Prince William is ‘already thinking’ about the changes he’ll make when he’s king

The Duke of Cambridge

In March, we heard that Prince Charles and Prince William had decided to hire two PR gurus, aka “crisis managers,” to help them with their awful PR following the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Oprah interview, which did lasting damage to the monarchy. The crisis managers didn’t start until the beginning of May, and I think we’re seeing their work before us. We’re no longer hearing about William’s fits of rage, his incandescence at being the Other Brother. We’ve heard that suddenly, Charles and William want to “draw a line under Harry and Meghan” and “get back to work.” The thing is, William never has a lot going on. He’s taken to tagging along on Kate’s events and doing the odd, dull solo event every so often. And… that’s about it. There’s only so much to say about the Earthshot Prize, especially since I think he’s already bored with it. So now the focus is on talking about what William will do as king. Uh…

He just can’t wait to be king! Prince William may still have a ways to go before he takes the throne, but the future monarch already has big ideas.

“William is already thinking about the future of the Monarchy and the changes he’ll make,” a source exclusively reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly. “While he respects protocol, he plans to modernize some aspects and is making it his mission to be more relatable than previous generations.”

“He and Kate have successfully created a healthy balance of openness [in the public eye] while maintaining the sense of mystery that surrounds the royal family and keeps us engaged,” the insider adds.

The pair, who celebrated their 10-year anniversary in April, won’t be “revealing everything about the personal life” any time soon — but William is no stranger to being in the spotlight. While he once found his royal stardom “difficult to deal with when he was younger,” he’s grown more comfortable in his senior role. “William accepts that being in the spotlight is part of the job, and is fine with it,” the source tells Us. “He takes his future role as King seriously and sees it as a great honor and privilege to be in his position. The Monarchy and his family will always come first.”

Through the years, William “has more than proved himself to be worthy” of the throne and is “confident” that he “will make a great king” someday. Having Kate, 39, to wade through the ups and downs with is an added bonus. “Kate is his rock and they work as a team,” the source says.

Unlike William, his younger brother, Prince Harry, struggled to adapt to the palace pressures. In January 2020, the 36-year-old Duke of Sussex and his wife, Meghan Markle, announced their plans to step down from their senior royal duties. Two months later, they relocated to California with their son, Archie, who was born in May 2019.

[From Us Weekly]

Harry “struggled to adapt to the palace pressures” huh? There’s already been a handful of mentions like that in the British press recently. That’s their new storyline, that Harry left the Windsors because he couldn’t “adapt” to royal life. No. Harry left because his racist family threw his wife to the wolves and abused her so badly she was suicidal. But that storyline leads into Strong, Competent, Bold, Modern, Forward-Thinking William. William, the Victorian, who loves being royal because he loves bullying people and he loves when everyone kisses his ass. William, who can’t wait to wear the crown and rage at everyone. Does he not give any thought to what he will do as Prince of Wales? When Charles becomes king, William will inherit a now HUGE Prince of Wales/Duke of Cornwall role. And I sometimes think that William just doesn’t care about that, that he’s not even bothering to “prepare” to be Prince of Wales.

Britain's Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, unveils a plaque, during a visit to Aston Villa

Royal visit to Durham

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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152 Responses to “Prince William is ‘already thinking’ about the changes he’ll make when he’s king”

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  1. Haylie says:

    Calm down, Simba. We know you just can’t wait to be king.

    • Indiesr says:

      LOL….now the song is playing in my head. 🤣

      • Chic says:

        Same here. It’s a Disney flick starring Will. I wonder it this is shade though

      • Elizabeth Regina says:

        LOL! This wins comment of the week. Baldilocks is lazy, has little emotional intelligence and zero self awareness. He is simply unable to genuinely connect with people in an authentic way. Part of it is because he was shielded from reality, is propped up constantly by the BM and had a whipping boy in Harry. The monarchy is doomed and they know it.

    • Lucy says:

      That’s exactly what I hard too 😂

      • Amelia says:

        It’s even funny when you remember that Harry and Meghan were the ones that went to the premiere of the live action of Lion King. You know the one where the crowds were in awe of them both (esp Meghan) and Queen Beyoncé called Meghan “my princess” 👸🏻

    • Seraphina says:

      🤣 As I read the article I thought, wait I know that phrase from SOMEWHERE. Painting him as a cartoon ……that’s is the most realistic journalism on Wills I have seen thus far.

