Duchess Kate got an awkward fence-portrait to celebrate her 38th birthday


The Duchess of Cambridge turned 38 years old today. Happy birthday to her. To celebrate, Kensington Palace published a new-to-us photo of Kate smiling on a fence, I would assume it was taken somewhere on the Sandringham/Anmer Hall property. KP included this message: “Thank you everyone for all your lovely messages on The Duchess of Cambridge’s birthday!” Clarence House and Buckingham Palace also posted birthday messages:

As of this writing, the SussexRoyal IG has not posted anything. I’m not expecting them too. Kate will be lucky to get any kind of attention today because of the Sussexes’ drama. That being said, Kate and William are about to get the spotlight to themselves, which is what they said they wanted. Will Kate actually launch her dumb Early Years project? She promised to do it by the end of 2019. She did not. Will it finally get a rollout now?

Before the Sussexes’ big announcement yesterday, the Cambridges were already announcing their future events – they’ll be traveling together to Bradford next week, on the 15th, for a series of local events. They’ll also attend/host a Buckingham Palace reception for the UK-Africa Investment Summit on the 20th. What will the Cambridges do now that they actually do have the spotlight, both good and bad?

The Queen's Diplomatic Reception

Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (L) and Britain's Prince William, Duke of Cambridge talk to members of the media about their newborn nephew, as they arrive to launch the King's Cup Regatta, at the Cutty Sark in Greenwich, south east London on May 7, 2019. - The event is set to take place on August 9, 2019, on the Isle of Wight, and is set to see The Duke and Duchess go head to head as skippers of individual sailing boats, in an eight boat regatta race. Each boat taking part will represent one of eight charities and the winning team will be awarded the historic trophy The King's Cup.

Portrait courtesy of Matt Porteous for KP, photos courtesy of Backgrid, WENN and Avalon Red.

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  1. Becks1 says:

    SussexRoyal did post a comment on KP’s IG, which has been their SOP for Cambridges etc.

    Have fun Will and Kate! You’re the main royals now after Charles/the Queen. hope you’re ready!

    ETA also – the Royal Family (the Queen’s IG) posted several pictures of Kate for her bday. They did the same thing last year. They only posted one picture for Meghan’s. (yes, I went back and looked). I know its just social media, and I know Kate DOES outrank Meghan, but when the press is full of “the queen doesn’t support Meghan” stories like it was in August – maybe, just maybe, the royal family should have posted a few more pics.

    • Tourmaline says:

      They’re the main royals NOW after Charles/the Queen? They already were. I don’t get it, Will and Kate’s status didn’t change because of Harry and Meghan.

      • Mego says:

        Yes they are the main royals. Perhaps op meant popular?

      • Becks1 says:

        Yeah, I didn’t mean “main” as in higher up or whatever. I meant “main” as in – you are it. You are THE senior royals now. their actual status doesn’t change, but the focus on them will.

  2. Belli says:

    Will she still be Saint Kate, I wonder? The press won’t trade off positivity for long.

    Will the public expect her to step up now they’re down two royals?

    • Maudd says:

      The comments of the IG picture of Kate are not visible anymore 🤔

      • Lucy De Blois says:

        And why on earth they would erase them? They are not so anxious to prove how much they are beloved and the Cmbs outrank, out pass, out everything and much more the Sssx?

    • Mac says:

      Meghan has only been on the scene for two years. Kate did her thing before Meghan, and she will do it after Meghan. I really don’t see this having much of an impact on Kate.

      • Guest says:

        The tabs only stopped trashing “work-shy” kate when Meghan hit the scene. The scrutiiny and criticism may well ramp back up once H&M escape.

      • Lucy De Blois says:

        Unlike it may seems, I don’t have any grudge against Kate. The problem is I’ve been reading and following, as a hobby, the RF for a while and I have a good memory. Kate, since the beggining, before she married, displayed a very negative image of what a royal must be. I witnessed her endless atempts to not fall on the royal role. She wanted all, and meaning ALL the perks and none of the responsabilities.

