Prince William is ‘fiercely protective’ of his mean-girl wife: he ‘can get very angry’

Audience at Buckingham Palace

We often joke about Prince William being “incandescent with rage,” but that whole thing started in the fall of 2019, when there were genuine, concrete, not-tabloid reports that William was incandescent with rage at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s ITV documentary about their tour in Africa. Meghan teared up on-camera about the ordeal they had survived over the course of the year, and Harry was quite raw and emotional about the media and seeing history repeat itself with his wife. And William’s response was: rage. Abject, unconscionable, vehement rage. Ever since then, it’s been something of a code within a lot of royal reporting. Some reporters pass it off as “oh, William has a terrible temper, it is widely known.” But what’s bizarre is how often rage, anger and contempt are his default emotions. He was “full of rage” about his nephew’s christening, for God’s sake. Every story about William’s reaction to *anything* about the Sussexes for two years includes something about how angry he was and is. So, um… yeah, even People Mag is talking about it.

Prince William is supporting wife Kate Middleton in the wake of brother Prince Harry and sister-in-law Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey. During the couple’s sit-down, Meghan addressed reports that she made Kate cry over a disagreement regarding bridesmaid dresses for Meghan and Harry’s wedding.

“The reverse happened,” Meghan told Oprah, revealing that Meghan was the one who cried. (A source told PEOPLE that both women were in tears over the incident.)

“William is very protective of Kate and can get very angry,” says Penny Junor, a respected biographer of both Prince William and Prince Harry, tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story. “For Meghan to name Kate in a negative light is worse than being attacked himself.”

In the interview, Meghan, 39, clarified that Kate, 39, later apologized.

“And I don’t say that to be disparaging to anyone, because it was a really hard week of the wedding, and she was upset about something,” Meghan said. “But she owned it, and she apologized and she brought me flowers and a note apologizing.”

[From People]

I simply don’t get it. Why u mad bro? Is he big mad that his insipid wife was outed as a Mean Girl? Is he engorged with rage that his 28-month campaign to smear his sister-in-law blew up in his face? And why is it necessary for royal reporters – many of whom are being briefed by Mr. Incandescent himself – to lead every story with his anger? Are those reporters purposefully taking a swipe at him? Or are we, the peasants, supposed to be frightened of Workshy Willy’s wrath? What is the actual subtext of all of this? Incidentally, somebody briefed Entertainment Tonight as well, only they didn’t use the words “angry” or “rage.”

Now a source tells ET that Prince William is “deeply distressed with Harry and Meghan’s decision to share private family conversations” with King. ET has also learned that Harry and Meghan had hoped that discussions with the royal family would lead to the beginning of a process of healing.

The source also adds that in the wake of the Winfrey interview William is “fiercely protective” of Kate and was “unhappy” with Meghan’s decisions to draw Kate into the interview.

[From ET]

He “was ‘unhappy’ with Meghan’s decisions to draw Kate into the interview.” Unlike the absolute mountain of press clippings where the Keenbridges gleefully dragged Meghan into every conversation. Remember that, Will? Remember when you were caught with your pants around your ankles in the middle of some rose bushes? You were happy to draw Meghan into your obvious little scheme to distract from Rose Hanbury. William’s wife is always happy to drag Meghan into all of her preening keenness too. But when Meghan corrects one stupid story about Kate being a Karen, suddenly all hell breaks loose and William is punching walls.


The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Attend Gala Dinner To Support East Anglia's Children's Hospices' Nook Appeal

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. Seraphina says:

    This narcissistic emotionally stunt man child needs to get a grip on reality.
    He needs intense therapy. And I pity those that will have to be at his beckon call and bow down to him. No wonder he was turned down by everyone but Kate. Hope the hell Ma Middleton created for her daughter was worth it.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      He has zero self awareness on top of his many ego issues and to make things worse, he is surrounded by sycophants who keep indulging his every whim. Getting therapy will therefore be the last thing on his mind.

      • missskitttin says:

        Philandering men usually are “overly protective” weirdly. In a violent, abusive way and if his behaviour keeps being validated by sychophwnts even more so.

    • Mac says:

      He has two emotions: angry and not angry. He needs therapy to identify and name his emotions so he can respond to situations in a constructive way.

    • goofpuff says:

      Don’t infantilise Kate. She wants this as much as her mother.

      • MyOpinion says:

        Yup and she is just as vindictive as her mother is, but her mother is much more creative in planting fairy tale stories of Keen Karen and Baldimort to suit her objective as well. Ma Middleton is in for the long game for her own personal reasons.

      • Amy Too says:

        I think Kate is infantalized because she wants to be infantalized. I think she has romanticized this idea that she has sacrificed her life and self to being putty in the hands of the BRF to shape as they will into some empty vessel that they can pour their ideas into. I think she thinks she’s doing something noble by completely abandoning any responsibility for her own life or any personal value system, so that she can instead be made into the image that the BRF want for their Princess. Like she really thinks she’s doing something magnanimous for England and the monarchy by allowing her body, voice, and image to be used and controlled by the Firm. She has leaned way into this as she gets older and has more children. She has really become an empty shell with no personality or defining characteristics.

        She’s essentially lazy and self conscious so she probably likes the idea that other people like her mom, husband, and the firm will tell her what to do/dress/say and will deal with any problems that she gets herself into and direct her general PR. Like she just wants to be in charge of enjoying her palace and jewelry and doing what she wants to do while everyone else deals with the work aspect of it. She likes to be seen as fragile and in need of protection, like a trad wife because it shields her from criticism.

        I think she protects this laziness and this porcelain doll Princess image fiercely though and gets extremely pissed and b*tchy when it’s challenged. Meghan challenged the image Kate was trying to project of what a modern day married in duchess is. Kate suddenly looked old fashioned, crusty, lazy, and like she had no passion for her job. So Kate became aggressive and passive aggressive as she leaned into the Good Duchess/Bad Duchess narrative in order to protect her bubble of lazy luxury in which no one expects much of her and she’s constantly praised for the smallest of things like reading off of cue cards correctly or dressing herself.

      • coffee_coffee_coffee says:

        Amy Too–exactly! I think this is it exactly. An internalized sense that she is noble for sacrificing herself, whereas Megan seems to be more “ummm, wut? why would you do that and why ever would you think I would?” I grew up on East Coast in USA and live in the Midwest now, and there are a lot of women like Kate out here. Just no “there there.” And I was taken aback this summer to see so many of these women purposely look away from the clear racism happening around them–”don’t make me look, I just want to be a mommy and collect ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ signs for my house.” They get mad when they are asked to live their purported values of pro-life and ‘treat your neighbor the way you would like to be treated.’ It’s effing maddening.

      • Alexandria says:

        @Amy Too whoa that’s exactly my analysis about Kate. I’ve always suspected the same and she would tell her children and future descendents how honourable she was sacrificing herself for duty. But not through working nah…

      • Lorelei says:

        @Amy Too you always have the most insightful comments!!

    • PEARL GREY says:

      William’s anger over his wife’s supposed “poor treatment” is framed as “fiercely protective” yet Harry’s defence of his wife throughout a 4 and a half year hate campaign is framed as him being “petulant, hypocritical, weak, whiny, unstable, mentally fragile, loose cannon, wokey, brainwashed and controlled by Meghan”. William has only ever shown interest in protecting himself above all others.

      • Soupie says:


      • girl_ninja says:

        This right here.

      • My Two Cents says:

        don’t forget pussy, Harry has been called a pussy many times , oh and he apparently has no balls!

      • Lorelei says:

        @Pearl Grey, wow, you’re EXACTLY right. I hadn’t thought about it that way for some reason, but the double standard is as clear as it is with Kate and Meghan.

        Somehow this entire sh!tshow seems to be getting worse by the day.

      • Christine says:

        You’re absolutely right, though you forgot my personal favorite, infantilized. Every time I see that one in print I get incandescent with rage.

        I’m starting to think William is jealous that, no matter what, Harry keeps getting press about how much he loves Meghan, and the best the press can do for his relationship with Kate is “protective”. That is legitimately the nicest adjective I can recall the press using for those two, maybe ever.

    • AnnaKist says:

      Uh huh. Fiercely protective. You reckon? If rumours are to be believed, he wasn’t at all bothered about embarrassing her or shitting all,over their marriage re the Rise Hanbury saga. He’s a massive tosser, but Cathy and Carole wanted this, so there you have it.

