Buckingham Palace: We’re sad about the Sussexes but ‘some recollections may vary’


One week ago, Kensington Palace launched one of the most obvious and disgusting character assassinations I’ve ever seen. Their story – rather suddenly – was that in 2018, the Duchess of Sussex went on an absolute tear, bullying palace aides right and left. When trying to describe those very serious claims of bullying in professional settings, the details were kept rather opaque, something about how Meghan looked at someone in a meeting, or how Meghan sent emails. The absolute state of it! Well, about 24 hours after Prince William’s dumbf–k scheme launched, Buckingham Palace eagerly went all-in and announced (in what amounted to a public decree) that they would open up some kind of formal Human Resources inquiry or investigation into the sh-t that went down in 2018. Obvious pre-interview smear was obvious.

I bring up the timeline because Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace looked like total f–king amateurs and it was all a pathetic clownshow, one which seemed tone-deaf at the time, and post-interview seems downright contemptible. I also bring up the timeline because, again, for the people in the back, it took ONE DAY for Buckingham Palace to sign on to Kensington Palace’s naked character assassination of the Duchess of Meghan. It took them roughly 40 hours to issue one meek, lukewarm statement in reaction to the Oprah interview.

Buckingham Palace has responded to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s revealing interview with Oprah Winfrey.

“The whole family is saddened to learn the full extent of how challenging the last few years have been for Harry and Meghan,” reads the statement, which was released on Tuesday by Buckingham Palace on behalf of Queen Elizabeth.

“The issues raised, particularly that of race, are concerning,” the statement continued. “While some recollections may vary, they are taken very seriously and will be addressed by the family privately. Harry, Meghan and Archie will always be much loved family members.”

A Palace source stresses to PEOPLE that at the “heart of this is a family, and they should be given the opportunity to discuss the issues raised privately, as a family. It has been important for us to carefully consider any response before issuing. And of course releasing something today meant viewers in the U.K. had the opportunity to watch the interview, if they wished to, first.”

[From People]

All of that ominous silence, with palace courtiers all switching off their phones throughout the day on Monday, all for… this? If this tepid statement was what the Queen was willing to sign off on, what was the original statement which she apparently refused to sign? That’s the question I have. As for what’s actually being said… it’s an ass-covering bureaucratic move. There are no promises to change, nor are they saying that A) they’re ending the dumbf–k investigation into Meghan’s “bullying” or B) that they’re opening an investigation into racism in the palace. “While some recollections may vary…” is bullsh-t too. The Palace is giving just enough for the tabloids to come out and say that Meghan and Harry were lying about everything.

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  1. Emily says:

    Say they do find Meghan bullied people (that’s a big hypothetical), and it’s also found that they did nothing about her request for mental health assistance, aren’t they accountable then for the supposed bullying?

    Just like the Kate’s crying story, the reverse is likely true and someone bullied Meghan.

    Harry and Meghan spoke well of the Queen so we know the issue is Charles.

    • STRIPE says:

      I was thinking the same! .*If* Meg was bullying people, could it possibly have been her lashing out when she was in a deeply disturbed state and was receiving no help?

      • GraceB says:

        They’re responsible for all of it. I’m not saying that IF Meghan was bullying staff, it was ok but once again I will say that there needs to be a full investigation into all of this and I think it should be independent and made public.

        As a British tax payer, it really bothers me that this extravagant and kept organisation can be so damaged and corrupt and then just cover up everything that’s taken place and say it will be dealt with privately.

      • Myra says:

        I doubt there was any instance of Meghan bullying. The email was written in October 2018 when the smear campaign was being launched. I’m pretty sure they are using examples of Meghan making her demands and standards known as bullying. By spring 2019, Meghan probably lived mostly in isolation from them (being heavily pregnant) and likely only communicated to them via texts and emails. I doubt she lashed out at any point.

    • Lizzie says:

      I think this will quietly go away unless they want Megs lawyers combing through all hr complaints that have not been followed up on.

