Did the Sussexes steal Princess Eugenie’s thunder yet again?

Royal Ascot, Day 1, UK - 18 Jun 2019

There’s already talk about how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s pregnancy announcement overshadowed Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank and their first child. E&J welcomed Baby Boy Brooksbank last week, and Eugenie stayed in the hospital for three days before coming home (to Frogmore Cottage) last Friday. While E&J posted the baby’s first photo on Instagram as part of the birth announcement, there was certainly an expectation that they would release another photo where we could see the baby, perhaps packaged together with the child’s name. They still haven’t done that, as of this writing. It’s also worth noting that some people believed that E&J got overshadowed by Meghan’s legal victory last week too, which I sort of agree with, except the British media downplayed the victory so much. Now there are pieces about how *sad clown noise* Nameless Brooksbank will be pushed down the line of succession even further because of the Sussexes’ Montecito Baby.

Princess Eugenie and her son are set to be pushed down the line of succession to the throne within months following the happy news shared by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The birth of Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank’s son already shook up the line of succession, as their baby now sits at the 11th position. This means senior royals such as Prince Edward, who until early last week was 11th, and Princess Anne, who was 15th, were knocked down a position in the line to the throne.

However, the happy announcement made yesterday evening by Harry and Meghan means it is now Eugenie and her son’s turn to be pushed down the line. Meghan and Harry’s new baby will follow Archie Harrison in the line to the throne and, after its birth, will become eight in line. As a consequence, everyone following the Sussex children in line to the throne will lose a position.

[From The Daily Express]

Yep, that’s how it works. To be fair to Eugenie, I don’t think she really cares all that much. Beatrice cares though! But Eugenie probably shrugged at the idea of her child being knocked down one more rung. My guess is that the thing that stings a little bit is that because of the Sussexes’ announcement, the baby name announcement probably will be more of a shrug.

Speaking of, the Daily Mail has a story about how E&J will likely use the name “Stamp” for the boy’s middle name. It’s a significant name to the Brooksbanks family.

Princess Eugenie of York Marries Mr. Jack Brooksbank in Windsor

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, WENN.

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  1. MaryContrary says:

    They wanted to announce on Valentine’s Day. This has zero to do with Eugenie.

    • Kate says:

      I agree but they had to know that people would wonder why they made the announcement so soon afterwards. I don’t think sticking to this timing was a great call on their part.

      I think the claims that the first pregnancy overshadowed the wedding are ridiculous, it must have been obvious that she had a bump at the wedding and they wanted to announce the news themselves. So, I don’t think there was any intentional “thunder stealing” there.

      • MaryContrary says:

        Ridiculous. Valentine’s Day was the date that Diana had announced she was pregnant with Harry.

        They should have held off because Eugenie gets some kind of “zone” that no one can impede on? Is it like a week? A month? She had her baby days ago. Give me a break.

      • Ginger says:

        Zara announced her pregnancy right after Meghan announced she had a miscarriage and there was no outrage at all over that. I like Eugenie but not that many people even know who she is. I didn’t until I started following Harry and Meghan after their wedding.

      • VS says:

        @Kate –
        “I don’t think sticking to this timing was a great call on their part.” — can some people just stop? what is this thing with spotlight? the world is not supposed to move at the pace of the rf or the uk. No one cares except royalists and no one pays attention to them outside of the uk. H&M actually shine the spotlight on them! not the opposite

        No one was talking about E&J; the news yesterday got worldwide coverage, only Diana had that kind of worldwide appeal! never the rest

      • Amy Bee says:

        They’re not part of the Firm anymore, so they’re free to make announcements whenever they want. If there was so much concern about the Sussexes overshadowing the rest of the family, the Royal Family should have agreed to their offer to be part-time working royals. How the media and Eugenie fans would perceive the timing of the news of them having a second child is not Harry and Meghan’s problem.

      • MsIam says:

        I think they made the announcement then because a) they wanted to and b) that damned lawsuit was out of the way. Plus I wonder if the Sussexes have some kind if virtual appearance coming up where it might be hard to hide her pregnancy? At any rate, people can be happy about multiple things at the same time including the royals. It seems like only the tabloids and the trolls are miserable.

