Kanye West called Kris Jenner ‘Kris Jong Un’ & said he was trying to divorce Kim

Kim Kardashian and hubby Kanye West pose for a photo at the WSJ Innovator Awards in NYC

All week, “sources close to Kim Kardashian” have been talking to every major outlet regarding Kanye West’s latest manic episode. Kim has been in LA as Kanye’s mental health has declined sharply for weeks, mostly as he lives and works in Wyoming. She did not join him for his South Carolina “rally” over the weekend, where he talked about abortion and other subjects. Monday night, Kanye tweeted that Kim was “trying to fly to Wyoming with a doctor to lock me up.” On Tuesday, sources confirmed to People Magazine that Kim “has been trying to get Kanye help for weeks… but what do you do when a person doesn’t want help? Kanye is in Cody because he doesn’t want help. If he wanted help, he would come back to L.A.” Sources also said that Kim’s family has been supporting her and trying to help Kanye too. Everyone involved is in a difficult position because, again, he does not want to be helped, so they’re “talking to medical professionals for guidance.”

All of that set up another night full of manic tweeting by Kanye on Tuesday/Wednesday. These tweets had a different edge, as Kanye seemingly mocked Kris Jenner as “Kris Jong Un” and insinuated that Kim had an affair with Meek Mill. He deleted most of the tweets but of course everyone got screencaps. Here’s the shady tweet about Kris Jong Un and Meek:

President Donald Trump Speaks in the Brady Press Briefing Room

I mean… he is the one trying to divorce Kim? I think Kim should react to that as “oh wow, here’s my escape route, he’s gonna divorce ME!” He also tweeted Drake’s name with a thinking emoji, which… I mean, I still believe Kim f–ked with Drake. I believe that more than I believe Kim f–ked with Meek. Oh, and white supremacy:

President Donald Trump Speaks in the Brady Press Briefing Room

What else did he delete? Something about: “#2020VISION or maybe ‘24. I guess all black people supposed to vote on Biden? Y’all want me to run on nah???” No. We do not want you to run.

Update: Kim posted a statement on social media about Kanye and bipolar disorder. I think she’s being respectful of his mental health and she’s asking people to give their family some space to sort out some sh-t.

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  1. bub244 says:

    I wouldn’t necessarily believe that Kim had an affair with Meek just off the back of these tweets. He’s clearly experiencing paranoia, something that commonly accompanies mania, so something really small could have got stuck in his head and made him feel like Kim was unfaithful (a common theme in paranoia is that the people around you want to cause you harm).

    It could be true, obviously, but I wouldn’t take this as ‘tea spilling’ without further corroboration.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Well, she would often meet Kanye in hotels and IIRC one of both of them were married/in relationships at the time. I know she was married to a football player then.

    • Addiedabbie says:

      Even if he is having an episode the look of it all says that there is more going on and that there are some truths in all the crazy statements. He has the savvy to promote his album and shoe release as well as call out people who have actually done him “wrong” in business. He is capable of having conversations and visits with friends ( even if they are awkward to us). also, I think that he sees his marriage ending and has major concerns about how his kids will be raise based on Kim and her family’s antics. If he were able to express himself clearly right now there would be “ tea” about that family being spilled. At this point I feel sorry for the kids those cuties don’t deserve to be in the middle of all of this !

      • A says:

        It cannot be as simple as worry for how his kids will be raised. He chose to have multiple children with Kardashian. But what is fairly new is the open slut-shaming. I don’t really care about who stepped out on who so much as I care that West’s mechanisms for dealing with everything right now center on painting his wife and co-parent and her mother in incredibly misogynistic terms. The ‘evidence’ we have are some Tweets from a defensive, misogynistic man in crisis. That’s not right and I’m not gonna start giving Kardashian shit for it just because Kanye West wants us to think he’s the aggrieved party.

      • Otaku fairy says:

        “The ‘evidence’ we have are some Tweets from a defensive, misogynistic man in crisis.” This. Misogynists almost always get the benefit of the doubt when they run their mouths. Not saying there isn’t reason to be concerned about how North and her siblings will grow up, but Kanye’s behavior is more damaging in the long run and he certainly isn’t doing a good job of teaching his son not to be sexist.

      • Sinead says:

        Hi A, I don’t think the open slut shaming is new because he also slut shamed Amber Rose when he moved on from that relationship. He said he needed 30 showers after her…

      • Christina says:

        It looks to me like his reactions are because he can’t control what Kim and Kris do, and they are working towards getting him medicated, so he is attacking them with his mysogyny.

        The texts to Kris about not calling him back are telling to me. The doctors are likely telling the Kardashians not to talk to him unless he accepts treatment, and he is angry that they won’t respond to him in a manic state. Maybe Kim is the only person allowed to communicate with him now on the advice of medical professionals, and she is probably saying exactly what the doctors tell her to say. He wants to yell at his perceived enemies right now. Kim and Kris got in a plane to bring him a doctor. Dave Chapelle isn’t going to spend days at the ranch trying to turn it around. Kim helped him get treatment before, and he took meds, and they had more kids. She’s trying again, but it looks like he didn’t allow her access to him on the ranch, so she doesn’t really have a lot of choices right now other than to narrow communication and let him rant to on social media.

      • A says:

        Sinead, yes, sorry! I meant specifically shaming Kim but I was unclear and I could easily be wrong on that front too. You are absolutely right to point out he’s always been awful to and about the women in his life and we should not ignore that context for his latest statements. Thanks for setting me straight!

      • Ella says:

        You’re misunderstanding bipolar disorder if you think the fact that “there are some truths in all the crazy statements” and “he has the savvy to promote his album” prove that he’s not profoundly mentally ill.

        People experiencing a manic episode can be highly driven, productive and competent. They can also be articulate and have interludes of clarity.

      • tealily says:

        Even if his accusations are true, I have to say that I have all the sympathy in the world for the spouse of a person going through a mental health crisis. That sh-t ain’t easy and it can be very, very lonely.

    • Livvers says:

      One thing I’ve noticed during all this is that many people want to apply the same standard to manic episodes that they would apply to drunk people, e.g. “there must be some truth to it, and the alcohol/bipolar disorder has just broken down their filter and allowed it to be said.” But that is not how manic episodes work, some people really do just become convinced of complete untruths, and their accusations can cause serious pain & harm to the family members who become the target of these false allegations.

      • Laura says:

        Well said. Mania is not like being drunk. Please, if you don’t have personal experience with persons who have bipolar, don’t make any jokes or rationalizations. Just listen to those of us who do.

        And I’m saying that in a general way, not replying to anyone specific on here.

        Mental health is not a joke & I’m so sad this is playing out in the press.

      • Blondems says:

        This! My sister is severely bipolar and during her episodes what comes out of her mouth is so hurtful. But the real horror of bipolar – for her family – is that what she says has a twisted grain of truth in it. It’s hard to explain but innocent actions on our parts are interpreted differently during these times. It’s almost like gaslighting in that what she says makes us think that ‘maybe we did do X or Y’. It’s a horrible condition for everyone. I’m not commenting on the veracity of the rumours but in my experience bipolar people can become fixated on misinterpretations.

