Prince William & Harry walked together as they left Prince Philip’s funeral

Funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh at Windsor

I had a weird moment watching Prince Philip’s funeral. The moment was “oh, crap, everybody really is paying attention to the stories about Prince William and Prince Harry.” That was a huge reason why American news channels (CNN and MSNBC) devoted three hours of live programming to the funeral, with multiple commentators on each channel speaking about the “battle of brothers” and what have you. I think I get tunnel-visioned and I half-way think that the Windsor drama is more of a gossip curiosity rather than actual international NEWS. Americans are paying attention, Commonwealth countries are paying attention, and of course British people are paying attention to the strained inter-family relations.

As we learned on Thursday/Friday, William and Harry would not walk “shoulder to shoulder” behind their grandfather’s coffin. Peter Phillips walked in between them, but Peter tended to hang back at opportune moments, so it often appeared that William and Harry were walking side by side, in pace with one another. During the funeral procession, William looked enraged, and Harry just seemed kind of blank and mournful. The brothers were also seated far apart during the actual funeral service. But after the funeral, that’s when things got interesting. Harry seemingly walked out just behind the Cambridges. Kate and Harry appeared to speak to each other, then you could see Kate hanging back a bit as William walked on. Harry said something to the Archbishop of Canterbury and then he and Kate walked somewhat together and William slowed down until they caught up. The three walked together, then Kate seemingly slowed her pace to walk with the Countess of Wessex, and Harry and William walked together.

Camilla Tominey punched out a quick piece about how of course this means that Kate really is the keenest peacemaker ever. I mean, I guess. Kate didn’t want to look like she was snubbing Harry (again) and plus, Kate is always extra-keen when Harry is around (and when Meghan isn’t around). I’m sure in the coming days, we’ll see no fewer than a dozen major pieces of analysis about body language and what was really said between them and all of that.

While the men weren’t allowed to wear their military dress uniforms, they were allowed to wear their medals on their suits. Harry wore his KCVO Neck Order and Star, Afghanistan Campaign medal, Gold Jubilee medal and Diamond Jubilee medal.

Funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh at Windsor

Funeral of Prince Philip

Funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. Aurora says:

    Kate’s “peacemaking” moment was planned. The headlines were already written. She played her scripted part.

    • PrincessK says:

      Exactly, it was totally stage managed.

      • Red Snapper says:

        The three were walking together, but when Kate dropped back next to Sophie, Sophie rubbed her shoulder while Kate wiped her eyes with a handkerchief. Am I the only one who noticed? Kate seemingly upset?

      • Ginger says:

        I saw that as well. I wonder if Harry said something to Kate that upset her? He didn’t appear to be talking much and was walking a little back from them.

    • Me says:

      How much went into Peter’s Swiss account to hang back and provide some ‘walking together’ optics? Seriously, the man needs cash.

      • Amy Bee says:

        @Me: Oh he was given orders. He had a “source” telling the Telegraph that he was put in the middle as a sort of peacemaker.

      • Ginger says:

        He definitely walked slow on purpose. No doubt.

      • Nicole says:

        I think it was because he has short legs and couldn’t match the “stride” of W and H. Lol

      • Scal says:

        Having looked at the diagram of the procession I think peter walking a half step behind the brothers and between them was less about drama, and more about they didn’t have anywhere else to put him. And royal protocol about who walks where.

        They had 15 people walking in the procession. 9 family, 6 staff. Walking in pairs of 2. The staff brought up the rear. The children go first in order (Charles, Anne, Andrew, Edward) then the 3 oldest grandsons (William, Harry, Peter), and then Lord Snowden (Margaret’s son) and Anne’s husband. They wanted everyone else in lines of two, ‘obviously’ the grandkids have to go ahead of a spouse and nephew because of protocol. That leaves Peter with no walking mate. The solution was to put him between the brothers but a step behind. I think it totally planned that way from the start.

        Peter’s ‘source’ is selling BS, and the media bought into all of that because they wanted drama.

      • shalla7 says:

        @Nicole: fwiw Harry has short legs too. It’s really evident in that last photo in which his torso is super long.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        “The solution was to put him between the brothers but a step behind. I think it totally planned that way from the start.”

        @Scal – This is exactly what I thought too as I watched the broadcast.

    • Ginger says:

      Yup. Kate had this all planned out. She knew Harry wouldn’t be rude at his grandpa’s funeral. I find it interesting that there was no interaction of Harry and Charles. Kate and Will seemed desperate for a shot with Harry. Harry seemed to hang back some when it was the three of them walking and didn’t seem to talk much. Plus, he had his mask on so we have no idea what was said.

      • (The OG) Jan90067 says:

        Not sure about Will *wanting* the “money shot” or how much he was forced to “pay the piper” for one. At more than one point, WIll’s jaw was clenched/bulged so tightly, it could cut glass. He was NOT a happy camper.

      • Tessa says:

        what I dislike are the bots raving about how the “three of them” are together again and Meghan is the problem. So gross.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ The OG, I agree with 1000x’s!!! Baldimorts jaw is so trenched that it looks like it’s going to break!! I hope he is suffering a massive migraine today as tightly his jaw was clenched so badly! At least this will cause him to grind his jaws as he sleeps because it will certainly cause his teeth to smash!
        As for Keen Doucheness, any chance for her to get the peacemaker shot, she will perform stunts and sell her soul to the devil for, or her actual puppet master, Carole!

      • HeyJude says:

        The lack of interaction between Harry and his father here when things were emotional really seals the deal for me that it was Charles who made the skin color remark. That’s a bridge that’s much harder to rebuild than William throwing him under the press bus. And the lack of interaction says it all.

      • Liz version 700 says:

        Will looked like he will be lucky if his teeth aren’t all cracked from the clenching. He looked angry and incandescent all day. He is aging faster than his entire family. I think he was made to play nice and even during a funeral he can’t cover up his immaturity and meanness.

      • equality says:

        @HeyJude Or it shows that Charles is more secure and doesn’t need the press to get a shot of him with Harry. He is supposed to be going to walk through the floral tributes with Harry so he will probably talk with him then, in private. Harry himself has said he is working on his relationship with Charles but previously said the relationship with Will was space.

      • Mustang Sally says:

        @Equality: I’ll try to unpack it all: 25 years ago, my uncle insisted we had to have a daytime wake slot so that my father’s side piece could come, and a time at which my mother would not attend – uncle & his wife were pals with the sidepiece. Philip’s ‘lady friend’ had to come, [and I think Kate is now keen on what her rose bush-trimmed life is going to look like], Harry seeing side piece at his grandfather’s funeral I am sure (at least in my mind) brought back memories of his mother and his father’s affair with Camilla, which lead to the demise of Charles and Di’s marriage. If I was Harry, it would take me years past the death of my mother and how Charles openly sh*t all over her would go away. For all we know, this could have been his watershed moment from which he said enough of royal life and protocol – I refuse to cowtow to my cheating father and his side-piece-turned-wife. It took me years of therapy and soul-searching to let the anger at my family go for adding an additional slot of time so that my dad’s gf could come – and I am a 57yo adult now. If he and Charles are fractured, this could have been going on for years for all we know and it just happens to be out in the open now.

      • equality says:

        @Mustang Sally But Harry has to have known for years that Phil had a “companion” and the Queen acknowledged his “friendship” and managed the guest list for the funeral. So it is probably a casual, accepted thing that none of them think much about. You can’t really compare “commoner” ways of looking at things with royal and aristocratic points of view. And why would it make him closer to Will with all the rumors of his cheating also?

    • Hanabanana says:

      Did anyone else notice, from the angle Kate was looking, it appears like she was staring at Harry when they were seated opposite each other before the service started? The camera captured her staring at something in front of her as soon as she sat down, and Harry was the only person sat in her line of sight. She couldn’t take her eyes off him and then was quite eager to be by his side to chat. She clearly had this moment planned, as did William. They knew their reputations depended on being seen as the gracious, benevolent, forgiving ones to “traitor” Harry, after being exposed for letting a pregnant woman be bullied on the back of her actions. Nauseating.

      • Tessa says:

        All the Kate is classy comments are nauseating to me. There is no reconciliation until she can be civil and polite to Meghan.

    • Randie says:


    • Mustang Sally says:

      Could be that Incandescent WIlly is a beast to live with and Kate is trying to calm the waters. For all we know, Willy could be ragey at her and the kids, and this might be her way to calm down their home life. Kate seeing Philip’s lady friend there I am sure opened her eyes to how her life may look 50 years from now, so perhaps for once she is going to try to make peace as opposed to more sh*t-stirring.

      • Tessa says:

        I don’t pity Kate she did not have to treat Meghan the way she did.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Mustang Sally, I don’t think the interaction between the 3 had anything to do with Kate trying to make peace. I personally think that TQ & PC had a talk with Willileaks about what his behavior would be on Saturday. I think that’s why he and Kant was at Anmer all week and relatively silent. This was a money shot, but I haven’t decided for whom. Perhaps the monarchy? Certainly, Willileaks calms the BM with this photo opportunity. There’s no reconciliation here, and I think the members of the brf should think long and hard before they start letting the BM write thousands of articles about Meghan being the problem and leaning even harder at smearing her. Harry is well aware of “duty” and did his job on Saturday, but they shouldn’t push him too far. The Oprah interview was their attempt to get the BM and brf to back off. The family should ask themselves what PH will do if they start up with the “divorce her and leave your children” and come back to TOB & his stepford wife.

      • Mustang Sally says:

        Hi Saucy, you are more likely correct. I think in my mind’s eye I want Kate to realize what a witch she was…and she won’t come to that point of clarity. I agree with so many that she was ‘instructed’ to act as a bridge between the two, and I further agree Willy was told to behave and disconnect from his rage face. When you think about all of it together, they are a very sad bunch and I have no sympathy for W&K. I don’t blame Harry removing himself and his family from the hateful dysfunction.

  2. LaraK says:

    OMG the pieces about Kate being peacemaker, and how much more pleasant it was that Meghan is not there, and how Harry is sorry he did this to his family, and how Kate is the best!
    It was a funeral. William and Harry were not going to throw punches ar a funeral.
    Maybe they were saying goodbye? To their grandfather and each other?

    • Cessily says:

      Twitter and Royal commentators were all over it and Twitter was horribly cruel towards Meghan, even threatening. (Reported 14 posts myself that were disturbing)
      No one actually knows what was said. We do know that palace leaks put out the Kate peacemaker stories over and over.. so her talking in the videoed open for all to see was obviously in her plans, not sure on PW because the man looked pissed off the entire day.
      I do hope that if she did say something it was, “I wanted you to know I talked to Meghan and I apologize to you both.”
      Maybe that was her peacemaking..
      I would be all for them having peace and a friendship even with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex living a private life. I hope that the narrative of bitter leaks stops and baby girl Sussex can be baptized in England in a private family ceremony with QE, at her age this may be the last Great Grandchild she will have in her lifetime.
      Life is to short for all the nastiness the tabloids push. Yesterday’s massive media coverage and commentary was extreme and the news outlets should be embarrassed.

      • Edna says:

        The behavior of all the news outlets was disgusting. Absolutely horrible behavior.

      • BeanieBean says:

        A funeral is not the place for those kinds of conversations. I don’t think anything of substance was said. It would have been all about Philip, & the Queen.

    • AnnaKist says:

      Excuse me. but I urgently need to find a bucket. Oops. Make that a mop. 🤢
      Royal they may be, but they still carry on like the trashy neighbours.

  3. Jessie says:

    When I was watching before they left the service it appeared as though Harry was talking to someone besides Kate, Lady Louise maybe? And Kate was standing with her eyes on Harry and body angled towards his so that he’d have little choice but to acknowledge her upon turning away. And even when the ‘golden trio’ had their moment walking together, Harry looked at Kate maybe once before focusing on his brother. That’s why it looked as though Kate held back, as Harry was hardly paying her any attention? Though if you told me it was all a stunt I’d believe that too.

    • PrincessK says:

      Well what I saw was that Harry initiated the contact and began talking animatedly with Kate. He later inserted himself in the middle of the Cambridges, and then Kate slid away to talk to Sophie, which appeared to me like an opportunity for the photographers to have a good money shot of the two brothers. The tabloid rats must love Kate for that.

      I also noticed that other members of the family were looking back to see what was going on with the brothers. I think it was all pre planned. But I am not sure if William was in on it because he looked stony faced and very ill at ease.

      • Beach Dreams says:

        What??? Nothing that you said actually happened like that. Will and Kate practically tag-teamed Harry (Will much less enthusiastically than Kate) and gave him no choice but to talk with them. Kate literally paused and waited for him to finish speaking to that priest. He barely turned to look at them while they were walking, while they turned towards him first.

      • Ainsley7 says:

        I think Will always looks uneasy about everything. So, it’s difficult to tell what he’s actually feeling about anything. I think it was planned and I think Harry was 100% in on it. I don’t understand why no one listens to a word Harry says. He doesn’t want a bad relationship with his family and certainly doesn’t want some sort of tabloid war. So, I’m not sure why he would avoid giving the impression that he was telling the truth. Plus, I’ve always thought he was more pissed at Charles. Who are you going to be more mad at? The person who leaked info or the person who enabled the leaking and then put your family in physical danger? William did a lot of harm, but imagine what might have happened had the Sussexes been without security all this time. Not to mention Charles is the one hyping Harry vs William to take the heat off himself.

      • Nic919 says:

        I don’t get the sense William was a part of anything planned. He took off after talking to the priest and didn’t even wait for Kate. She’s the one who seemed to make them slow down when Harry was behind them. And I don’t think Harry was going to be rude, especially not when he knows there are cameras everywhere.

      • ThatgirlThere says:

        What are you talking about? What video did you see?

    • mariahlee says:

      You’re right, it just appears that Harry was an unwitting participant in the stunt.

      lol at the comment above. Speculative recollections may vary. I’d genuinely hope Harry wasn’t in on it.

    • tolly says:

      It’s interesting that people can look at one short video and see so many different things. To me, it looked like Wills was trying to hurry Kate along while Harry was talking to the clergy, and Harry had to walk fast to catch up and have a word. Wills was doing the same childish don’t-want-to-talk fidgeting that he pulled on Meghan at Christmas. The Wessex ladies are in front of the group when they start talking, and behind them when Kate joins, so Wills must have been moving pretty fast.

