‘Gossip With Celebitchy’ podcast #43: We’re a little sick but already work from home (update)

Intro: Minutes 0 to 8:00
I have been sick for over a week and feel like I can’t clear my throat. Chandra was sick too but got over it quicker. We have no way of knowing whether we got coronavirus because there are almost no tests in America. I think I caught whatever I have from my son who came home with a bad head cold. As of this recording his school was still open, but our governor, Ralph Northam, announced a state of emergency in Virginia and his school has been closed until March 27. Here’s a link to the Washington Post article I mentioned about the researcher in Seattle who was told to stop testing samples. We’re suspicious of all the rich connected people who can get tests while the rest of us don’t have access to them. Chandra is missing her tennis fix as new tournaments have been canceled. She’s watching HGTV and cooking shows and I love the new show Dispatches from Elsewhere on AMC. Chandra recommends I watch Watchmen on HBO. You can listen below!

Royals: Minutes 8:00 to 19:20
Harry and Meghan just completed the “You Could’ve Have a Bad Bitch” Tour with their final appearances as royals in the UK. Meghan wore several iconic outfits you probably remember, including the red-caped Safiyaa gown, her blue bodycon Victoria Beckham dress, her white skirt and top by Topshop and Roland Mouret and her green Emilia Wickstead dress and hat. I gush about how open and vulnerable Meghan continues to look, even as she’s being snubbed and treated poorly by her husband’s family. Chandra mentions that Princess Diana had this quality too. We talk about Meghan’s affirmational life and how she’s able to avoid negativity.

Chandra thinks Meghan’s fashion has improved so much because she’s finally able to dress like she wants and doesn’t have to dress frumpy to please the royals. She actually looked like she was enjoying herself during the Commonwealth Day service despite all the petty drama with the royals. We laugh about the trolls hating Meghan when she always looks so sweet and composed.

Here’s the clip that I mentioned of Sophie and Kate talking to each other and ignoring Meghan completely.

Chandra explains the drama over the Sussexes entering Westminster Abbey separate from The Queen, unlike last year’s service. She doesn’t believe the conspiracy that William got told off by The Queen.

We got a tip from a reader in London who claims to have insider knowledge from royal sources that William and Harry fell out due to William’s affair. Her connections sounded legit to us. Chandra doesn’t believe that’s the sole reason for the brothers falling out. She thinks it’s more due to William’s treatment of Meghan.

Politics: Minutes 19:20 to 22:00
Biden won the next set of primaries and Sanders has yet to step down. Chandra wants me to insert a clip of Biden saying “malarkey” and is ruining my setup. She’s not 100% behind Biden but of course we’re going to vote for him and will be so grateful when he’s president, knock all the wood. She told me about Biden’s coronavirus speech, which I missed because I was napping. It was somewhat boring and wonky, which we miss so much from Obama.

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas: Minutes 22:00 to 27:00
Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas did a paparazzi beach stroll in Costa Rica to celebrate their new relationship. Chandra thinks we should call them Afflarmas, which I forgot to mention in the last post I wrote about them. Ben is 47 and Ana is 31 but looks like she’s in her early 20s. Chandra reminds me of Ana’s Vanity Fair interview where she revealed her sheltered life growing up in Cuba. She also got defensive about her career and I read an excerpt where she denies sleeping her way to the top, essentially. She used to date a very high-level CAA executive named Franklin Latt. I googled him and he looks hot (see update below). She’s not the screwed up one here. We wonder if she’s ever Googled Affleck and what advice she’s getting from friends.

Update: I was mistaking Ana’s most recent boyfriend, Alejandro Piñeiro, a Cuban artist, for her other ex Franklin Latt. (Thanks A!) Here is a link to another photo of Ana and Alejandro, who is younger-looking. Franklin doesn’t look that old though.

User Feedback: Minutes 27:00 to 28:15
Miriam is in Kirkland, Washington and lives right near the nursing home where so many people have passed away from coronavirus. She sent us a nice email us thanking us for helping provide normalcy while she was at home working during a stressful time. Chandra loves working from home and we’ve been doing this for so many years. We feel bad for people who have to go to the office and stay so late.

