Kevin Hart’s wife Eniko on his cheating: ‘you publicly humiliated me’

Kevin Hart has that new docuseries on Netflix, Don’t F**k This Up, which chronicles his team’s reaction behind the scenes to his refusal to apologize for his homophobic standup “jokes” and tweets, resulting in his ouster as host for the Oscars earlier this year. (It’s still 2019!) The Hollywood Reporter has more on that. We also see the fallout from his public cheating scandal, where people tried to blackmail him for cheating on his very pregnant second wife, Eniko Parrish, in Las Vegas. Instead of pay off the blackmailers, Kevin chose to go public with the news. In the opening to the third episode, Eniko details how she found out that Kevin was cheating on her. Someone sent her a direct message with video of Kevin and this other woman. For what it’s worth, the woman in the video with Kevin, who slept with him three times over a three day weekend in Vegas, claimed to initially not know he was married and to not be the one blackmailing him. I found her believable. Here’s what Eniko said and you can see this as the opener to episode three on Netflix.

“How I found out was a DM. I don’t know who it was,” Parrish begins telling her side of the story. “They sent me an edited video of Kevin, and you know, another woman… I was pregnant at that time. I was about seven or eight months pregnant. I was having breakfast, I opened my phone and immediately and I just lost it. I called him, I’m crying, I’m like pissed. Right then and there, I kept saying, ‘How the f**k did you let that happen?’”

Parrish went on to say that she felt “publicly humiliated” by Hart.

“You whole everything’s on Instagram,” she continued. “Everything’s on social media. It was an ongoing fight all the time. Every single day. I kept questioning him, like, ‘If this is what you’re gonna do, I don’t want to be part of that.’”

Because she was far along in her pregnancy, Parrish says she “kept worrying about the baby” and had to “maintain a level head.”

“I think that’s the only thing that really got me through. I wasn’t ready at the time to just give up on my family,” she said. “I wanted Kenzo to be able to know his dad and grow up, so it was a lot… It was a lot for me, but we’ve been through it, we’ve gone through it, we passed it and he’s a better man now because of it.”

Fighting through tears and visibly emotional, the 35-year-old said, “I’m happy that it kind of happened, you know? I get sensitive every time I talk about it. Sorry.”

[From E! Online]

Kevin first responded to this the same way he responded to being called out as a homophobe, he laughed it off until he couldn’t deny it. In regard to Eniko I’ll state the obvious – how you get him is how you lose him. Eniko was in a very vulnerable position as she was due to give birth to her first child with Kevin. While I won’t say anyway deserves to be cheated on, some may call it karma. She knew he was married to another woman when she first got with him. Kevin’s first wife has told her story of being cheated on by Kevin with Eniko in an admirably reserved and matter-of-fact way, even after Eniko admitted to cheating. So Eniko is now learning how that feels. Also, Kevin does not deserve any of these women, even if Eniko seems particularly suited to him. I will say one thing, I was seriously concerned for him after his car accident. You can think someone is a garbage person and still want them to recover from an injury or illness. I’m glad he’s ok, but I also wouldn’t mind seeing less of him, you know?




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  1. BlueSky says:

    I will never understand these women. The ones who start off as side pieces and then get upgraded to wife then acts surprised when their husbands cheat on them.
    This will not be the last time he cheats on her.

    • dlc says:

      I don’t think she is surprised he cheated on her. I think she’s mad he was stupid enough to get caught.

      • Mika says:

        I agree dlc. That’s why she used the phrase “How did you let this happen?”. She wasn’t asking how the cheating happened. She was asking how he got caught.

      • Rando says:

        This. Exactly. She didn’t care he cheated, she cared it was made public and on social media.

      • Adrianna says:

        Of course he’s going to cheat again. He’s not going to spend 50 years with her and not have other women. I hadn’t realized that cheating is now generally accepted by the wife but just don’t get caught and embarrass her. Why even bother getting that piece of paper, seems pointless, unless it’s to ensure a good settlement and child support when it falls apart.