      • osito says:

        This. I get that everyone is on edge, and that people are entitled to their opinions, and that this country doesn’t have a great relationship with either mental healthcare or science, but we really need all the lay psychologists to pause and just be grateful that they have apparently never had to deal with someone breaking with a shared, objective narrative of reality. That whatever crisis they face in their lives isn’t fodder for international news and will not require a global examination of every aspect of their professional and personal lives (and will always only provide more damning evidence and never anything redemptive), is yet another blessing. I’m a really judgmental snob about a lot of things, and I enjoy well-timed snark as much as the next person, but this situation hasn’t been fair game for years. And people using it to justify their dislike of any person involved in this situation is really sh-tty, too. There are plenty of reasons to have unfavorable impressions of Kanye, Kim, Kris and the rest, but this isn’t it.

      • Kendratyler says:

        Actually with severe alcoholism, being drunk can change your personality and you can say and do things you would never do sober. I’m not saying alcoholism is the same as bipolar but there can be similarities as well as differences

      • MJM says:


      • Mustlovedogs says:

        Yes. Thank you for this Livvers. My son has bipolar and it is heart breaking in so many painful ways. For him and for those who love him.

      • Lisa says:

        FAaaaaahhhhk, I think my sister has bipolar! I always thought it was NPD, but now maybe its THIS!

    • CherryL says:

      I’m not sure which of his tweets is true or paranoia but I do think it would be good for him to divorce her and try to get better.

    • roo says:

      @a He did this to Amber Rose. As soon as he was “done” with her, he started slut-shaming her. I don’t know all of the details because I try to somewhat ignore this family and their BS, but I do remember him being very cruel to Amber when they split.

      • A says:

        Yes! Sorry I didn’t see this earlier. You are absolutely right. This seems to be a go-to move for him when he’s hurt or feeling defensive or something. I wanted to say that I hadn’t seen him go after Kim Kardashian specifically like that before but I didn’t make that clear in my original comment and there could be a lot that I missed over the last few years about these two anyway. Thank you for the correction, I will remember it for next time!

    • missskitttin says:

      What the Kardashians do: destroy a man until they completely implode to nothingness and then walk away. It is something inherentky Kardashian.

  2. Gil says:

    I feel this is going to explode big time, it’s gonna be a total shit show. I have always wonder if Kim doesn’t have the legal right to luck him up, I mean she is the wife and he really needs professional help right now.

    • huncamunca says:

      She has no legal right to do this unless he is deemed by physicians to be a danger to himself or others. People keep talking about how Kim must surely have the “right” to lock up her spouse, and while I’m sure the intentions are good, the rhetoric and reasoning are really really harmful and mirror the ways in which men locked up their “hysterical” wives and authorized lobotomies and other medical procedures against their wills. Look, I know what you’re getting at, and I agree that Kanye is very unwell and at risk, but I feel this must be said.

      • Gil says:

        If they didn’t have kids I would think let’s enjoy the show an see how this misogynist digs a deeper hole for himself. I think this guys actions are not Kim responsibility but because they have kids, I think she should be allowed to take action against this train wreck that Kanye has become. His actions have become a future harm for their kids.

      • Sojaschnitzel says:

        @huncamunca a very important point indeed. Thanks!

    • Arpeggi says:

      It’s not the 1800th anymore: a spouse has no right to lock their SO just because they are married and think that they’re not acting appropriately (because yea, it used to happen often, it’s one of the reasons why the rules have changed). You need a court order to force hospitalization because you’re removing someone’s freedom and it’s a big deal. It’s really tough to get one, the person needs to be in imminent danger to themselves or others.

    • JayNay says:

      it’s a scary situation if a loved one is experiencing such a massive mental health breakdown. People are right, you can’t just “lock someone up” unless they are a threat to themselves or others. And that’s a good rule, mental health is weaponised against people enough as it.
      It’s just scary if someone close to you is spiraling and refusing help, and you basically have to stand by and wait until it gets completely out of control.

    • CherryL says:

      You can’t just lock someone up because you want to. He’s an adult. His wife can’t just lock him away. He’s obviously getting help from doctors.

      • ME says:

        Do they want him “locked up” because they want him to get treatment or do they just want him not to be able to run his mouth and spill their secrets? Remember when Kim said Kanye isn’t mentally ill, he’s just misunderstood? That was just a year or two ago.

    • HeyJude says:

      She has the right if she goes to court and wins it. (I unfortunately have gotten a number of these on family (genetic bi-polar) and happen to be an entertainment reporter). In celebrity cases where these meltdowns are public, I’ve never heard of a single court request being refused (Mariah Carey, Misha Barton, Amanda Bynes, etc.). And Kanye’s already been 5150ed once before, so there’s a precedence it’s the only thing that will work to get him treatment.

      Plus the Kardashian’s entire original notoriety is from being the family of one most wiley lawyers in US history and they still have the best links in the legal world you can get because of it.

      So I would not be surprised if they get a psych hold any moment now and then even maybe put him under a conservatorship like Britney/Amanda are under, eventually. Since this has been a long-term battle with him, very up and down, and he’s struggled to find stability for long periods of time.

      TBH At this point, it’s just a matter of time before they get him under a psych hold by coordinating between states. (They’re probably consulting with WY lawyers as we speak.) Simply because so many kids are involved, being drug into the spotlight by him now especially. He’s abandoned his family and parental duties to be in another state. And he’s got a extraordinary amount of assets that need protected with predatory people apparently around him (judging from them making the rally happen). The only way he can avoid it IMO is if he shows some insight into his behavior and signals that by going back to LA and works out some kind of promise for intensive outpatient treatment. No judge would hand out a 5150 on someone lucid enough to see they need and be actively participating in outpatients treatment.

      It’s sad he doesn’t just do that, because it’s such a reasonable alternative but it’s very hard to get through to people in the midst of mania.

  3. Léna says:

    I know it’s very sad and worrying, he needs help asap. I feel bad. But “Kris Jung-On” was really funny

    • Angel says:

      Kris Jung On and Calmye were absolutely hilarious to me.

    • Ash says:

      Yeah, I felt bad for laughing at that.

      …but I still laughed.

    • Diana says:

      Was just about to say the same thing! #guiltlaughing

    • Green Desert says:

      Very sad situation and Kanye clearly needs help. I feel so bad for his children. But I also laughed aloud at this: …” Kris I’m in Cody if your not planning another one of your children’s playboy shoots.”

  4. Angel says:

    There is a rumors that she cheated with Meek and Van Jones too. I was saying it yesterday, he is the one who wants the divorce, what’s surprise me is why he hasn’t filed for it yet. Looks like he is done with the mariage and he just wants to make sure that North won’t be exploited by Kris.

    • Redgrl says:

      Van Jones? Now there’s a handsome man! Joking aside, Kanye is seriously mentally ill and this is all very sad to watch. Must be terrifying for the children. Mr. Redgrl’s mother is bipolar and possibly schizophrenic and he remembers episodes from when he was 4-5. Kids pick up more than adults want to realize…

      • Angel says:

        thank God him and the kids aren’t leaving in the same state right now. I am sorry but I don’t know any judge that would give him custody of his kids in his curent mental state.

