Prince Charles is ‘incredibly sad’ that he hasn’t met his granddaughter Lilibet

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When Lilibet Diana Sussex Mountbatten-Windsor was just a month old, Prince Harry allegedly informed some people in his family or in one of the palaces that he was interested in holding Lilibet’s christening in the UK, likely at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor, which is where Archie was christened. People in the British media balked, even if they would love nothing more than to see the Sussex family return to the UK for a visit. Then we heard a similar story a few weeks ago too – that Harry had offered to come to the UK for a visit, and he was interested in introducing his daughter to his family, especially the Queen. What’s hilarious about all of these stories is that people conveniently “forget” that Harry has apparently repeatedly expressed a desire to reconnect with his family, or at least introduce his father and grandmother to his daughter. Now we’re getting stories about how poor, pitiful Prince Charles would love nothing more than to meet his new granddaughter. For the love of God.

A family reunion! Three months after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced the birth of their daughter, Prince Charles is looking forward to a reconciliation that paves the way for him to meet Lilibet, 3 months.

“I think Prince Charles really wants to meet his granddaughter,” royal expert Nick Bullen exclusively told Us Weekly on Tuesday, September 14. “Prince Charles is incredibly sad about everything that’s gone on. So the family will want to meet each other.”

Bullen went on to point out that the Platinum Jubilee—a four-day holiday that is currently scheduled for June 2, 2022 to celebrate both the monarch’s birthday and 70 years on the throne—could offer the perfect backdrop for that reconciliation. “The Jubilee is a perfect opportunity for that because if Harry and Megan do come back…because they have to be seen supporting Queen Elizabeth II. It’s a great moment for everyone to be together,” he explained. “And everyone’s going to have to play nicely and behave well because it’s the Queen’s moment.”

Putting on a unified front for the festivities will also make the whole royal family feels as though they’re on the same team, Bullen claims. “All the members of the royal family are very aware of the fact that it’s her year. They’re going to support her [and] the headlines shouldn’t be about them.” And Queen Elizabeth will also “definitely meet” her great-granddaughter Lilibet as that introduction is a priority for both Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle. “I think she really would want to,” Bullen said. “As the queen has always said, Harry and Meghan are much loved members of the family and I think the queen rises above all of this petty bickering. This is her family. Of course she wants to be [with] them.”

[From Us Weekly & Vanity Fair]

Again, Harry has – by many accounts – offered to come back for a visit with his wife and children. He’s offered to come back this year, this fall, months before next year’s Jubilee. He’s informed people that he’s super-interested in christening Lili in the UK. And I would also assume that Harry really wants to introduce his grandmother to Lili, regardless of however Charles feels. So what is this? Just “pity poor Chuck, his son is too mean and dreadful to bring Lili to the UK”? If Charles really wanted to see Lili and Archie, he would make time and visit Montecito. In fact, he would have made a bigger effort to see Archie when the Sussexes were living in Windsor! Oh well.

Prince Charles leads the mourners

HRH The Prince of Wales Birthday Family Portrait

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  1. TigerMcQueen says:

    Blah blah blah fanfic blah blah blah ignore that big racist elephant blah blah blah fanfic blah.

    Didn’t read, know what it said. These ‘experts’ are only expert at making s*** up.

    • taris says:

      i don’t believe the stories about harry wanting to return to the uk for a baptism (or for any reason, for that matter). i never did.

      in my opinion, if it seems like there are “many accounts” that appear to confirm some BS story, it’s because said BS begins somewhere (an ‘expert’ or reporter or the firm itself), then it’s disseminated to several outlets with quotes from ‘sources’, the story’s talked about for days on end that it eventually *seems* like it makes some sense and might even be true.

      noone knows what harry and meghan are ever planning, least of all the royals and their larkies. i’m quite certain noone in this family – besides the queen – has seen the sussex babies. i doubt they even really want to, honestly,
      i call BS.

  2. Belli says:

    Shouldn’t have been terrible to her parents then.

  3. Jessica says:

    Not sad enough to make an effort to see her though.

    • Lori says:

      Perhaps Lili doesn’t have the 500k it cost to have a meal with Gpa Chaz.

      • nina says:


      • MF1 says:

        LOLOLOL. Best comment I’ve read in a long while.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Lori ahahaha perfect!

        Anyway, there is absolutely nothing stopping Charles from clearing his schedule for a few days and getting on a goddamn plane to go visit Lilibet if he wants to meet her so badly.

        Why is it always framed (rhetorical question; I know why 😒) as if the only possible way the family can meet this baby is if Harry and his wife — who, btw, they still have not said is welcome back — drag a toddler and an infant on a transatlantic flight during a pandemic (!) and go back to the UK? In order to make it easier for the family who was, and continues to be, so cruel to them and still haven’t apologized? They can fck right off. It’s not as if the Cambridges are too busy working to take some time out to meet their niece, ffs.

        I swear to god this article feels a bit like it was invented in order to provide them with another reason to remind everyone of the freaking Jubilee, which absolutely no one but them cares, thinks or talks about. Maybe they finally realized that no one gives a rat’s ass about the Jubilee, especially as the guest of honor continues to harbor a rapist of trafficked children, and that they’re now having to actively pimp it in order to drum up excitement?

        No one wants to hear Chuck whining about this or anything else right now. He is /constantly/ flitting off in private jets, but meeting his new grandchild isn’t worth one of these trips? It seems to me as if he is complaining and explaining. He needs to stfu and get his priorities in order imo.

      • Reece says:

        lmao 😳😳😳

      • PrincessK says:


      • 2cents says:

        😂 Good point! Can you imagine this? While cash-hungry Charles was selling British citizenships to the highest foreign bidder, his daughter-in-law Meghan was told that she had to wait three years to become a British citizen because she was an immigrant!😳🤣 Thank God, she kept her American citizenship!!