      • PrincessK says:

        Oh yes, William was not part of this at all. But I think that all the cousins and Kate and Harry knew what was going to happen. William was ambushed.

      • Becks1 says:

        There’s a moment where it seems that Anne and her husband held back to make sure Harry wasn’t walking alone. At first I thought it was so they could walk with Zara (who they did end up walking with) but you can see them fall into step behind Harry et al – obviously maybe they were just letting them go first but I got the impression they were tracking Harry.

      • Becks1 says:

        Exactly what I said earlier in my comment.

      • Liz version 700 says:

        The ENTIRE family was on make Will behave everyone act nice duty. They all looked at least ready to appear fine not at all “frosty” with Harry as the tabloids would have you believe. The only exception was William the Incandescent. He looked 20 years older and 50 times as enraged as I have ever seen him. Not being able to bully his favorite whipping brother has taken a lot out of him. And being made to behave wasn’t sitting well. If funerals make him clench his jaw this right… how is he going to cope with other Kingly stuff

      • Chica says:

        It’s a two minute video and it’s been edited so…I think if Harry really wanted to extricate himself from that trap, he could have. He could have said hello, sped up and rejoined Eugenie.

        I know it’s his family, but I feelings about it. I think Meghan deserves better. I don’t care how classy and gracious she would have been had she been there, bc if she were there, no one would have been talking to her at all. Right now they’ve been trashing her on every platform for the benefit of those POS ppl that Harry’s willing to engage with.

        It’s funny, she has cut of Thomas completely and I find that interesting in how Harry’s family has treated her and her child.

    • Jais says:

      @Jessie- I agree that in the first bit while they were waiting Harry was talking to someone else behind Kate but it’s hard to see with the camera angle. Harry stopped to speak with Welby and instead of catching up w William, Kate does slow down. I mean he couldn’t run past them without looking like a duck and she def slowed down for him! He does seem to walk fast and catch up but maybe was hoping he could get past them for a second but realized the optics of that? Or he didn’t really care and was just gonna walk with who was closest. With cameras, you don’t want to be the lone one walking?
      The whole thing was kinda awkward.

      Also, LOL all the family members were looking back and I wondered if they were just as surprised to see them walking “side by side”

      @becks 1- yeah they were all looking back and as you said “tracking.” Think the “3-letter name commenter who shall not be named” is gone lol

      • Jais says:

        Meant to say “dick” not a “duck” in the comment above😂

      • Lemon says:

        To me it looked she was walking away, and the Bishop said something and she turned around to answer. And then Harry was walking and caught up with her. It’s funny how socially distanced it was inside the church and then after that all the rules went out the window!

        I don’t see what the big deal is, they might have been chatting inside the church or they might have met up later.

        I’m sure that it’s possible everything may have been orchestrated because this family relies on gossip for their daily bread. But we won’t really know.

  4. Noki says:

    The minute I saw Kate and what she was playing at the headlines instantly came to mind and lo and behold the Daily Fail didnt disappointment in saying she was the peacemaker sent from Heaven. Funny how they kept quiet about how utterly rude she was at the CW a year ago.

    • Tessa says:

      she was fanning the flames that Meghan was the problem since they “all walked together” and spoke when Meghan was not there. I cannot stand Kate.

    • Nic919 says:

      I always want to thank whoever wrote the article “how can you be rude while wearing a stupid little hat” because that person capture Kate’s pettiness to a tee.

    • Harper says:

      It looks to me as if Kate viewed her first royal funeral as another appearance on camera to flaunt a specific narrative. At her last major appearance, the Commonwealth Service, Meghan showed Kate how it was done by being friendly and classy in the face of blatant rudeness. I think Kate and CarolE realized quickly that Kate can’t make that same mistake again by being seen as the rude one. So for the funeral, Kate wanted to be seen as being all natural and friendly with Harry in order to be seen as not only the peacemaker, but as someone able to put aside her hurt feelings about being drawn into the Oprah narrative and be the BIGGER PERSON. Now, I don’t think those are the exact headlines she is getting today, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that narrative pops up this week because the royals have been nonstop pushing that Kate was treated terribly by even being mentioned on Oprah. Also, Kate definitely was pushing the “I have access to the Queen’s jewels” on purpose, which really irked me. She looked way overdone with those pearls compared to everyone else.

      • Jais says:

        You’re right, Harper. Kate was going for Meghan’s classy and friendly vibe from the commonwealth service, esp. after she was not friendly or classy that day.

      • The Hench says:

        Kate’s learning a few lessons. First it was the ‘you have to play nicely with your husband’s mistress’ lesson after all the attempts to phase Rose out backfired so we got the Church Stroll now she’s learning that being photographed doing your mean girl act doesn’t play well so we move to this.

      • equality says:

        Kate has always been OVERLY friendly with Harry. I wonder if she would have pulled the mean girl act again if Meghan had been there.

  5. Belli says:

    The press wanted the money shot of the three of them interacting and so did William and Kate.

    I don’t know how I feel about it, but thinking it through and researching the footage it looks like Harry didn’t really have another option. The story was either going to be about how wonderful things were when Harry was the third wheel before Meghan came along (if they interacted) or about how Meghan has poisoned Harry against his family (if they didn’t).

    Ultimately, he took the high road. And as much as W&K don’t deserve him being classy to them and the press don’t deserve getting the headlines they were salivating for, it was probably the best option.

    • Cecilia says:

      Except they got the shot and the story they were salvating for. Keen the peacemaker. And in about a week were going to see headlines of how willy found it so difficult to forgive his brother but he found the grace somehow.

      • Virginia says:

        What l saw was Keen Guevara walking with the brothers, William as usual didn’t pay any attention to her but she was eager for the photo op, finally Harry was walking besides his brother and left top Ceo behind walking by herself but Sophie came to the rescue and made her company.
        The other thing l saw and l didn’t like was Ann’ s husband who was sitting beside Harry was giving his back to Harry when they were standing up.

      • osito says:

        @Virginia — “Keen Guevara”! I died! I hope that moniker takes off.

      • Blueskies says:

        “Top CEO” will forever kill me. 😄

  6. Ang says:

    Harry and Wills leaving the service chitty chatting away like best friends was the biggest blow to gossip this millennium! Deflating that the drama was all made up, but glad to know they actually are human grown ups, not petulant puppets.

    • Sydney says:

      All water under the bridge. What’s a few comments concerning skin tone of future kids and a media smear campaign between brothers?

      • Chica says:

        @Sydney Or the recent smears that Meghan is a bully.
        No apology or anything to make things right. Incredible. Could not be me.

    • Guest says:

      Yeah what true gems. Let’s forget the mental h3ll they put his wife through or they still have an open investigation on her going on.

  7. Harper says:

    William’s body language is still completely frosty to Harry despite Kate acting like the peacemaker to get her headlines. I’ve read that Harry knows he was set up as the cars were there to drive everyone back to the castle but they did an impromptu walk so that the paps could get their shots.

    • PrincessK says:

      I agree that William’s body language was frosty but I do not think that Harry was set up. i think that he knew what was about to happen, his body language was very comfortable and relaxed compared to William.

      Kate really has her hands full with William, he looks like a nightmare to live with and it can’t get any better.

      • Snuffles says:

        I personally think Harry was prepared for potential PR shenanigans and acted calm and collected for the cameras. That’s another thing he got from Diana.

      • Tessa says:

        She wanted the life and I have no pity for her after the way she treated Harry ad Meghan.

      • ThatgirlThere says:

        She wanted to be about that royal life so now she’s in it. Her husband is an awful selfish cheater.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        PrincessK, I don’t think Keen has her hands full with Willileaks. He’s what she wanted and she went into that with her eyes wide open. If she was unhappy, she can do something about it. The fact that she CHOOSES to stay in that marriage means to me that she’s got what she wants. W&K are really clueless idiots. Do they really think they can continue to smear Meghan, and Harry won’t do anything about it?

  8. Jegede says:

    Kudos to you Kaiser for interpreting it exactly as it happened.👍👍

    William slowed down and Kate was loitering as Harry talked to the priest.
    They both clearly stalled their pace waiting for Harry

    Here in Blighty, it’s Harry ran to catch up with the Cambridges.🤨🤨
    And the 3 Amigos back together Yay!!🙄🙄

    Anywho, I hope Harry asked the Cambs why Piers Moron was taking pics outside KP, after admitting his relentless Meghan-attacks were BRF sanctioned.
    Or at least updates on the bullying investigation they’ve launched against his wife.

    • Myra says:

      Harry behaved exactly how one should behave when in church. Nevertheless, I agree with the sentiments that everything looked orchestrated. The Cambridges slowed down to wait for Harry and he then hurried to catch up with them. I think it’s good optics for the palace as the international press had descended on them to watch the drama unfold, but inevitably the media will use it as grounds to bash Meghan, once more. “The perfect trio before evil Meghan ruined everything”. I actually feel bad for Meghan. It must hurt to see them make an effort when she isn’t around. It’ll likely give her flashbacks of the last time she felt suicidal. She thought that if she wasn’t around maybe things would be better for everyone. I hope she is okay.

      • Tessa says:

        It is gross this was a deliberate put down of Meghan, with trying to recapture the fab three that the bots miss so much.

      • Laugh or Cry says:

        I agree. While she may love Harry and her babies, I wonder if at times she regrets marrying into that “family”. Her life was golden prior to meeting him and everything she’s worked for went to pot. Granted her name may not known be on a global scale but was/is this really worth it? Outside looking in, she should have heeded her friends advice and not pursued this relationship. After all this with Diana and Meghan, it prove this “institution” really does need to be dismantled, and the only way to thrive, IF you are going to marry into mess, and I don’t care how honorable the royal may be, you have to have certified diagnostic personality disorder (e.g. psychopath/sociopath). The generational curses have been passed down for centuries HARD PASS.

      • Chica says:

        @Laugh or Cry and Myra, I’m right there with you both. I’m angry on Meghan’s behalf. And I’m sorry, Harry engaging w/this two in particular after the interview reflects poorly on Meghan with some viewers. Especially since she’s received no apology and continues to be smeared. And you could bet she wouldn’t be treated the same way had she been there.

        I know she loves her children and her husband, but my god, she deserves so much better than everything she’s been through. I don’t know how their marriage survived some of those things bc, even to me w/the interview, Harry still didn’t seem to get it. And how did she go about helping him clue in and HEAR her when she would speak about what she’s experiencing and it’s impact on ppl who look up to her. I’d have cussed him out unfairly just bc I’d resent his family’s mistreatment and the destruction of the name I’ve build for myself. He sold her a whack ass dream. The fact she can’t just go hop on a plane any more and go anywhere bc his family has allowed the media to endanger her and their children’s lives would be incredibly challenging for me, a free spirit.

        It’d be easy for me to be bitter and it would open up traumatic wounds. I’d like to know what sort of things she’s worked through in therapy to be this seemingly Teflon.

  9. mariahlee says:

    One thing I’ve learned in my almost 3 years of royal watching is that Kate Middleton always wins lol It was totally calculated and perfectly executed.

    • Ang says:

      Wow, three whole years? 😉
      I venture most of the people on this thread having been Royal watching since Diana’s wedding (at least)!

      • Lauren says:

        I stared my royal watching with Keen Guevara. I was hoping for someone fun, modern, feminist, fashion forward, smart and compassionate. I got bored pretty soon. First it was she needs time, then she got pregnant, adjustment to motherhood, then she was keen, then pregnant, adjustment to two young babies at home, then keen again and thank god we got Meghan. I was too young during Diana’s time to follow properly. I was around 8 when she passed and that is the day I best remember hearing about her.

      • Sarah says:

        What a strange thing to gatekeep.

      • Couch potato says:

        Pretty sure at least half the people on this thread were toddlers or not born at all in 1981.

    • Belli says:

      Over the last three years that’s definitely true. She could do absolutely anything and still be given a sainthood because she’s Not Meghan.

    • February-Pisces says:

      Yep, Kate can do whatever she wants. Topless scandal, ass flashing, spreading lies about suicidal pregnant women, using a murdered women for her own pr, avoiding royal duties for a decade, she can literally do whatever she wants and gets away with it.

      We can now add Prince Phillip to the list of dead people that have been exploited by Kate for her to get some good PR.

      • Tessa says:

        She is not “safe.” Her whole existence depends upon William. She would be slammed in the media if William fell in love and wanted to marry someone else.

      • LadyofTheLake says:

        Came here to say: C.Tominey? It is a private family matter, right? So the proper post- funeral etiquette demands that one go to press to, call attention to a rift between the deceased grandsons? And she calls us Americun’s (ha) déclassé?

        If anyone cares to see what the last 10 years of royal life has done to Catherine, compare the “classy” “lovely!” and “stunning!” (some press covering a funeral like it is red carpet event) to her, here is nice series of posts if “before” shots, spanning a few years, to be fair

        And no, all the premature aging isn’t due to cigs and sun, look at her. Her body is eating itself. Look at the footage from the 2020 Commonwealth service-that was before COVID really hit and she wasn’t the one that had to pack up her new baby and leave the home she just finished renovating and the country she was born in: that was her “winning”. I always thought that the commentators didn’t say much about her that day (said 2x as much about Sophie) because she looked like hades. If anyone needs a 14m luxury mansion with a yoga studio and meditation room, it is Catherine. Yikes.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Yes, which is why I roll my eyes at the idiots who want to act like she’s some helpless or complacent bystander in the palace-sanctioned media attacks. No, she’s an active participant and this is nothing new to her. She’s been doing this well before she even married into this screwed up family. She’s lazy and workshy regarding everything except her ambitions and image. When she really wants something or to set a certain narrative, THEN she actually gets off her ass.

    • Tessa says:

      She did not win as far as I’m concerned. . Her self righteousness and hypocrisy were so obvious to me.

      • Amy Too says:

        I don’t think the commenter meant that Kate’s winning at life and living her best life, but that she wins the PR she wants, which has been very true, especially over the past 3 years. She wanted to be set up as the peacekeeper and get her shot walking with Harry and will? She is the peacemaker according to the press and got her shot walking with Harry and Will.