      • BatMa'am says:

        @Angel Then you haven’t met a California family court judge–my ex-husband admitted to being sexually attracted to pre-pubescent girls and he still got 50% custody…

      • Steff says:

        Van Jones and Kanye are/were Trump supporters so I see she has a type…

      • Robin says:

        I do think this is why Kim hasn’t divorced him yet. She has to make sure he’s free to run off in the midst of an episode like this and the kids stay with her. God forbid something like this triggers while he has the kids. That’s not to say everyone who experiences mania is violent, and we haven’t really seen any of that with Kanye iirc, but imagine him dragging his kids around and the awful things he might say to them right now.

      • Mumzy says:

        Van Jones gave an *amazing* graduation speech at Vassar College in 2019. My daughter was a Vassar graduate this year, and had a virtual graduation which crashed their server, so instead we rewatched Van Jones’ 2019 speech. Please watch it if you can — it is inspiring, funny, hopeful, with the overall message of the power of “reaching across the aisle.” https://youtu.be/O7OjrOyhv0A

    • Case says:

      Van Jones????? He is such a cool and classy man, I’d like to think he wouldn’t have an affair with Kim. But who knows.

    • SKR says:

      Soaked in a vat of misogyny and slut-shaming. I wouldn’t want my kids exploited by Kris Jenner either; but what he is doing right now is way more damaging to them.

      In any case, the rantings of a bipolar person in a manic period should not be taken as absolute truth. One of my best friends is bipolar and in the early years – before he took it seriously and got his meds right – he would have manic periods and psychotic breaks every now and then and say completely fictitious stuff with absolute confidence that he was right. He thought he was engaged to some chick he had met for all of 5 minutes and decided that all his mates were trying to keep them apart because they were jealous (meanwhile said chick was terrified). He also thought he was Jesus and tried to heal people. Sometimes he’d be lucid then snap in and out of ranting about all sorts of stuff. I think people need to take everything Kanye says right now with a whole sea full of salt.

      • Susie says:

        Don’t usually comment but I find it really uncomfortable how someone ppl are talking about Kim and Kanye. It’s like Halsey was saying some ppl who are bipolar are crappy and do crappy things but that shouldn’t be conflated with their mental illness. I’m also uncomfortable with how much ppl are putting on Kim. I had a cousin who went thru an episode before we knew he was bipolar and he was brought to my house cuz my aunt is a single mom and my mom is a nurse. It was one of the scariest and most eye opening experiences of my life. At first I thought he was just being disrespectful to our moms and then we thought it was drugs and then we realized something was wrong. We had to hide all the belts and knives because his paranoia was very scary. At one point he ran outside in a Canadian winter with a T-shirt and no shoes completely sure ppl were out to kill. He was also incredibly abusive emotionally and if it wasn’t for my brother it would have been physically. All that and to get the hospital to take him was still an ordeal and they were only able to hold him a week later when things were getting very dangerous and scary for him and us. We were fortunate he was still 16 cuz if he had a choice he would never have gone to the hospital and he was pissed when he realized he wouldn’t be able to leave. Even now he is over 18 and refuses to regularly take his meds and we can’t do anything. The family lives far away and I think are embarrassed so don’t tell us anything but we are genuinely scared he is physically abusive to his sister and mother and we are absolutely sure he is emotionally abusive. He is also a black immigrant and we are scared about how we involve the police or any government services for obvious reasons but we are also scared cuz he needs help and cuz he’s now an adult we can’t do anything if he refuses it. So I have a lot of sympathy for Kim and that family. With Kanye’s money and sycophants that environment must be very scary and exhausting for the family. Regardless of how you fell about that family and Kim they are going thru an ordeal right now and I’m sure Kim is worried how to keep Kanye in the kids life without getting them hurt. His intentions may be loving but he can put their lives in genuine danger right now. As for the cheating rumors obviously they are celebrities but my cousin was extremely adamant that we had sex And his sister saw us even thou we just had a 10 min convo and she just came to say hi to us. He was also adamant that god was speaking to him and ppl were trying to kill him. Unless Kanye is healthy I would be wary about believing anything that comes with a dose of paranoia. Halsey is right we don’t know how to talk about mental health and celebrities. We didn’t learn as much from the Britney incident as we think we did. Yea he is a newsworthy figure but he is also an unreliable narrator right now and we should be careful how we engage with anything he puts out. Mainstream news should not be seriously talking about a presidential run. This isn’t a joke. Kanye is an obvious jerk who has said horrible things but he is also deeply sick. Britney looked like a child star who flamed out and went barefoot in gas stations and put her kid in the front seat and she was also deeply sick. It may be easier to be nicer to her now cuz she is so sweet but how we treat our celebrities is a reflection of how we treat friends and neighbours and this incident is showing for all the mental health language we have picked up we all still have a way to go. Every since my cousins problems a few years ago I can’t even engage with anything Kanye I truly how he gets help and I truly hope Kim and the kids get support and not mockery.

      • MJO says:

        Susie: I know it’s hell for families, and I wish you well. I can’t blame KK either.

    • goofpuff says:

      I don’t care if she cheated considering I doubt Kanye was faithful. He’s just lucky Kim doesn’t call him out on stuff like that. Though his followers don’t really care about his “slutty” ways and shame him about it because apparently men aren’t supposed to be faithful.

  5. Eleonora says:

    Reminds me of that politician from Florida who tried to drag BTS with something like that, but didn’t know the difference between South Korea and North Korea.

    If they want to insult, better look closer to home.

  6. Onerous says:

    Listen… I’m not saying Kim *hasn’t* cheated… but people saying she’s slept with basically every man she’s met while working on prison reform is disgusting. It’s peak misogyny to suggest that a woman couldn’t possibly meet/work with men without sleeping with them. It’s gross and it’s abusive.

    • Char says:

      Kanye comparing himself to Mandela, saying he’ll be president, wrongly calling out white supremacy during a tweet rant: “he’s out of his mind”.
      Kanye slut shaming Kim and implying she cheates on him with other man on the same tweet rant: “oh, he is so right, he’s trying to say something to us”.

      People can hate Kim and her family as much as they want, but the selectiveness about Kanye’s words is really hypocritical.

    • YaGotMe says:

      So was the video, we all know who Ye is.

    • Laura says:

      Thanks for saying that! A point that must be made. I don’t like KKW & will make fun of her ridiculous fashion all day long, but this is much more serious.

      • onerous says:

        I also understand that he’s probably heavily delusional and paranoid at this point, but this is right from the Mike Pence brand of Christianity. That women aren’t worth meeting with unless there’s sex involved – that they couldn’t possibly have anything to add to the conversation so the only reason men meet with them is for sex/potential of sex. It’s hugely degrading.

    • Otaku fairy says:

      All of this.

  7. Eleonora says:

    The good thing about this, is that her fans now probably don’t vote for him.

  8. Noki says:

    Kris has met her match, Kanye has all the time and is not scared like the rest of the Karjenner men.

  9. Belle says:

    Honestly, I think Kayne is sick and therefore whatever comes out of his mouth, tweets or whatever shouldn’t be getting any attention because his illness thrives on attention. It makes it impossible for him to get help. Sorry to see the deteriorating of another human happening right in front of you and those around him are probably feeling helpless.