      • Dani says:

        Agreed, which is also why she didn’t leave. She EXPECTED it, but thought he would be smarter about it,

      • Meg says:

        Yes based on her wording i agree, its publicly humiliating her yhat she cares about, her ego, not the cheating

      • DragonWise says:

        I honestly think it was a little bit of both. I think she legit thought she was the upgrade, so he wouldn’t cheat, at least not as much. She was gleeful in playing the light-skinned (yes I went there, because it’s true!) “trophy wife,” and had no issues with Kevin trashing Torrei quite publicly, attempting to whitewash and deny the overlap when Eniko was “the other woman.” They were even doing the Evangelical church attendance thing, to make her more legit and make him look like the reformed family man. That’s where her being angry he got caught comes from. It ruins the whole narrative she/they were trying to push. I didn’t think she’d shoot for sympathy considering how her relationship with Kevin began, but it makes sense that she is pushing herself as the wronged one since she can’t deny he cheated on her because it’s so public..

      • Mtec says:

        @DLC @Mika

        Exactly, I completely agree. Her wording days a lot because it wasn’t like “how can you do this to me” it was “how could you LET THAT happen?”—and then show goes on to talk about external things like how she’s humiliated but only cause it’s all over instagram. She just cares about projecting the image that she had “won” him, and it seems like she would have put up with him cheating they whole marriage as long as it was on the down-low. Seeing as how she was one of the side-pieces in his previous marriage I have no sympathy for either of them.

      • Snappyfish says:

        Exactly this! She are no victim! She didn’t mind cheating with him & “humiliating his wife & children” so why should she be all shocked & shaken when he does it to her?

        No sympathy here

      • Avery says:

        I think the car accident was another cheating incident where his friends got the woman out the car. The story changed too many times. Why did KH leave the scene? There was also some questions as to who was really driving. The whole thing was just shady.

      • Avery says:

        @DragonWise You nailed it!

      • Christina says:

        @dragonwise, no lies told from what I can see. Agreed 💯

    • Yup, Me says:

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- Eniko Parrish is not concerned about Kevin cheating because she is holding out for her “sit down” money. She spent YEARS as a side chick while he was coming up. If she leaves him now, she wasted ALL these years she’s put into the hustle and she just has guaranteed child support until her son reaches his majority and maybe a little alimony beyond that. Nowhere near enough to keep her at the level she’s accumstomed to living.

      She needs to stick around for another seven years as a wife (they got married in 2016) to lock in her Next Level Wife alimony. Then, she won’t have to worry about working once they break up. She can sit down and relax. Especially if his dumbass keeps getting caught cheating and getting into car accidents. She’ll have a nice little file filled with the bs she put up with from him, resulting in very understandable irreconcilable differences. Ka-ching!

      • schmootc says:

        Yeah, the language she is using is very passive in terms of what he did. Not how could you do this? But how could you let this happen? It’s really sad, though she dug herself that particular hole, so she can’t really cry about it now, IMO.

      • Susieq says:

        Rumor has been that Kevin doesn’t have a prenup. I believe he even confirmed it soshe certainly would get more than child support. They deserve each other

    • Sally says:

      You lose them the way you got them……just saying…………………

  2. Harla says:

    What I’ve always told my daughter, “if they’ll do it for you, they’ll do it to you”.

    • DragonWise says:

      This! It’s very silly to assume that you’re so special that you will be exempt when they are tempted.

  3. TheOriginalMia says:

    I’ll say it for you, Kaiser. Karma came quickly for this one. She thought she was immuned to the cheating because she was the younger, “prettier” wife. Nope!

  4. Joanna says:

    I watched a few episodes. Of course they didn’t mention how she was the mistress originally.

  5. Carobell says:

    Marry your mistress, job opens up.
    I feel badly for Eniko, but she knew who she was marrying.

    • Mignionette says:

      I honestly do not feel sorry for her. When Kevin made his ex the butt of his jokes whilst embiggening Eniko she seemed fine with it all.

      It’s her time to shine now. If she is this cut up about his shenanigans so early on but chooses to stay then that’s on her. The sad fact is she loves the money and the lifestyle more than she loves herself of her child.

  6. Other Renee says:

    She’s kind of “happy” about the cheating scandal because it made him a better man? Seriously? What drivel. He’s a serial cheater and she’s a cheating doormat. They deserve each other.