      • Elizabeth Phillips says:

        How the heck long after you have your baby does everyone else have to hold off on announcing their happy news? That’s just one more petty thing these people do.

      • Kate says:

        Woah! All I’m saying is that I think it’s naive to be surprised that there’s a reaction that they’re stomping on Eugenie’s news cycle. I agree that they should announce whenever they want, and if that day had special meaning for them then that’s great. But it’s not surprising that people are making the comparison to the wedding/baby announcement, although as I said I think THAT criticism was ridiculous.

        Whether or not anyone is entitled to their own news cycle is a different matter. But I definitely have friends who always have a knack for announcing their news right after someone else does and it does take away from the original news and that DOES sting.

        I think it’s partly because Eugenie hasn’t released the baby’s name yet that it feels soon after. I like Meghan and Harry and I do think they get unnecessarily criticized over basically everything, I just think this particular criticism was predictable and avoidable. But I guess the point is that when you’re so overly criticized for nothing you shouldn’t worry about what people are going to say because they’ll find something no matter what. And I agree with that too, they can’t win anyway so they should just do what they want.

      • Nic919 says:

        No only people looking to criticize them would care about them announcing five days after Eugenie gave birth. She had even left the damn hospital a few days before they made an announcement.

      • GraceB says:

        I’m kind of the other way around on this. I don’t think they’re particularly bothered about the timing at all of the Sussex’s announcement this time around and got the feeling that they weren’t bothered about attention being on the birth. I just don’t feel that they made it into a big thing and I feel like they’ve been very dignified about it all. I even wonder whether they already knew Meghan was pregnant and that the announcement was coming.

        I do feel like Harry & Meghan were somewhat inconsiderate the first time around and that probably hurt. Either way I don’t think anyone is bothered about where in the line of succession they are placed, when they’re all so far down it now that it’s inconsequential but it’s another stick that the anti Harry & Meghan people will use to beat them all with. We are supposed to believe they all hate Harry & Meghan and everything they do but I bet it’s not anything like such a big deal in reality.

      • VS says:

        “But I definitely have friends who always have a knack for announcing their news right after someone else does and it does take away from the original news and that DOES sting.”

        Really? my goodness, there are still people who think that way? so you think people can’t be happy about many things at once? it only has to be you for what? a week? a month? a year?

        Anyway —— we have an Oprah interview coming up!!!

      • Lorelei says:

        The RF and their minions in the press act like some grown-ass adults that I know IRL do — they actually believe everyone should celebrate their “birthday week” instead of just their damn birthday.
        They don’t seem to understand that other people’s lives are happening as well and everything doesn’t revolve around them FGS.

        @VS: has an actual Oprah interview been confirmed or is it just wishful thinking, lol?

      • VS says:

        @Lorelei — it has been confirmed; I have my notifications up for news from some CNN reporters; Brian Stelter confirmed it

        I am so excited; it will be on Mar 7th …. H will join Meghan at some point as well

        So a few people probably already knew about the pregnancy

      • BabsORIG says:

        What is all this stupidity about people waiting for the other person to do blah, blah, blah so as not to steal whatever’s their name’s thunder, like are you for real @Kate? So the entire world has to stop spinning because Eugenie had a baby? Give me a freakin break, will you? The most of us can handle BOTH announcements at the same time and actually be happy for BOTH families; there was no need for the Sussexes to hold off of anything. And what if Euge don’t wanna release any baby names at this time? Maybe she wants to wait and enjoy her little family for a bit without having people pressuring her to release the baby name so the rest of them can move on to something else? This is their baby and the Brooksbanks AND the Sussexes can all do whatever they wanna do and whenever they want to do it, y’all need to please sit down and STHU about that “overshadowing” nonsense.

      • Kate says:

        @babs lol my point is that this press point and backlash is stupid but predictable. And since these people are all supposed to have the best PR experts, this one was maybe avoidable. But then putting in context that M&H get criticized for everything anyway, it’s understandable that they just don’t care anymore because they can’t win no matter what. I think if there were any ACTUAL issues or bad blood between Meghan/Harry and Eugenie over this, that Eugenie wouldn’t be living at Frogmore.