    • smcollins says:

      It’s like the car crash you can’t help but look at, it’s sad and tragic and not at all entertaining, but you just can’t look away. If any kind of good comes out of this it’s the spotlight shining brightly on the reality of mental illness.

  10. Kris Jong Un says:

    When are we going to talk about the fact that Kanye West exhibits a deep hatred towards women? Like Trump, nearly all of his attacks are on women. It’s disgusting.

    • Darla says:

      Yep. From way back.

    • Hermes says:

      I know. He’s surrounded by such a wonderful and inspiring group of ladies that his hostility is just completely baffling.

    • Char says:

      Funny how every wannabe tyrant starts by attacking women and their (few) rights.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Absolutely! Kanye is a raging misogynistic jerk even when not in the throes of a manic episode. Not defending the Kardashians but there are two daughters listening to this man say that women are x. Y and z. It is a very sad situation

      • Kris Jong Un says:

        Yes, THIS. I feel most for the children. What we are witnessing is childhood trauma, made public. What they must absorb behind closed doors, well… I don’t want to know but I feel deeply for all of the children. Misogyny is also very harmful to men.

    • Anilehcim says:

      100% this. Kanye has never been a good guy but people always want to believe their favorite celebs are wonderful people. He has a long history of being horrible toward women, INCLUDING Kim. Kim and her fam were A-OK with Kanye slut shaming Amber Rose but they’ll act shocked and appalled that he’s doing it to Kim now, too.

      What decent man begins his relationship with a woman by having a stylist come in and throw out all of her clothes so he can take over the role of dressing her? He has tried to change everything about her. He has publicly downplayed her career, bashed her family numerous times, and mocked them for appearing on Dancing With The Stars. He’s awful and this goes back way before any breakdowns.

      • ME says:

        Kim stood by when Kanye slut shamed Amber Rose and Kim also helped with his attack on Taylor Swift. She is no better.

        Did you know Kim did the same thing to Khloe’s closet? She went through her closet and bashed all of her fashion choices and told her to get rid of it all. Once again, Kim is no better. She is the female version of Kanye except she doesn’t have Bi-polar disorder, she is a full on controlling narcissist instead (at least that’s how she portrays herself).

  11. Nikki J. says:

    Two things can be simultaneously true: that Kanye is severely mentally ill, and that he is also a misogynistic jerk. It is sad to see someone struggle like this, but he has been saying awful stuff about women LONG before any of his public manic episodes. I do feel somewhat sorry for Kim, but she knowingly chose to marry and then have 4 children with this man. She CONTINUED to have children with him even after some of these these episodes. And for that I do blame her. I think the end of their relationship is coming, and the way it’s happening is totally unsurprising. I knew their break-up/divorce would be a dramatic mess played out in the public eye. He is going to rip the Kardashians to shreds and humiliate them.

    • tempest prognosticator says:

      I agree. I know some very nice people who also happen to have a mental illness, and I know a couple of raging assholes who are also mentally ill. I don’t think they are assholes because they are mentally ill anymore than I think the good, kind people are that way because of their mentally illness.

    • lucy2 says:

      I agree with all of this. He’s problematic in ways that have nothing to do with his health, and she was OK with that for a long time.
      I do feel bad for what she’s dealing with from him right now though.

    • tealily says:

      This is the whole thing.

  12. Lemons says:

    If Kanye didn’t want his children to end up like his wife and sisters, he should not have married her and had multiple children with her. This isn’t just a lifestyle choice. This is her career. No amount of “studying for the bar” is going to change that.

    And honestly, I don’t believe for one minute that Kanye hasn’t stepped out on Kim, so I don’t really care about her seeing other people. It’s so gross this misogynistic way he views his marriage.

    I’d like to think he’s going through an episode, but I think he’s just thirsty for attention. Each time friends visit, he’s fine. All these public episodes happen when it’s time to promote something.

  13. BabsORIG says:

    And somewhere, a man by the name Kristopher Humphries and a woman commonly known as Amber Rose sit by the pool, under an umbrella sipping wine or Mimosa or a skinny b!tch or scotch on the rocks or even just a glass of water. Occasionally they LOL and shake head in amazement. They did indeed dodge a bullet.

  14. Lisa says:

    This is a huge mess and nothing can be done until he can be convinced to get back on his meds.

  15. Sayrah says:

    Herein lies the fear many go through when they need to divorce but they truly fear for their children when they will be solely in the care of the other parent on their time. I bet Kim is terrified. If they stay married, she exerts more control over the kids. What happens to them when Kanye has his weekend?

    • NotHeidisGirl says:

      Do you believe for one second that either of them takes care of the kids without an army of nannies?

      • Sayrah says:

        Do you believe for one second that Kanye is stable enough to make decisions for his kids nanny or not?

      • tcbc says:

        I don’t think Kanye spends any time alone with his children. Kim spends a little more, but right now I believe she (or Kris) make all the decisions about them and employ the staff that cares for them day to day. Kanye would fire everyone and drop them off in a yurt in the middle of nowhere and forget about them.

    • Renee says:

      The problem is that Kim knew about Kanye’s issues before baby #2, 3 or 4. She chose to bring kids into this mess. Kanye is clearly not responsible to make good decisions so no on is surprised about his choices. But she knew & chose to bring a fourth child into all of this last year. For that, my sympathy lies with the kids, not Kim.

  16. Kyla says:

    All of this is so disturbing and sad. Kanye needs profession medical help. I’m sure Kim and the family have tried, but he’s a grown man with plenty of $$ and enablers that make it impossible to get him to do something he doesn’t want to do. That’s not Kim’s fault.

    Something that I haven’t seen mentioned is Kanye’s fixation on North. It’s disturbing. He never mentions the other children. At all. If I were Kim, there’s no way in hell, I’d let North (Or the other children) any where near him right now. I have no doubt that he’s capable of parental abduction and in his mental state he could rationalize just about anything if he thought he was “protecting” his child.

    • Alexandrajane says:

      I thought that super strange and worrying. What a mess

    • whatWHAT? says:

      I wonder if he fixates on North because she is the only one of their children that Kim carried and ALSO wasn’t conceived with IVF, and in HIS mind, North is the only one of their children that’s “his”.

      I know Kim carried their second child, but I seem to remember her going the IVF route as she had trouble conceiving.

      and Kanye’s mind is so warped – and I don’t mean from his mental illness. I mean that he’s a misogynistic trumphumper who believes outlandish things and I would easily believe he thinks along those lines (meaning if a baby isn’t conceived “the natural way”, it’s not a “real” child).

    • Kris Jong Un says:

      This just literally gave me chills. You are so right.

    • JennyJazzhands says:

      I think north represents a “mini kim” to him in this phase. Their other daughter is still dressed in normal clothes, whereas when north was the age chicago is now, she was being paraded in front of paps in lipstick and lingerie.
      Kanye is dead wrong but I think that he thinks that kim and kris already have their “hooks” in north, so that’s why he constantly brings her up when talking about what he deems Kim’s “bad behavior” i.e. selling sex tape, playboy, etc.

