Tucker Carlson: Dr. Jill Biden is a doctor in ‘the same sense Dr. Pepper is’

Tucker Carlson leaves Craig's after an LA dinner date

Over the weekend, the Wall Street Journal published a deeply offensive op-ed about Dr. Jill Biden. Dr. Biden holds several higher education degrees: a BA in English, a Master of Education, a Masters of Art in English and a doctorate of Education (Ed.D). She earned all of her degrees gradually, oftentimes taking one course a semester while raising her children and working full-time as a teacher and professor. And now that she’s the First Lady, douchebro snowflake a–holes are triggered by the fact that Dr. Jill uses the title she earned. That’s what the WSJ d–khead wrote, that she should stop using her “Dr.” title. When the internet RAGED at the WSJ for publishing such a sexist, trashy take, the WSJ editors then backed up their columnist and claimed it was all some kind of political conspiracy by Democrats to… defend Dr. Jill Biden and all educated women.

Well, you’re never believe this, but Tucker Carlson is throwing in his lot with the “isn’t it funny when women get degrees” lot.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson took aim at incoming first lady Jill Biden on Monday evening, downplaying her doctoral degree in education amid the escalating controversy over whether she should use the prefix “Dr.”

“Jill Biden is not a doctor, no,” Carlson said on his nightly program. “Maybe in the same sense Dr. Pepper is.” He added Biden has the “same degree as Dr. Bill Cosby.”

Carlson, a frequent critic of President-elect Joe Biden, mocked the incoming first lady, saying she is suffering from a “very serious case of status anxiety.” Other conservative pundits and critics of the Bidens made similar comments over the weekend and on Monday, suggesting Biden is engaged in “selective outrage” or was being egotistical when it comes to her title.

[From The Hill]

This is the dumbest f–king culture war. It boils down to the seedy, sexist questions men ask other men: “Should we allow women to pursue education?” “Should women be allowed higher education degrees?” “Will our feelings be hurt if a woman is more educated than us?” “Why does this lady demand to use a title she earned?” And this whole “the only real doctors are medical doctors” is such bullsh-t too. Arts, humanities and non-medical sciences give out doctorates for a reason, because all fields are worthy of specialized studies. Anyway, Tucker Carlson is a limp d–k small d–k chinless fascist.

Jill Biden Hosts Educator Mobilization Rally in Montgomery County

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  1. Oatmeal says:

    Some people need a good a** whopping that they have managed to somehow evade in life

    • Mindy_Dopple says:

      This is the exact feeling I got when I read the title of the article. I wanted to roll up my sleeves and just take a swing. These people are so good and creating such negative energy and responses!

    • lucky says:

      and an education! How dumb does one need to be to not understand that most physician’s actually don’t have a PhD and aren’t doctors in that sense. It is a non-sensical argument from someone who clearly doesn’t understand the systems of higher education/ scholarship. The irony is TOO MUCH.

    • I think all these white males like Carson must have tiny dick syndrome. Judging from the last 4 years, the tiny dick syndrome has reached pandemic proportions in this country.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        They’re so fearful of handsome/beautiful successful and educated people. People that have legitimately earned their place and that shines a spotlight on pretenders like Carlson.

  2. Persephone says:

    Not surprising coming from this douchenozzle.

    • Kalana says:

      He shortcircuited a few years ago at the thought of a woman paying for a meal. Then there were the emails between him and his even worse brother graphically describing sex acts the brother wanted to perform on a young government staffer. The moron accidently sent them to her. Dr. Jill Biden probably terrifies them.

      What happened to Tucker’s sexual harassment scandal?

    • Mac says:

      He’s as human as Mr. Pibb.

    • Eleonora says:

      I knew I would find a fun variation on the word douche here and am not disappointed

  3. Angel says:

    I am not american so I watch American politics by far, I never heard anything about that man but I bet that he says positives things and praise Melanie Trump all the time.

    • Ash says:

      I am genuinely jealous of you. I’m also not American and “enjoy” US politics from afar and I hate that I know who this a-hole is. Safe to say, you’re right.

      • Seraphina says:

        I am American and have been following American politics, I have no clue who he was until today.

      • clomo says:

        He is a professional idiot, I can’t believe he has such a high paying job for idiocy, honestly I think he should be fired and retired.

  4. Erin says:

    F*ck off! He makes me so angry.

    • Shoshone says:

      It’s been reported that he is (was) planning on running for president in 2024. Biden besting Dumpf and Dumpf planning on running again in 2024 probably has Tucker rage crying.

  5. Astrid says:

    I’m so proud of her and her accomplishments. Tucker Carlson can suck on a sour lemon. I”m looking forward to seeing how much she will do as First Lady.

