A-Rod showed up at the same St. Tropez hotspots just hours after Bennifer


Alex Rodriguez: crazed stalker ex or no? I can’t decide, but something hasn’t felt right from the beginning. It’s not even that I believe A-Rod really and truly wants Jennifer Lopez back. But something about seeing how quickly J.Lo moved on with Ben Affleck has absolutely broken Alex’s brain. He was apparently contacting J.Lo so much after their breakup, she completely cut him off and stopped speaking to him entirely. Then he rented a house in the Hamptons close to hers, and he was party-stalking her around the Fourth of July. He was also seen out with Ben’s ex Lindsay Shookus around the same time. And now Alex is on a yacht in the Mediterranean, same as Bennifer. Since he’s a Leo as well, he also rented a yacht to celebrate his birthday, which was Tuesday. The same day Ben and Jen were pap’d in Capri. Bennifer only turned up in Capri after they spent a few days in St. Tropez, partying and shopping. Alex was hot on their heels in that French party town:

That could’ve been an awkward run-in. Alex Rodriguez and sports reporter Melanie Collins were spotted visiting some upscale pit stops in St. Tropez — just two hours after his ex-fiancée Jennifer Lopez hit the very same shops. In coordinating white outfits, Rodriguez, 46, and Collins went shopping at a Chanel store Tuesday and also picked up ice cream cones at Le Café de Paris during his birthday trip to Europe.

The former New York Yankees slugger looked summer-ready in a button-down linen shirt, joggers and aviator sunglasses. His new gal pal, for her part, wore a white midi dress with sandals, sunglasses and a crossbody Chanel purse. Rodriguez and Collins galavanted around the picturesque town on the French Riviera with country singer Jessie James Decker and her husband, former NFL wide receiver Eric Decker. At one point, the quartet was seen enjoying a boat ride together as A-Rod snapped some pictures on his phone.

Rodriguez and Collins sparked dating speculation earlier this month when they were first seen hanging out during his luxurious getaway. Contrary to rumors that the duo are romantically involved, a source told us, “They’re friends. He’s on vacation. He’s single and having fun.”

Page Six exclusively revealed that the Deckers introduced Rodriguez to the “NFL on CBS” sideline reporter. “Alex has been hanging with friends and family on the trip, including Eric and Jessie James Decker. Melanie is good friends with them,” the source told us, adding, “They’re all friends.”

Rodriguez has been spotted yachting all around Europe for his 46th birthday, which was Tuesday. Page Six recently reported that the single former MLB star has been surrounding himself with a sea of bikini-clad babes while enjoying his summer.

[From Page Six]

So on one hand, he is stalking his ex-girlfriend from Miami to the Hamptons to the South of France. On the other hand, he wants J.Lo to see that he’s surrounded by beautiful women and he’s getting ice cream with one lady in particular and “pay attention to me, Jennifer, I’m so over you!” Little wonder that Bennifer has been hitting up the Italian coastal towns – they’re trying to get away from A-Rod’s drama.


Photos courtesy of A-Rod’s Instagram.

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  1. Layla Beans says:

    This is just pathetic.

    • Margo says:

      Exactly what I was thinking! P A T H E T I C

    • Truthiness says:

      I don’t think he spends a lot of cash to put on a show like this, he is more interested in owning a piece of various sports teams. There is a super cynical rumor that Jennifer is paying for the yacht rental to make it look like two men are chasing her, keeping her profile up. I don’t know where the truth lies, he is more the type to spend a lot of time with reality stars and exotic dancers to keep him occupied.

  2. Merricat says:

    He’s kind of freaking me out. If this was a non-famous guy doing the same sorts of things (but on a lower budget), we would be telling her to get a restraining order.

    • Ann says:

      I think it’s weird AF. This is international stalking. Like he has to drop a lot of money, time and resources into following her around and doing weird stuff. Getting pap’d on purpose with Ben’s ex is the action of a crazy person. Kaiser is right, Bennifer 2.0 has broken A-Rod’s brain.

  3. Oh_Hey says:

    He’s terrifying at this point. This is actually stalking. They are both rich and he could go anywhere but he’s always just lurking around in Bennifer’s shadow. If he wasn’t famous he’d be shunned by his peers if not on notice from the cops.

