Duchess Kate is ‘in training to be a future Queen, but honestly you would never know it’

The Duchess Of Sussex Visits The Hubb Community Kitchen

I’m not sure I have the energy to really go OFF about how bonkers this week’s People Mag cover story is, but I’m going to try. People’s cover story is all about the Duchess of Cambridge. NOT the family. NOT William and Kate’s marriage, NOT how we’ve recently seen a lot more of the Cambridge kids. It’s just about Kate, preening and keening and Future Queening. It’s one of the most bizarre f–king pieces of royal propaganda I’ve seen. In an excerpt earlier this week, we heard that Kate is “very chilled at home” and there are “no airs or graces” and she’s “no pushover” when it comes to her kids. We also heard that she doesn’t wear a wiglet when she’s doing the school run, etc. It’s really just the most mundane, boringly sycophantic sh-t. Well, there’s more.

Whether in Norfolk or the family’s London residence at Kensington Palace, Kate Middleton is “very chilled at home,” a friend tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story.

Kate’s upbringing in the village of Bucklebury is reflected in life at the Cambridges’ country estate of Anmer Hall in Norfolk, about 110 miles north of London. The 10-bedroom Georgian house on the Queen’s Sandringham estate is where Kate and Prince William consider themselves most at home, and it’s where they spent most of the lockdown period this spring and summer with their children, Prince George, 7, Princess Charlotte, 5, and Prince Louis, 2. In Norfolk, Kate and William host friends who live nearby and enjoy hunting parties—not unlike Queen Elizabeth, 94, who treasures her time in the countryside.

“At the end of the day, she’s in training to be a future Queen, but honestly you would never know it,” says a source close to Kate. “If you go round to her house, you get a cup of tea, and it’s often William who makes it! It’s a lovely, welcoming house, not a fancy, stuffy palace in any way.”

And like moms around the world, after the kids have gone to sleep, she’s able to enjoy some “me” time, shopping online or watching beauty tutorials on YouTube. (She sometimes does her own hair and makeup before events.) Adds the friend, “It’s a normal, busy family home with kids running around and knocking things over. There’s no airs and graces.”

[From People]

I think I understand the PR attempt here – Kensington Palace is (bizarrely) going back to Kate’s old branding. Years ago – pre-Meghan – we heard a lot about how Kate is boringly middle-class and she’s super-normal and she’s Just A Mom, That’s Why She Barely Works. That branding was left behind when You Know Who came around, and suddenly it was all about Kate The Future Queen, The Top CEO Who Works Super Hard. Is… is this People Magazine cover story basically Kate’s announcement that she’s going back to being a lazy a–hole after trying and failing to be Top CEO Keen?

Also: “At the end of the day, she’s in training to be a future Queen, but honestly you would never know it…” This is completely ridiculous, my God.

The Cambridge Family attend a special Christmas Pantomime performance at London's Palladium Theatre

The Royal Family thank Key Workers at Windsor Castle

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Avalon Red.

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  1. J ferber says:


    • VS says:

      LOL indeed…………notice how no one ever talks about her WORK……NEVER! it is always about superficial and useless stuffs

      They are surprised when the Sussexes “fart” and the entire world reports on it; it is because they actually DO something

      • Amy Too says:

        Not only do they not mention her work at all, but this actually tells everyone that she spends her free time online shopping and watching beauty tutorials (because she does her own hair and make up sometimes!!!) as if the entire point of her work life is just looking attractive in public. Ugh! We often MOCK her on here by suggesting that all she does all day is shop and take care of her face/hair, and now they’re using that as a frickin’ PR talking point!? This is literally insane to me. I would be so embarrassed if an article about me said that I spend my free time watching Beauty YouTube and online shopping.

        But oh, so normcore, so middle class that she “sometimes” does her own makeup! And sometimes Will even makes tea! They are really not doing what they think they’re doing with these fluff pieces.

      • Nic919 says:

        Whoever referenced Kate spending time on Net a Porter really predicted this article. We all know that Kate made sure she was shopping and keeping up with her roots and Botox while the rest of the nation was on lockdown.

      • Lowrider says:

        I love the confirmation Kate spends her free time online shopping and watching YouTube. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    • PEARL GREY says:

      Ha indeed. But I have to agree. You really would never know Kate is “in training” to be a future Queen. She does so little work, has such minimal impact and has made barely any progress since the “she’s settling into her role” years. She and her team continue to make misstep after misstep and have had to rely solely on a smear campaign against another woman to give Kate her post-2017 rebranding. Busy work and rushed, poorly conceived “signature” big projects are just band aids to cover up her severe unpreparedness and lack of interest in her current and future role. She wanted to be William’s lady of leisure wife, mother of his children and to live as a rich country aristo, nothing more. She achieved 3/4 of those things, but will never be seen as the Turnip Toff queen bee high society darling she longs to be. Shopping, hair and beauty and staying slim seem to be the extent of her passions outside of William and the children. She must be dying having to keep up the pretence of caring about her royal position outside of the perks and status. Her entire body of work, the way she conducts herself and her total disregard for public opinion (until the other Duchess’s arrival forced her hand) has yet to show that she appreciates that she will one day be consort to a monarch. Anyone who really cared would have taken their role much more seriously than she has and wouldn’t have needed to wait until comparison with the competition forced them into action. Pimp mama Carole Jenner is the one with eyes on the throne, while Kate has her eyes on Wondering Willy.

      Oh, and is this yet another “friend” talking to the press? I thought it was wrong to let people speak for you in magazines? That part about their house being so homely and William making the tea was overkill and just shows that they are STILL cut up about that Tatler half-embiggening-half-hit piece. That writer really had their number for the Cambridge machine to still be leaking counter PR puff pieces 7 months later.

  2. Becks1 says:

    Wait, Kate is a future future queen?!?!! I had no idea!! No one ever talks about it!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *massive eye roll*

    • Nic919 says:

      Someone needs to track how many training to be queen articles go out in one year. It’s a joke.

      I also think this is coming from Buckleberry more than KP because Billy is barely referenced. The me me me articles about Kate tend to sound like Carole more than courtier.

      • Becks1 says:

        I def think this is coming from Carole/camp Middleton. Too much focus on Kate and her awesomeness. That’s not something the courtiers would push, not like this.

      • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

        You’d think SOMEONE with a massive ego would be *incandescent* over someone other than HIM getting the spotlight all to herself. Or is pseudo-mummy soothing him with cheese toast and stroking his bald head while it rests in her lap?

        I also wonder how the ACTUAL future king, with HIS massive, insecure ego feels when he sees articles like this. Who does he have to throw under bus…. more articles about Pedo? H&M’s Spotify deal? Cost of their home…again…?

        Top CEO, Katie Keen, has been in “Princess/Queen Training” for almost 20 yrs now. If she ain’t got it down now, she is NEVER going to (and we KNOW she hasn’t). If ANYTHING, let her concentrate of figuring out what a PoW does first. Incl. how to speak Welsh. LOLOL Yeah…sorry…forgot whom I was speaking of! She can barely speak English!