      • Tessa says:

        Not everybody buys into the peacemaker spin, fortunately. Not all are fans of hers.

      • Amy Too says:

        Agreed. She can get them to write what she wants and spin stuff how she wants, but she can’t get us to believe it.

    • Jaded says:

      One thing I’ve learned in my decades of royal-watching is that everything is a carefully constructed sham. In this day and age it’s harder to keep up the sham because of social media and tabloids that will go to any length to spin, leak and reveal. Kate is a sham from top to bottom. An empty shell, a manipulative stick woman with a mean streak a mile wide, and none of the embiggening really works. It’s risible to think that she’s won anything other than a fan base made up of village idiots and racists.

      • Kkat says:

        Yeah for the most part Kate’s fans are the bottom of the barrel. A bunch of shallow racists, and the americans are generally also maga trump supporters.
        It’s sickening how awful they are on twitter and instagram.

        I was 13 when Diana got married and got up in the middle of the night to watch.
        When kate came along I had high hopes, but by the 3rd or 4th time I saw her literal ass I could see how she was.

      • Dee says:

        Kate stans are the worst. They go from “Kate’s so classy!” to mean girling anyone who disagrees in 5. 7 seconds.

    • BlueToile says:

      I think we all need to remember when Meghan said to Oprah “Nothing was what it seemed.” Meghan was a real person, not an empty shell, and did not come into this family damaged and broken, which is why she was suicidal in less than a year. She likely thought that working in the film industry she had seen it all and could not be shocked by human behavior. I think we can all agree now that she was mistaken. It is also obvious now that while on holiday in Canada that winter she and Harty were still trying to pull themselves together from all the abuse and gaslighting. I am glad she is out, but I truly worry about the hate and vitriol she gets from the public no matter what she does. It is frightening.

      • Monica says:

        @BlueToile, I swear that’s a big reason they moved to the US. We like her over here and feel rather protective of them.

    • Kalana says:

      Like when she staged a pap shot at Sarah Everhard’s memorial or publicized sending the family a letter. Kate Middleton really stays winning.

      Kate is a manipulative ghoul who used her husband’s grandfather’s funeral to manipulate her brother-in-law. Is that a win?

      • HeatherC says:

        In Kate’s eyes…yes. That is winning. Sad. I can’t stand to see her held up as some sort of role model or worse a “revolutionary.” If we all followed her stance, we’d set back women’s rights and more at least a century, if not more.

  10. Ginger says:

    That video looks like Harry is talking to Lady Louise and Kate seems to be talking with William and the Archbishop. Some squad members were so upset by what Harry did but what was he supposed to do? Will and Kate seemed to seek him out. He wasn’t going to act like an a hole at his grandfathers funeral. People need to stop with the holier than thou attitude. If Meghan was there I am sure she would have done the same thing. Harry is a decent person and would never act that way. I knew this would happen. I knew Harry would have decent and polite and that “fans”‘would flip out over it. This wasn’t the time and place. They apparently had a family meeting before this and I am sure they all agreed to have cordial and polite for the day.

    • Belli says:

      Exactly. William and Kate wanted that shot and it looks like he was almost cornered by the two so he acted politely. He wasn’t there for them. The headlines are terrible, but they were always going to be and I’d rather he’d acted with the grace that neither of them showed at the Commonwealth service than have been rude.

      • sunny says:

        Yup. Harry was classy and the day was about Philip so it was in no one’s interest to make a scene.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Belli, isn’t that the truth!! Harry and Meghan have always represented themselves as delightful, outstanding etiquette, empathetic, approachable and humble in every manner and matter. Where as, we have the Keen Cruelty Duo that will manipulate, lie, cheat, attack and smear all in the name of their jealousy and anger. Keen Doucheness is keenly in playing the as the peacemaker because it makes her look good, no one else. These two will do nothing unless it benefits them, otherwise they aren’t interested in the slightest. Everyone else besides them means nothing except power, control and manipulation into their own scenario as the two greatest people ever born, with their self importance. Hell, Keen Doucheness basically threw herself into Harry’s path to play out as the peacemaker and she assured herself as that was her only goal yesterday!!

    • Snuffles says:

      I know, right? Did they expect Harry to blank them. Act cold and distant like they were to him on Commonwealth Day? Harry took the high road like I expected he would. But some people are acting like he betrayed Meghan and can never be trusted because he’s a white man.

      We KNOW the family treated Meghan like shit. Harry hasn’t forgotten that. And being civil for a few minutes at a FUNERAL isn’t a betrayal.

      Look at it this way. Have you ever worked with or for someone you can’t stand? Do you show up to work every day a cuss them out? Or do you suck it up, stay on your best behavior and do your job? Then you go home and live your life.

      That’s what happened yesterday. Harry was briefly back on the job yesterday and played nice. And soon he’ll go back home to live his new life.

      Ain’t no need to trip.

      • CindyP says:

        Exactly, taking the high road drives awful people crazy. They want the drama & conflict.

      • Ginger says:

        Yes, people need to realize that being a royal is a job and a large part of the job is acting. Kate is the biggest actress in that family. That is why there are so many pictures of her with her manic smile and pretending to look like she is interested. Harry said in the Oprah interview you put your personal issues aside, wipe your tears and get on with the job.

      • equality says:

        Also, Meghan wasn’t unfriendly toward them on Commonwealth Day, it was the other way around, so why would she object to Harry being friendly?

      • ShazBot says:

        It reminds me of my husbands family. Nobody speaks ever, but at necessary in person events, everyone is pleasant and cordial, having conversations about generic things. There’s no sense in having every event being an anxiety-inducing blowout, they just keep it high level and civil, and then go back to not talking to each other.

      • NCDancer says:

        Exactly this. It’s not like he came to throw down. He came to support his grandmother and say goodbye to his grandfather. I think some of the stans expected him to go ham. Yes, it’s galling that the bad actors in his family get the “credit.” But Harry was always going to take the high road.

      • Betsy says:


        And it’s not like reality affects the press anyway. Media spins it how they want to spin it no matter what happens, so may as well be a decent human.

    • PrincessK says:

      Yes, Harry is a class act, an officer and a gentleman and he behaved impeccably and handled the awkward situation with ease. He appeared very comfortable walking unlike his petulant brother.

    • BABSORIG says:

      If Harry is going to kowtow to the Sussex fans, what would be the difference between now and during his life under the firm? Isn’t kowtowing to anyone, fan base or firm, be Harry acting like he already been bought and paid for? Harry lived the life where everything he did or said, when and how it was done or said was pre-planned for him and I’m sure he doesn’t like to live his life like that no more. Bending to the whims and likes of his fan base would be exactly reliving the life he left behind in the UK, and my guess is he isn’t about to be doing that again. He’s like, been there done that. I think Harry is making the best decisions for him and his little family. Fan bases might not always like those decisions but if they really are true fans, they’d still support him regardless. I’m sure Meghan is at home supporting her husband in every way and I think fans should do the same. Harry is growing and working on himself and his growth and maturity is manifested in how he behaves and treats others, not just in private but also in public. I believe that him behaving like an adult at his grandfather funeral and not as a petulant little kid should be applauded. Either way, the tabloids were going to write stories, like regardless. I would rather have the current headlines than the ones about how Harry behaved like an ahole and thus “confirmed what we the tabloids have been saying all along” that he is a very stupid man child. Those headlines were pre written and just waiting for Harry to behave like an ass. I think Harry took the high road under the circumstances and I appreciated that. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    • Beach Dreams says:

      THANK YOU. As much as we all enjoy the soap opera nature of this family’s messes, this was hardly the time or place to be acting like schoolchildren on a playground. Meghan would’ve definitely been the same, and I think she’d actually be *more* cordial because she is easily the nicer half of the couple.

    • swirlmamad says:

      Yup… agreement with you on this one. We saw how Meghan acted and was the only one to hold it together at the CW service. This would’ve been a repeat of that had she been there and Harry took his cues from her behavior back then. This was absolutely discussed between them.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Yes, and this is what drives them crazy!! Harry and Meghan have always presented themselves as mature and cordial, diplomatic to the entire environment and the seriousness of all of their actions and endeavors. Where as we have the Keen duo of pettiness and jealousy that are only out to squash Harry and Meghan. They don’t care how they act as they only care about themselves.

    • Christine says:

      Perfectly said!

  11. India says:

    Willy Boy’s Clench Jaw

    • PrincessK says:

      Oh yes, that clenched jaw was really in action from the very beginning of the procession until the end. His body language was really on show.

      • Edna says:

        So have all the body language experts pontificated on Harry’s body language? What about William’s body language?

    • Asking for a friend says:

      I bet that’s why his looks have changed so drastically – he’s developed extra jaw muscles and gristle via a perpetually clenched rage face.

      • TeamMeg says:

        Permanently engorged jaw muscles.

      • The Hench says:

        What I particularly liked about having the Earl of Snowdon behind William is that Snowdon looks just like William but 20 years older. It was like some kind of time lapse or the Ghost of Appearance Future stalking Wills…

    • Jellybean says:

      Maybe William looked stern faced because he was trying not to cry. Maybe Charles didn’t talk to Harry because he was thinking about his father and he certainly looked like he was struggling not to cry. Maybe they all spoke when they got back to the castle, the doors were shut and the cameras were not on them. Maybe people could try to show some compassion and at the very least attempt not to see other human beings in the worst possible light.

      • Midnight@theOasis says:

        Given Charles obvious grief and emotions over losing his father, I do hope he reflects on his relationships with his sons. Charles especially needs to work on mending his broken relationship with Harry.

      • LA says:

        Thank you jellybean! I think it’s fair to say both these men have issues surrounding grieving in public. I’m sure this brought back all kinds of awful memories.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Jellybean, perhaps this advice could have been given to W&K–all you have to do is watch the video to see that this was planned. All you have to do is read the BM headlines to see that this was planned. IMO, behind castle doors neither brother talked to each other. I cannot even imagine that the apologies that are due H&M were even hinted at by any member of the family. We are hit over the head every time the members of the brf are mentioned with the fact that they are THE very best and that H and particularly M are the worst. If they would just be a family for a day, then we would see them in a different light.

        Also, I think if anyone is talking it is Charles and Harry. That’s the relationship that Harry was going to give priority to try and heal. I’m sure they have a very long way to go, but you have to start somewhere. Also, I don’t think Harry cares if he doesn’t talk to his brother–it just gives TOB more stuff to leak and smear Meghan (and Harry) with.

        And, you want us to pretend that they’re a family? Really?

      • Mathilde says:

        @ Jellybean. Absolutely spot on. This was the funeral of a much-loved family member. Not everything is about Harry.

      • Christine says:

        Thank Christ someone finally said this. I don’t have warm and fuzzy feelings about William, even remotely, but the only thing I could think of, watching William and Harry, was that they surely must have been thinking about that horrible day they were following their Mother’s coffin, as mere teenagers. My jaw was clenched for them.

      • Tashiro says:

        Well said.

      • Shi*gatsu says:

        Yes! Thank you!

  12. Duch says:

    Trying to imagine what you’d say to each other:

    Great service, wasn’t it?
    Yeah, he was a hell of a man, our Grandpa

    How’s the kids?
    George is ever the rascal, you know. Charlotte is a firecracker, into studying bugs these days.
    Oh yeah?
    Yeah, and you know Louis is still a mama’s boy.

    Well Archie is doing great, eager to meet the new baby of course.

    Wonder what we’re having for tea?

    • Lauren says:

      😂😂😂 Someone on twitter said to Celebitchy that Baldemort was probably asking the skin color of their daughter. I laughed so hard 😂

    • Jules says:

      It’s a funeral. Let this family mourn in peace.

    • TeamMeg says:

      Maybe they talked about music—especially the choir—and how it was so beautiful! Those singers were spectacular, especially the Will Ferrell lookalike, and the woman. Voices just out of this world amazing.

  13. Becks1 says:

    It was definitely a calculated move on Kate’s part and the “peacemaker” headlines are annoying, but if it wasn’t that it would be “Harry REFUSES to talk to his brother!!!!”

    I know some squaddies are mad that Harry talked to him but what did people think was going to happen? Harry was always going to be civil and polite at the funeral.

    • Cecilia says:

      He could have easily avoided them and therefore avoid the whole interaction all together.

      • Amy Bee says:

        @ cecilia: Nah he did the right thing. His actions have served to cool things in the media who were ready with their knives out to criticise him if he didn’t talk to them . And Meghan would have taken the blame for his “bad” behaviour.

      • Becks1 says:

        Honestly, had he done that then the headlines would have been “Harry avoids brother! Harry refuses to make peace!” Etc etc.

        These headlines are annoying but I think they’re better than the alternative.

        Their interactions were always going to be scrutinized, at least here Harry comes off looking civil and like the bigger person.

      • Anne K says:

        I disagree Cecilia. Harry did what he needed to do with the world’s media watching on. If he had avoided them, it would have led to an additional 3 months of non-stop media speculation and whipping up of anger by the media that would have exploded in time for the statue unveiling especially assuming baby Sussex is due before or around then and Harry and Meghan might not attend .
        By being polite publicly, Harry effectively extinguished the media play and protected Meghan from bearing the brunt of whipped up abuse during her third trimester which would have been brutal if Harry had been rude yesterday.

      • Brielle says:

        I totally agree with you ( I know our take is unpopular )..Meghan is gonna be again the villain(she still is)..I would have preferred he talk to them in private and not give them that photo opportunity but I guess I am very protective of Meghan: I mean girl was suicidal during pregnancy because of these 2 assholes…

      • Lauren says:

        Had there been several hundreds of people at the funeral that might have been possible, but with just 30 people present and all cameras pointed at him and the other brother? Not doable. Harry made best of his situation, better make small talk in public and tell them to fck off in private.

      • carryrose says:

        Thankyou . You seems one of the same one in comment section. Lol harry should have totally avoided cambridge. Instead he was talking to them is a red flag to me. He could have walk behind the easily. How can you justify talking to someone who trash your wife and your child. Being civic also you can totally avoid that person. Kate calculated her shots and she even wait for harry . She was bitch to Meghan and never looked at her way . We have old say in my culture your karma goes to your kids. Kate might live till the end as good person. But she did lot of bad things especially to pregnant woman. That’s the huge karma and surely those karma will hit her children. That way nature balance out the karma.

