Prime minister Boris Johnson is now in intensive care for the coronavirus

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson departs for PMQs - Downing Street, London, England, UK on Wedne...

Boris Johnson was admitted to the hospital on Sunday, right around the same time the Queen’s coronavirus speech aired on television and radio around Britain. The prime minister announced his positive coronavirus test on March 27th, and before Sunday (April 5th), BoJo had been quarantined at home. Apparently, he was getting sicker and sicker in isolation, and he still had a fever after a week. He also had problems breathing. So he was admitted to the hospital and the official line was that he was just there for “tests.” 24 hours later, he was put into intensive care.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been moved to intensive care in hospital after his coronavirus symptoms “worsened”, Downing Street has said. A spokesman said he was moved on the advice of his medical team and was receiving “excellent care”. Mr Johnson has asked Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab to deputise “where necessary”, the spokesman added.

The prime minister, 55, was admitted to hospital in London with “persistent symptoms” on Sunday evening. The Queen has been kept informed about Mr Johnson’s health by No 10, according to Buckingham Palace.

BBC political correspondent Chris Mason said the prime minister was given oxygen late on Monday afternoon, before being taken to intensive care. However, he has not been put on a ventilator.

A No 10 statement read: “The prime minister has been under the care of doctors at St Thomas’ Hospital, in London, after being admitted with persistent symptoms of coronavirus. Over the course of [Monday] afternoon, the condition of the prime minister has worsened and, on the advice of his medical team, he has been moved to the intensive care unit at the hospital.”

It continued: “The PM is receiving excellent care, and thanks all NHS staff for their hard work and dedication.”

[From BBC]

I’m not entirely sure why 10 Downing Street is fighting the notion that Boris might be on a ventilator – in all statements, they seem to be stressing that quite heavily. If the man needs a ventilator, he should be on a ventilator. Maybe he’s truly not on one. But it does sound like his case of the virus is really quite bad. I feel for him and for the British people – I know BoJo wasn’t everyone’s choice, but it sucks to be so bereft of leadership in this moment in history. And good lord, Boris is expecting a child with his partner/girlfriend Carrie Symonds too. She’s six months pregnant and she’s recovering from her bout of coronavirus as well, and she’s apparently not allowed to visit him in intensive care.

Commonwealth Day Service -  Monday 9 March  -  Westminster Abbey, London

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  1. OriginalLala says:

    Yikes, I wish him well. Too many world leaders did not take this virus seriously and Im sure many of them have the virus but aren’t saying it publicly.

  2. OriginalLala says:

    Yikes, I wish him well. Too many world leaders did not take this virus seriously and Im sure many of them have the virus but aren’t saying it publicly.

  3. Aang says:

    I feel bad for his partner. No matter they have awful political views, I bet she’s scared of loosing her unborn baby’s father. I wouldn’t wish that on any pregnant woman.

    • malorca says:

      I do very much feel for her; my neighbour is seven months pregnant and I’ve been trying to help where possible but no amount of dropping of groceries can assist with the pure panic I can see she’s feeling.

    • Becks1 says:

      Yes, I feel bad for her. And for him – political views aside, this virus is devastating and I don’t want anyone to suffer from it.

    • Bella DuPont says:

      One world leader deserves this. And it’s not Boris Johnson. 🤭

      • Darla says:

        Preach bella! I have been beside myself about just that!

      • shoop says:

        I can think of several who deserve it more. Trump is not the only asshole in the world

      • Lady D says:

        Your comment reminds me of what Kaiser said about how much it sucks to be so bereft of leadership in this moment in history. I think Americans know this better than just about anyone right now. Fingers crossed for January.

  4. Laalaa says:

    They stress it because being on a ventilator would mean it’s critical, and intensive care does not equal critical, so I don’t believe they would lie about this.
    Hopefully he gets well soon!!

    • Millennial says:

      I’ve read on some doctor forums that the death rate for ventilator patient with COVID is 70-85%. So that’s probably why they are stressing he’s not on a vent.

      • Lady D says:

        Where did you read that, Millennial? BC has a recovery rate of over 60% right now with Covid patients. The theory here is get them on a ventilator as soon as they come into the hospital, and so far it’s working well. Our recovery rate is way above the rest of the country. I’d say based on the data coming from our Health Ministry, get him on a ventilator now?

      • Arpeggi says:

        @Lady D, no, you don’t put people on respirator for no reason, you can supplement with oxygen, but placing someone on a respirator means you have to place the person in an induced coma… In itself, this is life-threatening, even more so for the elderly. The lungs might also not restart naturally after extubation, there’s an increased risk of pneumonia afterward… It’s a procedure from which, no matter the reason why the patient’s lungs stopped working, you might not recover.