  6. SH says:

    Holy hell, what a fool. She’s a doctor of education. She had a DOCTORATE DEGREE. Any one with a doctorate degree is a doctor of that subject. This idiot thinks she’s pretending to be a medical doctor or something. It makes my blood boil

    • Mumzy says:

      I am wondering if he (and his ilk) are confusing honorary doctorates with busted ass to earn doctoral degrees?

      Rather than being idiots about the use of a hard-earned prefix, he and the WSJ can spend their time talking about things related to a real problem.

      Some stats for yesterday, the 15th of December, 2020:

      2918: how many people died (just yesterday—1 day) in the US from Covid. To put that into perspective —on 9/11, the terrorist attacks in the US killed 2977.

      112,816: people currently hospitalized in the US due to Covid

      189,783: currently active (documented) cases of Covid in the US

      295,322: the total number of DEATHS (confirmed and probable) in the US due to Covid since 1/22/20


    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      He’s probably too stupid to know what the “D” in “Ph.D.” stands for.

  7. SH says:

    Holy hell, what a fool. She’s a doctor of education. She had a DOCTORATE DEGREE. Any one with a doctorate degree is a doctor of that subject. This idiot thinks she’s pretending to be a medical doctor or something. It makes my blood boil

  8. Merricat says:

    Tucker Carlson isn’t known for being much of a thinker. It’s weird, because according to reports, he also doesn’t have much of a peen, and yet he’s known for being one.

    • indywom says:

      No one ever complained when Dr. Henry Kissinger was addressed as such.

    • kat says:

      SCREAMING. Just choked on my coffee. “ doesn’t have much of a peen but known for being one .” Thank you for this comment OH so very much.

    • Kfg says:

      Tucker is what happens when super rich parents pay for their kids grades and then those kids grow up and realize they’re not smart or competitive, they’re just rich assholes who have been given everything. So people who actually work and earn things that douchelords like tucker can’t, are automatically wrong.

  9. Becks1 says:

    Of course he has comments on this. He’s such a douchenozzle.

    NO ONE is confused by this. No one is going to run to Dr. Biden and say “quick, my husband is having a heart attack!”

    I am not a ph.D or any kind of doctor (well I have a JD) but I have always been puzzled by the fact that socially M.Ds go by “Dr” but often ph.Ds don’t. Like a MD will introduce themselves as “Dr” but someone might have a ph.D and you wont know. My brother is a MD and my SIL’s mother and grandmother insisted when he graduated med school that he had to go by Dr – like my SIL’s mother told her (my SIL) that she always had to introduce him as doctor. My brother has a big ego but he doesn’t give two craps if someone calls him Dr or Mr in a social setting, so its hilarious to hear the insistence from SIL’s mother.

    • paranormalgirl says:

      I have an MD. I don’t care if people call me Dr. or not. It’s simply not that important to me.

      One of my dear friends has a PhD in psychology. She earned the right to be called Dr. Barrett. Her students call her that. Screw Tucker Carlson. He’s a moron.

  10. Mindy_Dopple says:

    I was about to ask, is there no one that works at Fox that has earned a doctorate degree or even someone they have on retainer to come and analyze things that would be offended…. but the answer is probably not.

  11. josephine says:

    Such a small, small man. These men are so fragile, so utterly lacking in substance, masculinity, confidence, self-worth. I can’t imagine how a single woman could be attracted to men who literally fall apart at the seams because they encounter a woman who is educated.

    Must suck to be such an impotent man.

  12. Lightpurple says:

    The man who invented Dr. Pepper graduated medical school and worked as a pharmacist. Dr Pepper was formulated in a drug store.

    Tucker Carlson is a racist misogynist who knows nothing about anything.

    • Thaisajs says:

      Exactly. Dr. Pepper was actually a medical doctor and pharmacist. Dr. Biden is not a physician and has never pretended to be? So they aren’t the same at all.

  13. Lynn says:

    I shall quote Hannah Gadsby here as I think we says it best, “D!ck Biscuit!”

  14. STRIPE says:

    Tucker is a journalist in the same way Clark Kent is

    • Ariel says:

      Hey- Clark Kent is a person who wants to make the world a better place.
      Let’s not drag his fictional reputation in to this.
      As a bad comic book character- he is still 1000 times a journalist as racist whiny carlson.

    • My3cents says:


  15. Ariel says:

    I do not have a PhD, but i have friends who do- and that process is NO JOKE. It takes years, the dissertation is a beast, defending the dissertation. The study and work that goes into that is the real deal.
    Same as a medical doctor- no. But a PhD is absolutely a doctorate.

    Degrees, in my opinion which should not mean you use Dr- a juris doctorate- which is a law degree (i have one of these), no one uses Dr with that unless they are joking or painfully pretentious.
    Also, honorary doctorates- that they give celebrities for speaking at a college.

    But The First Lady is Dr. Jill Biden.
    She earned the title.

    Are there no PhD holding women who work at Fox News? or in conservative “media”? Huh. Weird.

