Us Weekly: Brad Pitt will see Knox, Vivienne & Shiloh on Christmas Day

"Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" photocall and premiere in Berlin

As far as I saw, we didn’t get any kind of update from Brad Pitt’s team about his Thanksgiving plans this year. For years now, Pitt’s team has been leaking these weird, self-serving, woe-is-Brad stories about how Mean Angelina Jolie is “keeping the kids away for the holidays.” The thing is, as Brad and Angelina’s long-gestating divorce heads towards court, Brad’s team also had to admit that the family court has been setting the custodial schedule throughout the past four years. Which contradicts all of Brad’s bullsh-t over the past four years. Anyway, I guess Brad wanted a little public sympathy for Christmas, because his people ran to Us Weekly with this sh-t:

Making spirits bright! Brad Pitt will be celebrating the holidays with three of his and estranged wife Angelina Jolie’s children, a source exclusively tells Us Weekly. The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor, 57, will see his 14-year-old daughter, Shiloh, and 11-year-old twins, Knox and Vivienne, on Christmas Day, the insider says.

“They can spend the night with him on Christmas Eve,” the source adds, noting Pitt and Jolie, 45, previously discussed spending the holidays as a family when they were “getting along” earlier this year, but plans have since changed. The source says the former couples’ “egos have once again derailed” the original idea of being all together for the holidays.

“Brad and Angelina are equally responsible for the never-ending drama,” the insider adds. “Sadly, their children are collateral damage.”

The exes, who were declared legally single in April 2019, have yet to settle on a permanent custody agreement for their children. The pair also share Pax, 16, Zahara, 15, and Maddox, 19, who is legally considered an adult.

“Relations between Brad and Angelina remain extremely tense,” the source tells Us, noting Jolie is “frustrated” with the setbacks amid the custody court case. The Girl Interrupted actress has become “more prickly” amid the coronavirus pandemic after being locked down in Los Angeles and unable to travel, the insider says.

“She has wanted to do humanitarian work beyond the United States but needs permission from Brad to take the kids out of the county,” the source adds.

[From Us Weekly]

Yeah, I’m sure Angelina Jolie wants to travel too, as many people want to travel, but she’s been locked down in LA for most of the year because of the pandemic and she seems fine. Brad is the one who was traveling internationally. He was the one banging an Insta-model at the Chateau Miraval on what would have been his wedding anniversary. As for Brad seeing his three youngest children for Christmas… again, that’s what the court has determined, not Angelina. And it’s still fascinating to me that as soon as the kids reach a certain age, they no longer want anything to do with Brad. Maddox, Knox and now Zahara… the court sees them as old enough to make their own choices, and they’re choosing to not spend time with Brad.

Angelina Jolie takes the kids out for sushi at Nobu

Angelina Jolie and kids at Maleficent: Mistress of Evil - London Premiere held at the Odeon BFI IMAX.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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  1. Mignionette says:

    This is pretty disgusting and makes it clear whom he thought his real children were. Angelina did the right things and prioritized her children over this man-child.

    Edit: I find it odd that she needs permission to take all her kids out of the country when he appears to have no relationship with some of them. So messy, traumatizing and hurtful.

    • Amy Bee says:

      The law regarding parental permission to take children out of a country is international law. It’s to prevent a parent from kidnapping children from the other parent.

      • Mignionette says:

        Amy Bee – agreed I understand the need for caution and support Intl law. My point was why hold Angelina to ransom when he has no relationship with those children ? Maybe it’s time to have a less formal arrangement for the children he doesn’t see or actively play a part in their lives.

    • smcollins says:

      Or the 3 bio kids happen to also be the youngest and aren’t yet old enough to decide for themselves like the 3 oldest ones? I find it disgusting people wanting to push the narrative that he doesn’t actually love or care about his non-biological children. He’s obviously a flawed human being with a basket of issues but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love ALL of his children equally.

      • Mignionette says:

        No one is pushing a narrative. He has had a physical bust up with his oldest non-bio kid and now the other three seemingly (based on this article) will not be spending xmas with him.

      • Kkat says:

        Especially Maddox who he didn’t hit in the face right?

    • lucy2 says:

      My guess is none of the kids are thrilled to be with him, but the youngest three don’t have a choice due to their age, and happen to be the biological kids.
      I hope. Because the alternative is just awful.

    • Eleonora says:

      I don’t think he doesn’t want to see at least Zahara. I read earlier in the year he supported her after she had surgery.