        BC has a low mortality rate from covid because social distancing policies were put in place early on and hospitals haven’t been overwhelmed as a result (there’s about 60 people in the ICU in BC right now; the vast majority of infected people didn’t require hospitalization and of those who did, most did not need to go to the ICU). Another reason is that BC was the 1st province hit from people coming back from Asia so actions had to be taken early. Whereas in the east, people got to travel during spring break and snowbirds came back which led to more cases… Though overall, the situation in Canada is ok-ish

      • Mmmmm... says:

        Yup! Ventilator = death so they don’t want people to think that.

      • Bread and Circuses says:

        I read recently they think the reason Germany has such a low death rate is because they put them on ventilators early (which means they have enough ventilators for everyone, which is a problem in other nations).

        Needing to go on a ventilator is bad news, and injurious itself, but it seems like getting a COVID-19 patient who is in danger onto one early is helpful.

      • Moe says:

        I heard a Sir Something who was put on a ventilator and survived talking about it. He was awake not in coma and talked about how uncomfortable and terrifying it was. He said that’s when the great frontline staff really worked miracles by mopping his brow and holding his hand and whispered to him to help him relax so it could work. So apparently they dont always put you on a coma?

    • Arpeggi says:

      Yes, being on a ventilator means that your lungs aren’t functioning and that you’ve had to be sedated to be intubated… Whether the head of state is conscious or not has implications for a government. And you usually intubate for a while not only for a couple of hours or day and you don’t know how the lungs will respond once you extubate: it’s not a small procedure and it’ll impacts the job of the other cabinet members and of the Parliament.

      That being said, ICU is always critical care. If BoJo, or anyone else are transferred to the ICU, it’s because the medical staff believe that their state might change for the worst rapidly. Especially right now, the ICU is the worst place in the hospital

      • Lady D says:

        ICU is never good and as I found out unpleasantly, saying someone in ICU is stable does not mean they will make it. My sis-in-law had her medication changed last Friday. It made her dizzy and she fell. It was no big deal until about 8 hours later. She passed out and went to the hospital where they discovered swelling and bleeding on her brain. They said she was stable in ICU but she had a seizure which did terminal damage. She was only 50 and they said she was stable. I looked up the word when I got home. It did not mean what I thought it did.

      • Arpeggi says:

        Ouch! I’m sorry. Sadly, yes, being stable doesn’t mean that situation won’t change within seconds

      • Desdemona says:

        so sorry Lady D… Hugs

      • Trashaddict says:

        I’m so sorry Lady D that’s a difficult way to lose someone. But to Arpeggi, not everyone on a ventilator needs to be in an induced coma. Sedation is done before a tube is put in to make it less uncomfortable and some other circumstances, but I have seen plenty of noncomatose patients on ventilators. And yes, there are some anecdotal reports that earlier ventilation may help patients recover. It could be that earlier ventilation keeps patients from tiring out and getting acidotic from low oxygen levels, that might improve their reserve energy for recovery and minimize the damage to their bodies. But I agree it can be tough getting off the vent and it’s not a good sign.

    • malorca says:

      Yup, it shouldn’t surprise people that the leader of the country will get the most cautious treatment. If it was really, really critical, I doubt we’d be hearing about his location.

      And the point that he was moved to ICU simply because then it will be easiest/most expedient to get him on to ventilation if it’s needed is basic logic. I don’t know what the desire to search for conspiracy theories are but some people need them, I suppose.

      • MsIam says:

        A hospital is not going to waste a spot in ICU unless someone needs critical care. It would be a huge scandal if they took a bed and the associated personnel and resources from someone who was more seriously ill just because of precaution.

      • Trashaddict says:

        Well yes, except hospitals care about their reputations and no hospital would want to be the one where failure to act quickly resulted in the death of the Prime Minister of England! It does suck that some of us are more equal than others…

    • SkaraBrae says:

      But they have lied and downplayed his illness for days.
      He was meant to be back at work Friday.
      Sunday he went into hospital for ‘routine tests’.
      Monday he was meant to be working from his hospital bed but hours later he was moved to ICU to be close to ventilators as a ‘precautionary measure’.
      Eventually they admitted late last night that he had been given supplementary oxygen.
      This morning they were adamant there was no ventilation.

      Ironically the minister who announced that is now in self-isolation too…
      And Cummings (our unelected PM) is now out of sight after self isolating for days. Incidentally they announced 2 days ago that Cummings’ uncle, a renowned retired judge, died of the disease…

      • Laalaa says:

        I am by no means a Johnson’s fan, but I do feel this virus is really unpredictable..
        Edit: I meant, the way it works on people, some have it mildly, some get worse really unexpectedly.

      • Ali says:


        The virus is predictable.

        1. Spread: By droplets from an infected person
        Solution: Close down non-essential business to slow down the spread

        2. Symptoms: People can develop symptoms between 0 to 14 days (maybe longer). Or never develop symptoms.
        Solution: Stay isolated for at least 14 days

        3. Treatment: There are no vaccines. The body produces antibodies to fight the virus.
        Solution: If symptoms worsen a ventilator maybe needed.

        There is nothing complex about it virus.