      • Sofia says:

        @Nic and @Becks: I’ve said it before but I think the articles that go “Kate will be the best Queen ever!” and “she is so hardworking!” come from the Midds/more Kate herself because they prop Kate up and forget William whereas the articles that go “She’s still learning!” and “She is too busy being a mother to work” comes from the courtiers/KP because it puts Kate in the background

      • 809Matriarch says:

        Honestly, you’d think she had to run for office to be the ffqc. I mean, it’s inevitable – at least as long as the marriage survives. Why the constant build up?

      • Nic919 says:

        @sofia you are 100% correct. Kate’s friend is clearly Carole. There is also a lack of restraint that is what Carole does as compared to how royal courtiers speak to the press.

      • Amy Bee says:

        Definitely. It’s like the Middleton camp feel the need re-establish Kate as the future Queen and mother after being derailed and pushed off message by Meghan’s entry into the Royal Family and their participation in the smear campaign against Meghan and Harry.

      • Ginger says:

        The “in training” is so funny to me. She isn’t going to be a monarch. She will keep doing what she does now. She will still be lazy and boring.

      • Sofia says:

        Spot on @Ginger. She’s not going to be the monarch. She’ll just do what she currently does (which is not much) but with a shiny title. That’s it.

      • Original Jenns says:

        I agree, it’s not KP but the Middletons/Kate. The comments about the home being chill and relaxed, things knocked over, etc, remind me of how the Tatler article Norfolk blue bloods described her house as basically new money and try hard, where as real money has dog hair on everything and boots muddy from walking your land. KP says she’s a top CEO, the Middletons play up their strength of “one of the people”. This is the old Kate platform, she’s a normal mom in the middle of the pandemic, how dare you criticize her choo-choo of Doom. Talk about her mummy and me time activities, just like us! And with William rarely mentioned, this is completely a Middleton not KP message.

      • Becks1 says:

        @ginger and @sofia – right??? Remember that People cover story last year, where she was heavily photoshopped (she looked like Princess Mary) and it was all about how she was receiving queen lessons from
        Betty. But it didn’t make sense because she isn’t going to be the monarch. She needs consort lessons from Phillip – who, racism and sexism aside, at least was never lazy.

        (I mean, that’s how low the bar is. Just stop being lazy Kate! You can still be a garbage person. Just don’t be a lazy one).

      • windyriver says:

        It would be unfortunate, but I suspect in another couple of years we’ll be hearing about how Kate is busy preparing George for his future role. That’s especially if Meghan and Harry are fortunate enough to have another child, encroaching further on Kate’s mom space, and managing to both raise a child/children, while also doing regular podcasts, running a foundation, overseeing Netflix productions, etc.

        Kate will never willingly work, and once she’s past 40 “preparing to be Queen” will be a little threadbare. So they’ll have to come up with something else. And to the population they appeal to, what’s more important than the future of the monarchy?

        For George’s sake, and that of the other children, I really hope this doesn’t happen, but again, Kate will never do more than what she does now, and I wouldn’t put it past Carole and Kate to use it

      • Maevo says:

        @(TheOG) Jan90067 William probably doesn’t care about Kate’s press as long as no one is mentioning his rose bush trimming activities.

    • Nic919 says:

      @windyriver your comment needs to be saved for posterity because that sounds like exactly what Kate will be doing once she crosses the age of 40 and the attempts to be an ingenue are no longer credible, as they barely are now. Kate will be busy preparing George without any actual concrete plans of what preparing actually means.

      • JT says:

        @maevo I think Will does care about Kate’s press. William’s been trying to control a grown ass man, Harry, his whole adult life and began trying to control Meghan as well. There is no way William isn’t aware of these articles, but Kate probably has him by the balls with his rose gardening.

      • windyriver says:

        @Nic919 – I’ll be curious to see how much interest Ms. Early Years has overall in being an effective parent to older children. The time is approaching when baking, coloring Xmas cards, and even looking at a shark’s tooth won’t be that exciting. The kids are already being used as props; being competitive with them for the news cycle is on the horizon, it’s the family way. Will Kate, with few discernable interests of her own, and little desire to learn anything useful (like how to do her job), understand how to nuture her children’s interests as they grow older? Since securing her prince, Kate’s life has been about doing things in the way easiest for herself (and if she can wring good PR out of it, even better).

        And I sincerely hope the children have interests, and natural curiosity, that isn’t ultimately knocked out of them by increasing contact with the Firm and the “royal” way of doing things.

    • Lowrider says:

      Kate will be training to be a future queen for possibly the next 10 years. Get ready for keen, just like us articles for the next 10 years.

      • Golly Gee says:

        “she’s in training to be a future Queen, but honestly you would never know it,”
        I mean, that sentence tells the whole story.

    • Teacherpro says:

      You forgot to mention how her tennis lessons keep her busy

  3. Britt says:

    I mean, we would because that’s all she has going for her and they keep talking about it. She is literally in Meghan and Diana’s shadow and these embiggening pieces are not it. Even though the RR’s ain’t ish, I can see why they obsess over the Sussexes because the rest are boring. Nothing they do makes this woman trend. They need to give it up already.

    • Edna says:

      New day. Same tired PR embiggening the future future Queen. They really need to give it rest but what else do the tabloids and RRs have? It’s laughable how they constantly seek to tear down the Sussexes to build up the Cambridge’s. I saw a tweet comparing a you.gov poll about whether anyone would listen to the Sussexes pod cast vs. Spotify’s trending list. Spotify had the Sussex podcast as #1 most anticipated podcast. You.gov poll showed no one interested in the Sussex podcast. Such a disconnect between reality and made up nonsense.

    • JT says:

      She is painfully boring. There is literally nothing to talk about her except the same narrative they’ve been playing for 10 years. The entire BM is propping this woman up and still she gives them absolutely nothing. The RR should’ve just covered H&M honestly and told KP, BP, and CH to shove it. It’s the media who has the power anyway and the RF needs to rota more than the rota needs them. The BM is going to be parched for the next decade if this is what they’re left with.

      • VS says:

        @JT….exactly. there is nothing to this woman; maybe it is intentional but this is so weird! notice her, nothing about WORK; it is all about clothes, hair, kids….maybe that’s what royalists expect from their rf

      • Sofia says:

        Thing is, there’s nothing wrong with being boring if you can make it work. But that requires effort i.e doing 300 engagements a year so people will think you’re a “hard worker” above anything else but the Cambridges don’t like effort.

      • Sunday says:

        BORING?!?!?! But JT, she watches beauty tutorials! And shops online!!! Give her the crown now!

      • JT says:

        Oh she watches tutorials on YouTube? How exciting! Forget everything I said before. Lol. I don’t think she’s intentionally boring….she just is. Tucker Carlson is a complete ass but he isn’t a snooze. She is just devoid of any personality to a shocking degree. She isn’t interested in anything and therefore it makes her uninteresting which is a problem if she supposed to keep the media happy. Covering H&M has made the RR spoiled and I don’t think they want to go back to the old days of pumping up Kate’s ability to mumble out a sentence.