      Don’t know about the eldest two boys.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      In (most) child custody cases, the law requires both parents need permission from the other parent to travel with the minor children out of the country. It doesn’t matter how much or how little visitation BP has with them, they can’t change the law. As for the children he’s seeing on Christmas, it just happens that the youngest three are the biological kids and don’t have a say, or they do want to spend the holiday with him anyway.

    • M.A.F. says:

      She can still do her humanitarian work and not take the children with her. Nothing is stopping her from doing that (besides Covid). If it’s during the summer break, then she can bring the kids but she still needs permission. Same goes with Brad.

    • Tin says:

      It’s normal to need permission of the other parent for international travel. I am an Italian citizen and couldn’t even get MY Italian passport without the signed permission of my minor kids’ father. This isn’t a sexist thing. It’s a parental thing.

  2. Astrid says:

    I’m continually surprised how inept Brad’s PR team is.

    • Gruey says:

      @Astrid right? These articles raise so many questions. Soo…the kids haven’t been allowed to spend the night with him? A lot of people have experience with custody battles and court scheduled visitation and that…doesn’t sound great…and is the article really actually implying that he doesn’t care about seeing his adoptive kids?? Am I wrong or didn’t his parents name some streets in their development for *some* of the kids?

    • Lily P says:

      They purely operate upon the continued portrayal of AJ as the villain to the cliquey CAA Hollywood circle. It’s really boring, surely people want a different protagonist after 20 years?

  3. ThatsNotOkay says:

    It’s just so…weird he’s only seeing the bio children. I hope it’s just because they’re the youngest and thus either don’t have a say or don’t harbor as many ill feelings. But it just makes me think about what several commenters on here have said: that he probably said something about Mad not being his real kid or something that offended all of his adopted children so greatly the wound is still gaping after all these years.

    • Ainsley7 says:

      Zahara opted out of Christmas with Brad for the first time last year. 14 seems to be the age they get to decide. Shiloh not opting out this year might have to do with the twins. They are 3 years younger. So, I could see her choosing to continue for their sake. So, I don’t think it will be entirely clear until they are able to decide.

      • Lucky Charm says:

        The twins are actually 12, only two years younger than Shiloh, and Pax is 17. The “insider/source” got their ages wrong. Next year when they are all teenagers, it will be interesting to see what they decide.

    • GuestwithCat says:

      It’s really horrid and tragic that the family just exploded like this. The old photos of them could have been deceiving but they used to look like one big happy family. They spoke of being one big happy family. Was it ever real or just PR? With celebrities, only their publicists know for sure.

      Brad was drunk out of his mind on that plane, from what I read at the time, so he could have said anything. Was it a one time !mistake or just the worst in a series of horrible things he’s said and done? His post-breakup vindictiveness and narcissism give me a bad feeling about him as a spouse and dad once the novelty of family life wore off for him.

      • Sidewithkids says:

        Earlier yes, Later no. I think Angie said it was the last two years or so where it went left. I feel BP really couldn’t take Angie’s success, her surgeries and the love/relationship Angie and the kids have for each other, he felt left out. Funny thing is he’s really left out now.

    • Sidewithkids says:

      That’s it tho plus I think it was racist what he said. It’s sad but I do think that’s it. Plus, BP was the one who didn’t want counseling, Angie fought for that and BP was against it.

      Also, the bio children don’t want to see him that much either. Look how his people said nothing for his b-day, no tabloid report, nothing. Don’t think any of the kids saw thim then. Think this Christmas thing is being forced by the courts.

      I feel like the bio kids will choose their brothers and sister over him any day of the week and that’s the biggest thing of this all, it’s not that they’re choosing their mom per se, they’re choosing each other over him.

    • GRUEY says:

      Yeah I forgot that the adopted kids would be old enough to decide for themselves so it’s not necessarily that he doesn’t want to see them, it could be that they don’t want to see him. Either way, it reflects horribly on him.

  4. Noki says:

    Ofcourse I have no insider knowledge,but i am rather surprised at Zahara seeming distant. She was such a daddys girl.It will be interesting to see which biological kids maintain a relationship with him when they have the choice.

    • CatWomen says:

      She seems like such a good kid. I am quessing but I bet she offered to stay with their Mom so the ‘kids’ didn’t feel upset leaving their Mom on Xmas. She gives off such good vibes I can see her trying to help the family accomadate the situation the best way.

