Meghan Trainor let her husband and brother announce her baby’s gender


Last week, Meghan Trainor and Daryl Sabara announced to Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush that they were expecting a baby. Meghan comes from a very tight knit family and said she’s wanted to start a family for a very long time, so everyone is excited about the impending arrival. In addition to her baby news, Meghan is also promoting her Christmas album, A Very Trainor Christmas, due October 30. Since Meghan gave the pregnancy announcement to Hoda and Jenna, she saved the gender reveal for Kelly Clarkson. On Tuesday, she let her husband and her brother tell Kelly and the world that she’s having a baby boy:

When I saw the headline, I thought everyone, including Meghan and Daryl, were finding out on the show and it made me nervous. But no, this wasn’t a reveal as much as an announcement. Kelly, who is wearing a fantastic Janis Joplin t-shirt, btw, asked if Meghan had guessed correctly prior and Meghan said no, she’s done a bunch of online quizzes and thought it was a girl. I was convinced – without a doubt – both my pregnancies were boys. I was only correct once.

The write up said Meghan also revealed how far along she is. In the clip, Meghan started to say “twenty… “ but then said she’s not supposed to say and switched to “a little over halfway.” I guess we’ll have to wait until the show airs to find out if we get more information than that. In the meantime, we still have a week and a half before the album come out and a few more shows for Meghan to promote, what’s left to reveal – Ellen will get the name, probably. Corden might get the baby’s zodiac. Maybe Kimmel will get the nursery theme but Fallon’s getting the mobile playlist, for sure. I kid – I’m very happy for Meghan and the whole Trainor crew. I know this baby will be very much loved and that’s a great way to enter this world.




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  1. Who ARE these people? says:

    When did “gender reveal” become a thing? I can’t articulate all the reasons it bothers me but it seems regressive and it shouldn’t be important.

    • NixD says:

      I don’t consider it regressive, just stupid.

      • Who ARE These People? says:

        It comes across as stupid to me, too, but there is a regressive aspect because it suggests that “boy or girl” is an actually important fact to know, starts sex-role stereotyping well before birth, confuses “gender” with “sex,” and generally promulgates the whole pink vs blue binary culture.

        And yet that still doesn’t capture the fullness of my aversion.

        It’s also just another way to sell parties and get presents and, on the celebrity level, to get more attention.

        Can you imagine if they were called “sex reveal” parties? That might make the problem more obvious.

        Maybe that’s what Rudy Giuliani thought he was doing in that hotel room though, “removing his mic.” Having his own little sex reveal party.

      • Aven Sharp says:

        Who are these people – yes! It’s like announcing to the world, I have a penis-baby or I have a vagina-baby! I had an ultrasound when I was pregnant and we saw a penis and Announced to the family that we were having a boy. Fourteen years later it turns out we were mistaken, we had a girl (trans) and now it’s just weird that all my friends and family know that she has a penis because it really is none of their business.

    • Minnie says:

      The first gender reveal party was thrown by a woman who was excited to reveal the gender of her baby as she had a few miscarriages prior to her successful pregnancy. I believe that she always suffered a miscarriage before the gender of the baby could be known, so it was more of a milestone celebration more than anything else. She has denounced what gender reveal parties have become now, considering her own party just consisted of a coloured cake.

    • NixD says:

      I hear and accept your viewpoint. I was happy to have a boy and I am not going to feel bad about that. Of course, in the end, I wanted a healthy baby. However, I had such a dysfunctional relationship with my own mother that I was deathly afraid of the damage that I might inflict on a girl. I had my son at 25 and I am now 48. Now, as an older woman, I believe I could have handled it but wow, how relieved I was to learn back then that I was having a son.

      I am all for free expression of gender and for breaking down stereotypes and anything else that impedes people from living their best lives or being discriminated against. However, I don’t see anything wrong with being happy or excited about having a girl or a boy. Many moms dream about getting nails done with their daughters or shopping for a wedding dress as do many dads dream about watching sports or throwing a ball. There is nothing wrong with that. The problem is when a parent tries to force their dream on their child when the reality ends up being different.

      Now, the whole reveal thing is stupid to me because unless a giraffe pops out of there, there are only 2 options. LOL

  2. SJ Knows says:

    I like how they are sitting apart on the set.
    I’d be very worried during C19 and pg.

    I like MT, and good for her to be happy.

    I dislike all the gender reveal to-do these days. Can’t anything be private anymore?

  3. SJ Knows says:

    Oh, btw, I liked MT hair more when it was her natural color.
    Yellow blonde hair should be outlawed, do they all feel the need to be bottle blondes? Why?

  4. ME says:

    Why is revealing the gender of your baby so damn important? I think it’s ridiculous to put so much importance on the gender. I thought as a society we were getting passed that? To see gender reveals where one parent is upset because the baby isn’t the gender they wanted just makes me so mad. How about just be happy with a healthy baby ??!!

  5. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    While I think it’s silly and strange to assume friends and family want to attend a full-blown party simply to learn if their pregnant friend is having a boy or girl lol, who truly gives a shit? I’ll tell you who. Immediate family. That’s it. And it’s quite possible other kids in the family couldn’t care less. My oldest son and his wife had a similar get-together last weekend for their gender reveal. Oy vei. I’ve been sick so I didn’t go, but my husband and youngest went. It was very small. Under ten people. Family only. They grilled outside, and all the pics show there was a respectful amount of distance between guests. The reveal had Jack (their dog) run out with blue balloons. Easy peasy lol. Another boy. Wtf? Between you and me, I’m pretty sick of man.

  6. Green Desert says:

    I’m gonna be that person…it’s “sex,” not gender. It drives me nuts that people still confuse the two. It should universally be called a “sex reveal party” but people cannot get past their 12-year-old selves. 😂

    Does anyone watch Brooklyn Nine Nine? Last season they correctly said sex reveal party instead of gender reveal, and I was so proud.

    • Riley says:

      I was thinking that the whole time I watched this video! I’m like, if Jake Peralta can be woke enough to call it a sex reveal party, you can too!

  7. JanetDR says:

    I just remember the thrill of finding out when my children were born. I know it’s different now with all the scans people do, but …

    • ME says:

      Yeah really I agree with you. There are people that get a scan done because they want to know whether the sex of the baby is what they prefer, and if it’s not, some abort. I’m Indian, I can tell you this is really a thing. It’s disgusting. I’m pro choice but I really don’t agree with the practice of terminating a baby because it’s not the gender you want. Not to mention in some countries you can use gender selection when doing IVF. I just don’t agree with that. Be happy with what you get. But I guess that’s just my opinion…

  8. Leskat says:

    I find it so fucking bizarre that with all the forward movement with understanding sexuality, gender identity, and all the things that go with it that gender reveals (actually gential reveals) have become so wildly popular. It’s just weird. It’s like everything we know about gender and sexuality gets forgotten in order to announce “pink or blue”. With my kids, I found out what they were amd told people if they asked, but it wasn’t an event.