      • That’s the thing with this investigation. There was no HR complaint. Jason rescinded his email to HR at the demand of the two employees. You can’t investigate an HR complaint that doesn’t exist. And the Palace’s statement does NOT state they are investigating Meghan being a bully. Their statement says they are launching an investigation about how complaints are handled. The press — as usual — has changed the dialog to the palace investigating Meghan. It’s just like how the press bangs on —- irroneously —- about Meghan demanding total privacy. If they throw the fake story out their enough it gains momentum to become what people think is the truth, while the actual facts are left in the dust. My thinking is these two employees were horrified that Jason emailed HR without their knowledge and demanded he rescind his email. Why? Because they knew if HR opened a formal investigation it would find they were whining about being called out for NOT doing the job they were hired to do. I mean how dare Meghan ask them to work when the culture at KP seems to be more aristo’s playing at work then a real job. Also it came out in court papers that one of those employees was fired for cause and the papers were sealed. Scobie said —- in Finding Freedom —- that he knew why but couldn’t say. This is the same PA, Madonna fired (with sealed legal papers), and was a nanny to some famous British singer.

    • Ania says:

      Exactly. BRF started vicious circle for themselves and it is so funny. They told Meg that HR cannot help her because she is not an employee but will investigate her or bullying? What will happen if allegations were true? Will they fire her? Will there be any consequences for other royals if the behave unprofessionally? Maybe they should all be treated as government’s employees and hold accountable for their performance, undergo yearly evaluations to justify their financing…. I can go on.

      • Kate says:

        @Ania, I love you response, you must be in HR?! 😉

      • Emily says:

        Love it. If unpaid employees (family members) aren’t employees, then how are they held accountable? Performance reviews would be amazing.

      • BeanieBean says:

        Also, how can they investigate how HR handled complaints made (or complaints not made) regarding Meghan, yet the racism is supposed to be a family situation & will be ‘handled’ by the family. All those employees work at the behest of the family & their racism must surely be influenced by/supported by the family. Wouldn’t that warrant an investigation, too?

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      I am pretty confident Meghan did not bully anybody. If she did, specifics about the stories would have been leaked, just like the Kate cried bullshit was. However the Queen’s statement absolutely confirms the racist treatment. The use of the word ‘some’ is VERY telling.

  2. Sofia says:

    It is an empty statement that says nothing if we’re being honest. The “recollections may vary” is a bone thrown to their monarchist base and the polite version of saying “that didn’t happen” but it’s still not a strong direct denial like “members of the family do not recall such conversations ever taking place”.

    I thought they would come out guns swinging. According to Max Foster at CNN, leaks and briefings have stopped. So I wonder if there’s someone in the palace who can see how bad it is and a direct attack will not work.

    • Megan H says:

      See I read it as “these conversations did happen, but we look like shit if we say that”

      • Sofia says:

        Oh I can also see it like that. But I just think that line was to stoke their monarchist base more than anything.

      • Cecilia says:

        @megan H that’s exactly what im thinking too. + briefings by the palace picked up where they left of. Max foster lied. There were a few articles yeaterday that meghan supposedly didn’t take the right steps. I want harry & meghan to come out swinging already

      • Elizabeth Regina says:

        I read it like that too. For me the use of the word ‘some’ is about splitting hairs such as, yes the conversations did happen but the sky was blue and not grey on that very day. That family is trash.

    • Mac says:

      This statement is horrible. They should publicly apologize to Harry and Meghan for how they have been treated and pledge to do better. Trying to deny them their truth by saying “recollections may vary” is more of same abusive crap that has been heaped on them for years. I find it amazing that Harry is still speaking to any of them.

      • ➕💯, MAC. The statement is deliberately ambiguous and says nothing. GASLIGHTING 2.0. Twenty-five years after Diana and they have learned nothing. In fact, they are worse!

  3. Eleonor says:

    “The whole family is saddened to learn the full extent of how challenging the last few years have been for Harry and Meghan,”
    Said the same people who denied professional support to a woman struggling with her own mental health! This family 40 years ago brought Diana to her breaking point, and has learned nothing. This family has ruined Margareth life before Diana, so I don’t think anyone of them is capable of empathy.

