The Mail has to pay Duchess Meghan’s legal costs on layaway, lmao

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Yesterday was a big day for internet legal experts and the Duchess of Sussex. It was the hearing to take care of additional business from Meghan’s successful summary judgment verdict last month, where Justice Warby unequivocally ruled in Meghan’s favor in her copyright infringement lawsuit against the Mail on Sunday. As we discussed, Meghan’s lawyers planned for an all-out assault. They had a list of demands from the losers at the Mail. Among the requests: a front page story on the Daily Mail proclaiming Meghan’s victory; the Mail paying for nearly all of Meghan’s legal fees; damages in the vicinity of $700K. Justice Warby once again ruled almost entirely in Meghan’s favor, and he even mostly shut down the Mail’s attempt to fake some kind of appeal.

Meghan Markle has been awarded $625,000 in legal costs over her privacy and copyright infringement case against Associated Newspapers. A British judge ruled Tuesday that the publisher of the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday should make the “interim payment” to the Duchess of Sussex, 39, as part of a wider judgment ordering the newspaper group to pay 90% of Meghan’s estimated $1.88 million legal expenses.

The ruling follows Meghan’s successful claim against Associated Newspapers for reproducing parts of a handwritten letter she sent her father, Thomas Markle, in February 2019. Last month Judge Mark Warby ruled that publishing the letter, which was written after Meghan’s royal wedding to Prince Harry in May 2018, was “manifestly excessive and hence unlawful.”

Speaking in a remote hearing at the High Court in London on Tuesday, Warby stated that the decision to award Meghan the interim payment was made, “to reflect what I consider the likely costs reasonably incurred.” He added that while the calculation was “rough and ready,” it was about as “generous” as Meghan could realistically hope to gain and that he considered the sum “genuinely recoverable.”

While Meghan’s legal papers show that she had initially hoped for an interim payment of $1.04 million, her attorney, Justin Rushbrooke, quickly replied that he had been instructed “in pithy terms” to accept the ruling.

Meghan’s other requests for a front-page apology on the Mail on Sunday and Mail Online, and an order forcing Associated Newspapers to hand over or destroy any copies it has of her father’s letter, will be resolved at a later date.

“Financial remedies” concerning Meghan’s further claims for misuse of private information and infringement of data protection will also be debated at another hearing in late April or early May, said Warby. It wasn’t a complete victory for Meghan. While Warby ruled on Feb. 11 that Associated Newspapers had infringed on her copyright in the letter, he left open the question of whether the Duchess of Sussex was the sole owner of the copyright or might have been a co-author due to alleged involvement by others in the letter’s editing. The issue of who owns the copyright to the letter remains open and is scheduled to go to a “mini-trial,” which is provisional set for October 29.

Despite this, Meghan can rest easy that her 18-month-long case against Associated Newspapers is largely settled. On Tuesday, Warby denied the newspaper group’s appeal against his Feb.11 decision, meaning that Associated can now only take the case to the separate Court of Appeal – something Judge Warby advised has “no real prospect” of success.

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I feel like the Mail’s appeal will probably end up a lot like Johnny Depp’s “appeal” – a lot of sound and fury, with nothing ever filed or prepared. I hoped that Meghan would get some kind of hard number on damages but I guess that won’t be happening for another couple of months. As for the $625,000 figure – that is only the down payment. The Mail has to pay for Meghan’s legal fees on layaway. They will eventually have to cough up about 90% of $1.88 million, so the Mail will eventually pay roughly $1.69 million, JUST in legal fees to the person suing them. Then they’ll have to pay damages on top of that.

As for the “copyright ownership” mini-trial… I suspect that the Mail is just furiously treading water, trying to make that into a bigger thing. The people who could “claim” some kind of joint ownership of the copyright – Jason Knauf, Sara Latham, Christian Jones and Samantha Cohen – have zero interest in doing so. What will the Mail’s lawyers do? Subpoena Poor Jason, drag him into court and demand that he claim joint ownership of the letter? Jesus.

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  1. Sunday says:

    idk, based on how blatantly Jason stepped up to hurl these latest accusations at Meghan, I wouldn’t doubt that he would jump at the chance for a court trial. i wouldn’t put anything past him and kp at this point.