        This entire post is about debating/acknowledging the claims of whether or not M&H “stole” Eugenie’s “thunder” so I’m not sure why we have to STHU about this when it is the point of this post?

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        I think they planned to announce on Valentine’s day no matter what, and since they have a good enough relationship with Eugenie that she is living in their residence, it’s likely they let Eugenie know ahead of time and she was perfectly fine with it. The announcements of the birth and pregnancy are close in time, but babies arrive when they arrive, so there’s not much you can do about that.

        But you know what you CAN control the timing of? Talking to the tabloids about planning to have another child! Kate’s leaks to the tabs came at the same time as Eugenie’s and Harry’s announcements, and that IS something she could have controlled, which makes it look deliberate. The criticism should focus on Kate’s burning need for attention, not Eugenie or Harry, who I think are fine with each other.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      They tried and failed for years to make Eugenie happen. People can’t even tell the difference between her and her sister. She is just another stick being used to bask Meghan with. Eugenie had her baby and went home and still no international media cared one jot. All of a sudden her thunder was stolen? Really?? She never had any to begin with.

      • Nic919 says:

        Five days. The news cycle is way shorter than five days so it’s beyond ridiculous to think that Eugenie was overshadowed here.

      • Becks1 says:

        so not only is the criticism stupid, but it would happen regardless. If they announced the pregnancy around the time Eugenie announced the name, they would be criticized. If they announced around the time Zara gave birth, they’d be criticized. If they announced whenever Kate was doing anything, they’d be criticized.

        It has nothing to do with the news cycle and is more about putting Meghan in her place – this is just another way for the RRs to talk about how Meghan “doesn’t follow protocol” or “doesn’t understated how the royals works or whatever BS they come up with. It has nothing to do with Eugenie per se.

        And finally – if the RRs want to keep talking about Eugenie, they are free to do so. They aren’t bc it turns out no one really cares that much about Eugenie.

      • Lorelei says:

        ^ ^ ^ Everything Becks said ^ ^ ^

        Even if Eugenie didn’t just have a baby, they’d bitch and moan that the Sussexes were “stealing the thunder” from Kate’s Zoom thing with nurses yesterday or something. These are not rational people!

        Also love your point about them being free to continue talking about Eugenie if they want to, lol. It’s 100% true, but they know where their bread is buttered! They just enjoy complaining.

  2. Jenn says:

    She never had any thunder. So how do you steal something that was never there. In fact Meghan’s baby and Meghan’s cottage is what’s giving her thunder.

    • Angel says:

      Right ? Plus they don’t even care about her; they are always evil to her and her sister to begin with, they need to stop.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Exactly!!! The woman has done nothing of note and as a non working but perk earning royal has managed to get away with it. Attaching Meghan’s name to her is actually what’s given her any semblance of relevance.

    • Harper says:

      The day of Baby Brooksbank’s Birth, the Fail had the initial announcement placed very low on its front page, and it never rose any higher. Not deemed newsworthy. Meghan and Harry’s announcement was the headline all day.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        The Daily’s Fail measurement for what is a newsworthy story is the number of click$, views$ and comments po$ted.

    • minx says:

      And these ridiculous “pushed down the line of succession” stories…Charles is in his 70s and still waiting.

  3. VS says:

    What thunder? she had none
    The picture of H&M was used to attract viewers to click on stories about E&J child

    She should be happy about this; at least she had the peace Meg never had in that hateful place and no one threw her under the bus

    Why aren’t they happy about that?

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      They will never be happy or satisfied. Meghan was not supposed to have any love or support from the public but she does despite all the evil things they RF and BM have done to her. It’s very upsetting for that family that they can’t attract any attention unless Meghan’s name is attached to it.

    • Lorelei says:

      @VS, I think — and obviously this is is just my speculation — that Eugenie is probably happy for the Sussexes, and this is just the trashy press trying to make a non-story into an anti-Sussex story.