        The only complex thing is how slow the response certain countries have been.

      • hmp says:

        @Ali LAALAA is talking about how it manifests. The trend for severe cases seems to be that patients feel better by day 9 and then have a sharp decline around day 10. I.e. people think they are fine and then suddenly they are not.

    • B n A fn says:

      I remembered they told us Princess Diana was doing good and about an hour later the news came out she died.

      Wishing him a speedy recovery.

      • ChillyWilly says:

        Yes, governments lie to their citizens all the time. Not sure why anyone would think they are telling us the truth.

    • lizzieb says:

      There are sometimes oxygen therapies they can do before intubation. I don’t know if cpap is used during this virus as an interim therapy but I agree icu is for quick action if needed even if he is only on oxygen support. We’ve seen how fast breathing can deteriorate with this virus. Including him in my prayers that he doesn’t require intubation or a medical coma. I hope he starts to recover.God Bless

    • Veronica S. says:

      To be frank, if he’s not borderline critical condition, it’s utterly irresponsible to have him taking up an ICU bed. Those are valuable real estate, particularly in a pandemic, and they require constant supervision by highly trained medical staff. If you wind up there, you’re either in some form of organ failure or close enough that they’re worried your respiration or cardiac function beginning to fail. So either they’re downplaying how sick he is, or they’re giving him excessively attentive care that could easily be given on a Med Surge unit or something similar. Pick your poison!

      • lizzieb says:

        I’ve been in ICU for breathing issues, though not during this pandemic. I was fortunately not intubated, but I was monitored very carefully and had other therapies. They must think he is in danger of needing ventilation stat or I agree they would not give him that bed. If he remains in ICU I would start to question his status

      • Veronica S. says:

        Respiratory and cardiac issues are usually a one way ticket in, simply because those are critical organ failures with rapid cascade effect. It’s also dependent upon how busy the hospital is at the time – if they aren’t full up in ICU, they’ll likely push you into a bed there a little faster for safety reasons just in case. It’s the fact that we are in a pandemic that makes me doubt he’s not in borderline condition simply because an ICU would also increase potential cross contamination risk. He may not be actively dying, but he’s definitely not in good place right now.

      • heygingersnaps says:

        I agree Veronica, I don’t have much faith in this government so I’ve been taking their reports about this current pm with a grain of salt.

  5. Yoyo says:

    Well BoJo wanted to use the herd immunity, little did he realize that it would hit so close to home.
    They finally accepted the ventilators from the EU.

    • B says:

      Is that true about the ventilators, that’s great news? The Dyson stories seem to be more about propaganda.

      The Germans are taking in Patients in from the rest of the EU.

      • SomeChick says:

        I don’t say this very often, but good for the Germans!

        I’m an american. Right now I wish I was in europe.

        Trum and his BS are triggering to me in the best of times. I cannot believe we got stuck with this baboon and now the plague.

        We really are all in this together. I lived through the ’80s and the plague denial with HIV and it’s all happening again. (But to the straights.)

        I will refrain from saying BoJo (or the other plague deniers) deserve this. (But just barely.) Health scares are terrible. I’ve been in the cardiac ward before and it is SRS BIDNESS. It isn’t quite the ICU. But almost. BUT THEY ARE DOING IT TO OTHER PEOPLE. Who deserve it even less.

        You know the chiefs and the rich always get the best treatment. While we all rely on the people who have to hustle to make rent.

        I have family and dear friends in the medical profession. I’m terrified for all of them (and every one I don’t even know). While I’m trying to figure out what to make for dinner, they’re saving lives while risking their own. As are the people keeping the lights on, staffing the groceries, and making deliveries. We all owe them a huge debt of gratitude.

        We have to figure this out. We can’t trust politicians to solve it. Especially when they ignore doctors and scientists.

        IDK what the solution is. I’m just trying not to die or take anyone else out. I guess that is all I can really do. It’s nice to see Oprah and other rich folks pitching in. They should do. But not all of them are.

        Wishing us all well!

      • Trashaddict says:

        SomeChick: where do you wish you were? In Italy, perhaps?

    • Ali says:

      That is correct.

      “Life comes at you quickly” is the perfect expression.

    • Isla says:

      Herd immunity was advised by the group of independent scientists, doctors, epidemiologists etc. advising the government. He didn’t just come up with it by himself. The UK would have followed this course of action no matter who was leading the country. Either we want leaders to listen to experts or we don’t.

      • Ninks says:

        Some experts may have advised him to go for herd immunity but most other experts were stressing the importance of social distancing and shutting down schools etc. He chose which experts to listen to, and unlike most other world leaders he chose to put the economy ahead of the health of the population mostly because Dominic Cummings is the real puppet master and BoJo hasn’t a clue what he’s doing.

