Ben Affleck & Ana de Armas spotted walking her dog, at least they didn’t go shopping

Ben Affleck is seen out for a morning stroll with his new girlfriend Ana de Armas
This is just a reminder that Afflarmas is still going strong (Kaiser coined that portmanteau, we talked about it on podcast #43!) and that they’re still loved up. The last time we covered them they were going out to get coffee and stopped into a bookstore. They did this on March 17, well after we knew about the need to socially distance but after Los Angeles was shut down with bars, gyms, movie theaters, arcades and bowling alleys ordered closed. (Update: This is a correction and this was recently extended until April 19th). They should have known better.

One angle I didn’t consider in that post is that Ben and Ana definitely should have been self isolating because they had just returned from a trip overseas. Remember their trip to Cuba and Costa Rica, complete with a loved-up beach photo op? Commenter Me pointed that out, writing “Wait didn’t these two just come back from out of the country? Shouldn’t they be in self-isolation for 2 weeks ???” I made that the comment of the week on this week’s podcast, by the way. That makes their last outing for the paps worse actually, but they’re in the first stages of this and are stupid about a lot of things. This time they’re just in his neighborhood walking her little dog, which is completely understandable and necessary. One question though – did he just happen to have that Starbucks cup at home and is reusing it? That’s f’ing doubtful.

Look at the way Ana is looking at Ben in the photo below. Dickmatized. Also, what’s up with those pants? I feel like she can pull that off somewhat because she’s so cute though. She was adorable in thrift store sweaters in Knives Out. Rent that if you haven’t seen it already.

Ben Affleck looks smitten during a PDA filled walk with his new girlfriend Ana de Armas and her adorable dog

Ben Affleck is seen out for a morning stroll with his new girlfriend Ana de Armas

Ben Affleck looks smitten during a PDA filled walk with his new girlfriend Ana de Armas and her adorable dog

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  1. adastraperaspera says:

    Pap walks in the time of cholera.

    • Ari says:


      wow, you’d think their managers publicists etc would NOT call up the paps at a time like this bc 1) no paps are just casually out & about right now bc of the CA shelter in place orders (I’m here), so automatically it shows the pap was called to photograph them. 2) this LOOKS BAD. It’s pathetic bc you realize how stupid their ppl, including Ben & Ana themselves, to do this with what’s going on.

      A lot of thirsty and/or fake couples will be telling on themselves during this quarantine environment……Tho for the record, I do think Ana & Ben are just fukcbuddies that go “ *shrug* might as well milk this for publicity”, not fake like Mendes/Cabello, Malek/Boynton, etc. I like Ana a lot & am so glad she is starting to get more recognition bc I’ve watched her for a long time & always thought she was talented & off camera seemingly down to earth. Also…well as a bi girl, I’d just about pass out if she was bi as well. Cause wow…she’s like young Angelina Jolie beauty (which imo is more or less the gold standard of beauty in recent memory, aka post-2000)

    • a says:

      Countless celebrities have been photographed walking around this exact LA neighborhood (Palisades/Brentwood) in the past 48 hours – Gwyneth, Kate Hudson, Alessandra Ambrosio, Reese Witherspoon, Denis Quaid, Ryan Phillippe, Molly Sims, Jennifer Garner, Helen Hunt, Luke Wilson, Pete Wentz, Blake Griffin. But sure, Ben and Ana had to phone them…

      • Ari says:


        your gullibility is cute – and expected – and $lucrative$.
        I know you will continue to believe that & I thank you bc your naiveté makes us rich (my whole family is in the industry & worked in it for decades….but not in the *creative* capacity… more mixture of therapy, famous people & ‘handling’ exposure.)
        not that most of what *actually* happens you would believe, or know. but you do you, boo – while we cash your check 🙂

      • Maddie says:

        Lmao you think this isn’t a pap stroll? Cuz this is DEFINITELY a pap stroll. I don’t think they are a fake couple – I do think they are together. But you gotta be naive to think the beach, the coffee/bookstore & these pics weren’t all pap calls.

