Olivia Wilde & Harry Styles ‘are keeping things professional amid their new romance’

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Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde: in it for the long haul? I doubt it. They’ve reportedly been dating now for about a month and a half. I doubt they even make it through postproduction on Don’t Worry Darling, the film which Olivia is directing and in which Harry stars. They’re still filming in LA, and someone really wants us to know that they’re keeping things very professional on set. Sure. That kind of goes against the cutesy PR we heard a few weeks ago, about how Olivia was so clearly smitten and everyone on set knew.

Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde are keeping things professional amid their new romance. The 36-year-old actress is currently directing the “Golden” singer for her upcoming psychological thriller, Don’t Worry Darling. A source tells ET that the two are doing just fine balancing their relationship and their professional responsibilities. According to the source, it is important to Wilde that the vibe on her set is professional, collaborative and fun.

“She really creates a little community. She wasn’t joking when she said she has zero tolerance for a**holes,” the source says. And because of COVID-19 restrictions, the source says the cast and crew are especially close since they’re really only seeing each other. “It’s a super tight-knit group,” the source adds.

As for Wilde’s relationship with Styles, 26, the source says it was not a secret on set. And it also isn’t going to get in the way of doing their job.

Wilde and Styles sparked romance rumors earlier this month, after they were spotted holding hands at a wedding in Montecito, California. The source tells ET the photos of them together at the wedding were “absolutely not leaked or staged for some sort of promotional reason.” They were shot by a paparazzi without them knowing.

Meanwhile, news of Wilde and Jason Sudeikis’ split broke in November, seven years after they got engaged. Another source previously told ET that Wilde and Sudeikis, who share two children together, actually “split almost a year ago.” However, a source told ET a couple of weeks ago that while the pair wanted to remain close after their split, the Ted Lasso star was “really hurt” by Wilde’s new romance, with another source telling ET, “Jason is beyond distraught. Of course, Jason still has feelings for [Olivia]. This is a fresh split. He’s in absolute shock. He would like to repair things with Olivia and have his family back together.”

[From Entertainment Tonight]

I don’t know, you guys. I think it’s pretty funny that Olivia and her publicist are working this hard. They have to pepper every story with their sugary version. Harry and Olivia are so smitten, he’s so into her, she’s so professional, she’s so good at her job, Jason is just jealous, Jason is lying because he’s feelings got hurt, Olivia and Harry are perfect! Meanwhile, I still believe that Harry is kind of trying to find the exit route, especially because of the Sudeikis stuff. Come on, this is way too much drama for Harry.

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  1. JIlly says:

    Harry really messed up on this one dating the director…but he is young and will def learn from this. My bet is they break up shortly after the film has finished in production. Then he can quietly slink away and put out some message saying how wonderful and professional Wilde is but their schedules… you know.. always the busy schedules!

  2. Snuffles says:

    I have nothing to say as I am too busy drooling over Harry in that cream suit! 🥵🥵🥵

  3. Wiglet Watcher says:

    Harry seems too good for this mess.

    Olivia and her publicist are not good at leaks and statements.

  4. Lexy says:

    I loved the quote that their pictures weren’t promotional and they had no idea paparazzi were there! They were literally on private property! Of course they knew. PR doesn’t mean the relationship was fake, but they were clearly trying to get ahead of the cheating narrative but it didn’t work. Olivia is talking too much about this new relationship, it’s exhausting. Harry’s side has already thrown her under the bus and are on clean up duty. I can’t imagine it lasting past the filming either, and honestly I think they’ll both regret this.

  5. Case says:

    I highly doubt they’ll make it to the premiere of the film with their coupledom intact. In the meantime, they’re cute.

  6. Jules says:

    This special service announcement is brought to you by the backlash about the unprofessional and unequal power dynamic of a director dating the actor. So don’t worry, it’s all professional!

  7. Christina says:

    Professional flew out the window months ago, lol! Nice try, though.

    Olivia is coming, has COME, into Hollyweird power. Cool girl or not, regardless if she is an achiever and artist with a female, feminist perspective, sex with subordinates is what the sleazy guys do in every industry. She gets her chance to change the system and she trips on Harry’s penis.

    Yeah, whatever, Olivia. Spare me…

  8. Anonymous says:

    Is it just me or am I crazy for thinking this story got re-shuffled and pushed back and hidden so it gets less visibility?

    Anyway, someone should tell Olivia Wilde that it’s not professional to call people anti-feminist or not being supportive of other women just because they’re calling her out for cheating and leaving her fam to sleep with Harry Styles.

    I also assign blame to Harry Styles even if he has declared himself blameless. You told the world Olivia lied to you. But dude, her kids were right there. You still went for it and you didn’t care, eh. That’s cold, man.

    Edit: A word. I added a but.

  9. ClaireB says:

    I know everyone has Harry Styles love, but this whole thing is messy and he’s going to have to spin hard to come out of this looking good. I agree with the comments saying that a director dating an actor during production is gross, no matter the age/gender of the participants. The desperate PR from Wilde reminds me of Kate’s keen-ness. “She’s really professional, you guys! She’s so smart and pushing the envelope and also irresistible to men! But still soo professional!”

