Prince Edward & Sophie were almost sent to Scotland to live to stop independence

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Ever since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex left that dusty old island, there’s been an interesting subtext and (at times) just TEXT to the royal reporting. The subtext/text is that the Sussex-free Windsors are pretty dull, uninteresting and charisma-free. They’ve made it sound like that was the Queen’s petty master plan all along, because how dare anyone naturally outshine and upstage a 90-something woman and her permanent grumpface? We heard last December that the Queen actually prefers it this way, with her family being so dull and unglamorous. And of course, we’ve also heard that the Countess of Wessex has been pushed by many people as some kind of “replacement” for the Sussexes. Which brings me to this: with no one left in the Windsor clan with any kind of charisma or sparkle, the Windsors have little soft power with which to work. There’s no there there. So it’s kind of funny that 10 Downing Street had an idea about how to keep Scotland from voting for independence: they were thinking about sending Sophie and Edward.

Royals called Edward don’t always have the best reputation north of the border. Edward I earned the nickname Hammer of the Scots for his fondness for going to war against them, while his son Edward II was famously thrashed by the forces of Robert the Bruce at Bannockburn. So would our present Prince Edward really be the man to send to Edinburgh to smooth modern-day tensions between the two countries?

The wheeze was dreamt up last year by Downing Street officials alarmed at the Scottish National Party surging in the polls amid growing calls for a new independence referendum. They wanted Edward and his wife the Countess of Wessex to relocate to Scotland in an effort to save the Union. It came as aides working for Boris Johnson considered how the Royal Family could help bolster ties between all four nations of the UK. One mooted idea was to make Edward and Sophie the public face of the royals in Scotland. The couple would have taken up full-time residence at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh, the Queen’s official residence in Scotland, to lead efforts to increase the number of royal engagements there.

The UK Government is increasingly concerned about the threat to the Union as Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP appears to be on course for a landslide in may’s Scottish parliament elections. The First Minister has said that if the SNP wins a majority she will push forward with a referendum, regardless of whether Westminster gives her the go-ahead. Mr Johnson has repeatedly insisted he will not allow another vote, arguing that the 2014 vote was a once in a generation decision. But 20 consecutive opinion polls have now shown the Yes campaign ahead.

Edward and Sophie are known in Scotland as the Earl and Countess of Forfar, titles bestowed by the Queen two years ago to mark her youngest son’s 55th birthday.

The couple have lived at Bagshot Park, Surrey, since their 1999 wedding. Their two children are Lady Louise, 17, and James Viscount Severn, 13.

[From The Daily Mail]

I wonder why William and Kate’s names weren’t floated? After all, they seem to believe that their keenness can solve any problem. Imagine how many new tartan dresses Kate would have to buy, because she’s like a child with her literal dressing, Scotland = Tartan. Imagine how Kate could have The Wiglet That Saved The Union! And William would be bragging about that sh-t for the rest of his life. No, there’s a reason why Will and Kate’s names weren’t floated, and it’s because even the Tory government knows that the Keens can’t be trusted to NOT make asses out of themselves wherever they go. Sophie and Edward’s names were floated because they are so thoroughly boring and uncontroversial. And that’s why the scheme never went anywhere too – why send two unflavored bowls of oatmeal to Scotland when the point of the exercise is to charm and sparkle? Which brings me back to what I said at the start of this post: the fundamental Catch-22 of the Windsors is that no one can be more glamorous or interesting that a dowdy, petty, jealous 90-something year old woman, and now their charisma-free clan has ruined the future of the monarchy.

Britain's Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex, take part in the Great British Beach Clean in Southsea

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, The Earl and Countess of Wessex arrive at Wi

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  1. Maria says:

    This is so embarrassing, lol.

    • BabsORIG says:

      I don’t even see why Downing Street makes this into such a big deal. The Brits for the most part, if not always, refer to Charles AND PwBT as future king of ENGLAND. Everybody in the UK seems to already have come to terms with the fact that its just a matter of time before this present UK splinters and all there will be left of it fir both Charles and PwBT to lord it over will be England only. Why the fuss over it, to the extent to sending poor Edward and his grumpy wife anywhere to live?
      I actually saw a article last day about how Charles has a hidden gem (in the Wessexes) that could replace the Sussexes, I just ROTFALMBOed. Give it up, gig’s up!! Bye UK, hello Republic of Scotland!

