Adele has finalized her divorce, so is her new album coming out next month?

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Adele separated from Simon Konecki in April 2019. Adele went on a total journey following the split, losing weight and giving herself a major makeover, and building a life for herself in America. There was some question about whether Adele and Simon were even legally married, but then in September 2019, she did file for divorce, so that answered that. Then we didn’t hear much about the divorce or Simon, so at least it didn’t seem like it was a contentious divorce or anything. Now it looks like Adele and Simon have worked out a divorce settlement:

Almost done. Adele and her estranged husband, Simon Konecki, have reached an agreement on their divorce settlement, Us Weekly can exclusively confirm. The “Someone Like You” singer, 32, filed a judgement packet with the court on Friday, January 15, nearly two years after announcing their split in April 2019.

The estranged couple, who each represented themselves in the case, will not be officially divorced until a judge signs off on the agreement. The pair opted to determine rights to community property and debts through mediation.

Adele, who shares 8-year-old son Angelo with Konecki, 46, filed for divorce in September 2019. The initial filing showed that both parties wanted joint custody and visitation of their son, which they planned to negotiate through a mediator. In March 2020, they signed a confidentiality agreement in regard to the details of the case.

[From Us Weekly]

I think if you’re just divorcing someone because you grew apart and there’s not a mountain of legal, criminal or financial sh-t to work through, mediation seems like the smart thing to do. For celebrities especially, because it ensures that your divorce won’t be splashed out on the tabloids and blogs. We really don’t know anything about Adele and Simon’s marriage and divorce or what made them grow apart or what’s going on with their son Angelo. That’s how it should be, honestly. I hope Adele didn’t have to give Simon a chunk of her fortune!

It’s also possible that this is the final thing that Adele wanted to complete before she dropped her new album. We’re getting another heartbreak album, I’m sure! Reportedly, Adele might be ready to drop the new album NEXT MONTH!! Or at the very least, she’ll definitely release it this year.

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  1. Mignionette says:

    “The pair opted to determine rights to community property and debts through mediation.”

    ^^ In the UK this does tend to indicate he got a chunk of her fortune, which is surprising bc he is an old Etonian from money.

    In any case his ex-wife and first kid will be soon experiencing an increase in maintenance payments.

  2. manda says:

    Not really a smart choice to represent oneself in a legal proceeding…. even if they DID do mediation

    • Becks1 says:

      That was my thought too, but I figured it was just the lawyer in me speaking.

      • manda says:

        Right? Just seems like something she’ll regret later but I’m probably more of a worrier than she is

    • Noki says:

      Why is it not smart? Please do tell,i figured people who do this are just trying to cut back on huge lawyer fees.

      • manda says:

        Just because a non-lawyer is more likely to not know their rights, and more likely to mess up administrative stuff, which can cause you to lose your case depending on what it is. Like, where I live, child support is decided by a “master” which is like a junior administrative judge. If you want to appeal what the master orders, you HAVE to get a transcript of the proceedings within x amount of time. Pro se people (people without lawyers) consistently got their appeals denied when I was clerking (for like a year) because they didn’t do this, and then the time to appeal had passed. That sort of thing

        I would think they have a lot of property together, although I don’t know where they live or the controlling laws. Perhaps they were able to come up with an agreement they both thought was fair, but I would not advise anyone to do this unless they have literally nothing–no kids, no property

    • lucy2 says:

      I’m guessing it must have been a fairly amicable split, they’ve agreed on everything with their child, and that all the financial stuff was clearly spelled out with pre-nups. Otherwise doing this without lawyers, when there’s THAT much money involved, seems pretty risky.

  3. Becks1 says:

    Well, glad its almost over for them and cant WAIT for a new Adele album. I just love the sound of her voice so much.

  4. Dierski says:

    TIL Adele and I have almost identical divorce timelines!!!! 😂 I was also separated from my son’s dad April 2019, and I filed later that year in September too. And after also self representing ourselves and negotiating through mediation as well, I am currently waiting for the official judgement from the courts ANY DAY NOW. She gives me hope that my judgement will be finalized soon too, haha.

    We made the decision to avoid court and intense litigation due to high legal fees, as obviously we’re regular people with regular paychecks. However there’s a big difference between “using mediation” to resolve a divorce and “not using lawyers”. In my case, I still hired a lawyer- not to represent me in court, but to help guide me through the paperwork aspect (paid hourly, basically as a consultant). She was invaluable in helping me navigate the slew of paperwork, answered basic questions on what is typical, and just making sure we didn’t miss submitting anything to the courts on time, etc.

    I know I’m extremely lucky in that while my divorce has been sad and hard to figure out, it was not extremely contentious in the details of it, and we were able to sit down just the two of us after doing our research and hash it out. Wasn’t easy by any means, but was worth it for our situation. My ex also shared my desire to keep things smooth and relatively amicable for our son (who is also 8 years old… omg ADELE CALL ME!!).

    Anyway, this story gave me life this morning, for real. Biggest difference between me and Adele is I have *not* motivated myself yet to a total makeover!! Time to put on some Adele, rock out and exercise with my divorce twin, and get to it! Lol!

  5. Lizzythe2 says:

    Is it just me or did she look prettier with a fuller face. Not saying it’s bad she lost weight but maybe too much… As long as she’s healthy. The picture could also be a bad angle. If I just saw the picture without the headline I would not know it’s her.