    Also, on a completely shallow note, why do women (SJP) with small, squinty eyes wear eye makeup that makes their eyes look smaller? All I can see in the top pic is the enormous amount of liner and shadow.

  10. Mette says:

    And the children, right? Publicist forgot to say how the kids come first, etc. Is Harry Rockstar really ready to step in as stepdaddy to two little girls? This is going to flame out faster than Ben- Ana.

  11. TJ says:

    You know that Harry Styles and his team is known for it’s PR Push in the past, meanwhile it was never the case with Olivia… But I see everybody here decided she is the guilty one… Okaaay.

    I hope they will last for a decade, both of them has the same or even bigger fame, than now, you must cover it FOR YEARS. (BTW I don’t think they can or will split for at least 2 years IF they are a couple. Because last time I checked neither of them confirmed it yet.)

    • Elka says:

      It was reported in People magazine they were together. People is the official mouthpiece of celebs. They don’t print unless they have a verifiable source. Also, when Harry Styles basically called her a liar, instead of countering that claim , her team came out with all these articles about how “she’s a professional who directs professionally and keeps things professional and is very professional towards her boyfriend while on a professional set.” Not at all sus, lol. Smells like true love for sure!

      • Ess says:

        It’s not very bright to believe all these silly sources and act like Harry, Olivia and Jason are all trying to talk to us through trashy magazines. I can guarantee they’re not!

  12. Ess says:

    Lol I love how everyone is talking like all their teams are pushing all these narratives when in reality 95% of it is tabloids making shit up for clicks. They haven’t said a damn thing, nor do they appear to be trying to achieve anything much at all. They’re just quietly dating while everyone loses their shit. The negative backlash is mostly limited to Harry’s fans too who are both insane and awful at times. I haven’t seen many other people who feel strongly about this relationship. Certainly no one in the actual movie industry cares. A quick google will tell you that half the couples in industry met on sets, including as actor/director.

  13. Cathleen Avila says:

    Paul W.S. Anderson & Milla Jovovich, Tim Burton & Helena Bonham Carter, Sam Mendes & Kate Winslet, Joel Coen & Frances McDormand, Steven Spielberg & Kate Capshaw, Taylor Hackford & Helen Mirren, Ingmar Bergman & Liv Ullmann to name a few. I picked from a list of actors partnered with directors I admire. I am so exhausted by the relationship limiting comments related to Harry Styles. Harry Styles glows. He seems to choose carefully and reach beyond everyone’s expectations. My step-grandchildren are at the age where sexuality is their primary topic. Harry Styles’ quotes and attitudes about being true to yourself and not having to explain your choices to everyone are “go-to” phrases for use in the discussion with the kids. Harry is a unique and gifted person. He deserves a private life that is private. Why do so many people try to weigh-in as if to destroy any chances he has for a personal private life?

  14. Cava24 says:

    I think a lot of workplaces have implemented policies about people dating their subordinates over the last few years and have actually started enforcing them because 1) there’s potential for abuse of power and harassment -in this case one scenario would be “what if the actor wants to end the relationship with the director or producer during filming? How does that impact their work? (I am not saying that is happening, only that it could happen) and 2) does the relationship create a weird dynamic on set? They are clearly trying to manage the perception on 2) in this case, which doesn’t mean the dynamic is actually bad, just that they want to get out in front of that.

    You know who would be tweeting outrage about the relationship between a director and an actor with a 10 year age gap as an obvious abuse of power if the genders were reversed and things went south and an actress who was in her 20’s was the victim of harassment or retaliation? Olivia fucking Wilde. And she’s for #Metoo until she needs Shia LeBeouf (who was known to have verbally abused his exes before he dated FKA Twigs) to headline her film then she doesn’t care until he actually treats her poorly, personally, in the context of beginning prepping DWD or filming Rainey Qualley’s video. Then she cares.

    I still think, based on their initial announcement and Sudeikis not questioning the timeline until the photos of Harry and Olivia came out that she had initiated some sort of break up with Sudeikis that was in a holding pattern due to the pandemic, work demands etc and that was the information people around her (including Harry) had. But, if it turns out she had walked that back by some of her actions if not explicitly in conversation and he was legit confused, I wouldn’t be that shocked at this point. She seems like she does whatever works for her in the moment and figures out a way to justify it later.

    As for H’s privacy- he seems to be really careful about that most of the time but Olivia is wearing a Gucci sweatshirt in a YouTube interview that went up last week, she’s not the one with the ties to Gucci/ Kering, he is. She doesn’t rep anything nearly that luxe normally, usually she wears $30 tee shirts or sweaters from the brand all the HW milf moms wear. They both do a lot of messaging with their clothing- with him it is subtle part of the time and very loud (in an amazingly enjoyable way) the rest of the time, with her it’s more of a literal “read the words on my shirt” kind of a thing. They are both too aware of their branding for there to be accidental choices, particularly with things that they wouldn’t have worn three months ago. They both sell merch- she has her own company.

    • Cava24 says:

      And in her own words from a NY Times article in December 2019-

      She spoke self-deprecatingly about her home life, describing herself and Sudeikis as people who “tend to build the parachute on the way out of the plane.”