  5. Teresa says:

    How wonderful of them to inform us about this. The true meaning of Christmas is to forcibly spend time with people you love and insist everyone know about it.

  6. robin says:

    Is it so fu##ing hard for the adults in that family to celebrate one day a year together? The kids really need therapy with parents like that

    • Oh_Hey says:

      Just a question: one parent should force the children, no matter if it’s BP or AJ, to spend holidays with a parent they don’t want to see. Even the adult children too?
      Maybe I’m off here but how is that good or healthy? FaMiLy over everything attitudes are very abusive, bro.

      • robin says:

        Half of them are “forced” anyway, so just make the best out of the situation. Be together for one day, a couple of hours, and realize that life is long…

    • Kkat says:

      No robin, for some families it’s best to not see everyone.
      Life IS long, so why waste it on toxic people who happen to be family members.

      I cut my narc sister out of my life and it’s so much better now.

      • Myra says:

        Life is long, until a homicidal ex cuts it short. Now, I understand why getting restraining orders are hard – the mindset out there.

    • Myra says:

      If there was/is abuse in a relationship, no one should be forced to spend time with their abusers, just to please other people inside/outside of the family unit. The greatest danger we can do to victims of abuse is force them to be in proximity to their abusers for reasons. This is how people end up murdered by their exes.

      I’m not saying this is the case here but we don’t know the dynamics of the relationship. We only know that one of them had a substance issue. We shouldn’t impose on the other parent just to make casual observers feel better. So, three kids are spending christmas with dad? It’s not the end of the world. The other three kids obviously don’t want to and opted out, why force them? To improve dad’s image? I’m glad I was never forced to spend christmas with my own father.

      • robin says:

        Okay, I guess then it is that fu##ing hard for the adults in that family to be together one day a year…it’s still weird because Pitt and Jolie love their kids so after all those years healing should have begun already, yet they keep playing games with photo ops and fighting over who gets the kids at Christmas

      • Myra says:

        If Christmas is set by the Court, they are not fighting it. Take it as a matter of fact, three kids are spending Christmas with dad and three older kids have chosen not to. There doesn’t need to be any fighting in this scenario. It’s just an arrangement, like many other family has. Healing can take time and depends on all parties. This is their pain to work out on their own time.

      • Mads says:

        Robin, as an abuse survivor can I have your sincere attention to address your comment?

        The single most violent day/ event in my childhood and adulthood concerning my father was on Christmas Day. I was ten years old. In fact, EVERY holiday was a trigger for my father’s insensible rage. We used to call it “fight mode.“ Anything could trigger him and he would not stop until he had his explosion. Really think about that, anything. What it is like to live with someone who can be so unpredictable they can attack you verbally, emotionally, physically, for no reason. Walking on eggshells does not cover the hell it was waiting for the attack.

        The only people who understood me as teen in my group therapy where the children of alcoholics. At least they would see a bottle and hide. That much we know we have here. We have children of an admitted alcoholic and some event happened that two separate agencies investigated. If you think they found nothing, you are mistaken. It takes a lot to get the restrictions he has on visitation. I know what my father got away with. I can only hope it’s better now, but it probably isn’t.

        So now I’m 49 years old, 2 days away from probably the most earth shattering day of my life, and I still dread it to some extent. I have done my share of therapy. Introduced new rituals to try to claim Christmas back. The whole message of Peace On Earth, etc., is so hard to swallow. Because that whole message is a lie in abusive families. It is the exact opposite. The holidays are about the biggest trigger there is in abusive families. So if you regard my words, and I hope you do, please realize how “f##king hard” it really is. Please reconsider your position. Please be aware of what you are really asking those beautiful children to do. Your comment read very flippant to such a dangerous situation. I am assuming you had a very low conflict family and didn’t realize. Now you know.

        Now I’m going to wash my face because even just skirting this issue made me cry.

        P.S., I grew up in one of the safest cities in America. With a white, gentlemanly father that was so nice to neighbors and everything. A real mind f##k.

    • lucy2 says:

      I would agree with you if it was something the children of the family wanted, and it was safe to do so.
      In this particular case, there was some abuse that caused Angelina to leave, and the kids do not seem that interested in a relationship with Pitt. It is a shame they weren’t able to work things out to be amicable co-parents, that’s what you always hope for when a marriage with kids ends, but it’s been several years and it doesn’t seem like there’s any progress here.

      I think both of them really sold hard the idea of their perfect family, but it seems like the last few years of it were just a facade.