    • NTheMiddle says:

      Exactly. Nothing has changed or will change. No surprise as it’s recycled history. Depending how nasty this gets, Meghan and Harry will either have to choose to show the receipts (which they DEFINITELY have) or just be done with the whole thing and go on about their happy California lives.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      To them the whole family is saddened about the fact that their racism has been made public and they look bad and not about the distress it brought on the Sussexes. They also want to resolve it privately this time and not publicly unlike the patched up allegations of bullying against Meghan. Same crap MO, different day, just like they did to Diana.

    • MF1 says:

      “The whole family is saddened to learn the full extent of how challenging the last few years have been for Harry and Meghan,”

      That statement really got to me. Meghan told them directly that she was suicidal and needed in-patient treament. They knew *exactly* how challenging the situation was for her. They just didn’t care.

  4. Oatmeal says:

    These people really never learn

    Because if they were smart, if they had any well honed sense of self preservation, they would have noted how many times H&M followed up their claims and assertions with “we sent letters, emails, Kate sent a note ” etc

    In other words , they aren’t just popping junk, THEY HAVE RECEIPTS

    And these fools still wanna play games after being played and checked into oblivion

  5. Miranda says:

    …really, bitch? I just CANNOT with these f–king people.

    • bamaborn says:

      Thank You! And Charles surrounded by what looked like every Black person in Britain yesterday was equally despicable.

  6. Lauren says:

    Well I hope they stay in their lanes and stop with the bullsht. Because while recollections may vary, this interview was Harry and Meghan firing shots, letting them know that that there is a paper trail. We’ll see then just how much recollections may vary from reality.

  7. Belli says:

    They won’t admit it, but they also can’t deny it because Harry and Meghan have the receipts.

    So instead we get this floppy response.

    • Southern Fried says:

      They better fkn watch out, be very careful about what they say. It’s been suggested Buckingham Palace should be turned into a Princess Diana themed gay disco.

  8. Osty says:

    Now they believe in private family matters, where was this believe when they leaked all those nasty stuff about Meghan? They deny anything cos they know they are guilty .so they just released this lame statement hoping to win some public sympathy

  9. sa says:

    It’s a terrible statement, they’re saddened by Harry & Meghan being “challenged” rather than how Harry & Meghan were treated?

    There were not “issues of race” raised, issues of racism were raised.

    They’re going to handle it “privately” by the family? If Charles can be bothered to take his son’s calls, I guess.

    • Sigmund says:

      Right? Hilarious that they claim to want to “handle this as a family” when Charles won’t even answer his son’s calls. I guess only certain members of the family count.

    • MF1 says:

      Not to mention the hypocrisy. When Meghan is an alleged bully, then HR gets involved. But when it comes out that Meghan was bullied and targeted for her race, then it’s a “private family matter.”

  10. S808 says:

    They know M&H have receipts but they’ll never admit fault.

  11. Cecilia says:

    I think the original statement was a firm rebuttal of the claims made in the interview but the queen is no fool. She got the message loud and clear that the sussexes can back up their claims. So she went with this. Enough fake concern to seem diplomatic while also a caring grandmother while giving the tabs what they want: room to speculate. This woman is a witch

  12. Jay says:

    My eyes keep coming back to the phrase “learn the full extent of”. So they are at least aware that they don’t have full deniability, but it kind of tries to put the onus back on Meghan and Harry, right? Like, oh if only they had told us what they told Oprah, why couldn’t they just talk to us and we could have dealt with it privately? Why did they have to make such a fuss, so unseemly, so unfair, we’re the real victims here.

    Classic abuser rhetoric.

    • Sigmund says:

      Yes, the language in the statement still smacks of gaslighting to me, even now. Especially using the word “recollections,” as if what’s at issue is simply a matter of opinion and not fact.

      • Cate says:

        I agree, this is total gaslighting.

        I know I have brought this up on several other threads but I also have toxic abusive parents and their behavior towards my spouse and then reactions when confronted with their behavior is SO eerily similar to what Meghan described and what is happening now. It would be a lot easier to believe the BRF weren’t toxic abusive narcissists if they didn’t keep ticking ALL the boxes.

    • Who ARE these people? says:

      Yes! Going public offends the Crown more than the offenses committed under its shelter.