    • TigerMcQueen says:

      You know what’s really funny? The opening lyrics to the song:

      “I’m gonna be a mighty king, so enemies beware
      Well I’ve never seen a king of beasts with quite so little hair ”

      (I don’t typically use baldness as an insult, BUT given Cain’s general vanity [there's a reason the rota use older pics of him], his arrogance, his horrible treatment of H&M, they way crazed royalists relentlessly bully Meghan over everything while he stays silent, etc., I’m giving myself a pass with him.)

    • Lizzie says:

      I love this comment!

    • Myra says:

      In other words, he can’t wait for his nan and pops to croak.

      • Feeshalori says:

        Back in the old days, he’d be thrown in the Tower for his ambitions and wishing for the death of the monarch.

    • MMadison says:

      Comment of the Day…..just LOL

    • Jay says:

      William probably watches that movie rooting for Scar. “What? He’s just trying to make sure the monarchy’s traditions are upheld? He just wants continuity for the kingdom, is that so wrong? Come on, Mufasa was making everyone look bad, of course he had to go!

  2. Nomegusta says:

    I can’t wait for him to fall on his face. It’s going to be hysterical 😂

    • BayTampaBay says:

      He has at least 20 years to think about and plan so we will get many more Royal tabloid stories like this for years to come.

      • Cecilia says:

        The funny part about all of this is that they were describing him as “work-shy” just a few years back. But now all of a sudden he has proven that he is ready to be king? Oh boy

      • LMR says:

        Yes that’s probably one of the first changes he will make – the king has to do a lot less work.

      • LahdidahBaby says:

        William’s plan #1 for when he is King: No WORK.

  3. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    This is utterly cringeworthy. I hope that Charles will finally grow a pair and slap his racist backstabber of a son down.
    Also: how vulgar of PWT to leak to US weekly, of all publications. Or has Carole taken the initiative yet again?

    • BothSidesNow says:

      Wouldn’t that be wonderful for Charles to knock him down a few pegs, which is justly needed. Oh, FFK has big ideas when he becomes king? Well, they will involve no actual work or commitment to the commonwealth, there will be zero f#ks given in regards to the needs of the entire commonwealth and he is salivating over the power and money he will have unlimited access to. That’s what Baldimort cares about, just power and getting his hands on the cash of tax payers money.
      If I was a Brit, I would be protesting in the streets for their lavish lifestyle and utter disregard for truth and common decency, which neither of the Keens are interested in changing,

  4. Sofia says:

    For William’s sake I truly hope no-one spoke to USWeekly because this sounds like he’s getting ahead of himself. He’s still 2nd in line and yes while his father is in 70s, said father could very much live until his late 80s/early 90s and beyond which gives William a good 15-20 years before he sees the throne.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Oh he doesn’t care about any of that. They are probably throwing out a bunch of propaganda messages out there and seeing which one sticks.

  5. agnes says:

    *IF* he will be king at all. IF…

    My theory: Charles will be the last king and *if* Wilhelm does follow him on the throne, he will wreck the whole monarchy thing in a matters of months. Because stepping up and doing something* really isn’t his style.

    • SarahCS says:

      Oh I do hope so. Either of those options but the sooner the better.

    • Millennial says:

      He might be king, but the “kingdom” will be even further in decline. I think the tide is turning on colonizers globally and it just doesn’t make sense to keep the whole Commonwealth farce up.

  6. Me says:

    He just wants all that lovely lolly…Ibiza, Mustique and Vernier 4evah.

  7. Lauren says:

    Baldingham is already very much not hip and in pace with times he will be even less hip and in pace with times when (and if) he is king. I give it another 20 years at least before he is on the throne, meaning he will be almost 60. Yeah, no. Try again Bill.

    • Miranda says:

      I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: Bill and Kathy’s attempts to appear hip and appeal to younger generations always, always, ALWAYS come across like that Steve Buscemi “How do you do, fellow kids?” bit. If they were anyone else, I would feel some serious secondhand embarrassment over it, but they’re a couple of pretentious, self-absorbed, lazy assholes, so f–k ‘em. Schadenfreude!

    • fishface says:

      sigh…Prince Pursed Lips and Amish Modern, unable to point to anything noteworthy, important, or meaningful they have done in the past or recently, have to talk about their plans for the monarchy in the distant future in order to get any headlines. They’re pathetic.

  8. Digital Unicorn says:

    Here we go – trying to take credit for his father’s plans, plans that he has had in place for years. Cain fires the first shot in the war of which hair can modernise the monarchy.

