Kim Kardashian ‘wants to be there’ for Kanye, she’s ‘holding onto her marriage’

Kanye West Accuses Kim Kardashian Of Trying To Commit Him To Mental Hospital On Twitter **FILE PHOTOS**

All week, Kanye West has been tweeting stuff about his music contracts and owning his own masters and the NBA. It’s been… a lot. I suspected that Kanye is on another manic spiral because of the stress of trying to meet another deadline for his latest album, Donda: With Child. That album was supposed to be out months ago, but Kanye keeps… Kanyeing. Yesterday, he was in full-rant mode and he even tweeted a video where he was peeing on his Grammy. So now Twitter has him in a 12-hour suspension, like they suspended me for Chris Evans’ peen. So… how is Kim Kardashian handling all of this?

Through thick and thin. Kim Kardashian is standing by her husband Kanye West‘s side as he continues to struggle with his mental health.

“Kim is holding onto her marriage with Kanye and knows that he is bipolar and struggling with his mental health and wants to be there for him and help,” a source exclusively tells Us Weekly. “She is continuing to support him and does her best to understand him and where he is coming from. She knows he is unconventional and has always known that.”

The “Lift Yourself” rapper, 43, went on a Twitter spree on Monday, September 14, when he claimed he would not release new music until his contracts with his publisher, Sony/ATV Music Publishing, and his record label, Universal Music Group, had ended.

[From Us Weekly]

Meh. I still believe that Kim will eventually leave him. I think Kim is waiting until his current manic phases are over, so she doesn’t look like “the bad guy” who dumped her mentally ill husband when sh-t got real. But overall, I do get the vibe that Kim is completely over Kanye and their marriage. And I think THAT is contributing to his manic cycles too – he knows Kim isn’t ride or die anymore. Kim isn’t there 24-7 to protect him from himself.

Kim Kardashian steps out of her hotel in Asian inspired top in NY

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  1. elisabeth says:

    girlfriend is milking this free publicity until he doesn’t serve her purpose anymore.

    • ME says:

      Agree. With their show ending, they are going to need SOMETHING to keep them in the headlines aren’t they?

    • a reader says:


      And where’s our update on the baby bar she supposedly took recently?

    • grabbyhands says:

      Ding ding ding! Agreed.

      I maintain that she’ll hold out until the election is decided and take action then. If 45 loses and her conduit to the White House disappears, she’ll dump him with some TMZ sob story about how she just couldn’t take it any longer.

  2. Ariel says:

    In my young days i had an intense relationship with a man who was a rapid cycling bipolar. It was intense and amazing… until it wasn’t amazing.
    And after the breakup, i was emotionally exhausted for a year.

    I feel like if Kim ever marries again, it will be to an old rich man who has no public persona, who is “boring”, adores her, but it low key.

    • Yup, Me says:

      That makes perfect sense. Also, there does get to be a point where she says, “I’m not doing this anymore. I’m done.” I adore my husband and we are family for life, but there is no way I would put up with this annual round of increasingly destructive madness and still be working on a marriage. No amount of personal love and affection can help someone who won’t get (and stick with) treatment.

    • ce says:

      @Ariel – me too. For five years I was so in love with this guy, couldn’t figure out for years why he would adore me for a bit, then completely ignore/verbally abuse me. Back and forth. It took me a long time to recognize it for what it was: abuse and emotional manipulation. I understand K&Ks relationship is different, but ‘holding on to a marriage’ and suffering abuse are two COMPLETELY different things, so I hope for her sake and the kids that this ends soon.

  3. julia says:

    I work in mental health, and I have personally suffered from alcoholism (in recovery for 3 years now) and have done and said terrible things to the people I love time and time again. It is so hard on the families, and a daily battle between staying and leaving. I admire her for trying to make it work, but there comes a time where she’ll have to put herself and her children first, or it will be her mental health and the mental health of those beautiful babies that will be suffering far more than Kanye’s.

    • Donn says:

      I have no children but have dealt with this behavior for almost 30 years. It’s hard but you really do see another person that’s there beyond the manic episodes. I can’t telll you how many times, I just wanted to end it all, and if I did have children, I would have. In general though I’m happy and worry about what would happen to him if he didn’t have someone who was there for him. Children do take it to another level. She’s got the ability to not really subject herself and her children to what’s actually going on. If she’s willing to do that, I say let her.

      • julia says:

        I get it. My family put up with my behaviour for 15 years. They too saw past the alcoholic, and I’m forever grateful. I’m not telling her to leave, but with children, it is a completely different story. It’s not just her dealing with this. It’s not her responsibility to manage his mental health.

    • Hoot says:

      @julia – Congratulations on your recovery. You go girl!

