Georgina Chapman’s still dating Adrien Brody, and Harvey Weinstein’s still despicable

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On Monday, Harvey Weinstein was found guilty of two counts of sexual assault. He is facing up to 25 years in prison, in what would probably be a life sentence for the 67-year-old, although his lawyers swear that they’ll appeal. He was taken into custody awaiting sentencing, so of course Weinstein threw a fit and complained of chest pains and I think he’s still in the Rikers medical center as I write this. As the news came out about the Weinstein case, a lot of media outlets were like “hey let’s run some stories about Georgina Chapman.” You may remember that I’m not a fan of this – we don’t need humanizing stories about Chapman to understand that Weinstein was and is a predator. I feel like the “his poor wife/ex-wife” stories are misplaced, especially given that so many of Weinstein’s victims have come forward and are willing to speak on the record about how he victimized them.

Now all that being said, did you know that Georgina Chapman is still dating Adrien Brody? I totally forgot they were happening, but Page Six did an update that they are still together. Come for the Brody gossip and stay for the Weinstein-Rikers drama.

While Harvey Weinstein is headed to jail, his ex-wife Georgina Chapman is finding solace in the arms of Oscar-winner Adrien Brody. Rumors popped up last fall that Chapman, 43, and Brody, 46, were dating, and a source close to Chapman confirmed to Page Six they’re still together.

While the designer and the movie star had met and socialized previously, sparks apparently flew when they were both invited to Puerto Rico for the launch of model Helena Christensen’s swimwear line last April, held at the swanky Dorado Beach Ritz-Carlton Reserve, joining guests including Brooke Shields and Chris Henchy, Malin Akerman and Jack Donnelly. Photos show the pair looking cozy as they sat opposite each over a candlelight dinner with friends. Chapman, the mother of Weinstein’s two youngest kids, had sworn off dating after their divorce, but we’re told that Brody has been a big source of support to her. After time off the social scene, the designer behind Marchesa is happily seeing close friends in New York who have stood by her during a nightmare time.

Meantime, staffers at Rikers Island are apparently eagerly awaiting Weinstein’s arrival from Bellevue and say they won’t be giving him any special treatment — no matter how much he tries to butter up the guards.

“Weinstein’s the talk of Rikers — the guards say he won’t get any special treatment from them. They can’t wait to see him in there, to be honest. He’s in for a shock,” one jail staffer told Page Six. It’s not known whether Weinstein will stay in the Rikers medical facility before his March 11 sentencing or in his own cell, but the source said of the medical area: “You don’t want to be there — all it is is people screaming and piss and s–t being thrown around.”

But the source cynically added: “The more money you have, the more you’ll end up in a cushy jail, so I don’t think Harvey will stay too long at Rikers.”

[From Page Six]

So, Georgina Chapman is love-touring with Brody and Harvey is pretending to be on the verge of a heart attack so the guards won’t order a code red on him, or give him the Jeffrey Epstein Special. I don’t know. I’m actually not worried at all about Weinstein ever being cut loose? I think LA prosecutors will go after him, and I bet Weinstein’s sentence in New York will be pretty steep too. We’ll see.

Harvey Weinstein at departures for Harve...

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  1. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    Quick query: how many fellow Bitchies think on some level, she knew what HW had been up to? How much did she know and excuse? Was it about money and position; did she leave only because he was caught? Or was she in a Queen-Andrew situation, turning a blind eye or refusing to believe or have sympathy for the victims?
    Of course, equally, she may have been completely innocent in all of this, and justifiably appalled by the true evil HW inflicted on his many victims.

    • Lala11_7 says:

      No way she didn’t know…especially since her clients were basically funneled from his production company…monsters need LOTS OF FOLKS around them who are culpable in order to thrive and survive

    • Sayrah says:

      Of course I don’t know her but I think that she immediately filed for divorce is evidence she was horrified. As opposed to say Julie Chen-Moonves

      • T says:

        Abusers abuse. And Harvey Weinstein – as we all know now – is a total monster. She might’ve thought he “cheated” on her (as in consensual sex, not sexual assault and violence) and didn’t care; she might’ve thought that he suggested actresses wear her designs and not force them. We’ll probably never really get to the bottom of how much she knew, but my inclination is that she was victimized by Harvey in some way too considering his crimes and the horror of a human he is.

      • HoyaLawya says:

        I think she was horrified that he actually raped women.