  2. OriginalLala says:

    If their lack of charisma is what takes down their colonial, racist ass*es, then I’m fine with that, but it does worry me that if they were more charismatic most people would probably be fine with continued colonialism…that sucks.

    • booboocita says:

      In fairness, I doubt that charm or charisma would save the United Kingdom, even if Edward and Sophie had any to speak of. Not with a popular leader and political party banging the independence drum 24/7, and not with Brexit, to which the Scots were pretty opposed.

      • Talia says:

        Also, independence for Scotland doesn’t necessarily mean getting rid of the Royal family. The Queen is head of state for a lot of countries (though no doubt lots of them will get rid of Charles once he is King).

        The Royals could be immensely popular in Scotland (which they aren’t) without it affecting the political situation.

  3. ABritGuest says:

    The reactions to this on social media were so funny. I actually felt sorry for Edward especially as people were generally like ‘who’? All that PR they’ve been doing for Sophie being a rising star not landing apparently.

    I think Edward & Sophie were floated as Edward is due to take over as Duke of Edinburgh

    I’m curious whether this story was leaked to gauge reaction or whether it was seriously considered and dismissed.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Edward is down to inherit the Duke of Edinburgh title when ole Phil passes so in a way it kinda makes sense but who came up with this and WHY did think think it was a good idea?!?!?

      As a Scot I think i’d prefer Anne, if we were to get a ‘royal’.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @DU – I am with you on Anne. If Anne was sent to Scotland to be the “Royal in Residence” she would be out every week doing “Bread-and-Butter engagements”, pressing the flesh so to speak and making a Royal presence felt. Zara and Mike are popular with the public too which would be an added bonus when then came to visit which I am sure would occur regularly.

        If this was a Boris Johnson idea to send the Earl and Countess of Wessex, I now have a better understanding why the BREXIT deal he negotiated is not working; He does not seem to have a clue.

      • Liz version 700 says:

        Right?!?! The Scott’s LOVED it when they were originally taken over by the Royals literary fighting almost to the last man to try and get them out… but sure send a symbolic royal couple to Lord over them and try to stop Independence AGAIN. My God these folks never even accidentally make the right call. Sweet Mercy.

      • BabsORIG says:

        @BTB, have you ever talked to Scots people and they said some royal would make them change their mind about their own independence? Until you come from a colonized country, you will never really know how it feels to be colonized. Believe me, no royal would make enslaved people change their minds about wanting to gain their freedom/independence, regardless of how many bread and butter engagements they did. The Scots people never wanted Brexit, they feel it’s time for them to make their own decisions on matters that concern Scotland, not even Anne can make them change their mind about that.

      • MissMarierose says:

        Weren’t Zara and Mike married in Edinburgh? It seems like they would be the ones to move to Scotland.

        In any event, I seriously doubt Scots would decide to vote against independence just because a couple of English royals moved there. It’d be quite easy to send them back. lol

    • Amy Bee says:

      I wonder, given the current situation in Scotland, if the Royal Family will go through with that after Philip dies? Will the Scots accept an English prince becoming the Duke of Edinburgh?

      • BayTampaBay says:

        Well they accepted a Greek Prince becoming the Duke of Edinburgh so who knows!

        Footnote: Both Philip and Edward attended Gordonstoun, a Scottish boarding school.

      • Amy Bee says:

        Yeah, but the Duke of Edinburgh got his title in the 50s and his wife is the Queen. Times have changed, most Scots want independence and some of them want to get leave the Union as well as become a Republic. Charles and Andrew also attended Gordonstoun and if Anne was allowed at the time she would’ve gone there too.

      • equality says:

        @BTB The Scots accepted a Greek with the title or got one foisted on them like the Welsh with the POW title?

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @equqlity – EXCELLENT POINT!

    • Sofia says:

      I mean I understand it from that perspective (Ed and Sophie are due to be the next Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh so send them to live there) but these two aren’t particularly interesting or charismatic to anyone other than royal watchers who are a niche who aren’t going to stop Scotland from leaving if they want to tbh.

