Kourtney Kardashian got hundreds of tulips from Travis Barker for her birthday


Yesterday was Kourtney Kardashian’s 42nd birthday. It appears that in lieu of renting a small island or private club and packing it with their friends and hanger ons, Kourtney decided to spend her birthday at home. Since Kourt was home for the occasion, it allowed her boyfriend of four months, Travis Barker, to make a bit of a fuss over her. Travis spoiled the heck out Kourtney with a lavish floral display that featured her favorite flowers, hundreds of tulips and gardenias.

While the small things certainly matter in a relationship…the larger romantic gestures are definitely pretty sweet.

On Saturday, April 17, a day before she celebrates her 42nd birthday, Kourtney Kardashian posted on her Instagram Story a video showing an enormous and extravagant arrangement of at least white 200 tulips displayed on a floor in her house and resting underneath a hanging installation of other white flowers. She tagged her boyfriend Travis Barker in the clip, adding a black heart.

The Blink-182 drummer later reposted the video, which features SZA’s emotional song “Quicksand,” whose lyrics deal with relationship insecurity.

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Lord knows the Kardashians love their flamboyant floral displays. Travis Scott was constantly flooding Kylie Jenner’s house with roses. Kayne was also fond of these sorts of gestures for Kim. Now Kourtney has one to add to the Kollection, yay! Kourtney has plenty of shots and videos in her Instagram stories, including from friends and family whom Kourt must have invited over. A couple of screen grabs are posted below. The display is a multi-tier affair with gardenias descending from the ceiling over a giant bed of softly bending tulips. It’s all white except for the natural green of the stems, leaves and some moss. If I remember currently, Kourtney has a black and white front area so ties right in. Kim said in her video that the entire house smells of this arrangement. Of the IGs I saw, no floral designer was tagged but I am so impressed they can handle that many gardenias and not brown a leaf. I can’t even walk past the plant in my yard without at least three turning at the tip. I assume when you have the money to afford one of these arrangements, you can afford to have someone come in and provide upkeep. I love both tulips and gardenias but neither hold up well once cut.

Clearly this is a lavish display of both wealth and devotion. I have gone on record about my conflict when it comes to cut flowers. I absolutely love flowers and floral displays, but I know they are falling out of favor due to the environmental impact. I do love how the house smells too. I mean, I wouldn’t know to this degree, but at least when you walk by a nice bouquet. In this case, Travis knew exactly what Kourtney wanted and got her gift just right so bravo to him. Travis and Kourt just got back from Utah with their kids as well, so things are pretty solid with them. Travis, of course, just got Kourtney’s name tattooed on his chest so you know things are getting serious. I keep going back and forth whether I think they will last as a couple. I still don’t know but I hope they do. I think Travis and Kourtney work together. I also think they might stabilize each other. I know that sounds weird considering the subjects, but Travis recently opened up about his horrific plane crash in 2008 and it clearly redirected his life. I think Kourtney could be influenced by someone like Travis. I’m pulling for these krazy kids. Travis continued the birthday grand gestures with an effusive IG post dedicated to the birthday girl on Sunday. Things seem good. My only concern, when a ‘source’ commented on the relationship to People, they said of Travis, “He is very into her. He constantly gives her compliments and attention. You can tell he is thrilled to be dating her.” When they spoke of Kourtney, they said, “Kourtney still seems very happy with Travis. Kourtney is soaking it all up and enjoying life.” I wouldn’t exactly call those comments equally weighted.

As for the birthday flowers, I guess the ball is now in Tristan Thompson’s court. Lord help us.




Photo credit: Backgrid and Instagram

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  1. Lightpurple says:

    Travis got it right because Kourtney or the staff probably ordered the arrangement themselves. These over the top floral displays are tacky and expected from this crew.

  2. My3cents says:

    I guess it’s better than Klohe’s house filled with balloons for her daughters birthday, but it’s still a bit too much.

  3. Millennial says:

    Travis is known for overly grand gestures in relationships (see all of Meet the Barkers) and also for being a bit of a dog (see his autobiography, where he humble brags about the hundreds if not thousands of chicks he’s hooked up with).

    I think he comes off as a romantic, but I’m not quite convinced they are in it for the long haul.

