.

    Imo I think a lot of potential female partners would walk away after such attacks, harassment, attempted sabotage. stan turns 38 this year, hopefully him getting older will turn down the crazy fandom? Hell I don’t know but imagine ppl tracking you everywhere you go, being at your airport gates, wait outside your hotel, etc terrifying

  18. tealily says:

    That’s the guy from I, Tonya?? I think I like this guy! (I’d missed that Paltrow story. Hilarious!)

  19. The Recluse says:

    Awhile back someone pointed out that Stan looked like a young Mark Hamill and now I can’t stop seeing that.
    Also, I still remember him playing the Mad Hatter in the series Once Upon a Time. He was looking for his daughter.

    • amethystic says:

      Yea apparently they are looking for a Young Luke potentially but Sebastian will be 40 in 2 yrs, so while Imrooting for him since he seems nice & talented, I feel like since it’s particular a young Luke it wouldn’t fit but 🤷‍♀️ but he seems like an excellent actor so he’ll be going far 👏 👏

  20. serena says:

    I really really like him a lot, he’s so handsome and the Winter Soldier is hands down one of my favourite Marvel characters.