  4. The Hench says:

    I would imagine that even the most ardent unionist might vote for independence if it meant avoiding having Sophie and Ed foisted upon them. Kind of terrifying that this might even have been mooted as an option….

  5. Deb says:

    Oh yeah these two are going to convince Scotland to stay in the UK? I think not.

    • Sad, that Downing Street thinks that just forcing Edward and his family to live in Edinburgh is all it would take for Scots to decide to stick with Britain. SCOT: “Oh, did you hear, we’re getting our own Royal couple, well that’s the question of independence for my country sorted then!” P L E A S E ! Sounds like Downing Street thinks the reasons Scotland wants independence are all about not getting their share of ribbon’s cut and drinking tea on a palace lawn while sucking up to Sophie and Edward. I just think — for Scotland — their independence is a more complicated issue to them.

      Sounds like a Royal move to Scotland may be a wee bit POLITICAL to me.

    • emu says:

      Why does England care so much about Scotland? Is it just pride? The Queen’s vacation home?

      Break free, me bonnie Caledonia!

      • MissMarierose says:

        oil money

      • Waitwhat? says:

        There are economic reasons but also political. The reunification of Ireland has also come back to the forefront after the disaster of Brexit, because of the issues around importing goods from Eire to Northern Ireland when the former is in the EU and the latter is not, particularly because it’s only 20 years since the violence (particularly around the border areas) largely stopped. If one part of the UK goes, it makes it that bit easier for another…

  6. What’s eating you says:

    I just love how no one was aware that the queen has another son besides Charles and Andrew. Poor Ford Fiesta Sophie

  7. Becks1 says:

    I laughed when I read this title. It seems like something from the Onion. Scotland wants independence, so here comes…..Edward and Sophie to save the day!!!! (also, what happened to royals not being political? Turns out they’re so political they’ll move to Scotland at the order of the government to keep the pesky Scots in line…….)

    i AM surprised the cambridges werent floated, but my guess is that the thinking was “what, so they can go to Holyrood house and not work?”

    Now that I’m writing that though….I wonder if the reason this scheme was shot down was because William and Kate DID want to go, they probably thought it would add to their status, and so the idea got shelved bc the point wasnt to add to the Cambridge’s status.

    • Talia says:

      The likelihood of Kate being willing to move that far from the London shops and William to move that far from the Posh Mummies circuit is nil.

  8. Maria says:

    The Cambridges would only go if the Middletons did too.

    • Lady D says:

      Even if they weren’t invited, the Middletons would still follow. No way mommy’s taking her eyes off the prize now.
      On a completely different note, imagine how much it would suck for the Cambridge children moving to a (for them) foreign country and leaving behind friends, family, school, and way of life? If I was Kate I’d be right pissed at the idea, who wouldn’t?

  9. Va Va Kaboom says:

    Yes, because the Scots are… notorious for their love of weak-chinned entitled English Princes taking up residence in their country and castles to lord over the citizens. If anything can quiet calls for Independence it’ll surely be that tried and true method.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Right?!?!?! The Scott’s fought the English Royal family for 100’s of years to get them out. Now to try and keep them they want to plunk a couple of them there to “encourage” them to stay? Maybe the funniest idea suggested in 200 years

  10. Jay says:

    Scotland (I imagine): Seriously? You think sending MORE royalty will solve this problem? THAT’S what you think is wrong, that we just wanted even MORE pointless dorks in crowns prancing around and telling us how to run our kingdom? I want a f@#&ing divorce.

  11. Maevo says:

    They really need to stop trying to make Sophie happen.

  12. Sofia says:

    This is quite frankly, a ridiculous idea. Sending two members of the royal family to live there on a temporary basis (yes temporary because let’s be honest, they’re not living there anymore once they’re not needed) is not going to help – especially Ed and Sophie who aren’t known to the general public other than royal watchers.

    If the government really wanted to execute this dumb idea, they should have asked Charles and Camilla. Charles seems to like Scotland quite a bit.