  4. DuchessL says:

    I think jennifer would love that he’s not over her yet. But so many celebrities, rich people go that that same spot in the summer. I mean that one summer I was in Capri and on the amalfi coast, there was a ton of celebrities all there at the same time, all parked with their yatchs.

    • Esp.Lumiere says:

      Yeah…. Everyone is going to the same places to be seen. Its not like Bennifer are being super original. If they were, then yes that would be crazy creepy.

    • ecsMom says:

      @DuchessL But not everybody rents a house in the Hamptons when you are from Miami and not every rich person insists on being “seen” with women and reported on how they are so over it and happy. The number of coincidences should be concerning at the very least

  5. Liz version 700 says:

    Something is off with this guy …

  6. Cat C says:

    Smells like eau de desperation.

  7. Susan says:

    The positive: J Lo has great security should ARod break bad and show his true (perhaps stalker) nature.

    Also positive: Good god, who knew we’d have the gossip renaissance summer from a bunch of middle aged old school stars! I remember a time not so long ago when all gossip and pap photos and such were of young reality show people that IDGAF about. Kudos, Gen X!

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Yes! They are showing the youngsters how it is done!

    • Eleonor says:

      I feel guilty but I am LOVING every moment of this.
      Pettiness at its best. I don’t think A-Rod wants to be back with her, I don’t think he is in love, but me think he is the kind of guy who would want her back only to dump her. It’s all about his ego!
      On another more serious note, he is creepy AF.

  8. Ambrosial says:

    I’ve read that he has been caught multiple times stalking bennifer accounts on insta. He’s not even smart enough to do it on a fake account lol and he also wore the same clothes Ben had in the Hamptons one day after him and was seen circling around bennifer yatch on his jet and with his new “girlfriend*
    Something is clearly off with that guy.
    This is 100% stalker behavior

    • Noki says:

      How can you know if he has been looking at bennifer accounts,is there an actual way to track this ?

      • Ambrosial says:

        They posted screenshots showing that Arod had seen their insta stories with his account

  9. fluffy_bunny says:

    ARod needs to get a grip. This isn’t a good look.

  10. Elizabeth says:

    WTF is wrong with him? Get a restraining order, J-Lo.

    • MerlinsMom1018 says:

      Because SHE dumped HIM. That’s not how it’s done in macho man land.

      • C-Shell says:

        This is the thing that is worrisome to me. Stalkerish behavior in a Latin male just feels like an explosive combination, building until it blows. Glad JLo and Ben are surrounded by security.

  11. Gil says:

    A-rod has the same crazy eyes like Sofia Vergaras ex-fiancé, the crazy dude who wanted “their” embryos to be born.

  12. Vanessa says:

    Alex behaviour is so weird. I understand maybe the renting the House close to her in the Hamtoms. But this is getting creepy he is even telling his employees attack Jennifer in Twitter. Selfish maybe he really don’t know Jennifer at all. She have options.Hoping he don’t get like the Vergara ex. Go away!!

  13. Hell Nah! says:

    Gah! How pathetically desperate of him to stalk her like this.
    And yet…I can’t stop laughing at his moves.
    Take the L and move on, Alex. You are looking like a fool.

  14. Kalana says:

    Remember back in the day, when Ben got someone to jump on the red carpet and surprise Jennifer with flowers even though she was with someone at the time? Bennifer is not going to last and I think Arod is basically making a fool of himself so that Jen comes back to him when this is all done. Marc Anthony was also obsessed with Jen and she ended up marrying him.

    I hope when Bennifer is done. Jen takes a year off to be single. That would get the tabloid attention.

    • Pippi says:

      As THAT GIRL who WISHED guys fell all over her like she was a Wakefield twin, I dearly hope that JLo just dumps Ben and sways all over the world letting all the guys drool. That’d be hilarious!

  15. Becks1 says:

    I don’t necessarily think that what he’s doing is that different from what Jennifer is doing – he’s trying to show that he’s enjoying life and doesnt need her, and she’s doing the same thing. The Hamptons thing is kind of weird, but I don’t think showing up in the Mediterranean is stalking her, I feel like that’s what all the celebs do in the summer.

    Part of me is kind of wondering though if they had this trip planned out together for their birthdays so they both said “eff it” and are just doing it separately lol.

    • Rapunzel says:

      “Part of me is kind of wondering though if they had this trip planned out together for their birthdays so they both said “eff it” and are just doing it separately lol.”

