Tom Cruise ‘takes it personally’ when crew members break Covid protocols

Tom Cruise and Rebecca Ferguson are seen filming the last scenes of MI7 in Venice!

We spent last week talking about Tom Cruise, after we virtually ignored him for years. Tom was in the news because the Sun got their hands on a secret recording of Cruise ranting at crew members on the British set of Mission Impossible 7. The point of Cruise’s rant was that crew members were not following social distancing rules and they were endangering the production. It sounded like this was not the first time crew members had broken the rules. The Sun also reported that at least five staffers quit the production following Cruise’s rant. So now, a week later, Cruise’s PR team finally decided to go to People Magazine with their side of the situation. Unnecessary, but interesting.

Although the leaked audio of Tom Cruise yelling at two crew members for reportedly violating COVID-19 precautions during the filming of Mission: Impossible 7 surprised those who listened last week, production sources say Cruise is feeling the pressure of making back-to-back blockbusters amid the pandemic.

“It’s hard to [describe] how incredibly intense and focused he is on making every movie the absolute best possible,” says a U.K.-based production source of Cruise, 58. “The Mission: Impossible movies are very special to him. They are ‘his’ movies. Tom helped set up the COVID protocol. Of course he takes it personally when the protocol is broken. In all the years of filming the Mission: Impossible franchise, no one has ever even heard Tom raise his voice. He is usually just laser-focused on filming. This movie is very different though. He has to film while making sure everyone stays safe.”

A separate film industry source notes that Cruise “is a perfectionist and he wants others to follow suit. Tom’s whole life is his work. When he sees something less than professional, he wants to make it right.”

Production on the big-budget Mission sequel, which has filmed in Italy, Norway and England, was halted twice this year—in late February at the start of the pandemic and for a week in October after several positive COVID tests among the crew in Italy. Cruise, who also serves as a producer on the franchise, has been heavily involved in the production’s COVID-19 safety protocols to prevent further shutdowns.

“He feels the pressure of how scary things look now,” the industry source continues. “He does not want any further disruption. There is a lot at stake.”

[From People]

In past posts, I halfway defended Cruise – I mean, I don’t like him or support him and I haven’t watched any of his films in years and years. But in a very narrow way, I didn’t think his rant was completely off-base, and I thought it was probably the result of months of frustration of trying to work in these circumstances. But yeah, everything about the situation could have and should have been different. And just because Cruise very rarely loses his cool, that’s not an excuse for him to go full-tilt ranty Scientologist on subordinates.

Rome Tom Cruise on the set of 'Mission Impossible 7' in Rome!

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22 Responses to “Tom Cruise ‘takes it personally’ when crew members break Covid protocols”

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  1. Mac says:

    This is his production and if someone gets seriously ill or dies, he has to live with that. I don’t approve of screaming at people, but I get why he lost his cool.

    • teafortwo says:

      Nope. There is no excuse, ever, to yell at employees. And if you do, because we are all human and subject to errors in judgement, then you apologize. Sincerely.

      The appropriate action for non compliance is termination, not abuse. And a swift termination is going to get far more attention from his crew, for far longer, than a rant ever will.

      • A says:

        Has this site covered what Leah Rimini had to say about this? She says that Scientologists don’t believe in Covid, illness only happens when you’ve been around a “suppressive person”, and this was just a show to appeal to the public right now. At the same time, she says that Cruise is regularly abusive to those around him.

    • Anna says:

      Hadn’t he already spoken to those individuals? At the end of the day, people are basically trying to murder everyone around them if they don’t wear a mask. I’m firmly on TC side with this. The entire production as well as acting, stunts, etc and future productions are all on him. People everywhere are flagrantly flouting the masking rules, and I guess they thought they could do that on his set. Honestly, if it was me, I would have gone a similar direction. I have no patience for anyone who does not mask.

    • Jensies says:

      I sort of did until I read that the “several positive cases in Italy”, which made it sound like the crew was out gallivanting, was actually because Cruise insisted they film at a hospital full of COVID patients and 12 crew got sick.

      So now I think this is all BS and misdirection.

  2. Caitlin says:

    I think the point of his rant was right but his tone/loudness and vulgarity was not needed. If anybodies boss spoke to them like that whether they were in the wrong or not should not be tolerated. It’s abusive. If he spoke to me like that I would kindly tell him to “stop shouting at me, and go see your daughter you deadbeat. And btw I quit and ps Scientology is a crock of shite.”
    5 crew members quit the other day on set so I’m guessing they didn’t agree with his tone either.

  3. Jules says:

    Lmfao at his attempts to damage control. “Perfectionist” is another word for control freak. But look over here, he’s dating his co-star!

  4. Swack says:

    I get why he went off but if they were looking at a monitor (IIRC) and weren’t socially distancing, did they have masks on? Not sure if they were totally breaking protocol if they were at least wearing masks. If they weren’t then totally go off on them. Maybe he could have done it in a better manner.