      • Nic919 says:

        It’s not that she’s boring it’s that she’s a privileged selfish creature who doesn’t really care about much. Duchess Melania is the perfect moniker because they are alike in so many ways. They both did whatever they need to do to acquire a position that would bring them more social status, even if it was demeaning to their self esteem. They focus entirely on their looks and work hard at upkeep, fighting the aging process in a losing battle and they really are quite empty souls, prepared to parrot their narcissistic spouse. The only real difference is that Melania wouldn’t have known that her husband was going to be president so her reticence to the role of First Lady is more expected. Kate chased this title since the age of 19 and has no excuse to not understand what was required.

      • JT says:

        @Nic19 Kate not caring about anything makes her boring. Even Melania gives us some more interesting content by swiping trump’s hand away or giving a bitch face to Ivanka. If all Kate cares about is her looks the fine, serve us some looks then. Get a real stylist. Dress more modern. I hate to say this as well, but melania has some interesting style and she’s worn things I would wear myself. Even her Christmas rant made me chuckle. Kate literally has nothing. She does nothing. And that makes her boring. She isn’t even boringly busy like Sophie.

      • Harper says:

        @JT last year Kate was starting to give us those fed-up Melania vibes. First, she gave us the royal shrug of William’s touch during the Mary Berry Christmas PR fluff hour. But she obviously had a talking to after that humiliation went viral. She did snub Meghan at the Commonwealth service, and that went viral too. So it looked like she was on her way to being a full-blown FFQ Cruella de Vil style, but then the pandemic stopped her progress.

      • JT says:

        @harper There’s something. Maybe she should lean into her pent up bitchiness for a change. I would cut her some slack if she was thrust into the spot light like Diana, but girl was chasing Will for a decade. She’s been in the royal fold for 20 years. Stop acting brand new every year. Enough with stay at home mom schtick. And please. Get some better style. It’s high time she dress like a FFQC in the 21st century.

      • Nic919 says:

        One reason why it’s obvious Kate helped throw Meghan under the bus with the media was because Kate can’t keep pretending to “learn” about things and do nothing when she’s been in the family for a decade while Meghan comes in and within months has projects providing actual help and bringing value. Both are the same age essentially and similar education but Meghan did so much more with what she had to earn. Kate sat on her ass for years hiding behind being a mom and here again Meghan is still working on projects and doing tours while pregnant. And Carole definitely saw the threat because in her only interview she made it a point to slag being good at speeches because her precious one remains utterly useless at saying a few basic words.

        Meghan’s presence and simply being competent meant that Kate’s lazy jig is up and she has been scrambling ever since Meghan’s arrival to try to find a new PR angle that works and explains her continued laziness. These advertorials look even worse now because there is an immediate point of comparison that shows just how incompetent Kate is at being a married in royal.

    • February-Pisces says:

      @nic19 I think kate and Ma need to realise that putting out stories about how she’s constantly in ‘training’ only make her look more incompetent. Diana, Meghan, camilla and Sophie never had ‘training’ periods, not even a week to learn the ropes, but Kate has been doing it for two decades now. It makes her look very slow to learn and quite stupid. She could have trained to be an architect, pilot, doctor or astronaut in a fraction of the time she’s been learning to wave, smile and make small talk.

      • Nic919 says:

        She had time to get a doctorate in education in the time she did nothing but wait for a proposal. She did not. Carole doesn’t understand what these advertorials are doing, especially in the US. Marrying for status is not viewed as an achievement here, especially when you’ve done nothing in your life beyond that. There isn’t much difference between Kate and Melania at this point and these articles won’t make things any better.

    • Pink says:

      Kate would have been the perfect consort 100-150 years ago, when there was no expectation to work and people revered the monarchy way more than we do now. Sometimes I feel bad for her because her mum clearly pushed her into this but then at some point the sympathy has to end because she’s a grown woman who literally has all the opportunity in the world and does NOTHING. I don’t discount that she loves spending time with her kids but with the amount of free time she has, how does she not have single interest or passion?! Her life must be so bland and boring. But I guess that must be how she likes it or she wouldn’t continue doing the same things.

  4. anniefannie says:

    These constant attempts at re-branding are a dead give away that her people are floundering. The only markers that stick are superficial and lazy

    • Snuffles says:

      At this point they need a crisis manager if their desperate PR is causing political problems.

      Also, as someone said above, this sounds like a Carol Middleton production, probably done outside of the purview of the KP “gold standard” advisors. That in itself is a HUGE red flag.

      Throw on top of that the fact that it’s obvious that KP isn’t on the same page with Clarence House or Buckingham Palace. It’s just one huge train wreck.

      • Sunday says:

        lol they do need a crisis manager because obviously whoever is currently running their comms team has either suffered massive brain damage or actively hates the monarchy and is working to bring them down from the inside.

        ‘she’s SO normal, she shops online and watches beauty tutorials!’ …that’s all you got? seriously? seriously??

        kate should be embarrassed.

    • Where'sMyTiara says:

      But they’re “Gold Standard advisors”, dontcha know! :falls out of chair laughing:

      “she’s in training to be a future Queen, but honestly you would never know it” – yeah, they’re completely right about that – I’d never know looking at her, because she consistently fails at anything requiring grace, dignity, or effective public communication skills. Her Zoom videos and speeches this year have been pretty shambolic.

      You know who has grace, dignity, and effective public speaking skills though? One Princess Henry, the Duchess of Sussex…

      I mean, the courtiers and Ma Middleton can keep trying to glue Kate to a pedestal if that’s what makes them happy, but when Meghan can blow her right off it again with one NYT article, or a mere promo for a future podcast series… then yeah, maybe ya girl’s pose on that pedestal was none to stable to begin with.

      “But I’m the future future Kweeen!” – the predictable cry from Kate, via proxies in the press every time she feels outclassed by her superior in sense, education, and capacity.
      Pfft, whatever, Wiglet. You can go off if it makes you feel better but the truth has been seen. No title will make you a better person than Meghan.

    • mari says:

      Keen would get better if she had some competition, but she doesn’t. Bring back Meghan…please! (They won’t come, but one can hope.)

  5. Kalana says:

    The training-to-be-Queen stupidity can roll right into Kate being Princess of Wales.

    “We know she’s not doing anything but she’s in training to be a future queen!” Lol, all she wants is the status and money and none of the work. Duchess Melania

    Duchess Melania isn’t a total b to her staff! The bar is in hell. But if she did more (if she were capable of doing more) would she trigger the British Tucker Carlsons (William and the Tories)?

    • Mina_Esq says:

      I laughed at “Duchess Melania” lol

    • Where'sMyTiara says:

      Remind me, never to drink hot beverages when reading your quips, Kalana.

      They’re brilliant, but dang that mulled cider stung my sinuses! LOL

      My Twitter tweeps & I have referred to Melania as “Melamine” for four years. So my brain immediately went to “Duchess Melamine” and darned if that doesn’t fit too. Smooth and white, like a cheap countertop…

    • Nic919 says:

      I am stealing your Duchess Melania moniker because it is so accurate.

  6. Snuffles says:

    Has she given up trying to compete with Meghan? Let’s hope so.