    Slightly off subject, with the pandemic- lots of medical experts on TV, MDs and PhDs – overwhelmingly white men.
    Women, and men of color and women of color are woefully lacking in on air representation on all of the news networks.
    And, it matters.

    • GuestwithCat says:

      We have been watching CNN in the evening and most of their medical experts are people of color. This is true of the doctors they regularly consult and the occasional guest speakers. I’m actually struggling to remember any besides Dr. Fauci and one guest they had recently who was white. Or a white male.

    • Mignionette says:

      Fox news is never about the ‘real news’. They’re just creating a new hashtag/ issue for their viewers to latch onto now that #HunterLaptopGate is redundant.

      Much like the Obama’s there is no scandal here with the Biden’s and particular Jill so they have to create it. Problem is this is a proper doctorate they are just annoyed she uses is, bc in GOP land women are, unheard and uncelebrated.

      Melania was a thoroughly pointless FLOTUS in every way. Then along comes a Dr after Melania’s predecessor who was a Lawyer. That makes Melania look even more lacking, if at all possible. So the response is to denigrate the Dr Biden thereby invalidating her.

  16. FancyPants says:

    “Don’t ask her to commit surgery?” Huh? The frozen fish heir is clearly feeling (and sounding) educationally inadequate compared to Dr. Biden.

    • HoofRat says:

      Tucker Carlson is a human being in the same sense that Chucky is a real boy.

    • mellie says:

      Exactly, he’s jealous and feeling inferior. Sorry chump!

    • Megan2 says:

      This really stuck out to me as well. “Don’t ask to COMMIT surgery.”

      … stupid man angry at smart woman, as always seems to be the story with this over-styled nitwit.

  17. Kate says:

    Academic Doctorates have an ancient and esteemed history….medical Dr’s were considered quacks up to the 20th century. So please.

    • Ponytail says:

      And if I recall correctly, medical doctors don’t have to have doctorates – they are given the title ‘Doctor’ as a courtesy (where I live, anyway). I may have been watching too much Brooklyn 99 though !

      • Lionel says:

        I’m learning that this is the case in some parts of Europe, maybe elsewhere too? It confuses me greatly! In the US medical doctors are all MDs (or DOs or NDs, osteopathic and naturopathic doctors, respectively) who have earned their titles. Anyone walking around practicing medicine and calling themselves “doctor” without having an MD (or DO or ND) is committing fraud.

        There are lots of legitimate medical practitioners without MDs: NPs, PAs, nurse midwives, and the like. They just can’t/shouldn’t be called “doctor.” Patients may get confused and call them that occasionally, but they can’t use the title themselves, on their resume, socially, etc with any sort of legitimacy.

        And now that I’m in the weeds, there is an exception in that a nurse who has earned a doctorate in nursing administration may call themselves “doctor” in a medical setting. But the accepted protocol is that they use it when performing nursing administrative duties (like “I’m Dr X and I’m here to take over your hospital’s policy department” ) but not when performing patient care (because “I’m Dr X and I’ll be taking your vital signs before the doctor sees you” is confusing and potentially misleading to the patient.)

      • Annetommy says:

        In the U.K. medics generally graduate with a Bachelor’s degree – MBChB for example, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (with the Ch denoting Chirgery, the old spelling). An MD in the U.K. is a higher degree for medics, with a substantial original research component. It is the substantial original research that distinguishes all PhD or equivalent degrees. Dr Jill is going to be a great First Lady. She might even…Be Best!

      • Belly says:

        It’s true in Australia also.

        Medical doctors graduate with an MBBS, which is an abbreviation of Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery.

        Of course, if they want to practice they then have to go on to complete many more years study in their speciality. But the title “Dr.” is conferred with just a Bachelor’s.

    • LillyfromLilooet says:

      Oh thank god someone else remembers. Thank you @Kate!

      In the history of academe and scholarship, a PhD and ergo the title of doctor was awarded to a candidate satisfactorily completing and defending a dissertation, which is a mighty, years-long undertaking of original scholarship the length of a book.

      Medical practitioners do not produce anything similar; their training is closer to practical journeyman training, which is also extremely rigorous but not scholarship. @Kate is right–in ye olden times, the medical practitioners called to homes for bloodletting and administering of various powders and potions were considered quacks and referred to as “Mr.” NOT “Dr.”

      The title doctor did not originate nor ever refer to someone with practical healing skills. While yes, it is true now that we refer to medical practitioners as doctors, and their training is justifiably rigorous for an honorific; this is a very late development in the history of the word doctor.

      I’ve been waiting for someone else to say it because DUH HISTORY AKA THE TRUTH. I am no expert and find it weird that no one in the media has explained this. From this vantage point, gender drops from first place as the point of contention as we bestir ourselves to remember the history of a PhD versus an MD.