      • Julia says:

        I am the furthest thing from a Kardashian defender, but it bugs me when people act like the female members of that family make all of their decisions in a Vacuum of Lady-Evil, without any input from their partners. (It irritates me that Kris is always held solely responsible for the exploitation of her two youngest kids, even though Caitlyn presumably signed off on them getting plastic surgery, appearing on reality TV, and dating adult men when they were underage, too. After all, Caitlyn’s kids from previous relationships were allowed on reality TV, too, right?) Kanye has either actively or passively supported making his children into “stars”. He was rich and powerful before he met Kim; he doesn’t get to act like this is something his evil mother-in-law forced him into.

    • Jules says:

      It is common for a narcissistic parent to favor one child, the golden child. Messed up but common.

      • Dee Kay says:

        @Jules and @Deedee: Your comments gave me chills. The thought that Kanye might perceive and treat North the way Trump does Ivanka….oh no.

    • Rice_bunny says:

      Divorce and child custody battles are no joke. Everyone has come across reading about a case of parental abduction at least once I’m sure. Unfortunately, they don’t always end well. Just recently in my country, we had a parental abduction case that ended tragically with 2 little girls found dead and a manhunt for their father, who eventually was found dead too (this was in Quebec).
      Regardless of the hate Kim usually gets, you gotta feel for her and the crap she has been through (remember her Paris robbery/assault…and now this).

      If I were those kids even I would be afraid of ‘dad’ and rather stay near ‘mommy’ for now. Hope they all get the support and help they need.

  17. Piratewench says:

    He is digging himself a deep hole in terms of child custody. I find it very sad. I have many opinions about what a douche he’s being, but at the end of the day this is a family that is splitting apart, and children who will endure pain and difficulty.
    I do not understand the K women having multiple children with men who have obvious mental health problems. I’m not saying anyone with mental health problems doesn’t deserve the joy of having children or can’t be a good parent. But in the case of both Kanye and Scott (who I love, scott is the best but has major demons), they continued to have kids with these men well after they saw the continuous, harmful, untreated or barely treated nature of the illnesses. Why would you do this? Bring children into this world with one parent whom you already know can’t or won’t function properly as a parent. Why? Very sad and a bizarre choice for women who seemingly have the world at their fingertips. I know they want drama for their show, but this is their babies’ wellbeing that they are playing with!

  18. CidyKitty(CidySmiley) says:

    I just feel bad for Kim and the kids.

    My dad passed in October of last year from alcoholism, but along with that he had great manic episodes from an unknown mental illness (because it is still stigmatized in the black community to have or seek help for mental illness.) Where he would acuse us all of insane things. I know he had lots of paranoia about his wives cheating (even though he was the cheater) he always thought people were plotting against him, until we actually had to to get him some help.

    I’m sure his behavior is scary for Kim and the kids, and im not going to speculate if Kim had an affair because she clearly has enough on her plate. I just feel so bad. Going through this privately this was hell, I cant imagine going through this publicly.

    • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

      @CidtKitty I’m really sorry that you had to go through that. I hope you’re doing as well as anyone can during this time of Covid19 and that you’ve been able to come to terms with what happened in your formative years. Best wishes to you.

  19. YaGotMe says:

    Wyoming is one of the few fault divorce states left in that it is not automatically 50\50 regarding assets it one spouse can prove misconduct.
    If he has residency in Wyoming and files there, it could get interesting.

    • ME says:

      They have a pre-nup that heavily favors Kim. The details of that pre-nup were “leaked” years ago.

    • Bunny says:

      He would not get to pick and choose where to file. Their prenuptial agreement should specify where they’d file.

      Additionally, his children live in California, so it wouldn’t be very smart to file in Wyoming as he’d be admitting that he’d abandoned his children to live there long enough to establish residency for the sake of money.

      “Hey, your Honour, I’m rich AF, and I abandoned my kids (who I’m going to tell you my wife is endangering) to get a better deal on property division” isn’t a great look.

  20. Case says:

    This is a real mess, and I just feel sorry for his kids. And Kim, because she honestly can’t control him and we have no idea what she has tried to do to help him behind the scenes. I don’t take anything he says seriously right now, and I take no pleasure from the gossip that comes out of it. It’s all very sad.

  21. ME says:

    Are they really trying to help him? Why aren’t they returning his calls when he’s asked them to?
    Dave Chappelle flew out to Wyoming yesterday to talk to Kanye. Kim and her family are on the phone with TMZ instead because their brand is number one to them. I think Kanye is telling the truth but the Kardashians are going to get everyone to believe that Kanye is lying because he’s “insane”. They picked the wrong guy to mess with this time. The other men all left peacefully, this one won’t.

    With regards to the cheating allegations…is this the “secret” Drake was hinting at when he said he “didn’t want to destroy a family” so he wouldn’t open his mouth about what he knows ?

    • SKR says:

      We have NO IDEA what preceded that short snippet of texts he showed. If he is in a manic episode – which he seems to be – then he could have said all manner of things to her or her daughter prior to this. He may have ranted at her for hours prior to this – how the hell would we know? Who knows what other texts he has sent. Perhaps medical experts are telling Kris not to engage right now. Perhaps Kim is more concerned with her children. Perhaps a tonne of other shit has gone down that we are not privy to. Not to mention that he has form of leaking everything to the press when ranting (see: Kanye tweeting out private texts between himself and John Legend in the past and this text right here), perhaps Kris Jenner does not want to engage with him as a result? Considering the hideous slut-shaming, misogynistic things he has said publicly about her daughter in the past few days, I do not blame her. He is literally threatening her here by saying are we going to go to war. That is not okay.

      Sorry, but we have no idea how much they have or haven’t tried to help him behind the scenes He himself said Kim tried to fly out with doctors. Is that not help?? I find this judging of the people he is openly attacking for not doing enough to help him really gross.

      Yes, the Kardashian-Jenners are venal and they thrive off drama and not much would surprise me; but that does not excuse Kanye’s own awful behaviour – and no, he does not get off the hook because he makes a choice not to take his meds and his rants have his particular flavour of misogyny stamped all over them.

      I wouldn’t take the paranoid rantings of someone in full mania seriously (bipolar mania can lead to paranoia, delusions, absolute fictions); but even if she did cheat on him, what of it? He has four children with her. They will read all of this one day. Have some class. If she gets nasty, then okay, defend yourself; but randomly accusing her of banging every man she comes into contact with is really off in a public forum is not cool. And as if Ye hasn’t got form for cheating too. [insert eye roll here].

      • ME says:

        You are right, we don’t know what is going on behind closed doors. I do think the Kardashians are afraid he will record their phone conversations and tweet their texts so that might be why they aren’t returning his calls, etc. But Kim could fly out there and see what’s really going on with him. You know, talk one one one, face to face. These two share a home, a bedroom, and 4 damn kids together. They are not just buddies. The Kardashians only care about their brand and money. They are more worried about Kanye ruining their reputation and businesses than anything. That’s my two cents anyways.

      • caseymams says:

        SKR You said it all right here. Having dealt with a brother who is an addict and has undiagnosed mental health issues, there is probably a lot more going on behind the scenes.