      • Veronica S. says:

        Italy was already being wrecked by the virus by the time they made any decision. They knew exactly how quickly that virus could move and how much strain it would place on the health system, putting everybody at risk – so when it actually did start ripping through the UK, you saw how fast they scrambled to act. People need to stop making excuses for these people. They knew exactly what they were doing. They just thought their money and position would protect them from the consequences.

        Herd immunity is a policy typically used to describe *vaccinated populations who can protect those that cannot be vaccinated.* Used in any other context, it literally means letting the weak and vulnerable die off until your more resilient populations remains after it is recovered. They told you up front they were willing to let people die to protect the economy, which is insane because a disease that moves this quickly was bound to disrupt things *anyway.*

      • Mtec says:

        “Leaders” like him and Trump seek “experts” who are willing to advise whatever fits their agenda. It was his idea to shill “herd immunity” to people, so he sought those “experts” to lend credibility to this dangerous theory. So yeah, still blame him.

      • MeganBot2020 says:

        Except almost all the experts were unanimously against herd immunity. He chose to listen to the tiny handful of experts who were going against the crowd, and oh yeah they happened to be experts working for him who he handpicked for the jobs.

      • Ruby_Woo says:

        Well Michael Gove famously declared that “we had enough of experts” a few years and now they can’t get enough!

        Funny which experts they listen to though. The ones that disagree with the strategy advised by the WHO and other countries (some in the British Press was actually making fun of Italy). The ones who are willing to push letting a virus through so the economy can run a little longer and if “some old people die, so be it”. Funny how these entitled people never consider that they may be the ones who might suffer. Suffering is always for others.

        They’ve already ran out of the EU and immigrants and ‘unskilled’ workers to blame.

        I knew the minute that they all started saying “lets listen to the experts’ that it was just a strategy to blame these so-called ‘experts’ if things downhill.

        I would bet all the money in the world that if herd immunity was a success, Boris and his cronies would take full credit and responsibility then.

      • B says:

        Can’t help feeling the UK Government is giving us 3 months to increase the number of beds in the NHS. So that they can copy with the influx of patients when we go back to “normal”.

        They still need to do lot more!! to protect front line workers. The lack of PPE Horrific.

  6. Tx_mom says:

    My understanding is that by the time COVID patients are vented, they’re also sedated and, of course, unable to talk. That’s an important distinction for a political leader and whether he’s able to fulfill that role *at all.*

    There are levels of breathing support that fall short of that (BIPAP, CPAP).

  7. babsjohnson says:

    My beloved grandfather just died. He was perfectly fine and the virus took him in less than 24h. He died alone because no one is allowed in hospitals right now. I am shattered. Now my grandmother is at risk too. I won’t wish this kind of thing on anyone.

    • SkaraBrae says:

      I am so sorry… 💐

    • Desdemona says:

      I’m so sorry… Hope your grandmother will be ok… This is heartbreaking… Hugs..

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      My sympathies to you and your family, I hope your grandmother escapes this.

    • Becks1 says:

      I’m so sorry, that’s horrible.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Babsjohnson I am so so very sorry for your loss and the extra trauma of the circumstances.

    • Insomniac says:

      So sorry, Babs.

    • Esmom says:

      So sorry for your loss.

    • OriginalLala says:

      I’m so sorry @Babs, this is one of my biggest fears with the elderly grandparents. So many hugs to you.

    • Aang says:

      I’m so sorry for your loss.

    • Lucy2 says:

      I’m so sorry Babs.

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      Sorry for your loss Babs, sending love and a handhold your way.

    • Arpeggi says:

      I’m sorry Babs

    • babsjohnson says:

      Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts. We can’t even get his body back, they will burn him and we have no choice. I understand but…I just can’t.

    • My deepest sympathy, BabsJohnson. I’ve added your grandmother to my prayers. I pray for all those afflicted and for their families, including Johnson.

    • Erinn says:

      Sending you so much love, Babs <3

    • Call_me_al says:

      That’s so terrible, Babs. Hugs to you and your family.

    • Spicecake38 says:

      Condolences,sending thoughts and prayers your way.

    • lizzieb says:

      I am so sorry for your loss

    • Malificent says:

      I’m so sorry. Virtual hugs to you and your loved ones.

    • Bella DuPont says:

      @ Babs

      So sorry for your loss. Will keep your grandmother in prayers.

    • Ruby_Woo says:

      That’s awful! I’m so sorry. This is what is so cruel about this virus, the fact that you can’t be with your loved ones towards the end of their lives. Sending you and your Nana cosmic hugs x

    • fifee says:

      Im so sorry for your loss. Sending virtual hugs to you & your family.

    • BUBS says:

      I’m so sorry for your loss…I can’t possibly imagine what you’re going through…

    • Lady Keller says:

      @babs I am so very sorry. I cannot begin to imagine what your family must be going through. No one deserves to die alone. I am sure he knows he was loved and I hope that gives you solace.

      • ChillyWilly says:

        Yes, he definitely knew his family loved him and would have been by his side if they could.