    • Julia says:

      Who could possibly give him therapy? What do you even tell someone who has been told their entire life that they were literally ORDAINED BY GOD to be a king? You can’t fire or demote him. It doesn’t matter how homely, rude, arrogant, unfaithful, or generally horrible ANY of the royals are: their “birthright” is to live in a world without meaningful consequences.

      • Carolind says:

        QE2 genuinely believes that. The Pope believes he was chosen by God. William doesn’t go to Church. I doubt if he believes in God so how can he believe he was chosen by God?

  2. Neners says:

    More like William is fiercely protective of the narrative he has constructed. Kate is just an extension of that narrative. He also loves being in control and is throwing a tantrum because now he is not .

    • Brit says:

      Yep. Meghan didn’t even say anything bad about Kate and they need to stop because the Sussexes clearly have receipts. Which is why Kate playing the victim card is all they have left, which isn’t working at all. That interview, honestly, let the whole world outside of deluded royalists and racists, that William, Kate, Royals and media are frauds. They keep going after Meghan and ignoring Andrew, the more unpopular they become especially in America and Commonwealth countries. They don’t realize that outside of Britain, they look ridiculous.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        If anything Meghan painted Kate in a kind, but imperfect way. That she was human.
        Even I, a long time Kate critic, went soft on her from meg’s words.
        If Kate’s name is to always remain out of “idle gossip” as KP’s email said then they should really practice what they preach and stop running to the tabloids to promote her in idle gossip rags.

      • Ginger says:

        Kate is the one that brought Meghan into this story first. Meghan was just correcting a story that Kate had 2 years to do. This is ALL on Kate.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Brit, I agree, but I also think that this narrative is being pushed because as long as everyone is looking at Kant and no one is focusing on the very damaging issues raised during the interview. Let’s see: There was the racist issues inside the family involving Meghan and Archie’ total lack of security, there was the leaks (C, W, K) to the tabloids and their enormous number of racist articles which resulted in Meghan’s suicidal ideation and the palaces refusal to allow her to get help, and Charles stopping security abruptly. They want everyone focused on Kant and to forget about the REAL issues. I think people should start calling them on this, because everything will just get swept away otherwise.

        I haven’t read further down the comments yet, so someone else may have already said this.

      • Still_Sarah says:

        @ Brit. Until I see these elusive receipts, I hold off on saying there’s proof. When I was a lawyer, I would often be told that someone had “proof” but the actual documents didn’t prove anything. So I’ll wait to see what MM actually had.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        Still Sarah
        To be fair, some receipts have already been dropped and they have supported her claims. Notable journalists have made the claim on record they have seen the receipts and they are damning. So, I don’t believe this applies to your personal experiences as a lawyer.

        Also, if her claims were at all false the palace would jump on it! It’s deflection and radio silence over there. That should say a lot.

      • Christine says:

        Wiglet Watcher, YES! If both Oprah and Harry and Meghan have given Gayle King the freedom to share what she knows, and has seen firsthand, there are RECEIPTS. I still get chills remembering Oprah’s interview with James Frey, and that has to have been decades ago. I may not know any of these people personally, but one thing I do know FOR SURE (see what I did there? I miss Oprah, so much) is Oprah would not be so solidly in Harry and Meghan’s corner if their corner wasn’t honest, to a fault. Oprah is not into blatant liars, and she certainly wouldn’t willingly give her platform and Gayle’s, to the Sussexes.

    • Myra says:

      That’s it exactly. She is an extension of him and if she is portrayed negatively, it reflects badly on the image he is trying to portray. It’s why he clenches his jaw when she speaks. It’s possible her deficiencies embarrass him. She is always so uncomfortable around him that I don’t doubt that he scolds her about these things.

      • Eleonor says:

        This, absolutely.
        She is not a person, she is something he has created and molded: do you remember when there were “Kate goal is to make Will happy” ?
        It’s creepy.

      • Myra says:

        Eww. I don’t follow them that much so thankfully I’ve never come across that. That’s so gross and demeaning. I do remember what Hilary Mantel said about her and she was so right. Time has proven her and Keira Knightley both right.

      • Bess says:

        Myra, What did Hilary Mantel and Keira Knightley say about Kate?

      • notasugarhere says:

        In February 2013 Mantel gave a speech entitled Royal Bodies for the London Review of Books. I recommend you listen to it yourself, instead of reading comments taken out of context. What she said was supportive of things royal women go through, but she ended up pointing out how Kate is nothing more than a plastic mannequin. It was meant to be sympathetic, but when Kate really IS nothing more than a cardboard cutout, the words cut deep.

      • BESS — I think Kiera Knightly’s comment was along the lines of photo ops of Kate on the steps of hospital and other high profile woman also posting perfect body images post pregnancy was detrimental to what every woman’s body goes through post pregnancy. . Kiera felt those ‘perfect woman’ staged photos put pressure on most woman immediately post birth to appear as someone they were not. Kiera spoke of it in context of just having given birth herself.

      • Myra says:

        Mantel and Knightley (in different contexts) talked about the portrayal of Kate in the media and how it can be damaging to women, including to Kate herself. Mantel felt that royalty had stripped Kate of her identity and presented her as a woman with no character. Keira’s comment on a made up Kate with full blowout was in relation to the harmful message it sent to postpartum women. Meghan was later heavily criticised for going home and resting immediately after childbirth and Kate even hinted she did the photo-op because of public service (also a passive aggressive dig against her sister-in-law, I’m sure).

      • Becks1 says:

        Also worth mentioning that when Mantle made that comment I think she as in the midst of promoting one of her Cromwell books – maybe it was Bring up the Bodies? that would make sense with the title of the speech – so she was very seeped in the historical role of royal women etc and her comments were actually supportive of Kate in a way, if you look at the royal family objectively. The part about Kate being a plastic mannequin was, I think, about how that’s how the royal family WANTS their women.

        Of course she was slammed for it and I think even the prime minister (david cameron at the time I think?) criticized her for it. But no one defended Meghan the same way.

      • Betsy says:

        @myra and @notasugarhere GOLDANG I love good writing. I found the piece she wrote (same thing as the speech? I don’t know) and it is awesome.

    • Paperclip says:


    • Becks1 says:

      Bingo. Kate as the perfect wife/mother/duchess is part of the narrative he has spent years creating in the media – and its really the only thing he has going for him, this image of the Cambridges as the perfect, normal, everyday royal family. The fact that this story is causing such an outrage in KP tells you how much of a facade that image actually is, and how terrified they are of people finding out what is really happening behind the curtain.

    • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

      PWT doesn’t care about his wife. If he cared about her he wouldn’t have treated her like dirt through the Waity years, constantly left her unattended at events and exposed to the elements, sneering every time she speaks, having affairs and behaving raucously and irresponsibly whenever he’s away from her. He cares only for himself and his constructed image as Golden Boy. She’s just a brood mare to him, one who’s been placated with babies and tiaras and an enormous wardrobe budget. *He* should have been given the nickname of ‘tungsten’ because he’s so very cold and hard – when he’s not in the flights of yet another tantrum. What do we think, ladies? Narcissistic personality disorder? Borderline personality disorder? Or just being born into that atrocious ‘family’?

      • Becks1 says:

        I think being born into that family and that institution would twist any other mental issues he might have had and made them that much worse. I think William has a lot of issues, and they are all amplified by the fact that he has been told his whole life that he is better than everyone around him.

      • notasugarhere says:

        I don’t think William cares about Kate, he cares how *his wife* is perceived publicly.

      • Harper says:

        Maybe Jecca can give Will a call and tell him to calm down and that the rage monster is not a good look for a 38-year-old future future king.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        Was Jecca the real true love of William’s life or was it someone else?

      • Maria says:

        People hype up how interested he was in Isabella Calthorpe and while I think he did have his sights on her (and others) during the 2007 breakup and other breakups, Jecca is the constant. He ignored Kate for Jecca at his 21st birthday, they had that “pretend engagement”, he issued that one specific statement that they weren’t dating (I believe she wanted him to because she was with someone else at the time), she’s the whole reason he even pretends to be into conservation in Africa, he made Kate meet the queen alone in 2008 while he skipped Peter Phillips’s wedding to go to Jecca’s brother’s wedding, he skipped baby George’s first vacation to go on a group hunting trip to Spain that Jecca was on, he ditched Kate and his children to go to her wedding 2016 – etc.
        Kate has cosplayed her more than once.

