Paul Nassif, 57, is expecting a child with his 29 year-old wife

Do you guys remember the story from earlier this month about 89 year-old former Formula One head, Bernie Ecclestone, expecting a child with his third wife, who happens to be 44? Bernie’s first daughter, from his first wife, is 65 years old. All of that is to say that this story about Botched doctor Paul Nassif isn’t as shocking. He’s 57 and is expecting his third child with his second wife, Brittany Pattakos, 29. They married last year and Paul said in interviews that he wanted children with her. He also has three teenage boys from his first marriage, to RHOBH’s Adrienne Maloof. This news that Paul’s wife was expecting came out last week, but I’m only hearing about it now that they did a gender reveal.

Botched star Dr. Paul Nassif and wife Brittany Nassif are revealing the sex of their baby-to-be and it’s…a GIRL! Brittany surprised her husband tonight with a golfing-themed pink explosion and the happy couple are sharing the reveal with E! News first.

“In my heart I knew it was a girl. We have three boys and a boy dog…it was finally time to have a little girl,” Paul tells E! News exclusively. “I’m so excited. My heart is racing right now and this is one of the best days.

E! News exclusively broke the news last week that Paul and Brittany are expecting their first child together. Brittany is 14 weeks along in her pregnancy and the couple’s bundle of joy is due mid-October.

“I’m very excited,” Brittany told E! exclusively. “I’m also a little nervous too, because it’s a different experience, something new, especially when your body’s changing. It’s amazing what your body can do.”

“It’s like riding a bike,” Paul, whose youngest kids just turned 14, added of parenting a newborn. “I still remember most of it, all of it. Obviously it will be scarier for Brittany because it’s her first time doing this.”

[From E! Online]

I don’t watch Botched, but I saw the first couple seasons of RHOBH and I remember that Paul and Adrienne bickered so much it was uncomfortable to watch. Anyway, I’ll be nice – it’s surely a difficult time for expecting couples because women can’t bring their partners with them to their medical appointments or to the deliver room in many hospitals. So this was the first time Paul found out the sex of their baby and it was sweet. You can tell he’s excited for the baby.

Now back to being snarky – look at her eyebrows.

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  1. Sayrah says:

    She’s 29? Maybe it’s the makeup

    • Snowslow says:

      Why have cosmetic surgery and contouring when it makes you look like a 50 year old trying to look your real age?
      …Or she is 39 but he needs a trophy wife so she botched 10 years off.

    • Elizabeth says:

      My first thought as well.

    • Spicecake38 says:

      I….just….whaaaaat???She just can’t be 29!

      I am 44 and easily look younger than her.

    • Tate says:

      I had the same reaction.

    • Snappyfish says:

      There is no way the woman in these pictures is 29. Maybe 39 & I’m being kind. Makeup can age you a few years but not usually decades.

      Best wishes on what I’m guessing is an older pregnancy

    • Flamingo says:

      If she’s 29, then so am I. (I am not 29.)

      • MuttonChop says:

        I think it’s the makeup. Her skin looks young but the makeup is really aging. It’s reminding me of the recent Kylie pictures where she literally looks like a different person. I’m really ready for this sharpie eyebrow look to go away…

    • Sojaschnitzel says:

      I mean.. that was my first thought. I am 40+ and I am fairly confident that I look younger than her. Seriously. Not better, but younger.

    • minx says:

      There is NO WAY she’s 29. None.

    • megs283 says:

      ok, I NEVER have this reaction….but yeah. Same thing. I’ll be kind and say it must be the makeup.

  2. MamaMay says:

    She’s 29? ….

  3. It’sjustblanche says:

    That’s the hardest looking 29 year old I have ever seen. Not even trying to be mean.

  4. Yoyo says:

    Is Paul experimenting on her face?

  5. Erinn says:

    I’m 29 and if I didn’t know how old she was, I would have thought she could be my aunt or something.

    She has the exact same basic tweaked face as most of the Real Housewives and it just makes me assume she’s so much older.The styling and the makeup probably aren’t helping either. But man.

  6. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I was still getting carded at 29. She looks like a vain grandmother.