    • Britt says:

      I doubt it. I think the media has been pressuring the Cambridge’s to keep up with the Sussexes by mimicking everything they do. After that iconic photo of the Sussexes in the rain, Kate conveniently had a stroll with the same color on as the blue Meghan Dress. That let me know she’s either competitive or the media put her up to it.

    • Sunday says:

      This entire cover and article are a direct response to Meghan – there is absolutely nothing timely or newsworthy about this cover, her team called People and specifically negotiated this coverage.

      • JT says:

        If I was People I would be upset that this is all Kate gave me. YouTube tutorials? Average mom BS? I would’ve pulled a Tatler on her real quick. I mean, at least namedrop a product for an affiliate link or something. Anything but this drivel.

    • Nic919 says:

      She will never stop competing with a woman who outclasses her by a mile. She was raised to compete with all women (thanks to “normal mother” Carole Middleton) and Meghan looks younger, is smarter and has a husband who loves her. The future higher rank potential clearly isn’t enough to placate Cathy, hence these dumb articles.

  7. Mina_Esq says:

    I’d suggest that she spend a bit more time training to be the future Princess of Wales.

    • Nic919 says:

      She’s banking on a lot of people not remembering what a female consort does, but even the Queen Mum wasn’t this lazy. And Phillip did a lot of engagements and he was the one primarily responsible for the kids. Looking at what these two did at age 40 should put Kate to shame.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @Nic919 – In her younger days (say pre-age 85) the Queen Mum did many annual engagements at the same places year after year that no one ever heard about because that is the way she wanted it. This is much like the way Princess Anne operates today.

      • Nic919 says:

        That’s fair. I didn’t think that the Queen Mum was as lazy as Kate, after all she was consort during WWII and didn’t hide away then. I just didn’t really follow what she did beyond being around at trooping and weddings.

        Says a lot that Kate is the laziest of generations though. I don’t know why the BRF doesn’t see Kate as an issue at this point.

  8. Lemons says:

    It’s just weird that they keep talking about how Kate is “in training.” In training to do what? Typically, the training period lasts from a few days to a few months in a given job. If the job is particularly difficult, we may see a training period of maybe one year. After that, you either have it or you don’t. You either move up in the ranks or you don’t.

    So why is Kate still training to be Queen? Her day-to-day won’t change. She won’t be listening in on any conversations with the Prime Minister. So what does she need to learn? Clearly, she can’t even make tea since William feels the need to step in there…

    • Coco says:

      I think it’s more like how an astronaut is in training. You know, how NASA says to someone, “We’ve picked you to go into space one day.” And the person says, “Great, I’ll get my hair done and do some photo shoots and wait until the older astronauts die.” NASA:“Um, we don’t actually want any of our employees to die.” And the future future astronaut replies, “If the other astronauts don’t die, how can you know God has chosen me to be the next one to rule the solar system?”

    • Ginger says:

      We don’t get these articles on Camilla training to be Queen and they are next lol

      • Nic919 says:

        Because Camilla has shown herself to be capable to do what is expected. It’s not a hard job. But They have to keep upping Kate because she’s 39 and does not function as an adult to this day even for basic non complicated royal things. There is something happening behind the scenes for these articles to keep coming out since they are clearly trying to make up for what she doesn’t have.

      • Tessa says:

        Camilla worked with Mark Bolland beginning in Summer 1997. Camilla does not have large work numbers but they are larger than Kate’s who is a lot younger. What bothered me is that Camilla did get patronages and worked on them right after the wedding but Kate needed a “grace period” even though she promised to “work hard.”. With Kate she “could not work” until she and William “had alone time” and supposedly the Queen wanted to “gift them” the type of “normal time” she and Philip had at Malta (the queen actually was very busy at that time doing royal work because her father was in poor health and also having her first two babies in London). She was not there that much. Then Kate had to ‘Get it right” and “research” patronages before choosing them. So many excuses for her. Very offputting.

      • Mignionette says:


        It feels like the Midds are trying to protect Kate’s reputation come what may.

        It maybe that Bill’s cheating was worse than has been reported and he considered divorce. That could explain the plethora of articles reassuring the great unwashed that Kate will be Queen.

    • fluffy_bunny says:

      Does making tea mean something different there because even my husband who doesn’t drink tea can make tea for me if I’m sick? I had the flu last year and he made me some and even put it in a travel mug since I was in bed. It was bagged tea but I’m sure he could even manage loose leaf if that’s what I needed.

      • Lemons says:

        No, but the English are known to be very particular with their tea, so it’s interesting that William making tea for Kate’s guests even makes it into the article.

    • Betsy says:

      Doctors train for less time. I just don’t understand – do they think this buys them some time? She doesn’t work! Neither of them work! I actually AM a stay at home mom; I do not have the amount of gadding about time that she has!

      • Nic919 says:

        That’s why I don’t understand why the minivan moms would even support her. She’s insulting moms who work outside the home by claiming they are abandoning their kids and she’s insulting stay at moms because she has a housekeeper, nannies and other assorted staff at her beck and call but pretends she doesn’t. How can anyone relate to that?

      • Tigerlily says:

        Betsy. I don’t get what either of them do day to day. Kate or Will. Honestly you can tell they both dedicate time daily to maintaining body/fitness but that would be couple hours max? It doesn’t look like she eats much so wouldn’t have spend much time burning calories. I’m curious what an average day is for them. Nanny/nannies would get children up, fed and dressed. How long would the ‘school run’ aka photo op take? Housekeeper or cook would take care of meal planning (I’m sure Kate reviews and approves) and grocery shopping. Meal prep and kitchen cleanup? Nope. Laundry? Nope. Housework? Unlikely. There was a recent article in the Express about Kate being spotted at a Norfolk Sainesbury with the kids buying an ‘enchilada dinner kit’. Article indicated they’re just like us! LOL insert eye roll.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Nic: they don’t care because for Kate’s fans, it’s always been about her clothes and hair. (I used to be one of them, many years ago!) They want to gush over tiara photos and pics of the kids; they don’t know or care what she does in terms of work.

        But once Meghan came along, it changed that for so many of us because what she actually DID was so much more interesting. (Her entire fairytale love story with Harry was, as well, but Kate has no control over that.) People still talk about Meghan’s dresses and jewelry, etc., but it’s secondary to whatever she’s actually doing. With Kate it’s all they have.

        And tbh (I’m sorry if I offend anyone here— I am only speaking about my experience) the minivan moms aren’t exactly the brightest group this country has to offer. The ones I know, at least…it makes sense that they’d blindly adore Kate and I doubt they’ve ever given a moment of thought to what she does past clothes, hair, jewelry, makeup, and the kids. Plus, many of them— not all, but a lot — are also Trump supporters, which tells you all you need to know.

    • Dollycoa says:

      In training to do what? is exactly right! She will not be Queen, she will be Queen Consort, which will involve her doing what she does now, just a bit more of it as she wont be able to hideWilliam will barely do anything, never mind her! I suspect given that The Queen will probably have been dead for a good few years by the time she is Queen and we would have had a few years of Charles, and as a result most of the Commonwealth would have gone their own way, and maybe Scotland too. She wont be ‘Queen’ of much!