    • Becks1 says:

      Yes the statement is very carefully worded. They’re not saying they didnt know Meghan was struggling, they’re saying they didnt know the “full extent” but now Keir Simmons is saying that he was told at the time, Bryony Gordon says she was told, and Janina Ivankar (did I get that right?) is on iTV saying “the family and staff knew” and that there are “receipts”.

  13. ABritGuest says:

    Lol so no condemnation of racism & mention of policies unlike with the bullying claims? Guess they can’t upset their new base like Tucker Carson, Ben Shapiro etc

    Meghan’s friend Janina mentioned on itv today that the firm was aware of mental health issues backed by texts and emails so they are making clear there are receipts. So interesting as clearly the ‘recollections may vary’ was going to lead to briefings to start discrediting the interview claims.

    oh and suddenly a video has emerged of the queen & Meghan sharing a blanket.

    • Nic919 says:

      Her comments about the “gross misconduct” of the terminated employee were also interesting. Just using that phrase raises the seriousness of the actions of that former employee.

      • Becks1 says:

        I’m assuming she’s talking about Melissa, and I really want to know what happened with her. I guess that was part of Janina’s point – if there is an investigation, then the whole truth should come out and it will be clear that the bullying allegations were retaliation.

    • Midnight@theOasis says:

      So glad the Sussexes’ friends are speaking up now and letting the world know there are receipts and Meghan and Harry can back up what they’ve said. Shots fired and the Sussexes are saying to the Royal Family stand down and leave us alone. Call off your hound dogs, the BM/RRs and leave us is in peace. It remains to be seen if the Firm is smart enough to heed the message. The ginger bear will burn the Institutions down if they keep poking him.

      • lainier says:

        The angry ginger bear is ready to burn it all down. I could see those flashes of anger in his eyes. The RF need to go back to their corner and sit down

  14. Merricat says:

    Trash. There’s no accountability here—it’s like saying “I am sorry that you took this incident the wrong way.” Trash and nonsense.

    • Sansa says:

      right? this is the equivalent of those weaka$$ “i’m sorry if you were offended” non-apologies. no taking responsibility, only some light gaslighting /s

  15. Who ARE these people? says:

    So it’s “oh come on, anybody could see I was joking” William or “well one can’t help but be curious about this sort of thing” Charles.

  16. Jane Doe says:

    “Recollections”…that’s some premium gaslighting. Racists cannot investigate their own racism, in any institution whether the workplace, schools or police. Garbage.

  17. Becks1 says:

    Honestly, the statement is about what I expected, maybe even better. Of course its spineless and the “recollections may vary” part is BS, but I was expecting something stronger to be honest.

    Interesting that it seems briefing against Meghan from the palaces has stopped. So they could have always stopped it if they wanted to.

    I’m definitely getting a vibe that the Queen wasnt part of a lot of the stuff H&M talked about and that’s part of why Harry made the comment about her advisors. We’ve speculated for a while how involved the Queen still is with the Firm – I think she has lost all control at this point and Charles is running things, and this interview was a wakeup call of sorts.

    • Rapunzel says:

      Becks- I think Queenie got a call from Haz or Meg right before or right after the interview. And they explained their side. Hence, the queen not signing off on a strong statement against them brought to her by Charles/William/courtiers. She instead worked up this particular statement released which isn’t a direct rebuke. But to appease Charles/William/courtiers she put in the “recollections may vary” line as a weak way of passively attacking the accusations. But also chewed out Charles/William/courtiers for the mess and demanded they stop their press games. Petty Betty finally got fed up with these fools making her look bad. I think the interview was too reminiscent of Diana and she’s was not having it. If Haz or Meg called and laid out their side and showed her how bad it looked, that would’ve given her the push to say “enough.”

    • Nic919 says:

      It’s a milquetoast response that might have worked had the palace not been so vitriolic about the very vague “bullying” accusations the week before. To take action on that but to ignore when someone was asking for medical help for suicidal ideation is really showing how much they didn’t care about her as a person.