  9. notasugarhere says:

    Changes he’ll make? Like his threat to destroy all the ivory in a collection that will never belong to him personally (Royal Collection). Or perhaps the changes will be doing fewer than 50 engagements every year while king. Or continuing to put illegal pressure on a formerly free press to keep covering up his multiple affairs and criminal activities by the Middletons and Matthews familes.

  10. JT says:

    Again, no mention of how he’s preparing to be king or the changes he’ll make. No mention of any current work he is doing or any legacy that he has. It’s just more of he’s prepared to be king because he’s going to be king. And enough about being comfortable in the spotlight, he is hardly ever in the spotlight. This fool never works. He is still being out worked by his elderly father and extremely old grandmother.

    • Cecilia says:

      Its all fluff and some day (hopefully soon) its going to blow up in his face. We’re getting all these promises and no evidence to back it up. Not to mention that these sugary pieces sound increasingly psychotic.

    • Merricat says:

      I think you’re absolutely right, JT.

      • JT says:

        He’s been built up so much that the only thing left to do IS fall. He cannot live up to the hype he created for himself, which is a f*cking shame. He doesn’t even live up to his own image of himself. How pathetic and sad.

    • Lizzie says:

      Is he keen to be modern?

    • Harper says:

      He’s only recently decided he was comfortable in the spotlight in order to keep Meghan and Harry out of the spotlight.

  11. Becks1 says:

    If this is the crisis PR people at work, i’m not sure they’re worth the money. Pushing the narrative that William can’t wait to be king seems a little…morbid, right? “oh william just cant wait for his grandmother and father to die because he’s going to be SO MUCH BETTER at this than them!!!!”

    • Jais says:

      Imagine if there was a narrative that William is so excited or keen to support his father when he becomes king. That would be magnanimous and logical seeing as that’s what will actually be happening next. But maybe that narrative is just too unbelievable and the new pr people aren’t even willing to try that.

    • Cecilia says:

      Its actually very disrespectful towards charles

      • Talia says:

        It’s more than that. Imagine Will Jones, your colleague at work spending all his time discussing what he is going to do with the money he expects to inherit from his grandmother/father. You’d think he was incredibly ‘off’ and I’d be wondering if someone should warn them to look both ways crossing the road!

    • Eurydice says:

      All the PR in the world can’t change the underlying product. How do you “sell” a guy who is both middle-aged stuffy and stunted adolescent? Who doesn’t seem to be interested in anything – not people, ideas, causes, his family – I don’t know how one rebrands that.

      • Becks1 says:

        “both middle-aged stuffy and stunted adolescent” – perfect description of him. And how do you make someone interesting who is so thoroughly uninteresting?

      • Elizabeth Regina says:

        @Eurydice, you’ve told no lies. That is very true!

      • swirlmamad says:

        This may be the most perfect description of William that I’ve seen yet.

      • Deering24 says:

        He’s vastly interested in his ego—but there’s no way to turn that into a palatable brand.

      • Jane's Wasted Talent says:

        Go full Wodehouse and hope that humor will endear him? (Of course, Bertie Wooster is a much nicer character).

  12. Chill says:

    “While he once found his royal stardom “difficult to deal with when he was younger,” he’s grown more comfortable in his senior role. “William accepts that being in the spotlight is part of the job, and is fine with it,”
    Someone with savy is writing this stuff. His crisis team is doing its job.

    • Merricat says:

      Lol. Except there’s nothing to back up the hype, as usual. All talk, least action.

    • Shawna says:

      It’s interesting that they’re changing their tune around whether royals are celebrities.

      • Nina says:

        They have to. Only in the UK, they are regarded as something special. The rest of the world sees them as celebrities, something to gossip about and make fun of. No one side of the UK regards them as their betters.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Chill, do you think this is the work of the Crisis Managers? I just think this is more of the same that we’ve been fed for the last month. I would hope the CMs would know that this would be a bad optic, unless their job is to depose PC before he takes the throne? PC needs to consolidate the press offices so that there is one, clear message being sent out. I will never believe that PC is in agreement with these type of articles embiggening Willileaks. It feels like there is still competing press going on here. That would certainly explain US Weekly, yes?

  13. S808 says:

    “Couldn’t adapt” damn near 40 years in…..

    • Cecilia says:

      I really don’t appreciate how they are just brushing meghans suicidal ideation and very credible racism accusations under the rug.

  14. Cecilia says:

    He’s done enough to prove that he’s ready for kingmanship when in 2016 they were describing him as lazy??????? And harry left because of racism.