    • molly says:

      I don’t think ANY of the Kardashian/Jenners are built for long haul relationships. They’re all too out of touch, too insecure, too self-obsessed, too famous, and too involved with each other’s lives. Out of everyone on the show and in their lives, there’s not a single successful, long-term relationship among them.

  4. nemo says:

    ah, tacky people being tacky.

  5. Noki says:

    I never thought she would ever go for the tattoed rocker type.

  6. FancyPants says:

    Who is just hanging around to take all these pictures of them making out everywhere?

    • vs says:

      I wonder about the same thing…..anyway I wish them all the happiness in the world; there is enough misery in the US as it is

  7. Zaya says:

    No mention of the the thumb sucking video on instastory?

    • Léna says:

      Yeah, super tacky. I’m almost half her age and all i could think was “how immature” lol

  8. Alissa says:

    I just want to know what is the obsession with finger sucking and making it very public? kind of weird, not going to lie.

  9. M says:

    The tulips look like a funeral arrangement. The hanging gardenias are just tacky.

  10. Bros says:

    2001 called and it wants its relevant people back.

  11. Heat says:

    I wouldn’t put a lot of stock in how “meaningful” it is that Travis go Kourtney’s name tattooed on himself. I mean, if you look at his collection of tattoos, this one seems rather insignificant.
    And the funeral arrangement? Well, it’s a nice gesture I guess, but it’s not like he stayed up all night setting up the arrangement for her.

  12. Alexandria says:

    Why can’t these rich people give experiences instead of just adding to the rubbish in the world. Get an expensive private pool suite in the US to help the hotel out during Covid or something expensive but sustainable from a business or something.

  13. Case says:

    I don’t understand the Kardashians’ obsession with large flower and balloon displays. It seems like such a waste to me (and a mess to clean up). But at the moment my eyes are itching like crazy and I’m blowing my nose constantly from allergies, so maybe that’s why I don’t find the idea of tons of flowers flooding your home to be charming.

  14. Roo says:

    Did anyone see the snapchat of Reign cursing like crazy?? It was a little upsetting! I have kids and I can’t imagine them screaming sh*t and f*ck. It made me sad! He’s so little!

  15. Lukie says:

    Call me crazy, but I agree with Hecate. They seem to balance each other out, have a lot in common, especially when it comes to their kids and travel and they were friends a long time…I just think they make sense 🤷🏽‍♀️

  16. Dude says:

    Someone explain her shirt. Does she kiss her kids with that mouth? (And ps, I curse plenty…. but that shirt is a bit much)

    • Kristen says:

      You can decide how much explicit language you’re comfortable with, but you don’t get to police others’ language. It’s particularly problematic when it’s framed in terms of how she should act since she has children. if she’s comfortable wearing the shirt, it’s fine for her to wear the shirt.

      • Kaylove says:


      • K-Peace says:

        In my opinion: Sure she can obviously wear that disgusting, trashy shirt if she chooses, but i think it would be very inappropriate to wear out in public. I wouldn’t want my kids seeing that and reading those words. (And i’m far from a prude and curse plenty.—But not around my kids. I try to keep them away from vulgar words like those.)

        The shirt makes her come off as a “try hard”. “Look at me, i’m a bad ass too with edgy style just like my boyfriend!”. Lame.

      • Kristen says:

        It’s not anyone else’s job to dress “appropriately” for your kids or any kids or any other people. She’s an adult and can wear whatever she wants. If your kids saw that language on a shirt you could tell them other people simply have preferences that might be different from theirs, and that’s fine.

  17. Watson says:

    I like them together but I also don’t need to see her sucking on his fingers. Like, i get it, you two are horny for each other. No need to yell it to the rafters.

  18. Lynne says:

    Is she dressing like him or visa versa? immature or staged.

  19. Riley says:

    The thumbnail of the video in the last frame of the Insta definitely looked a little NSFW at first glance.

  20. JustMe2 says:

    Oh but they didn’t celebrate entirely at home. They (all the sisters) were in Miami for a club opening- pics all over their instas of hundreds of partners with no masks . That’s where the pic of them making out is from. I got blocked by Kardashian Kloset who posted a pic of the sisters at the club. I posted something like “yes let’s all celebrate covidiots flaunting their wealth in a global pandemic “ ha

  21. Amando says:

    Oh boy, this is going to end badly. Any time a couple has to put on this big of a show – it’s gonna end in flames! She needs to stay away from these “bad boy” addicts.