    • ChillyWilly says:

      Oh no, babs…I am so, so sorry! I cannot imagine what you are going tnrough.

    • Ageonmaui says:

      I’m sorry.

    • Noodle says:

      Oh, @babsjohnson, I’m so sorry. I’m sorry you and your family weren’t allowed to be with him; that must be one of the most devastating parts.

    • Nina Simone says:

      Wow @babs I’m sending you strength and love during this time. I’m so so sorry.

    • Amelie says:

      I am so sorry to hear this and I understand your fear for your grandmother, I am so worried about my grandparents in France as they are frail too. What country are you in that they are cremating bodies? I didn’t realize they were doing this for the deceased of COVID 19. Will they at least give the ashes of the loved ones back to their families? This is so devastating. My heart goes out to you.

      • babsjohnson says:

        Amélie, I am in France… He died in Périgueux. We’ll get the ashes back, thankfully. But that was not what he wanted. The whole thing is so brutal.
        Meilleures pensées pour toi et tes grands-parents.

    • Lady D says:

      I’m so sorry Babs. My condolences, and I really hope your grandma is okay.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Oh, that’s awful! I’m so sorry. Hope your grandma will be okay.

    • Nic919 says:

      I’m so sorry to hear this. I think that’s the most heartbreaking part of this pandemic, that loved ones can’t be physically present when the situation gets worse.

    • Linda says:

      I am so so sorry Babs. Please accept my condolences.

    • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

      I am SO sorry, Babsjohnson. Sending love and hugs…deepest condolences to your family 💔

    • Trashaddict says:

      I’m so sorry Babs. This has been so terribly random and frightening for everyone, especially people who are older and medically frail or people who are living on their own, single parents, everybody really. I hope your grandmother will be OK. Stay safe!

  8. BlueSky says:

    This really needs to be a cautionary tale for people who aren’t taking this seriously. Wasn’t it a few weeks ago he was almost bragging about shaking hands with people who had Coronavirus? Now he’s in the hospital. I wish him well and would never wish that on anyone. I hope people will see this and start taking it seriously.
    They had to close the walking trail here because all the parks are closed and people were taking advantage of the nice weather. The trail is not wide so people could not really be 6 feet apart from each other.They also had to close additional stores here because people were not honoring the 6 feet apart rule. I really don’t know what it’s going to take for people to realize this is nothing to f@ck with. And don’t get me started about people still going to church.

    • Esmom says:

      Agreed. They mayor of my town is about to lose his sh^t because kids won’t stop using the playgrounds and sports fields for football and soccer games. Last night he said if anyone sees people congregating like that to call 911. Chicago had to shut all the nice paths down and more and more state and national parks are doing the same. People are such ignorant, selfish fools.

      And Trump hasn’t exactly been cautious in his behavior. I was glad to hear that Dr. Fauci tested negative…but that could change any time if people don’t social f^cking distance!

    • Lucy2 says:

      I was appalled by his earlier stance on the virus, I bet he wishes he could go back in time now and take it more seriously, but of course I still wish him the best and a full recovery.
      All of the playgrounds and parks and everything here are closed to, and yesterday they closed all of the beaches.

    • My next door neighbor still insists it’s just a bad flu and that the Democrats are hyping it. Right, the entire world as we know it is in meltdown over the flu and it’s a conspiracy to boot!

      • Chaine says:

        Right, in my area there are people insisting that this is some kind of fake news conspiracy between the media and the globalists to institute martial law. That it is just a bad flu. Gun stores are “essential” business, they are open and booming.

      • WriterMarie says:

        My sister’s boyfriend (a republican who actually despises Trump) and her live in Tucson. During the first week of the pandemic the only thing he cared about is getting ammunition “just in case”. He woke up on a Saturday morning at 5 am to be number 8 in line at Costco for ammunition. My sister is a diabetic and I worry for her, but her dumbass boyfriend only cares about his guns! UGH, people are soooo dumb! Right wing idiot!

      • Trillian says:

        If he ever had a real flu, not just a flu-like infection, he would not that “a bad flu” is something many people die of as well.

      • Liz version 700 says:

        Wow that is stunning to me that even now People will deny that this virus is real. I read yesterday about a Trump supporter leading the charge that it is a hoax. She just died from Covid 19. People need to wake up

    • Dorothea from NL says:

      His shaking hands bragging was his usual dumbass bravado chit-chat. He didn’t shake hands with any patients – doctors who were with him at that meeting came out and said that there were no patients there, it was just one of his jokes to lighten the mood that was taken out of context. It’s been mentioned above that the stance the UK took was guided by their scientists, so I don’t think it was him not taking it seriously as him trying to avoid any unnecessary panic among the Brits (who then promptly panicked anyway and went and stockpiled for good measure).

      • SomeChick says:

        This is not a thing to joke about. The “mood” does not need to be “lightened.” Quite the opposite. This is extremely serious. Any of us could die from it.

        People actually listen to these buffoons.