        She was loose on parties with her pals, she was hiding in her London’s family appartment, she was going on vacation, one day yes and also the next, her engagements were almost nothing. Before she married, her only job and studies were Will, after the wedding, her only job was enjoy luxury. I’m sorry for her, but I’m not sorry with the little crop she got out of her harvest. She’s having what she sowed. Her problems with Bill are the same problems I saw happening with the girls who choose money over a meaningful life, no matter if they are rich or poor.

        I think everything that’s going on is having and will have an impact on Kate’s life, even if it’s just on domestic aspect. The humor of Will these days must be hard to deal with, and his facial and body language have all the signs of very arrogant and rude person. Under that cool mask, I bet what you want so sure I am, there is someone to whom the other feelings don’t say much. I wished Diana had more time to be with him. With all her defaults she was more….. hummm… human.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      Maybe next time, when they are photo-shopping her face again, they can photo-shop a halo behind her head? It looks like they were kind of going for the “halo” look with the emphasis on lighting her hair from the back.

    • Silas says:

      They’ll be golden. Kate is the dutiful one who stayed despite the abuse. Harry and Meghan are the bolters. This will cement Kate’s position in the public eye.

      I’m a Sussex fan and I think Will and Kate are mediocre but this is how I see it. Will and Kate have to do very little but show up to be celebrated because they stayed.

      The Cambridges won and if the Sussexes secure enough funding to live as they wish, they will also win.

  3. Oh No says:

    Lol, Happy Birthday, girl.

    Have fun with all those new patronages coming your way, you’ve earned them 😂

    • Tourmaline says:

      Harry and Meghan’s statement said nothing about leaving their patronages quite the opposite.

      • Mego says:

        Given the statement released by BP I wouldn’t assume anything. It may very well be that the Sussexes will be stripped of everything and the firm will not support their more progressive role in the institution.

        I predict that the Sussexes will be given the heave ho over the next few months and will be truly on their own. Diana tried something like this and was pretty much set adrift. Diana lost her HRH but continued to live at KP so maybe they will be able to live in Frogmore.

      • Guest says:

        @Mego Dianna also had affairs, spilled ALL the tea, and refused royal protection. If the Sussexes are stripped of everything for the benign action of taking a smaller role in the RF while still committing to supporting the monarchy and the rapist, adulterers, and general scoff-laws blithly go on with no repercussions, that will be a truly bad look for QE2. It would be a really stupid move on the RF’s part. Not that that has stopped them before…

      • Lucy De Blois says:

        H&M patronages are a mine field, I think. Maybe it depends of the queen wanting or not to keep them as “part time” royals and how much status the family will leave to them.

    • Sara says:

      She’s like a bland 1990s catalog photo.

  4. Zapp Brannigan says:

    What an appropriate image of her sitting on a fence, not standing for anything.

    Happy birthday Kate! 🎉

  5. Maxie says:

    Poor Kate sees her sister live a dream life and her in-laws about to live their very best life while she’ll have to shake hands with boring people and open charity shops in Norwich and Exeter for the rest of her life.

    Out of Meghan, Pippa and Kate, I would rather be Pippa (wealthy private life) then Meghan. Kate’s life would bore me to tears.

    • Lucy De Blois says:

      But Kate could take hold of her position to do something profitable for the world. You are probably very young and don’t remember, but Diana’s hug (or shaking hands) to that man with aids had an enormous impact all over the world, about the degree of contact to have with people affect with this disease. It was a time of general panic about how the sickness was transmited.

      We are here to do the best we can, even if this best looks too small to us or too big we won’t be able to cope with.

  6. emmy says:

    It’s a beautiful picture, casual clothes just always look so much better on her than formal attire.

    2020 is sure going to be interesting.

  7. MMC says:

    She looks really beautiful. I like the photo.

    • Skelly says:

      I totally agree.