      • robin says:

        Good point, if all the years they played happy family were a facade this fallout makes more sense. Still sucks for the kids that the parents can’t get along better

      • Mads says:

        It’s possible they were happy and then his addiction escalated. It’s common at his age.

    • Jordana says:

      @robin, it would probably be awful, tho wouldn’t it? Angelina and Brad putting on some fake smiles and saying to the kids “its Christmas”.
      My ex also invited me to spend christmas with him last year, because he had the kids on christmas day. I said no. Ig would have been awkward for the kids, I don’t want to be in his house, he continuously gaslight me, and tries to control me even tho we’ve been apart for 3 years. And he has a girlfriend of over 2 years….yet he still sends me “why can’t we get back together? I will always love you” text and emails about once a month. Divorced parents can’t just put it aside for the sake of Christmas. It’s just not possible. Also it’s fake, and kids see through that.

      • robin says:

        I read some of the things you and others wrote (Lisa, Mads) and some took my comments about the Pitt/Jolie family very personal. I’m very sorry you went through some tough things and I hope you are at a better place now.

      • Mads says:

        I was really hoping you wouldn’t deflect with the “taking my comments personal” response. I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt. Disappointing. It’s like the go to response for people who say or do offensive things. I shared my personal experience with you for one reason only. That you would understand how ridiculous and dismissive it is to pretend to be okay when you are not, especially during the holidays. It is one of the first things to relearn as an abuse survivor, to not pretend that everything is fine when it’s not. It. Takes. Years.

        I was hoping you would realize how dangerous it is to interact with your abuser during the holiday. That you really are asking way too much. I was hoping you would realize how inappropriate it was to be so flippant and dismissive about abuse. These parents divorced because of an abusive event in which the whole family was present. I was hoping you would realize how much you minimized their pain. Why would you do that? I was hoping you would realize you have no idea what you are talking about. I was hoping you would garner some enlightenment and retract that comment. But I failed, didn’t I. You still think you know better.

        Don’t hope I am better place now. Instead, do some self examination. Ask your self why you would blame one of the abuse survivors, the mother, for the fracture. It really doesn’t take two. Take whatever supposed compassion you have for my childhood and extend it to the family that is in the repairing phase. The Jolie-Pitt children and their mother, Angelina. They are trying to get in a better place now. I’m good. The point was the scars remain for that family. Pretend everything is fine only makes it worse.

    • Lisa says:

      I hate to say it but the answer is “yes, it is hard”. People who ask questions like that have not experienced trauma at a young age. I go home to visit my folks and always plan to stay a week but end up leaving early because I end up severely depressed just for being back home. So is it so hard to just stay the full week? Yeah, apparently so!

      • Lady D says:

        The day after I graduated, I moved 500 miles away. Two days after that, I moved another 300 miles and felt safer. I never contacted my parents, they didn’t know if I was dead or alive for five years and they were okay with that.

    • terra says:

      People tout family, family, family over all in our culture so often. I had the old nugget of “blood is thicker than water,” pulled on me more than once as a child in an abusive family situation. Because these are the people we’re supposed to love, right?

      The thing is, people are misusing that quote. As per, the original: “the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.”

      Simply put, the bonds we form are more important than the bonds we’re *supposed* to value societally.

      I’ll always support people – especially *children* – doing what they need to for their mental health. Thank goodness they have a mother who appears to do her best to support that endeavor.

  7. Tiff says:

    It sucks for the kids to be separated for the holiday. I’m sure they would want to stay with their siblings to celebrate. Hopefully they are old enough soon to make their own decisions about seeing him.

    • Hmm says:

      Lol I doubt they’ll be spending all day and night with deadbeat and I’m willing to bet it will be supervised!!

  8. Bettyrose says:

    I hope it’s true that it’s the older children deciding not to see Brad and this breakdown has nothing to do with biology. It’s not a good look either way, though.

  9. Sidewithkids says:

    So basically he’s seeing less kids now and he still has no custody over his natural birth children (who prob are being forced to see him). He’s such a loser.

  10. Rapunzel says:

    I’m convinced that on that plane Brad and Angie argued and Maddox got in the way.. and that Brad not only pushed Maddox but also said the adopted children weren’t really his. And I believe he also may have said that he didn’t want them. And probably said something racist as well.

    To me, this is the only scenario in which such immediate and long term damage could happen. This incident on the plane had to have had multiple layers of awful to be so lasting in impact.

    • Bettyrose says:

      Rapunzel – I agree but surely it didn’t all just come out on the plane for the first time ever.

