Brad Pitt’s girlfriend Nico Mary has a special message: ‘Happy people don’t hate’

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Happy people dont hate 🧡🧡🧡

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I hope we get some kind of update about Brad Pitt and Nico Mary aka Nicole Potulaski this week! Last week, Us Weekly’s update was hilariously awful – Brad Pitt “doesn’t want a wife or a girlfriend that he’s with every day” and his thing with Nico is a “go with the flow situation,” which is probably wise given that she’s a twenty-something married hustler and he’s an old fool who still looks obsessed with getting a reaction from his ex. He’s likely still trying to tamp down the girlfriend-rollout HE started after it blew up in his face. I feel like Brad and his team are still trying to figure out what to do about how badly they f–ked up.

As I said in this week’s podcast, I hope Nico keeps hustling and parlaying this Pitt association to bigger and better things. I hope she gets multiple magazine covers. I hope she sells him out to the European tabloids. I hope she keeps trying to make her “Instagram influencer” career happen. She has not stopped posting on Instagram since the trip to the Chateau Miraval in late August. On Tuesday, she posted the above IG with the message “Happy people dont hate.” LOL. She really thinks she’s doing something! I don’t hate her – I wish her well, and I want her to be enormously successful. I want her to make Brad look even more foolish.

Meanwhile, Brad has obviously run back to his safe space: his first ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston. Brad and Jen are taking part in a celebrity table read of the Fast Times at Ridgemont High script, organized by Dane Cook. Ugh. That happens tomorrow.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Tabloids already stirring saying she’s talking about Angie.
    Seriously who asked for ‘fast times’ table read? Apparently for Penn’s charity, but all those participating are multi-millionaires, just donate your own money and spare us this garbage.

    • Sierra says:

      It ain’t working because even the top comments on DM are butchering Nicole & Brad.

      People are even rightfully calling Angelina more classy and Brad the bad guy.

  2. Noki says:

    Still scrating my head!!!He is still m**** f**** Brad Pitt, why would he want to entangle himself in such mess. His options are still limitless.

    • Michelle says:

      Sorry, but he’s no prize!!!

      • Noki says:

        My point is there are a lot of discreet and less thirsty options for him than dealing with this circus.

      • lunchcoma says:

        I agree, Noki. Is he appealing to women who have careers like 30-year-old Jennifer Aniston or 30-year-old Angelina Jolie did? No. Can his publicist find a stable, normal, B-list actress interested in raising her profile and who doesn’t care how many Instamodels he hooks up with? Yeah, I’m sure someone would agree.

    • Sidewithkids says:

      I don’t think this is true tho or it would have happened by now @noki and @lunchcoma. I feel like his people tried to find someone but they haven’t in four years. They wanted it to be Charlize Theron but she said no to that bs quick. Alia was the stable, normal B to C lister and that didn’t work b/c BP fans didn’t think Alia was pretty and/or famous enough for BP.

      I really feel like people in HW know the truth in this and they see that BP is the problem and Angie isn’t, they just don’t say anything like everything else that’s open secrets i.e. Weinstein or knowing who’s gay in the industry or knowing who’s cheating on their spouse. These people know the truth and just whisper it around in their circles. Like they know Angie is a good mom who cares more about international affairs than HW affairs and they know BP is still trying to appear like a young playboy and isn’t that great of a dad, they also prob know JA is still in love w/ him and they still try to push them together but BP doesn’t love JA as much as he prob still loves or did love Angie, that stuff gets around b/c HW is just a big high school and for the most part everything that happened in high school we knew about. Women are staying away from BP in HW b/c they see he is a mess.

    • SurfChick9 says:

      Why not? It’s sex and hanging out, no ties, no demands. He is still married because AJ is insane. Who cares if he’s friends with JA, they were once married, is it a sin to remain friends? I know you guys are pro AJ on here but he’s a grown man. Let him live.

      • tica says:

        Brad and Angie are no longer married! Jeesh you people. Their divorce has been over, they are now just fighting for custody, etc. They are divorced. Just a custody battle now. lord people are slow!