        Look at andy for example , he is untouchable and he was protected. He bad karma is hitting his weakest astrology chart child which is beatrice. She married a scumb and her marriage which is last one in for many years happen in Secret instead ofgrand thing. She got bad press most than euegiene.

      • Ginger says:

        Agreed Becks. Also, “Phillip would be so disappointed in Harry for acting childish”

        Harry should do what is best for him and the situation and not for people on social media.

        He will have to deal with this for the rest of his life. He will always go back for funerals and he will talk with his family members. And Meghan will do the same. Meghan and Harry are classy decent people. The same ones that are mad at Harry for being cordial are the same the were mad at the Cambridge’s for being rude at the CWS.

      • Brielle says:

        @carryrose yes I am with you about him being polite but not walking with them?I mean what was that…? I am too black for this shit, I can’t with fakeness…Even in the interview ,he was saying that his father and his brother are trapped like trapped in what? White supremacy…He thinks his family is ok but the institution is racist…He is a white male born in that family,he can decide to return tomorrow and everything will be fine..Meghan life is a hell since being with him(crazy ppl are stalking her,her mother and pretending that she never had a baby,that she is blackmailing him like the worst thing) and to learn that she was suicidal…I just can’t….

      • Jaded says:

        Honestly… a funeral is NOT the appropriate place to air your dirty laundry, nor is it an opportunity to act like a rude child and ignore your family or be snotty to them. It was a day to honour the passing of their grandfather/father and to support the Queen and I think Harry handled it with maturity, respect and aplomb. We can’t change history, nor can the gutter press and racist bashing be stopped, but Meghan has proven her worth and her mettle time and time again, and she was the best thing to happen to Harry. They both chose a much better life of service and as my hero Michelle Obama so succinctly put it “when they go low you go high”.

  14. Sofia says:

    I thought Harry being civil was the best way to go. It didn’t look like a deep conversation happened and I wouldn’t be surprised if the conversation was all small talk of “hey how are you? sucks grandpa is gone” etc etc. And I do agree that the Cambridges stood back to try and talk to Harry as opposed to Harry rushing to talk to them.

    • Amy Bee says:

      The conversation was probably about the service

    • The Hench says:

      Also as he’s been civil here it means he can, if he chooses to, not come back again for the Diana statue unveiling. Here he is, on camera, chatting and walking with his brother. It reduces (not eliminates though) the opportunity for the press to scream about brotherly rifts if he stays in LA come July – which he probably would rather do. This is Harry buying his freedom to stay with Meghan later.

  15. Jane Doe says:

    W & K’s behaviour for the cameras – H. is treated like a stand-in with no agency. It’s like a textbook lesson in toxicity.

  16. Over it says:

    I didn’t watch so I have no idea

  17. Amy Bee says:

    If anything it showed that the Cambridges are only willing to talk to Harry when Meghan is not around. Plus they made it so that there was no way Harry could avoid them. What’s interesting is there was no evidence of Harry having any public interaction with Charles

    • Jellybean says:

      Charles was busy burying his father.

      • Em says:

        Agreed. Sometimes we do overlook the humanity factor with these people. I can’t believe I shed a tear watching the end of that funeral. But still, there is the humanity part of it all.

      • Isabella says:

        Well put, Jelly Bean. It was a funeral. There is a protocol to funerals, for good reason. You do the best you can. Charles had just lost his dad.

        I was happy to see the brothers speak. It’s never good to carry anger around, anyway. This was a good first step.

        Our family also has members who don’t like each other. But we’re fine in public.

    • CuriousCole says:

      It’s a little odd yes, but I’m not reading much into Harry and Charles not interacting. I’m inclined to believe they communicated privately before this, whereas Harry was a wall of silence with William until the day of, to avoid leaks, so the funeral was the only chance of acknowledging each other during a time of loss.

  18. Digital Unicorn says:

    Of course this was always going to happen – the Cambridges needed that shot more than everyone else and Harry is too classy to stomp off in front of the paps. Expect the rest of the week’s headlines to be about how W&K tried to talk to Harry and build bridges but he was not playing ball with them and their games. The Fail’s new headline is that William asked for space and Peter to be put between him and Harry – Cain is as bad as his wife for using his grandfathers death and grandmothers grief to throw them under the bus to get some good PR. We were told a few days ago it was TQ that pushed for this.

    And you can bet that they all spoke inside the castle before they left for the service. This is just Cambridge PR stunting.

    • Becks1 says:

      That’s the other thing we all need to keep in mind – they definitely spoke at Windsor before going to the chapel. So Harry talking to Kate and even William after the service wasn’t the “first time talking!!!!” Moment that the press is making it into. I also think we all know that nothing significant was said. Just pleasantries I’m sure.

      • Chartreuse says:

        ‘you guys’? If you’re so offended you’re welcome to grace the Daily Fail comments which would clearly be more to your taste.

        Suddenly today so many Cambridge stans appearing in the comments. Almost like… It’s planned

        BTW it’s pretty good speculation because Cain and unable have done this about a million times before. Not exactly a new strategy. They learned from the firm who’ve done same for decades.

      • Beach Dreams says:

        “ Suddenly today so many Cambridge stans appearing in the comments. Almost like… It’s planned”

        Yeah…and I think a couple of them are masquerading as Sussex fans too, because the style of typing in a few comments bitching about Harry is mighty similar. And from names I’ve never seen before today 🙃

      • Digital Unicorn says:

        Every once in a while these royal threads get visited by Cambridge stans, they are obvious – let’s ignore them. As they say don’t feed the trolls.

    • Thirtynine says:

      We know Harry loves and respects his granma. No matter his own personal feelings he wouldn’t add to her distress on what would have already been a very hard day, by contributing to a scene at her husband’s funeral. If Meghan was there she would have done the same. If anything, he would be satisfied by not playing into the RR’s hands. Nothing to see here, moving right along. They’ll still write stuff, but it won’t have any oxygen.

  19. L84Tea says:

    The whole thing felt a little uncomfortable to watch because I knew how the RR’s would act, but yeah, it was pretty unavoidable. I just really hope that in that short walk that an “I’m sorry” slipped out of Kate’s mouth. But I’m sure I’m kidding myself.

  20. Lauren says:

    Keen Guevara the peacemaker, first of her name is being heralded as the hero of the brothers speaking in public. If Harry happens to say that nothing has been resolved as far as he is concerned is going to be evil Meghan’s fault, she brainwashed Harry as soon as he went back to Montecito.

  21. LW says:

    I’m sure it will be unpopular opinion, but I really felt for both “boys” as they walked behind the coffin. They’ve acknowledged walking behind their mother’s was traumatic for them and I don’t see how doing it again wouldn’t be at least somewhat triggering.

  22. Edna says:

    Agree with everyone else’s comments. A funeral is not the time and place to act a fool. Regardless of how much disdain you have for someone. Harry did the right thing by being cordial and respect for his grandparents sake. It’s obvious what happened. Harry got used again to feed the tabloid beast. It will be interesting to see what made up stories/leaks are written about their conversations and whether Harry will push back on what’s reported.

  23. FancyPants says:

    Did people really think they were going to fight in public? [eye roll]
    I thought the choice/order to wear suits turned out very well. It “humanized” them somehow, made them look more like the grieving family that they are right now and less like pompous play-soldiers. I know that was completely unintentional on their part, but it played well on film to their overall benefit, I think.

    • Becks1 says:

      I also think the royals wearing suits let the military “shine” so to speak – the military bands and processions were a big part of the day and I think having the royals in suits let the military stand out more, IDK if that makes sense.

      • Couch potato says:

        Yes, it makes sense, and it also made the family stand out from the military. The way the family were dressed they had their “own uniform”.

      • L84Tea says:

        I think they all looked better in the suits anyway. The funeral had such a lowkey vibe to it that they actually would’ve looked really ridiculous in uniforms.

    • Izzy says:

      It was better overall, but I still rolled my eyes at Edward’s chest full of medals. He washed out of basic training, so those medals are basically participation awards for cutting ribbons.

      • Jaded says:

        All but Harry looked like tin soldiers with their unearned medals. Bunch of lazy wankers.

    • PrincessK says:

      I liked the morning suits. The military uniforms would have been over the top. Also I noticed that Harry had more decorations than William, which actually reflects the reality but I am also wondering about Edward??

      • Lemons says:

        Edward has been alive longer than William. Give it a bit of time and William will also have royal participation medals as well! Maybe a bit longer since he does less work.

  24. Linda Lou Lou says:

    The Canadian news was respectful and all about the ceremony, the tradition and the church. Maybe it’s because we are a Commonwealth country too, we understand more their traditions. We get the pomp and history. The US turns it more into gossip. I’m not sure even on this sad day why some are make it all about the brothers and their feud and Megan and oh Kate is fake etc. It’s like some take glee out of the feud and joy out of the brothers not being close. Sheesh feuds happen in all families. Why is everyone so joyful about it. Do people not have siblings themselves and understand the strong bond that is. Do people not wish them reconciliation ?! Why the joy here. Is it not time for the public to want healing for them vs. glee?!

    • Cecilia says:

      Healing can only happen when the Cambs (and quite frankly the whole royal family) PUBLICLY apologize to the sussexes. Don’t forget that they thought it appropriate to open an investigation on a very pregnant meghan simply because they wanted to get ahead of that oprah interview. But harry should be gracious with them? So that kate can het praised? Nahh F that

      • Guestwho says:

        @Eve – because they’ve not responded honestly. Because they’ve continued the same dangerous game of having their press representatives twist things to further damage H and especially M’s reputation.

      • Brielle says:

        @cecilia Again totally on board with you: racism +all these bull*** allegations of bullying to try to intimidate during her second pregnancy…but yeah we should totally forget and be cordial

      • Becks1 says:

        It wasn’t a response, it was a preemptive strike that frankly just proved Meghan’s points in the interview.

      • Laurie says:

        Lol yes the CBC is so anti-gossip, that’s why Katie Nicholl is on every royal segment on The National… 🙄

    • Nic919 says:

      I flipped back and forth between CBC and CTV and they both mentioned the William and Harry feud more than once, especially the CBC coverage, so they didn’t avoid the gossip. Also Lisa LaFlamme kept interrupting Lloyd Robertson so that was annoying too.

    • MrsBanjo says:

      @Linda Lou Lou
      You say all that, and yet the British media was happily making it about the feud. But sure.

    • Cessily says:

      The American outlets turn it into gossip because we don’t get the pomp and history? Wow that was extremely condescending because Canadian ET, Australian Sky news, CBC and many various other commonwealth stations I have watched are pushing the gossip that starts in the “Palace leaks” cycle that seems to be the British tabloid way of life. The stations here repeat what’s out there, every now and then some random outlet will point out the truth or support the Sussex’s get from named friends.
      I grew up watching CBC and BBC know all about the commonwealth as do many in the USA.
      Some of us even know French well enough to know exactly what the Canadian people are saying when they switch languages in public to talk about people around them..

      • Nic919 says:

        The Canadian coverage was no better and in fact I was annoyed that both CBC and CTV news people were commenting about the Harry and William situation as much as they did during a funeral.

    • anniefannie says:

      You wrapped all my feelings in perfect pitch!
      All of this speculation when they’ve lost their Grandfather is ghoulish at best. Let their grandsons mourn and get thru this as best as they can…

      • Guestwho says:

        It’s true that the (especially UK) tabloids have been ghoulish. It’s how they make money – and it riles up the fools who read them, so they continue to salivate for more salacious gossip to confirm their firmly held biases.

    • Isabella says:

      I also watched the CBC coverage. It was respectful, poignant.

  25. VIV says:

    I laughed when I saw them at the end – peacemaker in action! What a noble other brother to keep them family together! The tabs will be so pleased.

    On the uniforms, whatever the reason behind it I did find that it was a much nicer visual to have the family all matching in suits rather than all in various uniforms. Especially with the large military presence. It set them apart from all of the other attendants.

  26. My3cents says:

    Let’s talk about what we didn’t see, any interaction with Charles.

  27. Rapunzel says:

    It is not a betrayal for Harry to talk to William and Kate. We know they’ve talked by phone. This seems similarly unproductive.

    Did W&K get their “Kate the peacemaker” headlines? Sure. Do the RRs get to blame Meghan? Absolutely. But those things were gonna happen anyway. The media didn’t need the pictures to go with the narrative.

    As for the pictures of them talking. Yeah, it is a stunt. Buy Harry wasn’t about to let them have footage that makes look like a jerk at his Grandapa’s funeral. And let’s not get mad at that.

    • swirlmamad says:

      “Buy Harry wasn’t about to let them have footage that makes look like a jerk at his Grandapa’s funeral. And let’s not get mad at that.” ABSOLUTELY THIS.

      From what we know of Harry, he and Meghan have and always will take the high road. He was not going to allow visual proof of him doing the same sh*t his bro and SIL did to him and his wife at the CW service.

  28. Midge says:

    Peter Philips is messy but he’s a dish. A messy dish w a side of guacamole and sour cream 😋 Harry is hot AF. William is a big nope

    • Desdemona says:

      Lol… “A messy dish w a side of guacamole and sour cream 😋”…
      Thanks for the laugh..

  29. LW says:

    This! I still think the biggest issue is with Charles. He’s the one Harry seemed to take most issue with in the interview

    • PrincessK says:

      That is because Harry really loves and admires his father and has defended him much more than William, which is why he is doubly upset that his father has thrown him under the bus.

      • windyriver says:

        Charles is intelligent enough IMO to consider the possible parallels between how he feels upon his father’s passing, and what he would like Harry to feel in a similar situation. It’ll be interesting to see if that has any obvious impact, and where their relationship goes from here. Did read in one or two places Charles and Harry were going to take a walk together after the service and look at some of the tributes at Windsor, may or may not be true.

      • Dilettante says:

        Windy river, I hope you’re right.

      • windyriver says:

        @Dilettante – who knows? Charles does what suits his overall purposes, and the way he cut off the Sussex’s security and funding was cold. There’s a lesson in front of him with Philip’s passing; whether he heeds it, or it matters to him, is anybody’s guess. Failure to learn from what happened with Diana has led to a repeat with Meghan, that’s ultimately cost him Harry. Whether that’s only a loss of Harry as a working member of the organization, or something more personal and permanent, remains to be seen.