        I actually think these are pretty harmless compared to what Jen Garner does. The school runs, the churchgoing – she wants the paps to show those off bc it speaks to her fanbase: the mommy bloggers, ‘minivan majority, all ppl looking up & idolizing ‘wholesome homemakers’ . I often wonder what women like her will do when the kids are teens & don’t want to be accessories for the image upkeep & all the pap strolls. They won’t want that, nor the micromanaging. when I heard Garner was delaying giving her eldest daughter a computer computer (apparently she was the only one in her class without one…in 7th grade then) That’s going to backfire big-time on Garner… Kids having to deal with that type of parent end up lying just to have privacy & control over their own lives & often develop resentment. I often wonder what these women like Garner or mommybloggers do when their kids arnt kids & have their own lives, & don’t want to participate. that’s their whole identity…

      • a says:

        Of course they’re aware that if they leave the house they’ll be photographed but no way do they need to call them. Paparazzi are waiting because their photos are a big pay day right now

  2. Snap Happy says:

    Kid: Dad, you were not with us during the pandemic. Where were you?

    Ben: Getting my new girlfriend papped by the paparazzi and not social quarantining, son. Do you want to go to the farmers market?

    • a says:

      He’s been photographed visiting at Jennifer’s each day, and the kids stayed at his for a few days (according to photo agencies)

      • Theo says:

        It seems the kids live with their mother mainly and he visits them. For sure he loves them but he loves more himself and his lifestyle. He could have a girlfriend and not advertising it. His daughters are old enough. I think it is uncomfortable for young girls to see their father all over the internet playing the lover.

      • Original Jenns says:

        Considering his public outings for his romance (And his recent travel), visiting his kids is dangerous and selfish. If he’s not isolating, I would have a big problem having him come into the home and be close to his children.

      • Patyu says:

        Isn’t he meant to have them 3.5 days a week…that’s what he was saying during his redemption tour last month.

      • JB says:

        Jennifer Garner was the one who invited him into to HER house to visit the kids, he didn’t just barge in. Irresponsible on both their parts.

  3. Marjorie says:

    Pap strolls during the pandemic. About as cool as Ben’s BFF posting a pic of himself signing a $50 million contract to throw footballs in Florida.

  4. Sean says:

    She always looks stylish while he looks like an overgrown frat boy.

    • Esmom says:

      Eh, I’m not a fan but what is he supposed to wear? I actually was thinking he looks pretty good for him. Healthier maybe.

      • Sean says:

        Something different than graphic tees that frat boys would wear?

      • a says:

        Meh, it’s for a charity he supports in the Congo. I think it’s fine. His Patriots t-shirt however,,,

      • Esmom says:

        That’s not very specific, Sean. A dad sweater? A sport coat? I honestly don’t know why you think a forty something guy can’t wear a graphic tee. Every guy I know from 18-50+ wears graphic tees and none are frat guys.

      • Joanna says:

        I’m with Sean. There are many other options. Polo shirts, Columbia shirts. I live in hot, hot Florida and when I was married, my then husband never wore a tshirt out. There are so many more options than a band tshirt. Even a solid color tshirt only would be better than a band tshirt imo. I know everyone’s fashion sense is different though so no offense intended 🙂

  5. Julie says:

    Sometimes I think about those rumors about Jennifer Garner being not nearly as nice as her public persona would indicate….and then I see Ben and his never-ending campaign to be absolutely cringe and disconnected. Doing endless pap strolls showing off your new main piece (for now) during a global pandemic? Is it too much to ask for this grown 47 year old to act like an ADULT and not some C-list starlet looking to get some face time on the Daily Mail???

    • Mumbles says:

      Jen, Ben, and the kids are probably the most papped celebrities. Years ago you couldn’t open a celebrity website without a photo of them going to Starbucks. That’s why it was so hypocritical when she testified for an anti-pap bill.

      Ben’s very heavy pap campaign this time makes me wonder if it was coming from him all along. Lol because for years he tried to convey, “oh I’m just a regular old kid from Boston, go Sawx” persona.

      • Tina says:

        I have always thought it was Ben. There were the non-stop pap walks with Lindsay – both in LA and NYC. Remember the cringe-worthy shots of them hiking with her parents and daughter? All the pictures from Costa Rica and now these. There have been very few pictures of them as a family in the past year. When they are pictured Jennifer Garner doesn’t seem to be at all engaged with him. She almost seems uncomfortable around him. I think the drunken Halloween pictures were the last straw. Who knows if these two will last, but in the meantime as always Jennifer is doing the heavy lifting. As a side note to the PR people – stop with the constant mention of “chemistry”. Really, who talks like that?