      • BnLurkN4eva says:

        Yeah, I am going to join with you here. I get the feeling, Eugenie is probably the only one who is on sincere terms with the Sussexes and she’s fine with this and was fine with the other pregnancy announcement. This is the BM reaching for anything to attack the Sussexes and I knew this was coming though I was hoping they would surprise me. The truth is, they weren’t talking about Eugenie’s baby, there was no anticipation for further information. This site showed more interest in Eugenie’s baby that the BM, or royal watchers in Britain. They only start talking about it once the Sussexes made their announcement and as always it’s Meghan who is being attacked, which goes to show it has nothing to do with Eugenie.

    • CrazyHeCallsMe says:

      It was probably wise of the Sussexes to announce now–on their own terms. When Meghan requested a delay in her lawsuit, the Judge agreed and sealed the reason for the delay. Since Meghan won the case, there’s no longer a need for the reason for the trial delay to be withheld. Better the Sussexes announce the pregnancy on their terms rather than have the tabloids announce it.

  4. HoofRat says:

    “Stamp”? What’s the first name? Postage? Date?

  5. lucy2 says:

    If anything I’d say they were gracious, waited for Eugenie’s baby to arrive and waited a week after to announce. Meghan looks pretty far along, they could have announce at any point in the last month or two.

    • Emm says:

      I agree, I think there were a few reasons for the Sussex’s to wait to announce until she was much further along with this pregnancy but I also thought to myself that the British press would try and make a story of the Sussex’s “stealing” E’s thunder YET AGAIN! Aaaanndd here we are…

    • Sandra says:

      Yes, I think they deliberately waited until after Eugenia gave birth out of respect.

      • Lorelei says:

        It seems to me they wanted to make the announcement on Valentine’s Day after they realized the parallels with Diana, and they were probably grateful that it worked out, timing-wise, that Eugenie gave birth last week and was already home by the time their news came out.

        This is JMO, and who knows what’s actually true, but to me it looks like the Sussexes have a perfectly fine relationship with Eugenie and Jack (possibly better than they do with anyone else in that trash family) and that Eugenie doesn’t get upset about these sort of things?

        Their lives and life events are just on a similar trajectory, so the timing often coincides like this. If I were Eugenie I’d think it was cute. I think it’s Andrew and Fergie who get all bent out of shape about “stepping on news cycles” etc., not Eugenie or Jack.

        Clearly they have a good enough relationship with the Sussexes that they’re living at Frogmore, and they’re probably just so happy that they’re home with their healthy baby boy that they couldn’t care less about the timing of other people’s announcements. Eugenie and Jack are probably just happy for Harry and Meghan!

        But that doesn’t make for a good anti-Sussex story for the press, so here we are.

      • Nic919 says:

        If they were staying at Frogmore then Eugenie is still in contact with them. And waiting five days isn’t stealing anyone’s thunder. The reach for some of these attacks is astounding.

        Also I am going to repeat this until people understand but they never announced the first pregnancy at Eugenie’s wedding. The family knew prior to then as confirmed by Mike Tindall. Stop repeating the lie that it was announced at the wedding.

      • Feeshalori says:

        Discussed because of prior knowledge, yes, initially announced, no. Big difference!

      • windyriver says:

        Mike Tindall’s story makes sense. M&H had to publicly announce their pregnancy, which IIRC they did in Australia, because they were leaving on that trip the Monday after Eugenie’s wedding weekend, and Meghan was already showing. IMO Andy and Fergie at the very least would have had a big problem if M&H had made their first family announcement actually at the wedding. So they announced it privately to the family some time before, enough so as per Mike they were already discussing it among themselves on WhatsApp.

        I wonder if the current announcement is for a similar reason – relating to the coming Oprah program. In his Bazaar article, Omid says CBS has announced they “have filmed a primetime special…to be aired March 7. If the filming is in fact already done, then the news is out there beyond H&M’s inner circle…

  6. Sofia says:

    Can’t steal what you don’t have. I like Eugenie and think she’s nice but she never had much of a spotlight to begin with. In fact most of the time when people noticed her, it was to make fun of her and Beatrice. Plus it’s been 5 days. That was plenty of time in the spotlight compared to the media’s interest in her.