  15. Jan says:

    I saw a story floating around about Cain laughing at an Aston Villa player.
    Why can’t they write a story about him, without using Harry’s name.

  16. HeatherC says:

    Thank God the Sussexes are out of there and not beholden to the purse strings William will one day hold.

    • Seraphina says:

      Harry and Meghan saw examples around them of how they would be treated once WIlly Leaks came to the throne. They were smart enough to leave.

  17. Over it says:

    Being POW is hard work, Willy doesn’t do work, being head king means he can make others do the work and he can continue to work at being lazy.

  18. LaraW” says:

    Reading between the lines: William is incandescent with rage at his brother’s success at the VaxLive event and is abominably jealous that his brother is more beloved and relevant around the world than William will ever be. The only thing William can offer are paltry lines about modernizing the monarchy as he grows more and more irrelevant compared to Harry’s rising star. And William knows it. He can’t stand it. He’s consumed by jealousy. Thus the renewed interest in taking up the mantle as King, because surely that will confer upon him the love and respect that he is due.

    Good job on the crisis managers on the spin.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      This is 💯 the truth!!!!! I think this is exactly what is happening!!!!

    • swirlmamad says:

      WHERE’S THE LIE????? You hit the nail on the head.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      LaraW, PC has done quite a bit for the environment with the changes he’s made with farming, hasn’t he? Wouldn’t it make more sense for Willileaks to be talking about that and how he could expand on that when he’s the Duke of Cornwall and Prince of Wales? It could tie into his Earthshot photo shoot? I don’t see this article as being beneficial to PC–you know, the one who will be King BEFORE Willileaks?

    • EllenOlenska says:

      I think he knows the monarchy will likely be pushed out when he is king. This is all “ whistling past the graveyard”

    • You’re right. William is very much jealous about Prince Harry’s relevance in the global scheme of things. Harry has a perfect understanding of his audience and joins them in conversations that impact their lives like mental health, racism, environment, wildlife conservation, injured and sick veterans and service people, and vaccine equity for the world, etc. He has taken action to raise awareness to these causes and has followed through with what he says. He has significant and demonstrable bearing on these issues at hand. That’s why he’s relevant to the world. And The Other Brother is jealously mad. That the whole world sees his absolute irrelevance compared to his younger brother is what keeps him awake all night every night. He can’t hold a candle to Harry. Sorry but not sorry.

  19. MsIam says:

    Harry “struggled to adapt to palace life” ( even though he was born into that system) but somehow he’s managed to move to another country, start a business, network with movers and shakers, etc. And look how he started an international athletic event before this. Who are the PR gurus the royals hired again, the firm of Dumb & Dumber? Once again the royals fail to realize that the best “PR” they could do is to acknowledge their own failures to help Harry and Meghan and their role in driving them away. “We’re sorry” could do way more for them than they realize, at least at the start. But I guess that’s too big a carry for them.

    • equality says:

      That’s because for Harry, the “palace life” was being the palace scapegoat. If you were the one going to inherit control of all the wealth and going to be bowed down to, I guess, it would be a little easier to adapt. Are these writers really that unimaginative?

  20. Alexandria says:

    I understand how you can sing God Save the Queen now but can you imagine singing that about Chuck and TOB as your anthem? National anthems are usually about country and nationhood but God Save the Queen / King is another level of subservience. Shudder.

  21. Over it says:

    So Harry couldn’t handle it you say, Karen keen was born for the role but Harry was weak. Carole, your ass is showing again.

    • kelleybelle says:

      Kate was groomed for that role, and Carole wanted Harry for Pippa. Ha, good luck with that.

  22. Amy Bee says:

    What William really can’t wait for is all the money that comes with being monarch.

  23. TheOriginalMia says:

    I sang that first line to the Lion King song. So funny. ITA with you, Kaiser. All William cares about is the throne with no care for the PoW role. Oh, he cares about the money and power he’ll obtain once he’s PoW, but he isn’t concerned with what to do in the role. He wants to coast through his PoW years like he has his 20s & 30s. He’s so lazy, incurious and uninspiring.

    • swirlmamad says:

      And once he becomes king he’ll expect to skate by in that role too. The only thing he has had a lifelong commitment to is utter laziness.

  24. Eurydice says:

    Lol, that was my first reaction – you’re going to be Prince of Wales, what plans do you have for that? Or are you just going to sit on your bum for another 20 years until you can start modernizing the monarchy at age 60?