      • Sara H says:

        I was married to some with bipolar for 5 years. He first got diagnosed a year into our marriage bc I knew all the accusations he was throwing at me were not normal. He said that my mother and father were talking about all my different affairs in front of him on the kitchen table and that we didn’t have the decency to actually not talk about my various boyfriends some place else. Yup that’s the level of delusions and paranoia a manic phase can cause. He got on pills and therapy. Got better. Life was great for 1.5 years. Then even while on pills he had his second manic episode. Quit his great finance job bc people at work were talking about how, I his wife, was having affairs with 4 people at his work place. Anyways long story short, 5 years into our marriage, I left bc by the end of it he had accused me of having an affair with 22 different men at the same time, shared men with my mother and cousins, accused his own mother when she sided with me that she was a whore herself, last straw was when I lost our twins at 5 months into our pregnancy and while I recovered from the miscarriage at the hospital, he wrote a Facebook post on how I lost the twins and that he was happy bc he knew he wasn’t the father. Yup, at that point I knew there was no coming back. Mind you he was on pills and seeing his psychiatrist. His bipolar and manic phase was so out of control the doctors wanted him hospitalized. But at that point I couldn’t do anything bc it had to be voluntary. At that point i walked away. And to this day I have so much sympathy for him bc how bad does it have to be in your mind that you think these ludicrous thoughts.

        So my point is that anything he says has to be taken with a grain of salt. His paranoia and delusions are an all time high. He could easily spew to the rest of the world shit about Kim and won’t know it’s true bc these delusions are a manifestation of his own issues with women. My husband manifested his issues with women through his delusions and the result was to to destroy any self worth I had has a human being.

      • SKR says:

        @ME well first of all Kanye himself said Kim tried to come to him with doctors and he wouldn’t allow her to. So it seems she did try if that is true. In any case, yet again, we absolutely should not judge off the little we know.

        My friend’s brother was bipolar (possibly also schizophrenic) with really bad psychotic breaks and even though she loved him, she couldn’t let him know where she lived because he would do really scary things when having a psychotic break. I was with her one day (we lived in the same building) when he rang and texted her about 200 times, every time demanding to know where she was and getting angrier and angrier. She stopped answering early on and NO WAY was she letting him know where she was. She was enormously distressed. Later that year he had a massive breakdown and held a bunch of hippies hostage in the midst of paranoid delusions and was shot dead by police. When not having a psychotic break he was a sweet and lovely guy, great sense of humour, intelligent.

        One of my besties is bipolar and has had his meds balance right for years now, but during the first big meltdown that he had he actually managed to escape from a high security mental hospital he’d been remanded to (for melting down on a plane) and was roaming the streets. I wanted to help look for him but we were advised by his doctors that he was fixating on women he didn’t even know (thought he was engaged to one, etc) and they didn’t know how he would react to females he knew well, so we just had to stay home and let the guys search. I wasn’t allowed to visit him by myself for a while. This is someone who has never been violent in his whole life but for that period he truly was not himself and no one knew what he would or could do.

        Another friend’s brother is schizophrenic and hits her mother (which her mother hides) when having paranoid delusions. Both of her parents are horribly depressed trying to deal with him all the time. My friend never receives gifts at Christmas because her brother doesn’t like that – he is paranoid that they like her better. Only he receives gifts.

        Another friend has a schizophrenic step-brother who was fixated on her for years when she was only a teen in school and he was in his 20s. His own father had to tell him he wasn’t welcome in their home because he threatened her with violence so graphically and so often. She was terrified of him. It was heartbreaking for her, and for her stepdad, and for her stepbrother.

        We simply do not know what is going on here and blaming Kim for not doing enough is not fair. We are not privy to what is going on behind the scenes, to what he has said to her or she has said to him, or to what doctors / mental health professionals are advising her to do. These situations are extremely difficult for everyone involved. It’s crazy to assume that Kim has or hasn’t done xyz. We simply don’t know and frankly it is none of our business.

  22. Queen Meghan's Hand says:

    Is he leaving the Kardashian Sunken Place to move permanently into the MAGA Sunken Place? He’ll be buddies with our Surgeon General.

  23. cisne says:

    Maybe I have a black heart but I just smile at this whole mess. You see it is the whole package you were buying Kris and Kim…the whole darn mangled package.

  24. AMM says:

    I know everyone wants to hate the Kardashians, but I don’t know how they are being vilified in this particular incident. Kanye is having a psychotic break, he needs help. And as others said, this isn’t like being drunk. Paranoia and delusions are a real thing here, he’s not just losing a filter and speaking truths.

    He married a woman known for being sexual, and exploited it at the beginning. He’s been the photographer/director to many do her nudeish pics, organized the champagne bottle on her ass picture shoot and was the one who started pouring her in sheer and latex dresses. Then suddenly he got hyper focused on religion and she’s a slut who’s corrupting their daughter. He’s dangerous right now.

    • Queen Meghan's Hand says:

      Because the Kardashian family consumes Black culture and Black partners and Black friends and Black people in their general orbit all the time to enrich themselves and make themselves the victim and/or noble protagonist in gossip. We’re not vilifying Kim, we know how her brand and machine works.

      Has Kim’s sources ever implied she was in a controlling or abusive relationship? No. So, all those things you listed were choices she made. And yes, choices encouraged by her husband but still choices. She was not coerced. Have they even been living together for the last few years?

      Watch. Whiteness. Work. Kim is becoming the poor, long-suffering white wife of this crazy, manipulative Black man. No. This was and still is a marriage of two equals.

      • AMM says:

        I never said she was coerced or controlled. My point was that he encouraged and monetized her sexuality, and now suddenly he’s slut shaming her. Just like she knew who he was, he also knew who she was. He’s suddenly concerned (aka hyper focused) on his daughters future and condemning Kim for being sexual, when he was actively involved with her public nudity for years. Same shit with Amber Rose. She was stripper and nude model that he got involved with, he had pictures of her for his album where’s he’s fully clothed and she’s fully naked and then started slut shaming her when they broke up, claiming he had to take 30 showers after being with Amber sexually.

      • SKR says:

        The Kardashians absolutely are guilty of cultural appropriation and exploitation. They are professional culture vultures and hugely problematic. Also true: Kanye has been a misogynist for a long time. The Kardashians benefitted enormously off their associations with Kanye – he prolonged their spotlight and raised their profiles massively. He legitimised them. Also true: Kanye is a man who chooses not take his meds when he is bipolar with terrible results. There are no innocent victims here except their kids. However, it is not whiteness at work to point out that Kanye has become more and more right wing and religious and is now ramping up on slut shaming his wife as well as publicly discussing his child and how he originally wanted to abort her to make a political point. He also slut shamed Amber Rose in the past – it is clearly a pattern with him. There’s a lot at play here, two powerful people with huge platforms. But right now Kanye is his own worse enemy. Will the Kardashian PR machine come for him? Absolutely. We all know it. For sure that narrative you mentioned will likely come in to play. But no one is forcing him to say these terrible things. That’s on him alone.

