Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt’s four-year divorce hampered by the pandemic

Angelina Jolie goes shopping at Lassens amid coronavirus pandemic

Last week, People Magazine had a curious story about how Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have softened towards each other to the point where he can visit her house for hours and it doesn’t devolve into a murderous rampage. “Sources” credited the fact that Angelina, Brad and the kids have all been in family therapy since late 2016, after the plane incident. We’re coming up on the four-year anniversary of the incident and Angelina’s divorce filing. Their divorce still isn’t completed, and the last I heard, the financial part of the divorce was the biggest sticking point, not the custodial issue of the younger kids. Again, it’s been four years – so why are we hearing that the pandemic is the reason why Brad and Angelina haven’t finalized their divorce?

Pumping the brakes. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie‘s “legal matters” are being put on pause as courts grapple with the coronavirus pandemic.

“Brad is seeing the kids but everything involved in their process of resolving legal matters between Angelina and Brad, including the courts, is slowed down because of COVID,” a source exclusively tells Us Weekly. “With the pandemic, it has been hard for everyone, including them. The legal process is slowed because of that. They are continuing regular visits but there has not been a lot of progress in terms of resolving anything.”

The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood star, 56, has been spotted visiting his children at Jolie’s house twice in the past few weeks. Pitt stopped by her mansion in June and was seen leaving her home again on July 2.

A source told Us on Wednesday, July 8, that the former couple have been working on their coparenting relationship for the sake of their children. Pitt and Jolie, 45, are the parents of Maddox, 18, Pax, 16, Zahara, 15, Shiloh, 12, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 11.

“Brad and Angelina have continued to navigate a path forward for their children,” the insider explained. “There has been progress.”

[From Us Weekly]

I shared my thoughts about why it feels like Angelina has been slow-walking the divorce process – it’s because the longer this takes, the older the kids are and the more likely the court will say that they can make their own decisions about whether to see Brad. I could be wrong! I definitely think there are lots of financial shenanigans happening too, in that Brad has been putting up a fight about a full financial disclosure to Angelina. Still, the larger point remains… it’s been almost four years. The pandemic can’t be blamed on all of this.

Here are some photos of Brad arriving to Angelina Jolie’s gated community. I mean, the photo agency claims that’s him and that must be the BMW bike we’ve heard so much about (the same one he was riding around the BLM protest a few weeks ago). The jeans… wow. The wash and a rolled-up cuff? I’m sure he rolled up the cuffs because of something to do with driving a motorcycle, but the effect is not very cool.

Brad Pitt pays Angelina Jolie a visit in LA

Brad Pitt pays Angelina Jolie a visit in LA

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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  1. Sierra says:

    I personally believe Brad is the one stalling the divorce.

    He has requested for extension several times and also refuses to disclosure his financials.

    There is another report out there where they claim Maddox doesn’t speak to Brad. So this gossip is from Brad’s PR team to counter act towards that news.

    • Reginald says:

      Yes I totally agree with you.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      This is from Us Weekly. Us Weekly is the number #1 writer of fan-fiction in the English speaking world.

    • Valiantly Varnished says:

      I agree. Angelina was done a long time ago and I dont see her wanting to purposely drag it out. All of the kids are actually old enough to let a Judge know if they want to see Brad so that wouldn’t be a reason to stall.
      I think Brad is stalling for two reasons: money. And that he didnt want the divorce in the first place and it’s a power move to still have control over Angie.

  2. Tia says:

    He’s also not very clever for wearing those jeans and shoes anyway. If he’s in an accident they will provide zero protection.

  3. Astrid says:

    I can see how an A-list couple with lots of kids, properties and business would have a long drawn out process before it’s all done. My run of the mill divorce with one house and 4 kids took 2 years to the day.

  4. Dhavynia says:

    US Weekly had to make sure it stated that he showed up at her “mansion” instead of her home as if she is the only living in an expensive real estate location. Yeah those are his sources

  5. ERB says:

    The courts are absolutely moving slower because of the pandemic.

    • Yvette says:

      Right, but I thought they hired a retired Judge to handle their divorce. Is retired Judge John W. Ouderkirk no longer handling their divorce? Seems a retired Judge would be more readily avaiable for virtural/Skyped hearings, just like other ‘working Docket’ Judges are currently handing down decisions during the Covid-19 pandemic.

      I’m betting that the only remaining financial sticking point is Chateau Miraval. It’s no secret that Angie wants to sell the winery and split the profits and Brad wants to keep it as a family business for the children.

      I agree with Kaiser that Angie is the one dragging her feet on the divorce, and I also agree that she’s doing it because of the kids … but not for the same reason.

      • Sierra says:

        Sorry but it is a well known fact that Angelina wanted to buy the place in France for the kids and that’s why she also owns the winery. Brad wants to buy out Angelina and thankfully, she is saying no.

      • lucy2 says:

        Then she should buy him out, or they should both walk away from ownership of it and put it into trust for the kids. There has to be something they could do to finish this up already.

  6. SaraR. says:

    Really, his pr can’t stop yapping. They really are using her silence about the whole thing to spin it their way: it’s just a long divorce were parents have problems getting to agreement, and not that father ruined relationships with his children and that they are still in process of therapy and healing before the final custody agreement is signed.

  7. Charfromdarock says:

    That was my first thought – the youngsters will be grown by the time the divorce is finalized.