    • Amy Bee says:

      Me too

    • Becks1 says:

      Good. Go to court Jason. Take the stand.

      • Liz version 700 says:

        Absolutely, just know Poor Jason, if you end up in court testifying about your PR strategy it might not have been all that successful

    • Lauren says:

      I think that is where Clarence house would have to put their feet down. We know that the smearing campaign wasn’t just Kensington Palace, it would have come out that it was authorised by some one higher up in hierarchy thus implicating Charles (who was still reeling from the Crown at that time), Petty Betty and no doubt other members of the family. That’s why they kept begging Harry and Meghan to stop the proceedings because they know that the RR owns their asses and they did not want to stop.

      • boyd says:

        its William the RF aide involved in the story is his aide. and he’s the same aide that tried to hold up the Lawsuit with his claim he wrote/help write the Infamous Letter.. He was heling Daily Mail with the Letter and now he’s trying to end Meghan. All at the behest of William.

      • Lauren says:

        @boyd that Jason is doing so at the behest of Bill no one doubts. That Jason would have been allowed to state in public court that he gave a private letter of Meghan to the press at the behest of Bill, now that is the real issue. Clarence house would never had allowed that to happen. Notice how Jason and the other staff members that were saying they help write the letter never ended up claiming ownership. That would have opened a huge closet of skeletons that the Windsor wanted shut.

  2. Elizabeth Regina says:

    The judge said show her the money.

    • Em says:

      In Honor of International Women’s Day this week, honestly three cheers for Megan!! She has slammed them into the ground. When a woman stands up for herself, she unknowingly stands up for all women. This is beautiful!

  3. Mercury says:

    Loved reading this! Go Meghan go!

  4. Amelie says:

    I’m sure Knauf has no problem getting involved. He seems quite invested in destroying MM.

    • lanne says:

      Not sure about that. He’s likely just a stooge doing as he’s told by his employer, an employer who could make him unemployable if crossed. I think he’s Williams fall guy. What choice does he really have? You have to be an ass licker to do that job, and to get shiny medals to pin on your chest. Jason’s a spear carrier for William. Disposable, although he likely doesn’t realize it.

      • Lauren says:

        Jason knows where the rose bushes are buried. They all do. That’s why when important royal staff resign they are moved into a position of more power (money).

      • Yvette says:

        @Ianne and @Lauren … Which might go a long way into explaining the new plum job as Head of the Cambridge Foundation from Director of Kensington Palace Communications after Associated Newspapers court filing showed that he might co-own copyright of Meghan’s letter to her father.

        I’ve also read that any people claiming ‘co-copyright’ to the letter must file with the court within two weeks. But perhaps I read that wrong?

    • boyd says:

      He’s being paid too, He works for William..

    • Nic919 says:

      William doesn’t want Knauf on the stand because once there he will have to be cross examined by Meghan’s lawyers.

  5. Cecilia says:

    The chance for the palace 4 to claim co authorship of the letter was yesterday and none of them did. Dodgy how jason keeps popping up in everything meghan related. The snake

  6. Traci says:

    I think Jason is getting thrown under the bus. Used and abused as a pawn by Willy. Not so much that “stepped up” for the palace.

  7. GrnieWnie says:

    I’m not sure how they arrive at those copyright claims. Whenever I’ve published anything that I’ve written, which always goes through multiple rounds of editing, I don’t share the copyright with anyone (other than occasionally, the publishing institution might force me to share it). I also work as an editor/copyeditor and it’s never dawned on me to share the copyright claim. In fact, once I took someone to a dispute mechanism within their institution over authorship as I felt I had edited so extensively that I should be credited as co-author. I STILL did not get offered copyright.

    • Myra says:

      Right? But KP folks are not the smartest people. I’m sure they feel entitled to something.

  8. Nev says:

    Duchess looks FAB in that last pic.

  9. Snuffles says:

    Alexa, play Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money”.

  10. BnLurkN4eva says:

    I love that she prevailed. That should serve as a warning to those other folks, but it’s obvious they are too stupid to come to that conclusion.

  11. Le4Frimaire says:

    This is why there so incredibly angry now. The paper wants its pound of flesh snd the palace is more than willing to serve it up. Hope Meghan takes them to the cleaners. So over these vicious clowns m.