        I think that at the very least she knew that he was bullying women into wearing his clothes as everyone who knew him knew that he was a bully. I think she also knew that he was abusing his power by sleeping with other women for their career advancement as those rumors were very well-known.

        But let’s be serious. This was not a love match. He’s a hideous person on the inside and out. His own brother describes him as a bully and general bad person. Georgina was with him to achieve a level of success that she did not feel she could on her own and as soon as he didn’t serve that purpose of course she would be in the wind. Horrified or not.

      • SM says:

        Please, the fact she filled fast for divorce doesn’t mean she did not know. That swift move may be explained by her attempt to save her brand and face. There is no way she was blindsided by this. She must at least had an idea of what is going on. Besides, she was fine with Harvey forcing women to wear her fugly dresses. Yes not the dame as rape and assault but does not speak to the nobility of her character. Rather it shows she is a calculating bitch willing to turn her head the other way when it is beneficial to her. As for her situation now, girlfriend probably is enjoying some orgasms for the first time in a very, very long time.

    • Krystina says:

      From what I’ve been able to find out, she was blindsided by this whole thing. And I actually believe that. Because I’ve seen other women blindsided by behaviours of their partners that they were never made aware of/didn’t occur around them.

    • Jensies says:

      I guess I feel uncomfortable making assumptions or accusations because abusers and narcissists are really good at covering their tracks, even when they’re not wealthy enough to pay others to help them, and because I feel like it transfers some of the blame from a convicted rapist to her. It does little good, in my view, to pull in a woman to take some of that blame from him. He’s the one who was on trial, he’s the one who committed the acts, there’s no evidence his wife knew or was an accomplice.

      • Ali says:

        abusers and narcissists are really good at covering their tracks, even when they’re not wealthy enough to pay others to help them.

        This. And no one tells the wife. Seriously, no one tells the wife shit. People don’t want to get involved.

      • Amber says:

        This 100%. When my mom remarried after my parents divorce, the guy she married turned out to be a violent criminal and predator of young girls. My mom never suspected it. He met my mom at church. He was a super upstanding guy–so we thought. I got inklings when, as a teenager, he tried to get me alone at parties and ply me with alcohol, once with just him and another time in a room full of men in their twenties–both times I was able to get out of those situations and then he set his sights on other vulnerable young women in our social circle (I didn’t know that he was doing that until later). For some reason I didn’t tell my mom about it. I think I thought that she wouldn’t believe me, and I was also ashamed of it for some reason. Even though nothing happened. When we learned the truth, when he had attacked another teenager, *SUDDENLY* people came out of the freaking woodwork to tell us about him. His ex-wife called to say that he’d been booked on charges of assault and battery against her in another state. He had beat her, savagely, multiple times. His own son called us and said, “he made a pass at my wife right in front of me and that’s why I haven’t spoken to him in years.” We found out he committed tax fraud and has multiple fake identities. I’m telling you, we NEVER saw any of this coming, he was part of the family for nearly a decade before all of this came out. He hid all of it extremely well. My dad was the only person who noticed something off about him, “but I didn’t know what it was.” And of course the justice system let him go free, even though there were text messages and emails that showed the attack was premeditated, AND that he also had plans to sex-traffic this girl to another man. The DA said there was insufficient evidence and threw out the case. He now lives next to an elementary school.
        So yeah. It tracks for me that Georgina knew something, probably secondhand from the rumors in Hollywood, but probably didn’t know *just* how bad it was. And if she did, he and his fixers would have gaslighted her to hell and back, or maybe she was in denial as a kind of survival mechanism. The blame for these crimes lies with Harvey. Not with Georgina.

      • Chanteloup says:

        @Amber – this is why i love the celebitchy community; I get to read and listen to others’ comments who are wildly different from my original comment further down, and I hear your truth. Thank you.
        I am so very sorry for what you went through; that’s horrific – and so glad you and those around you made it out alive.
        I never for one moment doubt abusers and psychopaths are good at hiding their tracks. The difference that skews for me in your story is that when you saw a crack in his facade, you were a child trying to process it, ashamed, like it was your fault, so you kept quiet. You stood nothing to gain from his monstrous actions nor knew there were others being harmed –
        Whereas I see Miss Georgina as the worst sort of opportunist. Maybe she didn’t do the dirty work herself, but she went along accepting the way things were as long as it profited her bank account and her career, and there were PLENTY OF PEOPLE TALKING about HW’S SORDID ACTIONS, albeit in hushed tones in deference to his power– just because it was way easier to turn a blind eye.
        I want all those people to go down in flames, too. Doesn’t mean I don’t put the direct blame for his actions on the ass boil himself.
        In the end, I may be wrong about what I see when I look at Georgina. I am not her conscience; she has her own. [USE IT, girl.]