      • Annetommy says:

        Surgeons in the U.K. normally drop the ‘Dr’ and become Mr/ Ms etc in a nod to their background as barbers and blood leters rather than physicians. As a PhD said, the degree they were conferred with originated at a time when surgeons were just glorified hairdressers.

      • Kate says:

        Thank you for explaining this so well @lillyfromlilooet! I agree I don’t understand why this isn’t clearly stated in the main stream media…don’t get me started on them.

    • sameasiteverwas says:

      This is all true and historical information about the history of Doctorate degrees. Having worked in academia for a while, I will say a lot of PhD’s do not call themselves Doctor especially in non-professional manner. FYI a lot of MD’s don’t and JD’s don’t either though they all can use them. One who doesn’t is Dr. Jill Biden. I have met her at a fundraiser and that is not how she introduces herself. Originally, this came from her students. Where it is more than appropriate to call a professor Dr. The fact that her students pushed this too is rather great, if you ask me.

      Now the reason a lot don’t use their hard earned titles is some think it’s pretentious. Well Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson, the non royal man with many names seems like he should know something about being pretentious. What an ass.

  18. readingissexy says:

    I have a degree in English from an Ivy, am a TT professor at a public state school, and have published. I still deal with men trying to tell me that I don’t matter and can’t be smart on the daily. In the past year alone, a colleague’s email was inadvertently sent out to the entire listserv that said I was nice but couldn’t do research. I was harassed by a professor while getting my MA, I was told I was too feminine for academia while getting my PhD, etc. I even had one professor in graduate school who–while introducing me to their friend–thought I wasn’t looking and made a gesture of an hour glass to the visiting faculty member to suggest something about my body. Because my intellect isn’t important or noteworthy, of course.

    (And btw, not that this matters, but I am terrible at fashion so wear long sleeve shirts and jeans all the time. I don’t dress provocatively or even try to look risque. I’m kinda boring!)

    • OriginalLala says:

      oh man, your comment really hit home for me – you’ve just described my experience as an academic to a T. I’ve had several people say things like “you’re too young to have a PhD” , “you don’t look like an academic” (wtf does that mean??). I once had a student fill out their course evaluation comments with “she fills out a sweater nicely”. ugh.

      • readingissexy says:

        OriginalLala!!! OMG you also just described my experiences! The department assistants first assumed I was a student!

        I also had a professor who was evaluating my retention and tenure ask me in private, “So, how does it feel to have so many students remarks about your body in your student evals?” He was actually trying to be nice, and I have grown to love this man. (I am even glad he noticed and cared.) At the time though, I was so embarrassed–I barely knew him!

        Anyway, I like that we are still here, despite all of these shenanigans. I am not letting a group of idiots define my worth!

      • Kate says:

        My best friend is a geneticist with a PhD and had some article written about her research. It included a description of her long, blonde hair and some other physical descriptors that we side eyed as being unnecessary.

    • hoopjumper says:

      These stories are so gross, I am so sorry you two had to deal with that crap. It’s appalling.

      I have found in my career women perpetrate this sexist crap almost as much as men do. I have a PhD in a female-dominated field (nursing) and the extent to which men are treated like the Precious is astounding. During my PhD, I once had a tenured faculty member (a woman) ask to take a guy who was a *prospective* student out for lunch right in front of me. She had never taken me out once, even though we had worked closely together for five years (co-authoring multiple publications, etc.). A white guy gave once gave our diversity talk, swear to god. And I once had a woman professor tell me she was glad I “didn’t have to worry about rent” when she found out I lived with my fiancee. I don’t mean to compare my experiences with yours, which are truly appalling, but it’s disheartening to see women do this.

      • readingissexy says:

        LOL hoopjumper, I should have clarified–the hourglass incident I mentioned was a woman! And yes, women are 100% on board the sexism train. My current department chair–who has made remarks to me in private about this one sexist colleague–made that sexist man the associate chair of the department, despite there being numerous other prospective candidates. She then asked me at some point to clarify how sexism is systemic—I had to point out to her that the man she made associate chair/gave a raise to has had complaints about his sexism put forth against him, and she knows he is not well liked because of his sexism. OF COURSE SEXISM IS SYSTEMIC.

      • trashaddict says:

        This is why I insist on the “Doctor” title and am not casual with trainees. I worked hard for the title and I will use it. I try to make sure I address them as “Doctor” as well in front of patients. I am on a first-name basis after they graduate. A woman PhD should absolutely be called “Doctor” as well.
        Even the kindest colleagues just continued to F- things up. I came in to assist the Program Director with residency interviews on my day off. We were sitting not more than 10 people around a table and he neglected to introduce me as he worked his way around. Later I felt a certain pride in diagnosing his daughter with a malady he hadn’t considered (and I was right).

  19. Tiffany says:

    Why would I listen to someone who has never had a legit job in his life and inherited wealth.

    I mean…….he ain’t clever, no matter how much he thinks he is.