      • Heather says:

        @Tina I tend to agree with you. All arrows really do point to Ben.
        Now that they’ve been apart long enough, and Jen isn’t having to run to his aid all the time, we don’t see her or the children pap’d very much.
        For example, I have no idea what her boyfriend looks like; and I have no idea if they’re even together anymore.

    • Sweepsie says:

      Not sure what rumors you’re talking about, but I worked on a movie set with her. She was kind, sociable, friendly, and a total pro. She paid for special catering/treats for the crew multiple times throughout the shoot, and gave all crew members a gift at the end.

      • Mumbles says:

        I have similarly heard that early in her career when she was working on stage, she would get cast in small and background roles because she was generally a fun and kind personality in an environment that can be stressful. (The anecdote was from a casting director who was advising prospective actors to leave their egos at the door, and that being nice goes a long way when all other things are equal.)

      • TARANTINO says:

        Denis Villeneuve, the Oscar nominated director who casted her for Blade Runner 2049 has said the same about Ana. That she’s very sweet and easy to work with. Same goes for the Knives Out team. All I’ve read is Ana is very sweet and treats everyone kindly. Not a bad word about her. Also from her Interviews on Youtube she seems very soft and funny. On top of being stunning, I don’t think it’s hard to fall in love with her at all.

  6. ME says:

    Did they finish their 2 week self-isolation after coming back from Cuba ???

    Also, isn’t California on some mandatory lockdown right now anyways? These two seem highly irresponsible.

    • a says:

      People are still allowed to go for walks

      • ME says:

        They went to a book store and coffee shop a few days ago. Who would go to a bookstore during a f*cking pandemic? Is that necessary? Plus they both recently came back from out of the country. Why are they out of their house at all ???

      • a says:

        They went to the bookstore before the shutdown.

      • ME says:

        @ a

        I know it was before the lockdown but can’t people just use common sense? Do we have to have the government force idiots to stay home and take this sh*t seriously ???

  7. mimi says:

    Ben seems to have a hard time not shagging his co-stars. Ana better hope he doesn’t have any filming to do anytime soon.

  8. Snarky_McSnarkerson says:

    Months ago when Knives Out was set to be released I was on some site (I can’t remember which one) and they were talking about her and Chris Evans. One poster said it was totally false – Evans had/s no interest in a performative relationship and knew that’s exactly what she was looking for. I feel like that is being confirmed every time these two are papped. Although who knows….a broken clock is right twice a day.

    I do appreciate that they’re giving me something other than quarantines and the potential breakdown of society to think about though!

  9. Darla says:

    I saw a lot of online gossiping about Ana and Chris Evans during the Knives Out promotion. It did seem possible in some joint interviews that he was smitten. But I read a few interviews with her, and I remember thinking, this girl can bring the relationship drama. I suppose it’s possible she turned Evans down, but watching this, it’s beginning to look to me more and more like it would have been the reverse, if anything. If they even went there, which they may not have. You wouldn’t see Evans pulling this isht. He would have turned this down fast. I do think this pairing is good. This is a match. I won’t be surprised if they are together for a long while. I also won’t be surprised if they implode. lol.

    Ben does look good though! Have to say. He’s looking good.

  10. lobstah says:

    I think this is one of those times when you realize someone’s on-screen persona is way more lovable than their true self. See also: Constance Wu.

  11. JB says:

    There is a difference between pap strolling and choosing not to hide. He’s going to get photographed whenever he leaves his house, as we have daily proof. He’s got this hot woman living at his house, one of the biggest egos in Hollywood, and I guess he wants to show her off. Frankly, he’s punching above his weight–she could do better, she could get someone who doesn’t have all of his baggage. He seems grateful to be with her and totally smitten.

  12. Jo73c says:

    I just came here to say ‘NO’ to those trousers.

  13. Lily says:

    Im not reading this because ben affleck is stupid and the girlfriend is probably as sharp as a balloon. They still don’t understand: SATY THE FCK HOME. Im sure affleck has what we call BACKYARD.
    May I remind you have a just a few days ago the number of people infected seemed under control but wow over 35000 now? And look at the numbers today later today. This is getting out of control. You better step up Ben and girlfriend and do your part in saving a life by putting your big fat butts on the couch the whole day everyday and watch movies on netflix. I am INCANDESCENT WITH RAGE

    • Ber says:

      Jen was out pap strolling with the dogs and kids. Are you incandescent with rage over that? How about all of the other celebs that have been photographed out and about? I thought not.