  8. lucy2 says:

    Slower courts for sure, but one or both of them have been dragging this out longer than necessary. Can you imagine 4 years of extremely high priced lawyers?

    • NatureLover says:

      @lucy2, I agree that both of them have been each dragging their preferred actions with the courts. Though I will say that the only thing USWeekly is useful for is the bottom of your birdcage.

  9. Truth hurts says:

    Longer courts is BS. They have a private judge and high powered lawyers. They are technically SINGLE, so Money and or custody is the issue here.
    Custody can’t still be holding this up. The last statement her lawyers made was that Angelina had done everything she could do after the judge said she had to tell the kids they were safe with their dad. God knows why that was asked.
    She said it was left up to Brad, the courts and the kids so I can’t blame the stalling in that.,
    There was a report last year about money and or their home in France was the biggest disagreement. I also read that there was No pre nup *sigh*. Being Pitt has been withholding support to her I would put my money on the money. Shall we talk about him loaning 9 million for her home to house his kids. Last time I checked that should be required by both. Angelina called him a deadbeat so he put this info out which made him look ridiculous.

  10. Tasz says:

    Perhaps Pitt is dragging his feet because the lawsuit against him and his NOLA disgrace is still ongoing. Maybe that’s one reason along with the others mentioned here.

  11. crogirl says:

    “It’s no secret that Angie wants to sell the winery and split the profits and Brad wants to keep it as a family business for the children.”

    That’s not true, that’s just his PR leaking nonsense to distract. If I that was the truth Brad could just buy her out.

    Angelina owns the vineyards and the land and they own the house together.

    Brad kicked his kids out of their home and gave Angelina a loan to buy a new house. That guy wouldn’t want to keep a business just for his kids.

    • Booie says:

      Really? If she owns the land and the vineyard, couldn’t she just say fine, keep the house, I’ll keep the vineyard? She could then either point out that the house is on her land and force his hand to pay her for it or make him give it up? Or she could just let him have another precious house he wont give up and build herself and her kids a house to their tastes on another side of the land?

    • Yvette says:

      @Crogirl … Sorry, I didn’t realize you’d responded to my post above.

      The Perrin family of Chateau de Beaucastel co-owns Chateau Miraval with Angie and Brad, and they manage the winemaking. So Angie most definitely does not own the vineyard and the land.

      How could Brad have kicked Angie and the kids out of their house when she left the plane with the kids and never returned to their house??

      • crogirl says:


        Few months ago I watched an interview with Perrin where he was talking about Brad and Angie and said: Angelina owns the vineyard and together they own the house.

        I remember reading that after the plane incident he went to a hotel and she to the house to pick up the things and then left.
        In her lawyers statement it was said he was asked to contribute in buying the new house for the kids because he chose to keep the family home with all its possessions.

        Angelina was asked directly once if they planned to sell Miraval and she answered no.

      • Truth hurts says:

        Wrong @Yvette …Perrin just recently in an interview explained the makeup of that partnership. They own 50% of the winery, Brad and Angelina 25% each of the winery. Brad and Angelina own the home.-50% each. Angelina owns the vineyard 100%.
        The Perrin family does the upkeeps the vineyard and is responsible for the production of the products.
        Brad has no ties with the vineyard just the business and home.
        There were rumors she wanted to sell the home. I don’t see a problem if there is a buyer.
        Brad did a lot of renovations there, recently a lawsuit was incurred by the decorator claiming it was her designs and nonpayment of services by Mr architect lying saying he designed it Lol. Maybe this is why he doesn’t want to sell the home. Or just plain spiteful. The kids would benefit from the business not the home NO ONE LIVES IN!
        Either way he just filed his financial statements which was a whole year after they were supposed to be filed. It’s him on the financial part. His actions throughout the whole divorce has been that. Claiming Angelina has money, but dude you have to pay more than therapy bills and security!

      • Yvette says:

        @Truth Hurts … that’s what ‘co-owner’ means.

  12. Dee Kay says:

    I think they both win if the divorce takes longer. Brad wins b/c the way it all went down is (potentially) bad PR for him and so working towards an “amicable” split with healthy coparenting agreements in place by the time the divorce officially happens is really the best thing for his career and image. Angelina wins b/c the kids potentially are older and get more say in who they want to spend time with by the time the custody sharing agreement is inked. Neither seems like they’re anywhere close to marrying anyone else so they don’t care if they’re still legally married.

  13. tcbc says:

    I think Angie is slow-walking this because she knows that Brad doesn’t care about his non-bio children. (Or maybe he loves Zahara, but not the two eldest boys.) So even though she knows Pax and Maddox don’t want contact with Brad, she doesn’t want them to know for sure that he doesn’t want contact with them, either. If she waits until they’re old enough, they can choose not to see him, rather than having Brad show them unequivocally that he has no interest in a relationship with them. They can reject without being rejected. (It’s one thing to cut off your Dad, but it can still hurt if he doesn’t care that you did.) Right now, the non-college kids are a package deal, so he sees all of them when he decides to put in an appearance.

    Anyway, that’s my tinfoil take. She’s protecting the children.

  14. Kkat says:

    My sister started her divorce right before Angelina did.
    We are also in Southern California.
    My sister is still no where near divorced.
    And my bil never got a lawyer, didn’t counter file or contest it, signed away custody, signed papers agreeing how to divide things, ect, ect
    so anyone blaming angelina or brad, blame the gd court system here.