        The plague deniers pick and choose which “experts” to trumpet.

        They are choosing the economy – MONEY – over public health.

        In the meantime the rich are probably buying ventilators and oxygen tanks.

    • Tate says:

      @Esmom People were doing the same here. My town didn’t mess around. 3 weeks ago they took all the rims off the basketball hoops and closed off all the playscapes in the parks.

      • Esmom says:

        They’ve been trying here for weeks, too, but people are ignoring all the barricading measures. It’s appalling and I have really come to loathe some of my fellow neighbors for refusing to rein their kids in or to rein in their own outdoor cocktail parties.

      • Tate says:

        Wow, that is crazy.

    • fifee says:

      Exactly Bluesky. From the Guardian: 3 March (release of coronavirus action plan) … “I’m shaking hands continuously. I was at a hospital the other night where I think there were actually a few coronavirus patients and I shook hands with everybody, you’ll be pleased to know. I continue to shake hands.”
      Who knows where he picked it up and who he passed it onto since theres no contact tracing going on here.
      I’ve noticed that there seems to be more movement going on around me, not more people on the street but more cars. I live in a really quiet area so you can hear the noise from the main road. First week of lockdown it was almost silent, and the past couple of days we’ve had nicer weather and folk want to be out. Then theres a story in our local city paper today about a large supermarket that gave up on their safeguarding because the customers were complaining that it was taking too long to get into the supermarket … FFS these people are morons.

  9. Erinn says:

    I do wonder if they were downplaying his symptoms prior to this, or if it actually did progress that quickly. I don’t really blame them for stressing the ventilator aspect – they don’t want people to think he’s on deaths door if he’s not that bad.

    • Ali says:

      There shouldn’t be so much speculation.

      There is nothing wrong with saying Boris is ill and now dominic is taking over leading the government.

      Then just update his condition as necessary.

    • BlueSky says:

      @Erinn I’m guessing they may have moved him to the ICU as a precaution. It could be a possible that his breathing got worse to the point they were concerned they may have to intubate him. His breathing difficulties could have gotten worse or his oxygen level may have dropped. He may have required a high flow of oxygen that could only be administered in the ICU.

    • Izzy says:

      Erinn as I understand it COVID-19 can progress very quickly, even in some people who seem to be recovering. This is a very frightening disease. I’m not a fan of BoJo but I wish him a speedy recovery.

    • Noodle says:

      @Erinn, the stories I have read seem to indicate that the ventilator=death. People placed on the ventilator don’t often come off the ventilator, and especially with this disease, the ventilator is a bad sign.

      • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

        Here, in the US they’re saying about 30% die on the ventilator. Mostly, they’re elderly with underlying conditions, but younger people as well, are dying. They’re not saying if they have underlying conditions though.

  10. S808 says:

    Life gives you lessons in different ways. Hopefully this is a wake up call to anyone else who didn’t think it was serious.

    • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

      Don’t count on it. Some idiot, who was going to one of the mega-churches on Easter, said she was “protected by Jesus’ blood”. THIS is the level of Trump Cult Kool-Aid we’re dealing with here in the US.

      • Trashaddict says:

        This reminds me of the flood story and “Jesus will protect me”. The long and short of it is, person arrives in Heaven, asked God why they weren’t rescued from the flood. God says, “I sent warnings to evacuate, I sent buses to pick you up, I sent a boat to get you out but you wouldn’t leave. What more did you need?”. Whether you believe in God or little green men, the message has been sent.

  11. Digital Unicorn says:

    The fact that his condition suddenly deteriorated enough to warrant even being put into ICU as a precaution is alarming.

    I may not like him or his politics but I hope he recovers as its not something to wish on anyone.

    I’ve read rumours that the US leaked the seriousness of his condition, forcing the PM’s office to confirm he was moved into ICU but he’s NOT on a ventilator – not sure how true that is.

    • heygingersnaps says:

      Call me cynical but I’ve taken what the government has released about BJ’s condition and I don’t know if I should feel bad about that. =/

  12. Yoyo says:

    They were down playing his symptoms.
    He is the Intensive Care Unit for a reason.
    Dommic Cummings where to start.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Scummings has also tested positive for COVID-19.

    • Ruby_Woo says:

      Do you think Dominic Cumming’s influence will lessen whilst Boris is recuperating in hospital? I wonder how popular he is with the other MPs/ advisors? That’s not supposed to be a sarcastic question, I’m genuinely curious.

  13. Veronica S. says:

    *shrug* People can feel bad for him all they want, but it’s his own arrogance and dismissive disregard that put him there. Lots of people dying in London right now thanks to his policies and incompetent handling of this pandemic by his party. UK seemed intent on racing the US for “worst possibly response” for awhile.

    • SkaraBrae says:

      Sweden aren’t far behind either.
      They also went for the herd immunity approach, and their numbers are starting to rise big time.