    I doubt there’s any real issue between Meghan and Eugenie. Eugenie probably also knows that her and her son will never get the interest the Cambridges and Sussexes get.

  7. Liz version 700 says:

    The only people who might be annoyed are Fergie & Prince Creepy. Eugenie is probably home enjoying her baby and praying for sleep.

  8. Digital Unicorn says:

    I don’t thing Eugenie cares but her parents, yeah they do. Not sure about Beatrice but i’ve always gotten the vibe she takes after both parents – over impressed with the royal status.

    • Lorelei says:

      Totally agree. Although at this point, Andrew has no right making a fuss about ANYTHING. He needs to sit down and STFU, permanently, as does his petty busybody of an ex-wife. Poor Jack, getting those two as in-laws. He must really love Eugenie!!

  9. Elvie says:

    The hate on Twitter and the British rags is disgusting. Eugenie had her baby boy, announced it on IG, and then went home (to a house she sub-leases from H&M) to enjoy time as a new family. If they wanted “thunder” or a name announcement they had time.

    Harry and Meghan wanted to announce child 2 on the anniversary of Harry’s birth announcement and they waited 5 days. I doubt Eugenie is upset. She’s likely blissed out and exhausted.

  10. Myra says:

    Eugenie, right now, no doubt is only worried about mastitis, cracked nipples, dirty nappies, colic, sleep deprivation etc… Jack is probably wondering if that poop colour and that much poop are normal for a human baby. People are projecting their feelings onto Eugenie and her family. They believe only Meghan should ensure that nothing she does coincides with anyone at all because she might steal the thunder they never had.

    • FC says:

      Omg when I read “mastitis” my entire body quivered and every horrid pain came flooding back.

      • Myra says:

        So sorry for that. I still have PTSD from baba number one, that I have sworn off having number two. I remember swearing off sex at the time :)

      • FC says:

        Mastitis is 100% enough to justify not breastfeeding or having another baby IMO.

    • L4frimaire says:

      Those first few days home are something else? Oh god, I remember cracked nipples. And feeling so tired, and yelling and crying spontaneously. But also just staring at that sweet little face and tiny fingers and toes. I think this is really trying to make a story where there isn’t one because everything Meghan does gets to people over there.

    • BnLurkN4eva says:

      Can you imagine what it was like to be a wet nurse? I recoil just imaging it and that job was endless. Women have truly suffered.

  11. jennamaroney says:


  12. February-Pisces says:

    The daily mail didn’t even run eugenies baby news as their top story. Anyone who is going on about her thunder being stolen need to remember it wasn’t there to begin with. That’s no disrespect to eugenie, the York sisters never really made headlines anyway. I’m sure she doesn’t care about what publicity she’s getting, she’s probably focusing on her baby and being a mother.

    It’s funny how no one is saying kate was stealing eugenie’s thunder by leaking she was trying for a no4 2 days after she gave birth. With eugenie having a baby, Meghan, Pippa and Zara all pregnant, Kate’s got FOMO. Beatrice is probably knocked up too at this rate. Also the Keens didn’t congratulate Eugenie on twitter when other royals did.

    • FC says:

      Exactly this. Eugenie’s baby news was half way down the page on Day 1. She got another chance when she was photographed driving the baby home (which was super adorbs, btw) but it was STILL pushed down. She’s had plenty of time to announce the baby name, but chose not to — her choice.

      By the looks of it Meg is pretty far along, too — this combined with the Valentine’s Day significance gives them even more reason to not wait.

      (FWIW, I totally believed Meg and Harry were in the wrong to announce their first pregnancy during Eugenie’s wedding — this is different tho).

      • Nic919 says:

        They never announced it during her wedding. Mike Tindall had confirmed that they knew before the wedding and that at the ceremony was the first time many of them saw her in person.
        Besides she looked pregnant in her dress. What was she supposed to do? Wear a garbage bag?

      • BayTampaBay says:

        “She got another chance when she was photographed driving the baby home (which was super adorbs, btw)”

        It was a very adorable picture of Brooksbank family.

        The haters of the DM commentariat did absolutely nothing but run down Jack & Eugenie with their vile and nasty comments.