    • Wadsworth the Butler says:

      Had it been Meghan’s word alone on the racism allegations, they would have attacked her relentlessly. The bullying investigation was intended to be a way to attack Meghan‘s character while only involving staff like Knauf who could be relied upon to maintain the party line. But Harry was the one who heard the racist comments directly from other members of his family. For BP to even deny it would require insinuating that the grandson of the reigning monarch and son of the heir is a liar. They are not willing to do that. Hence, it is framed as an unresolvable difference of recollection between two or more senior members of the family.

  18. Yoyo says:

    Charles is a wimpy cretin, maybe if he had balls he would be king by now.
    Meghan’s friend was on a British morning show saying she sent emails and texts to her friends detailing what she was going through.
    Then the host that groom that 15 year old boy asked why they didn’t help, she said Meghan meant no one in Royal family/staff helped her with the issues she was going through.

    • JT says:

      Charles may not be fit to be king as previously thought. Maybe he could handle the business side of things but when it comes to the family, he’s spineless and actively participating in the drama. He will absolutely not be able to control William one iota and now he’s down 2 hardworking, charismatic individuals. The maga7 does not inspire confidence or interest, which is a problem of his own making.

      I know people say the queen should have abdicated years ago, but it’s clear there is no way she could’ve. She probably knows that Charles would be a trash king and the firm desperately needs the queens image to survive. Betty is the only reason anybody has any respect for the monarchy nowadays, which is probably why Charles is leaning hard in to his “regency.” (P.S. he sucks at it.)

      • Amy Too says:

        I think this is why it’s probably so important to have a good and strong consort. The monarch rules over the firm, the consort steers and guides the family. Philip was that person and while he didn’t do a great job he did *something* because now, with him retired, things have escalated to the point of senior members of the family being bullied out of the country and having to give 2 hour interviews to the American press in order to even have their grievances heard or addressed in any way by the family/firm. Diana would have kept William in line and would have mediated the relationship between the brothers and the boys and their father. She would have been a good family matriarch. But now we have Camilla who isn’t even related to anyone, doesn’t love them like a mother, doesn’t care what happens, stays out of it, and isn’t respected by and wouldn’t be listened to by William and Kate and the rest of the family. And after Camilla we get Kate. Yikes! She is already such a spineless, empty shell of a person whose every good quality that might have existed at one point has been replaced by pettiness, jealousy, suspicion, fear, vanity, and passive aggressive cruelty. She has no passion, she has no ideas, she has no heart, and she has no soul. Will she be able to guide her children and their spouses and children after William gets through with teaching them to throw each other under the bus? Will he even let her play the role of family manager or will he demand that role for himself as well?

  19. Harper says:

    Grandma, Harry took it out of context. I didn’t say it like that! He knows I was only joking! I wonder if Queenie is going to make Baldimort pick up the phone and apologize to his brother and his wife in front of her, maybe using that old land-line phone she likes to be photographed with.

    Now they are going to handle things privately because their go-to defense of throwing new crap at Meghan will have to be temporarily put aside.

  20. Spanky says:

    They were “saddened to LEARN”? That makes it sound like, “My god! We had no idea the problem was so bad! We only found out by watching Oprah.” And note that the words “whole family” were used, implying that every single family member was in the dark about this.

    What a disgusting family. They’re going to handle this privately? Yeah, the same way they’re handling the Andrew problem privately.

    I’ve said this on previous posts, and I’ll say it again: Meghan and Harry aren’t their biggest problem. Wait until July, when the Ghislaine Maxwell trial begins. Wait until May, when the elections are over in Scotland and the yelling gets louder about breaking away from England.

    What we’ve seen this week is just the appetizer. There are two main courses being served up within the next few months, and the RF is going to be eating crow.

  21. Amy Bee says:

    The statement was terrible. It would have better if they had just said nothing. For them to pretend they didn’t know what was going on when Harry said in the interview that he had gone to them from the beginning asking for help. There was no denial about the racism or acknowledgement that they didn’t do enough to help them. Harry and Meghan have the receipts so if the Palace tries to smear them, they will fight back.