  30. mariahlee says:

    Editing my comment to say the Firm always wins. Kate’s just the current beneficiary of their machinations.

    • TeamMeg says:

      Welcome to royal watching, @mariahlee! (I saw elsewhere you were three years in…so cute!) You are right: The Firm always wins…until they don’t. Game of Thrones, and all. Let’s see what happens when the Queen passes. Not looking forward to that day. Long live the Queen.

      • Betsy says:

        That condescension feels unnecessary.

      • cassandra says:

        I enjoy reading the Royal posts, but I’m always hesitant to comment because these threads have been getting pretty snarky-especially if someone thinks you’ve said something nice about Kate or mean about Meghan.

  31. Julia K says:

    Did anyone ask Harry “how’s the wife?” Bet not.

  32. Shawna says:

    Imagine if the best thing you’ve done in many years is to …. go away.

  33. Crowned Huntress says:

    I’m more amused that people think Harry is unwitting to any stunt his family pulls.
    He doesn’t care. His grandfather just passed away.

    Not to mention he has an entire life that he built in spite of their malevolence to worry about now.
    It’s been a scary few years for Harry, his wife was suicidal, they had to flee the country, seek out employment, deal with lawsuits, lost a baby, signed major media deals, got pregnant, did Oprah…

    I mean come on. His perspective is so much broader than the petty meanness of his immediate family.

    If William looks stony faced it’s because he played a dirty, near deadly game and it blew up in his face. He ran his more popular brother out of the country because he felt overshadowed, now Harry is going to permanently eclipse the future heir to the throne for the rest of his life.

    What does William even have besides a future crown to a isolated nation in decline, in a world that sees him as a bald headed jealous bigot? William lost & will continue to lose because he has nothing to offer the world but his ego.

    Harry will throw them whatever photo opp they need out of pity because that’s what they are, pitiful, trapped and hollow people wanting to play dress up so they appear better than they actually are.

    Good King Harry’s reign is just beginning.

    • Chrissy says:

      Well put, Crowned Huntress! (love you name) Harry and Meghan win no matter what happens now. He’ll just have to swallow his bile for a few days , every once in a while and then leave the madness to return to heaven in Montecito. When he returns home, he’ll surely realize, once again, that he and Meghan made the right decision to leave and and they will live their best lives as they define it.

    • Linda says:

      “Isolated nation in decline” ?????? Epic fan fic.

      • Haylie says:

        Is it really though? Brexit is isolationist policy and The UK doesn’t have as much power on the world stage as they once did.

        This isn’t fanfic. This is reality that people with their heads buried in the sand won’t see.

      • Kkat says:

        Yup salty island is an isolated nation in decline, they cemented that with the brexit stupidity. The nail in the coffin so to speak.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Perfectly put Crowned Huntress. 💯 agree with every word. Good King Harry is just beginning his new life and Will knows he lost the plot badly.

    • one of the marys says:

      @crowned huntress You wrote everything I’ve been thinking as I read this long column. Summed up so very much quite nicely

  34. February-Pisces says:

    I feel bad for harry, he kinda got stitched up. We all know he’s a gentleman and he knew eyes were on him but the Keens knew what they were doing. Harry wouldn’t ignore someone in public like them ,remember Kate’s b*tch face at the commonwealth and when Willie ignored Meghan to adjust his scarf.

    He got set up, they Keen knew they had one shot. If anything this feels more like Kate that pushed it, seeing all the headlines are praising her. I find the 3 amigos act really jarring because the Keens still don’t understand optics. Acting all nice to harry when he’s alone but ignoring him when he’s with his biracial wife isn’t going to help rehab their racist image. If anything it only defines it even more.

    I’m mad that they used harry to rehab their image and to make it look like Meghan was left out in the cold.

  35. Amy Bee says:

    For all the stans mad that Harry talked to William and Kate, if he hadn’t the story today would have been about Meghan rather than Kate the peacemaker. As annoying as it is, I much prefer that to the press attacking Meghan late into her pregnancy. Harry did the right thing and he once again protected Meghan.

    • Brielle says:

      They continue to attack her… nothing has changed maybe Harry is missing being the third wheel

      • Amy Bee says:

        If all they’ve got is they miss the trio, it is much preferable to what they would have said about Meghan if he hadn’t spoken to them.

      • Ginger says:

        They will attack her the rest of her life. Harry speaking tong is brother isn’t going to change that. Damned if you do damned if you don’t. The articles will never stop.

      • ABritGuest says:

        Attacks on Meghan won’t change as long as she is married to Harry (probably would continue even if the press etc got what they wanted for her ‘audacity’ to take up that space). People need to get over the idea that there are things she/Harry could do to avoid that as attacks are driven by pure hate& they are determined to make Meghan the villain.

        The whole point of the smear campaign was to drive HER away& the press&firm has always made clear she’s the problem & Harry will always be welcome back. That’s just how it is even though he has said a few times he made the decision for them to leave & said the environment was destroying his mental health. He could say a million times he’s happy in his new life & Meghan would still get blamed & attacked for ‘taking him away’ from England.

        People put aside their differences all the time when there’s a solemn event like a funeral & just have small talk or reminisce about the deceased. what happened yesterday is likely no different. If he had held back & avoided the Cambridges press etc would still attack Meghan & claim she had insisted he not talk to his family. And Harry would be attacked for letting down his grandparents even on such a serious occasion. No winning in either scenario.

        If Meghan was there yesterday she would have been civil too despite the bullying and other smears because the day wasn’t about her. Harry said their relationship will always come first in the engagement interview so we’ll see as I’m sure they will be insisting on his attendance at more family events, claiming the queen needs her family around. I would side eye him if he is at another event that isn’t similarly solemn (eg Trooping/ Sandringham) yapping it up with the main instigators of the smear campaign whilst they continue to smear/ignore Meghan & not apologise.

        But being disappointed over politeness at a funeral doesn’t make sense to me.

    • Haylie says:

      But they’re still attacking her. They haven’t stopped. The day before Ol’ Phil died, the press was saying his wife and children were just a phase. This is all stuff coming from KP.

      I get that for optics, he couldn’t swerve and curb the Cambridges, but it’s also not a great look to ki-ki with people who will use that photo op to bolster themselves and keep on attacking your family. Especially since we now know they would’ve been fine if Megan had offed herself while pregnant. It’s not necessarily wrong for some people to reserve their trust for a white man born and raised in white supremacy doing right by his biracial wife.

      Still, I understand that neither he nor Meghan should be expected to live their lives by “squad rules,” and that fandom can veer into creepy ownership and entitlement.

      • Bonsai Mountain says:

        Thanks for saying this Haylie, because the idea it was okay to drive his biracial rife to suicide and endanger his mixed race child is triggering for a lot of people of color in the Commonwealth. This is not just a family disagreement.

    • Becks1 says:

      Also – hear me out, I know this is a shocking suggestion – it’s also possible that Harry talked to Meghan about how he would handle this and this – pleasant, civil, not avoiding them – was what she suggested. It’s possible that these two, who seem to have a strong marriage from what we see and know, had an idea this would happen and Meghan is 100% okay with what Harry did.

      • Nic919 says:

        Yes I mean it was Harry who looked like her wanted to murder people at the commonwealth service last year, not Meghan. So I am sure they discussed this before hand.

      • Feeshalori says:

        I was thinking the same thing. I’m sure since they’re talking every day, if not several times a day, they’ve been discussing an appropriate strategy of dealing with this situation and getting Harry through any difficult scenario that arises during his time there.

        But I really do hope he stays home with his own family for the Diana memorial.

      • PrincessK says:

        I agree. I wouldn’t be surprised at all. Harry and Meghan would have chatted about this scenario and probably even spoken just before the funeral. Meghan is the most intelligent of the bunch by far and will always be two steps ahead. I expect to see her in the U.K. later this year.

      • Topaz says:

        @Becks so agree because Meghan has class and now we know how she handled the offical engagements during her worst time and how polite she was and a class act to everyone. Even on her lowest day of all day. An angry face or action of Harry would have been used forever by the BM. I like how he handled it all, just shows how he can take on the mentor roles.

      • The Hench says:

        Absolutely – because what they have now and didn’t at the Commonwealth service is the photos of themselves. In them you can see clear as day how Meghan looks the most gracious continuing to smile and stay calm and how clearly emotions come through on camera. Harry looked like he was going to kill someone. Yesterday, he took a leaf out of his wife’s book and they probably did discuss it.

      • windyriver says:

        I’m sure Harry and Meghan discussed it at length before Harry even made the trip. They certainly knew more than the general public about why Philip was in the hospital, what his prognosis was, and his daily status post hospital. No doubt they were already prepared. At the time of the Commonwealth service, Harry’s future, and that of his wife and child, was completely up in the air, and the wound still fresh from what his family had done to put him in that position. A year later, he’s landed on his feet, and then some, and, as the interview showed, he’s got some perspective on the family he’s left behind. That probably made it easier for him to be pleasant in public. It’s not the same as forgiveness; he made it clear there’s a long way to go for that.

        Besides, it could be as simple as TQ, who Harry loves and respects, saying she didn’t want any behavior around the funeral fueling more press coverage of a feud between the brothers. Obviously Kate too was more than happy to oblige.

  36. Hell Nah! says:

    Not that anyone cares but I couldn’t help but notice how the Paedo was strutting like a peacock, chest puffed out, brow set to Serious, and frown tightly controlled.

    Grief is expressed in many forms, sure, and knowing the world is watching you has to play a part at such a moment but I found it an odd facial setting.

    Maybe he decided this was the best body language/expression to go with to hide his shame.

    • Dilettante says:

      He has no shame.

    • Lady D says:

      He was pissed he couldn’t play dress-up. He was more pissed that everyone knows mummy said no to his tantrum. I half expected him to be stomping his feet.

    • Doulton says:

      I believe he (Prince Paedo) had on a tight-fitting male corset which heaved up his chest to resemble a peacock. It’s quite visible in his posture.

    • Jaded says:

      He may have been pissed off that his BFF and partner-in-grift wasn’t allowed to attend.

  37. MsIam says:

    Can we move on now? Let the Sussexes have Baby Montecito in peace.

    • Snuffles says:

      This. I feel like Harry right now is like, “Enjoy your scraps because I ain’t coming back anytime soon. My baby girl is on the way and I’m about to cocoon with my wife and kids.”

  38. Islandgirl says:

    Prince Harry is a prince and was there to mourn and honour his grandfather. I would not expect him to act like a child. That is not the way a soldier and honourable man would behave and I am sure William and Catherine knew that.
    I believe that the way the tabloids were behaving they wanted that money shot and they got it. Also, I think that the family really needed a reset. They needed to have something tangible showing that the discord was not irreparable.
    But what comes next…after the flurry of stories and headlines. William and Catherine even Peter have shown Harry that even as they mourn what is more important to them – the image of the family and the needs of the tabloids.
    What does that say for the future of their relationship though. How does that impact on Harry’s ability to forgive and move forward. An important part of forgiving and rebuilding a relationship is trust.
    Can he trust his family?
    Based on this I don’t know if the leaking and briefing against the Sussexes and specifically Meghan will stop.
    What role does Charles play in all this?. We can see that he doesn’t really have the support of William. He therefore needs Harry’s goodwill and that will obviously not be given if he can’t control William and Catherine.

  39. Rapunzel says:

    Those saying this wasn’t a Keen Kween Kate stunt: I direct you to the Fail’s current headline about Kate kissing Charles on the cheek and comforting him.

    Kate the Windsor rock narrative running full speed ahead.

  40. Rapunzel says:

    What’s interesting is there is simultaneously a narrative of “Will wanted Peter between them- the family is frosty with Harry” and “Kate smoothed everything over.”

    There continues to be conflicting stories.

    I wonder if William wanted the “Harry is still a pariah and we froze him out” story. He might be upset that Harry spoke to him and ruined that narrative.

    That would be interesting…once again Harry’s civil behavior upsetting the rage monster.

    It seems the upset stans aren’t thinking about this- how it benefits Harry to be the bigger man.

    • Nic919 says:

      I think the conflict in the narrative depends on whether or not it’s Carole feeding them the story.

    • Amy Too says:

      Your comment and beach dreams a little bit below are closest to what I’m seeing with the clip, as well. Kate and William have diverging PR and diverging PR goals because they’re not on the same page, they’re not a team, they’re not really together. William wanted to go for the freeze out and Kate wanted to go for the peacemaker, I’m such a good friend of Harry’s, three amigos crap, which is why we have Kate hanging back so much to be with Harry and William looking like he’s about to grind directly through his teeth. I think the real story here isn’t so much Harry’s PR vs Cambridge PR and who “won” or comes out looking better, but Will’s PR vs Kate’s PR. And Kate got what she wanted. She is bold when it comes to protecting her image and getting the kind of PR she wants.

  41. Lizzie Bathory says:

    Gawd. The anti Harry & Meghan trolls are really out in force today. Raising my coffee mug to the Celebitchy moderators this morning.

  42. Beach Dreams says:

    Anyone who still wants to excuse Kate’s involvement and agency in palace-media scheming can kindly take a seat now. We saw a blatant example of said scheming in action on Saturday. Camilla Tominey laid out the foundation with her “peacemaker” story, and Kate eagerly carried out the stunt. She stopped and waited for Harry to finish speaking to the priest, even turning to look at him. In the process she forced Will to slow down.

    Harry probably thought that speaking to the priest would gracefully spare him from the money shots the media hoped for, but Kate basically cornered him. I’m not convinced that William wasn’t in on it too, but he did seem a far more reluctant participant than her. Notice how he fussed with his tie and clothing at first, then grudgingly gave into interacting. Harry seemed friendlier with the priest, but still aware and mature enough to be civil.

    I will say that Harry seemed far more relaxed versus the Gruesome Twosome, especially his brother. That picture of the brothers Kaiser posted yesterday…Will’s jaw was so clenched he could probably be an excellent nutcracker. I don’t think he and Kate will be getting much fanfare for their big wedding anniversary, and they know it.

