Tamera Mowry and her twin sister, Tia, haven’t seen each other in 6 months

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Tamera Mowry and her identical twin sister, Tia, have been joined at the hip since, well in vitro. They became household names when they starred in their 90s sitcom, Sister Sister. Tia recently opened up about how she and Tamera were told they couldn’t be on the cover of a teen magazine at the height of their show because they were Black. Tia and Tamera also celebrated Sister Sister landing in the top 40 Nielsen Rating for the most streamed shows on Netflix.

Tia and Tamera are super close, but the two have not been able to see each other in person for six months. Rona has made it quite difficult for families to be with each other and this can feel quite isolating. Tamera did a new interview with People in which she said that she thinks she and her sister will cry when they see each other for the first time. In the mean time they have happy hour Zoom dates every other week.

“I live in Napa and then there was a surge in L.A., and right when we were actually going to head up there, there was a surge in L.A. and it wasn’t wise for all of us to go there,” Tamera, 42, explained. “We were going to meet up, [Tia’s] working on Family Reunion and the time, it didn’t work. But I know for a fact when we see each other we’re just, we’re gonna cry.”

“Every two weeks, we Zoom each other and we have happy hour,” the mother of two shared. “We have a glass of wine, we talk about what’s been happening.”

While Tamera said that she and Tia “text almost every other day,” there’s “something about visually seeing your loved one, but there’s something even better, obviously, just the human connection and touch – and hug and I just I can’t wait to do that.”

Ahead of World Mental Health Day on Saturday, Tamera recently told PEOPLE that exercise has helped keep her spirits up during the ongoing pandemic.

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As an only child I can’t honestly say that I relate. Also being a fully fledged introvert, I have fully embraced this down time. I just love the silence. With that being said, many people have lost their lives to the virus and most have died alone without family or loved ones there to comfort them. So I empathize with Tia and Tamera missing each other and the rest of the world missing their loved ones as we grapple with this.

My mom is a twin and she and her sister meet face to face once a month. But they both shelter in place and take necessary precautions before and during their meetups. My mom is very extroverted so the pandemic has been hard for her. And like Stevie Nicks said earlier last week it feels as if the last of their younger years are being stolen from them as my mom and her twin are in their 60s.

Hopefully, we will have a vaccine for the virus by the end of next year and this will allow for people to finally gather with loved ones. And I hope Tamera and Tia will be able to see each other soon. It must be hard being apart from your other half but I am sure they will have so much more to catch up on when they do meet face to face.

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  1. SJ Knows says:

    Welcome to 2020.
    I’ve not seen any of my family in person since early April 2020, phone calls only.

    Sister, Sister is now on Netflix and my kids are enjoying it.

  2. DT says:

    I live in Michigan and my whole family is in Arizona. I was supposed to go home for Easter and that obviously got canceled. I haven’t seen my family since last Christmas. It’s really hard.

  3. Edna says:

    Loved watching Sister Sister. It’s been very hard not being able to see and visit family. This will be a lonesome Thanksgiving. Also Tia’s pandemic hair with all its gray is flattering. I haven’t had my hair colored since the shut downs began and my hair is so gray now. But I find that I actually like the gray and have it embraced it.

  4. BnLurkN4eva says:

    I just started watching Sister Sister. I am really sorry for everyone who can’t be with their love ones right now and hope things change soon. My parents live in another country and we haven’t seen each other since last Christmas. They would normally have visited me twice by this point, so the separation is not normal. I miss them so much and don’t know when we’ll be together again. It feels like I am missing out on so much time that we’ll never get back.

  5. Nikki* says:

    This is so sad. I am really dreading winter. Monday, sorry….

  6. Daphne says:

    It concerns me this is a headline when it’s what the norm should be. I get people are desensitized but look at the case count increasing.

  7. Case says:

    “As an only child I can’t honestly say that I relate. Also being a fully fledged introvert, I have fully embraced this down time.” This is me exactly.