        I don’t think Jecca has felt anything for William beyond friendship. But if she had, I don’t think he’d have married Kate.

      • Tessa says:

        Kate dressed just like Jecca when she attended a society wedding with Jecca in attendance (she wore the same sort of hat Jecca wore. I found that very strange.

      • notasugarhere says:

        It was one of the Middleton insiders, Tanna, who co-leaked the fact Jecca and Jonathan B were married in a London registry office in Sept/Oct. Tanna who referred to Jecca as William’s Camilla mind you. Middleton shot across William’s bow, as Becks1 would write, making it public that Jecca was now off the market. That info was hidden and most people thought the Easter weekend event was the wedding, when really it was a for-show blessing and big party.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      This! I came here to say the same. He’s angry about how all this reflects negatively on him. He doesn’t appear to give a rat’s ass about Karen, except in instances of how she’s a negative extension of him. Classic narcissism.

    • Spot on comment, NENERS (comment 2). I totally agree. As always, William is all about William.

    • Bettyrose says:

      Seriously. Protective of his wife? LOLZ.

    • Eleonora says:

      He lives in a bubble and now finds out not everyone dislikes Meghan as much as people around him seem to do.

      Reminds me of a Big Brother season years back.
      The people in the house (almost) all agreed that 1 guy was the worst. They bullied him even.
      Big shock when they got voted out to find that the rest of the country disagreed.

    • Alexandria says:

      This “protector” narrative is for him and to throw Kate under the bus. No one’s talking about William possibly the one raising the darkness of the baby’s skin. Everyone’s talking about Kate vs Meghan. We see you.

      • Emily_C says:

        Exactly this. Also, Kate wasn’t responsible for Meghan being unable to access mental health care.

    • Dlc says:

      Yeah. I’m not sure he cares much about his wife.

  3. Maria says:

    I can buy that he’s mad because while I’m sure he doesn’t give a shit about Kate, while she is his wife this will all reflect badly on him in some way (not least because he’s done nothing about her constant self-promoting leaks which are all backfiring).
    I think it boils down to: Kate is horrible at PR and already embarrasses him so the more she is dragged into things, that increases the likelihood of more details of her crappy behavior surfacing or her mother running to the press with more hot air.
    Also, I’m sure in his mind he has the right to throw her under the bus but nobody else should….for now.

    This is of course me being generous in assuming he does care at all and this just isn’t some stupid PR attempt to make him look like a loving husband with nothing more to it.

    • Becks1 says:

      I also wonder if he didnt know what really happened at the dress fitting, if Kate never told him, and he just assumed that either the whole story was a lie and no one cried or that Kate did cry. Now he finds out the Middletons have been planting a lie for the past two years – a lie that Meghan can very easily expose.

      • notasugarhere says:

        William is dim, but maybe now he recognizes how the Middletons have played PR against him for years.

      • Maria says:

        I think he always knew but didn’t really care for the most part since he still had the upper hand. Didn’t he make her pull those 2009 tennis pics when he got upset?
        This is different though. It’s one thing for her mom to leak stories about how he needed to marry her after all the time Kate spent patiently waiting etc. It’s another for Kate’s misbehavior to be talked about on CBS with Oprah.

    • bamaborn says:

      Yes!! Watch out Kate, they may be starting that bus up are the vibes I sense.

  4. Brit says:

    This is not making William and Kate look good at all and they need to stop because the only thing they’re doing is digging a bigger hole for themselves. It’s ok for Meghan and Harry to be thrown under the bus and KP and these imaginary sources were still lying about this crying incident up until a few months ago. That family and media are angry everything has been exposed and instead of backing off, they keep going. More people have been calling out the Cambridge’s more and more and that’s only going to continue and these reporters and experts have literally been embarrassed on a worldwide platform. They’ll never get over that.

  5. starryfish29 says:

    ‘How dare someone other than me treat her badly?!?’- An incandescent William.

    • Merricat says:

      No one is treating her badly. The truth is coming out, that’s all.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        Well, William does. And for a while the press were catching William looking angrily at a cowering Kate. Remember their tour where they were under a helicopter? Those photos were painful and everyone pitied her.

        He can’t stand her and they’ve lived apart (admittedly at time in the papers by their own words) for much of their marriage. Kate was just another part of what he was to accomplish as FFK.

      • Florence says:

        Wiglet Watcher – do you remember which tour this was? I’ve heard the pictures mentioned before but have never been able to find them.

      • Nic919 says:

        Are you referencing when he got mad because Kate had just flashed everyone? William definitely had words with her in sight of the public for one of the incidents, which I believe was in Calgary because that happened at an airport.

      • Jaded says:

        @Florence – it was during their Australian tour, they were standing near a helicopter and her flimsy dress flew up. You could see William shouting at her. Later they were walking on the airport tarmac and guess what…it happened again. This time you could see a very bare bum – clearly she was wearing the briefest of butt floss for underwear. The only paper that published the photos was Bild, a sleazy German tabloid. Only one of her many Marilyn moments!

      • notasugarhere says:

        Or he may have been talking loudly so she could hear him over the blades. Her skirt didn’t fly up until *after* they walked away from the helo, so he couldn’t have been yelling at her about that.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        If Kate was trying to hear a shouting William because of the noise I don’t believe she would have looked so defeated. I would think she would lean in and give a different expression. Her whole stance was like she was diminished and submissive. Like a dog being scolded.

      • notasugarhere says:

        That’s your interpretation, WW. Fact remains, her skirt didn’t fly up and the shot of it wasn’t taken until they were away from the helo. It has always seemed to me that W&K both get off on her exhibitionism.

  6. Aidevee says:

    It’s really scary that so many testimonies of William are couched in this hushed language where it’s implied that William is an angry person – it makes me really worried for Kate actually. I mean, is he actually a complete monster to everyone? What does his ‘incandescent anger’ look like? Yeah, I agree that she’s complicit in Williams scheming, but what is the dynamic between them I wonder? It’s often said that she is the only one that can soothe him and calm him but at what cost to her? It must be exhausting.

    • Maria says:

      Carole calms him and Kate stays in a different house and watches Youtube makeup tutorials.

    • Emily says:

      True. It’s one thing to write about him being angry, but what are the implications for the people who live and work with him? Kate is so thin, which makes me wonder if she also struggling to exist in that family and marriage. Meghan seemed to feel sorry for her. It doesn’t excuse Kate’s mean girl tendencies, but I still wonder.

      • Snuffles says:

        I agree, Meghan does seem to feel sorry for her. I’m sure she saw and heard enough from Harry that William is an emotionally abusive person all around. But Kate gets the worst of it because she has to live with him.

        But she clung on and fought to be his wife for a decade. And only got the role after everyone else rejected William. That should have been a giant red flag for her but her mother has been whispering in her ear since she was a teenager to go after the prize.

        Yeah, I’m sure Meghan peeped all of it.

      • erni says:

        The comment about Kate being a kind person is not necessary but Meg said it anyway as an act of compassion, I think. Meg probably understands how difficult Kate’s life is. Kate is a b*tch but a miserable one.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        I thought Meghan made the comment that Kate is a “good woman”????

      • Nic919 says:

        Meghan said she was a good person. She did not use the word kind because Kate has never been a kind person.

    • Chrissy (The Original) says:

      Actually I believe that Carole is the one who soothes him. Hence the ‘resting his head on her lap’ and Carole injecting herself into the Cambridges’ squabbles and siding with him instead of her own daughter. Kate is simply the tool used by Carole so she gets Royal status. And they all know it.

      • notasugarhere says:

        There are three people in this relationship, always have been. If it wasn’t for Carole, they would have broken up naturally after Uni.

    • Sandra says:

      Yes. There are waaaay too many stories out there about William’s rage. I’d say “imagine having to live with him” but there are also weird stories out there about how the Cambridges finally get to spend time together (why? they didn’t work anyway so why weren’t they spending time together in the first place?) and that really weird story about a month ago about how the Queen has let her main house on their estate to them when they already have a big house on the same estate. Hoping just William lives in that big house with Jason in his sphere of rage. Someone mentioned in another comment that he’s kind of Trumpy and I agree that might be true – that he is isolating himself further and further with only his most “loyal” sycophants and thinks of nothing but himself, rage and revenge.