  25. Amelia says:

    Why do all these journalists always refer to Kate as a rock. Whoever is handling Kates PR (be it Kate,William, or even her mother) don’t seem to realise that this isn’t exactly doing her any favours. It’s not a compliment to be compared to a rock. And its also not a compliment for William either to have his wife to be a “rock to lean on” it makes him look dependant and incapable of handling his own tough situations. And yes while I understand that the term “rock” is often used in a positive light to mean “strong, solid and unchanging”, hasn’t your entire PR manifesto been “the modern royals, those who change and adapt with the times” Rocks don’t change, they erode over time.

  26. chimes@midnight says:

    I just find it hard to accept that a fully formed adult has absolutely no passions in his life that he could apply himself to. Charles has made Environmental Advocate and Farmer his role because he cares about those things. William really has nothing? Like, anything that he is at least lukewarm about? Does he like puppies? Horses? Architecture?

    • Eurydice says:

      He likes football.

    • Monica Q says:

      Well just soccer/football. That’s about all I ever see him speaking up about.

    • Harper says:

      Well, there’s Jecca, but she probably refuses to let herself be listed as one of his passions.

    • Sofia says:

      Soccer/Football, polo and hunting seem to be his passions. He picked soccer as one of his “passion projects” (alongside environmentalism) because most people in the UK are mad for it so it’s easier for the engagements to appeal to the masses. Hunting and Polo are seen as upper class sports (especially hunting in the UK) hence less appealing to the masses.

    • Grumpier than thou says:

      He likes a jaunt in his helicopter – a ‘family day out’ in the helicopter over the weekend actually made it to the papers. Not that anyone was suggesting it might be the teensiest hypocritical for the ‘brains’ behind earthshot of course…

      • notasugarhere says:

        Or be surprised that those shots were gotten in spite of the privacy fence they had planted several years ago. Those shots were gotten and published because W&K wanted them published.

  27. Rapunzel says:

    Changes TOB will make as King:

    1. Less work, more Rose bushes
    2. Token black friends for everyone, to aid in one’s “very much not racist” defense.
    3. Free incandescent rage for all.

    • Lindsay says:

      I’m nominating Harry for the Earthshot Prize. He causes William to emit enough incandescent rage to replace all the lights in Norfolk. And will continue to do so for decades, thus creating a long-term renewable resource.

  28. nievie says:

    never going to happen. The monarchy is only up in the polls for Queenie. As soon as she dies the Monarchy will diminish dramatically, and I think its very optimistic for William to expect he’ll be crowned.

    • Merricat says:

      Especially when he and his wife have a long history of doing nothing, and a weird expectation of reward for doing the absolute least.

  29. equality says:

    So William won’t be revealing everything about his personal life? But that was expected with H&M. Everyone thought, and still seem to think, that they should have access to Archie.
    Of course, the monarchy will come first. His goal is to preserve that so he gets the top prize and money.
    The article needs some examples of how he has proved himself worthy and the changes he plans. And why are we talking about worth with a inherited position anyway? Are they sure they want to go there?
    Nice to know he thinks he will be a great king. So much for any humility.
    I am hoping that the Welsh protest him becoming POW, like when Charles took the title.
    And there was absolutely NO reason to mention H&M in the article at all. I thought they were irrelevant?

    • swirlmamad says:

      To be honest, I bet William would LOVE It if the media didn’t mention Harry and/or Meghan in every single thing they write about him and Kate. Unfortunately for him, the rota rats REALLY know nobody will buy what they’re selling if they’re peddling on the Cambridges alone.

      • equality says:

        William probably would love it but Kate’s whole PR seems to be based on “I’m not Meghan”.

  30. Harper says:

    In classic Windsor Reverse-Speak, we know that William is the one who struggled with his role, refusing to take it on until forced to do so in his mid-30s by the appearance of the dynamic Meghan Markle. William is the one uncomfortable with his role, so much so that he and his wife will do anything to remain perfect cardboard-cut-out figures with no flaws or anything relatable about them. Of course, while saying they are relatable, they also say they won’t reveal everything about their personal life, which means those press injunctions are here to stay. Otherwise, it’s a great honor and privilege to be the future monarch, especially the access to private planes and helicopters, vast estates to wander and meet up with neighbors, a press pack that heralds your every move as groundbreaking, and a wife who is a registered doormat in exchange for cash and clothes. No mention at all about the people of Britain and their needs. Just Me, Me, Me.