    I am so sorry that they (and so many other families) haven’t been able to be together. This is going to be such a tough holiday season. But I also appreciate that they haven’t risked others’ lives to see each other. I cannot believe how many people I see traveling for leisure, having full-on weddings, showers, and birthday parties, etc. It’s shocking to me.

    • Kate says:

      My brother-in-law now talking about flying to visit his elderly parents for my father-in-law’s birthday in a few weeks. FIL has many underlying health issues and gets horribly sick/bedridden every other month. We have only seen my in-laws with masks on outside in a driveway for 10 minute intervals for the last 6 months but now I guess b/c they’re sick of quarantine they’re trying to rationalize all these risks to celebrate an occasion that could cause their death.

      My husband tried asking me what we’re going to do for Thanksgiving with the family and I was like nothing – we can’t do anything. It’s going to be too cold to eat outside (we live in the Northeast). We can’t fully isolate ourselves b/c we need help with the kids to be able to work so we can’t put the rest of our family at risk – that’s it. It sucks but it’s simple.

  8. Pamuk says:

    I haven’t seen my family since last November and now, not able to make my annual journey to the states, it will be atleast another year before I see them, rona go away!!!

  9. Kari says:

    I haven’t seen any of my family in over a year. Not even the 20 times removed second cousins I don’t like. The week NYC went into lockdown was the week I was supposed to fly out to see relatives in California and obviously that trip had to be cancelled. It’s been really aggravating to see friends and acquaintances travel to Mexico to vacation. For one it’s putting low income folks, particularly those in the service and tourism industries, at risk and for another my mom (a cancer survivor) lives there and I haven’t been able to go to see her for fear of risking her health. On the one hand I am happy to be in NYC bc I know folks are taking it more seriously here but like a lot of you it’s hard to be alone and away from loved ones for such a long period of time.

  10. Ally says:

    I haven’t seen my oldest son since last Christmas. I would give almost anything to hug him. It physically aches. But not enough to put him or the rest of our family at risk by doing something stupid. We’ve made it this long.

  11. ravynrobyn says:

    You guys are really helping me STAY STRONG. Want to go see my sister, sibs and stepmom for Thanksgiving (I’m in N California and they’re in San Luis Obispo area). One of my brothers there has “recovered” from ‘rona but denied he even had it 🤬🤬 That side of my family is more lax about masks/social distancing than I am; no judgment, it’s their reality as they see it. Actually I’m a little judgmental…

    I kept going back & forth until I realized that if I go down there I WON’T wear a mask or social distance because I don’t want to.
    Not hugging or kissing then or staying six feet away is inconceivable torture. Besides I’m 60, my husband is 64 and we BOTH have several underlying health issues…WTF?!? I should have never seriously thought about it, but you guys helped me make my FINAL FINAL FINAL FINAL decision about it.

    Thanks 💕💕💕

  12. LoonaticCap says:

    I live in a country where most people are kind of ignoring the measures, but luckily I haven’t been required to go to the office for a few months.
    Also, quarantine and all that began shortly before I moved from a tiny flat to a bigger house with a huge backyard, so I have been able to see my parents from time to time. Became a plant lady… Bought an elliptical…

    I really miss touching them and hugging my mom. I know I see worse stories here – and I feel for you. but on the other hand, I stay for weeks on end alone not seeing my friends or family.. Not talking to anyone except people at the supermarket.
    I have ups and downs. Just coming out of a deep bout of depression now because it’s depressing to see my friends living it up and yet here I am. Looking crazy.
    My very close friend is throwing a 2-day 30 people birthday beach party and I had to decline. I’m sad about it but you know. She gets it.
    Also 2 of my close friends have covid-19 now.
    Hard to deal with the anxiety and fear.
    So… I throw myself at work and food.

    Anyway. Just had to let it out somehow.
    Stay strong everyone!!!