  13. TheOriginalMia says:

    Eugenie probably doesn’t care about headlines and thunder. She just had a child. She’s worried about midnight feedings and watching him sleep and catching up on her sleep when she can.

    In all of the who knew when talk about the Sussexes no one has said anything about when the Brookbanks knew. They probably have known for sometime and kept it to themselves.

  14. Mia4s says:

    I always find the “line of succession” talk so ridiculous in relation to Andrew’s daughters and grandkids. The odds of the things getting even as far as Harry or Archie are astronomically tiny. Let alone to the Yorks! And yet it is talked about as some huge deal. Sigh….seriously UK, think about your life and your choices. It’s time to move on from all this.

    • Lemons says:

      I found this framing of the story to be so weird. I thought that we’re not supposed to care about anyone but PWT and his son? Thinking of anyone else succeeding to the throne is just plain bizarre.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        The vile haters of the Commentariat want what cannot be done: they want Harry & Archie removed from the line of succession at the cancelled March 2021 review.

    • Amy Bee says:

      I think there’s subtle messaging when the papers talk about line of succession and Archie and his sibling pushing other royals down. I’m not to going to explain further but it’s there in this piece from the Express.

    • Chaine says:

      Me too! Even at her best, Eugenie was never more than sixth in line, so she’d never have become monarch barring some genuinely horrific tragedy. So the fact that she is being pushed to 11 or whatever is a nonevent.

  15. Alisha says:

    What thunder? I’m sorry if this comes off as rude to Eugenie, but Harry and Meghan waited a whole week, was there anyone who still cared about the baby being born at that point? Was there that much interest even to begin with? Whereas the “bump watch” (sorry I dislike that term too) with Meghan has been happening for months.

  16. Aurora says:

    The Sussexes are not working royals anymore. They stepped down and left the UK to live as private citizens. They do not need to coordinate announcements and initiatives with the RF anymore. If the press feels Eugenie didn’t get enough attention they can certainly rectify the situation by writing more articles about her.

    • Mom2boys says:

      Harry and Meghan should just be done with them and forego the royal titles altogether. People in the UK and the British press will always try to find fault with them whatever they do. It’s ridiculous.

      • BnLurkN4eva says:

        If Harry decided to reject his titles all heck would break lose and MEGHAN would be accused of disrespecting the queen, doing unthinkable things to Harry and anything else they can think of to sick a mob on her. If they survived that all that somehow, I assure you the BM would still lay claim to everything the none titled Sussex do. They are clicks and as long as that’s the case, there will be stories like these.

  17. Lily P says:

    Two pieces of good news don’t cancel each-other out. There’s simply two lovely things to celebrate that happen to occur at a similar time. But no, let’s pit two women against each other

    • Nicole says:

      Thank you. Yes. My son is the oldest of his cousins… by one day and also by two weeks. Three babies within two weeks. It’s awesome to see them all grow up together. That’s it. Good news X 3.

  18. Alexandria says:

    My goodness she’s so pretty in the waving in carriage picture.

    You know people can be happy for both couples but the nasty press just has to make it a rivalry. Rubbish people. Well I am happy for both.

  19. Meg3 says:

    Any sidelining even indirect of Andrew is fine with me (even though I am not blaming E or B for their father’s crimes). But I can’t help but be glad that the Yorks don’t matter at all. Also that US Magazine Frontpage article about Kate’s possible 4th baby already stole Eugenie’s thunder, didn’t it?

  20. Cecilia says:

    The Cambs announced that they were having unprotected sex, to try for baby #4 legit a day or 2 after Eugenie gave birth. Where were the complains about overshadowing?

  21. Belli says:

    People stopped talking about Eugenie’s new baby about 20 minutes after he was announced and, from the way she announced, I think she prefers it that way.

  22. Ginger says:

    The royalist that claim to be outraged over Eugenie’s “thunder” being stolen couldn’t pick her out of a line up if they tried.