  9. Belli says:

    They’re right. I would never know it. Usually when people train they progress.

  10. OriginalLala says:

    Dear Kate, please tell your PR team to lay off the sycophantic articles, it’s embarrassing for everyone but especially for you.

  11. I pet goat 2 says:

    “At the end of the day, she’s in training to be a future Queen, but honestly you would never know it…„
    😂 sounds about right

    • Bibi says:

      LOL right on – I raised my eyebrow over that line LOL

    • Nic919 says:

      That’s something Kaiser would write and so whoever offered up that gem is either oblivious or this is covert snark.

      • Lorelei says:

        I know it’s petty but I love when that happens and someone thinks they’re making an excellent point but in fact they’re just proving the opposite. I just think it’s so funny, especially in this case. That sentence is dead on, but not in the way they meant it.

  12. ClaireB says:

    They’re right, we wouldn’t know it because she doesn’t even do a quarter of the “work” any of the other BRF members do.

  13. Bibi says:

    Their popularity is made in the UK, but I think they know that elsewhere and including their commonwealth, they suck. William can’t be pushed out because we hate him so much for what he did to his brother and Meghan, so they need to pump up Kate to make her more likeable in the states and have some exposure also. i hope the princess smear, hate and comparison type of news is not coming to america… I hate that UK news style so much.

    • JT says:

      But how much more can the media pump her up? She’s been pumped up so much she is about to pop. The media is already working with the bare minimum with Kate that I almost feel sorry for them. If this is a preview of Kate’s American coverage than I don’t think she’s going to maintain interest over here. And I don’t think she’s that popular in the UK either. Kate came in at number 8 on the most tweeted about royals behind William and Andrew. She was just above Philip and he’s retired.

      • Tessa says:

        Kate participated along with William in that flybe stunt, and her true nature showed when she glared at Harry and Meghan.

      • Keen Kate says:

        “But how much more can the media pump her up? She’s been pumped up so much she is about to pop.”
        Lol, JT!

    • Nic919 says:

      Most women aren’t impressed with someone who has done nothing in her life and wastes her tax payer funded privilege. Sure a few royalists exist off the island, but how many really would want their daughter to be like Kate. She chased a man for years who treats her with disdain and now focuses on staying thin and getting Botox. There is nothing there.

  14. JT says:

    This is what I don’t get. What exactly is her queen training? What is she doing specifically to prepare her to be consort and by whom? Who is doing the training? She’s 40 and won’t be QC for another 15-25 years, barring some great tragedy. Is this sh*t going to fly when’s she’s 60 and still finding her voice? William really chose the bottom of the barrel in regards to choosing a wife suitable for the role. Ok, sure, he couldn’t get an aristo, but surely there are more qualified middle class English girls better than Kate. I mean really?

    • Keen Kate says:

      She apparently had princess training lessons, which included things like: sitting, walking, getting in and out of a car, bending, eating various foods, table manners/using cutlery, greeting people, using hands when talking and how to communicate with various types of people.

      • Sarah says:

        And who says the monarchy is redundant???

      • Nic919 says:

        While I appreciate the joke, the reality is that by finishing school standards Kate does all these things badly. Her posture is garbage and she clomps around in heels in a walk that wouldn’t be considered acceptable in those circles. She also manically uses her hands when she speaks, which is a big no no. And up until Meghan arrived, she was still having issues with her skirts flying up and flashing people. She really fails on this superficial level too.

  15. Keen Kate says:

    How is she preparing?

    Is she doing her own research? ❌
    Practicing making speechs? 🤣 ❌
    Raising money for charities? ❌
    Developing/finishing projects with tangible results? ❌
    Making private visits? ❌
    Raising awareness? ❌
    Following ‘royal protocols’ such as: not wearing wedges, not having pedicures, always crossing her legs properly, having weights in her dresses/skirts and wearing slips and knickers ❌

    Spending a huge amount of money on a huge amount of boring clothes that can be worn in the future? ✔
    Displaying no personality/opinions and smiling ✔
    Walking behind her husband, the FFK (future future king) ✔
    Ignoring FFK’s indiscretions and putting on a united front when in public ✔

  16. Chaine says:

    “In Norfolk, Kate and William host friends who live nearby” LIKE THEIR GOOD FRIEND ROSE HAHAHA

    • Sarah says:

      I’m sure William does ‘host’ her….

    • Amy Too says:

      And that’s also not really a good thing in the middle of the pandemic. They had just mentioned how that’s where they’ve been for most of the pandemic, so we have pandemic on the brain, and then they tell us that they’re socializing and hunting and hosting people at their home. So either they’re completely ignoring UK covid restrictions or this “hot press tip” is using stale, pre-pandemic information that’s at least 10+ months old. So timely! Why do we need a COVER STORY if they don’t have any new information? Do they need to rush out an article on Kate when the “news” they’re basing the article off of is a year old?

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        They’re still trying to push that Kate has friends and socializes. Maybe acquaintances. When is she ever seen with a friend? Remember that time she sat with her female RPO nearby and they called that woman her friend she was having lunch with?

    • Mignionette says:

      Notice how pre #TurnipToffGate no one made reference to Norfolk. Rather Anmer was specifically mentioned.

      I think the trash mags are having a dig. They have clearly been approached by Carole and they know why.

  17. ABritGuest says:

    It’s weird this homely angle is being pushed in People when just a few weeks ago the RRs were on about how she’s stepping into her top CEO best years & how she’s been working so hard at early years which will be her lifetimes work.

    • MsIam says:

      They keep trying to tell us that Kate is so interesting because she’s dull and boring just like everyone else. Uh, no that just means she’s boring and we don’t need to keep reading about her over and over, at least not at the pace they keep pushing these articles out. And after reading about Dr. Jill Biden and her work in education, it just makes Kate’s fake-work early years project look even more ridiculous. I’m not saying Kate had to get a doctorate in education but what was keeping her from taking classes and even getting a degree in early childhood education? Put some substance and effort behind her so called passion project. Or is that not done among “royals”? If she’s not willing to do that then she stop calling herself a “modern royal”.

    • windyriver says:

      I’d have to go back and look at the timeline, and I’m not sure it’s worth it – but it seems like the slant on Kate very much depends on what Meghan is doing at the moment. (Except when it’s covering up for bad publicity). Was the original “Kate as Top CEO” from the Tatler article in early July, or elsewhere? In any event, that Tatler cover is the one with “Catherine the Great – How the crisis made Kate the Kingmaker”. At that point Meghan wasn’t much in the news, except for the book reading with Archie in early May. I’m not even sure the news about their CA home had come out by the time July Tatler was published. The vacuum was there to position Kate as the important, powerful woman.

      Looks like the Netflix deal was early September, then the Zoom presentation about voting, and now Spotify, and her venture capital investment. So now, the buzz about Kate is she’s the antithesis of crass media mogul Meghan – staying quietly in the country with her children, preparing behind the scenes for her role as future Queen, which of course is so much more important and regal than anything Meghan is doing.