  22. Kate says:

    So, with everyone surmising Charles is likely the issue from everything raised by Meghan, this is obvs going to cause damage to his ‘reputation’ while he jockies to be King.
    With Charles’ reputation taking a public beating, and losing any of that good will he’s built post the Diana shit show, and not being as popular as the queen, will it be enough to end the monarchy? Was this the long game behind H&M’s interview? Said nothing but nice things about queen and phillip, and Charlie taking the hit and impacting his public perception.. or is it just my over analysing brain at work?!..

  23. pottymouth pup says:

    hey, waitaminit, it just dawned on me that HR told Meghan they couldn’t help her obtain the mental health support she needed because she “was not an employee” If she was not an employee, it’s very odd that HR is investigating her behavior – while HR does help employees deal with inappropriate behavior from contractors & employees of clients and vendors used by a company, any investigation this long after the fact especially well after the problematic person is no longer working/doing business with the company should be focused on how line managers of the complainant employee(s) addressed the complaints/concerns of the affected employee(s)

    • Southern Fried says:

      I thought of this also, the asshats keep showing us how unbelievably ignorant they are.

    • Pocket Litter says:

      @pottymouthpup, you’re exactly right on the HR process that you described. Exactly.

    • MsIam says:

      That’s what BP said in the release that they would focus on how complaints are investigated because none of the people work there anymore and of course Meghan is gone. But, evidently there have been complaints from people who still work there so the question was will those be included? That is the can of worms that Robert Jobson was talking about.

  24. My3cents says:

    Of course recollections will vary. You can not expect attacker and victim to remember an event in the same way.

    • Becks1 says:

      Well said. I’m SURE William doesnt remember it as a problem that he asked about Archie’s skin color. I’m SURE Charles doesnt remember it as a problem that he stopped taking Harry’s phone calls. I’m SURE Kate doesnt remember it as a problem that she went two years without correcting the lie that Meghan made her cry.

    • SenseOfTheAbsurd says:

      It was a joke, you’re too sensitive. Said every bully ever.

      Those of us with narcissistic toxic families can definitely see what’s going on here. The ‘invent new unspoken rules and punish you for breaking them’ is a technique I recognise from my own childhood.

  25. Sof says:

    I think they were waiting to see how people would react to the interview, if I’m not mistaken it was aired a day later in the UK.
    Perhaps they realised that no matter what they do, the general public has a good idea of how they mistreated Meghan. The interview made them look so bad leaving them with no other option than to come with this stupid statement.

  26. Texas.T-Rex says:

    It is extremely difficult for people to accept and acknowledge their own wrongdoing, especially since they have built such an insulated bubble of like minded people.

    We see this all over the world. Am happy that M&H have broken down the walls of shame and are fighting back.

    I speak from experience in saying it is the only way forward. Am so very proud of them.

  27. LaraW” says:

    I find this rich:

    “And of course releasing something today meant viewers in the U.K. had the opportunity to watch the interview, if they wished to, first.“

    I suppose the week previous doesn’t count.

  28. Rapunzel says:

    I wonder if Max Foster intentionally let it slip that briefings against H&M stopped? Like, someone from the palace told him to publicly say this so H&M would get the message? “We stopped- don’t release the hounds (evidence).”

    • Lizzie says:

      I am mad that the cnn hosts didn’t push back and ask him how long the palace sources have been briefing on Meghan (4 yers) and where has his reporting on that been. Where is max fosters reporting that the palace has been leaking smears about her all this time.

  29. Naomi says:

    Lainey has such a great take on this letter. My feeling is that if BRF apologized for what they did to Meghan, they would effectively be acknowledging racism, and if they acknowledge racism, that implicitly means they are acknowledging the entire institution as racist, which means implicitly acknowledging a thousand years of colonialism, of stolen land and wealth. From their perspective, surviving means absolutely denying all of this (and I’m sure in their twisted world, they genuinely do not see themselves as racists…that’s how delusional you have to be or become in order to live in that world guilt-free). I’m not justifying anything — the BRF are trash, abolish the monarchy — but just fleshing out the existential implications of their response.

  30. Beach Dreams says:

    A two-faced and disgusting response. “Much loved” family members don’t get deliberately isolated and abused. “Much loved” family members are not ignored when they reach out for help or intentionally put in serious danger. Elizabeth and the rest of them can fuck off.