  31. MTC says:

    “Amish Modern”
    So accurate, so funny

  32. Liz version 700 says:

    This selfish tool will be a dreadful king

  33. MangoAngelesque says:

    I keep thinking of that scene in The Crown, where Matt Smith’s Phillip has pressured Claire Foy’s Elizabeth to crown him Prince Consort, thinking it would force everyone into finally giving him tons of respect and deference and be dazzled by him, and when he stood up, all decked out in crown and cape, and turned with this expectant smirk on his face, everyone just looked bored and over it. It was like they were watching a little boy playing dress-up, forcing others to recite lines for his little playscape.

    That’s precisely what William’s kingship will be. A load of pomp and circumstance for a spoilt child to feel precious that everyone else has to sit through and pay for, that serves no actual purpose beyond existing for his own importance. And that’s ONLY because William refuses to actually DO anything with the role and privilege he has. But he wants the deference, not the duty.

    • lanne says:

      That amazing video on twitter of Harry climbing the rope on the James Cordon interview to EWF’s “September” that switches to William on a balance beam surrounded by handlers and the music switches to kids playing “September” on classrom recorders–makes me laugh every time. The reaction videos make me laugh.

      Prince of Wales Will-di Amin will give us tons of hilarious takes on preposterous dress-up events. (can you imagine in they hold an investiture like they did for Charles? Charles 1969 investiture looks ridiculous–how would William’s look?) He’s in for loads of roasting. No one gets excited to see British folks dressed up like strutting peacocks.

      The Queen’s narrative was “how will this young woman manage the weight of this role?” She looked so small and yet so hopeful in her robes, on television and in color for the first time. She looked eager and poised and earnest.

      What will Charles look like in those robes? Old. “Finally,” people who support him will say. That’s his narrative. Finally.

      If William wears the robes? How will he look? Old. “It’s my turn damnit” will be his narrative. I wonder how that’s going to work out for him.

  34. Lizzie says:

    I admit the new crisis managers bs is much better than the bs for the last few years. At least they try to talk up The Other Brother and don’t alway describe him as full of rage.
    Someone needs to ban the talk of modernizing – that is just a fluff word with no meaning behind it. At least Charles was specific when he said slim down the number of senior royals.

  35. MissMarirose says:

    Maybe he’s not talking about what he’ll do as Prince of Wales because Charles has indicated he may not make William PoW. It’s not automatic.

  36. bettyrose says:

    GEEBUS H . . . do normal people going around saying “when I inherit my mom’s diamond earrings I’m going to wear TF out of them.” It’s so goddamn macabre and creepy to talk like this. It might be a little less weird to talk about his plans as the Prince of Wales.

  37. Gk says:

    IMO the problem is Charles because he is so unpopular ( not addressing work and so on though he should work hard for getting tens of millions annually). Will is popular now but will have to deal with declining support for the monarchy. It appears to me Will just tries to avoid unpopularity, not that he’s changing anything but even if he did I think the modern world will eventually change the monarchy regardless of any changes he makes. I guess unless he’s brilliant and charismatic and no offense to him but he’s not, I don’t see him having an impact on history or the survival of the monarchy.

  38. Babz says:

    Simba needs to slow his roll. Becoming POW is not automatic. Charles has to designate him as such. Simba may already be seeing dollar (or pound) signs regarding the Duchy of Cornwall, but adding POW to that equation just might not happen. Perhaps this is the long game Charles is playing – he sees the shenanigans House Cambridge is pulling in terms of trying to make an end run around Charles’ monarchy and is perfectly content to let them shoot themselves in the foot with their foolery. Meanwhile, he’s got that lovely big carrot of becoming POW to dangle in front of his heir. At the right time, given the circumstances, he will either give his spoiled brat son what he wants, or lower the boom on him by not naming him POW. In my thinking, Charles holds a very strong hand in this particular Game of Thrones game.

  39. MMadison says:

    As an FYI in the USA, William, Kate, Piers Morgan would be MAGA. Daily Mail would be FOX. Boris is Trump. Put’s things into prospective for me all the time.

  40. Jaded says:

    I’m thinking that once TQ falls off her perch the relationship between Willnot and Charles is going to deteriorate even more. William’s going to start throwing around whatever mediocre weight he can muster and Charles will withhold the PoW title for however long it takes to bring him to heel. We’ve all seen how cruel both of them can be and how utterly stupid William can be. Charles, on the other hand, is not stupid and has been in this game a lot longer than his son. My guess is if this is the game that’s going to be played, Charles will come out the winner.

    • Lizzie says:

      A true Game of Thrones.

    • SenseOfTheAbsurd says:

      Wonder if Charles could make Harry POW. Just for the LOLs.