  14. Writermarie says:

    So US Weekly has a story out about “how much Ana likes Ben”.

    “Ana is very happy with Ben. She loves spending time with him and they have great chemistry and a lot of fun together.” So my question is, if they are in fact so happy, then why keep mentioning the “great chemistry”.

    This wasn’t the first story about the “Chemistry” either, there have been quite a few others. Don’t get me wrong, I feel like Ben really is happy, and if he is that’s fantastic. Everyone deserves happiness. But, it’s like they’re trying to sell the relationship with this quote. In previous relationships, I don’t remember ever hearing about “chemistry” for Ben or anyone else (celebrity wise), I’m sure I am wrong, and I hope I am. If anyone wants to chime in, please let me know what your opinion is 🙂

    • Theo says:

      I think they want to sell their erotic movie. I don’t see any chemistry but they know better. He did the same pap walks and photo show with Lindsay shookus in his house, in Hawaii etc. I wonder what will happen if the movie is a huge flop.

  15. Patyu says:

    He definitely looks better, but this screams PR to me. From the pap beach stroll in costa rica, grabbing starbucks and shopping in brentwood, to this casual stroll outside his house which happens to be pap central 24/7. They want to be seen. Adding to that the endless quotes in Us Weekly and People about how happy they are and the connection I don’t buy it. But only time will tell, or at least until they are both next working with other hot celebs!

  16. PineNut says:

    hope she keeps him sober.

  17. Theo says:

    I think they want to sell their erotic movie. I don’t see any chemistry but they know better. He did the same pap walks and photo show with Lindsay shookus in his house, in Hawaii etc. I wonder what will happen if the movie is a huge flop?

  18. Fleur says:

    Wow, the commenters here really seem to hate her. Literally her only ‘crime’ is falling for Ben Affleck who is known as a man who utilizes paps. She achieved success in Hollywood all on her own before meeting him, and seems like a lovely person. The hatred directed at her seems similar to what was lobbed at Alicia Vikander, who people accused of using Michael Fassbender for publicity. She’s now married to him and lives a very quiet life in Spain. The only crime these women have committed is being both beautiful and the current ingenue.

    • SomeChick says:

      I don’t think anyone “hates” her. She’s getting side eye for her choice of boyfriend and their pap strolls during the pandemic. And those pants. All of which are legit.

      Celebrities use their relationships for publicity all of the time, and that suggestion is frequently made in comments on coupley pap strolls, here and elsewhere. I don’t bother to speculate on that (or pregnancy rumors, which I find gross). No one can know how someone else’s relationship is. it’s like shoes. You have to be in it to know.

    • Korra says:

      Umm, are we reading the same site? She was pretty well-liked until her relationship with Affleck. Even then, a lot of commentators said she could do better than him. Nothing at all like what was said about Alicia Vikander.

  19. ADAM R says:

    They’ve been dating since January. There’s a tweet somewhere on Twitter where a movie theatre employee saw Ana and Ben out to watch a movie with her family. It’s not that hard to find if you’re bored and especially during quarantine. I don’t think this is PR. Especially if they’ve been dating lowkey for 3 months and it makes sense that they’re so public now. And for the paps. The paps have been camping outside Ben’s house since ages ago. Ben and Jen are A-listers and have paps camping outside both their houses everyday since the beginning of time. No one needs to call the paps. The paps hang on to Ben before Ana. And now with them as a new “power couple” it’ll be sharks smelling blood. Even worse than before. Power couples in Hollywood is where to big money is. See Brad and Angelina, see Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix.

  20. Gelya says:

    Stay home!!!!

    I get she needs to walk her dog. People don’t get it. Why are the paps out? Don’t answer I know why, lol.

    I am Ben’s age and I don’t want to see him in an erotica movie. Just no. Fifteen years ago maybe yes but not now. Henry Cavill yes I would buy that movie, lol.