      • Veronica S. says:

        I’m boggled by any country who went for that policy after we saw what happened in Italy. If anything, the fatalities may not be the worst part (though the numbers are higher than the flu) but the sheer overwhelming force of the disease as it moves through a population. It completely overwhelms the capacity of the health system to handle it on top of regular disease rates and is just rough enough to knock out a fair portion of your workforce for awhile. If your demographics skew older, too, then you were definitely in for a rough time. A lot of governments seemed to have looked at this disease as a ~China virus~ that could never hurt them or looked at their numbers and didn’t bother examining the draconian measures China took to control it. It’s really been a wake up call for unprepared we really are. Hopefully, somewhere people are taking notes.

      • Lady D says:

        Veronica, your comment just made me realize that we are going to go through this pandemic, lock down the planet thing, again and again. This is only the first time this has happened. I’d bet money that we are going to see this scenario again in our lifetimes.

      • (TheOG) jan90067 says:

        Wouldn’t surprise me if Victoria and Daniel are infected, seeing how they were still meeting with people until recently. I hope they are well, and don’t bring it home to their little ones

      • Mei says:

        Referring to the measures taken as draconian (as many others also do) implies that they were extreme and unnecessary, but I would argue that they were very proportional given the situation.

    • Tiffany says:

      I am with you Veronica. When I read about this yesterday I could not muster up anything. My exact words were, ‘Oh, okay’ and then I moved on.

  14. Nina Simone says:

    He’s being treated in the hospital system his own party tried to destroy. Life really is interesting. He also told Brits to expect their loved ones will die and to take this virus “on the chin”…wow. Incompetent and apathetic policies truly impact us all, it’s clear that it also does at the top. Good luck to him though, I would never wish ill will on anyone but i see this as a case of reaping what you sow.

    • Eyfalia says:

      Thank you for bringing this up.

      “Boris Johnson’s government remains unique in its strategy towards the coronavirus crisis in that its policy is to allow the contagion to run its course through the population in the hope that survivors will acquire a “herd immunity” to Covid-19 and future manifestations of the virus. This strategy is based on the expectation that some 53 million people in the UK will be infected.

      Boris Johnson understands this approach risks the lives of the oldest and most vulnerable in society and has warned the public they should prepare to “lose loved ones before their time”.

      Incidentally, Johnson is also unique in employing a number of advisers who have faith in the racist pseudo-science of eugenics.”

      from the Independent.

    • lemonylips says:

      I support your comment very much. I would not wish bad to anyone. But, yes I can’t forget his words and obnoxious behavior during the weeks before the Corona outbreak. So, while Tories are calling people to clap in support for him tonight, I will not be joining in. I do have a heart, but it goes to those he does not really care for one bit – average people who are still not getting tested and whose NHS he so wants to privatize. So, I’m not sorry for not feeling supportive towards him, I just hope he sees it as a wake up call although I am sure he’ll eventually spin it as – “see, I got through it, it’s not a big deal” and I surely wouldn’t want BoJo to end in this like a martyr in any way. Cause he is not. Also, I notice people want Trump to get it… Look, I don’t want anyone to die from it, not even Trump or Boris. But it’s not fair to be all polite towards one evil and evil back to another. This thing is going to eat them in a different way – politicaly and economicaly. That is what should happen. They are proving their systems and behaviour is wrong. And that is the only wake up call anyone should get from this.

      • Ruby_Woo says:

        Well in the UK, the government has had to take really extreme left-leaning, you could say socialist policies to deal with epidemic.

        Cancelling a £13.4 billion debt accrued by the NHS, providing 80% salary to employees who may otherwise be sacked, housing homeless people, extending visas for immigrant healthcare workers, morgatge holidays.

        It’s not perfect and there’s a lot more that could be done, but it is particularly jarring since this government is not even centre-right/ conservative, they are extremely right-wing.

        There was a lot of talk from this government about ‘unskilled’ workers. Turned out those same unskilled workers, the shelf stackaers, cleaners, delivery drivers etc are essential to keep our society running. Also, a lot previously comfortable people are now applying for welfare and are only now finding out what a frustrating process it is; I bet a lot of these people would have had little sympathy for others who are on benefits in the past. This pandemic has really changed people’s attitudes.

    • Ruby_Woo says:

      His party cheered and clapped when they passed a bill to freeze nurses’ pay.

      • Trashaddict says:

        Wow. Don’t want anybody to die either, but ain’t karma a you-know-what. Nurses are the heart and soul of medicine, anyone who treats them badly should have to be one for at least a 12 hour shift.

    • Deering24 says:

      As Agatha Christie so aptly noted in another context, “It is the kind of thing that happens to you when you are stupid. Things go entirely differently from the way you planned them.”