    • Mignionette says:

      Exactly, he will continue to wipe his feet over her until something younger, perkier and prettier comes along. The problem with ‘men’ like Kevin is they’re not men, they’re still children which makes it possible to have any sort of deep and meaningful relationship.

      As everyone has said above, when she became the wife, she created a vacancy.

  7. Zapp Brannigan says:

    “She’s kind of “happy” about the cheating scandal because it made him a better man”

    So a generous translation of that is she now has a brand, new shiny pre-nup with a better payout for the future when (not If ) this happens again with the added bonus of having a higher public profile for herself when she becomes a cast member of “Real Housewives of Wherever”

    Less generous she is delusional. It;s a choose your own adventure storybook come to life!

    • Mignionette says:

      I don’t feel sorry for her, because at least with this ‘choose your own storybook come to life’, there is the potential of comforting herself with his money.

      As the proverb goes, she made her bed…..

  8. LaUnicaAngelina says:

    @Celebitchy – great write up on this I agreed with everything you wrote. Once a cheater…

  9. S808 says:

    No sympathy. They both made a fool of the first wife and now the table have turned. hope she got the prenup adjusted for a better payout when he eventually leaves her too.

  10. Sarah says:

    This show is something else. Capitalizing on your shitty behaviour on your journey to become a better man or whatever? Okay. Sure.

  11. Lexilla says:

    I’m not a fan of cancel culture but I’m willing to make an exception for Kevin Hart.

  12. minx says:

    Tiniest violin, etc.

  13. Christina says:

    What bothered me about the episode was when Hart’s father scolded and hit the baby from behind to stop him from fussing, and then said, “See? It worked!”, and no one said anything.

    Like Hart, I get why his father is how he is, but I hope that Eniko and Kevin don’t allow that, but it seems like they do. It’s abuse.

    • MariaS says:

      Yes! That was horrifying! There was no excuse for them letting that slide and letting him do that to a BABY. I know they think he isn’t long for the world but no, protect your child. Always.

  14. Sarah B says:

    It’s like Jax on Vanderpump Rules. “My cheating made her a stronger woman.”

  15. Meg says:

    Love the tweet thats included in this post
    Women are not rehab centers for men

  16. Pixie says:

    I watched the full documentary and I thought it was very interesting. It’s clearly produced by Kevin but there is some stuff in there that isn’t very flattering towards him. For example, he gets in a huge fight with his friend where he is belittling, mean and condescending as well as the whole cheating scandal. My main takeaway is that he works hard, has a great career and seems to love his family BUT he also has an enormous ego problem. He refers to himself in the third person WAY more than is acceptable of any adult and talks about being a ‘leader’ to his very grown friends without a hint of humility or self reflection. The public backlash against him was clearly needed and even his publicist mentioned he was in need of a humility pill when he screwed up with the Oscars thing. I hope he takes a few because that level of ego is going to negatively affect his career and work, which would be a shame because he is obviously very talented. I don’t get in the habit of telling POC they’re getting too big for their boots, but Kevin can’t even see his boots anymore.

    • DT says:

      Pixie, I totally agree. The doc is so odd to me. In my opinion he came across awful in all of the episodes I watched (I think I’ve watched 4?). I actually liked him more BEFORE I watched it, which I’m pretty sure was not the intent lol. It really rubbed me the wrong way when he implied he cheated bc his friends weren’t there to stop him. He said something along the lines of “I didn’t have my buffer around me to tap me on the shoulder.” No, you need to be a grown up and own your own decisions. The third-person thing also KILLS me.

      • Pixie says:

        @DT Yeah, and it’s funny because he probably thinks he came across as really likable if not inspirational which just goes to show how far up his own ass he is currently. I don’t outright dislike him and his relationships with his friends/family were insightful, but he is in dire need of some self-reflection. That line about his friends was SO ridiculous I had to replay it to make sure I heard it right. And all his super grown friends agreeing with him on that point was pretty ridiculous. I guess fame/celebrity is debilitating because there is no way a 40 year old should be so immature.

      • Ally says:

        Wow. What is that joke from some movie about tripping and falling into a woman’s ladyparts?