    • Mignionette says:

      Or he may have said something to the effect that Maddox was not his anyway, causing Pax and Zahara to also question where they stood with him.

      In any case Brad is the adult and it was his place to fix things straight after. I am not surprised that maybe bonding with Pax was harder as Angelina adopted him before / during the time she met Brad.

    • sarah says:

      I’ve always assumed Brad’s alcohol/drug use was out of control by the end, he hit Maddox. And then instead of actually working to repair the situation, Brad went on a quest to publicly destroy their mother. If you’re aware of the reality of your home life, but you have to see it spun like your mom is a real life witch, I don’t know how you forgive and move on. I would also bet that seeing a full year of their dad on the awards circuit, pushing pr narratives with his ex-wife, and telling jokes about wife killing, probably wasn’t a picnic either. Long story short, if I was Pitt’s kid, I wouldn’t feel like he gave much of a crap about me based on his public behavior.

  11. Anonymous says:

    This is a really sad situation. Angelina used to praise Brad as a wonderful father. I’ve always held out hope he could reconcile with the kids if he put in the work. I wonder if he’s actually trying to. Maybe he’s not putting in the work and they are over it. In any case, it’s very sad the children can’t have a good relationship with both parents like they had in the past.

    • Sidewithkids says:

      He bristled at the counseling and then completely stopped the counseling. Plus, the kids are teens and pre teens, they’re looking at the internet and social media. They know BP and CAA are behind the awful attacks on their Mom and Maddox. Of course he hasn’t put in the work. Why would three (seemingly nice kids) not want to see the man that practically raised them if he put in the work to see them. Plus, Zahara was seeing him but since last year, she’s completely stopped. Doesn’t take a genius to do the math here. BP clearly does not want to see the adopted kids and I really think the custody has come down to just the three bio kids, w/ them trying to get away from him too.

      For those who know the law, is there anything that says bio kids are more forced to see their birth parents vs adopted kids?

      • Carmen says:

        No. I worked in child welfare for over 30 years. When parents adopt a child they swear before a judge they will treat the child as their own, and they have all the rights and responsibilities for that child as if they gave birth to him.

  12. Lily P says:

    Personally don’t believe BP has put much time into helping the healing of the family. His behaviour speaks volumes.

    Hopefully it’s a choice thing but this just stinks of an inability to work through a hurt ego. Adoption is not an opt in / opt out situation. Suck it up and get therapy, quit dragging your ex wife and eldest children across the coals, and whilst you’re at it don’t date women young enough to be your daughter. Misogynist.

  13. Tiffany :) says:

    Friendly observation!
    “ Maddox, Knox and now Zahara… the court sees them as old enough to make their own choices,”

    Should that be Pax instead of Knox?

  14. Kynesgrove89 says:

    I don’t like seeing custody battles played out in public. I feel for those children. They are getting old enough to see the news/media about it. I hope Brad shapes up and can have a relationship with his children.

  15. Darla says:

    I’ve never been into the whole Brange thing and really have a lot of negative vibes about how they got together, but…this whole thing has made me look at Pitt in a very new light. I don’t see any way around something happened on that plane and the eldest son stepped in front of his mother to protect her from his father. I have seen this go down, and I believe this is what happened. I really enjoy much of Pitt’s acting, but man…yeah, I think he was abusive to Jolie, and I have a big issue with that. The son will protect the mother as soon as he is large enough physically to do so. Let’s face it, the isht went down and guess what, his sons will never look at him the same way again.

    • Dee Kay says:

      None of the children will look at the father the same way ever again. I think this is why Pitt isn’t putting in a lot of work to repair relationships with especially the older kids — b/c he sees their low opinion of him in their eyes, and he can’t stand it. He knows that they know his worst self now, and that’s a part of him he constantly wants to run away from and disavow (though he can never escape it without serious addiction recovery and therapy), so he runs away from them (and they, from him). He may hope that the younger kids were less cognizant of his abusive episodes and that they still have an okay opinion of him. But my guess is that the younger kids do remember, and know.

  16. Anonymous says:

    It’s just so awful that someone that was such a good dad, per Angelina, is now incapable of being their for his children. It must be terrible for the children to lose a parent like that. I wonder if there is ongoing concerns with alcoholism? That can alter a person’s conduct. Hopefully, he will put in the work to repair the relationship with his kids. Maybe then they can move on with a new but better family dynamic.