  13. L84Tea says:

    “why send two unflavored bowls of oatmeal to Scotland when the point of the exercise is to charm and sparkle?”

    I cannot stop laughing at this. :-)

  14. lanne says:

    the only royals who might have had a shot at keeping the Scottish people in the union are (drumroll) the SUSSEXes! I think Scottish independence is a long time coming, and I think Brexit makes it inevitable, but if anyone could pull the charm offensive, it would be Harry and Meghan. By making themselves seen, being out and about, listening to Scottish people, they may have been able to placate the Scots into a temporary delay. That could have been the trute benefit of the Sussexes had those fools gold-plated advisors had any sense of vision: deploy the Sussexes to the rest of the UK, and to the commonwealth, keep them traveling and out of England where the Cambridges can be top banana. The Sussexes would likely do more good in the commonwealth than in Scotland–no charm offensive is going to keep an entire country tethered to a union that took an action that fundamentally changes their society that they themselves did not want.

    • Lizzie says:

      How shortsighted of the petty rf to ostracize the one dynamic couple. This could have been the half in solution that would have let the Sussex have their freedom and still serve the queen at a distance from the thin skinned ffk. No one has accused the rf of being clever, only backstabbers.

    • Alexandria says:

      Nah not the Sussexes. They would be blamed incessantly if Scotland still voted for independence which isn’t a bad thing for them and may have little or nothing to do with the Sussexes charisma. It would be like we love you and you do good things, but we love independence more so bye! The casualty would be the Sussexes being blamed for 100 years and go down in history as the couple who couldn’t make it work!

      • BabsORIG says:

        Thank you @Alexandria. I am a huuuuugeeee Sussex fan, but NOT even the Sussexes, with their truckloads of charisma and all, would in any way shape or form persuade the Scots people to abandon their pursuit of gaining their independence from the English oppressors; no way.
        @100% agree, say NO to the constant using and abusing of the the Sussexes. Let WiLL and Kate have a go at it. I believe the purpose of the choo choo tour was to force those pesky Scots to stop with this their independence nonsense.

      • Lizzie says:

        Diana is credited with charming Australia to give up independence from the crown, I think a Harry and Meghan could do the same. Although I have no idea how the people of Scotland feel right now so I defer to you both.
        I would just love them to be successful at this and shut down the bm who act as if they have committed some crime and cannot show their faces in the UK. Also I would like for rf to beg them for this favor.

  15. Louise177 says:

    I don’t think the Cambridges’ were an option because William is a future king. It makes more sense that someone further down the line would do this. But the Wessexes is an odd choice. Ironically the Sussexes would have been a good option. It always comes back to them.

  16. L4frimaire says:

    I seriously thought this was a joke when it first came out. It doesn’t even make sense to me. Do most Scottish people even know who Edward is? He seems just there. Someone posted a clip from Edwards royal knockout tv event from the 80s, and he came off as a petulant prick when he didn’t get the praise he expected from the press and walked out of the interview. I think the most interesting thing he’s done in the past few years was cut a cake with a sword, which was funny. Seriously, doubt it would make much impact right now with everything else going on. I thought they might have pissed off the Cambridge’s or something by getting a bit too much attention, hence the exile story. Kind of like the send Harry and Meghan to Africa, but more ridiculous and less malevolent? The thing with the royals is everyone wants them to go about things quietly, yet get a lot of press attention and praise for going about things quietly, which is completely contradictory. I guess they want faint admiration,but that’s not gonna make them relevant and we’re in a politically volatile time. They already left the EU, so why can’t Scotland leave? Between the news of Charles and the Queen influencing laws and hiding money and Rupert Murdoch having performance reviews with Johnson’s cabinet, British democracy is looking rather surface level right now. If they really don’t want Scotland to go, they have ways of making them stay but it won’t be nice or democratic. The thing is the royals got used to and ( though they’d never admit it) enjoyed the level of international attention/ positive press they got the last few years thanks to, and sometimes at the expense of, Harry and Meghan. That was a blip and they wrecked it, and can’t recreate that with old blood. UK politics and royal news keeps getting weirder and weirder.