      • Sparkle says:

        I dont think cultural appropriation negates Kim as a target of kanye’s current mania. Its clear he is unwell and Kim and her family, including her daughter, are Kanye’s punching bags. He seems to get some sort of relief/release when he trashes his family on twitter. You seem to think that the family is somehow deserving of this treatment from Kanye based on their public careers. i disagree. This is a family in crisis and its not Kims fault Kanye is sick. It is solely his responsibility to get better

  25. Nlopez says:

    I feel sorry for the kids. Didn’t he say something about aborting North? That’s indefensible.

  26. Hello kitty says:

    I have a friend who was recently diagnosed as bipolar after a 72 hour hold. She was exhibiting bizarre behavior such as posting multiple fb live videos ranting about how no one cares about her. She’s pregnant and she imagined that her boyfriend proposed to her and starting wearing a ring she clearly bought herself. She even started calling around to wedding venues.

    My point is that bipolar and manic and paranoid people do bizarre things often with no basis in reality. This man needs help. Do I trust the Kardashians necessarily? No. But it’s not their fault he’s bipolar.

    • February-Pisces says:

      Your last line about the Kardashian’s is spot on. For a man who is bipolar and paranoid the last thing he needs is be be around the Kardashian’s. Even if Kim had good intentions, Kanye is well aware of her family history and how they are constantly leaking to the press. He can’t be around them and have peace of mind whilst he’s going through this, because he will always be thinking that they are up to something. They have trashed too many ex’s so history is not on their side. Kanye needs help and to be around someone he really trusts if such a person exists in his life.

  27. LeaTheFrench says:

    Whoever wrote Kim’s statement did a really good job, I think.

    • Jules says:

      Yea. It was clearly not written by her, probably by the band of lawyers she has on hand.

      • Renee says:

        Yes, you are correct. The statement didn’t use the word “like” a thousand times so clearly Kim didn’t write it.

  28. Atti says:

    Kanye supports Trump and calls the Kardashians white supremacists. Thats a mouthful.

  29. Liz version 700 says:

    That was a good statement. Respectful Of Kanye’s illness and acknowledgment of their family’s problems at the same time.

    • ME says:

      Yeah it was but I wonder who wrote it, surely wasn’t Kim. I’m guessing they consulted with some experts so not to sound insensitive.

      • florencia says:

        This doesn’t look like an expert wrote it, there are sentence structure issues, run-on sentences and spacing errors, all things that even a cursory edit by pros would have been caught/corrected. It’s quite possible it came from her, or was drafted as a family, without professional assistance.

  30. florencia says:

    I’ve never watched any of the Kardashian shows nor have any particular love for them but damn if I don’t feel deeply sorry for Kim and her kids over this shit show. Kanye truly needs help.

  31. L4frimaire says:

    I don’t know what to make of this except people should be giving them a lot more space and not take anything he’s writing as truth. Sometimes people can say really vicious things just to hurt their family, or voicing their paranoia. This guy is really going through something, pushing his family away and they’re probably hoping he doesn’t harm himself. Sometimes they don’t want help because they like the euphoria of it at that moment. There is bipolar in my extended family and they can be absolutely vicious and know your weak spots. They lash out but also feel very much like their family want to control them, restrict them. It is distressing to see a once brilliant or promising person deteriorating, and I’m speaking personally. I hope he comes down off this manic high and gets whatever treatment he needs in private.

    • Sparkle says:

      I dont believe a word Kanye says in this state of mind. I am most shocked they he seems to be directing his mania towards Kris, Kim and North though.

      I have a mentally ill father with IED and its terrible during an episode. I have been apologizing for his embarrasing behavior to others my entire life. My mother and the my siblings are constant care takers for his mental illness. I really feel for Kim and the kids having to deal with a sick father. In a way, they are true narcissistics during an episode-everything is about them, their needs and wants and feelings. Kanye clearly acts as if the wold revolves around him without care for the consequences towardd his family. This is a burden to bear For his family and I couldn’t imagine the pressure and humiliation of enduring it publically all the while people blaming you for someone elses mental illness. Im not saying Kim is a great human but her husbands bipolar is NOT her fault nor her childrens. I see a lot of sanctimonious “well she married him!” On here and I just want to say…woman make mistakes on relationships all the time and by condemning them for it, it also makes them the scapegoat for their sick partners behavior and thats not right. Kanye would be behaving this way, refusing meds and refusing to get help – no matter who he mArried.

      • A says:

        “On here and I just want to say…woman make mistakes on relationships all the time and by condemning them for it, it also makes them the scapegoat for their sick partners behavior and thats not right.”

        Relationships are incredibly complicated in general. I think everyone has an inbuilt reaction towards unequal relationships, especially if women get the short end of the stick. But I also think people are overly dismissive and don’t consider how vulnerability is a huge factor in any relationship. We all have weaknesses, but not all of us like to think about that, which is why a lot of people act so judgmentally. They think they’re protecting themselves from hurt and pain with that attitude, but they’re not.

  32. Paisley says:

    It will take a lot for Kim to divorce him, not sure she’s there, yet. I think she envisions them as a power couple.

    • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

      @Paisley He obviously doesn’t view her as a part of his world:
      “I bet me and Ray J would be friends if we ain’t love the same bitch / Yeah, he might have hit it first, only problem is I’m rich.”
      I feel great pity for anyone in the throes of mental anguish. And so I feel great pity for KW while he is in the throes of mental anguish. But he’s an absolute arse. A misogynist, racist, spoiled brat who refuses meds and then spills the most private and personal business, relating to his little daughter, that is going to severely screw her up when she’s older. I can’t stand KimK either, but I’m astonished at how dignified she’s been at this impossible time.

  33. anp says:

    I feel sorry for Kanye, anyone who marries into that family eventually does not do well. Kanye is truly a talented artist.

    • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

      @ANP read his lyrics recently? Try ‘Gold Digger’ or ‘Freedom’ and see if you still think he’s talented.

    • Lanie says:

      The men who mess with/marry into That family are all anti-black woman, predators of underage girls, deadbeat dads and came into the relationships with their own mental health and drug issues.

      The Kardashians aren’t the cause. They’re the symptom.

  34. Whatever says:

    Getting old hearing how “brilliant” and the “genius” of Kanye.

    Self-awareness is emotional intelligence.

    I think Kanye has deep insecurities and needs to be told how special he is daily.

  35. Coco says:

    If and when he seeks further treatment, he will be able to access and afford anything his doctors recommend. There are countless people in the US with mental illness right now who might love to get the type of treatment Kanye West will have but they will never be able to.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Yes, a lot of the homeless population consists of folks in that category.

    • Cassandra says:

      That’s the part of this that bugs me. If he wanted he could have the best psychiatrist in the world, he could have his own personal psychiatrist, he could afford all the expensive medications and new treatments that insurances won’t cover. He can go to a private mental health institution instead of being committed to an underfunded public acute care facility that’s going to dump him out in 72 hours because there isn’t any money or a bed. He can receive outpatient care in the comfort of one of his many mansions.

      It wouldn’t necessarily prevent him from having manic/depressive episodes but….it just seems so wasteful. That’s the harsh reality of a disease like bipolar though. You can have access to all the help in the world, but you have to be open to it.