  20. OriginalLala says:

    This is insane!! and as a fellow woman with a PhD I am just so hurt by this nonsense. I am a Doctor. I am not a physician. MDs are not the only Drs ffs.

    My degree literally says “doctorem philosophiae”.

    the ignorance, misogyny, and stupidity is astonishing.

  21. Miranda says:

    Yeah, gold-digging escort is a much more respectable occupation for a First Lady, isn’t it?

  22. Turtledove says:

    I mean, if I am Jill Biden, I would be laughing my ass off that the best shot they have to take at me is that I am a PhD.

    As a human, and a female one at that, *I* am infuriated at this nonsense. And that is what it is, utter nonsense. But Dr Jill Biden should just laugh and laugh and continue to make plans for all the great things she will accomplish as first lady.

    Also, my company’s client base is LARGELY scientists and academics, soooooooooooooooooo many of them go by “Dr”. None are MDs. This is in no way confusing for me. Do all these idiots really not understand that a PhD is Dr????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • Josie Bean says:

      That is exactly it – they have nothing on Dr Biden so they ridicule her Title. That is the best they can do – how pathetic they are and too stupid to realise how many other individuals with PhDs they are insulting. Funny I don’t recall this being brought up about Dr Kissinger or say, Dr Brzezinski (which apparently is how the WSJ referred to them yet they are not physicians).

    • molly says:

      I am so fascinated that this has become such outrage. Dr. Jill wasn’t doing anything beyond living her life and working at the job she’s done for years. (And I hope she’s rolling laughing about all this now.)

      Tucker went to an expensive private college in Connecticut. I’m 100% certain he addressed his professors there as Dr. ABC and understood that they wouldn’t be able to perform surgery in the middle of class.

      It also drives me crazy when FOX hosts rant about “coastal, liberal elites” to rile up their rural, red state base. All these non-college educated white voters are FAR more likely to interact with a community college professor that cares about their future than they are Sean Hannity and his multi-million dollar New York compound or Trump and his golf courses. Trump and Hannity and Tucker do not care one tiny bit about the white trash that worship them, I promise.

    • Stacy Dresden says:

      All they can muster on Jill is that she isn’t the right kind of doctor. Lol.

  23. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    As he understands it. It’s hard to make connections when you have a brain the size of a pea.

  24. Notafan says:

    I am a physician. My husband is a retired professor with a PhD. We are both doctors. The only difference between us related to our preferred address, is that I prefer not to use my Dr title in non-work settings because I get tired of people asking for medical advice (or pulling up their shirts to show me something). MDs and PhDs or EdDs or any other doctorate worked hard for their degrees and have every right to be proud of their accomplishments.

    The only time I get a little concerned is when I work with people with doctorates in nursing because then it gets a bit confusing to patients as to what everyone’s role is. But they still have the right to be called doctor and I respect their work.

  25. Seraphina says:

    Let’s keep moving the threshold when it behooves our own interests. Typical GOP tactic. They did it with President Obama and now with DR. Jill Biden. As one post by a friend stated: we dealt with four years of ignoring the fact that Melania posed nude and his daughter (with a failed business) was advising him – they can address Dr. Biden as such. Ironically, they are going after her for being too educated. WAKE UP Females in the GOP, they see you as Melanias and not Jills.

  26. Golly Gee says:

    Meanwhile, Tucker Carlson is a mouth-breathing, knuckle dragger in the sense that he’s a mouth-breathing knuckle dragger.

  27. kimberlu says:

    I don’t take this asshat seriously at all. He acts like a crackhead trolling all the time…He makes money by spewing hate and not being respected by a majority of society.

  28. Ange says:

    When I say his name I replace the T with an F.

  29. Veronica S. says:

    What f*cking idiot doesn’t understand the difference between an academic doctorate and medical doctor? This is the height of induced stupidity to me. Like, this shit is literally just to rile up the base AND purposefully annoy liberals. It’s so dumb it actively makes me mad anybody is still talking about it instead of ignoring it like it deserves. Jill Biden should just roll her eyes and move on or just actively troll them by adding a joke profile on her Twitter.

  30. Ellie says:

    Tucker is such a damn loser. I hate that he comes to Maine and flaunts that he now lives here. He’s very much not welcomed. He also always seems sooo angry when he’s on air, this man needs therapy.

  31. Silent Star says:

    Tucker Carlson is a news reporter the same way Kermit the Frog is.

  32. Abby says:

    What higher degree does he hold????????

  33. Leah says:

    And Tucker is a douche, the same way douches are. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, so wtf what does he know about real work anyway?

    I am enjoying seeing him internally scream knowing that Biden is his next president.

  34. Beatriz says:

    …and Tucker Carlson has a brain in the same sense that the Scarecrow did.

    The sheer ignorance at his keyboard is astounding.

  35. HeatherC says:

    Tucker Carlson is a human in the same sense that a Cabbage Patch doll that has been run over repeatedly by a train is a human.

