Ben Affleck & Ana de Armas did a beach stroll for the paps, they had ‘great chemistry’ on set

In case there were any questions about whether Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas are a couple, they did an exclusive beach stroll in Costa Rica for the paparazzi on Tuesday. Only one agency had these photos, and it’s the agency that typically has exclusives of the Garner-Afflecks. I’m not saying these photos were definitely a setup, it’s possible someone sold the photos to the agency, but signs point to that. Either way, The Daily Mail shelled out for the photos and you can see them there. There’s only a 16 year difference between them, but she’s so young-looking that Ben still looks like her dad. Meanwhile both People and E! had sourced quotes about these two. People’s sound straight from Ben’s publicist and I think E!’s are from the photographer. Here are some excerpts from those stories:

“They had great chemistry right from the start,” a set source tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue.

The source says while on set, they kept things on a strictly professional level.

“Ben always seemed very relaxed and happy around Ana, but at the time there were no signs of romance,” says the source. “He was very focused on making a fantastic movie. He arrived early and was one of the last people to leave.” – From People

“They are without a doubt a couple,” an eyewitness told E! News on Wednesday. “They have been kissing, cuddling up together and putting their arms around each other a lot. They look at each other adoringly and like taking pictures of each other. Ben seems blissfully happy and giddy. He can’t stop smiling and laughing. He is clearly is very into Ana.”

“They have been staying at their home on the beach relaxing,” the eyewitness said. “The weather has been very hot and they are trying to stay cool inside. They’ve been coming out for sunset walks each day and look very happy together.” – From E!

[From People and E!]

People interspersed more quotes which we already heard about what a great personality Ana has and how nice she was on set. So Ana is also benefitting from this publicity. There’s also a “things you didn’t know about” her on People. The thing is, she was a rising star in her own right. She got so much publicity for Knives Out, including a Golden Globe nomination for best actress. She’s the next Bond girl and she just got the cover of Vanity Fair. Ben Affleck is only going to drag her down! I would ask if she has any friends telling her to take it slow, but we all have friends like Ana who are dumb in love and don’t take advice. We know that there’s only so much we can tell them until they come crying about him a few weeks in.



photos credit: Backgrid and via Twitter/Daily Mail

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  1. Lisa says:

    Sigh. All I can say is good luck with that.

  2. bub244 says:

    She’s beautiful, and seems so young and fresh. I don’t get this.

  3. Atorontogal says:


  4. Audrey says:

    I get the feeling this is just a PR stunt to increase ticket sales for the movie.

    • Mia4s says:

      If it is, then they’re stupid. The movie is eight months away. The way gossip move people will be over them in eight weeks.

      Sure there’s definitely some “cooperation” at work, but I think it’s more complicated than a basic PR stunt.

    • a says:

      He clearly didn’t fly all the way to Cuba just for a PR romance. Visas are required and you can’t fly there directly from the US.

      • Audrey says:

        I don’t see why he wouldn’t fly to Cuba for PR. Movie stars travel around the world to promote movies.

        Time will tell if I’m right…

      • Drea says:

        Yes, visas are required (not THAT hard to get), but you can fly directly from the US

    • Chris says:

      There were spotted together in January. Ana unfollowed Jennifer Garner few days before Deep Water wrapped in Feb. This train wreck is very real.

      • Theo says:

        I wonder why she unfollowed j.g. ?

      • Chris says:

        Jealousy perhaps? According to Spanish tabloids Ana’s last marriage felt apart because of her temper issues. All of this is going to end on a very bad note. Good luck to Jen and her kids.

      • amber says:

        Can I get a link to that Spanish website? I want to know the story with her and her ex husband and her so called “temper issues”

      • Chris says:


        There’s a website called Google. You’ll find it there.

  5. Giggles says:

    No, Ana! This man is another job that don’t pay! Lol

  6. Brinibini says:

    It’s been barely week that we know about them and I’m already sick of them

  7. Tia says:

    I’m hoping this is just a showmance to clean up his image and raise her media profile – at least that way she’s not likely to let ‘what’s best for Ben’ damage her career the way Jen did.

    • Mumbles says:

      I think that’s what’s going on, too. Nothing says “true love” than walking down a beach kissing in front of paps. And of course he’s wearing a New England Patriots t shirt because he’s been working the “guy from Boston” part of his brand for decades too. So phony.

      I don’t know what grosses me out more, this arrangement or the Florence Pugh/Zach Braff thing.

  8. Wisca says:

    Now I understand BA’s “I deeply regret the loss of my marriage.” It was stated to open a space for lil sis.

    • Lauren II says:

      Ben seems very into Ana, and looks healthy.
      She is very beautiful and glowing.
      This is not fake, and selfish Ben wouldn’t fly to Cuba just to promote a movie.

    • Laurie says:

      Jen will never forgive Ben so I guess he has moved on. I don’t blame him for moving on. However, I don’t understand why Ana agreed to be in this relationship when she’s wayy too good for him! Ugh, this relationship is gross!

  9. SJR says:

    Barf! No Anna, just no.