      I say crass, because there’s headlines today about how Meghan and Harry could end up being worth 10 Billion dollars – plus a comment that she could make millions from her Clevr investment. (I hope it’s successful, but since there’s currently about 6 women in the company, they have a ways to go, not to mention they have a mission to use part of their profits to support community organizations.)

      Anyway, seems to me that’s one reason the narrative has flipped back and forth. Since there’s no way Kate can compete with Meghan now that she and Harry are working and visible again, I suspect this “Kate is so normal and relatable” narrative to continue for a while.

  18. TheOriginalMia says:

    Good Lord, will the embiggening of this near 40 year old woman ever end? She has been in training for almost 20 years. When is she going to get to the finish line? When is she going to make some progress towards being a functioning adult and Duchess? I mean…damn. A tortoise moves slower and accomplishes much more than this.

  19. Sunday says:

    This is incredible. So, Kate was so jealous of all the success Meghan has had of late that her team bought her a People magazine cover. There is literally no other reason for People to put her on this cover – this was a paid advertorial on the duchess of cambridge. LOLOL.

    Idiotic puff piece aside, that is NOT a flattering cover and the truly bizarre retouching makes her eyes look insane, so good work all around, team!

  20. YAS says:

    This headline is a very good joke. I needed a good laugh this AM.

  21. Sarah says:

    Queen in training? They’re right, we would never know it. She does nothing.

    The Queen is winding down now but for years she grafted and her numbers were consistently high, Kate was always SO far from this it would be a major joke if I wasn’t contributing to her upkeep with my taxes rather than funding the NHS or feeding children living in poverty.

  22. Lizzie says:

    ‘She’s in training to be queen but you would never know it:’ lol, true statement for once.

  23. Lauren says:

    She’s been training for 10 years now. She should be freaking ready.

    • Sofia says:

      I remember at the time of their wedding, it was said that Kate was “one of the most prepared royals ever to marry in” and they took a few years off after their wedding so that they could “prepare Kate” yet 10 years later, she’s still preparing

      • Nic919 says:

        She was going to “hit the ground running”. We are still waiting.

      • Lizzie says:

        I think that was when they tried to push preparing as the reason William took so long to propose.

      • paddingtonjr says:

        I was just going to mention that! Despite not doing any meaningful work in the 6 years between university and the engagement and not having a list of patronages (a la Sophie), Kate was going to hit the ground running, except The Queen wanted them to take a few years off and ease into Royal life. Then she had kids and couldn’t possibly do anyting but be a mum. Then she was working hard on the “Five Big Questions” which took a decade. Then she’s in training for a role she will not have until she’s almost 60, if at all. There will always be an excuse, a fluff piece and a new coat dress, just don’t expect any work!

  24. Lizzie says:

    Next People cover of Keen; 2021 is really going to be Catherine’s year, she is very keen to do things.

    • paddingtonjr says:

      I think we can write People’s headlines for the next 20 or so years: Keen Katie is Really Keen and [fill in the year] Will Be Her Year!

  25. Nina says:

    “At the end of the day, she’s in training to be a future Queen, but honestly you would never know it.”

    I mean. This statement is super accurate. She -is- in training to be queen (consort) and you -would- never know it … because she is so terrible at it and disinterested and lazy.

    • TeamMeg says:

      I see this article as so much shade, right? Does People secretly despise this woman? I almost feel bad for her. Spends her free time “shopping online” and watching cheesy YouTube Beauty tutorials? A future queen? Why would she even admit that to anyone? Shady AF!

  26. MsIam says:

    I wish People would quit trying to make Kate happen in the US. I am Diana’s age and what I remember about her was how glamorous and vivacious she was, you looked forward to reading and seeing new stories and pictures. With Kate it’s just one dull buttony, flowery, ruffled outfit after another, interspersed with jeggings. And while she has a nice smile, she has zip charisma. That picture on the cover, was it taken, this year last year, five years ago. It all looks the same. Move along, nothing to see here.

    • Harper says:

      People was the only way to follow Diana pre-internet. Now, it’s just catering to those who can’t manage getting online!

      • Lady D says:

        I checked on People’s coverage about three years ago because I was curious as to how they are doing in sales with the internet for competition. In 2016, People was losing customers at the rate of 160K per month for the entire year. The National Enquirer got a bump in subscriptions that year, based on NE being sold. It didn’t last, and they were losing subscribers at the rate of 200K per year. I don’t expect these magazines to be available in print form 20 years from now, maximum.

      • fluffy_bunny says:

        MY in laws always bought me a People subscription for Christmas and it was a godsend and the highlight of my week during maternity leave 18 years ago but I asked them to stop a couple of years ago.

      • Lorelei says:

        People used to be a much better magazine, at least three decades ago. It was reliable and the antithesis of trash such as the National Enquirer. Even US used to be of higher quality. I loved both of them when I was a tween/teenager in the late 80’s and 90’s but wouldn’t touch them now. I’m not sure exactly when People’s decline happened — it seemed to be gradual — but it’s sad because it really did used to be decent.

      • swirlmamad says:

        People used to be THE source for reliable celebrity news and gossip — it was never trashy. Doesn’t seem to be the case any longer, sadly.

  27. betsyh says:

    The People cover says the magazine reveals “The close friends she leans on.” Who are they? Anybody know? I’ve never read about her having any close friends except her family.

  28. tee says:

    I paid very little attention to Kate pre-Meghan, but I definitely don’t remember these quarterly cover stories celebrating her just because??? Her coverage in both British and American press is utterly bizarre, and I can’t think of any other public figure who gets propped up like this for doing absolutely nothing. Do these covers actually sell? I know she’s a deity to WASP women looking to project their white female supremacy onto a blank canvas, so they must have strong purchasing power.

    Anyway, remember when it was a cardinal sin to have your friends talk to People magazine?

  29. Harper says:

    This source is Carole. Who else is hanging around the house after the kids have gone to bed enough to know what sites Kate is surfing? And Will probably poured some hot water in a mug for Carole once as he was doing so for himself, while Carole was making h? is cheese toast. And who else would want the story to start with the fact that life at Anmer is just an extension of life in Bucklebury

    I mean, it could be a bored Pippa, who we might not give enough credit to. Didn’t someone post here recently that it was Pippa feeding the trolls about Harry & Meghan? Maybe there’s a combined group chat between the People editor (a Brit), Carole, and Pippa where they crowdsource the info for these hilarious pieces. It has to be someone up Kate’s butt enough to not realize that online shopping and makeup tutorials sound super shallow. In fact, it sounds suspiciously like some of the vacuous content the sources fed the Tatler writer, but the People editor needs his job so he isn’t going to point out the obvious comic value in what they are feeding us.

    • Nic919 says:

      I recall someone saying it was Pippa leaking to the tabloids, but Carole is the one with connections to Paul Dacre and she has more incentive to do this than Pippa. I suspect if it was Pippa we would hear more about Kate’s close relationship with her sister in this article, and Pippa isn’t even mentioned. Pippa is often excluded from the Kate the queen in training stories.