  43. Sofia says:

    The comments today are… interesting to say the least. And the comments I’m referring to are the ones trying to pull a “Harry is dumb!” narrative and some possible passive aggressiveness towards the site/regular posters in general.

  44. Beach Dreams says:

    Also, WTF did people actually expect Harry to do at a FUNERAL??? His GRANDFATHER’S funeral at that??? Did you seriously expect him to snub people at such a solemn occasion? If he did that, the headlines would be so much worse for him AND Meghan, and the media would be feasting on the drama for *months*. He wasn’t a happy chatty patty either, so I have no idea what the posters claiming that were on about. Stop acting like he did a horrible act, when all he really did was respond to persistent engagement from the Cambridges. Kate gave him no choice but to interact, and once again, it’s a FUNERAL. Not the time to let your grievances fly.

    • one of the marys says:

      @beach dreams, it occurs to me too that he knows the world’s media is watching and he and Meghan now have a brand to protect, their names and reputations, behaviour etc are very important building their new financial portfolio. I think he and Meghan are very forward facing at present. Last year, at the Commonwealth service, he was hurting and had his legs knocked out from under him. He’s come back much stronger this year and smart about his priorities.

      • Beach Dreams says:

        Exactly @one of the marys. There is simply nothing positive or dignified in acting like a brat, especially at a serious event like a funeral. That kind of behavior is natural for his brother and his SIL, but Harry is not that kind of person and neither is Meghan. I agree, the way he’s progressed since that infamous Commonwealth service is beautiful to see. Last year he was clearly hurt and angry by his family, and now he’s at peace and comfortably moved on from them and their Machiavellian games. Not even Kate’s blatant PR gambit could phase him.

  45. Guest says:

    All it did was give more ammo to attack Meghan with. I definitely see why some in the squad are mad. Harry gave them the money shot.

    Let’s see if he stays for his grandma’s birthday. Definitely watch the Meghan hate stories amplify. It was never about harry, it was about their hatred of his biracial wife.

  46. FancyHat says:

    I’m irritated that Harry gave the Cambridges the PR they were looking for. But Harry and Meghan have always taken the high road. Reminds me of Obama giving Hillary the State job after she ran one of the most racist campaigns in Democratic history. The Obamas and the Sussexes just don’t hold grudges which is one of the many reasons they are beloved and better people than me

    • Still_Sarah says:

      @ FancyHat : Bringing your opponents into the fold after you’ve won is not unheard of in politics. It was better for Obama to have HRC busy with common goals than have her running around as a civilian making his life and presidency difficult. It’s good strategy.

      • FancyHat says:

        Yeah Democrats in the Senate wanted Hillary out so I get it. But I hate that she got rewarded for her racist campaign

  47. MrsBanjo says:

    Oof, the lot of you acting like Harry betrayed Meghan (and you) because he spoke some words to family AT HIS GRANDFATHER’S FUNERAL. As if Meghan wouldn’t have been equally civil had she been there. As if he and Meghan hadn’t done just that over the years. Did you not ever pay attention to any event? In the interview, Meghan talked about how she was treated from the beginning, yet by your logic she’s lying because of all the pictures of her smiling and chatting with Kate and William.

    Harry didn’t betray his wife. He didn’t betray you. Good grief, take a breather.

    • Sofia says:

      Yup yup. This has been one of the most exhausting comment section on this site in terms of blaming Harry that I’ve seen so far. Someone said it above, but some people are truly acting like Megxiters but blaming Harry instead of Meghan.

      • Lila says:

        They’re saying the EXACT same things mugxiters say. Remember when Trump said something like “I wish Harry luck because he’s going to need it?” Now “fans” are saying that. Mugxiters claim M manipulated H into marrying her and leaving the BRF. Now “fans” are saying that as well.

    • Becks1 says:

      RIGHT! Meghan has always been civil and smiling in public among the royals, this event would not have been any different.

      • Amy Too says:

        I can see how people view this event as being different though since this is the first royal family big event since the Oprah interview when everything came out. We all now know, vs just reading between the lines, the true extent of how absolutely vile that family was towards Meghan and how very very hurt she was, to the point of contemplating taking her own life while pregnant. There were some bombshells and some large betrayals came out, and we saw how upset Meghan was when she was speaking about them. They’re officially no longer working royals. All the other times that she was smiling and being civil, we know that she was doing that because she was working and she felt she had to do that if she was going to make her role in the family work. That’s no longer a consideration, and they’re safely out, so I can see how people might think that this is different and that Harry and Meghan are no longer forced to play act at being civil and smiling and pretending there is no rift. They went on international TV to speak about the rift, so we all know it happened and it was bad enough for them to have to leave the country and struggle for a bit with no security and no place of their own to live and questions about money and safety and threats. All because of the smear campaign that the Cambridges started.

        Last year, Harry was giving rage face at the CW service, so it’s not unprecedented for him to do that. And Harry gets more of a pass than Meghan ever would for showing distance, coldness, or even anger because he’s a super wealthy white prince at the top of the world’s social hierarchy. So Harry could get away with not chatting with Will and Kate if he felt that was a stand he needed to take. He and Meghan have probably agreed that that is not a stand he needs to take right now, in public, at his grandfathers funeral, for all of the reasons that have been stated in this thread already: it would be petty, it would take away from Philip and the Queen and the importance of the situation, it could lead to awful headlines that could go on forever, he’s now secure enough in his new life that he knows he will be returning to ASAP so that having to pretend for a minute isn’t as big of a sacrifice as it felt like two years ago, etc.

        But I can see how people were a little taken aback by it and jarred, especially since just a few weeks ago we saw the very raw and painful interview in which all the terrible things that family did to his wife were laid bare. We just found out about a lot of those things, so even though Meghan feeling suicidal was something that actually happened years ago, it’s something that we *feel like* happened only a few weeks ago because that’s when we learned about.

        I’m fine with what Harry did, and I would have been fine with him purposefully timing his exit from the chapel to be quite a bit later than Will and Kate’s exit so that there would be no question of him walking near them, but unless there have been a lot of comments that got deleted before I started reading, I’m not really seeing trolling or Mugxit-level comments. I’m just seeing a different opinion, one that prioritizes Meghan and her feelings and protection over Harry and what works best for him in this situation. I can see how people would like and trust Meghan more than they like and trust Harry.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Yes. Meghan has always shown grace under fire. At the end of the day, who she is now is who she was as a young girl. A young girl that wrote to a huge corporation asking for change.

        Too bad and sadly, the FIRM couldn’t recognize the importance and impact the changes they needed to make would help their image.

        I don’t support the narrative of Harry being untrustworthy. He did his duty to a grandfather and grandmother he loves.

    • Prairiegirl says:

      OMG thank you for writing this.

    • Monica says:

      Something to keep in mind: I suspect that Harry’s actions in public were guided by one thought: “What would Grandpa (and Granny) want?”

  48. Sid says:

    I mean, Harry and especially Meghan have shown before that at major events they try to put on a polite face and behave, no matter what. It wasn’t until the Commonwealth Service that we saw Harry break, thanks to the pathetic and nasty behavior of both Cambridges.

    And as for anyone trying to say Kate didn’t play her part in setting Harry up in order to get the money shot for her media masters, LOL.

  49. Ksweet says:

    Harry acted civilly, exactly as Meghan would have if she had been there. Taking the high road isn’t a betrayal of Meghan, and if Harry let them have some scraps of PR, he doesn’t mind that, either, as he knows he is well out of it and they are stuck there forever. Harry sees it all for what it is, a rather sad sham, especially with time and distance, and I think feels so grateful to have a different and much better life.

    • Em says:

      He probably just feels relieved after this. Like a confirmation that he did the right thing. And he’s well enough and happy enough that he isn’t worrying about crumbs of bullshit like this.

  50. Ohpioneer says:

    I think Wills suffers from Resting Tantrum Face.

  51. Jules says:

    Harry loved his grandfather. He clearly loves his grandmother. I’m sure Meghan understands Harry was going to do everything within his power to make the day about her. Grandma lost the man who was her support system.

    Well done

  52. Rapunzel says:

    My family had a huge rift 30ish years ago over inheritance. There was multiple lawsuits, and my uncle (at the center of the drama) tried to attack my mom with a shovel. There was a brief patch up, but when shovel uncle died, his daughter pushed my 70ish grandma while they stood in front of her father’s casket viewing the body (the day before funeral when were privately at the mortuary). All because my grandma said she was sorry for her loss.

    We still went to that funeral. We talked civilly at the wake. It was awkward but it’s what grown-ups do sometimes. And pushy cousin still came to grandma’s funeral too. And there were no scenes.

    I swear, it’s like some folks here belong on Jerry Springer.

    • Em says:

      My mom broke my aunties nose in a fist fight on the lawn on the night of my grandpa’s funeral (I was 12 – it was trashy as hell). They still had to be civil the next morning. This is peanuts.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        Dying about the funeral stories. I know families who seriously don’t consider it a true funeral unless the police are called.

        But, yes, some people can be grown ups when needed. Out of respect for themselves or a 95 year old grandma in mourning. When there are events where there is discord and animosity amongst attendees and the world is watching for something-a lot of people prepare ahead of time and tell themselves just for today I will act like everything is okay and be civil. (been there, done that except the world wasn’t watching) Having conversations with Will & Kate wasn’t a betrayal to Meghan or a reconciliation. It’s just a thing that happened that day and I would guess it’s something Harry & Meghan discussed ahead of time that would happen. It doesn’t matter what perception the Daily Fail or other tabloids want to put out. They will put out what they believe will give them the most clicks. Harry has been in real war zones before-though family ones sometimes feel like the worst. He’s fought along with people who he may not have liked or didn’t like him. But they did what was needed to do to get through the day.

        My snarky self imagines the conversation to go like this:
        W-So, exactly what receipts do you have?
        H-Wouldn’t you like to know and btw, any more future love letters from Dan Wootton forthcoming?
        K-I have know idea what you’re talking about. All I know is I never put a foot wrong.

  53. MJM says:

    I am sorry about the timing of PP’s passing and Harry was forced to fo back in that environment and thankful Meghan had reason not to. Hope Harry leaves the unveiling of Diana statue to William and stays home. These people are manipulative vipers and not to be trusted.

    Kate the peacemaker. B*tch please 🙄🤡

  54. TheOriginalMia says:

    I expected nothing less from Harry. He was there to honor his beloved grandfather. He wouldn’t do anything to sully the day. Being civil to his family was the right thing to do. The funeral was not a place for airing issues and animosity. It wasn’t a betrayal of Meghan to be the better man. Did people forget she smiled and tried to be amiable to W&K and Sophie at the Commonwealth service? And in the face of their rudeness and hostilities, she kept a smile on her face and never showed a flash of anger. She knows their behavior put them in a worse light, while she was at peace. They didn’t shatter her calm. I suspect in the year since then, she & Harry have spoken at length about how they would handle themselves when they return. They’ve won. They are out. The Cambridges are fighting an one-sided war. Harry doesn’t have to act a fool. He can be civil and bounce.

    • aquarius64 says:

      Agree. Meghan showed class with the wreath and personal note. She knows it was tough for Harry to go back.

  55. Tessa says:

    They would have frozen out Meghan.

  56. Harla says:

    William never waits for Kate, he just keeps walking and she has to rush to catch up, in 5 inch heels 🤬

    • FancyHat says:

      Yeah, he’s no gentleman that is for sure.

    • PrincessK says:

      William is the odd one out amongst the cousins, all the other men were happy to hold hands with their wives and chat with them. William just ignores everyone and can’t get away quickly enough from everybody.

      • Nic919 says:

        I thought that was very obvious as well. All the cousins who were there with their spouses either held hands or were close together. And Meghan wasn’t there so they couldn’t try to say that Harry and Meghan over did the PDA. What we saw were that the other cousins don’t give their spouse the cold shoulder like William always does to Kate.

      • Becks1 says:

        I thought that was obvious yesterday too. Zara and Mike were holding hands, edo and Beatrice were physical with each other, I have always gotten the vibe that Jack and Eugenie adore each other – william seems to want nothing to do with Kate. Even if he touches her back to guide her or something it seems so perfunctory.

  57. Xantha says:

    Anyone else thinks there are some bots in this comment section? Cause some of ya’ll are taking a few seconds of talking and making it out to be something bigger. He was never gonna throw hands or be argumentative to his family during the funeral. We only get glimpses of these people’s lives after all. He’s probably gonna be back in Montecito by Monday.

    • TheOriginalMia says:

      There are definitely bots and trolls in here.

      ITA, Harry will be home tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest. He’ll want to see his grandmother and his dad before he leaves. He just got out of quarantine on Friday. Not enough time to see everyone he wanted to see before the funeral. Take a few days, see the fam and friends and home to Meghan and Archie.

  58. RobinKeefe says:

    Please. It was a trap either way. Harry respected his living grandmother and the memory of his dead grandpa. Harry protected Meghan more IMHO by NOT being rude in the (obviously set-up) encounter. They would have denounced Meghan even more hideously for “making” Harry act rudely and disrespectfully. As someone said, it was highly unlikely it was the first time they spoke. Yes. I believe Meghan would have acted civilly, too, It is in her good character and nature.

    • Jaded says:

      You hit the nail on the head. It was exactly as I thought – Harry merely chose to take the high road and make the best of a bad situation. I’m sure he and Kate and William spoke briefly and politely, nothing more. They were there to respect the passing of their grandfather and show the Queen that she is loved and supported by her family, not to have some Jerry Springer set-to in front of the world. Harry and Meghan will always outclass the Cambridges.

  59. Penguin says:

    I think the running commentary on a funeral procession is quite morbid and classless, personally. We buried my grandmother this November and I just remember being in a fog, barely aware of myself or anything around me. These are real people leaving the funeral of a loved one, it’s not Sunday night football. I thought it deplorable when it happend at thier mother’s funeral and it’s still horrendous. Never forget that it wasn’t their family that forced them to walk behind their mother’s coffin, it was the public wanting a public show of greif to satisfy their own morbid curiosity. They could only obey or be accused of not caring enough.