  36. GuestwithCat says:

    This is the same man who couldn’t figure out how to pronounce Kamala’s name correctly.

    He’s too stupid to realize how his willful obtuseness makes him look even more stupid. He reminds me of a stubborn cow.

  37. B n A fn says:

    Says the person that looks like a slow frog, sorry but not sorry 😣.

  38. Lena says:

    So the right wing is still going on about this? They are gonna be “tan suiting” this administration all the time now I suppose.

  39. Steph says:

    That’s the stupidest argument I’ve heard. He hit the same point at the WSJ douche, but neglected to mention that bill Cosby’s “exact degree” is honorary. Dr. Biden put in the hard work and finished a dissertation. It’s incredibly difficult. I’m an “ABD” and had to take the second masters degree bc I ran out of time. If I was given an honorary doctorate, I would NEVER use the title as I did not complete the dissertation.

    I’m fired up about these misogynistic, entitled, threatened little pricks.

    • paddingtonjr says:

      Actually, Bill Cosby earned his doctorate in education, back in 1976. He has several honory doctorates, mostly in humane letters, and many have been taken back, but he is Dr. Cosby no matter what. Ugh, I can’t believe I’m defending him ;(

  40. Ann Latta says:

    Dr. Jill Biden teaches at community colleges where instructors often do not have doctorates. It’s significant to use the “Dr.” designation to distinguish between those with masters degrees and skilled community experts, who teach special courses. I was told at the university where I worked that “Professor” is more valued, because it’s harder to achieve. Many people with doctorates don’t use Dr. as a title, but use Ph.d after their name. In Europe, Dr. as a title is common for those with a Ph.d. I don’t think Tucker Carlson spends much time on college campuses or at professional meetings of educators.

  41. jferber says:

    Ignorant, insulting asshat. I wonder if he even got his B.A.? Graduated from high school? He’s not even a real journalist, so he shouldn’t be throwing stones. But I guess throwing stones is his business. Your mother must be so proud of you, Tucker! Not.

    • Jaded says:

      He has a BA in history from Trinity College. Big whoop. He reportedly only got accepted with the help of his girlfriend (now wife) whose father was head-master of the boarding school they both attended. He was rejected by other more prestigious universities, and also by the CIA when he applied for a job. What a loser….

      • Kalana says:

        Did he go back and finish? Because originally he dropped out.

      • Lionel says:

        Oh whoa, back up this train so I can board please! He has a WIFE whose FATHER is/was a boarding-school headmaster? I didn’t even know he was married. So his FIL is a professional educator? And presumably has a doctorate in some academic field? (Most heads of reputable American boarding schools do…) Maybe even a doctorate in, um, education?

        Wonder what his FIL and FIL’s friends and colleagues think of TC’s sputtering drivel. He’s lucky there’s a pandemic, otherwise I presume he’d be eating at one frosty holiday table this year.

      • Jaded says:

        @Kalana – I read that he graduated but it was likely because his step-mother was hugely wealthy and probably bought his way through to graduation because, in his own words, he was drunk most of the time.

      • Veronica S. says:

        Amazing, isn’t it? Somebody who already had money willingly lets that crawl up all over them on the reg.

      • Kalana says:

        @Jaded. I went down the rabbit hole googling to see what came up around when his first book came out. Tucker used to be a decent writer. He was the one who exposed George W. Bush for mocking Karla Faye Tucker in an article for Talk magazine. At that time I think he was still a college dropout who got married and had a child at 22 or 23. He then went to write at regional papers. Maybe he went back and finished at some point.

  42. Elizabeth says:

    This is so incredibly stupid and demeaning. It’s part of decades and decades of the extreme fringe right trying to stir up a culture war against higher education because more highly educated people tend to vote more progressively / for Democrats.

    I’m sure he’s impressed and intimidated by a well-educated, intelligent, successful older woman, whose husband is about to become the most powerful man on earth and dealt Trumpism a resounding defeat, and so he has to try to tear her down. I’m SO embarrassed for our country that anyone would say this, let alone think it or agree with it.

    Academia is already incredibly tough for women and BIPOC (I earned a Ph.D. and was employed and published and taught, etc., tenure-track for six years) — this commentary is just another form of gatekeeping.

    And the double standard! What did she do wrong? Earned an advanced degree! This is so incredibly sexist. Like women shouldn’t have their own careers or receive an education.

  43. elfie says:

    That bloated idiot slob is A COLLEGE DROPOUT, but has the gall to demean a woman with higher education. I would pay money to see someone beat the snot out of him.

  44. jferber says:

    I’d like to say something equally relevant to Tucker Carlson: You’re a fat fuck. And you’re owned by Rupert Murdoch. You’re his bitch boy. Have a nice day.