        Love to you, Amber.

    • WTW says:

      @Andrew’s, I don’t understand this talking point. You’d have to be an extremely depraved person to know that your husband had raped several women and be okay with it. She may have known that her husband wasn’t “faithful,” and I do believe at least one allegation against him went public before the #MeToo movement began, so I do not think she thought her husband was an upstanding guy, but a serial rapist, I’m thinking not. Maybe I’m naive, but I have hard time believing that. Any allegations lobbed at him before 2017 didn’t make headway, and she could’ve very well believed that there was no substance to them. I also think it’s misogynistic that wives of men who do bad things are held responsible, while the inverse isn’t true.
      That said, anyone who married and had children with a serial rapist should probably be doing some deep reflection and not dating again for a while. Just my opinion.

    • Chanteloup says:

      I find Georgina Chapman calculating and gross as hell. People have been saying this stuff for YEARS. Your husband accused of countless charges of sexual misconduct, assault and rape [unthinkable], you wouldn’t check into it at all? Nahhhh.
      Georgina rode the cash cow created off the backs of the victims and stuck with putrid Harvey as long as he was an asset, only dumping him when it looked like he might be finally held slightly accountable for his heinous actions.
      You can burn in hell along with him, Georgina. No tears from me.

      Edited to add: I’m not transferring any blame or disgust from the convicted rapist to her. I have enough for both.

    • Mia4s says:

      On my generous days I’m willing to believe that she thought he was a “cheater” who had a lot of affairs and all those nasty starlets threw themselves at him. She doesn’t seem particularly intelligent and certainly seems like the type who would grin and bear unfaithfulness in exchange for the benefits of a rich and connected husband.


      Given that her line to the public has been she had no idea about anything and thought she had a happy marriage? (Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!) I have huuuuuuuge suspicions.

    • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

      Thanks, everyone, for your interesting and thoughtful comments. @WTW, I asked the question(s) because I’ve been contemplating the dynamics of power and how those surrounding the extremely abuse can be complicit, one of the abused, or actively abusive themselves. I’ve been reading the testimony of former HW employees in the Guardian (many of whom thought he acted shady around women, or had heard rumours, but denied knowing the full extent of his crimes). I’ve also been contemplating the Queen/PaedoAndy relationship and the extent to which people with vested interests – biological ties, financial imperatives – will go to ‘turn a blind eye’, excuse the violence that is rape or justify that behaviour so that they don’t end in a paradox. And wondered how alike the Queen and Chapman are.
      Hence wondering whether Chapman only got out because HW was exposed by Ronan Farrow and others; whether she had believed the rumours or cynically wrote them off as ‘cheating’, and whether she bolted once it was clear his financial star had fallen. Or did he, in the manner of so many narcissists, gaslight and threaten her and she could only escape once his power over her, his empire etc had loosened?

      • Kaye says:

        Thanks for your comment, @Andrew’s Nemisis. It was thoughtfully stated and it gave me another perspective

      • MC2 says:

        The other public glaring example of this preponderance is Camilla Cosby. Women can be a victim of a narcissist, while at the same time be complicit to, and then actually help them cover up, their crimes. Some people are victims, and perpetrators of abuse towards others as well. Is willful ignorance because you are getting your wants met a good excuse for these wives/mothers/witnesses? I also spin in my brain about these patterns of human behavior…..

    • LuLu says:

      I worked for a consulting firm in the entertainment biz in NYC in the early 2000s, and everybody knew there were three men to avoid like the plague…Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer and, to a lesser extent, Les Moonves. All of the executive assistants at NBC knew about Lauer and many of them went to great lengths to NOT get assigned to the Today Show staff, even as a temp. All of the film industry assistants knew about Weinstein, regardless of what company they were working for. I never specifically heard that any one of them was committing rape, but they were all known for being complete lecherous assholes to women, it wasn’t even a secret. I can’t possibly imagine how Georgina didn’t know, although I suspect it’s mostly because she didn’t want to.

    • RogerOThornhill says:

      She knew. There are several stories out there of his victims actually telling her, worried for her, so that should could get out. Rose McGowan did this admittedly, if you care to search Google it was in an interview or two with her.