    • February-Pisces says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised at Pippa, she probably still salty that harry rejected her and chose a women much better than her. I remember in the early lipstick alley threads a font with genuine tea said that Pippa basically stalked harry after Williams and Kate’s wedding and was still trying to get with him in 2013. Harry wouldn’t touch Pippa with a barge pole. Pre-Meghan, they tried to leak that harry and Pippa were secretly dating and harry was so mad that he issued a statement saying it wasn’t true, lol. Talk about the ultimate rejection, harry only issues statements when he’s really mad. The midds also said that harry was to ill mannered for them, that basically they were more posh than him, lol. Remember how Middleton PR tried to say how Meghan looks similar to Pippa, and that’s why harry liked her. Lol. The middletons are heading for a massive fall from Grace.

      • Harper says:

        That adds credence to the idea that Pippa was part of the anti-Meghan smear campaign. Being publicly rejected is a classic motive.

  30. Ni says:

    Training to stand there and do nothing, say nothing, and occasionally hair flip. When will she ever find the time to study for all those super difficult activities?

  31. Gobo says:

    She’ll probably be nearly 70 by the time she gets to do any queening. She’s going to while away her life playing the Waity game so she can spend her twilight years wearing a crown.

  32. Gail says:

    First off Kaiser 😂😂😂😂. You always make me laugh out loud with your comments.second, let’s be honest here people, William did not spend lock down at Anmer hall with Kate, he absolutely spent it in the country but wrong country house . He had Covid, she did not . If you are as happily married to your spouse as people wants us to believe, then going by all that we know about Covid how on earth can he have had Covid and his loving devoted wife did not? That’s right folks. Either will is sleeping in one of the other ten bedrooms while his wife is doing on line shopping or doing her hair or he is sleeping in the rose garden. He is definitely not sleeping with his queen in waiting

    • Kalana says:

      Did Kate actually grow a spine and kick her cheating husband out?

      • The Duchess says:

        My theory is that he either spent lockdown hiding out at Sandringham or was with his rosebush at her place. They are both conveniently close to Anmer for Baldy to pop back and film zooms with Keen, then for him to go straight back to doing what he does best: pruning.

        It was the covid story that was the dead giveaway. How does he get covid, but his darling and devoted future consort doesn’t? Even if he was isolating in one of the bedrooms, wouldn’t Keen want to be with her man supporting him throughout the illness? These people are not smart.

      • Nic919 says:

        I don’t think he’s with rose. I think there is another one that hasn’t gotten media attention and he was with her. There were several mentions of a lawyer based in London when the Rose story surfaced, or that Rose wasn’t the one he was cheating with.

      • Mila says:

        Bloody doubt it! He probably told HER he was out and going to spend time with the mistress! 😆😆

  33. Tessa says:

    I don’t buy People if they have Kate and Will stories.

  34. February-Pisces says:

    Kate is really embarrassing herself. Just the other day she was so humble because she does the school run. Except that she actually doesn’t, unless she can drive 3 blacked out SUVs at once. Basically everything about her is a lie, and everything about her perfect marriage is a lie too.

    Genuinely nice people don’t need to go around telling people that they are nice. Harry never needed to constantly tell people he was nice, everyone who ever knew him would sing his praises because he actually is a great guy.

    If kate wants everyone to believe shes a nice, normal and humble person, she might want to actually try to be that person for real instead of faking it. As for the future queen thing, she really needs to change the record, she’s showing her thirst here. I think she knows she’ll never be queen so ‘future queen’ is the best she’ll ever get.

    • Ginger says:

      Agreed. I have heard of numerous stories on how rude Kate and Carol are. William was always described as a brat and blaming his actions on Harry.

      There are many stories on how kind Harry and
      Meghan are. They don’t need to put these pathetic stories out.

  35. CC2 says:

    Funny how it’s relatable when Will makes tea, but somehow it’s causing some sort of human disaster when Meghan makes avocado and toast with tea for her friend, lol

  36. Mignionette says:

    The Middleton’s literally bought people magazine. It’s EMBARASSING.

  37. Jay says:

    If I spent most of my life after university “training” for my future role as Kate arguably has, I’d be devastated to STILL be described this way nearing 40. When exactly will she be deemed ready to speak on her own or have projects she can point to?

    Also, imagine if all anybody could write about you was not your accomplishments or interests, but how much time you waste online shopping or watching YouTube tutorials. Alone. I don’t think this story is meant to be sad, but it is.

    I would crawl into a hole and never emerge if a so-called friend thought this about me!

  38. NiqGee says:

    I just think, as a general rule, if the PR machine has to keep reminding people about how Kingly/Queenly and prepared the Trainbridges are for their future-future role, it’s likely they aren’t. No one needs this much reminding. if they were prepared, the people would see it.

    Also, I never noticed (until Celebitchy pointed it out) but there really is an obscene amount of articles about how they are preparing for the role or really settling into the role. If you need 10 years to settle into a role, perhaps it’s not for you. There isn’t a single job anywhere on the planet that it would be acceptable for an employee to essentially be on probation for 10 years. You get 3-6 months then it’s firing time. Just saying…this is frustrating to read.

  39. lee says:

    She is in many ways the anti Diana. A beautiful, kind, photogenic and most importantly obedient woman who would never overshadow her husband. She is a perfect queen consort in good times, but unfortunately for her Brexit England is very chaotic. If William had married a woman like Meghan with her drive, work ethic, her committment to inclusion and willingness to change the crown I think would be in a better place. However, after Diana the family clearly wanted someone like Kate who brings no drama.

    • Kalana says:

      Did you peep the Commonwealth Service or Kate’s white woman tears over tights for toddlers? It’s not that Kate doesn’t bring drama but usually she supports someone else’s dysfunction, namely her husband’s drama but she’s definitely in the thick of it.

    • Lizzie says:

      Diana had a huge heart, Kate is a huge bitch and she showed the world. Brexit has nothing to do with Kate still in training 20 years on.

    • February-Pisces says:

      I think the royal family are lucky that Kate is so dull and the public aren’t that interested in her. Privately they know how much of a thirsty, scheming social climber she is, but only give her a pass cos atleast she isn’t as beloved as Diana, which is a relief to them.

      • Dee Kay says:

        Wow @February-Pisces I feel like your take is probably spot-on. Diana was literally a genius at her job and the RF hated and despised her for it. Kate is an utter failure but doesn’t outshine anyone and the RF completely tolerates her and allows her to be propped up in nonsense puff pieces.

  40. Stacy Dresden says:

    Dr Jill Biden is the only queen I care about today. Thanks

  41. Maevo says:

    Youtube makeup tutorials?!?! That’s their brilliant PR strategy?? SMH

  42. Monica says:

    I see lipstick. I see a pig.

  43. rawiya says:

    “At the end of the day, she’s in training to be a future Queen, but honestly you would never know it…”

    This is the truest thing that has ever been written about Kate. Truly, compared to 8-year-old Estelle from Sweden or 13-year-old Leonor from Spain, you would never guess that Kate is training to be a future Queen.