  23. Amy Bee says:

    As many have already said Eugenie has no spotlight to steal. The media don’t care about Eugenie and despite their protests about Harry and Meghan they want and need more information about the Sussexes. They all recalled their first edition papers to change the covers so that they could include the picture of Harry and Meghan yesterday. One of people complaining about Eugenie’s spotlight being stolen was one of the paparazzi camped outside of Portland Hospital when she left last week. It’s clear he got very few sales of his pics from the media and virtually no international attention, that’s why he was crying for Eugenie.

  24. Bibi says:

    I think they probably called eugenie/jack to congratulate them and probably asked them to hold off on the name so that they would not upstage her for the baby’s name. They seem to me like a couple Harry Meghan like and trusts. They probably did not tell her the pregancy secret though. I think that,s why the baby’s name still has not been announced.

    • Yoyo says:

      The Sussexes are not working Royals, so no need to coordinate dates with anyone in the Royal family.
      From what we have seen, H & M are planners and can adjust.

  25. Sunday says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say that if Eugenie & Jack are staying at Frogmore that they’ve been in touch with Harry and Meghan moreso than anyone else in the royal family. It’s quite possible that Harry and Meghan spoke to Eugenie about the sensitivity around announcements and shared their wish to announce their second born on the anniversary of Diana announcing her pregnancy with Harry. That might be why Eugenie and Jack have not released the name of their baby or a full photo – they coordinated with the Sussexes, who waited a week after the birth to announce their own pregnancy, and Eugenie and Jack will have the *jazz hands* FULL SPOTLIGHT once more when they do announce the name.

    Also, it’s been said many times above, but Kate and William not publicly wishing Eugenie congratulations upon the birth and then a few days later pushing the non-story of them maybe wanting to try for baby 4 was COMPLETELY intended to shade and upstage E+J and the british press said nothing about it. It also further suggests that perhaps Eugenie and Jack are team Sussex (which makes sense given his connection to Clooney).

    • windyriver says:

      @Sunday, this occurred to me also, that the two families coordinated their announcements, so that each would have their moment(s)…

  26. Basi says:

    I’m team Harry and Meghan. So take the following with a grain or two of salt.

    For some reason I couldn’t tell you which one is Eugenia or Beatrice. No idea. They are so interchangeable.

    I still can’t forget their looks at Kate’s wedding. They totally looked like Cinderella’s evil stepsisters.

    My feelings (or lack there of) for them have nothing to do with their awful parents. It sure doesn’t help though!

    • Nic919 says:

      Beatrice at least auctioned off her notorious wedding outfit for charity. Something Kate has never done despite spending millions of taxpayer money for her designer and bespoke clothing.

  27. ican'tanymore says:

    In the whole history of the English lines of succession has anyone further down than say 3 or 4 made it to the throne? I mean, does it even MATTER after you’re #5 or 6? At this rate, I think I will be gone from this earth before William takes the throne anyway (and I’m not that old). Geez. This is peak petty.

    • Becks1 says:

      It’s a stupid discussion to have (being pushed down the line of succession) because at the time of her birth Eugenie was never going to be the queen. She was the second born of the second son and by the time of her birth, Harry and william were born. The only way she would become queen would be if some incredible tragedy were to occur, so I don’t think it’s ever even been on her radar as a possibility (as opposed to Andrew, who enjoyed a privileged spot in the family as second in line until William was born – i think that did feed into his issues).

    • tolly says:

      FWIW, Victoria was the only child of a king’s fourth son. Her grandfather, George III, had 15 children, so it took a lot of unhappy circumstances for the crown to land on her head. These days, the extended line of succession is unnecessary, but the press still treats it like a royal pecking order (really, they’re dogwhistling about a second POC outranking the York sisters).

  28. S808 says:

    Can’t steal something that was never there.

  29. tee says:

    it is pretty amusing that their milestones tend to occur around the same time. and unfortunate for eugenie and jack if they care about things like spotlight. but it’s not very difficult to overshadow them.

  30. Lauren says:

    They waited for Eugenie to give birth and go home with her baby. That’s enough days on my book. The royal roaches don’t care about the York sisters and their families. Even on the article that claimed that Eugenie and husband where still living in Frogmore the article revolved around baby Brooksbank living where Archie lived. So no need to act scandalised now thank you.