    • Sidewithkids says:

      Early on he may have been a good father (when they were babies), he wanted Angie to love him so he did and said anything to make that so. He stopped that tho and showed his true colors. Plus, let’s remember BP leaves everything he starts, dude is not the most responsible. Look at his personal history.

  17. Hmm says:

    The kids will likely spend up to 4hrs with the creep and then go back to their real parent/family.

  18. Jillian says:

    I thought Shiloh has asked to be referred to as “he/him”.

    • Steph says:

      @Jillian I think you’re right. I looked up Zahara bc i didn’t think she was so close in age to Shiloh. For some reason I thought she was Angie’s first or second child before Brad even came into the picture. So it showed a list of her siblings and one was John. I looked further and it’s who we’ve known as Shiloh. It’s a really bad look to dead name your own child at all, never mind in such a public way. This will probably be the last Christmas John sirens with Brad bc they’ll be old enough to choose next year. I doubt they’d want to go with him.

    • Amelie says:

      Has that ever been confirmed though? It seems to be tabloid speculation. As far as I know, Angelina has never issued a statement saying to refer to Shiloh as he/him or John. So until that happens (either from Angelina or Shiloh herself), I will refer to Shiloh by that name and as a she.

    • skittlebrau says:

      This persistent rumor is based on an old interview with BP when Shiloh was little. He said the kids loved to play Peter Pan together and that Shiloh always played the brother John and wanted others to call her John at the time. I

      • Kkat says:

        In the most recent interviews where Angelina mentioned Shiloh she called her by name and used She/Her. So until a statement comes out saying otherwise i will assume it to be as Angelina said

  19. Elizabeth1 says:

    We don’t really know for certain what went down between these two. Maybe the kids decided it should be 3 with Angelina and 3 with Brad so that neither would be alone for Christmas.

    • Hmm says:

      Double post

    • Hmm says:

      Lmao yeah right! We know for a fact Pitt hasn’t had real custody in years and pax let the world know that Pitt is an extremely selfish narcissist and the younger kids are still afraid of him. This was this year on fathers day!

  20. Steph says:

    @Jillian I think you’re right. I looked up Zahara bc i didn’t think she was so close in age to Shiloh. For some reason I thought she was Angie’s first or second child before Brad even came into the picture. So it showed a list of her siblings and one was John. I looked further and it’s who we’ve known as Shiloh. It’s a really bad look to dead name your own child at all, never mind in such a public way. This will probably be the last Christmas John sirens with Brad bc they’ll be old enough to choose next year. I doubt they’d want to go with him.

    • Courtney B says:

      She’s not dead named. The ‘John’ thing came about when she was young and wanted to be called that, i think because of a movie character. It hasn’t been brought up in years except on some websites which insist that she’s transgender because of this and the fact that she wears boys clothes. Both parents call her Shiloh or Shi.

  21. Jules says:

    Yuck to all this, these kids’ lives should be kept private.

    • Lily P says:

      Only one party seems to be leaking closed divorce files to the press, only one party seems to be feeding the media with sources

  22. says:

    his team is abusive toward AJ for years, he never said a word for Jen back then (before he needed her after his messy separation), and never said a word in support of AJ since they split… it says a lot about what may had been going on behind closed doors if this is what he shows the public- I think some people think are a kind of people oblivious to the verbal abuse against other parent, they are not. he ‘plays’ the good guy- but really that is all it is maybe it is all empty play, thus absence of kindness and compassion toward ex spouses.

    • Gotcha says:

      He said himself that he was an azz hole and was not there for his family in the finale of his marriage. Drunk, high and award chasing!
      He is always a bitter selfish spiteful unempathetic douche to his exes. That is why I say Aniston is a stupid POS too.

      • FruitBowlnBerries says:

        I don’t know why Aniston has been so nice to him. They can pose together as friends at events so she doesn’t look like a bitter shrew but she invited him to Christmas parties and basically supported his image rehabilitation using her goodwill. I think he was The One for her whereas he loved Goop and Jolie as the big loves of his life.

  23. Bibi says:

    Brad has lost so much of his sex appeal since the divorce, the construction lawsuit, the girlfriend failed rollouts, the jen aniston run in, the fake scenarios tp make them happen, the updates about when he can/cannot see his kids etc. I never thought id say this but Bras has become boring because he’s trying too hard. Angelina on the other hand seemed to have kept her public image and personna intact: a serious mother and humanitarian.

  24. Kay says:

    So Brad’s parents don’t get to see them much.