  7. Gigi La Moore says:

    Congrats, Paul.

  8. emmy says:

    Yeah, 29. Okay then. Having a baby at 57 … I’ll just not say anything.

    I love Botched because he and Dubrow are actually really nice and don’t generally make fun of people. I expected it to be a little mean but it’s surprisingly not.

  9. WindyCityGal says:

    There’s no way she’s 29. NO WAY!

  10. damejudi says:

    It’s happy news for them during these uncertain times.

    I have a soft spot for Paul, I guess. From what I saw on RHOBH, it looked like Adrienne actively loathed him, and worse, she was openly disrespectful of him. Their sons had to have seen it, and it’s terrible behavior to model as a parent.

  11. MellyMel says:

    There’s no way she’s 29.

  12. Rose says:

    Y’all just love a chance to make fun of a womans looks don’t you ? Mostly everyone comment is just that .

    • marley says:

      theres a DIFFERENCE. she is so *obviously* lying about her age, its laughable. and I say this as someone who comes from a long line of dermatologists (and work in a similar orbit myself).

      she is not, on any level or plane of existence, 29. the woman is point blank lying.

      there are tell tale signs of being older, whether it be the jowls/neck, hands, certain points in the face. she can lie as much as she wants or get as much cosmetic surgery she wants…but specific parts of her body/face will *always* tell the truth lol whether she (or you) like it or not.

      • MB says:

        If you go to her Instagram you can see that she is a twin.
        Her twin sister has a young family also. Its pretty clear she is not lying about her age. You are just being incredibly rude and judgmental (like almost everyone else here).

      • Diana says:

        May I ask you what the common ‘tells’ are? And any tips on what best to focus on (sunscreen and certain products, but any procedures, too) to look our best as we age?

      • CherryL says:

        Her twin sister looks even older than her.

  13. Guest with Cat says:

    I don’t watch Botched or any reality TV shows anymore, but I remember him and Terry Dubrow from a short running TV show, about 18 years ago, where they took a bunch of ordinary moms whose looks had gone due to poor income and neglect and subjected them to a lot of procedures at once without giving them sufficient time to heal and then held a beauty contest at the end. When I look back on it, it was really sexist and exploitative and likely harmed the women because the procedures were clearly going to require maintenance and these women had no means to provide that on their own. I think it was that show that put my husband and me off reality TV.

    So yeah…whatever…congratulations…whatever.

    He looks like he’s done work on himself. Whoever worked on his wife should have their license revoked. A woman that young should not look that done. And I’ll stop right there.

    • Heather says:

      Was that show called The Swan, or something like that? I vaguely remember that show. It was pretty sad. But I didn’t realize it was Debrow & Nassif.

  14. Zantasia says:

    What’s wrong with her eyebrows? I don’t understand

  15. Quincytoo says:

    No way 29 just no way

  16. Chaine says:

    I feel sad for any daughter. The child will have a combination of all of the features the parents have carved out of their own faces and they will push the idea of plastic surgery from a young age.

  17. Harla says:

    I really wish “older” people would think twice about having babies. I had elderly parents and it wasn’t fun, other kids made fun of me, my teachers always thought they were my grandparents, they didn’t have the energy for activities, the list goes on. Plus, so many of these children will be losing a parent while they are too young.

  18. Erika H says:

    29 going on 40. Geesh, is it just her face structure or really bad choice of makeup….or is she lying about her age 🤔

  19. Veronica S. says:

    He’s gross, but she is an adult who can make her own bad decisions. I just feel bad for the kids that have parents that elderly. It’s so vain. Clearly, they’re not the ones who are going to be doing the work of raising young children at that age.

    It’s always so annoying to me when you see women with all that makeup plastered on next to their relatively clean-faced male partners. The difference in social performative pressure is so evident at that point. Maybe he’s a psychic vampire sucking all of her vitality away. Somebody get her some of that GOOP holy water, STAT.

  20. Audrey says:

    I came here to say what everyone else is saying! Sheesh! What is she going to look like at 50?!