    • CuriousCole says:

      I came here to say that the foremost descriptor I’d give my ex is “he has a temper.” That is closest I ever got to saying to people “he’s abused me for four years.” So when I see the umpteenth article about William’s anger, yeah, you’re right to be concerned @Aidevee. Especially as this isn’t even coming from Kate. If the entire rota are freely and repeatedly using “rage” to describe William then I can almost guarantee he is 20x worse in private.

    • Scrabble says:

      We also need to think that Kate was a 20 something girl when she entered the royal life. Meghan was an independent woman, who had a job, had lived alone, etc. I’m sure Meghan is compassionate because she probably saw what Kate’s life has been reduced to.

      • Maria says:

        Kate was 30 (still young, but hardly the young ingenue some try to paint her as) with no job history or friends or anything to speak of when she entered royal life and she was given a PR boost Meghan could only dream of. I was in school in the UK at the time and she was treated as if she were a literal saint.
        Her life hasn’t been reduced at all. She does the same thing she did when unmarried – shops, exercises, gets beauty treatments, avoids responsibilities.
        I think Meghan was being kind.

        None of this is to say Kate’s life with William is happy or that she deserves his emotional problems but entering royal life has only been a boost for Kate. She had to put up with him during all the years of dating and she didn’t have the perks then that she does now.
        Now, if she’s realizing how empty that type of life is, that’s possible – but it’s the same life she’s lived married or not.

      • Nic919 says:

        There is a difference between having a temper and being abusive and to date nothing has come out to suggest he’s abusive.

        Kate pursued him from her early twenties until the engagement at age 29 and she had plenty of time to see his true character. She was ok with it. Meghan more than likely feels sorry that she married someone who doesn’t respect her and cheats on her, but again Kate could get a divorce if it was that bad. She is choosing this life and certainly has participated in being bitchy toward Meghan in public and her silence in letting her get attacked by the media.

    • notasugarhere says:

      I don’t perceive either Kate or her mother as victims here. I see them as grasping social climbers who know how to manipulate (emotionally, sexually) a dim man. And have manipulated him for two decades. If Carole wasn’t there threatening to cut off her mummy affection if he didn’t marry Kate, this marriage wouldn’t have happened.

  7. Cecilia says:

    He is angry because it reflects badly on the Cambridges as a union, not because he is protective of kate. The only thing the Cambridges worry about is their image. And that has been well documented. Again this is all their own doing because had they corrected the story in the beginning, this would not have happened. If you allow a false story about me to be public and then used against me, im allowed to set the record straight publicly. So all these people crying about it being a “family matter” can go straight to hell.

  8. sandy says:

    I desperately need one journalist, although scobie basically said it the other day which is good, to very clearly say – I was briefed by anonymous sources on william’s feelings and mood. Harry and Meghan are not providing anonymous briefings – they are sharing their thoughts through named sources.

  9. Lauren says:

    He probably doesn’t want people to wonder what was Kate so upset about at the fitting. Because the timing is so awfully close to his proximity to rose bushes.

  10. Mooshe1 says:

    You’re right about Incandescent being engorged with rage because one of his carefully planned smears completely fell apart. It was already shakey when FF came out, it cracked with the top CEO story, this interview destroyed it, lol. Incandescent could care less about Kate, it’s his image that he’s worried about

    • Cecilia says:

      Not completely fell apart. I hate to say it but the smear campaign has had it’s desired effect. I mean the woman couldn’t even share the news of her miscarriage without getting slandered for it. Her rep was flawless before she joined the royals and it has now been effectively ruined.

    • sunbeam says:

      I am growing so depressed over the effectiveness of smear campaigns. Exhibit A: Hilary Clinton. A 25-year pile up of thin smears and lies resulted in millions rejecting the most qualified candidate to ever run for president of the United States under the unproven belief that she was untrustworthy. All that a smear campaign needs to work now is repeat the lies shamelessly. I worry that receipts are no longer enough.

      • Cecilia says:

        Smear campaigns seem to be working extremely well on females tho. Especially females of colour. If you are a white male they don’t effect you

      • goofpuff says:

        i agree. smear campaigns work well on anyone not a white male. because everyone else has to be 5x better to even be able to compete in a world full so systematic racism and sexism.

      • sunbeam says:

        Smear campaigns work well, period; they come for white men, too. John Kerry, Max Cleland, Beto O’Rourke, and Prince Harry. There are two men in prison today for trying to assassinate Harry because these men now see Harry as a “race traitor”.
        Parsing the target is only part of the solution. We need to focus on the tactics because smear campaigns have been emboldened, regardless of who is the target–anyone who embraces equality for all. Start early, lie often has a great win record against women, men, young, old, disabled, rich, poor, minorities, and majorities.

  11. aquarius64 says:

    Kate has had a mean girl rep long before Meghan stepped foot on British soil. The Cambridges are mad this will make it hard for them to come to the States even on an official capacity. The BM and RRs have been relegated to US gossip media ( and maybe Fox). US mainstream press do not take them seriously now.

  12. OriginalLala says:

    He clearly has serious control issues – I doubt he is truly protective of Kate, more like he wants to keep an iron fist on controlling his narrative and she is simply part of that.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      I bet he has a whole host of issues. This institution damages both the people who grow up in it and the people who marry into it – add to that the fact that he lost his mother in a very public and traumatic way when he was quite young. This is not an excuse but I’m trying to point out that this institution produces very damaged people who then pass on the damage to the new generation. I honestly feel that no child should grow up in the BRF and I fear for the 3 Cambridge children.

    • Indiesr says:

      No he does not give 2 cents about Kate…or anyone else for that matter…maybe his rose bushes, but that’s still debatable. William is a product of his environment. I recall watching a video, I can’t recall specifics, but Diana had said everything is about William and she would purposely take Harry along to feel included when the palace only ask for William.

  13. The Duchess says:

    He doesn’t protect Kate, he protects the image. Yes, Kate is partially covered by the image, but for how long? And does he really protect her like Harry protects Meghan? Hell no! William is basically saying here “nobody can throw my wife under the bus, but me!” and that’s really concerning to say the least. Kate, you in danger girl!!!!

  14. Merricat says:

    Hmmm, lying liars are mad that their lies are being exposed? Lol. Keep raging, Prince Bonehead.

  15. Carmen-Jamrock says:

    Hee hee hee Methinks this is just one more attempt by the RotaRats to ascribe a Harry&Mehgan ethos to bullyiam&kHate: being “fiercely protective of his wife” is a Harry thing, NOT bullyiam and EVERYONE knows that.
    Rmbr a few mnths ago when they were putting Invictus Games in the mix of patronages to be “taken from” H & given to bullyiam?
    Rmbr them ascribing the origins of HeadStart to those 2 lazies instead of H?
    Yeah. Heres a rule of thumb to rmbr: every positive thing tht u see them ascribing to bullyiam is something theyve taken from Harry & every negative thing tht they ascribe to H is really bullyiam’s.
    There is a nakedly deliberate campaign going on rt now by the RotaRats to make bullyiam & kHate into H&M 2.0 and theyre not even trying to hide it.

  16. Sunshine says:

    What an awful couple.

  17. Stef says:

    “Work-shy Willy’s wrath” made me LOL. Great written work, Kaiser!

    He just comes across as an angry, bitter, man and apparently his reputation proceeds him. I just finished watching season 4 of The Crown and remarked at how petty and angry Old Chuck was acting in the last two episodes. It’s the similarly petulant, self-centered, and petty foot-stomping of a spoiled eldest child with more privilege than most humans could ever comprehend. Willy seems to encapsulate that same energy theses days and its both fascinating and sad to watch.

    Who knew that being born as the future king of a stale monarchy, keenly kissing babies, and smelling the local rose bushes wasn’t a calming and more zen-like experience…

    • swirlmamad says:

      I’ve got a couple eps left, but the scene with Diana and Liz after their Australian tour….phew. Poor woman (Diana) was just begging for a crumb of caring and affection and that cold woman couldn’t even pretend to pat her on the back and say “there, there”. And when Diana said “the buck stops with you”, as in, you could say a few words and easily change the narrative of things. We are literally experiencing deja vu now with Meghan. Utter craziness.

      • Stef says:

        Right? I was struck by that too, and how horrible and lonely that must if felt for Lady Di. It gets worse for her in the final episode and the feeling of helplessness, damned if you do and damned if you don’t, is palpable. It made me feel so sad for me and also acutely aware if how Meghan must have been feeling also, some 30 years later…

        The whole “stiff upper lip” and “suck it up, princess” mentality is so antiquated, beyond frustrating, and toxic for Empaths (which I believe Lady Di and Meghan both are, as am I). For some sensitive and caring humans, that icy cruelty is a literal death sentence.