  21. JOY says:

    No I don’t think this is PR. Would love it to be but no. Paps have been stalking Ben since he was born. He’s a 2x Oscar winner with a struggled history. Ben has been papped everywhere with all his exes. Search, Lindsay Shookus and Shauna Sexton. No one calls the paps for him. They literally just stalk him wherever and anywhere. I’m pretty sure they have his license plate remembered by now. Also if you add in Ana who’s this gorgeous rising upcoming Hollywood IT girl the paps will be hounding times one hundred. Especially since they’re a new Hollywood couple. But what also made me realize that this isn’t PR is that Ben went to Cuba where Ana is from and her family lives. She always says in every interview how Cuba is special to her. And I doubt anyone would go to Cuba for a PR relationship. It is a nightmare to get into Cuba alone. You need to get visas and a lot of paperwork. I really wanted this to be PR but nothing screams PR to me. Now I just hope Ben doesn’t do her dirty like he’s done every else.

  22. GIGI says:

    In all the pics I’ve seen of them they both look happy together. And yeah they get papped a lot but that’s literally with every celebrity couple. But Ben is also very famous. So it will be more than the usual. And with a quick google search you can see Ben gets papped everywhere he goes. Jen’s house, with the kids, on the Last Duel set. He’s papped everywhere. And now with Ana whose probably the hottest actress in Hollywood right now it’s bound to be a blood bath. I saw on Lipstick Alley that the paps even got drones to take pictures of Ben’s backyard since they didn’t leave for the day and Ana and Elvis where there which is so wrong and such an invasion of privacy. Not PR, but they are probably tired of hiding their relationship. Also I read somewhere they’ve been dating for months. Which makes the Cuba and Costa Rica vacation much more sense. Also when Ben was promoting The Way Back in New York Ana was also there. Then she flew to France for YSL and the same time he was there for The Last Duel. Take what you will but them being at the same city at the same time isn’t a coincidence. I just think they’re tired of hiding their relationship and said screw it. But with that said, Ana can do better. Ben is punching way above his league with her. Hope he doesn’t drag her down.

    • Tina says:

      I noticed the overlapping of the travel too. I wouldn’t be surprised if they married this year.

      • GIGI says:

        That’s what I first noticed after the Costa Rica trip. They were in NYC at the same time together, then also at France at the same time together. Didn’t get papped. My guess is they didn’t decide to go official until after Ben was finished with The Way Back promo tour he had to do so he wouldn’t be asked about it. That said, I now see that he also mentioned Ana multiple times in all his Spanish promo on YouTube. Someone here said Ben said Ana and Violet have spoken on the phone where Ana says Violet speaks better Spanish than Ben and that’s true. He says it in his Despierta Interview. Looks like they’ve been dating lowkey since January. They were already sharing coffee in November from the first set pics of Deep Water. I’m thinking they must have clicked right away.

  23. MOE says:

    PR relationships don’t happen 9 long months before your movie. You also don’t take PR relationships to meet your parents in Cuba. Hell, it’s already a headache trying to get into Cuba if you’re not of citizenship. A lot of people think this is PR because of the amount of pap pics they’re getting recently but this is nothing new. Ben is one of the most papped celebrities in the world. Along with his ex wife, Jennifer, Bradley Cooper, and Brad Pitt. He gets papped every single day. Doesn’t matter what he’s doing. He will get papped. Now add Ana to the mix and it’s a whole frenzy. I can bet big money all the tabloids like Daily Mail and Just Jared have them as the number one target for pictures right now. This happens with all new Hollywood power couples. It will be heightened because it’s Ben.

  24. LILY says:

    Ana is so gorgeous and I loved her in Knives Out. I also find it highly disrespectful that people are slamming her and calling this a PR relationship. When she’s worked so hard to get to where she is now. Growing up in a dictator country. Like she needs someone like Ben for publicity? Especially Ben. I don’t think so. And Ben is the last person you would want to fake date for good publicity. Just no.

    • Yati says:

      She’s actually a Spanish citizen via her parents as well, which is where she started off acting. And she’s well connected so she had an advantage. To to assume she came from a dictator country and rose from nothing is stretching. And well it’s no disrespect to assume it’s PR (I think it’s a combo of PR and lust) if we can see their thirst pour through. I do admire her hustle and find her fascinating. For us who’ve heard of her in the Latin press and have been following her, she’s tried to pull a list names (I.e. keanu, Evans on social media to get those followers up) to raise hers, it’s not a bad thing so I can see why attaching herself to Ben will make her assume it’ll raise her even more when us from the outside in already see her star status rise without him.