  44. Lizzie says:

    Isn’t queen consort just another way of saying married in? I guess the gold standard advisors some how missed sending her the memo that it’s not really a job, it’s just the definition of a spouse.

  45. Lowrider says:

    Waity Katey is waiting to be a future queen. Her PR people need to stop with this “in training” nonsense.

  46. Keen Kate says:

    God, she really is the Queen of the Karens, isn’t she?

    As Tee said, she’s a blank canvas for a certain type of woman to project onto.

  47. Kate is a privileged white woman who benefited from a women of color being maligned by racist media. She’s not the first and alas, won’t be the last. All the PR pushing her as some marvel of normalcy is to appeal to white women who don’t want to be bothered with the awkwardness of race, racism, humanity. She’s perfect for that demo: complacent, complicit and coddled.

    • Dee Kay says:

      WOW. So much truth here. True, true, true.

    • February-Pisces says:

      One of my oldest friends is a total kate, whereas I’m a Meghan. She grew up in a steady white middle class family and grew up wanting to marry a man with good job and just be a mother. Although she works, she doesn’t really have any career aspirations and her husband is by far the main provider. Where as I grew up less financially secure and as a result always had dreams and aspirations of all the things I want to achieve. My friends kinda looks down on that and thinks it a bit of joke. My friend has always felt secure and safe and has never experienced job loss before. She’s ok with not having any ambition or passions. The difference between us is she wanted to stay the same level as her parents, whereas I had to work to surpass my parents and achieve things their generation never got to.

  48. Midge says:

    I’ve said the before and I’ll say again – I truly hope the monarchy ends with Charles.

  49. Watson says:

    “In training to be a future queen but honestly you wouldn’t know it”? Whomever is writing these articles has perfected the art of trolling and is chuckling themselves to sleep.

  50. Eenie Googles says:

    You know what? I’m starting to actually believe that Kate is this kind of dull but basically harmless basic lady. She was raised that way, likely, and has lived a life largely without anything to challenge it.
    And she seems happy like that. It’s fine. Full, yes. Lazy, unfortunately. But nothing inherently…anything. Bad or good.

    And I think that’s why the royal family is leaning on it. Because I DON’T think they are particularly good or kind people. And I think to them this very neutrality must seem positively beatific.

    Kate’s a sort of mindless pawn, the type they hoped Diana would be.

    I can’t blame her specifically. But I definitely side-eye any organization that knows the closest they can come to “likeable” is “neutral.” That suggests internal standards very far from the average person.

    • CC2 says:

      I kind of agree except her relative and friends have explicitly shat on Meghan. If she was truly neutral or civil, her circle wouldn’t have been nasty imo. I personally wouldn’t randomly attack a friend of a friend if my friend had no problems with her.

  51. one of the Marys says:

    This “preening, keening and future queening” is one of the funniest damn things I’ve ever read on here. My God you’ve distilled her to her basic elements

  52. Linney says:

    In the early years, Kate was described as normal, “middle class” (meant as a compliment) down to earth, etc. The press (and fans) made a big deal how wonderful it was that William was not in a romantic relationship with a girl from an aristocratic family (he tried; none would have him!). See how normal William was! Kate was the girl next door! Diana would have been so pleased! Then, the coverage changed. We were told Kate came from a millionaire family, she went to the finest girl’s boarding school (Marlborough) and had always mingled with the “best” people, she was perfect queen material because she came from such a posh background and besides, listen to how she spoke! No one spoke more “poshly” than she did! (an accent which sounds so incredibly fake.) She spent her holidays in Mustique and on ski slopes and didn’t have to work! Go Kate! Then we moved on to Kate as CEO, Kate as superstar Queen in waiting, Kate as the most dynamic, hardworking woman in the world! Look at the zoom calls she did. What a work ethic! Now we have Kate as middle class, comfy cozy mom and wife with no airs and graces, just like anyone else! I mean, the flip-flop messages are absolutely ridiculous. I’m not saying people can’t have many facets, but when media coverage continually sends out conflicting messages, it tells me that someone (media, Kate, etc.) can’t figure out how to best “market” Kate. Perhaps this is because there is not much material to work with.

    • kelleybelle says:

      Nope, there is not, and they’re painfully aware of it. Otherwise these nonsense articles wouldn’t be necessary. Three kids, five questions, one garden …

    • February-Pisces says:

      The narrative changed when Meghan arrived and Kate was no longer a middle class girl, but one of the aristos. It’s their way of positioning Kate as superior to Meghan because they can’t make kate superior on anything that she’s actually achieved.

    • Nic919 says:

      The only thing stans can go on about is that at some point Kate will rank higher than Meghan and so they are now pushing the future queen angle because it is the only thing with which Kate can surpass Meghan. They know that she doesn’t have charisma, work ethic , interest, passion or fashion sense that matches Meghan’s in any way. And since the British media is working hard at othering Meghan, playing Kate as “one of them” is the best approach. Even though Kate is one of the elites that lives a luxurious lifestyle on taxpayer funds as many Britons suffer and starve.

      • mlouise@hotmail.com says:

        Kate will only rank higher for people who think ‘ranking’ has any meaning in a post Covid 2021 world.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        There were all these articles early years in the marriage That Kate was so “Grand”. She always needed to be dressed up. Always wore jewels even when the situation called for dressing casual. Always hair and makeup. It read like palace insiders we’re telling her to stop spending so much.

  53. Izzy says:

    Well, they got one thing right: we would never know that she’s doing any work to prepare herself for the role of queen.

  54. Emily says:

    Is mama Middleton planting these stories? I can’t see William wanting his wife to steal focus from him. But then again, what is he even doing? Better a story about his boring wife than what a lazy future king he is

  55. Well-wisher says:

    While this is not about on People Magazine but I am curious as to why it is necessary to give a feature to People Magazine.There has been consistent in-training stories since Meghan married into the family so this is not new, a little less ridiculous than the CEO claims but unnecessary never the less. Interesting people are just that – interesting.

  56. Silent Star says:

    I’m really curious what Kate’s going to be doing with herself when the kids are older and she doesn’t have to spend so much time “momming”. My prediction: one or more of her kids will be successful in sports and her identity will be Very Busy Full-Time Sports Cheerleader — whatever the Royal equivalent of hockey mom is, driving her kids around personally and watching all the practises, yelling tips and encouragement from the sidelines.

    And I’m actually totally ok with that, as long as they don’t pretend she’s saving Britain, the monarchy and family values by doing it.

  57. morrigan01 says:

    The competition she only had in her head is gone. So . . .

  58. EllenOlenska says:

    I think they’re just expecting the Queen and/or Phillip to kick off and this is the pre-game warmup. After that happens they can milk a few years of Charles “modernizing”, William “stepping into his own”, ( never mind the rose bushes) Kate prepping George “for a future few other children can imagine while looking great doing it!”. I think 95% of the drive4 for this article isn’t Carole….it’s QE2 deathwatch.

    And the irony of the cover…talking about Covid dead and featuring FFQ Doolittle. A Sofia pregnancy after volunteering in the Covid wards would have provided just as much gossipy goodness and not looked as inane!