  25. Lively says:

    His a Douchebag. Narcissistic petty little man.
    The sad thing about this is the only opinion that matters are his children and they think little of him. Sad little man.
    Trust these kids are fine, they hv their uncle who’s a constant fixture in their lives

  26. Meg says:

    How can brad keep releasing infpo like this didnt the court intervene say saying that should stop some tike ago? Im only seeing things from brad at this point

  27. Hiiii says:

    Its good he meet up with kids. xmas is for small kids more for those who celebrate and for others who don’t its the off time with family.
    No surprising news about older ones…
    May in long run…
    Aj need to let it go. Its what it is. No reason for her to resent him for meeting at least the younger ones…its not the children job to protect her feeling on this as long as he wants to be in their life and not harm to them they should. You only get one father. I mean you may get one as a father but..

    • Gotcha says:

      wtf is she doing besides trying to get sole custody which he gave her temporarily back in 2016. Why? Because he wasn’t fit. And was being investigated and drug tested. GMAFB.
      Her feeling is she doesn’t think he is sober or capable of having joint custody which she knows better than any of us. And he is using his money, power and influence to win against her like it a gd competition because he is spiteful. He is using a flawed court system and bribing a judge that will probably give him joint custody regardless of the situation unless she can prove he is a total douche which he is.
      She is not the one having to prove that she is not a drunk child punching idiot he is!
      Fight til the end Angie

    • Macy80 says:

      @HIIlI, Time to take your pitchforks back go back to Just Jared and Female First. where they hate Angelina and will pat you on your head for deflecting from deadbeat fathet Brad Pitt . The vindictive ex narrative is getting quite old now, instead focus should be put on the 57 year old man who abused his family in public and private.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I truly hope they can work something out. Family dynamics are very difficult, even in the best of cases. The goal should be some level of reunification. This means he has to maintain his sobriety and make amends with his children. Only they know if he’s done that or not. Hopefully, the court will make a determination so they can move on and heal. They were such a tight, beautiful family. Hopefully they can find peace.

    • FruitBowlnBerries says:

      Were they tight in their final months though? He was always away for the last year. I think they were done by then if not before.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I think they were having trouble towards the end. I wonder how he could have gone to being a loving, dotting father (per Angelina’s words) to such a monster that has no room for redemption. I imagine the alcoholism played or plays a huge part. Only they know. In any case, it would be nice if they could repair their relationship. He needs to put in the work. It won’t happen if he doesn’t. The court decision is postponed because of COVID. Maybe once the court makes a final determination, they can heal.

    • LOL says:

      @Anonymous Brad Pitt became emotionally and physically checked out on Angelina and the children after her two operations . On top he turned 50 and midlfe crisis hit him hard. This is the same father and husband who spent Fathers Day away racing cars in France and missed his children’s birthdays. No he’s giving daily updates on his *whispers SUPERVISED* Christmas plans with 3 kids. I wonder how he remembers he has kids while he played away with married instagram model’s and Alia shawkat etc , and filming movies, all of a sudden acting daddy. Fooling no one.

    • LOL says:

      @ANONYMOUS IF ONLY BRAD had appologised to Angelina And his children for his behaviour and hurt he caused them.and got the help and therapy Angelina was begging hi to have. Things would had been much different as they are now years later. Instead he ran back to Jennifer Aniston, both were bearing a grudge against Angelina Jolie and both used their public meetings as gaslighting events towards Angelina and kids. It might have given Brad and Aniston cheap publicity but in the longrun it caused much deeper pain and humiliation to Angelina and his children .
      Taking his friends WIFE old enough to be his daughter in the weekend what would had been his marriage anicersay ata sacred place as Angelina and his childtrns house, was utter humiliating towards Angelina and the children. These are unforgivable cold actions towards your own family whom you loved once upon a time.

  30. LOL says:

    I thought Brad Pitts people always reminded us he is so private. Then how come he still is running to media outlets throwing fake Pity parties. Still.playing the game 3 years away from 60, how pathetic. Dude we know you are dying to get the children’s supervised vists removed so you can do your photo op with your chosen biological kids so that your fans and media can appalude you for being a hands on father after 5 years.