    • Joanna says:

      In the fight w his friend (who is his trainer), Kevin kept saying, “but do you have a home?” And kept repeating it. Idk what Kevin meant by that, but if his friend doesn’t have a home, that is a really shitty thing to say to someone. Especially your friend.

  17. Tiffany says:

    That kid is adorable. That’s all I got.

  18. Ally says:

    Cheating isn’t only about hurt feelings. It’s also about physical health. I hope everyone gets STD tests after these situations. I hope Kevin Hart has to get one every month for the foreseeable future. In fact, I would like those scenes written into modern movies and TV shows.

    I can work through my partner fancying another person; I cannot accept being exposed to life-wrecking health risks without my knowledge. Fortunately, I haven’t had to deal with this issue, but I’ve been explicit with my partner about it and I think so much of modern culture exists in some alternate universe where HIV and other (drug-resistant) STDs aren’t a real concern.

    • Elizabeth says:

      I totally agree! The exposure to health risks without your knowledge or consent should be a larger part of this discussion. It’s very real.

    • Sarah says:

      Thank you for mentioning this. This gapped to somebody close to me. While she was ultimately negative for HIV, the waiting was excruciating and other infections did require treatment. Hideous insult to injury.

  19. Middle of the road says:

    He’s such a tiny little man and I really don’t find him that funny. I don’t understand what any women find attractive in him besides the money.

    • sunshine gold says:

      Money (+ talent) is an amazing aphrodisiac – people far worse than Kevin Hart get women of out of their league. See Harvey Weinstein, Donald Trump, Keith Richards, Rupert Murdoch, Pete Davidson, Seth Rogen, Adam Sandler, Jonah Hill….

  20. Izzy says:

    Kevin and Eniko are both aholes who have publicly embarrassed his ex-wife repeatedly. They deserve all this humiliation, and so much more,

  21. BL says:

    HE IS DISGUSTING. That is all.

  22. Shannon Brown says:

    Meh… I just noticed his show on Netflix and I am not interested.

  23. adastraperaspera says:

    I think it’s gross that he behaves badly and then makes a show to document the fallout. Will audiences ever stop rewarding “reality tv” culture?

    • Christina says:

      I watched enough, the first two episodes. Not going back. You are correct. I’ve already contributed by watching the first two episodes. That was way more than it was worth stomaching.

  24. S says:

    No one deserves to be cheated on. No one. But like people have said above, when you start as mistress and move to wife, you’ve created a job opening, so not sure the current Mrs. Hart should feel all that surprised by this outcome either. Doesn’t mean her pain isn’t real, though.

    Kinda’ feel the same when someone who smoked for 20 years is diagnosed with lung cancer. I mean, it’s not something I’d wish on anyone, and my sympathy for the pain caused to all is very real, but there’s also that realistic, logical part of me that is like, ‘Yeah, this isn’t a big surprise.’ Truly terrible? Yes. Shocking? No.

    All that being said, Hart profiting off his bigotry and misogyny by exploiting it for some series is extra, super gross.

  25. Nikki* says:

    I don’t know these people, but I find it offensive if a man cheats, and his WIFE feels humiliated!! I’d feel PISSED, betrayed, disgusted, and hurt, but I sure as heck wouldn’t feel humiliated, because I’d not be the one looking bad from his poor choice. Our worth as women does NOT depend on how our man does or does not value us; we need to own our own self esteem and our own pride in who we are.

  26. why? says:

    Why do people like Tori, Sharon, and Eniko feel the need to go on this victim campaign when they had no problem with the cheating when they were the other woman? Didn’t she brag on social media that she and Kevin had been together for 8 years? She even refused to show any compassion towards Kevin’s first wife, posting that Kevin was dating many women and that their relationship was the one that stuck, Kevin’s marriage was broken before she entered the picture, Kevin was separated when she started seeing him and so she wasn’t a secret. Maybe she is upset because everyone knows that her relationship with Kevin wasn’t as great as she and Kevin lead everyone to believe, Kevin has so little respect and love for Eniko that he cheated on her while she was pregnant with his child. She is taking the Beyonce/Tori/Sharon route! Turn her husband’s infidelity into a profit and reality tv show(in Beyonce’s case it was an album). During his comedy routine a comedian(Gary Owens) said that Eniko stays with Kevin after the cheating because of the money.