  10. Hope says:

    Remember when Penelope Cruz had her pr relationship with Tom Cruise? She got the cover of Vogue and a Ralph Lauren modelling contract. What is Anna getting?

    And congrats Ben. You’re the new Tom Cruise.

    • Sara says:

      That was before we all found out Tom Cruise is cray cray -pre “Glib” and Oprah couch jumping. Ben, God bless him, has his demons and I hope he finds sobriety and peace but….I don’t see how this is a good vehicle for Ana.

    • Maria Lujan says:

      +1 nailed it .

  11. Mrs. Peel says:

    Creepy Ben.

  12. MellyMel says:

    Well she did admit she has a bad picker, so…

  13. Blerg says:

    I am trying to remember how many women he’s had since his separation from Jen. There was the nanny, and Lindsay Shookus, and the Playboy woman (quite young), and was there anyone else? And now Ana. All of this interwoven with the struggles with alcohol. He does not feel good in his own skin and is keeping himself eternally distracted, it seems. Run, Ana, run.

  14. JoJo says:

    Sure, the beach pap stroll may have been set up, like the infinite number of Garner and Garner-Affleck pap strolls throughout the last decade+. But I don’t get the sense this is a fake dating situation. I remember seeing the pics of them together on set back when they were shooting. There are also the fan pics on social media pics and at the airport, etc. They don’t seem fake to me, but time will tell. Or not. We’ll probably never know. Either way – it’s just dating. I still don’t get all the fury over this. The woman is 31 years old, a full-grown adult. It’s her choice. Also, I get that Affleck has a lot of issues, but he is seemingly trying to overcome them. Is the goal here to just shred him to pieces no matter what he does? He was really good in The Way Back – 85% on Rotten Tomatoes. Definitely well-deserved.

    • TheOtherSarah says:

      I do think they are really dating. Lots of women have made extraordinarily dumb decisions when it comes to Affleck. Ana is not the first, and she won’t be the last to fall for him.
      As for Ben’s coverage on this blog, I actually disagree and find it strangely sympathetic. Ben is not just your run of the mill liar and cheater. He harassed and/or sexually assaulted at least three women. To me, he’s no better than Franco & co.

  15. a says:

    Ben was like a different man during his recent press tour – he seemed more engaged and at ease. He seems to have turned a corner in his recovery and I hope he can keep it up.

    They’re cute together too. I don’t get the hysteria. She’ll be 32 in a couple of week!

  16. Spicecake38 says:

    It’s not her maturity level I worry about,it’s his.I truly believe he wants to be sober but don’t know if he’s really going to stay alcohol free.The age difference to me is not a big deal,it’s going to come down to him being responsible for his sobriety and if he makes it,then I think they make a reasonably nice couple-she just can’t save him this is up to him.Time will tell.

  17. HMMMM says:

    i hope she’s not pregnant – an alcoholic in and out of recovery with 3 kids already is not the best dad to choose for your kid!

  18. KARA says:

    Nah this isn’t PR. They’ve been dating since January or December. Ben wouldn’t shut up about her in all his Spanish Interviews for The Way Back. He better not screw her over though. She can do better. But they both look very happy. Ana is 31 turning 32 next month. She also has an older mature personality from her Interviews. Hope this goes well for her sake.

  19. AMY says:

    When i saw the pictures of Ben being and Instagram boyfriend to Ana yesterday it reminded me of Leonardo DiCaprio being one for Camila. I think they’re pretty serious. No one does that if you’ve only been dating for a month

  20. JARED says:

    No only flies to Cuba for a PR relationship. There are multiple headaches you have to go through just to get to Cuba alone if you’re not born there. Visa’s and many other complications. Also there were already rumors of them dating when shooting their film back last year. And also there are no paparazzi in Costa Rica. Someone must have saw them and sold those photos.

  21. SAM T says:

    They’re cute together. Maybe he can finally change for her. Maybe she’s what Rooney Mara is to Joaquin Phoenix. Joaquin was a mess like Ben before he and Rooney started dating. And now look at him. I believe Rooney really helped me get his life on track and change him for the better. I think they’re the real deal. Definitely not PR. I wish them the best. They both look happy

    • Summer says:

      You cannot change for someone else. That is called a temporary fix. You have to truly want to change.

  22. DYLAN says:

    They’re dating. Jen’s reps even released a statement that she approves of Ana for People or Weekly I don’t know I forgot but one of the tabloids. Google it. Ana is very private with her relationships. They look happy. Good for them. Hope they last.

    • amber says:

      But then i think it’s weird that she unfollowed Jennifer Garner the moment she and Ben started dating. What’s that about?

      • K says:

        Maybe she just didn’t want to have her boyfriend’s ex popping up in her feed every other day. Might just feel awkward, leading to thoughts of comparison between her and Jen. I certainly don’t follow the new wife of my ex-boyfriend (even though I have nothing against her) because I don’t want to think about him at all. They’re living their lives and I’m living mine.

  23. WriterMarie says:

    Did anyone else see what she was wearing? A see-through dress, you can plainly see her nipples. And photographer made sure to get the thong shot too! Lmao 😂

    I read the DM article and 80% of the 1000+ comments call Ana out for “Looking pregnant”. I sure as hell hope she’s not! I’m assuming she’s just bloated or ate a big meal.