      • Jaded says:

        @Stef – interesting that you mentioned how empathic Diana was and how Meghan shares that trait. I’m a Reiki practitioner and teacher and have empathic tendencies as well. One thing that struck me is that empaths tend to attract negative/needy people who are drawn to their light. In my younger years I didn’t understand this and allowed people into my life who literally drained me of my positive energy, self-esteem and confidence. I think Diana experienced that in her relationship with Charles, and with later relationships (Dodi al Fayed was a very needy, mixed up person with a cocaine addiction). However Meghan seems to have the strength and built-in BS detector to rally back from the abuse she suffered while in the UK and continues to do so today.

    • Stef says:


      Very cool that you’re a Reiki practitioner and thanks for sharing your insight! I can relate to what you said about being young and needy people being drawn to your light. I still find that needy people gravitate towards me and I’m OK with it because I’m a youth crisis centre volunteer and I enjoy helping people. Learning boundaries for self care has been a HUGE challenge and I’m getting a lot better.

      Totally agree that Meghan has the stronger boundaries and BS detector than Diana did; something that comes from experience, maturity, and wisdom. Lady Di was still a teenager when Chuck plucked her out of the meadow and tossed her into the spotlight. Sadly, we now know how her energy petals were stepped on and stolen from her one by one, until she was left broken and abandoned by the monarchy.

  18. Kalana says:

    Harry can’t speak to Gayle and Meghan can’t speak at all otherwise William gets angry. William was already an active part of tormenting Meghan almost to the point of suicide and seems completely unrepentant. Does he not get at all or can someone not get through to him on how he’s coming across?

    William has tried to reframe his rage and control issues as not being afraid to have tough conversations but it doesn’t work. He’s too dumb and ignorant to have a tough conversation about anything. His intelligence level is faking letters to Granny Diana.

    And Kate and her martyr act feeds into it if it gets her something she wants. Those two are not good for each other.

  19. Amy Bee says:

    William has no right to be angry. He decided to smear Meghan so this is karma.

  20. Eulalia says:

    Yeah the near constant rage commentary with William actually makes me worry a lot for Kate and the kids. He sounds like a psycho.

    Maybe next time instead of hiring a psychic to talk to his Mum, he can hire a damn psychologist to talk through his big feelings.

  21. MsIam says:

    He’s not even pretending to care about his brother and sister in law and what they went through. He is acting like Trump where any attempt to hold him or something related to him accountable is a personal attack. And to think that Harry still loves this monster because of what they went through as children. I guess its because of the therapy Harry went through that he can understand how damaged Will is, but man this has got to be hard to take. And Kate is probably the worst person in the world for him to be married to because she won’t hold him accountable and uses him as a cover for her bad behavior. Harry is right to stay away from these folks.

    • Snuffles says:

      I’m hoping Harry’s ultimate journey is to have enough empathy and compassion to understand how his family got this way so he can forgive them (for his own mental well being), but knows that he must keep hard boundaries and keep a safe physical and emotional distance from them. To never allow himself to be drawn into the toxicity again. That these conversations isn’t really about connecting but about getting them to back up off his wife and kids. I don’t think Harry WANTS to put them on blast, he just wants them to leave them alone to live their lives.

      I REALLY hope Harry isn’t trying to be that family’s savior. Because that would be a lifetime of being Sisyphus.

      • Alexandria says:

        Harry should stay far away from the Windsors unless they repent which I highly doubt. He has his own family now. For funerals he can just zip in and out. He doesn’t owe anyone pictures. However, years down the road I will not be surprised if he has to be the Tyler Perry to Charlotte and Louis.

  22. Belli says:

    With William showing up at Kate’s engagement last week and now this, it’s like they’re trying to push the idea that William is fiercely protective of his wife, when that’s Harry’s story and something he was endlessly criticised for.

    • JT says:

      I just find it disturbing that both Kate and William need to single white female to be seen as good people. Do they have any aspect of their personalities or lives that they haven’t taken from H&M? Where was this protectiveness when he made Kate go to church with his mistress? Or when he is literally glaring and rolling his eyes at her? If he wasn’t engorged with rage and she wasn’t a jealous mean girl they wouldn’t even have a personality. It’s just all so creepy.

    • Harper says:

      Exactly @Belli. When Will was sitting around plotting with his Gold Standard Advisors about what to do if he got outed as the racist, they decided to double down on the family man/loving husband image. So now Will is forced to interact with Kate and smile at her during their Zooms (see yesterday’s stiff and embarrassing example for St. Patrick’s Day) and release stories that he is angry and distressed about Kate being pulled into this. Blah blah blah. Trying to whip up a frenzy about Kate being abused by the Sussexes. I am totally enjoying seeing Will squirm and predict that WIll coming to People magazine to accuse Harry of dragging Kate on Oprah will trigger dropping receipts on the Sussex’s end. Will was warned to stop and he just can’t.

    • Amy Too says:

      What also stands out to me is that they both (W and K) try to copy H and M’s story, clothes, PR, the way they relate to others and each other, but they always pick the wrong motivation/emotion. So like this, William is protecting Kate when Kate has a negative story in the media. Harry does that for M. But then William lets it be known that he’s doing it because he is enraged and super angry about the fact that someone dared to let the world know that his wife is not perfect and that she did a bad thing. Wrong motivation. Harry does it because he loves Meghan and is saddened/disappointed about the smears and articles that are based on LIES because he wants to protect Meghan from the blaring condemnation that is out of all proportion to the supposed crime, yes, but also because he knows that the constant racist smear campaign about his wife is a reflection of the racism in the UK media that affects ALL POC when they read these things. He is trying to make a statement about the larger social impact that racist smear campaigns and rabid tabloid culture have on POC, using his wife’s treatment as an example. Will is incandescent with rage because a bad thing that Kate actually did was acknowledged by the person she did the bad thing to.

      And other things. Meghan goes to lay flowers in South Africa for a girl that was violently murdered and speaks to her family and speaks publicly about it because she wants to draw attention to the cause of violence against women because she cares deeply about it. She goes in her public capacity with a photographer and posts it online to draw attention to the plight of South African women. Kate “secretly” goes to the memorial for the woman who was killed in London and lays flowers supposedly on her own time and “just happens to be caught on camera” by a news photographer who “just happened to be there” so the video goes public but her motivation was to change the story away from her being a mean girl to Meghan and instead make it look like she cares about violence against women. And of course she picks a pretty, young, white, English woman’s murder to highlight because it’s about Kate and people like Kate. However, she doesn’t actually speak at the event, she never mentions it again, the whole point of her going was to be seen “secretly” attending rather than to actually draw attention to the killing, and she gives a quote that makes it all about herself. Wrong motivation.

      They’re always copying the superficial aspect of thing—clothes, zoom room, garden benches, social media design, events, and causes—but they don’t actually copy the heart and the feeling and passion that Meghan and Harry put into their work. If Meghan posts a video about one of her projects it’s to publicize the project and the video will have lots of clips or pictures that showcase the people she was working with, what was being done, meghan and others in action working/helping. When Kate tries to copy and suddenly posts a video about one of her causes, it’s just Kate dressed up and talking vaguely about a cause (not even a successfully launched project) with some pictures of Kate standing around at the event that center Kate posing and smiling for the camera and that show off Kate’s outfit. There’s often pictures that show the backs of the people she’s supposedly trying to highlight because the photographer wanted Kate to be the subject of the photo op because this is about getting PR for Kate and not actually the charity or cause. Wrong motivation again.

  23. Cj says:

    The scariest thing for me is that reporters or his own PR people think there’s nothing terrifying about a future king’s leading personality trait being rage.

    Every day we get headlines of what entitled white men do when they feel rage. As a poc in the U.K., the idea of him being king and held up as a beacon of how to act is horrifying. So we can normalise incandescent colonial rage but not interracial relationships?

    • Snuffles says:

      And what’s worst is that William seems to think his rage is his greatest strength.

    • Becks1 says:

      Yeah, I cant believe that KP thinks this makes him look good. Anger is not a sign of strength, and rage is a different thing entirely IMO. (for example I think Harry is very angry with his family right now, but he’s not raging.) These stories that consistently describe William as a rage monster do not make him look like an alpha male, or strong, or like a world leader. They make him look petulant and spoiled.