  21. Lily says:

    They look the exact same age

  22. Sam the Pink says:

    Is 29 the average age of all of her various parts?

  23. Original Jenns says:

    I’m so mad that those skims clothes look so cute and cozy. That’s all.

  24. CherryL says:

    They look like they’re the same age. They had the same procedures and it made her look so old. An almost 60-year old guy doesn’t Need to be having babies anymore.

  25. anon says:

    She’s looks 39 with all that work.

    No 29-year-old needs that much plastic surgery. It aged her. Hard.

  26. Züri says:

    No amount of Botox or filler can hide what we all experience as we age: slowly developing jowls. I’m 44, look a lot younger, and take very good care of my skin. I can’t stop what I see as my cheeks slowly creeping southward, and she clearly can’t, either! If you look at her jawline, it’s that of an older woman.

    I will sing the praises of the smallest amount of Botox between the brows and a light injection of Juvederm in the lips to smooth lines until the day I die if it’s something you choose for yourself. It doesn’t change my face, just makes me look refreshed. What I can’t understand is the need to have so many procedures that one looks like an “alien.” So many younger girls do this and I’ve noticed it and the super heavy makeup really ages them.

  27. boobra says:

    i know i had 6 lasses of wine glasses…but i can see that lady aint 29…39 yes..but not 29

  28. Beach Dreams says:

    29? Her? Okay then.

  29. Lisabella says:

    Never mind their ages, I’m already feeling sorry for the unborn child.

  30. Deanne says:

    When I saw her photos, I actually though it was refreshing that he was with someone who was more age appropriate, rather someone 30 years younger. I was shocked to read that she claims to be 29. I’m sorry, but that is the hardest 29 I’ve ever seen in my life. 39 would even be a stretch.

  31. Shasha says:

    If she’s 29, I’m 12. She’s mid-40’s at a minimum.

  32. Leskat says:

    Maybe 15 years ago that woman was 29. It’s impossible to believe that she is 29 on this exact day. Whatever work she has had done is unflattering and aging and that’s being nice. I’m almost 40 and I look about 20 years younger than her. I feel sorry for this child to be born to people who value artifice and lying so highly.

  33. LA says:

    You know what? Adrienne was so, so mean and awful to him that I’m just kind of…happy he’s happy. No shade from me.

    • FHMom says:

      I watched a little of that show and I always felt bad for him. He seemed like a nice guy. Congrats.

      • Eda says:

        When he’s bantering with Terry Dubrow on Botched, he always comes across as the nice one. And he seems genuinely empathetic and kind toward patients.

        He’s mentioned on the show that he has had three rhinoplasties and one full facelift. I think the full facelift was really well done, judging by the recent photos of him and his age.

        I feel really bad commenting on his wife’s looks, but something seems off. Maybe the totally matte makeup and harsh lines (brows/lips/hairline) are super aging. She has a twin, so that may be one way of seeing if she’s just a person who looks a bit mature for their age. It never occurred to me that she’s lying. I think I’m just naive! That would be pretty easy to verify though, I think. I see this look in LA a lot, especially with people who work in any kind of aesthetic field. People here attempt to look younger at a really early age, and they kind of end up going in the opposite direction. It will be interesting to see how this develops as she is in the media spotlight more.

  34. excuzzz says:

    LMAOOOOO 29?

    she wishes she was 29. that lady is 40+, MINIMUM. and thats being generous….cuz she looks way older than that, even.
    she honestly looks like she could be 50, but trying to look younger….

  35. Ada says:

    If she’s 29, then I’m 15. Unbelievable. No that can’t be a 29 year old. She looks 15 years older

  36. MB says:

    What a bunch of a**holes most of you are.

  37. Lily says:

    More like truth-tellers

  38. TyrantDestroyed says:

    I’ve never understood the point of cosmetic surgery tbh.

  39. Oliviajoy1995 says:

    She’s 29?? She looks mid to late thirties. Congrats I guess.

  40. Isabelle says:

    Ha she is a spitting image of the ex wife , botoxed and younger. He has a type and it is his first wife.v

  41. David says:

    Congrats. He is so lovable and deserves the same in return!