      I had this thought too. J-Lo and A-Rod were together for awhile so I can see them also just having similar vacay ideas. Calling it stalking is a bit much considering (to my knowledge) he’s not been at the same exact places at the same exact times. You don’t say your ex is stalking just cause they’re in the same city or go to the same club when you aren’t there.

    • RoyalBlue says:

      that’s exactly what i said in an earlier thread. they planned their summer yacht pap frenzy long before, and after le breakup decided, to viva la vida.

      • NeenaK says:

        That’s exactly what I read somewhere else. These plans were made prior to their split. However both decided to keep their original plans. Personally both JLo and ARod make me sick. They’re both narcissistic and cheaters. She cheated on Chris Judd with Ben Affleck. I don’t understand how she gets a “pass” when she’s not so innocent herself. Also, she married Marc Anthony 4 days after his divorce to then wife Dayanara Torres. What does that tell you about her? I’m not a fan of ARod but I really think she had been in cahoots with Ben for a while. I mean how can you be sooo “in love”and engaged, and be with Ben a month later and talking about love already? Good luck to them, but I don’t see this Bennifer stunt ending well. They’re called “exes” for a reason lol

  16. Karisma says:

    Arod is doing that on purpose for sure. One of his “employee” @barstoolbigcat literally went off about bennifer on Twitter a few days ago. Calling them “disgusting pr” filming himself throwing the people magazine they are on in the trash etc.

  17. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    ALL those folk are a mess, just a mess…
    And thirsty, sooooo thirsty.

  18. girl_ninja says:

    Maybe since it’s being reported by gossip sites, he can be embarrassed by his behavior and stop. He’s taking it too far. I’m just glad that she has security wherever she goes.

  19. Jaded says:

    Why she ever got involved with that tool is beyond comprehension. He’s a notorious cheater — in personal relationships as well as sports and business — and, it turns out, a really sore loser. What a child. Grow up A-Rod.

  20. Kristen says:

    None of these people are trying to get away from drama.

  21. ecsMom says:

    This is creepy and scary. Yes we can think of all kinds of reasons he would be in the Hamptons and the Mediterranean and getting in the tabloids but we are still looking at a man that embraces the macho image and has been idolized his whole life from sports. He has probably never known many rejections from women. He has all the makings of a narcissist and such a public rejection is going to cause some brain gymnastics on his part to get thru w/o humiliation or violence. She has security and has had many men obsessed with her so I hope she plays this right (not that the responsibility is hers, she does not own A Rods behavior, just anything not to escalate would be prudent) I think he is playing with fire trying to salvage his self image and could break at any time if in his mind he’s not winning.

  22. Is there photoshop on the shower picture or are my jaded eyes misleading me????

  23. LidiaJara says:

    If it was just one thing it would be easy to pass off, but it’s been multiple creeper moves, multiple specific locations. On the one hand, having a cheater ex regret it and be humiliated is great, but I don’t think it’s good for any of us to suggest she might like the attention, even if it’s possibly true. That’s what stalkers always think, that secretly their target loves and is flattered by the attention. And if they realize we don’t finding it charming they often explode really violently. So I think it’s good to always just squash that narrative.

  24. L4frimaire says:

    He may be performatively pining for JLo but he’s probably screwing around all over the Riviera.

  25. Julia K says:

    Renting 134 million $ yacht, Capri, St Tropez, dinners, jewelry, shopping. Ben is a single dad paying child support x3. Where is this money coming from? Is JLo paying for this as a present for Ben and FU to Arod?

  26. Ashton says:

    She dumped him. She moved on first. He’s not used to that. I have never liked him and I don’t see his appeal. JLO actually made him more likable but she seems so much happier with Ben and so much more chemistry between her and Ben compared to her and Alex.

  27. Midge says:

    He cheated on her nonstop, but narcissists can’t handle being dumped. He tried to love bomb and failed and now yes, his brain is broken.

  28. Sammiches says:

    This has stopped being funny and it’s now just concerning. This is not normal person behaviour and I’m getting kinda worried for jlo

  29. You Know Me says:

    Oh please. This is all a p/r set up between the 3 of them. Give it 90 days & JHo will be posing her best blue steel lewks with
    A Rod(less). JHo is the punchline of a very bad joke