    • Alexandria says:

      Your last line is soooo true. Here we have EU and Scotland trying to divorce from the UK but the UK is playing so many games. And HM divorced themselves but the BRF and BM are still NOT done playing games. What the hell is happening. And then of course the old Stockholm Syndrome Brits have about their old Queen – just tolerating her but not calling for accountability except for a few articles from the Guardian.

  17. Izzy says:

    Sending the Keenbridges was no longer an option after their COVID Train Tour, and Scotland is ready to go. BoJo can deny them permission to hold a referendum but it won’t stop it at this point. I hope Nicola Sturgeon wins in a landslide. I hope Scotland leaves. And I hope Canada follows suit and leaves the Commonwealth.

  18. Coco says:

    I imagine Edward and Sophie standing in front of polling places and handing out pamphlets about how Scotland should remain in the UK.

  19. February-Pisces says:

    Remember this season of The Crown where Charles and Diana went to Australia. The Australian prime minister thought it was his opportunity independence but instead admitted to Charles that Diana charmed them so much, she single handily turned it around, (and not Charles). That’s the power of charism and star quality, you have a certain influence and impact that others do not posses. And with that influence you can make great things happen. It’s a shame that the firm do not understand that. They can try and make the likes of Kate or Sophie “happen” but if they were going to “happen” they would have by now.

  20. SenseOfTheAbsurd says:

    Most idiot plan ever. I’m kind of sorry they didn’t go through with this, because it would have been hilarious.

  21. The Recluse says:

    Pfft! Bahahahahahaha! Watch the Keen children get trotted out for more photo ops.

  22. Maliksmama says:

    Now we know why the RR/BM are literally begging Harry to come back. Even if he has to bring Meghan with him.

    It’s truly amazing to see how shortsighted that family is. There’s no way on earth I would’ve let my star attractions leave, when I know my business has to have star attractions in order to survive.

    Makes me question BRF leadership. Who’s running things over there?

    • lanne says:

      The so called gold plated courtiers. You can put gold dust on a turd, but you still have a turd with gold coating.

  23. Nyro says:

    I bet like 90 percent of Scots wouldn’t be able to pick those two out of a lineup. I know I couldn’t before Meghan came along. I vaguely remember seeing news of their wedding back in the day and all I knew of them was that he was that other son mot named Charles or Andrew and that he was marrying some girl who had the Princess Diana haircut. Lol

  24. Nic919 says:

    If they wanted to show the Scots that they matter to the union then you would have to send the keenbridges who are future future monarch and consort. You do not send leftover royals clearly outside of the direct line that no one can spot in a line up. But we know the Covid choo choo tour pissed off the scots for showing how oblivious the Cambridges are to what is going on. Considering they went to school and officially met at St Andrew’s, they could have played up their Scottish connection. However, Kate wouldn’t want to live in Scotland even with the chopper on stand by and Billy likes to sow his oats on the down low in London. Also they are self absorbed and at this point only royalists care about them, and there are few of them north of Hadrian’s wall.

    Sending edward and Sophie would simply have been more insulting than not.

    But really the recent boost to Scottish independence really was accelerated by the keen couple’s covid tour. They will never admit that though.

  25. RoyalBlue says:

    the queen’s/boris’ strategists need to resign post haste because this was a flop of a proposal to save the union. and don’t even bring meghan’s name up in this mess as she would not want to play the role of colonizer. the best thing petty can do is to let scotland decide what they want to do and enjoy her remaining time spent on that tiny little piece of an island and stop trying to be the boss of other countries.

    my! how the empire has fallen.

  26. KikiLeith says:

    @lizzie – Aussie who lived through the republic vote. The vote for a republic was lost because John Howard controlled the question/s on the vote. The choice was vote to keep the status quo or something else, we don’t know what. So the choice wasn’t a choice at all. People lived Diana but that wasn’t why we voted to keep the monarchy.

    I’ve lived in Scotland now for 18 years and there’s not a hope in hell that the royals could positively impact the majority’s view on staying in the Union. England will never understand. They care so little about Scotland but are so desperate to continue to lord power over us – and it’s about avoiding further fall of the diminishing Empire’s power and keeping all our oil and whisky assets/money.