Terry Crews: We must ensure that BLM doesn’t morph into Black Lives Better

Terry Crews interview at Q102 studio

I think for many people, Terry Crews’ treatment of Gabrielle Union was what started the descent into cancellation. Gabrielle Union had stood up for Terry Crews many times as a colleague and friend. And when Union was fired/pushed out of America’s Got Talent for entirely racist and sexist reasons, Crews did not have her back at all. That was the beginning of the end.

Then Crews followed that up with a tweet in June reading: “Defeating White supremacy without White people creates Black supremacy. Equality is the truth. Like it or not, we are all in this together.” This is a ridiculous straw man argument – Black Lives Matter has never said “only black people matter and only black people can be supreme.” For some reason, Terry tweeted those words and never clarified or apologized and it was awful. Well, he didn’t learn anything from that incident three weeks ago. He tweeted this on Tuesday:

Again, just like his tweet three weeks ago, Terry Crews conflates equality with supremacy. He genuinely – ?? – seems to believe that by asking for equality, Black people might somehow (as if by magic) receive TOO MUCH equality and then become Black Supremacists who live “better” than white people. And again, literally no one is saying anything like that but Terry. I’m embedding my favorite responses to Terry’s tweet, but I’d also like to point out that Terry has a huge number of MAGA/white supremacists/anti-BLM people following him, defending him and commenting on his tweets. That alone should say a lot about what Terry’s selling and who it’s for.

One final thing that Terry tweeted:

For the love of God.

Terry Crews at Buzzfeed looking dapper and wearing fancy shoes!

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  1. Liz version 700 says:

    God he is just so not good at reading the room. Yep still canceled so so so canceled.

  2. Liz version 700 says:

    God he is just so not good at reading the room. Yep still canceled so so so canceled.

  3. Bettyrose says:

    “Feminism has gone too far. It’s a terrible time to be man.” Every movement for equality is eventually attacked as being a movement for supremacy. It’s textbook idiocy. But why Terry? Why???

    • Liz version 700 says:

      It is like he is so afraid he will lose something if others are allowed an equal shot at the system. He is transparently insecure and double canceled

      • lanne says:

        He wants to keep his job in the house. He’s afraid he’s going to get sent out to the fields to pick cotton. He’s gotta get in good with Mastah and remind Mastah that he’s one of the “good ones.” It was an old survival tactic, but Crews is a little late to the game.

    • anon says:

      My guess: some white side piece of his has been having tearfull tantrums about feeling overwhelmed and scared by BLM! Also, he’s a jackass.

      • Kat says:

        He’s a former football player right? And he’s great in his role as a cop. I like Brooklyn 99, not enough to rewatch but it’s good. People being enjoyable actors does not mean that they have intelligent Well thought out ideas About every topic. I bet a lot of football players have some bad opinions, isn’t one a flat Earthier? Reminds me of JK Rowling, who obviously is intelligent in a different way but like this guy she thinks people need to know stuff she thinks before she has any solid reasoning behind her opinion. Doesn’t mean he’s cheating on his wife. Other people who come to mind: Mel Gibson, Giselle’s husband, anyone who compared Less serious things to nazis, anyone white who said the n word. A bunch of celebrities have apologized for those kind of things. Having charisma or being great at acting (even Those better than terry, who I only know in one role) does not equal having an amazing take or knowing when to not share your random take on something

      • anon says:

        @Kat: Crews until now has provided no apologies whatsoever. He’s had multiple people explaining him for weeks that his hot take is wrong and why. And this is not the first time he’s done this. He’s a jackass, not dumb, but a jackass.

        Mel Gibson is an abuser and a bigot and a racist and a cheater and he hasn’t apologized either. Giselle’s husband cheats on her… he probably apologized to his wife, who knows? But just giving some blanket excuse for their actions is a sure way to guarantee those men will not evolve nor change for better.

      • LVL says:

        Kat: What are you talking about? Her husband has nothing to do with it. Are you talking about Drew Bress? Her husband is not a racst. Your comment is so confusing.

        anon: No, her husband doesn’t chet on her. You know he would never do that.

      • LVL says:

        Kat: What are you talking about? Her husband has nothing to do with it. Are you talking about Drew Bress? Her husband is not a racst. Your comment is so confusing.

        anon: No, her husband doesn’t chet on her. You know he would never do that.

  4. heygingersnaps says:

    He really needs to shut up. He keeps showing his ass and it’s getting tiring now.

  5. Mellie says:

    I’m not sure he has the intellectual capacity to debate Bernice King…ever.

  6. McMom says:

    This is so frustrating – way to give voice to a fridge who actually thinks like this, Terry.

    In my bubble (both social and professional), it’s finally to the point where no one is responding with, “all lives matter.” Even my most conservative acquaintances seem to understand that “black lives matter” means “black lives matter, too” NOT “black lives matter more.”

    Nonsense like this (aka Terry’s tweets) helps no one.

    • El says:

      Honest question: do you think it would have been easier to just call it Black Lives Matter Too? I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve expanded a TON of energy driving the “too” home, and I still do. Same with “defund the police”, ALL of my right-leaning friends call it “abolish the police” EVERY.FREAKING.TIME. So-so tired of wasting time on repeating the obvious. Shouldn’t the lesson be “let’s pick better slogans from now on”?

      • Also Ali says:

        I had this very conversation with my 12 year old when we watched a tv show and the T-shirt said “girls rule” and he took it to mean “boys suck”.

        I said it means “girls rule also”, it’s to bring attention to a sometimes forgotten point, not exclude whatever isn’t being highlighted, same with when we say Black Lives Matter. He said “oh that makes sense”.