      • LILY says:

        I respect your opinion. But for me, I don’t think they’re PR. Like someone said below here that Ben has said Violet and Ana have spoke on the phone where Ana says she speaks better Spanish than him. You don’t let your daughter speak to a fake girlfriend that’s absurd. Also you don’t take a PR relationship to meet your family back home in Cuba. I think they’re real.

      • Patyu says:

        I don’t think she actually spoke to his daughter, he played her a clip. Would be surely pretty soon for intros…

      • a says:

        No evidence she tried to “pull” Keanu or Chris Evans. In fact, she had a boyfriend when she first worked with Keanu and he then asked her to work with him on another movie afterwards. Also, Keanu spoke highly of her in her Mr Porter profile earlier this year.

      • LILY says:

        I’m from Spain. Clearly you’ve never heard of Ana until now. She’s been famous in Spain for a long time. Due to her hit show, El Internado. You can compare it to Elite now on Netflix. Ana is very affectionate person. She was never trying to get at Chris. Her and Keanu are very close and still good friends. So close that he also gave her the female lead in his own movie that he produced, Exposed after working with her in Knock Knock. They also recently hung out last summer at the Yamashiro Night Summer Festival while Keanu has been dating his girlfriend Alexandra Grant. Ana has a lot of close guy friends with bigger names like Keanu, Al Pacino, and Robert De Niro. She doesn’t need to attach herself to costars. She also doesn’t need Ben Affleck for PR hence why it’s not. Gracias.

      • Chris says:

        Ana was parched the moment Knives Out shooting began. She used to post Chris Evans on her IG stories, then she started liking his tweets, did a B-day post for him on her IG stories even though he’s not there and flirted with him like her life depended on it during promo tour. Evans seemed so cool with it but you can’t tell me this girl wasn’t thirsty. She seems desperate for fame so maybe that’s the reason Evans turned her down cause she’s basically Minka Kelly with acting talent.

        PS – I’ve seen people say that she was trying for Ryan Gosling too! So I guess Keanu, Ryan and Chris said no, only Ben said yes. Ew look at your life choices, Ana.

      • Evie says:

        @Agree, Chris. She said she falls in love with all of her co-stars. She tried hard with Evans since filming, but he was a nooo, flirted with a journalist in front of her on the promo tour. Some people are treating her like she’s a big star, she’s still a rising actress pretending to be a Cuban Latina, even though she’s Spanish. We know how difficult it is for actresses like her in Hollywood. Ben is a director with an Oscar-winning film, he has an Oscar for best screenplay, he is part of the Hollywood elite. Attention is good for any actress like her, yesterday minivans moms didn’t know who she was, today they do.

  25. K says:

    I get why people think this is PR if you’re not well into the cinema scene. Randoms wouldn’t know that Ben one of the most papped actors in the world. Even way before Ana he was papped everyday for doing regular everyday crap. I would also think it was PR if I wasn’t informed on how much the paps love him. There’s literally videos on YouTube and Daily Mail of the paps camping outside his house every day. Him and his ex girlfriend, Lindsay Shookus were papped everywhere and she wasn’t Hollywood’s rising IT girl. Ana will have it worse. Also Ben has mentioned Ana in every Spanish Interview he did for The Way Back a month ago on Youtube. That grown man is whipped. And in most of them he’s mentioned how Ana has already spoken to his daughter Violet on the phone. Definitely not PR. Good luck to them.

    • SAM says:

      I saw that. When I saw his Spanish Interviews on YouTube like last month and how he mentioned Violet and Ana have spoken I knew it wasn’t PR. And how Ana said his daughter speaks better Spanish than him. People might not like it but they’re real. You don’t let just anyone talk to your daughter. Also he was name dropping Ana in every Spanish Interview. He is proper smitten. But who wouldn’t be with Ana? She’s absolutely gorgeous.

  26. Busyann says:

    This is fake right?

  27. Thea says:

    Minor correction. The safer at home mandate came four days ago, but even before that, the mayor closed all gyms, restaurants (except for takeout), theaters on Sunday the 15th. The safer at home mandate expanded that by saying all non-essential workers should stay at home. So yes, they should have known better for that march 17 outing.