  45. GuestWho says:

    For a tucker carlson palette cleanser, google “jon stewart calls tucker carlson a dick” from the 2004 interview jon did on crossfire. Jon was embarrassed that he’d done it, but tucker just kept pushing him…it’s TV gold. I really, really miss jon stewart, and tucker carlson is still a dick.

  46. Ann says:

    If you have a doctorate degree you are a doctor. What is the fing problem with people? I wish Fox News was simply turned off/cancelled.

  47. Ferdinand says:

    It is stupid that we are discussing this.
    But do people in the States actually understand that a doctorate does not mean MD, right?

    I remember this was a recurring gag on FRIENDS. Rachel was at a hospital or something and Ross introduces himself as Dr. Gallagher. And Rachel says “Ross, Doctor means really something here” . or something along those lines.

    My point being, I believe it confuses people? At least it confuses people who watches FOX news.

    Call the woman by her degrees, and that’s it.

  48. paddingtonjr says:

    Has Tucker Carlson never met anyone in acadamia with a doctorate? Living in DC, surrounded by experts, lobbyists, professors, etc., I meet non-medical doctors on at least a weekly basis. Dr. Biden earned her doctorate in education, just as Bill Cosby did (thanks, Tucker, I have to defend Bill Cosby). Dr. Biden never claimed to be a “medical doctor” or anything than other than what she earned. Dr. Pepper was developed by a pharmacist who claimed medical benefits from the drink (as did Coca-Cola) and was rumored to be named after a real doctor (medical doctor) named Pepper. So no, Dr. Biden is not a doctor the same way Dr. Pepper is. And you might want to watch it, TC; your mommy abandonment issues are showing.

  49. Corick says:

    These are the same morons who extolled the the academic accomplishments of ex”model” “f@ck Christmas” trump. She lied about her Einstein visa, lied about her education, lied about the languages she could speak. But yes, let’s stomp on Dr Bidens accomplishments because she earned them and didn’t lie about herself.
    Plus what is tuck-it carlson other than some random piece of entitled garbage whose employees own attorney stated no one should take any of his statements seriously because he is nothing but an agitator and people with sense shouldn’t take anything he says seriously. He’s less than trash because trash at one point had a purpose this entitled trust fund baby is about as useful as 45

  50. Scarlet Vixen says:

    F*cker Carlson can eat a giant bag of d*cks. He is just another poster boy for “rich white dudes repeatedly failing upwards.” He has a 30yr old bachelor’s degree in history, and shows time & time again he apparently learned nothing. He was canceled for low ratings from both CNN & MSNBC before finding his sheep on Fox News. Dude couldn’t even hack Dancing with the Stars for pete’s sake, and was the first one eliminated when he was on. Literally the only positive thing I can say about him is he is against capital punishment. The rest of him is just a hot steaming pile of racist, misogynistic, Islamophobic, uneducated, lying garbage wrapped in a bow tie because his d*ck is so small he felt the need to remind us that he went to a fancy prep school for rich other dudes.

  51. MsIam says:

    Aren’t these the same bunch who claim Melania is an architect or some other nonsense? And this argument is ridiculous, there are all kinds of doctorates in science and other fields and people are addressed by their titles. If you are writing about a PhD. In chemistry or physics or aeronautics, I bet no one would bat an eye at them being called doctor. As are members of the clergy. The right is really despicable towards women and people of color especially when they don’t ascribe to their lunatic leanings. And conservative women should really be offended by this.

  52. AuntRara says:

    Remember when these same people got so mad at Hillary for using her maiden name as well as her married name? They were so threatened by her. (And still are.)

  53. Lemons says:

    What’s so sad is that Republican women who have been brainwashed into this cult will look at their doctorates and think they don’t deserve to use the Dr. title anymore either. And they will discount their achievements and wholeheartedly take part in this awful exercise because their Proud Boys told them to.

    I guarantee that Republican men will demand to be called doctor whatever their doctorate is in.

  54. Mignionette says:

    Reminds me of a TV interview earlier this year in the UK when a TV channel had two panelists one of which was one of the country’s most senior Nurses and the other I believe was another medial allied professional.

    They referred to the Nurse professor by her married name i.e. Mrs so and so, even though she was Dr [maiden name] and the male Dr got to be addressed by his title even though he wasn’t a medical Dr also.

    They also kept cross referencing everything she said to the male participant to get ‘his opinion’.

    Btw the female Nurse was also black so that may have something to do with it.


  55. Larisa says:

    Didn’t Cosby have an honorary doctorate? How is it the same as an earned one, again?

    • paddingtonjr says:

      Bill Cosby’s doctorate in education was earned back in 1976. He has received many honorary doctorates in humane letters and similar disciplines, but, yeah, he and Dr. Jill Biden have the exact same degree (at least on doctorate level). I think Dr. Biden has earned one more MA than Cosby has and she certainly earned her degrees under more difficult circumstances.

