Amber Rose’s boyfriend, AE Edwards, also got face tattoos for their kids

Last week Kaiser wrote about Amber Rose’s new forehead tattoo for her sons, Sebastian and Slash: “Bash Slash.” Amber told everyone with an opinion to back off. The New York Post spoke with two tattoo artists who are not happy with the growing trend. They try to dissuade people from getting tattoos on their faces. One will charge a much higher fee in an attempt to get clients to change their minds. One tells his clients, “Amber Rose, she has the means to support herself. You don’t.” Now he can mention her boyfriend, AE Edwards, too:

Alexander “AE” Edwards‘ love for his son and girlfriend Amber Rose‘s son is with him everywhere he goes.

The music executive, 32, recently had his dedication to the couple’s 4-month-old child Slash Electric Alexander and the little boy’s half-brother Sebastian Taylor, 7 this month, permanently etched onto his forehead.

In a January photo posted by Los Angeles-based tattoo artist Jacob Ramirez, both boys’ birth dates — “10-10-19” and “2-21-13” — are written in black ink on Edwards’ forehead, separated in the middle by a lightning bolt.

But that was just the beginning. This past Thursday, Ramirez shared another image of Edwards, this time sporting a heart on his left cheek that read “SLASH,” over a banner design across the middle.

[From People]

Well, here we are. I have several friends and relatives who have gotten tattoos to celebrate their children, but no one has opted to put those tattoos on their face. Amber and Alexander are happy with their decisions, so that’s what matters, sure. There are worse things people could get tattooed on themselves, and better your kids’ names than a misspelled or just plain wrong tattoo. I just wonder what their kids will think when they get older and realize that their names/birthdays are tattooed on their parents’ faces.

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  1. Catwoman says:

    They’re going to think their parents are total idiots.

  2. Erinn says:

    I was expecting a lot worse. I’m actually surprised by how delicate he went with the tattoos, and obviously all things are relative, but they look decently done.

  3. Sandy says:

    I mean, I would never do this, but they are really rocking it and that makes me like it on them. Also that baby is super cute.

    • Snowslow says:

      Yeah… I enjoyed seeing the family photos together. It all seems normal in their world. The judginess tires me. I mean… There are no articles here about the silly women who get the Kardashian treatment and spend all their money in botched operations. If people are silly and don’t understand that emulating pop stars might not be the best if you want a regular job, that’s on them.

  4. 10KTurtle says:

    Well…. Amber could always grow out some bangs if she changes her mind about it. Those are some cute kiddos!

  5. JanetDR says:

    The kids are beautiful, but no to the face tattoos!

  6. Joanna says:

    Those kids are adorable!

  7. Jackie O'Glasses says:

    Holy hell, this trend needs to die a quick death. All of them look like Tools. I agree that the babies are super cute.

  8. AnnaKist says:

    The pair of them look ridiculous, but their boys are just adorable.

  9. Amy says:

    Amanda Bynes got a face tattoo recently 🙁

  10. Busyann says:

    Ooopf those babies are cute but no to the face tattoos. Even for children. I mean, what if these kids grow up and fall out with their parents? That happens. Would Amber and Alexander want a reminder of a relationship gone bad with their kids?

    • Yup, Me says:

      That is such an incredibly random reason to choose to oppose face tattoos. Why did you choose that rather than the multitude of perfectly valid reasons that they are a terrible idea?

  11. Porsha says:

    I live in Australia near Sydney and this trend is happening rapidly, today i lost count how many i saw at the mall, a lot of people have tattoos all over their body, is it because they have run out of space, don’t mind tattos, i have 2 on upper thighs, but the face come on, 1 young girl had blue stripes all over her face

  12. Lara says:

    My dad has mine and my sisters names in big gothic script on the inside of each arm. Let me tell you that we both hate it. They’re not the greatest tattoos but it’s just a no to us. We both said we were going to change our names when we saw it!

    • Erinn says:

      This is exactly why I push the idea of getting a symbolic tattoo rather than a literal one when it comes to dedicating it to someone.

      Someone I know got some baby blocks spelling their son’s name – which is cute… for now. When that kids 16 he’s going to hate looking at that haha. It’s just so silly to me, and I say this as someone who wanted to get something done to commemorate my gramp. But I would never go literal – it’d need to be something that was personal, and reminded me of him, but nothing that is super obvious to everyone else.

      • Snowslow says:

        Agreed. I am a writer and love language, books. When I realised that my family’s forenames spelled a b c d, I had that tattoed in times new roman. My two passions, family and language. No one knows unless I explain.

  13. Allie says:

    Face tattoos always remind me of those talentless, xanax abusing soundcloud rappers…

  14. original_kellybean says:

    What is hanging from her nose?

  15. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    Oh, how cute. Now they match
    Hope they never fall on hard times, because they’ve made themselves completely unemployable

  16. Amy Too says:

    That’s a scary themed birthday party for a young boy. Is that Pennywise?

  17. grumpyterrier says:

    Bash Slash! hahaha

  18. Snowslow says:

    Sebastian reminds me of the daughter in Ab Fab: really conservative looking amongst all the tats!

  19. MD says:

    What’s going on with Amber Rose’s face in that family photo? Like she’s got red paint around her mouth?

  20. Wilmarama says:

    What’s up with the nosebleed?

  21. Zantasia says:

    It’s really sweet that if he was going to do this, he did Sebastian’s too.

  22. ME says:

    They aren’t married right? So Amber’s oldest son is not his step-son or anything. Why on earth would he get the kid’s birth date tatted on his face? What if they break up? You’re gonna go your whole life saying that the one birth date tattoo is the kid of a former girlfriend ??? I guess he’ll have to come up with some other significance for that date then lol.

    • Léna says:

      But just because they aren’t married doesn’t mean he isn’t raising her first child ? By all means, if he did this, it shows that he cares about that child (strange way but whatever).

      My step mother has been in my life since I’m 16 and I adore her & her and my dad are not married. My mom was in a relationship and remarried for 9 years and I blocked the guy on every social media possible afterwards. Marriage does not mean “better relationship”

      • ME says:

        I agree but Amber has dated quite a few men, none of her relationships last. Just going by her track record I find it odd this dude would get a tattoo like that. Plus if they were married he could adopt the older son. They haven’t even been dating that long ! That tattoo is just odd to me.

      • Léna says:

        Oh ok! I didn’t know that, I don’t follow her close enough. But yes, maybe a little too soon ?
        But regarding adoption, I thought the father, Wiz Khalifa was involved ?

      • ME says:

        @ Lena

        Oh yeah I totally forget about Wiz ! Yes he is very involved. He even did an oreo commercial with his son. How did I forget lol?

      • AMA1977 says:

        Also, the older child is still his child’s brother, so even if the romantic relationship ends, the brothers’ relationship will continue and (hopefully) be facilitated by all of the adults. I agree that face tats are a poor choice, but kids are better off the more adults take a healthy, loving, caring interest in them.