  3. Dutch says:

    At least she got out of her sad little bedroom. That’s … something, right?

  4. Nonartistic Diane says:

    Yeah, good luck with… all that, Brad. It’s what he deserves. I’m surprised Jennifer Aniston is willing to associate herself with this hot mess.

    • Flamingo says:

      Jennifer Aniston is friendly with some less than nice people. I don’t know if she’s still friends with Chelsea Handler, but she’s not exactly a nice person. She is also BFF with Ellen, also not exactly a nice person.

      • Michelle says:

        That’s because Jennifer Aniston is a faux American Sweetheart and a mean girl who hides behind a very powerful publicist/Agency and all her hollyweird friends.

      • Nonartistic Diane says:

        True. I forgot about Chelsea Handler being her BFF. I’m definitely giving her too much credit. My bad.

      • crogirl says:

        Of course she’s still friends with Handler. She even liked her anti-Semitic post recently

    • Saltana says:

      I think they are back together and Brad is just using Nicole as a decoy until the him and Jen come out as a couple.

  5. Appalachian says:

    I do and don’t want this to become messy…
    I will thoroughly enjoy reading about Brad realizing he shot his foot off with this one. At the same time, I think it sucks that his kids will read about this sloppiness at some point.

  6. crogirl says:

    LOL He really should go back to Jennifer, they deserve each other

    • nic says:

      I don’t really see why. She’s never hit a kid so far as I know. Quietly mean girling is not on the level with abusing your family.

  7. Valentina says:

    She sounds so naive & shallow with these teenagers posts and ridiculous phrases. It’s hard to believe a man close to his 60s and father of 6 is involved with her. I lost all my respect for Brad. If he thought he could be a Leo, he’s mighty wrong. Totally different situation.. it’s beyond cringe to say the least.

  8. Jaded says:

    And stupid, vapid models/influencers shouldn’t give out such ignorant platitudes.

  9. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I vaguely remember my loves being galleries, good food, walks and fresh ceviche and ritas on a beach somewhere under a palapa. Oh to be young and unencumbered.

  10. Yoyoma says:

    Hope she gets big enough to not shag old dudes anymore.

    • Jade24 says:

      I think she is still thirsty and still gold digging. She posted a photo of her dream house just last week, and said one day, she will have it. If Brad will not be able to pay now for that since he has not settled his divorce yet, im sure she will find another old man to finance it. Lol.

      • GingerNYC says:

        She has a 7 year old child with the “old dude” so he got her pregnant when she was 19 and he was what, 61?!! She may not be so much thirsty or not “big enough” as she is a girl who was groomed by a thrice- married senior citizen and is still messed up from it.

  11. Sierra says:

    Pretty please release a sex tape with Brad 🙏🏽

    Now that will fully destroy Brad’s image 😂

  12. francine says:

    She sounds like a vapid teenage airhead spouting off tired and cliche captions – they are as basic and as generic as her photos. I see her trying so hard to be IT but there’s a reason why she hasn’t made it big. She is completely lacklustre, it’s pitiful.

  13. Queen Meghan's Hand says:

    Why are Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt working with Dane Cook?
    Dane Cook, a certified Who Was?

    • Myra says:

      That was the shocking part of this article. I was wondering if there was some other Dane Cook out there because I cannot fathom how he could get megastars like them to do a table reading. Is that like a thing now? Who am I kidding!? This is the new Brad Pitt we are talking about. Of course, he is working with Dane Cook. Makes perfect sense in this 2020 timeline.

    • Say what says:


      Why are they working with a Cook?
      First it started as some kind of publicity stunt. You know like they did this past award season! Then tried to do this on the opening night of TOANI which Angie produced but something happened. Angie appears on TV unbothered and happy after she busted Pitt and his sleazy lawyers so he scrambled and put this child he doesn’t want on display. However they didnt know it would go wrong.
      So we’re back to square one before the Emmy’s.
      They both are playing games at the intel of CAA. I can’t imagine how Angelina felt all those years with this douche and CAA kept setting up these run ins in the Carper with the ex and etc. plain and simple she got tired of those two building their image off her back.