  31. Alexandria says:

    I am heartened by the support pouring out for HM. Celebrities, scholars, public figures like Hillary, journalists based in America, President Biden, the Sussex squad of course. I hope there’s a separate post on this. Thank you to Celebitchy for providing this sanctuary for HM supporters so that we can express our support for them especially during those dark days. Who knows, maybe HM lurks here and reading our support makes them feel better and less attacked. Thank you Sussex squad and patronages for being on their side. Thank you 72 UK female MPs for speaking up for the bullying. It breaks my heart when I saw that video of Harry holding Meghan’s hand tight and Harry breaking down at a charity event. Meghan having to bring her A game even though she was crumbling inside…still had a smile at her events. What a powerhouse couple. I love them.

  32. Asiyah says:

    Racism is not a private family matter. F this old bird.

    • Alexandria says:

      Right? What happened to the meaning of private and family with all those leaks from the Palaces? Now they want to be private?

  33. Coco says:

    “Remember when I purposefully shot myself in the foot? And then I sought no medical treatment, but rather continued poking at the bullet wound? And remember how the infection got so bad that, despite my protestations that I’d be fine if my foot would just shut up and have 50% less of a hole in it, someone called an ambulance for me? Remember how at the hospital my ungrateful foot convinced them to amputate? *Deep sigh* It saddens me that my foot did that to me.”

  34. Lizzie says:

    One of the best HR sessions I attended can be summarized as this ‘ What is said and what is heard are not always the same, but what is heard is what we take action on.’
    What Harry heard should be the start of the investigation and Harry should not be left out of the loop.

  35. Amelie says:

    Well our recollections don’t vary and what we know is and what Harry mentioned in the interview is that they have never publicly or privately admitted Meghan has been the target of a sexist, misogynistic, and racist hate campaign by the British tabloid media. But the female members of Parliament defended her instead which just makes the BRF look complicit. They acted like racist articles from the press were the same as mean articles. And Meghan herself made that distinction that “rude and racist are not the same.” They still don’t get it.

  36. Case says:

    You don’t get to say “recollections may vary” as a generality when issues of mental health and racism were raised. What do ya’ll recollect differently? Do tell.

  37. Meg says:

    This institution thinks its above consequences, theyre enabling a pedophile in the family afterall, and in my experience calling out people who bully can result in them projecting and accusing you of bullying them because again they think theyre above accountability. so i think its ego when they say before the interview was released ‘bullying will not be tolerated.’ They think being called out for bullying is the bullying?

  38. lanne says:

    One thing I find hilarious is that the Royal Family is getting supported left and right by Republicans in the US, and Trumpers at that. Racists in the UK are supporting the RF. Piers Morgan, Nigel Farage.

    60% of brits aged 18-24 think the RF has been unfair to Meghan, and 40% of Brits 25-50 think this, with another 30% not sure.

    The royals have racists and old folks as their allies. I wonder how that’s going to work out for them. What’s also funny to me is that the Cambridges want to hold on to the beliefs of racists, but they still want to hang out with the “cool kids.”

  39. Saucy&Sassy says:

    Wow, this is just really incompetent. They should have sought legal advice before issuing the statements about investigation Meghan for bullying and allowing FORMER employees to come forward. That only opened the door for bullying allegations against other family members. Now, they come out with this? First, it makes it look like all of the emails (and letters?) which were written by Meghan needing help NEVER made it to any family member and they were left completely out of the loop. So, the Senior staff members are running the show. Knowing it would likely come out in the interview, they doubled down by making it about Meghan being a bully. Wow, do they not understand how damaging it looks that a woman who had suicidal ideation because of her isolation and treatment is being blamed? I don’t even know what to say about that. Frankly, listening to Meghan was hard enough, but this just drives home what she was trying to deal with.

    The family’s inability to talk about racism as real and not just a word that someone throws around leaves me speechless. If they believed that racism exists they would know just how awful their statement is.

  40. HeatherC says:

    What I say to every racist “I’m not racist” family member I have: Just because you’re not burning crosses doesn’t mean you’re not racist.