      • CuriousCole says:

        TBH the constant rage stories make William sound like an abuser. It’s very disturbing. Little wonder that Kate’s shrinking away into thinness, I did the same.

      • A says:

        Let’s also point out what exactly William is angry about too. He’s not angry for any legitimate grievance where his anger could be justifiable. He’s angry because his wife lied about his SIL to make her look bad, and then got exposed as a fucking liar. He’s angry because the TRUTH came out, because the truth makes him look bad. What you can conclude from this is that what makes William NOT angry is for people to continue to accept and propagate his lies, even if it means never confronting his bad or cruel behaviour.

    • Alexandria says:

      The Palace has raised a Trump in disguise. Good luck.

  24. MellyMel says:

    William needs therapy. It’s not healthy to be this angry all the time and for years on end. Get some help!

    • Jaded says:

      The trouble is, people like William (who is clearly narcissistic) don’t think there’s anything wrong with them and will rarely seek therapeutic treatments. Whereas people suffering depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, etc. will seek out psychiatric or psychological therapy,
      the narcissist sees that as a sign of weakness.

  25. Abena Asantewaa says:

    It is insulting and disgusting for Penny Junor to imply that Kate is impeachable, and that her character must not be questioned, but Meghan is a nobody, so she should shut up and take this slanderous and libellous character assasination, for the sake of The Crown. Meghan was asked a question, and she set the record straight, she has receipts. Kate is a toxic woman with a low self esteem. Well done Harry, the true protective husband.

    • MsIam says:

      Penny’s middle name is “Disgusting”. I remember when she led the pack on calling Diana crazy for daring to express her feelings about Charles and Camilla. So not surprising they trot her out here to try and damage Meghan. Good thing Meghan has got receipts.

    • Bess says:

      Penny Junor is protecting the Institution.

    • A says:

      Penny Junor is not just implying it–that is what she is actually saying outright. She is just a mouth piece for regurgitating the palace line, which is exactly what you said. That Kate and her reputation is unimpeachable, no matter what. Her character must never be questioned, because she is the FFQ.

      Anyone who dares to do so, or, god forbid, dares to put forth the idea that your rank is not what dictates your worth as a person, is immediately slammed as someone who “thinks they are the center of the world” for daring to think they are equal in value as a human being to Kate. Which is precisely what one of the headlines last week straight up said about Meghan, even though the sources in that article were “anonymous.”

      So Penny Junor doesn’t need to “imply” anything, because all of what she is trying to get at has been stated outright.

  26. Phoenix says:

    William has to stop pushing Harry! People have started connecting the dots and William will get burned.
    And in the end it is really the British tabloids and Oprah that will be the winners and nobody else.
    William reputation will get hurt, Harry’s reputation is already hurted+ he had to leave his family, the monarchy’s reputation is also under pressure. And all this because William is a small man with a huge ego!

  27. Fani says:

    Relatively speaking, they usually have had good press. It will be interesting to see how they handle this situation. Fitting, as they inflicted it on their brother’s family for months/years.

  28. swirlmamad says:

    Awwww, White Knight Will is NOW caping for his Regina George-impersonating wife. I guess they’ve decided that cosplaying H + M’s loving partnership is the ticket to worming their way out of this. Too bad nobody’s buying it. Maybe try actually LOOKING at her and with something other than embarrassment/disdain during engagements, and we might start to believe it (probably not).

  29. CN says:

    The royals are not going to change. John Oliver was right when he said they don’t have the ability to change, therefore no one should expect it.
    Harry was also right when he said that he was trapped and didn’t know it.

    The media as per usual are still involved in the gas lighting. They won’t stop, this is a cash cow.

    The narrative is now that “both women were in tears over the bridesmaid dresses”. Previously it was all Meghan’s fault. I guess since Meghan made it clear she has the apology note and received flowers, the narrative needs to shift ever so slightly so that we don’t forget about Kate’s precious white woman tears.

    William is incandescent about whatever, and has trust issues because communication was said to be “unproductive”. The media is up in arms about this calling it a leaking of the conversation, but we don’t know what they discussed, just that it wasn’t productive. If Harry didn’t say anything about that phone call we’d be hearing about what heroes William and Charles are.

    I thought I felt sorry for H&M before, but now I don’t even know what to feel. This is never going to end because the royals don’t know anything about humility at least not in public (I guess Kate does know how to apologise in private, although I really wonder about that part of the story.)

  30. Robin says:

    I feel sorry for Kate Middleton. It doesn’t mean I don’t feel disgusted with her. I think you can feel two things and more at the same time. In fact, why I feel sorry for her is why I think she does disgusting things. I feel sorry that she never became a fully grown woman. Changing universities to get on W’s radar and then graduating to doing nothing but a pseudo job at Jigsaw, which enabled her to sit around and wait for phonecalls, sometimes invited along or dropped by him at the last minute. Her idea of revenge when he did formally drop her wasn’t to live well and get on with her life and work, but to make sure he saw photos of her drunk while rollerskating. It is all so teenage. She has never fully fledged. Hence why she makes crass errors of judgement not worthy of a grown woman.

    • Nic919 says:

      I had some sympathy for her bad marriage but once she went after Meghan, I really stopped caring about how miserable her life is. She deserves a lot of bad karma for what she’s done. She helped in the effort to make Meghan suicidal. That’s evil and her silence even now makes her as bad as William.

  31. Lala11_7 says:

    I was going to say The Firm has the instincts of blind Wombats when it comes to PR regarding… ANYTHING!

    Then I realized that Wombats’ other senses compensate their lack of eyesight and they’re quite adaptable to new landscapes & avoiding harm..

    So …..

    Never mind….

  32. Dropbear says:

    Off topic but I read somewhere that Kate was wearing Saudi jewels in that header photo. If true, where’s the scrutiny and faux outrage?

    • FicklePickle says:

      Eh, that particular set has no known provenance a this point in time. Another “I want to remind people of Diana so I’ll wear an item of clothing that looks like something she was well known for” incident, vaguely reminiscent of Diana’s Saudi Sapphire set and a few other sapphire pieces Di had. Both these and the pieces of Diana’s that it vaguely looks like are very common and classic designs, though.

      It’s possible it might actually be something of Diana’s but if so it’s been altered to the point of being unrecognizable…which would be a very odd tack to take, ‘I wanna remind people of Diana so I’ll use something that kinda looks like hers, oh I’ll use the stuff of hers that was really iconic but we remodeled it so it looks completely different because we didn’t want to remind people TOO much of Diana’…with their take on the world that might actually make sense.

  33. Lux says:

    Who else is sick of People Magazine “both-siding” it so that they can continue to put Kate on their — Royals! — issue?

    These “sources” could’ve easily pointed out that Meghan also cried TWO YEARS ago and yet they’re only now correcting the record because Karen Cambridge was caught red-handed. Now they have to say both cried because Meghan is telling the TRUTH and they know she has the “peace offering” card…

    • Harla says:

      I’ve had a People magazine subscription for the better part of 20 years and now I Can’t wait for my current subscription to run out so that I can be done with it. They are trying to play both sides but lean more towards the Cambridge’s and the queen and I just can’t with them anymore. When I receive this edition it’ll go straight into the trash can unread.

      • Gail Hirst says:

        you have more power over your power. Don’t wait passively for it to run out. Cancel the subscription. If folks would cancel vs allowing subscriptions to run their course, your disgust is heard more specifically. People Mag can blame the pandemic, can blame the internet etc for their poor $$ showing, instead of blaming their poor choice of coverage and editorials.
        IMO of course.

      • Harla says:

        You are quite right Gail! I will cancel my subscription today, thanks for the gentle kick in the pants to get me moving! :)

  34. Merricat says:

    I have compassion but no sympathy for Kate Middleton. It’s a shame that she chose to pursue William, despite knowing what he is like. It is a shame that she traded self-respect for martyrdom. It is a shame that these choices are used to justify her abhorrent behavior with women in general and with her pregnant suicidal sil specifically.

    • notasugarhere says:

      This, Merricat.

    • Lady D says:

      I think that’s the right analysis too, Merricat. Sometimes I feel sorry for her, but almost constantly feel disgust towards her.

      • Chrissy says:

        I agree. But, I think what is interesting is that they position her as the delicate motherly flower, but homegirl is holding a whole lot of cards, during a time when the royals are in a rather large bit of trouble…. I don’t discount her strategy of “see what happens if you don’t go directly out and defend me.” She is not as silly as everyone makes her out to be. And, certainly Carole is not so you can only imagine the cards they are holding….

