Was that Kristin Cavallari’s ex Jay Cutler’s arm on her former BFF’s Instagram?

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Late last week, we got details from Kristin Cavallari’s divorce filing that she and Jay were each spending three days with the kids, with them “splitting their time between the main home and other residences while the kids remained together.” This story was in E!, which also claimed that they “are on opposite sides of the house and only communicate in regards to the children’s needs.” So which is it, were they living separately and planning to divorce, were they in the same house and barely talking, or was Kristin blindsided by Jay’s divorce filing because they were still living together and trying to divorce amicably? It seems like Kristin deliberately contradicts herself, sometimes in the same story, for sympathy and headlines. As I mentioned it could all be orchestrated by a team at E! though, it’s hard to tell.

E! is reporting that Kristin and Jay have reached a temporary custody agreement. They’re going to each spend a week with the kids. Jay has also agreed to release the money from their joint account so Kristin can buy her own house. Thank goodness I was so worried about her. /s

“Kristin and Jay have made some progress in moving forward with the divorce,” the insider shares. “They are now agreeing that Jay will allow Kristin to purchase the home she has been looking at since November of last year when they started having serious issues, which prompted her to start looking in the first place.”

The source adds, “In exchange for that, they are agreeing to split the time with their children, one week on and one week off. They are having the kids stay in the home and Kristin will stay a week, then Jay will stay a week.”

This will change once Kristin moves into her new residence, as the kids will have to move from her home to his every other week, the source explains.

As for when her move will take place, the source believes Kristin “should be able to close within a month” on the new residence.

The insider says the hope is that “things between Jay and Kristin will probably get better once she is settled,” as the new living arrangement will help to alleviate any tensions between the now exes “since they aren’t having to deal with each other as much.”

Furthermore, the source reveals, “Jay agreed to not hole up in the house today as well, which allows the splitting of time with the kids in the marital home, instead of contentiously cohabitating.”

[From E! Online]

You know that more dirt is going to come out and more sourced stories will be linked so Kristin can continue to milk this. Case in point, the Instagram below which Kristin’s former-BFF, Kelly Henderson, posted on Friday. Commenters quickly noticed that the bracelet on the man’s hand looked very similar to a one that Jay Cutler owns. Remember that Kelly’s alleged cheating with Jay was what led to her falling out with Kristin. (Kristin said she didn’t believe it but she was mad that Kelly didn’t apologize for those rumors.)

Anyway E! has another story claiming this is not Jay’s hand. A source told them that “Jay is not involved with Kelly. Even if he were, he would never risk his position in the divorce by doing something as public as this.” So either Kelly is baiting with this photo of a man’s arm with a bracelet just like Jay’s, or this was entirely orchestrated by E! and/or Kristin and Kelly, to get us to talk about these people over the weekend. Also, do these people do anything other than drink? They’re blotto on half the posts on Instagram.

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Much needed happy hour. Happy Friday y’all.

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How was she at the Oscars this year?
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This outfit
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  1. LaUnicaAngelina says:

    I’m here for some good trashy gossip. The escapism is nice.

  2. Michael says:

    They are all very unlikable to me so I am not rooting for either. Hope the kids are ok though

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      Same, although imagine having a “best friend” like that. Yikes. Picker problems of all sorts.

  3. Kaya says:

    CB- I love your site and your commentary but why are you so nasty about specifically this group of people drinking? LOTS of people are drinking more in quarantine and a lot of people drink as a part of their regular life. It seems very judgmental.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      Are you new here? CB is in recovery.

      • Kaya says:

        No, but thanks for being condescending. Again, just because she has a problem that she’s in recovery from doesn’t mean everyone else on planet earth is.

    • Helen says:

      Just because ‘a lot of people are drinking more’ doesn’t mean it’s healthy. If you’re self medicating with alcohol, you should work so address the underlying problem, not get smashed more often.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      it’s not even so much that people are drinking, or drinking MORE than usual.

      it’s that the alcohol is present IN EVERY FRAME.

      yeah, I’ve been drinking more than usual. but I don’t make sure the drink is in EVERY photo I take. I don’t make a point of taking a pic OF THE DRINK.

      also, if you think THIS:
      ” Also, do these people do anything other than drink? They’re blotto on half the posts on Instagram.”

      …is “so nasty”, I’d say you ARE, in fact, new here. that’s not even CLOSE to “nasty”.

    • Samantha Kinman says:

      I just looked at Kristin’s insta. There were 28 photos before even 1 where alcohol was present in the frame.

  4. Kebbie says:

    She was at the Oscars because she does a panel on E. She sits on a roof on the other side of the street and talks about fashion with a couple of other nobodies. But she walks the red carpet before all the actual stars show up.

    It’s not Jay in the photo, but her friend is desperate and wants people to think it is. She’s going to milk it as much as Kristin is. But Jay’s calves aren’t that muscular. I’ve seen some people say arms, but on the left side, that’s a crossed leg not an arm.

  5. Melissa says:

    I said it before – they are setting him up for the Kris Humphries treatment. Throw out all kinds of innuendo, conflicting stories, make him look manipulative, imply he’s a cheater…

    I think they both kind of suck for different reasons, but they are rolling out the PR against this dude.

    • Kebbie says:

      People who watch her show seem to prefer him to her so I wonder how well that’s going play.

      • Bucky says:

        My take is that she doesn’t differentiate between positive and negative attention very well. The more attention she gets for the divorce will encourage her to make more and more salacious accusations and she’ll be afraid of the loss of attention when the divorce is final. She never would have had a reality show without a husband with such name recognition. No one is going to watch her, refusing to show her kids, and her paid staff pretending to be her friends. It really is so much like Bethenny Frankle using a reality show to advertise her brand, using a relationship to get a reality show, and the divorce winds up lasting much longer than the marriage. Their both underweight too, but that’s probably coincidence.

  6. Ash says:

    They also live in the south, as do I and drinking is so much part of the culture here. I know many are drinking more now, myself included but it’s so normalized here. Many people are just high functioning alcoholics, there’s just porch drinking, day drinking, mimosas, lake drinking, park drinking etc etc!! I’ve lived all over and definitely find it’s part of life way more here in the south.

  7. Victoria says:

    I don’t get it. If her friend said she didn’t cheat with Jay why should she apologize for the rumors? Am I being too rational? please advise

    I also agree the escapism is nice bring on trashy gossip! Excluding the royals

    • Bucky says:

      Kristen’s position was something like…she found it unforgivable for Kelly to have not made a statement shutting down the rumors on instagram -AND- it was unforgivable to mention the rumor on instagram. Totally makes sense.

  8. PrincessDope says:

    I’ve watched the show a did a little digging around – several of the girls who have been “fired” from her store have made mentions that KC doesnt like anyone who upstages her on her show. She got rid of a few of her workers, her friend Kelly and now her husband. One of the main reasons this show got picked up for season 2 & 3 was that people wanted more Jay. I think she just needed to get rid of the next thing taking this spotlight from her.

    I don’t think it’s Jay in the pic with Kelly – but they were friends for years. I believe since they were in college. There may be nothing romantic, but maybe they miss being friends. Jay seems like a major douche, but he’s not stupid.