    • Wannabesith says:

      I was just telling my husband about this. That he is under the care of a system he’s trying to destroy. I don’t wish this virus on anyone. Also, can someone explain the 10 Downing Street to me? I’m a Yank. =)

      • Thea says:

        10 Downing Street (or 10 downing) is the official residence of the prime minister (although I think most since 1997 have elected to live in the more spacious 11 downing). It’s akin to our 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

      • Desdemona says:

        The 10 Downing Streetis is the official residence of the elected Prime Minister while performing his duties.. kinda like your White House…

      • grumpy says:

        You don’t know what Downing St is but apparently you are an expert in the policies of Boris Johnson’s government – really

  15. margedebarge says:

    My grandfather has been fighting pneumonia of an indeterminate cause off and on for a month. We begged for covid testing but there were no cases in the area so they refused. After two weeks on a vent he started to recover and insisted that he didn’t ever want to be put on a vent again. He improved steadily for a while and came home and then yesterday morning started coughing up blood. Took him to the ER where we had to leave him (he was yelling about not being put back on a vent). Yesterday evening they call and tell us that he agreed to the vent (though they have zero documentation of it) and that they’re treating him as a presumptive positive for covid and treating him with hydroxychloroquine (even though it’s contraindicated for a patient with his history of cardiac issues). We all said our goodbyes an I love you’s at the ER doors and haven’t been able to speak to him since. The communication and treatment has been so piss-poor, and it isn’t because the hospital is overworked either. It’s a small town with no confirmed cases, the only patients allowed in the hospital are emergencies and births. This isn’t even about bojo, I’m just so scared I can’t think straight.

    • Guest with Cat says:

      I’m so sorry for what you’re all going through. Although I wonder if it started as Covid-19 or something else. We lost my wonderful mother-in-law exactly a year ago. She kept getting pneumonia every couple of months last year. It turned out to be a tumor on her lung causing her to be vulnerable to respiratory infection. She was going to start getting treated for it, but one last case of pneumonia got her. We did at least get to be with her. I’m sorry these conditions are keeping your family from visiting and keeping apprised of your grandfather’s condition. I hope and pray he makes a full and swift recovery. If there’s an underlying condition like my mother-in-law had, I hope they find and address it. I wish you all the best.

    • Candikat says:

      Margedebarge, I’m so sorry you and your family are going through that, it sounds terrifying. My thoughts are with you and wishing for recovery for your grandfather.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      I’m so sorry you and your family are having to go through this. Prayers for your grandfather.

    • February Pisces says:

      I’m so sorry, it’s such a worrying time. It’s awful for family members who can’t even be with their loved ones in hospital or even get regular updates on how they are. I hope he’s ok. X

  16. aquarius64 says:

    Not good. I hope the Queen’s speech was not put out to cover the PM’s health.

  17. Amelie says:

    It’s hard for me to feel sorry for someone who was making light of the virus and flouting theories of “herd immunity” but I do feel for his kids, that has to be scary to have your father in the ICU so I’ll look at it from that perspective. Also more sorry for his pregnant partner, COVID 19 can absolutely be transmitted to babies. There was a story in the news just yesterday of a six month pregnant woman who contracted it and she unfortunately went into preterm labor. The baby died because it was just too early in the pregnancy for it to survive. I don’t know anything about her but I hope she makes it through the pregnancy okay.

  18. Green_Eyes says:

    I wish them all well and hope she has a happy healthy baby.. life is to short and fleeting to wish anything else. ❤️

  19. Yup, Me says:

    He was willing to risk lives with his approach. He just didn’t think his own was one of the ones on offer.

    • Thirtynine says:

      Yes, exactly. Tories have been in power for years, winding back services. The NHS has been under stress even before the pandemic. The governments own pandemic rehearsals ( I think last year) predicted the current state of affairs with shortages in critical areas and they chose to ignore it. They have been protected by money, power and right wing media from the consequences of their lies, their greed and their actions for years. Well, the virus doesn’t care.
      He and Cummings and all his party were willing to risk lives with his approach. “They just didn’t think their own would be the ones on offer.” This.

  20. Thea says:

    The UK insisted on herd immunity after they saw what happened in China, Italy, and Spain. After France, Portugal, California and New York went into lockdown. They insisted that people be ready to take in on the chin and that some people may die before their time. At the time I remember thinking that Bojo doesn’t seem like he realize he might be one of the people who may die. It’s not like he’s a spring chicken. Yes, no country should be without a leader in these trying times, but Bojo was never much a leader anyway.

    People in the UK and here in the states still aren’t taking it seriously enough. My dumbass sister thought it was cool to go help her friend move and was like “I’ll sleep over for a couple of days.” It’s been over a week. I suspect she’s really at her boyfriend’s. My friend just told me that he has people asking him to hangout all the time.

  21. Hannah Kaye says:

    We aren’t leaderless, we have Dominic Raab, Mr ‘I don’t support the human rights act’ who would, if it benefited the economy would kill all of the disabled and elderly people in the UK.

    I hate Boris but I know who I want in power!

  22. blunt talker says:

    I hope they have sanitized 10 Downing Street while he is in the hospital. This virus can live surfaces for a while.