    • Rnot says:

      No, it was the royal family that coerced and manipulated William and Harry to walk behind the coffin. They were afraid Charles would be attacked if he didn’t have his children there to act as human shields. He sent his f*cking Press Secretary to try to convince William. When that didn’t work then Philip offered to walk with them and told him that he’d regret it for the rest of his life if he didn’t do it. Their grief was used to protect the monarchy.

      From the Guardian’s article on Alastair Campbell’s diaries:
      “Fresh details about the turbulent week after the death of Diana dominate the final extracts of Campbell’s diaries. Blair’s former communications director writes that fears for the Prince of Wales’s safety became clear during a conference call on 4 September 1997 with courtiers who were with the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh at Balmoral. These included Sandy Henney, then press secretary to the Prince of Wales, who was sent to Balmoral to advise Prince William that his mother would have wanted him to follow her coffin.

      Campbell writes: “Sandy Henney had been sent up to try to explain why he might do it. She [Henney] was obviously saying it was what his mother would have wanted whilst there was also the fact it would avoid the risk of Charles being publicly attacked.”

    • Lizzie says:

      It absolutely was the family who forced them to walk behind their mother’s casket.

  60. swirlmamad says:

    I do believe if Meghan were there, there would have been a concerted effort, at least on the Sussexes’ part, to speak to the others. I know it looks bad, but I think that Harry did that to quash any perception of cold-shouldering, at least on his part. He can go home now having a clean conscience that he did the “right” thing. If he had blanked them all, the press would have a field day on what an as*hole he is and how he is fueling the flames of the feud. It’s frustrating for those of us who dislike the Cambridges for everything they have done up to this point and this makes it seem as though they are getting a pass, but I don’t think Harry had many other options than to do what he did. The press was going to vilify Meghan and blame her no matter what happened so they decided the best plan would be to “go high”.

  61. bitsycs says:

    3m before the 2016 presidential election, my brother verbally attacked/personally insulted me because my other brother told him we should probably not discuss politics (he is irrationally insane about HRC and attacked me because I was unequivocal in my support for her) at an upcoming birthday weekend I’d planned for my two kids. It was so bad I had to block him from my phone and social media, because he wouldn’t stop, and like always, my mother defended and excused his behavior (10.5y before this incident when I was pregnant with my first child, he said he hoped my baby didn’t end up happening because I wouldn’t let him touch my stomach – my mom defended that too). All this to say, I really have a lot of issues with him (and my mom clearly) and at that point decided I was 100% done with him.

    3 days before the 2016 election my beloved grandmother (also my namesake) died. Her funeral was 2 days after the election. I had said after the incident 3m before I would not be around my brother anymore, but I had no choice if I wanted to grieve my grandmother with my beloved grandfather and extended family. So we went and I avoided him as much as possible and was absolutely not going to make a scene at my grandmother’s funeral and the eyes of the world weren’t on me, hoping for gossip.

    I have no doubt that’s what was going on here and anyone claiming it was detente, peacemaking on Kate’s part is delusional and embarrassing themselves.

  62. L4frimaire says:

    I saw a lot of people on Twitter freaking out and getting upset about Harry talking to Will and Kate, saying he betrayed Meghan, but don’t know what they expected at this funeral. I didn’t watch it, so not speculating. For all we know they spoke of the weather and the service. No matter wha was said, that family is still actively briefing against Meghan and Harry saying a few words to his brother isn’t going to fix that anytime soon. I really get irritated with those who think Meghan has a lot of control in this situation, when from the interview, it’s obvious she’s always been in defense mode, and self protection. Everyone wants these dramatic soap opera moments, with icy looks and shoving matches, as if that would happen at this funeral with the global press everywhere. It’s annoying.

  63. vertes says:

    I watched the last 2 hours of the livestream. Never did find Sarah Chatto & her spouse. The only shot of Penny Knatchbull was her seated at the far end of a pew.
    Chas did cry & wipe his eyes a few times. Camilla’s lace mask looked odd. Anne got a bit weepy during the walk. Sophie took off her mask a couple of times, first in the vestibule, where the archbishop had waited for QE.
    QE walked a bit haltingly upon arrival & looked frail.
    Harry sometimes looked down at his lap, maybe to hide tears, but I didn’t see him wipe his eyes. Kate’s updo looked really good from the back.
    Bea’s ponytail needs conditioner. Mozzo checked for camera angles every time he & B were in a shot.
    What’s the male equivalent of RBF? Andrew’s got it.

    • CMS says:

      Sums it up pretty good. I thought Eugenie and Zara both looked great being so newly post partum.

  64. CMS says:

    Sometimes I think both sides try to put a spin or a tonne of drama into it. Maybe there isn’t as much drama as we think. Maybe they just went to a funeral of a loved family member, behaved themselves and then are kind of getting on with it. Harry in California, TRF in England. That’s that. Who knows what each of them were thinking or planning? They are a family and sometimes that is just the way things go.

  65. Nick says:

    lol about not being allowed to wear uniforms because that made it clear that Harry has more medals than William.

  66. NotSoSimpleTaylor says:

    The palaces don’t necessarily need the feud to be over but they need it to disappear from public consciousness . It doesn’t help anyone to keep these feud rumors going. It doesn’t help Harry in his new life to keep having to answer for his old life and it doesn’t help the palaces at all. I highly doubt William and Harry were ever close and they all know this story spun out of control and as much as I love them – Harry and Meghan did stoke the fires with Oprah and turned it into one of those Northern California wildfires I see on the news.

    I do believe that Charles and Elizabeth instructed all 3 of them to figure out a way to make nice faces on Saturday to put the feud to rest. For all we know, Harry was smiling through his mask and calling Kate a two faced effing c-word. But I do think while, publicly speaking, the feud is being put to rest, I think Harry will be completely cut off from the family once Elizabeth is gone. I also think his grandmother is the only thing keeping Harry willingly in close proximity to any of them. However, instead of being loud and splashed all over the press everyone is now going their separate ways quietly and I think after everything, it’s for the best that this comes to a quiet end. This allows Harry and Meghan to move forward.

    So one rumor I have heard and I’m not sure able to confirm is true is that Harry signed all of his Netflix, Better Help, and Spotify contracts as Harry Mountbatten-Windsor. I personally think it would be an amazing honor to his grandfather if he announced that would be his non-royal name going forward (not necessarily giving up his titles but announcing a more normal name for his businesses). Philip was always salty about the fact his children couldn’t take his last name. This could be a way to make up for that.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Interesting rumor in the last paragraph, thanks for that. It’s definitely plausible since Archie already has it as his surname. I disagree with your take on the Oprah interview though. IMHO Harry and Meghan had to do this because the BRF just wouldn’t stop attacking them. I feel like the birth certificate story might’ve been the last straw for H&M and was probably a factor in their choice to do an interview. It at least forced the BRF to temporarily pause their attacks on Meghan and it put a highly uncomfortable spotlight on them for a change.

      I agree on the severance of family ties when the queen passes. I think there’s potential for it to be mutual, but I wouldn’t readily assume the BRF is eager to cut off Harry after his grandmother is gone. They wouldn’t be pushing for him to come back (alone) if that were the case. For whatever reason, Harry is considered essential to William in a way that previous spares hadn’t been to their heirs. I think it was you who mentioned rumors of William having serious issues/vices that required state-level coverup? Whatever the problem is, it must be terrible enough for the monarchy to be so worried about Harry’s decision to leave.

      I said this after seeing the Corden show and again after the Oprah interview, but I think Harry is waiting for his grandparents to pass before initiating that total severance from the monarchy. Now his grandfather is gone. We’ll have to wait and see how he and the rest of the family act after Elizabeth.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Okay, that isn’t right. I was in my early 40s. Wow, time flies!

        Edit to my comment below.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      NotSoSimpleTaylor, I think the only way to confirm how he signs his name is to see the contracts, etc. Otherwise? I’ve thought for some time that professionally they should use Sussex, because they are known by that name. In their personal lives they probably will use Mountbatten-Windsor, because that’s Archie’s last name and undoubtedly will be Baby Girl’s last name, too.

      I wonder how well the Commonwealth countries will “forget” the racism against Meghan and their child(ren)? The brf must believe burying their heads in the sand will make everything disappear. They may want it to disappear from the public consciousness, but wishing isn’t going to make it so.

      I found your comment about the brothers’ closeness really interesting. I’ve wondered for sometime if they were as close as everyone said. I was in my 30s when Diana died, so I was old enough to understand what Charles did back then. I just got the feeling that with Harry in the military and living such a different life than his brother, that they would no longer have very much in common. Especially when Harry went on to create Sentabale and Invictis, etc.

  67. Chelsea says:

    I know this gets talked about a bit here but im wondering if what we saw yesterday is a divergence in Kate’s PR vs William’s because from the footage i saw on Twitter when they were walking out Harry was behind Anne and her husband; yet by the time hes outside Kate is further back so that she could talk to him in plain view of the cameras. It seemed like a deliberate set up on her part that I’m not sure William would have initiated especially with Royas new “exclusive” about how William didnt want to walk with Harry but Katie Keen played “peacemaker”. This is the story the Middletons wanted out there but im not sure it’s the one William wanted.

    As for Harry, i said it on that Omid post the other day where he downplayed William’s shady “tribute” but the Sussexes strategy this week seems to have been to try and keep the focus on Philip and not get engaged in any feud BS that William and the press were trying to drag him into which is why they stayed quiet on the statement, uniformgate, etc. So with that in mind it’s not surprising to me that when Kate trapped him he just played along and spoke to her and then William. If he had tried to ignore her or avoid her it would’ve been on the front of every Sunday paper with Meghan blamed and as you said Americans are watching so there’d have been rolling cable news coverage as well. Im not thrilled about some of the stupid stuff the British press will write this week but people being cordial at a funeral doesn’t sell nearly as much as people fighting at a funeral nor does it harm Harry and Meghan’s reputations while they’re building their brand or invite controversy that a pregnant would bear the brunt of, so i think it was the better of two incredibly sh*tty options.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      I’m thinking so too, because a lot of the British media’s attention is being focused on Kate right now. Her “touching tribute” with the jewelry, her “peacemaker” role, and now her comforting Charles at the funeral. This was basically a quick Middleton PR assault after a month of tasteless stunts and frenzied articles. Really, yesterday was a shameless continuation of the stunts. It was also a reinforcement of the narrative that she and Carole have been frantically putting out: that she’s essential to William and to the royal family as a whole. I imagine that she and her mother are quite pleased at the moment. Will…probably not so much.

      • JD says:

        Agree with this. Middletons should be more focused on Penny attending and understanding that is the future for Kate. Instead they’ve been working overtime on PR spin. Harry went high and it was his only option. Also wonder if one of the brothers told Kate to give them time alone as they were walking, which forced her to step back w Sophie. She never would have left them otherwise.

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Beach Dreams, what I can’t figure out is if K is so essential to W, then why do they keep saying that Harry is essential?

      • Beach Dreams says:

        @Saucy&Sassy: It’s one of the biggest mysteries to me too. Sure, Harry’s his only sibling…but Harry shouldn’t be SO necessary to the point that the Firm is desperate for him to return. William has his future consort and yet that’s apparently nowhere near enough for him. I can only guess that the Firm and the press want Harry to continue to play the scapegoat while maintaining the monarchy’s appeal. They know that William doesn’t have the charisma of his brother, and his popularity is only by virtue of being 1) Diana’s golden boy and 2) not Charles. I imagine without Harry around, it will eventually become more difficult to hide William’s flaws and protect his family man image. Perhaps William is even more unpleasant and unprepared for his role behind closed doors than we know.

      • swirlmamad says:

        Was K outwardly comforting Charles? She wasn’t too busy comforting her husband??

      • Beach Dreams says:

        @swirlmamad: Today the Fail had pictures of her hugging and kissing Charles. Both were maskless too…more disregard of the guidelines by the royals. I’m sure there’s going to be a post on it tomorrow.

  68. Midnight@theOasis says:

    Remember what Meghan said in the Oprah interview about things never being what they seem. The picture behind closed doors is always different than the make believe actually presented to the world.

  69. Gk says:

    All this furor now doesn’t matter. It’s like Princess Diana, in the end history will prevail. It won’t be kind to the royal family IMO. Harry and Meghan won’t be negatively potrayed overall, but they are not important ( unless they do something more than what they are doing now). The problem is the royal family isn’t important either. It is outdated celebrity, minimal philanthropy, without merit.

  70. Linda says:

    I think William was trying not to be emotional. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have to parade your grief in front of the world everytime someone you love dies. And then no matter what you do your every move is picked apart and analyzed. The RF did not allow the three big tabloids to have access to coverage of the funeral. There’s a lot to be read into that.

  71. paddingtonjr says:

    Harry probably knew that he couldn’t get out of the UK without at least one picture of the brothers. He looks like he and William didn’t exchange more than “so sad about granddad, how are you?” He got through it and can now go back to his life in California knowing he did what he came to do: say good-bye to Philip, see how his gran is doing and get through seeing his brother without punching him out.

  72. Jayna says:

    There is no doubt in my mind that they had spoken previous to the service. So that walk wasn’t the first time. Kate and William slowed down and Harrry sped up so as to walk with them. Sure, it was planned, but good for all of them. I’d rather see them back on basic talking terms than complete estrangement during their beloved grandfather’s funeral and this visit used for some breaking of the ice regardng communication again that can in the future lead to some real discussion between the two of them at the appropriate time (not the funeral and surrounding events of it.).

    • Randie says:

      Excellent post!
      I agree they had spoken previous to the funeral service. Yes, that walk wasn’t the first time. Kate stalled and then drifted into the street to make room for Harry to walk along side William. Harry sped up so as to walk with them. Sure, it was planned. Harry would have never sped up if things hadn’t been repaired somewhat with William that week…

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Jayna & Randie, it’s interesting that you believe that the PR money shot could lead to some kind of reconciliation between the brothers. You do understand that when your FAMILY members use the BM to smear you with racist, sexist, etc., articles, and your FAMILY are racist to her, and won’t give her the help she needs when she is suicidal, that unless there are sincere apologies given to Meghan and Harry, that there’s is no way forward to reconciliation. I don’t know why people seem to think that those issues are so unimportant that they will get glossed over on the way to reconciliation.