    As for the photos, Ben looks super happy. Ana looks somewhat happy and doesn’t touch him much at all though. She’s too engulfed in her phone, taking selfies. If it lasts I’ll be surprised, but for now they should just enjoy it because everyone deserves to be happy.

    • Sparkle says:

      His daughters must be so disgusted and embarrassed by him! Can you imagine seeing your Dad, redfaced, playing grab ass on the beach with a woman in a see thru dress?!?! Gross!!

  24. Theo says:

    Beautiful ring! And wonderful YSL handbag.

  25. Lisa says:

    People who think this is a PR stunt are in some kind of weird denial. No one goes to Cuba for a pap stroll… like, come on. If you saw those on-set pics of them sharing a coffee and laughing from a few months ago, you saw the chemistry. This has been going on for awhile, I’d say. He seems happy and so does she. SHRUG.

  26. Chris says:

    Ana has been in show biz since she was 18 years old. She somehow made to Hollywood all the way from Cuba. There’s no way she’s naive about how these Hollywood d-bags function. Let’s not forget she used to date a top agent from Creative Arts Agency when she first arrived in Hollywood. IMO Both of them are playing each other. He’s a dirty sleazebag doing what sleazebags do best and she’s a thirsty opportunist trying to use his connections in Hollywood. Hopefully she’ll tell him to wrap it and get herself tested asap.

    PS – Ana unfollowed Jennifer Garner few days before Deep Water wrapped so I guess she dislikes Jen now. LOL Oh honey, those painted brows, lip plummer and 20 pounds of make up will not make Ben foresake his lifesaver.

  27. Awkward symphony says:

    Why Ana?whyyyyyy?🤦‍♀️

  28. Liz version 700 says:

    No! Oh God honey please get up, open the door, and run! Do not look back

  29. Sparkle says:

    I Just cannot understand why anyone would date him at this point. He has a well documented history of Addiction and cheating.

    He has treated so many women like garbage, lying and cheating to them all, disposing them like trash that I just can’t root for a guy like this. I will admit it- I don’t want to see this guy having pretty girls swooning over him after the way he has treated all of his past partners. Then he uses booze as an excuse for all the terrible things he does. The booze is just a symptom of him being a terrible person to others. He is such a dry drunk (if he is even sober), he is just using this woman to distract himself from his issues.

    He destroyed his family, destroyed Shookus’s family too, ruined the nanny’s career, dumped the playmate like a bag of trash…Its great that he is sober- only because maybe, just maybe, he wont be such a terrible person to the women he gets involved with in the future. But I highly doubt it. Men like this usually just get worse with age, not better.

    • amber says:

      He seems really truly happy with this relationship so maybe he has changed? I hope this relationship doesn’t work out but I have a feeling it will…

  30. WriterMarie says:

    Ana’s a Taurus, they’re incredibly possessive (supposedly), and Ben won’t do well with that at all. He’s a Leo and they like to be in control. This won’t end well.

  31. JULIE says:

    Every so often when I see a story on Bad Ben I always wonder, whatever did happen to that Nanny? That was the gossip gift that kept giving

  32. ADAM R says:

    Just read on In Touch from Jennifer’s reps that she approves it. That’s a first. So it may be serious. Also her reps says that Ben is smitten. Also Twitter says they’ve been dating for a while now. You don’t go to someone else’s hometown if you’ve been only dating for a month. Let alone Cuba. Cuba is the hardest place to get into and not the most pleasant. The millennials are saying they’ve been dating for at least 2-3 months. And from the set pictures from Deep Water they were already sharing coffees with eachother. I think it might last. Ana’s never dated an actor before so she must really like him since she said she likes being alone in her VF cover story. She may be the Camila to the Leonardo for him. Maybe he finally changes for the good. Only time will tell. And no one plays an Instagram Boyfriend role like he just did if you’re not really into the person. I’m just shocked they’ve been dating for 3 months already. They hid it well. Good luck to them. Everyone deserves to be happy

    • Theo says:

      I have read at “Hollywood Life” that she is “okay” if her ex is dating and having fun. But if his dating reaches the point where he would like the kids to meet, that becomes a completely different story altogether. His girlfriend will be vetted as her world revolves around her kids and she wants to make sure that the woman is right for her children. Time will tell!

  33. ELENA says:

    Hi, I’m from Spain and been a fan of Ana since El Internado. She’s been famous here for a long time. And she married Marc when she was around 21 like ten years ago. He was always an asshole. Loved the spotlight. And the temper reports on Ana was when she was 21, basically still a teen, and they came from Marc’s friends so they don’t have gravity much. They had puppy love and Marc wanted to have kids right away and Ana didn’t. That’s the main reason why they split. Also Spain tabloids along with any other tabloids always make the woman look bad no matter what never the man. Ana never talked bad about Marc or talked about their relationship at all even when they used to hound her. I’m glad she’s found success in Hollywood. She was the most popular actor in her hit show. She has the talent. Vamos Ana!

  34. Maria Lujan says:

    Really Queen?! No Evans but yes to this DB??!