  14. Keekey says:

    Why are a bunch of older celebrities doing a table read of a script about teenagers? Penn is the only actor from the original Fast Times cast who’s taking part so it’s not like The Princess Bride table read, which was a cast reunion. Seems sort of pathetic. And I say this as an older person.

  15. Chanteloup says:

    The Orange Menace has ruined this shade for me. I can’t even look at it without wanting to throw up.
    I don’t hate you, girl. You’re not the danger.

  16. Truth hurts says:

    They simply don’t have anything else to do that’s productive. Ticky just wants to be part of something with A list movie stars and Pitt just wants to distract and use Ticky maliciously. I’m sorry but there should be pix of her in the dictionary for stupid! Lol

    • OriginalCarol says:

      Seriously I can just picture him driving one of his motorcycles over Aniston’s body repeatedly and she’s still laying there asking for more lol. They both have no shame in using each other to get what they want.

      So I have a questions for you all. If you are Pitt’s PR person and would want to help him getting out of this mess. What would you advise him to do? Besides publicly begging for his kids’s forgiveness since that’s not an option for him seeing as he’s a pos who’s more interested in hurting those he thinks is betraying him.

  17. serena says:

    Pff, nobody thinks she’s important enough to hate her. Ridiculous.
    Also, Brad doing a movie with his first wife, I think it’s really disrespectful to his kids but it’s obvious he doesn’t give a f* about them.

    • Sidewithkids says:

      It’s not even a movie. It’s a lame table read of a movie that happened 40 years ago and no one under the age of 20 prob knows.

  18. LOL says:

    Seriously Brad Pitt has created an Insta-Monster that is so fame THIRSTY when will this married fame hungry women go away and look after her kid and old man husband

  19. Gretchen says:

    Happy people also don’t require constant validation from social media. But I am glad at least that she got out of her room.

    • Rainy says:

      I read that she is supporting the cause for anti-pedophiles and yet she herself hooks up with much older men, her husband is 40 years older and Pitt is 30 years old. Arent pedophiles mostly old men who likes young kids?

  20. Aubrey says:

    Can we cover the fast times table read?

  21. Izzy says:

    Happy people also tend not to take endless bedroom selfies and post them online to validate their existence, but what do I know, I’m a DGAF Gen-X.

  22. Annabel says:

    The flaw in her argument is that it’s 2020 and no one’s happy

    • Peace says:

      Billionaires are getting richer (the rich can benefit from economic downturns), so the 0.01% is definitely pretty happy with the ways things are going.

  23. MF says:

    This chick is so boring. The other women that Brad has been associated with—Angelina, Jen, Neri, Alia—have at least been interesting personalities. I wish her the best but Nicotine seems like just another Instagram model. She’s done nothing noteworthy, doesn’t seem to have a lot personality, and even her social media posts are unoriginal.

    • tica says:

      no one believed he was ever with Alia, despite her personality, she just wan NOT pretty enough to fit the Brad Pitt mold. Along comes Nico, pretty in a usual way, prettier than the woman before, he and his PR team rush in without doing a proper back ground checks. Now he looks like a pedo fool, that has no problem having sex with a friend of his. Back sliding, back to Jenn. Oh must be seen with Jenn to bring his image back up. America’s sweetheart (in disguise mean girl) to look better, throw out the jenn and brad might be getting back together, everyone is happy. He might at well marry Jenn and they do their own thing. I doubt she has ever loved anyone but herself. They can keep their side pieces on the down low, if he gets a better PR team ( hers) and live out the rest of their lives as the a list love dream of all ages. I’m not even certain Jenn is hetero.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I never thought Brangelina would end this way. They looked so in love and committed to their family. It’s so sad they ended with abuse allegations, custodial fights, insta models and a never ending divorce. I hope for the kids sake they reach some level of peace.

  25. rawiya says:

    So deep. Wow.