    • Nic919 says:

      Her actions helping to cause Meghan to be suicidal are evil. She didn’t care and that deserves all the scorn in the world. William is awful too, but he’s not going for the innocent victim look.

    • Carolind says:

      Kate went after William before she knew him. Two of the girls in her school were apparently part of William’s set. She probably befriended them for that reason and it was from them I took it she heard his future plans – first it was to be Edinburgh uni then changed to St Andrew’s to start after a gap year with the Raleigh Project part of the gap year. She also applied there but just missed the one William was on and got the next. She has been following him since she was only 17.

  35. Gina says:

    Why I have a feeling that W&K somehow succeeded to become the victims? We mocked them about their PR strategy.
    It seems to me that at least in Britain it works. Maybe not just in Britain judging by the Michell’s reaction. They (RF+BP) are trying to portrait H&M like some petty, vindictive, selfish couple. Like all they are interested in is revenge. Especially Meghan, of course. Everyone has already forgotten, it seems, what Meghan had to endure. And about the fact that they were chased out of the country and she was on the brink of suicide.
    It is annoying that everything returned to the status-quo as was before the interview, it seems.
    And I’m not sure that “showing the receipts” would help to win PR game just now. I wish Harry would stop trying to heal the rift with his father and brother. He is losing because people think he is doing it not because he is sensitive and kind but because he is guilty or remorseful. Therefore Meghan is guilty twice as much.

    • Merricat says:

      The BRF have an edge with British people older than 65. M&H remain extremely popular with young people, and people outside of Britain.

  36. Lizzie says:

    Yes we know he is fiercely protective – that is why he tried to cover up his bitch of a wife’s behavior and retell the story blaming the true victim Meghan – and everyone at the palace knew it. How many times does she need to display what a dispicable bitch she is? Enough.
    I hope people start to boo loudly when she makes her next appearance – and it wont be long.

  37. Tiffany says:

    I cannot imagine going through life and everyone thinking my only emotion is anger and rage.

    I just can’t.

  38. Sandra says:

    I hope it’s true that Kate and the kids actually do live separately from him. There are way too many stories about his rage that give me a bad feeling.
    Cleary he’s not protective of his wife given that he’s fine with stepping out on her – one of the most painful things you can inflict on a partner. Replace protective with controlling.

  39. Emmlo says:

    For the emotionally frigid Widsor family, anger looks like strength. Wills wants the press to report him as angry because he’s weak and afraid. It’s honestly sad how Harry’s trauma pushed him towards compassion and empathy while Will’s trauma pushed him toward fear and narcissism. You can easily imagine a world where the roles were flipped. Normalize getting therapy by fuckin doing it yourself, William.

  40. Jamie says:

    I nearly spit out my coffee when I read “Mr. Incandescent” 🤣🤣🤣

    I’m confused why the tabs keep mentioning his anger…is his anger supposed to make us feel something? Do they keep bringing it up for a reason? Are we supposed to move on from a subject because he is experiencing incandescent engorgement of some kind? With how frequently they bring it up*, it just makes it seem like he has an anger problem.

    (*there’s nothing wrong with feeling angry from time to time, it’s a normal emotion. But I don’t really see stories where he’s overjoyed, or excited, or hopeful, or content. Whenever the tabs talk about William having an emotion they just talk about his rage.)

  41. Julia K says:

    I believe that Kate lied to Wm or at least allowed the lie to exist re dress fitting issue. Now she is in fear of his rage if he is to see the documentation supporting Meghan. Lies will always come back to bite you.

    • NotSoSimpleTaylor says:

      I actually believe this to be a real possibility.

    • MadamNoir24 says:

      I actually believe that. That she went to William lying about what happened with Meghan and William took the opportunity to continue to smear Meghan. And now Kate is panicking because she can not admit to William that she lied to him in fear of his rage. That’s why we’re getting two versions of this story that Kate did cry but only after she made Meghan cry.

  42. detritus says:

    When narcissists gets into relationships the other person is seen as an extension of self. They prefer codependent, agreeable and submissive people too.

    So of COURSE wee Willy is mad. This is a direct shot at HIM…. via oblique criticism of Kate.

  43. Jaded says:

    I’ve had to deal with narcissists several times in my life and I have to say Willcandescent comes across as severely narcissistic. Narcissists never develop the ability to identify with the feelings of others because they lack empathy and remorse. They view the people in their lives more as objects, there to serve their needs. They don’t think twice about taking advantage of others to achieve their own ends and simply don’t care about how their behavior affects others. They feel threatened whenever they encounter someone who appears to have something they lack, especially those who are confident and popular (H&M). They’re also threatened by people who don’t kowtow to them or who challenge them in any way. Their go-to defense mechanism is contempt and the only way to neutralize the threat and prop up their own sagging ego is to put those people down. They may do it in a patronizing or dismissive way as if to demonstrate how little the other person means to them, or they may go on the attack with insults, name-calling, bullying, and threats. Sound familiar?

    • detritus says:

      My thoughts exactly.

      And tbf its the natural conclusion to the family and the world telling a young boy he was going to be king based on nothing but his in inborn specialness. Nothing but right of birth. Not goodness, not votes, not smarts.

      He’s the poster boy for how some benefit from systemic oppression of others.

    • Emily_C says:

      Yes, exactly. And if someone close to them outshines them in any way, or they perceive that person to outshine them, they do everything they can to undermine them. Normal people find it hard to believe that someone would undermine his own wife and children — normal people are proud when their spouses and children do well and get praise. Not the narcissist. That’s why Charles was jealous of Diana, and it’s why Will is incandescent about his brother and throwing his wife under the bus while pretending to “protect” her.

  44. Amelie says:

    I don’t know if anyone saw it yesterday but the Dodo published a hilarious and heartwarming story about a cantankerous and temperamental rescue emu named Karen and because we’ve used it a lot to describe Kate and William, I immediately thought “if Prince William were a bird, he’d be an emu.”

    I bet William is rageful that stories about his temper and rage are leaking. The fact he’s probably incandescent with rage at all these stories circulating about him being incandescent with rage is hilarious to me.

  45. Eleonora says:

    That’s a first

  46. Jen says:

    My read William is the bully. But he is pet of the institution so it’s ok. He is also the white male heir. The thing is the coverage itself proves the points.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Kate is also a known bully, with multiple former staff leaking about the Prickly Princess and the massive fights she and William have. These two never should have married.

  47. Keri says:

    Ok, I had to laugh at their description of Penny Junor as a “respected” biographer. Keep in mind, this is the hag who was caught on that YouTube video lying about seeing the Oprah interview prior to it airing in order to bash Meghan. She’s a professional RR liar and apparently someone in the Pajiba comments said that she got the RR gig because she once gave Chuckles a BJ at a garden party during the ’70s, which apparently qualifies her as a Royal expert. 😂 Seems Charles has a type. Camilla and Penny who are friends laughingly enough, could pass for unfortunate looking sisters.

    As for Willcandescent, yeah, he and his people are reading this site. I love how they keep telling on themselves. It’s no coincidence that he’s now described as “concerned” and “distressed” instead of “incandescent” and “angry.” They should really be worried about using “concerned” to describe him. Didn’t Meghan indicate that a certain royal asshat was “concerned” with her baby’s skin color?

    Baldimort only cares for his image and how Kensington Karen reflects that image. Half the time he can barely stand to be in the same room with her and he doesn’t seem to care that his attitude is being taped at public events for all to see. But go on spinning palace PR. Apologies to real PR people for comparing them to the joke that is the RR.

  48. lolalola3 says:

    I think it’s all PR bullshit to make it seem like he actually has a pair. He seems pretty freakin milquetoast & soppy. I mean, come on! Look at Charles. King of spineless sniveling behind the scenes.

  49. ojulia123 says:

    I hope that Meghan and Harry name their new little girl Rose.


  50. Flying Fish says:

    Sure Williams is protective of his Wife, until it is useful to him to throw her under the bus!

  51. CrystalBall says:

    I would love to know how all this is being received in Norfolk, where their posh ‘turnip toff’ friends live. One can imagine that friends of the lovely Rose are not in the least surprised to hear how mean Kate is and how vile Villiam of Vindsor is.

