Zoe Kravitz isn’t going to have a baby just ‘because society says so’

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Best part of 2019.

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Zoe Kravitz and Karl Glusman are about to celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary. They married in Paris last June, with Lenny Kravitz acting as host at his magnificent French home. Karl and Zoe had been together for a few years before Karl proposed to her (as he wore a Friends t-shirt). But what do we really know about Karl and Zoe’s courtship? How did they even meet, and how quickly did they become a thing? Zoe Kravitz spoke about all of that and more during a chat on Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast. Turns out, Zoe’s friend basically brought Karl around so that he would be Zoe’s f–k buddy. Zoe also talks about babies and how she’s pissed that everyone keeps asking her when she’ll get knocked up.

On Karl Glusman: “I feel I’ve known him my entire life. He’s just one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. He’s one of the most honest people I’ve ever met and I feel like I’ve known him since I was a kid, even though I haven’t. There’s this connection where it’s like we’ve always known each other, we’ve always lived together. It doesn’t feel like this foreign thing. We have a history, it feels like,” she added. “You know how sometimes you have a weird part of your personality only your friends know from when you were young? We have that same part of our personalities, if that makes sense.”

How she was introduced to him: “When I met him I was very much going through a dry spell. I had gone through a break up and I hadn’t really met anyone that I had connected with in a while. And my friend met Karl and fully brought him to a friend’s birthday party at a bar so I could meet him and have someone to hook up with. It was kind of meant to be a really casual thing, and then we just kind of never separated.”

She’s sick of the baby question: “A lot of people ask the question, ‘When are you gonna have a baby?’ or say things like, ‘When’s the baby?’ and I really get offended by people assuming that’s something that I have to do because society says so.”

Whether she does want kids: “Right now, I’m certainly not in a place where I think I’m able to do that just ’cause of work and also just, man, I don’t know, I like my free time.”

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That’s a funny and surprisingly nice meet-cute. Her friend met Karl and thought “this guy would be a good hookup for Zoe, no strings attached.” And Zoe met him and fell in love. I would watch that movie. And who was the guy she was with before Karl? Penn Badgely is my guess. They dated for several years pre-Karl.

As for the babies thing… I fully admit that my mind usually goes there too, especially when a couple is newly married. I mean… many people – not all, but many – do get married because they have a plan for when they’re starting a family and all of that. But yes, it’s an outdated and deeply personal line of questioning and I need to stop.

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15 Responses to “Zoe Kravitz isn’t going to have a baby just ‘because society says so’”

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  1. Valiantly Varnished says:

    She’s actually talked about how they met a few times in interviews. I like what she said about being asked about having kids. It’s 2020 and it’s utterly ridiculous to me that people still think it’s okay to ask that question.

  2. Ann says:

    It’s a difficult question not to ask, I find. I don’t think about it as societal pressure, I just love seeing my friends and family become parents. I’m 35 and the last 10 years has brought lots of new babies in my life and I love all of them. I guess it is a rude question but I think most people ask it with good intentions.

  3. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I’m gonna play both sides. Yes it’s annoying when everyone asks when the pregnancy is coming. Yes it’s annoying when people ask about the baby’s sex. Yes it’s annoying when people ask if it’s twins. Yes it’s annoying when people ask if you’re going to breastfeed. Yes it’s annoying when people ask what extracurriculars the child is enrolled. Why they’re not walking. Binky, thumbsucking or abstinence. Homeschool, private or public. What are their grades? What collage? My point is, you might as well stay at home if you get sick of personal questions or create shirts with very clear messages lol (I can think of a few). You will be asked personal questions your entire timeline. It simply didn’t bother us when we were young.

  4. Sequinedheart says:

    I understand people have good intentions when they ask but how bout, just don’t.
    I have friends, and I’ll include myself, who have struggled with it, whether it be trying for their first or having trouble getting pregnant a second time. And the questions, the assumptions – hurry up, and have one, where is their little brother or sister? Yes it’s well intentioned but my god, it is so, so personal and can be very painful.
    I think we’ve gotten over asking single people when will they settle down because that is an out-dated mindset. How about we give family planning a rest too?

    • glly says:

      As a single person who still gets asked constantly, I’ll get back to you on when you can expect your turn to be left in peace.

  5. dlc says:

    I’m glad she addressed that. I don’t think there should be assumptions that every woman’s life plan includes being a mother.

  6. Lucy says:

    I don’t think she was referring to PB because I remember her dating some other guy for quite a while (like, it didn’t seem casual). I don’t remember his name, I don’t think he was someone famous. As for Karl and her, they seem happy together! I hope that’s truly the case.

  7. Queen Meghan's Hand says:

    Is asking a young straight cis-woman who is *newly* married to a straight cis-man when they’re going to have kids really that out-of-order? They followed the traditional heteronormative path already so it that question really so rude and intrusive?
    I honestly don’t know. I’ve just been thinking about this recently whenever I read a young straight cis-woman celeb complain about people asking if she’s going to have kids with her straight cis husband. For years, I agreed with the logic that it’s an inappropriate question full-stop, but as I get older and experience the social, economic, and political ramifications of being a single woman, I am taking a second look at that.

    • Bisshhh says:

      Not every young newly married heterosexual couples want kids. You know this right?

  8. Alex says:

    I think a journalist has the energy to phrase it better, to be fair. Like, “Do you have any film, TV, or personal plans or projects for the immediate future?

  9. IMUCU says:

    Meh, ask me, don’t ask me. It doesn’t bother me either way. I personally don’t ask bc I don’t assume everyone wants or can have children, but I’m married and in the “child-bearing” age range with no children. If I’m asked, and I have been, I’ll share some of my thoughts and reasonings for my current choices, just to help normalize being childfree. But I do that with my health conditions, other beliefs too, etc., so hopefully people can learn and have more understanding for all the different types of lifestyles/conditions out there. I try to make it a teachable moment, but I can see how that would difficult if the person being asked is grieving about difficulty concieving.

  10. Cg2495 says:

    I like Zoe, she is really beautiful. Hate that questions too…I just recently got married and I am 38 yrs old and everyone I meet always ask the baby question…it really started to bother me, it’s exhausting and intrusive.

  11. TyrantDestroyed says:

    I think she was dating the singer George Lewis right before him. They were together for one or two years.
    I understand her feelings of not having kids right away, it’s get annoying to be asked about it after a while.