  4. Kate says:

    I agree… and with KUWTK ending after season 21 shit is about to get real, and she doesn’t want to harm her future legal career by acting like she’s reality tv’ing her divorce from a mentally ill man for ratings. That would be super tacky. Kim wants to maintain her current image, and will leave him after KUWTK ends. Then move on and marry an older serious legal lawyer land undiscovered hottie, and launch him into fame. Maybe have her own show with focus on her legal career

  5. MegJ says:

    I think she stays with him because while they are married she in “on the inside” and therefore has some level of control and knowledge about what’s coming down the pipeline. If they were divorced, she would probably find she was cut off from his friends and colleagues and has less knowledge of what he’s up too. I’m sure she’d have someone reporting his behavior and antics to her daily but that could stop in a divorce situation. I think it’s also so she can keep control of his visits with the kids, imagine sending your kids to him for visitation? Nightmare!

    • ME says:

      Well she’s had no problem sending her kids to Wyoming with him. Remember those kids all have two nannies each (reportedly). They are never alone with him…or with her it seems.

  6. T says:

    Living with bipolar takes patience and education of loved ones. The person diagnosed needs care, support, and commitment to treatment. Without these things, and I know from personal experience, the family unit will not be healthy and cannot be sustained. I’m not saying it’s always sunshine and roses. There will be times of illness, stress and difficulty. But without acceptance of the diagnosis, medical assistance and a promise to work on your health – it will not work long term for the afflicted or the family.
    Kanye does not seem on that path and I’m very sorry for his loved ones.

  7. Noki says:

    This is her third marriage and she has four kids with the guy,she wont drop him so easily. This was always a relationship for her benefit ,he was obsessed with her for years and only agreed to date him once ahe realised what it could do for her. As much as she has built this sex symbol image she really comes off as asexual(if that makes any sense at all). I have only ever seen her have a little chemistry with Reggie Bush.Her and Kanye are probably just friends at this point.

    • Joanna says:

      Agree! She strikes me a very asexual person who just portrays a sexual image to get what she wants. Even reggie said she would stop during sex to fix her makeup

  8. Angel says:

    She has an amazing pr team I will give her that. Anyway no one would blame Her for filing for divorce.

  9. CoKatie says:

    She’s not even with him when she’s with him. Look at the photos. Her attention is on her phone and social media. What is keeping her with him is what he would have to say about the whole damn family if she left him. He has the insight and would have no f’s to give. Explosive.

  10. Maida says:

    Kanye was actually suspended from Twitter for tweeting the phone number of Randall Lane, the editor of Forbes magazine, and saying “if anyone wants to talk to a white supremacist . . . . ”

    So his words are potentially endangering people. This isn’t just Kanye “expressing himself” anymore — this is an implied threat.

  11. Ragna says:

    I genuinely hope that his album either never drops, or if it does is bad. Because I’d hate to see people making comments on how being unmedicated and unwell and away from treatment somehow means you work better creatively and furthering that legend. It’s already a harmful one that keeps people from seeking help despite other creative people saying it’s just helped them focus on getting it done because medication/help allows them to better do that.

    You see it with Eminem all the time, people wanting him to do drugs again so he’ll “rap better” despite what that’d mean for him and the other people in his life. He’s still talented, but he has more focus/control so of course he’d rap about different topics.

    As for Kanye specifically… He tires and worries me. I wish he’d reach a point of wanting help. I don’t care for what he’s doing (or what’s being done for him, whatever the case may be) but it’s his kids I’m thinking about. I don’t wish this on them.

    However he obviously poses a threat too, so I don’t actually know what the best to do is.

    • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

      I’m kinda surprise, with his religious ranting, he didn’t call it “maDONDA with child”.

  12. Sara says:

    There’s one more season of that hell show. Kimmy needs something to talk about while sitting in the kitchen eating salad.

    • Amber says:

      in fairness she’s worked pretty hard to keep Kanye and his mental health problems off the show, at least from the episodes I’ve seen. That’s one reason why the show is ending, I think. She’s withheld a lot of stuff from her own life (understandably so) and the other sisters are pretty over it. There aren’t any storylines left. Plus this story is serious and sad. The show is supposed to be dramatic but essentially lighthearted. The sisters argue over who ate whose yogurt and photo shoot scheduling. Kanye’s mental health situation doesn’t fit with the mood of the show.

  13. Berlin says:

    All I have to say is the header pic on this post is the perfect PERFECT representation of our banal ridiculous celebrity culture. It has all the ingredients that our celebrity worship here has devolved into inc giant cell phone/ big cleavage/fake everything/Kanye’s ‘intelligent’ expression et al. Trying to think of what the caption under it should say.

  14. Mel says:

    She will only leave him when he is no longer useful to her or getting her what she wants. When he starts to be more of a hindrance, she’ll throw him out and off like garbage. I don’t really care about her or him, I just feel sorry for those children.

  15. Heat says:

    There is a fine line between being supportive and enabling. And I think that, once Kim realizes that she has crossed that line, she’ll leave him.