  52. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    Did ANYONE in that family or “firm” not pay attention to the other half of that conversation?
    Meghan clearly said Kate owned it , apologized, sent flowers and a note.
    I am no fan of Kate, but come on…

  53. MsIam says:

    My take on William, other than what I said above previously, is that he still feels the humiliation that he went through with Diana. I remember reading an article that had an intervention with a former classmate and she claimed William told her how he was embarrassed by his mother but not his father. So anything that seems like it comes close to that with Kate dredges up those feelings and he can’t handle it. Again he needs therapy to help him process. I think his response to this is to turn Kate into this cardboard image of perfection, but really it was Diana’s flaws and vulnerabilities that endeared her to the people. It made them care about her, whereas Kate is just someone to look at but not connect with in the same way.

    • A says:

      @MsIam, it’s worth pointing out here that Diana didn’t do anything worth feeling so embarrassed about. All she did was have the audacity to air her messy emotions publicly, to combat the fact that she was being gaslit by an institution which was using its considerable power and clout with the press to attempt to do so. She used the tools she had at her disposal, which is her far, FAR superior understanding of what emotional depth actually means, and how to present her emotional truth to the British people in a way that wouldn’t get her written off as a hysterical crazy person who was breaking the stiff upper lip code and airing the monarchy’s dirty laundry, to get her side of the story out, particularly about the truth of how Charles and the BRF treated her.

      This is not objectively humiliating. It should not have been seen as humiliating in a civilized society. But the sort of circles William found himself in at the time, both at Eton, and with the royal family, I have no doubt that this is exactly how it was framed for him. That the truth is not important, particularly if telling the truth means you have to expose your emotional vulnerability to the world, which is a cardinal sin. That it is okay to lie, that it is okay to let lies go unchecked and uncorrected, even if they damage and destroy someone else’s life, so long as you don’t have to bare your emotional truth to anyone. That this is perfectly healthy and normal and how society should be, and anyone who says otherwise is wrong and crazy.

      The fact that William felt humiliated doesn’t mean what Diana did was actually humiliating. The fact that he can’t see the distinction there, because he is far more engrossed in his own feelings, says a lot about him. That sort of behaviour is acceptable for a petulant teenager, but the fact that he never grew out of it, to the point where he is still the same way as a 40 year old grown man is something that needs to be scrutinized a lot more.

  54. February-Pisces says:

    Would Willie ever give up his status for Kate? Would he f*ck. Kate is a human prop, her entire existence is to make Willie look good and that is it. I wonder if he has ever helped his wife with her eating disorder? Doubt it, he just carries on f*cking the neighbor and then flaunts it in her face. He’s literally a monster.

  55. Alexandria says:

    With all the bigger stuff they’re trying to deflect from (mysterious Uncle Gary, mysterious party business, mysterious farm, Andrew, the mysterious Jersey and Panama Papers etc. – I lost count) boy am I glad Harry got his family out this early. But it got me thinking, with all the above, and scheming grandma, grandpa, mother and father, Charlotte and Louis do not have an easy road ahead. Someone has to replace Harry to play the Palace Fool.

  56. aquarius64 says:

    I think that the really big secret that the House of Windsor don’t want coming out on William, the Great White Dope of the British monarchy, is there may be abuse in the Cambridge marriage. There are too many stories of Billy the rage monster too just chalk it up to a bad temper. And think about it, we have been there and done that with Charles and Camilla that if the Rose trimming comes to light it would be a huge embarrassment but not earth shattering as spousal abuse in a royal residence. And if it were physical? This Windsors would never recover. Kate would be dragged worse for not leaving him because the children are exposed.

    • notasugarhere says:

      This is negating twenty years of manipulation and stalking by the Middleton women, plus multiple staff reports of how nasty Kate is in private. These two are more alike than different, but Kate is no abuse victim. She, her mother, her entire family have figured out how to push every one of William’s buttons through the years. How do you think Kate got illegal police protection years before the engagement? No doubt emotional manipulation from both Kate and Carole.

  57. A says:

    “For Meghan to name Kate in a negative light is worse than being attacked himself.” Okay, but the fact is that Meghan isn’t the one who is responsible for Kate being viewed in a negative light. Kate herself is the one who is responsible for that by virtue of the fact that she CHOSE to behave in a negative way towards someone, and then proceeded to lie about it to make the victim of her mistreatment look bad for two fucking years.

    What William is saying here is that everyone around him should never point out any of the legitimate wrongs that either him or Kate do. Even if it comes at the expense of the truth. No one should ever make a public criticism of either his or Kate’s behaviour, no matter how awful it might be, because it might make him look bad.

    And also, no way does William give a single shit about Kate in this situation. He’s not angry because SHE’s being viewed in a negative light. He’s angry because he thinks her behaviour makes HIM look bad, and that’s all he cares about. He’s pissed because all of this stuff coming out is bad PR for him. He wants to be able to behave as poorly and awfully as he likes to anyone he pleases, and no one should call him on it or make him look like a bad person. This is what the future future King of the UK thinks is a reasonable expectation to have of the world.

    When the first priority of a monarch, even a future one, is to safeguard their reputation and their image, even if it comes at the expense of their own truth, what sort of a culture do people think this sets for the monarchy going forward? We have a Queen who is currently using her considerable clout to stonewall a serious investigation, because she is more concerned about the reputation of the royal family, and her son being above the law, than the cause of justice. When even the TRUTH is not enough to protect you against slander, purely on account of the fact that you do not rank highly enough in their made up system of privileges to matter to them, can you really call this a democracy, let alone an equal society?

    William is not going to be a good monarch. Given the current political climate in the UK, plus the fact that the press is not interested in telling the truth, plus the increasingly alarming rise in reactionary rhetoric from some quarters of society, I think that he will be one of the worst monarchs the country will have in recent history. He is going to be hounded out of his job, and I don’t think I am exaggerating when I say that. I sincerely think that the combination of his personal politics (which I am increasingly certain is not liberal or even centrist, let alone “apolitical”), and his personality, are going to be really really bad for Britain, particularly if the country attempts to make any sort of constitutional changes that might affect William’s role as monarch. This is not someone who will consent to giving over even an iota of their current privileges without having to be forced into doing so, kicking and screaming, and it is going to be bad for the monarchy and for Britain as well.

    • Emily_C says:

      “When the first priority of a monarch, even a future one, is to safeguard their reputation and their image, even if it comes at the expense of their own truth, what sort of a culture do people think this sets for the monarchy going forward?”

      The exact same as it’s always had. Minus beheadings, thankfully.

      • A says:

        Yes, but no one made a pretense about it being a democracy where every citizen is equal under the law before now, did they.

        It’s William and Kate who are choosing to project the particular message that they will be more modern and forward-thinking when they come into those roles. But their actions are not aligning with their words. You can’t pretend to call yourself a parliamentary democracy with a constitutional monarchy where the role of the monarch is purely ceremonial, all while behaving in a way that doesn’t befit a modern, democratic, equal society, free of prejudice, like the one Britain claims itself to be.

      • Emily_C says:

        They made a pretense of the monarch being the protector of the realm and of devoting themselves entirely to their subjects.

        It’s always been a pretense, is the thing. But you’re right, the problem they’re having now is that people are better informed and actually have the right not to be summarily executed by order of the monarch. The royal family is acting like lèse-majesté is still a thing. They haven’t even caught up to the 18th century, let alone the 21st.

  58. Nic919 says:

    With every day that passes we see the similarities between Baldimort and Mango Mussolini. I feel for the people in the UK stuck with him as king because he is already a tyrant.

    • Alexandria says:

      He doesn’t care one bit about his mother, his brother, his sister in law, his nephew and his wife. If he doesn’t care about family, why would he care about the UK.

      • Emily_C says:

        Like all heirs to the throne, he was brought up to believe he is the only person in the universe who matters. This is coupled with a complete absence of actual love. It’s the same way Trump was raised, according to Mary Trump’s book.

  59. Caitriona O Reilly says:

    Ohhhh Guardian has de scoop, Sun newspaper are in trouble l see de receipts are dropping !!

  60. AngiePangie says:

    I feel like Will is angry and resents his brother because he did his duty and married the conventional, palace approved pick. Harry not only married for love, but lived in that love publicly, unapologetically. It’s envy.

  61. Cottage Cat says:

    over my dead body would l give these people an inch. “Shy and retiring” Kate? Don’t make me laugh. She and her mother have the survival instincts of a shark