      Another actor did it too.

      And I think maybe one of the assistants who was victimized told her as well. I’m trying to recall all the news stories that came out like a flood in the months after he was exposed.

      Anyways, her response was the brush off and something like “Harvey and I live our individual lives.” He does his films, she does her fashion and each mind their own business.

      She’s awful.

      • sam says:

        I agree with that, plus Adrian Brody’s a douche with a type (she resembles Pataky a little), so match made in hell for those two.

    • Blerg says:

      I think it’s possible she didn’t know about any of it. He is physically unattractive but was known for being charming, and I presume that is what she responded to and kept responding to. I suspect part of why he married her in particular was that she seemed pliable/able to be manipulated, and she responded to whatever he had to offer. (Although I guess a big part of what he had to offer was money and prestige and a certain lifestyle, so maybe I’m wrong.)

      What I don’t understand is how she is dating again. Seriously, that I don’t get. I would want a long break. I know this because I had a bad marriage and wanted a long break. A peaceful house and a good book are seriously underrated.

  2. Lightpurple says:

    I do hope Harvey is enjoying his hospital stay, which will involve being shackled to the bed or chair at all times, except when he goes to the toilet or shower. Nothing, except the bed sheets, that could be used to self-harm or injure others within reach. One unarmed officer in the room with him, watching, at all times, including when using that toilet and shower, and one armed officer directly outside the door. Guests, if allowed at all, will be limited in number and time, and will be frisked before entry.

  3. julia says:

    Fund my fashion label, and I’ll turn a blind eye. Sorry, she doesn’t get my sympathy vote. Anyone with eyes can see why she married him. Anyone reading about them knows that he cheated on his ex wife with her. No matter what, she would have divorced him eventually after getting what she wanted. Him getting caught just gave her a convenient exit excuse.

  4. ariel says:

    I think he will appeal $$$. I think the verdict will be voided $$$ and I think the NY prosecutors will decline to re-try. $$$$$$$

    Perhaps I am feeling cynical today.

    • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

      @Ariel I think the prosecutors would have to be prepared for full-on riots, civil chaos, if that were to happen. Since #MeToo I think a lot of women are mad as hell and won’t take it any more.

      I’m also cynically interested in what info HW has on the rich/famous/powerful: I’m guessing his Epsteinian, intrusive surveillance of his victims also extended to those who could be controlled/brought/bribed.

  5. Jay (the Canadian one) says:

    I read that he never made it to Rikers and his medical review was at Bellevue?

  6. olala says:

    I think she was a victim too. I think when the truth came out it was chance to run/escape. Even if she knew. She was nothing without him and hostage.
    I was in relationship like this and talking from expierience. I had to wait when cheating and other sh..t came public to be able to escape. It was my only chance. So please if someone never ever was in such toxic abusive relationship you just can not comprehend the level of it all

    • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

      @Olala A number of CBers, including myself, have posted that we’ve been in horribly abusive relationships so many of us do understand. I really hope that you’re doing better, that you’re getting good help and support, and that you’re on your way to a happy life. All best wishes in the world to you

  7. Severine says:

    From pudgy rapist with the bulbous nose HW to skinny commitment-phobic AB with the schnoz of a lifetime – I can’t fathom her taste whatsoever. Yes, I get the money/fame part, and that must be the whole thing, because how anyone could get past HW’s looks or AB’s nose is beyond me.

    • sue denim says:

      it’s not just AB’s nose, it’s also how he grabbed Halle Barry and forced her to kiss him at the Oscar’s… Gross then…and even grosser now post me too when we’re no longer so inclined to just chuckle, boys bein boys…

  8. Anne says:

    I am reading these comments and you ladies have so many good valid points. I was always thought that she knew he was cheating/sleeping around and probably didn’t care but didn’t actually know she was raping women. Or perhaps she was a victim as well and she was blackmailed by him somehow. Or afraid of him. I wouldn’t be surprised.
    It’s very hard for me to think that a woman knew her husband was actually raping and abusing women and was just cool with that.
    But who knows…

    • MC2 says:

      As I stated above, Camilla Cosby is a good example of a woman who knew & didn’t care about the women her husband was raping. It’s hard to think that women like this exist, but they do. I’m not sure about Chapman, but sadly, it’s not out of the range of possibilities. Another good example of a woman who belongs in this room in hell is Giselle Maxwell. Evil comes in male & female form…