  56. Rad says:

    Well, at least I’m note named after a hemorrhoid wipe.

  57. Emily says:

    She literally has a doctorate degree. How hard is that for these misogynists to understand?

  58. yinyang says:

    Tired of people who don’t know what their talking about always criticizingizing other people.

  59. Sara says:

    “Wimmin cant bee docterrrrrs! Thats Communism!! Warrrr on Christmuss raaaaar!” – Tucker Carlson

  60. Midge says:

    I went to university and most of my professors were called Dr. It’s the norm. The only people who don’t know it’s the norm non-college educated whites….oh right.

  61. L4frimaire says:

    I find the whole timing of this just bizarre. Jill Biden has just been doing her thing since the election and not getting in anyone’s face. While she was 2nd lady, she was addressed as Dr. Biden and don’t recall it being an issue or op-ed. Of all the turmoil o I have from the right with this election and their BS with trying to throw out votes, they decide to attack the next FLOTUS because she’s too educated and who by the way will do a much better job than “F*ck Chreestmass “Melania. Like WTF?

  62. Valerie says:

    Ah, yes, the uneducated offer their opinion on education. L ove it when that happens.

  63. Elizabeth says:

    There is no higher academic degree than a doctorate. It is a signal achievement and she should rightfully use what she has earned. Have we ever had such a highly educated First Lady?

    With that said, the upper echelons of academia are exclusionary and classist on purpose. It’s not all merit based.

  64. Gracie says:

    I, too, worked through my master’s while raising my family and working full time – my oldest was born halfway through my second year. It is no small feat to obtain a degree, especially while working and raising a family. Sometimes I get an eyebrow raised when I insist on including MBA after my name, but heck I worked so hard to get those letters and a man in my position would likely not be questioned. I am enraged on behalf of Dr. Biden – if we let things like this slide it hurts all women fighting to get proper respect.

  65. Katie says:

    If he can’t distinguish between a medical doctor, a PHD, and a brand of soda, then maybe he needs see a doctor.

    But what do I know, I’m only an MA.

  66. Lunasf17 says:

    He is the embodiment of small Dick energy.

  67. Liz version 700 says:

    Hey Tucker,

    Vile looser, gross stain on humanity , kiddo. I know this is hard to hear, but you are a class a jerk and as elegantly stated by Lunasf you are radiating small Dick energy. Be best Liz

  68. Tursitops says:

    But Michele Bachmann claiming that she was a doctor because she held a law degree was well within their comfort zone.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Sigh. A Juris Doctor is a professional terminal degree. You are trained to practice law but a PhD is considered training for research. Pretty sure she knows this. I am a lawyer and never once have I wondered if I should call myself Doctor

  69. JaneEyreApparent says:

    Small dick energy on display

  70. Dunnoboutthat says:

    Praying to hear he’s been dumped from FOX news! Misogynistic asshat!

  71. Ann says:

    And Carlson is a TUCKER in the same sense Rudy Giuliani is a TUCKER.

  72. Louise Bodnar says:

    smug,pompous fat son of a bitch, never could tolerate him!

  73. A says:

    The post nailed it on the head. This is yet another right wing culture war. This is the opening salvo of the sort of war they’re going to wage for the next four years on. It’ll be petty shit like this.

    I don’t know what the appropriate sort of rebuttal to it should be. I really don’t. But I also don’t feel like giving this shit airtime is worth anyone’s while. The right wing plan is to bog down any sort of meaningful change with this garbage. They will clog up the airwaves, the TV, the editorial columns, Twitter, etc., with this nonsense. It’s not sustainable to try and refute the details one by one at every turn, as they come out with it.

    For my part, I’m not going to bother trying to educate anyone on why Dr. Jill Biden is Dr. Jill Biden. It doesn’t matter, and it SHOULDN’T matter. She got a doctorate in her field, wrote a PhD thesis, defended it successfully, and was awarded the degree for her work. She has every right to call herself Dr. Jill Biden, because she IS Dr. Jill Biden, and I urge everyone else to just keep calling her that without batting a fucking eyelid.

    And if anyone asks, or tries to challenge this with anything, just repeat the same thing, ad infinitum. “Dr. Jill Biden got a doctorate in her field. She completed a four year degree where she conducted novel research, published her results in her thesis, defended the thesis successfully, and was awarded a doctoral degree by the committee at her institution for her work. Given that she earned a doctoral degree, she has every right to call herself DR. Jill Biden, if she so pleases.”

    That’s it. Nothing more. Nothing less. The same calm, forceful messaging, that sticks to the truth, repeated enough times. Consistent, precise, to the point.

  74. Joanna says:

    Hate this mofo!

  75. sameasiteverwas says:

    Reality check here, the only reason you have the name Tucker is people want to call you Tucker the F*&*ker or Tucker you F*&ker. He’s just living up to his name Tucker you F&cker!!!!!