      It would be amazing if he could be an active advocate for improving care for those with mental illnesses instead of running for president. Think of all the good he could do

  36. Sparkle says:

    I do not think she will divorce unless divorce allows her and the children more protection from his mania. It might be the case that it is easier to control his impact on her and the children if they stay married.

    He seems dangerous and I’d be concerned what he would do in the name of “protecting his children”.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      I would be afraid of what he will do to his daughters after that rant about abortions and his obsession with his wife’s sex appeal. They are old enough to be hurt by his words

  37. Shelbyyy says:

    I have bipolar disorder and I understand the difficulties that come with taking meds. I will say that I was much more creative before I started taking medication and the meds did dull that for me so I understand where Kanye is coming from. That being said I am much more functional and way better behaved now that I take medication. Also some of these meds can make you gain 100+ lbs very quickly so that is a reason why many people do not like to take them. I was lucky to find one that I did not gain weight on but many people can not. Just thought I would shed some light on reasons why bipolar people do not like to take their meds as I feel like it is misunderstood.

    • ravynrobyn says:

      @Shellbyyy-thank you so much for sharing. My husband is a mixture of bipolar and schizophrenia and as sweet and as willing
      to get better as he was, he refused to take the antipsychotic drugs that he desperately needed. After a long time of me and his wonderful psychiatrist talking to him, he started taking them and he is a changed person. He still resents having to take them, but he understands why he needs to 💔

    • A says:

      “I will say that I was much more creative before I started taking medication and the meds did dull that for me”

      I’ve heard a few people say, both on the comments section here and elsewhere, that the “high points” when you’re bipolar are actually rather addictive and can feel like they’re moments of incredible creative energy. You feel you’re on the top of the world, even as you feel the inevitable depression lurking around the corner. And I think it’s this feeling that gets dulled when you’re on your meds, because the medication evens out the highs and the lows and puts you on the path to average.

      I don’t know if it helps, or if this is accurate, but I do want to say that your creativity hasn’t gone anywhere. It’s still there with you. What’s gone are the highs and the lows you experience with those bouts of creativity, but in its place is discipline. Creativity without discipline is not very useful, so I think you’re in a much better place now than you were before.

  38. Lea says:

    Just yesterday he said he loved his wife and missed his family and today he says he’s wanted to divorce her for months ?
    Also, multiple sources said that Kim and Meek Mill met at a hotel RESTAURANT, that there were other people present and that she left right after their meeting.
    He makes me think of Bam Margera who also had a mental health crisis a few months ago and said really horrible things about his wife when she tried to get him to get help.

    That being said, I loved that Kris-Jong-Un nickname.

  39. Jezebeelzebub says:

    I just think Kanye West is an asshole who also has Bipolar Disorder. I think Kim Kardashian is an asshole who’s married to an asshole with Bipolar Disorder. I feel for Kanye because I think it must be not great to have to navigate life when your own brain chemistry can’t be trusted. I feel for Kim because I think it must be not great to have to navigate the life youve made with someone whose brain chemistry can’t be trusted.

    My husband has BPDII. He is an awesome person. He is also extremely vigilant about staying on his meds and seeing his psychiatrist (for meds) and psychologist (for therapy). Even so, he experiences fluctuations in his moods and it can be very difficult for him- and by extension for me, because I love him and also because I live with him.

    I can’t imagine the steaming hot mess life becomes when the parties involve are also a couple of assholes.

  40. K says:

    This sucks. I have a degree of sympathy for both of them, because it’s extremely hard living with mental illness, whether it affects yourself or someone you love. It’s a long, sometimes life-long battle. But I also have sympathy for us–the general public being exposed to all their shit all the time, and wish that they’d get divorced and work on themselves privately, so that we don’t have to worry about more dangerously delusional people with heaps of money influencing the already-garbage fire state of the world. Kanye wants to be another Trump, a Black Trump, and that is not what anyone needs right now.

    We do not need more gasoline on this fire, thank you, Kanye and Kardashians. You are rich enough. Take care of your hearts instead of your egos, go away and try to just be parents to those babies (who don’t deserve a world this messed up.)

  41. Sue M says:

    An item in the Toronto Star here in Canada, had this as the headline: Kanye is not running for president he is running away from mental illness. Seems logical.

  42. A says:

    Society is still overly concerned with how all of this makes Kanye “”"look”"” as opposed to the toll it’s taking on his health in general. People don’t seem to want Kanye to get better because bipolar is a terrible thing to suffer from, they seem to want him to get better because he’s saying and doing things that make him look unhinged, and that makes them feel uncomfortable as an audience.

    I think everyone should take a moment and reflect on how they’re speaking about this issue and what that says about their own understanding of mental health, especially in instances when the symptoms and effects are desperately ugly like it is here. Even in this day and age, with all of the advanced conversations about mental health, we still expect people to hide their uglier, uncomfortable symptoms as much as possible. We advocate for treatment, but only so far as it silences those symptoms and keeps them out of the public eye. We still have a deep discomfort with the way mental illness can manifest itself in these incredibly public ways, even though what’s needed is far more compassion, even if it’s someone who, on the surface of it, might not deserve it.

    Whatever Kanye’s going through is a thousand times worse than anything we’re feeling as we watch him go through it. It’s hell on him. I can understand and empathize with his refusal to go on his medication actually, especially if he feels like the world only wants him on his meds so that he can be “presentable,” and remain a profitable artist for everyone who’s invested in his career. And that’s got to be sad and terrible for him to deal with. There are probably way too many people in his life who care a lot more about his earning potential than they do about him as a person, and that’s a bad way to go about his treatment and recovery in general.

    Kanye has value because he’s a person, not because he’s Kanye West, the artist and public figure. He needs people in his life who are invested in his recovery for him, not his career, or for what he can do for them. He needs someone who cares about his recovery because they care about his health, not about how presentable he needs to be for the world to consume. I hope he gets that sort of help, because unless he does, this cycle is only going to continue.

  43. Soupie says:

    What you wrote is very good, very good indeed. The problem is though that the people who are standing by someone in this condition really cannot do anything, No matter how supportive they are and no matter how invested they are in the person’s well being. There are so many people who have been invested in loved ones who are in desperate need of psychiatric help. If the person will not do it there is nothing that can be done.

    I myself have been through this. I The patient has to want to get help. They usually do not. They like the highs and they like the lows. As much as they hate the lows, they also like them. It is exasperating, crazy making, and an exercise in futility. Usually, the only time they seek help is after an arrest and/or and incarceration. But even then they usually quit after a session or two. And they usually quit taking meds if they even deign to take them in the 1st place.

    Another thing is, a lot of them believe there’s nothing wrong even though they know there’s something wrong. So there’s that too.

    Finally, Kanye West calls himself Yeezus (Jesus). A large part of his mental illness is a Messianic Complex. What happened to his religion? What happened to his “church?” What happened to his faith? My person was (is) a very religious person but they hide behind it — a convenient tool of avoidance.

  44. vatzjr says:

    I hope they get a divorce. Maybe they’ll both go away.

  45. Beesknee says:

    I am glad KK is being supportive and her statement was good. And really this is a tough spot. But….
    This is first comment I have said anything in print. I try to ignore/not click on anything on this family.