    • Snappyfish says:

      I agree she looks fresh and pretty and relaxed

    • Kelly Sunshine says:

      she looks beautiful, but her legs look really wonky. That’s my only complaint about the portrait.

    • LadyLawyer says:

      Love this photo…casual Kate is the best and she looks beautiful. Which, is, um, I guess a small consolation for dedicating your life to be in a f*cking cult run by your in-laws.

      I’m literally dying over the fence-sitting comment above!

  8. pearlime says:

    I am curious to see whether there is any connection between the delays on that early years project and Brexit. It more or less got pushed back every time the UK had to ask for an extension or the discussions stalled.

    • Nic919 says:

      Brexit has to do with trade deals and is entirely unrelated to this project. She’s not implementing a government program anyway so the project would be running independently from anything that affects the government.

      • pearlime says:

        Thanks, I know what Brexit is and that is _not just_ about trade deals. There are other reasons why it could influence her project’s timeline even if correlation != causation.

  9. HK9 says:

    Happy Birthday to Kate and all her buttons. (I think she looks good tho)

  10. Aephra says:


  11. Originaltessa says:

    Love the photo. That’s the real Kate, imo. Jeans and a sweater doing something outdoorsy. That’s her whole family.

  12. Guest says:

    We’ve already seen what the spotlight looks like on them without Meghan and harry. Shruggate dominated the headlines vs anything else. Good luck to them. Because they are the youngest senior royals.

  13. Ali says:

    What an awkward photo

    • Lucy De Blois says:

      Why? Is it reminds you something? Diana’s picture on Taj Mahal, for example? I think it’s only my big imagination. No one had the vibe.

  14. DavidBowie says:

    I think it’s a lovely picture.

  15. Jules says:

    Happy Birthday to Kate. She is lovey as usual. Beautiful portrait.

  16. Minxx says:

    Lovely photo of Kate, I think it’s from 2018. One thing is sure..she won’t forget this bday for a long time.

  17. AnnaKist says:

    I need to stop taking things I read literally. I was looking for a fence with her portrait painted on it… 😂

    And yeah, that IS awkward.

  18. leigh says:

    I sure hope Kate will lock herself in her Kensington Palace apartment with George and Charlotte and Louis and Lupo and Pippa and Arthur and Carole and MIke and have a peaceful birthday dinner while Wills stomps around Amner raging over H&M. Bet even Rose has her phone on mute today to keep from having to listen to Wills go on and on.

  19. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    Quiet. Dignified. And on a fence. Royal perfection.

  20. Sarah says:

    Well…the lighting is good and it’s a nice sweater. Part of me wonders if she’s pissed H&M are stealing her birthday spotlight.

    • Keekee says:

      It’s not like it’s some major milestone birthday… Just another day. Or I am projecting in my family once you reach a certain age like after ten years no need to make a huge deal until like 13,16,18,20,25 etc

    • Nic919 says:

      If she should be pissed at anyone it should be her communications director Christian Jones who is either dating or at the very least close friends with Dan Wootten and who leaked all this information.

  21. Flying fish says:

    Nice picture. Now get off the fence and get to work.

  22. Penguin says:

    Same jumper as Christmas portrait last year. Taken at the same time?

  23. Harla says:

    I wonder if this situation with H&M has her thinking about her own children, especially Charlotte and Louis, because this will be their future.

    • Shirleygailgal says:

      I hope she could see this as their future…but I don’t think so because otherwise wouldn’t she be trying to be helpful and supportive? … I’m okay with her having the ulterior motive of it being better for her kids, thus she supports Harry, but I don’t know that she’s that forward-thinking….

    • Dee says:

      If I was their mom, I’d have them all look at careers as they grow up. Being a walking anachronism would suck.

  24. RoyalBlue says:

    Happy birthday Duchess. She and Meghan are the same age but they are worlds apart in experience, confidence, leadership and Fail clicks. 🍾🎂🍰👑

  25. kerwood says:

    I hope she enjoyed her time relaxing on that fence because Keen Katie is going to have to do some REAL work now.