  31. Anonymous says:

    LOL: I agree with you. He checked out. I’m just wondering how he could have gone from loving father to the situation he is in now. I don’t think a mid life crisis can explain this. The problem must be more serious. I’ve always wondered if Angelina is concerned with his long term sobriety. It could be a reason for not wanting 50/50 custody. I‘m not sure what her counter offer to him is. Maybe she prefers to have full custody and leave him with some visitation. In any case, the courts will need to intervene since they were not able to reach an agreement. I’m really hoping for the kids, and for AJ/BP, that a final resolution will bring peace so they can heal.

    • LOL says:

      @ANONYMOUS I respect what you said. But I disappointed in Brad Pitt especially aftermath of the plane incident , he didn’t allow Angelina and the children to live in his house, therefore they had to start looking to rent other properties . Then he made a big public display of telling everyobe hiw he was back in touch with Jennifer Aniston. Going to jennifer Aniston public birthday parties and all all that came after the planted SAG photo Op. he even at the time started promoting his movies he could have easily not done all this and taking some time out and to get into rehab and therapy. I don’t know what caused him to start drinking more than usual to get it out of hand maybe it was the faer of maybe losing Angelina to her operations and looking after six children, I don’t know, I can’t explain what the reason was behind him becoming unhappy, and going back to the person who runs away from his obligations before he met Angelina. Iisn’t this the same guy who spent a whole year doing sculpting with his equally drug addict friends he was not around good company. I don’t know if all the Oscars and all the applauds and all the reunions will keep his ego happy, but one thing is for sure his actions during the marriage and after the marriage have fractured his own family and not in a good way. We all know the court’s dectate how and when he sees the children, yet Brad made sure to spread lies against the mother of his childten. Why would you do that? Would you rather your children hated their mother who did nothing but put their Well being first and foremost than her career. I know Angelina has her fair share of faults. But she grownup long time ago, especially when you become a parent. All of Brads fake tears on TV wanting a big family,and then by miracle he gets one, what does he do, he destroys it with his own actions. He can blame Maddox and Angelina all he likes, reality is his own hands aren’t clean, otherwise he still would not be seeing half children under observation even after four years, and wouldn’t have been forced to get weekly drug and alcohol tests by courts stipulations.

    • Gotcha says:

      Lol @ lol and you spoke facts. He wants to get away from supervised visits so he can be seen with them publicly. He messed up his own family and wanted the courts to force her to tell those kids they were safe with him. How can she do that! That’s on him and his actions towards them.
      Anyways people see him now and his fake mess

      • LOL says:

        @GOTCHA Brad Pitt is unable to do public photo ops with his six children like he did with Chris Cornells grieving children. We all know having the court appointed monitors /superviours looking over you with your childten is not a good look,especially not a look infront of public . Despite playing the private card, he stail fails to tell truth. How come hes not taking them in holidays no one is stopping him.
        What is pathetic is that his team of PT enablers keep selling stories about how evil Angelina is, knowing for a fact it is not her who makes the rules when and where he see ‘s the children, but “The court’s decide” and they ate the ones eho still see a valif reasons Brad Piyt still needs to be supervised throughout 2016 to 2020. He has six childten, they all havr their own minds, no one can stop the
        If “they wanted to” , blaming the mother is just deflection by Brad, it’s not washing with public anymore. His team is unable to explain to media outlets why he isn’t seen with a single kid, because his PR have already paid mefia outlets to ignore that, instead to attack attack attack Angelina ,even blame her for his issues with alcoholism . And yet Mr i am so PRIVATE he tells same media outlets which kids are seeing him on Christmas and which are not Brad Pitt sure is forgetting to use his privacy card about the kids when he talks to media about the kids. The kids can see and hear everything. They no longer are babies.

  32. Robyn says:

    Who knew Brad Pitt would turn out to be such a vindictive shrew . Show some compassion to your adopted children, try making amends with them. Remember you are the parent, don’t abandon them again. What message are you sending to them and other adopted parents out there, that it’s ok to abandon a child who you adopted to become their parent. Any sign of difficulty you abandon them and trash them. Shame on him and shame on the people who think what he’s done, and keeps doing is acceptable behaviour. Makes me sick .

  33. Barbara says:

    He has no class and no respect for his behaviour towards his family. brad pitt is cancelled for me the day he got minor son Maddox and then blanec the child and his childtens mother for his actions .

    Everything about him now reks sleaze, right from the moment he hired his friends WIFE to sleep with, young enough to be his daughter or his neices. She is no better pimping herself out to become famous. Pitt on the other hand got played by the younger instagram power.
    Is it any wonder the six children are ashamed if their fathers actions He has insulted them every time he’s insulted their mother.. not a good look .