    • February-Pisces says:

      During the Meghan smear campaign Willie and keen were front and centre with regards to which royals were behind it. All the time Charles was also playing his hand in the shadows. If it had not been for the Oprah interview we would have been non the wiser with regards to just how involved he actually was.

      Charles was probably laughing that this two sons, Diana’s golden boys, had such a public split, whilst he looked like he had his hands clean.

      William is sloppy, cos if he was smart everyone would believe he has nothing to do with the smear campaign against Meghan, instead he lost half of his fanbase to harry and Meghan. Charles made sure no one was looking at him. William is sly, but Charles is the OG.

  41. Coco says:

    I feel like his plans for the future are only as detailed as Simba’s lyrics in “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King.”

  42. Lizzie says:

    How does the laziest male in the rf equate to ‘shown he is ready’?

  43. Queen Anne says:

    He is truly arrogant, conceited, egotistical and yet, at the same time, completely insecure. He will certainly be a boring, lazy, unattractive king. The UK has so much to look forward to.

  44. NotSoSimpleTaylor says:

    There’s a solid chance that William may never even become king so what is the point of preparing?

  45. Izzy says:

    So the crisis PR is that William has already leapfrogged his father inside his mind, and that Harry left because he couldn’t adapt, and forget about that little racism thing.

    Now I’m starting to wonder if these crisis PR people are just a bunch of lackeys recommended by the courtiers, because fam, this ain’t it.

  46. aquarius64 says:

    The only throne William belongs on is one that flushes.

    Billy needs to worry if Cousin Mike hasn’t compromised KP where Putin doesn’t know about his Rose trimming and Sussex shenanigans.

  47. February-Pisces says:

    It’s like Willie and keen think Charles reign is gonna be a 5 minute stop gap they way they keep going on about when they will finally take over. The fact is Charles will most likely by on the throne for atleast 2 decades. I mean if the queen dies at around 100, that means Charles will be king in 5 years. At that point he will be in his mid to late 70s. Now if he lives to be the same age as his parents then he’s looking at around 20 years on the throne. Even if he does the soft regency thing think the queen is doing, it still won’t be official. If Charles makes it to his parents age, Willie won’t be king until 2048. That’s quite the wait, I think Willie should take up a hobby in the meantime.

    Unless Willie and keen have other ideas of getting there quicker. I do wonder if they will ramp up the ‘skip a generation’ campaign.

  48. Nina says:

    Arrogant, out of touch twit. Does he think the whole world is standing still and waiting with bated breath for when he becomes king? Maybe someone should remind him that if you want to make G-d laugh tell Him your plans.

  49. Vavavoom says:

    There must have been some sort of deal made with the press when they ‘gave up’ information on H&M and drove them out of the country. The narrative regarding W&K has changed dramatically to the positive side since that all went down. There were so many negative stories about both W&K and they’ve all but disappeared now.
    Also, there has to be a reason the Queen refuses to let either of them be King .. over her dead body. It amuses me to no end that she just will. not. let. go.

    Neither of them have her deep rooted loyalty to the crown and service. They’re both so selfish. The Queen had this job and responsibility thrust upon her as such a young woman and that’s why she has so much respect still. She takes it seriously and that is and has always been her first priority. It looks ridiculous from the outside and especially this day and age, but it’s something to be appreciated for sure.

  50. keroppi says:

    William should take a bespoke university course to help prepare him! One that he is super-duper totally keen about and one that he most definitely will not but almost certainly will abandon in order to go on vacation.

  51. Victoria says:

    I hope one of the changes he makes is being less lazy.

  52. Monica says:

    Would love to listen in on what Charles thinks of William the Usurper’s big plans.

  53. Thirtynine says:

    If this is the new crisis managers at work, what’s with the same old slanders against Harry? Why mention him at all? Not seeing much change here.

  54. Lizzie says:

    Everyone already knows The Other Brother thinks about being king morning, noon and night. Not a news flash.

  55. Curious says:

    lmao at William.don’t know if there is any truth to how the press knows what william is planing when he becomes king. but that is not before a decade or more before that happens. and the world is changing fast . the older generation is committed to the queen. younger generation are mostly about getting a job they don’t care about how the royal rich family are trying to survive to keep their already rich status.. from what i understand the queen deals with a lot of papers ,she receive from Parliament . being king or queen is jut just a dress up party. lots of serious things the queen takes part inn. she meets heads of state and so on.William can’t do any of that , being king means no time to play with sheep’s . Catherine being his rock,lol. she can’t take part in William job. from what i read even Prince Phillip was not allowed to see or read the papers the queen receives from parliament. only the queen name is signed on those papers..