  5. Marigold says:

    I agreed with the concept. But the delivery was crazy scary and intense. Unless he was “acting” and being extra for dramatic affect, it was scary af. That is a huge amount of rage.

  6. Ainsley7 says:

    Tom’s whole life is his work because he genuinely believes he is better than everyone else on the planet. So, much better that he abandoned his daughter because he believes she’s tainted. No one is good enough for him unless they are willing to devote themselves and (more importantly) their money to being just like him.

  7. Deanne says:

    He screams at his employees like this all of the time. He’s a complete ass. He’s getting a pass because this was about Covid and even then, screaming and swearing at people should never be acceptable.He gets enraged like this for every perceived infraction because he thinks that he’s a superior being. Leah Remini has her own take on this and she’s right on the money. This is all for show. Scientologist have been told that Covid is a hoax and he’s the biggest believer they have. Tom Cruise is about PR 24/7 and this is no different.

  8. Kate says:

    This isn’t good damage control because it’s just more of “they made him do it”, “he’s under a lot of pressure.” Oh okay, he’s a perfectionist and this movie is important to him – got it. That totally excuses yelling and publicly demeaning his employees.

    I think we all get why he was angry and think he has an understandable reason to be upset – I’ve seen some people comparing it to how angry they feel dealing with maskless idiots in public. I fully support standing up for yourself to a stranger at the grocery store who is breathing on you. I don’t support tantrums by grown men to their staff when they have the ability to just have the rule-breakers removed from set.

  9. Megan2 says:

    Ugh, Tom Cruise can just go away again as far as I’m concerned.

    “There is so much at stake!”
    1. There is a movie at stake. Literally, a movie. And not even an original movie, but the 5th or 500th instalment in a franchise where the only thing that changes in each version is the stunts. So, no Tom, this is not the most important thing going on and you are not saving lives and this is not a critical f*cking service. So jump off you thetanous high horse and stop abusing your employees. If they break protocols or aren’t following your rules, you can fire them, but you can’t abuse them. That’s not part of the employer/employee contract.
    2. If Tom wants to be Top Thetan and save lives and protect livelihoods, he should shut down production and pay all the workers their salary in lump sums to stay home. He’s incredibly rich and he could do that, and I’m sure everyone would be thrilled and happy to come back to work when things are safe enough for them to do their jobs comfortably. But ultimately, what’s important to Tom is Tom being in front of a camera. Tom is protecting Tom’s livelihood, end of story. The people working on set have skills that will transfer to other sets when the pandemic is over. All Tom has is his rapidly deflating face and “star power”, and THAT is what making this movie is about.
    3. Lots of articles out there about how making a film of this scope is literally impossible without SOME physical proximity. If the employees are wearing masks and distancing as much as possible, it still wouldn’t be 100% safe. Which makes this basically a publicity stunt where thetan boy thought he could come across as a big hero trying to protect his workers, likely because in 2020 most of us are busy counting our bathroom tiles and learning how to make weird crafts… nobody gave a sh*t about this dumb movie because we had other things going on. Suddenly, this puffy little Center-toothed cult aficionado is front and center in the news… like he can control all aspects of Covid but not secret recordings on set? No.
    4. How is he protecting the livelihoods of his cult-supplied slave labour? How is he ensuring their safety? Oh right… he’s a powerful cult member who deserves zero attention, zero sympathy, and absolutely zero praise because he is literally personally responsible for ruining people’s lives. Lest we forget.

  10. Shim says:

    Let’s not forget his history of being full dick on set, like to the sailors last year, on their Navy Vessel.

  11. Looty says:

    I felt like just the rant I hard on tape could’ve been forgiven with a sincere apology from Cruise to those involved. The fact that people quit, and damage control still continues, makes me think there’s more to it.

  12. donut_nut says:

    If you’re that serious about Covid, don’t make your unnecessary movie.

  13. Dl says:

    I am sorry but how dare he scream and swear at people! That is straight up employer abuse. I have not watched this little ignoramus since he screwed over Nicole. What a waste of tiny space

  14. Sam says:

    This movie SHOULD be shut down and Tom Cruise should be cancelled. Not because he yelled at a bunch of crew members but because he’s a toxic angry narcissist who doesn’t have anything positive to offer the world. I said what I said.

  15. AB says:

    A 58-year old man casts a 38-year old woman opposite him.

    That is the real travesty here.

  16. mary says:

    i hope tom cruise enjoying the real world whole new concept of real-world no red carpet in real-world he sees he how people behave in the real-world no PDA out the open no floor show and no showing off from real people just doing normal thing every day no PDA just people shopping picking there kids from school and riding bicycles to work no limos no priavtes .nice normal innocent behaviour from genuine people can,t say the same from people of LA which is total opposite to nice normal behaviour most normal people would strange LA people don,t behave normal