Comments of The Week: Minutes 28:15 to 31:00
My comment of the week is from Spicecake38 on the post about Naomi Campbell wearing a hazmat suit and goggles to fly. Chandra’s comment of the week is from Mich on the post about how Brad Pitt tried to one-up Angelina Jolie after she told the story of two of their daughters needing surgery.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Wow. That look exchange between Meghan and Sophie was ice cold. As soon as Meghan caught her eye Meghan looked away. Proud of Megs for not giving even a cursory nod. She doesn’t f*&k with nonsense.

    Harry can barely even join in on the conversation Megs is having with Edward, he is so furious. I love it.

    Hadn’t really thought about Sophie as one of the mean girls, but I guess when you’re Sophie you throw in with that lot. Snooooooooze.

  2. a says:

    One of those linked-to pictures of Ana and Franklin Latt is actually of her most recent boyfriend Alejandro Piñeiro, a Cuban artist.

  3. lucy2 says:

    Hope you both feel better soon! I’m home with a cold too, trying to motivate myself to work, LOL. No fever or shortness of breath, thankfully.

    My guess is that Harry finding out about the affair sort of opened the floodgates, and let him finally go off about how they’ve treated Meghan. It’s sad to me that 2 brothers, who have gone through what they have together, would be at such odds, but when one is toxic, the other has to walk away.

    • Celebitchy says:

      I lost my voice today but knock all the wood I do not have a fever. I hope you recover soon too! My chest does hurt a little but I know it’s getting better damnit. I think you and Kaiser are right about what caused that falling out and that the affair wasn’t the sole cause, it was throwing Meghan under the bus.

      • Barb in SoCal says:

        Hi Celebitchy,
        I just finished listening to your new podcast. Love the site and the podcast but I do have to point something out: it sounds like you and Chandra very likely have/had COVID-19 from the symptoms you described. I am an MD and am also self-isolating here in Southern California waiting for my test results. I am really confused as to why you ladies went out of the house? Am I wrong? It sounds like you went to Pilates and Chandra to the gym? If you can’t be tested, even more reason to self-isolate until you are free of symptoms in order to prevent spreading the coronavirus to others who are more vulnerable. Also, I hope Chandra won’t be visiting her mother any time soon!
        Wishing you all well!!!

      • Celebitchy says:

        Hi Barb I did pilates at home off a subscription service, StudioSweat, and have been self isolating. I have not gone to classes and it’s been a week since I’ve gone out. I did drive to take out trash and took a walk with my son who lives with me. I have not seen anyone or interacted with friends or gone in public. We understand and feel bad about the little bit we did go out. Thanks for listening and for gently reminding us. We did suspect we had Covid but a lot of people are telling me in particular that it must be the flu/a cold/allergies because I thankfully do not have a fever. I know better than that and I stopped telling people about it because they are stubborn/dim about it. I hope you’re well too!

  4. Emily Gilmore says:

    Yes! LOVE that you mentioned Helen Chu (UW scientist that has effectively testing for covid 19). Although the CDC shut her down again, from what I’ve heard (I live in Seattle metro), she is still helping and assisting other states. These test results are not recognized as official numbers though. I hope she eventually gets the recognition she deserves, these tests put WA state ahead of the curve and has considerably helped the rest of the US. I hope you deel better soon!

  5. Truthiness says:

    Megan wasn’t the only one enjoying the music – my college-age son and I listened to the BBC video and a few songs twice, he asked me to turn it up and not skip any parts! As a side note I work in Credit in the automation field and a month ago I had to approve a transaction where a company was spending triple their small limit so I had to research it a bit. I discovered that they were the first to ship a Covid-19 vaccine to the National Inst of Health for testing.

  6. Anners says:

    Agree with Kaiser. I don’t think Harry cares enough about W&K’s marriage to be that angry if Will cheats. But I *do* think he cares a lot if W used Meghan as a human shield to deflect from his rose bush pruning in the press. I could see that causing a massive rift and would be a result of cheating. Dunno. But thanks for keeping us informed and entertained – wishing everyone a safe and successful navigation thru COVID-19.

  7. Tulip says:

    Hope you and your loved ones feel all better soon Celebitchy, and health and virtual hugs to all who work on this website:)

  8. nicegirl says:

    Feel better soon you two

  9. Jean says:

    I agree that the reason Harry and William had a falling out was due to William’s extramarital affair, Meghan was thrown under the bus to distract from the affair AND MEGHAN WAS PREGNANT when she was thrown under the bus. William showed no regard for baby Archie.

    Get well soon ladies.