Lena Dunham has a new boyfriend: ‘Don’t quit before the miracle, kids’

Lena Dunham attends the 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' premiere after-party

I enjoy the fact that Lena Dunham burned so many bridges and pissed off so many people in America that she basically had to high-tail it to London to see if British people would put up with her crap. So far, so good. Lena has been living in London for a few years, working on various projects and only popping up to be extremely annoying every five months or so. In recent interviews, Lena has made references to a mystery boyfriend, and no one wanted to ask too many questions because I think we were all afraid that the guy might be a complete fabrication. But no! She’s dating someone who exists in the real world. He’s Peruvian and British and his name is Luis Felber.

It’s like an episode straight out of “Girls.” Lena Dunham is dating Peruvian English musician Luis Felber, whose avatar can be seen wearing lime green panties and frolicking around a stripper pole in his new video, Page Six can reveal.

The actress and writer, 35, has been dating the 32-year-old Felber — whom she calls “the greatest person I’ve ever met” — for the past few months after they met in London, where she’s currently living. Felber goes professionally by the name Attawalpa, after the Incan King Atahualpa.

Dunham gave a clue about their romance in May when she posted about Felber’s new video for his song “Yellow Fingers,” in which he appears as a computer-generated dancer astride a stripper pole. She wrote on Instagram: “Brand new song & video from my (heart emoji) @attawalpa and by gosh I believe he’s done it again…It’s so special – and nice green “knickers” my love, did not know those moves were in you.”

In April, Dunham also tweeted to promote her new man’s chat with Kate Nash for her “Lovely Radio Programme,” adding: “Luis is sharing thoughts on his emotions, his mental health, addiction issues and his passion and long-lasting enthusiasm for music.”

While not naming Felber, Dunham told the New York Times in April of her new relationship: “It’s been a few months … I feel really lucky.” She revealed that her new love was a musician raised in England and Peru, adding that when she borrows his hat and leather jacket: “I want to man-spread!”

[From Page Six]

As if to emphasize that she’s official with this guy, she tweeted about her “boyfriend” on Monday, detailing all of the nice things he does for her (see below). “Don’t quit before the miracle, kids” indeed. If someone awful like Lena Dunham can find someone, why can’t the rest of us? Find your inspiration! Be a narcissistic douchebag and you too can find love!

Lena Dunham attends the 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' premiere after-party

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  1. Wiglet Watcher says:

    Ugh she’s annoying and the message is poorly worded.

    Be right for yourself first. Stop trying to find someone or make something work and yes. By chance you might meet that perfect match.

    • Piratewench says:

      It sure is poorly worded. I can never get over how immature this lady’s views seem to be. She had an “all men are garbage” view until she met ONE that was treating her well? Is that really how she views the world? Either way it’s badly worded.

      I only feel some glimmer of relating to her when it comes to her health struggles and weight. I also struggle with chronic pain, lethargy and ballooning weight when my health problems flare (for me it’s physical problems, I believe for her it’s hormonal or immune system issues?). You have to get to a place of loving yourself through the changes and sizes. The body goes through enough suffering without adding any harsh self-judgement. So I like to see her loving herself through the hard days and body changes.

      But even when she discusses those issues, she comes off horribly a lot of the time! Ugh. She’s not the one for me.

  2. Kkat says:

    I googled him, he seems and looks like a pretentious douche.
    So good match?

  3. Liz version 700 says:

    I can’t get over the fact that that tent feather mess of a dress is maybe the best outfit I have seen her wear in years. You do you girlfriend lol

  4. Miss Margo says:

    He looks like he’s 58 years old. Holy shoot man… Congratulations?

  5. Chloe says:

    Cool! Hope he’s nice, she deserves it 🙌🏻.

  6. nicegirl says:


  7. Zoochy says:

    I can’t stand her, but her appearance is genuinely concerning – is she still struggling with health problems? I legitimately thought she was Rosie O’Donnell in the thumbmail pic.

  8. Lyds says:

    He looks like a thinner, male version of her. Kudos to her and Taylor Swift for their “siblings or dating?” shenanigans.

    I don’t like the concept of Lena Durham (insecure and narcissistic snowflake) but I do enjoy her writing and perspective. When I watched Girls, I skipped all of her scenes (because they were grating and unrealistic and she as an actress does not captivate) but anytime I see that she’s written an article, I will read it. Her perspective on her health and ordeal is revealing and refreshing, as it’s rare for someone in the public eye to go into such detail. She’s really that over-sharing acquaintance who you enjoy once in a blue moon who just happens to be famous.