  26. Andrea says:

    Girllll get ready to work and hear about Wild Bill’s affairs in all the vivid details…spotlight is now on you.

  27. kerwood says:

    A lot of people are hoping this destroys the Sussex marriage, but I think the Cambridge marriage is the one to watch.

    Normal Bill is PISSED and he’s going to want to take it out on someone. He can’t get at his brother so Keen Katie, who has put up with his shit for more than a decade will probably bear the brunt.

    There is no doubt in my mind that 75% of the people who claim to love Kate and think that she’s the definition of ‘queen in waiting’ had no idea who she was two years ago. They jumped on her bandwagon the second a Black woman married into the royal family. What are those people, most of whom are driven by hate and envy going to do without a target? We’ll see.

    • Aria says:

      Very true. Look at the six weeks absences, shrug story, trouble in paradise. They are going to under microscope for long time to come. Their kids is going to pay the price for it.

  28. Dee says:

    Kate the Mugwump. With her mug on one side of the fence and her wump on the other. Love the metaphor of this photo. Kate the fencesitter. filtered to bland vanilla.

  29. RoyalBlue says:

    So I am guessing Meghan didn’t get invited to the birthday party. This will be the second year in a row.

  30. February Pisces says:

    I think that pic is over a year old, it looks like it was taken when they took their 2018 Christmas card.

  31. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    I see she remembered to flash that cursed ring. The ring is a nice reminder of a failed marriage between a man who never loved his wife to begin with, and cheated on her from the beginning. So romantic!

  32. Chelle says:

    I hope she got some additional work clothes for her birthday because she’s going to need them. LOL. IF M/H are “allowed” to step back, I wonder how this young mother of 3 bit narrative is going to work out in terms of her picking up additional duties. Probably, “boo-hoo-hoo, selfish Meghan and Harry leaves Kate to do all the heavy lifting.”

  33. JaneBee87 says:

    I say this as someone with an abnormal torso/leg ratio myself – given the lengths to which Kate normally goes to disguise her very long torso, I’m surprised she sanctioned this pic. It definitely highlights her long waistedness. Which is of itself fine! But contrary to her normal efforts/image control.

  34. jennifer says:

    Kate doing what she does best: posing for a picture and doing absolutely nothing.

  35. yinyang says:

    What is this about Meghan trying to take spotlight off of Kate’s birthday with this news?! Meghan life decsions for her and her family’s future doesn’t revolve around Kate’s birthday. How stupid do you have to be to believe that. British press think the world centers around Kate. Oh please. smh. And nevermind the fact that she is having a birthday weekend, this is not a milestone birthday, my 38 birthday I stayed home, went to work, had dinner out. Had she even been back to work in the new year. And regular folks scrimp and save for weekend birthday celebration, we don’t expect taxpayer to foot the bill for our fun.

  36. Kristina says:

    I can’t believe not even a minor mention of that here- this news dropped on Kate’s birthday, especially with the history of announcements on other people’s big days. There is so much mean, rude, and even fabricated snark right here on her birthday post- she’s done nothing wrong! But don’t even questions MM’s shoe choice or you’ll be piled on. Sheesh.

  37. AMM says:

    The news was leaked the day prior to the announcement, so the Sussexs took control of the narrative. Its hardly their fault someone from whatever palace chose to spill the beans the day before her birthday.

  38. Nic919 says:

    Her communications director Christian Jones is leaking to Dan Wootten so let’s stop pretending she’s completely innocent about the leaks. Had that story not come out about Harry and Meghan moving to Canada, then her birthday wouldn’t have been overshadowed. Maybe they should get rid of the guy spilling info to the tabloid media if they are serious about keeping information contained.

  39. JaneBee87 says:

    @Nic919 +1 Exactly! She can’t have her (birthday) cake and eat it too!