        One two minute conversation with a 12 year old and he got it.

        I don’t think the problem is with the slogans, it’s with the people who don’t want to understand them.

      • Lizzie Bathory says:

        @Also Ali This. People who fundamentally oppose the goals of these movements will willfully “misunderstand” the slogans no matter what. If it was “Black Lives Matter Too,” Terry would be tweeting that he hoped “Black Lives Matter Too” doesn’t morph into “Black Lives Better.” These folks are not engaging in good faith.

      • Sarah says:


      • Bella says:

        Absolutely the same

      • El says:

        @Also Ali
        @Lizzie Bathory
        Well, both things could be true: they could be not engaging in good faith and the slogan could be less than optimal. We could give them fewer excuses to play dumb.
        Ali, the example with your son does not apply to adults and strangers. Your son trusts you. You can’t expect adults and strangers to take your word for everything like that, it’s just not realistic. Your own son might not in a few years.

        No? Let’s keep making ambiguous slogans?

    • Prayer Warrior says:

      @EI…you speak truth! I lost my lovely, loving, open-hearted son to the plaque of ‘construction site mentality’… and now when he says stupid stuff and I say no he says “well, everybody saying it” and I’m saying “not in my home” and he’s saying…the world has changed and you don’t know what you’re talking about.
      @Also Ali ~ Yet when he was 12, 16, even up to about 22 he was a protector of the vulnerable and an ally.
      Now I love my son, but really a lot of the time, I don’t like what he says/how he chooses to think very much at all….

  7. MellyMel says:

    I truly cannot stand this man. I wish he would stop talking and actually listen so he could see how wrong he is. Disgusting!

  8. truthSF says:

    Wow! What’s the point of us fighting for even a fraction of equality when we have our own family members helping our oppressors?! I’m so tired!

  9. Tanguerita says:

    He is disgraceful trash. It’s the same problem I have with Megyn Kelly. Even a broken clock is right twice a day – doesn’t make it any less useless.

  10. Darla says:

    He’s an imbecile. I don’t think there’s a mystery to solve. Why does he do this? Because he’s an imbecile.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      That is a fair point. He has proven several times he is the worst of the worst. Like most Trumpers he is a “intentional idiot.”

  11. S808 says:

    We’re 400+ years behind on equality and still nowhere near it imo. Living “better” than white people is not even a remote possibility so idk what he’s on about other than tap dancing for racist whites.

    • Teresa says:

      Came here to say the exact same thing. I am white and cannot think of a single thing that black people in America have that would qualify as better than I have or could get. Not one thing. Life varies from vastly easier to moderately easier for white people in everything I can think of. Feminism, education – particularly no one looked at me and thought I got in as a favor because of my race, job place, hair – no one has ever said my hair is inappropriate even when it’s in a rat nest bun, shopping – never been questioned or followed, my access to stuff has never been blocked.
      We have so freaking far to come in America.

  12. Na says:

    He’s an attention whore. Peep the dark suit pic with the purple shoes, socks, handkerchief, sunglasses and the bulging muscles. He is very insecure

    • DiegoInSF says:

      I mean he’s obviously so wrong about this whole thing and why does he keep going on and on even thought he keeps being called out buuuut I actually love that outfit. Will take this style any day over Adam Sandler types of zero effort.

  13. shanaynay says:

    Will someone please OFFICIALLY #cancelterrycrews!!!!!!!!

  14. JanetDR says:

    This is quite possibly the dopiest thing I have ever heard.

  15. Nlopez says:

    Terry crews is an uncle tom.

  16. Intheknow says:

    Terry Crews is still a cowed subservient slave (mentally). He is SOOOOO afraid of losing his white granted privileges that he will literally do and say anything. He’s gross. His wife must be so embarrassed.

  17. Case says:

    Why is he so concerned with the idea of equity somehow transforming into a superior race? No one is saying that. Asking for your life to simply “matter” is so so so far below trying to state your life is better than someone else’s. Calm down, dude.

  18. lanne says:

    Congrats Terry! Your tweet will now become an alt right talking point. Heck, you might even get liked by the President!

    • anon says:

      Trump tends to go around offering black celebrities (Hello Kanye) lots of cash so they pretend to be his friends and spit out MAGA tidbits… maybe Crews got one of his cheques too…

  19. detritus says:

    I heard a very nasty rumour that he’s real bad to his wife and daughter behind closed doors.

    I always want him to be better than he is.

    • osito says:

      His father was an abusive alcoholic. I haven’t heard those rumors about Crews, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

  20. Geeena says:

    We have to get to equality before we can worry about black supremacy (rolling my eyes x100).

    How could we be at risk of Black lives better when the opposition still debates whether Black lives have worth????

  21. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Can we now all agree that Terry Crews is a dumbass? Like seriously. He’s not very bright.

  22. osito says:

    I’m going to go ahead and put him on the sick and shut in list. Something is dangerously wrong there. And if he doesn’t get sacked from Brooklyn 99, I’m going to assume that a show I really enjoyed no longer wants an audience.

  23. Elizabeth Rose says:

    He and Candace Owens should get together and convince themselves that they’re going to have beautiful white children given their propensity to shuck and jive for the white folks. Both disgust me. He was cancelled after what he did to Gabriel and now he’s 6 feet under to me and this was the final nail on his coffin. Too much, LOL?..

  24. La Rhonda says:

    Terry was cancelled? I must’ve missed the carrier pigeon.

  25. NewKay says:

    Dear Terry Cruise – STFU

  26. Kittycat says:

    Can we please stop idolizing celebrities we don’t know?