    • a says:

      There’s been speculation that was a medical building, so that outing might have fallen under “essential services”

  28. Lua says:

    Guys! You can go for walks. There’s research from previous pandemics that sun was good for illness and healing! Just stay away from people. Walk your neighborhood, go to big parks that make social distancing easy (no playgrounds), go walk around the arboretum, go for a hike. You can take your dog for a walk without being a danger to yourselves or others. You know what is dangerous? Going to the grocery store if it’s packed. I work at a hospital. I treat positive cases. My biggest pet peeves are people wearing gloves that don’t know how to, and people going to the grocery store all of the time. If you’re social distancing and you get exposed, it’s probably from the store! Go during off hours, order pick up, wash your hands, follow the distancing rules, distance yourselves from your elderly family members, and you’ll be fine. Go get your vitamin D. It’s ok as long as you aren’t going to crowded places to do it. Sunshine is also great for depression and anxiety, which is definitely on an incline with all this madness.

  29. MellyMel says:

    Hmmm.. he looks better than he has for a minute, so I’ll give him that. But yeah, stay home if you’ve traveling recently. Going for walk are okay, but going into stores & cafes should be limited.

  30. a says:

    When Ben and Ana returned from their Cuba and Costa Rica trip, there was no official advice that people coming from that region should self-isolate. That warning was only for people returning from Europe.

    On the day these photos were taken, Starbucks had already closed across California except for at hospitals. Ben bought a trayful of iced coffees at Starbucks a few days ago.

    • BEA says:

      Yeah in that picture he bought 4 iced coffees. Also speaking about coffee, they were pictured already sharing one coffee together back in November when they started filming Deep Water. I saw it on Lainey’s Gossip blog. Also along with a bunch of photos together of them laughing while between takes. They must’ve liked each other right from the start. They’re not PR. Way too much evidence that they’ve been dating for a while now. Good luck to Ana. Hope he stays sober for her sake. She’s definitely way out of his league.

  31. MAX says:

    I don’t know why so many people are hell bent about them being PR when they’re not. Just because they get papped a lot doesn’t mean jack. See, the start of Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper. They were papped everywhere. Tabloids specifically buy Hollywood couple shots. That is where the big money is. Also Ben has been known to be one of the top actors the paps stalk daily. He’s been an A-lister in Hollywood since the 90’s. The tabloids haven’t had a new power couple they could stalk until now.

    • anne says:

      I don’t know if you’re a hardcore fan of this woman, or why, but it’s clear that you keep posting and replying to yourself under different names repeating the same stuff over and over about them travelling to Cuba and the visa, etc., and how amazing she is, and how real the relationship is.

      It’s kind of obvious that you’re the same person. So weird…

  32. P says:

    Let me see. They’ve shared coffee on the first week of working together. Went on multiple secret dates in January that Twitter users have spotted and tweeted about. One of those dates included Ana’s family. Ben went to Cuba, Ana’s hometown three months later. And then they decide to go public after three months. That’s not PR. Definitely real. The overflow of pap pics only come now because they’re a new Hollywood power couple. And because it’s Ben. But the latest video of them by Daily Mail walking Ana’s dog in his neighborhood confirmed to me they’re real. They both look smitten with eachother. Not hard to tell at all.

  33. PoeD says:

    So if we’re all agreed it’s not PR. Place your bets for how long it’ll last? (*remembering they are gonna be constantly together with Corona.)

    • Chris says:

      Ana is on record saying she “falls in love” with all her co-stars and Ben is a huge cheater so it all depends on whatever happens first – Ana books a new job or Ben meets a new nanny.

      • MIGUEL says:

        Hi, Spaniard here. You know she meant fall in love as in a platonic way right not romantic? Ana is a very affectionate and soft person. Also she’s stayed very close friends with most of her co-stars. Ever since her hit show here, El Internado. Like Keanu Reeves and Edgar Ramirez. Her and Keanu hung out last summer when he was dating Alexandra secretly. And her and Edgar never dated. Edgar is a closeted gay. Everyone in Spain knows that. Ana won’t be the one messing up. If anything it would be Ben and he would be an idiot to mess up. With that said, good luck to Ana hermosa.

  34. Carolnr says:

    This relationship has been going on for a while. It just recently became public. Ben is totally smitten with Ana. He never looked at Lindsay Shookus like that!
    They are allowed to go walking during this pandemic. In fact, it is encouraged to go outside & exercise( but with less than 10 people)
    I would not be surprised if they move in together. Question is what did Ben do with the apartment in NY where Lindsay stayed?

  35. jccw says:

    X17 has new pics up of Bens’ doctor making a house call.