  31. L4frimaire says:

    I don’t think so. Eugenie is a private person and honestly, not well known outside royal family. People know who her parents are more than they know who she is. Her news wouldn’t extend more than a day in the news cycle before people lost interest. They shouldn’t have tried to stretch their little spotlight out. They should have announced that baby’s name shortly after the birth announcement instead of waiting. I assume they already named it. The summary judgement was already bigger news, impeachment trial, lots of other news in the interim. If people wanted to really get into it, Harry is higher in the succession, son of the next king, a male heir so carry’s on the family name, and despite his official change in status, is still higher ranked than Eugenie, if we’re going by how the royal sticklers like things done and in order of rank.

  32. Jezebel's Lacefront says:

    Thunder must be present for a theft, my dears.

  33. Steph says:

    Why is Edward higher on the list than Anne? Charlotte is above Louis. Did something change between their births?

    • Liz version 700 says:

      The law was changed right before George was born to allow for either gender to rule based on place in line starting with the Cambridge children

      • HeatherC says:

        Right, and it’s not retroactive. So both Edward and Andrew are above Anne. Even Edward’s son is above his older sister.

  34. Annaloo. says:

    Meghan could just sneeze and it would “take headlines” away for Eugenie. We’re not here for Eugenie (tho, of course, wish her well), we’re not invested in her like Meghan and Harry, so let’s not pretend who isn’t the bigger fish here…

  35. SARAH says:

    For there to be thunder, when news comes up about the birth of your child, there shouldn’t be a mention of your cousin as well. I feel like every article about Eugenie having a baby had a reference to Meghan (EVERYYYYYY). Also, I don’t think there was continuous coverage, it was more like she gave birth, announced on Instagram, everyone said Congratulations and we
    moved on. For anyone to say that this announcement overshadowed Eugenie is ridiculous.

  36. Feeshalori says:

    So what’s the inference of the media now, that Harry and Meghan mustn’t have any more children to prevent Eugenie’s offspring going lower on the succession totem pole? Oh, the faux outrage! Isn’t that the natural outcome of these things? I honestly believe they pull these stories out of their a@&es.

  37. CindyP says:

    First world problems….who gets more/better press

    • L4frimaire says:

      Exactly. This is trying to creating a storm in a teacup. Besides, no one even knows if the Brooksbank family even cares, because they probably want some time to bond with baby. The Rota was snickering over Jacks company wanting his job title mentioned and thought it was thirsty, and no one asked them if they even wanted to be, so their faux concern is BS. I think they’ll have some exclusive photo shoot with Hello or Tatler, and saving all the details for that.

  38. BnLurkN4eva says:

    I actually like Eugenie because of her friendship with Harry. I said congratulation when gave birth, didn’t hear anymore about her because it wasn’t big news. Done. I adore Harry and Meghan and actually go looking for news about them, which often isn’t necessary because they are so widely covered. Every paper and blog I can think of wished them congratulations over their news and that has been the way of it since they became an item. Harry has always received more than the usual attention and it was always going to extend to whoever he married. The fact that Meghan is so dynamic and brought with her such global attention for fill in the blanks reasons, makes this story of overshadowing Eugenie really silly. Even if Kate had given birth, announced a pregnancy, or any other such, she would have been pushed off the pages by the one two punch of the court win and pregnancy announcement.

  39. February-Pisces says:

    Update: the tea on Lipstick alley is that Kate leaked that she was trying for no4 because she was trying to take the shine away from eugenie’s baby. The palace had no idea about the Sussex baby until the news broke. So it’s funny that it was in fact kate trying to steal eugenie’s shine and once again Meghan gets the blame.

    Kate needs to stop announcing things that haven’t even happened yet.

  40. Grant says:

    I’m sorry but who the TF cares about Eugenie? I say that with the utmost respect but I’m willing to bet you that here in the states, few but the most devoted royalists have any idea who Eugenie even is. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, however, are household names. The British Press can miss me with this “overshadow” nonsense.

  41. qtpi says:

    Eye roll. No one cares about Andrew’s kids. Sorry. Best wishes on a happy life and all. But seriously. The whole royal family needs to be retired.