  56. Robert says:

    There is not guarantee that he will be King. After the Queen dies and Charles becomes King they may all wake up and realize they don’t need all that crap anymore.

  57. Curious says:

    william is like a con man, do nothing, live of his grandparents and taxpayers money .and just stroll inn and take over the company cause he is first born male. lol. hire people to run the company . As king ,he will hire people to fight for what he wants in parliament .while he thinks he can just relax and take holidays .lmao. the way William behaves tells me he is the one that truly is not that smart, sometimes the coverup is him acting shy , and let catherine laughs her weird laughs so he is off the hook.he seems mentally challenged for the job as king.

  58. Lunasf17 says:

    I 100% think the monarchy is done when Liz passes on. No one wants a Charles or William monarchy. The writing is on the wall. Elizabeth was seen as a figure as strength and unity when the UK had to rebuild after WWII, no one has that level of respect for Charles or Will. They are just living a bloated, privileged life on the taxpayers dime.

  59. Curious says:

    Maybe the courtiers are pushing for Charles to step down after a few yrs as King. according to what william said when charles had Covid, that Charles has some health issues, so they was worried about how covid will effect charles health William can be king. it seems it will be easier for the courtiers to control William than Charles.

    • notasugarhere says:

      That would endanger the massive private wealth. William only gets that taxfree if it goes from dead monarch to next monarch. The ‘special arrangement’ doesn’t count if it goes from abdicated monarch to new monarch.

      • Curious says:

        OMG.that is a scary . you only inherit it taxfree when the last owner dies . hope whatever illness charles is dealing would not cause an early death.. he better be careful his docs don’t get paid by someone to make his illness worst ..

  60. Likeyoucare says:

    Harry couldnt adapt living as a royal?
    But as far as i can see this year, harry had done more and successfully in helping people around the world while working to provide for his family.

    And the future future king, kept complaining, whining and talking non stop about his hurt feeling and spending british taxpayer people money.

  61. The Recluse says:

    If he and Kate had been honorable and decent to begin with they wouldn’t need to waste money on consultants. I think the ground has begun to shift out from under them. William will be exceedingly lucky if he does become king.

  62. Deering24 says:

    So, um, what changes _is_he planning? Or hasn’t he found his voice yet, or whatever? 🙄🙄🤣

  63. MangoAngelesque says:

    Current anger stuff aside, is there anything preventing Charles from being able to pass the Prince of Wales/Duchy of Cornwall to Harry? Only the throne is dictated by birthright, yes? He can grant the PoW as he sees fit, couldn’t he?

    If he and Harry managed to resolve everything, make amends, all that, it would just be *chef’s kiss*

    • Curious says:

      No. the title an the Duchy of Cornwall is only passed on to the next heir. the queen took care of the Duchy of Cornwall till Charles became of age ,then he was crown the Prince of Wales and he inherited the Duchy of Cornwall at age 21.

      • Curious says:

        made a mistake. Charles had the title prince of wales since he was 10 yrs old, and took over the Duchy of Cornwall when he was 21… but while William becomes automatically King when Prince charles dies. he doesn’t automatically inherit the title Prince of Wales ,when his father becomes king.that title depends on if Charles wants to give it to him. or not use it at all.Camilla has that title Princess of Wales, but she doesn’t use it cause Diana was known as the Princess of Wales. who knows maybe Diana will be the last person to use the title Princess of Wales.

  64. Well Wisher says:

    As expected, Prince Harry has a good outing as co-chair with his wife for the fundraising concert and the old pattern of pulling rank has emerged. The one-sided competition persists despite the ‘competitor’ was ‘exilied’ to the US. The question of titles are used aloud to silence the nagging voices of self doubt in the head.
    The wife saved the ‘monarchy’ – her husband – by keeping the illusion alive because both are too lazy to comtemplate and implement their necessary personal growth and development.
    Just refer to the campaign at Prince Phillips funeral and the anniversary celebration. It seems like a feat that has established the fact that the monarchy will be headed by influencers advocating for a hereditary position with no opposition .
    Adhering to the idea of winning is everything.

    Whenever feeling threatened by the self actualized sibling, revert to old habits –
    ‘ I win because I am going to be a monarch someday’. Same isht different pile.
    Just pay attention to the participants who are eager to forward the idea of a feud – the same ones are enraged for losing the ability to control the narrative.