    • cassandra says:

      That was my thinking too. This was a planned move (by all three) for the cameras to try and kill this story before it overwhelms the entire royal family. Now, did Kate add a little undiscussed razzle-dazzle spin in there to make herself look like the savior? Most likely.

      I’d say that whole family has two things in common: they’re grieving Phillip and wishing the ‘war between the brothers’ story would vanish from the papers. The only person who I think benefits from it is Andrew.

  73. aquarius64 says:

    That story of William wanting him and Harry divided by Peter blows up the brothers united story.

  74. Well Wisher says:

    It is difficult having to leave a highly dysfunctional relationship that involve a relative(s) where there are unique family and/or cultural implications. No doubt as in this case for Harry.
    Despite appearances, Harry does not need the Cambridges emotionally, it is the other way. It seemed like Harry has ‘adulted’ and Bill is furious that he has lost his brother’s trust. He has misuse that trust to make life untenable for the Sussexes.
    Eventually they left and as part of the healing process, spoke publicly about some of their experiences.
    The reaction at the funeral is noted as a last gasp attempt to recapture control by rewriting the narrative by the wife ( is responsible for the drama?) and media enablers. It is impossible as to whom they are trying to impress since the vocal UK public is skeptical and others unbothered.
    After noting the clenched jaw since there was no apology, Harry politely ignoring the enabler there is still enough room to spin this as a reconciliation? I guess it is, with the usual blame on Meghan.
    It did one thing, it affirmed why the interview on Oprah was necessary. It put the right people on notice and caused them to make mistakes.
    It contrasted how much some of the family members loved Prince Philip – the Queen, Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Peter, Harry and Eugenie to mention a few, than drama.
    It was a funeral, a necessary ritual, not a job of optics and self promotion.
    While listening to it on CBC we were told that there will be no other communication after the funeral. I wish it were true.
    I hope well-mannered Harry gets to visit with the important extended members of his family in relation to the cause of the trip, and get home to his pregnant wife and son. He needs a mental health break after this.

    • Anance says:

      Yes, the Oprah interview was very important. It showed the BRF that not everyone believes their stories and that they will be contradicted if they spread falsehoods. That’s why leaking to Gayle King about unproductive conversations was vital, as well. If not the BRF would have espoused a lie along the lines of “they’ve been talking, things are definitely improving.”

  75. February-Pisces says:

    Charles and Keen were seen kissing on the cheek after the funeral (I don’t know how that’s allowed within Covid guidelines). Anyway they are all complicit in Kate’s embiggening campaign. The Keens have repeatedly thrown pretty much every member of that family under the bus and no matter what, they still step in and prop them up. I also saw the other day a pic of Zara’s daughter with Phillip. It was a very sweet moment, but who walks off with all the credit , Kate obviously, cos she’s the one who took the pic.

    Anyway if Willie and Kate’s marriage implodes one day, Kate will probably walk off with most of the sympathy leaving the whole monarchy in the sh*t, and they will deserve it. they were the ones who place her on a pedestal that high.

    • Anance says:

      Kate wants to please her mother and become Queen Consort. As for taking the picture, this isn’t the first time we have seen snaps taken by Kate. I believe she goes to family gatherings with her camera to have something to do, more than anything. It keeps her occupied while her vile husband sneaks off to wherever with whomever.

      The Tindalls put the pic up on Twitter because they liked it. It was very nice, btw.

  76. Over it says:

    Why does Chucky, randy , baldimort and so many of these people refuse to wear mask? Vaccine doesn’t mean you are 💯 safe .

  77. Faye G says:

    I’m glad Harry got that out of the way, he appeared composed and dignified even when in the middle of the vipers pit. I hope he goes back home soon and doesn’t set foot in England for a while.

  78. Jocy says:

    I think if we love H&M we need to love the whole world and always root for doing what’s right and loving even if it doesnt strategically make sense at the moment.

  79. SmalltownGirl says:

    I have been in the position of cutting off toxic relatives and it’s hard. After a decade I still struggle with my decision and mixed feelings. And the hardest moments are when circumstances force me to interact with them because when I am with them it is harder to remember why I cut them off and it is harder to shut them out face to face because I do love them so I have a lot of sympathy for Harry because it is probably much easier to remember the reasons for the estrangement when he is in America than it is when he is there with them.

    • Carabella says:

      Well, even baddies have a good side. It’s the percentages that matter. We stick with people who are mostly good but not the reverse.

  80. JennEricaMS says:

    If it was all planned, I like to think that Harry walking with William and Kate was an act of grace on his part but, more importantly, a gift to his granny on what must be a destabilizing and emotional time in her life. Who knows what happened behind closed doors when the cameras weren’t there but I’m sure the last think Harry wanted to do was cause QE anymore pain than she was already feeling. He is much too good for that family and they definitely don’t deserve him. Another thing, the tabloids can say what they want but it’s nowhere near Harry and Meghan’s reality and counts for next to nothing. The truth is that Harry has already won, especially compared to the rest of his family. He has his life in California, a family he adores, and the freedom and privacy to live on his own terms.

    • Randie says:

      Yes that’s where I’m going with this also. If it was all planned…”it was an act of grace on his part but, more importantly, a gift to his granny”…

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      In agreement. The tabloids can and will say whatever they want and it’s nowhere near H & M’s reality and means nothing at this point. They have their freedom, privacy, friends who are family, (cause seriously sometimes being related by blood doesn’t mean all that much sometimes) and choice of work. One day/week of spending time with relatives who have proven to be untrustworthy isn’t going to erase the damage done. You move on and live your life. They’ve accepted the fact that the tabloids/some family members will put out whatever narrative they want. It will be interesting to see what happens when the new PR people start. If I were one of the new PR people I would start off with what can we do to end this stronghold the tabloids have on you. And then show examples of public figures/celebrities who’ve owned up to their sins/bad behavior. Look at Robert Downey Jr.. He really messed up, eventually owned up and now most people think of him as Iron Man. When you release your secrets, make amends and show contrition, you take away the power people might have over you. If the monarchy really wants to modernize and become relatable they need to demonstrate/do just that. Allowing the tabloids to exert any kind of power over them only shows how powerless they are.

      Harry is showing he’s fearless and Salty White Isle doesn’t hold power over him anymore. If he was someone who could be described as petulant-he would never have shown up for the funeral. Petulant people don’t do that. He had the complete support of his wife going.

  81. boyd says:

    Wearing Jewelry is the tackiest thing ever.. No one is there to look at you FAKE MIDDELTON.

  82. Abby says:

    I’m sure this has been mentioned already, sorry, but I looked at the Instagram coverage yesterday. Kensington Palace photos of the professional cropped Harry out—it did not need to be cropped that way. The royal family account kept him in.

  83. A says:

    I think that Kate became extremely conscious of her behaviour during the Commonwealth ceremony, where she snubbed Harry and Meghan big time, and was called out heavily for it, particularly since Harry was glaring daggers at the backs of both of their heads. I think she wanted to make sure that no one could make the same criticism of her ever again, so she made sure to pause for a moment and chat with Harry.

    Her slowing down to include the Countess of Wessex also seems very calculated. Remember how Sophie was also criticized heavily last year for being a total d-ck to Meghan and Harry? Isn’t it just so very convenient that it’s the two of them who made the effort to walk with, and talk to, Harry? How interesting.

    • Tessa says:

      Only trouble, Meghan was not with Harry at the service. So she could not make amends since both of them were not there. It also encouraged bots to say it was “Meghan’s fault” because Harry and Kate “get along.”

  84. Carolind says:

    I have just seen three photos of Kate putting her arm round and kissing Charles just before they left the building. I don’t blame them for that. I was at a relative’s funeral in Scotland last August and the family were hugging people.

    Charles and Harry were meant to have walked together today if that can be believed.

    From the film I saw of the funeral, Harry wanted to walk with William and Kate. He went up between them.

    The royal who made the racist remark is meant to have been Anne. Charles would never have made a remark like that.

    • BlueToile says:

      Wait. What? “Charles would have never made a remark like that?”
      I sincerely hope you are being facetious.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        And Anne? No, she was labeled the scapegoat by lcc. This person is regurgitating published rumors by tabloid sources that never back their claims and are always proven wrong.

      • Carolind says:

        Bluetoile, No I am not being facetious when I say that I don’t think Charles would ever make a racist remark. He is too clued up on the Commonwealth etc. Also it is well known that when he becomes king he wants to be DEFENDER OF FAITHS NOT Defender of the Faith, meaning Church of England as it is at present.

        What evidence- not general twittering- have you to suggest that Charles is racist?

        I came onto this site because I disliked Kate. I do like Charles. He has many faults but I still like him.

        I would also say that all the DM readers – and people I know personally – who love Kate and William also love Diana and hate Charles and Camilla. If Charles was not perfect, neither was Diana.

    • Kkat says:

      lol nice fan fic carol
      Of course chuck would say something racist, there are many clips and instances of him doing so.
      He also cut off their security and the location got leaked when they had death threats against them
      It was him or baldy, I lean towards it being baldy. But it absolutely could have been chuck.

      Who it wasn’t, was Ann. That was a RR and tabloid talking point, so you gave away where your from.

      Geesh what is with this influx of lamebridge stans pushing agendas.
      Spoiler: we won’t let you take over and ruin our site

      • Carolind says:

        OK I read Anne was the culprit. I don’t give a damn if it was William. I heard he was racist in the Army and I DID work with military who knew the royals personally although they did not say this.

        All those blaming Charles though give ONE recorded instance of Charles actually being racist. Not idle gossip or speculation but a definite incident. If you don’t all line up to do this then shut up about him being racist.

        Also just because someone disagrees with you, don’t give all the rubbish about that person being a Cambridge supporter when they darn well aren’t. Accept other views and grow up.

  85. B says:

    This sounds juvenile, but I asked my friend “what the heck is in Prince William’s pocket in the last pic?” He said “keys to the castle.” Hahaha

  86. Poisonella says:

    Glad Meghan stayed home, she doesn’t need this stress. I do believe that the best thing ever to happen to Harry was hooking up with a strong, intelligent woman- he’s not the brightest bulb.

    • BlueToile says:

      I think we can all do without the Meghan-is-the-brains-wears-the-pants-controls-dim-Harry narrative. 😏

    • Haylie says:

      Clearly not like those “geniuses” Will and Kate.

    • Sofia says:

      You can compliment Meghan without trashing her husband.

    • Jaded says:

      We don’t all need to be Einsteins to be good people. He’s done 2 Afghanistan tours in active duty, created the Invictus Games, developed Sentebale, gone on Walking with Wounded tours, and much much more. FFS give the guy a break.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      I certainly think he’s brighter than his bitter, nasty brother. People continue to infantilize and underestimate him.

    • Kkat says:

      This is a common megxit/tumblr talking point, why don’t you scurry back over there

    • norah says:

      oh look another cambridge troll – last person to talk about harry and intelligence.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Poisonella, so you think that “dim” people fly black hawk helicopters? Are you out of your ever lovin’ mind? Harry has been portrayed as dim, but I think you need to let go of your prejudices and look at his body of work. I think you’ll find that Harry is far from dim.

      Also, I am more than a little offended by your specious use of the word dim, when you know Harry was in the military for 10 years. Is this your perception of all who are in the military?

    • @Poisonella.
      Prince Harry is not dim. He doesn’t need to be a genius to be successful. The reason he is successful is because he’s humble enough to admit to himself that he needs to understand himself and improve himself. Maybe that’s the reason why he went to therapy, served and was deployed in Afghanistan, founded the Invictus Games, initiated a mental wellness campaign to name a few. He has such a wide perspective on real life issues that’s outside the 4 corners of the classroom that makes him so genuine and relatable. He’s a very interesting person that everybody wants a piece of him and couldn’t get enough of him. People are willing to open doors for him. His ability to make robust, genuine connections is what gives him an edge and an X factor.

  87. Virginia says:

    Tell that to the RR and the media because the funeral was all about Harry, PWT and keen Guevara the peacemaker.

  88. Randie says:

    Redsnapper said earlier: “The three were walking together, but when Kate dropped back next to Sophie, Sophie rubbed her shoulder while Kate wiped her eyes with a handkerchief. Am I the only one who noticed? Kate seemingly upset?”

    Spot on. I do feel it was all for show. It was carefully orchestrated.

  89. 1. In the full BBC video, you would see that William forged to walk ahead of Kate and then looked back and called to signal to Harry to join him. Harry hang back a bit to talk to the priest hurriedly and William turned again to check on him. All this time Kate was walking slowly as if to wait for Harry to move on. And then she sped up a bit. And then Harry sped up to catch up with William and Kate. And then finally there was the three of them in the frame until Kate slowed down her pace and joined Sophie and Louise behind her. Why does the British media make it like the reconciliation was because of Kate? Definitely not. William wants that shot with his brother for whatever reason. And Kate knew this that’s why, after she knew that enough pictures were taken of the three of them, she exited the frame and let just the two brothers be photographed. She knew she did a good job and was sort of perspiring after that and took a hanky to dry her sweat. Whew !
    I also think there was a previous meeting between the brothers prior to the funeral. That shoulder-to-shoulder walk didn’t happen spontaneously. Absolutely not because of Kate.

    2. I believe that the funeral was watched by over 13 million in the UK because of the hype about Harry. He is the same reason why global viewership was high. Everybody’s interested in Harry. He commands attention just like his mom. He is the real superstar in that family— not Kate, not William.

  90. Clio says:

    Well, I don’t believe how

  91. Prince Harry and Meghan were ridiculed by the British media for being cold with their official tribute to Prince Philip. Now in the Royal Family Instagram account exactly the same words were said “In loving memory of His Royal Highness The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.” And the British media is all quiet. How’s that for fairness ? That’s why the Sussexes call these lot the so-called carnival of royal experts. How deserving!

  92. blunt talker says:

    I agree with most of the posters-This was discussed and planned before the funeral so the vile British press can get their money shots-Great play by Harry and Meghan to disfuse the ugly narratives about family rifts-They all were cordial after the funeral is what those family pics tell me. No heavy discussions of rifts in the public eye-Behind close doors-certainly.

  93. Carolind says:

    I think something that should be born in mind here is that the Queen is 95. She is mourning her husband. It is up to the rest of them to sort this out.