  4. Jais says:

    Bullsh*t that Charles cares about seeing Lilibet. Also, if Harry does want the christening there, and his family and the press know this, why do I get the feeling that the will try to hurt him with this and use it against him.

    • Rapunzel says:

      He cares to see how black she is. As I commented down below, there’s been no pics of Lili and I don’t think there has been any Zoom meetings. He wants to know how dark the baby is. End of. It fits with him being one of the ones that had *concerns* about Archie’s blackness.

      • lelbit says:

        I dont see what wrong in wondering what color and how dark/light some baby is lots of people wonder and say it out loud & anyone who says they never wonder what a baby will take after is lying. that’s just human nature. Our culture always ask that question. I wonder who he/she going to look like, i wonder if they will be light or darker geez people….that is normal.

      • Becks1 says:

        First, Meghan said there were “concerns.” That’s not just “I wonder if the baby will look more like Meghan or more like Harry.”

        And second, its a good lesson in not sharing every thought that pops into your head. Just because you’re “wondering” because its “human nature” doesn’t mean you need to ask.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Becks, perfect explanation, thank you. I don’t think I would have been able to remain as calm and diplomatic as you were in your response!

      • Nick G says:

        @lelbit, in the words of the great AmyBee, LOL

      • Jaded says:

        @lelbit…you cannot polish a turd no matter how hard you try.

      • equality says:

        @lelbit As someone on Twitter put it: there were discussions with Harry about CONCERNS over color. Not that there were conversations just wondering with BOTH H&M, as would be more natural for just curiosity.

    • Tessa says:

      Charles does not even pay that much attention to the Cambridge children perhaps with exception of the “HEIR” George. He shifted Charlotte over to sit on the other side of the group pictures, paying more attention to the two young Princes. He never had a father-granddaughter photo with Charlotte. He certainly would pay little attention IMO to the young Sussexes even if they lived in the UK. Camilla even entertains her grandchildren at Raymill and Charles does not go with her apparently to see his step grandchildren.

  5. ModeratelyWealthy says:

    There it is, Charles go to PR strategy: play the victim card.

    The world has been hurting Chaz for a while now and he has been letting us know this also for a whole now! There were books, TV interviews, all of them featuring Charles opening up his little heart to us…

    But, the funny thing is, only Charley get to be hurt. Only Charles get to have his people go to the papers and tell us how sorry, how sad he is. When his younger son, you know, the one who actually lost his mother, who had his wife on the verge of suicide due to the press mistreatment and the silence of his family…when it is about someone not named Charles, then it is…just another reason for Charles to complain, I guess.

    • Lorelei says:

      The constant victimization is so Trumpian! I know I’ve said this before, but there really are so many parallels between the two families.

  6. Jen says:

    If only he had the means to fly to California to visit instead of relying on them to make the trip… oh wait. He does.

    • Sushi says:

      There is travel ban from Europe to US.

      • Sofia says:

        Yeah let’s not act like rich people aren’t being above that/finding ways to get around it.

      • LoonyTunes says:

        How did Harry go to England and back for Phillip’s funeral then? That was after Lili was born. Are we trying to pretend these are regular people?

      • BayTampaBay says:

        I think Harry was able to travel to England because he was a Brit going to Britain.

        I have friends in the UK who own property in Florida and they will not be able to make their usual trip to Florida in December as their travel will not fall under the guidelines of “Essential”.

      • Eurydice says:

        @BayTampaBay – Harry was able to travel to the UK because he’s a UK citizen, he was able to get back into the US because he has a US visa. I have a friend who’s been able to travel back and forth because he has dual citizenship.

      • fluffy_bunny says:

        Like Chuckles doesn’t have a diplomatic passport that would allow him entrance? Wasn’t Bea’s husband Edo spotted in NYC with his ex a while ago?

  7. Alexandria says:

    Too bad, so sad. Don’t be fake Chuck. You can’t act.

  8. Becks1 says:

    Charles can get his butt on a plane and go to Montecito and meet her then. I am SURE if he called Harry and said “I would love to meet Lili and see Archie and you and Meghan, can I come to California for a visit” Harry would say “absolutely we would love to have you.” That would be a huge step on Charles’ part to show that he actually wants to reconcile with Harry and rebuild their relationship.

    The fact that he hasn’t done that yet, and is just going about business as normal like the only solution to this situation is for H&M to bring a newborn from California to London is just ridiculous and says a lot about how charles really feels.

    • Rapunzel says:

      It doesn’t even seem like they’ve Zoomed?

      • nina says:

        This is all about deflection again. Still trying to use Harry as his go to deflector. He is a first class A-Hole. It must have been horrible for Harry to have him as his only parent after Diana’s death.

  9. Emily says:

    Well then maybe Charles should have shown some compassion when his staffers almost drove Lillibet’s mother to the point of suicide.

  10. CJS says:

    There is no good reason why the POW can’t take a quiet trip to California to see his grandchildren.

  11. corralee says:

    What exactly is stopping Charles from hopping on a plane to America for a few days?

    • Sushi says:

      Probably American does not know most of European country citizens can not fly direct to US for nearly 2 years now.

      • Eurydice says:

        Harry could do it because he’s already got a US visa of some sort, but UK citizens can’t travel to the US unless it’s for humanitarian reasons.

      • corralee says:

        Lol you’re right, I didn’t actually know that’s

        But please, obviously Charles, the future king of England, can get around that with diplomatic gobbeldygook.

      • Eurydice says:

        @Corralee – he could also pick up the phone. If his 95-year old mother can FaceTime, so can he.

      • Amy Bee says:

        Charles could probably get an exemption. Beatrice and her husband traveled to the US recently.

      • Sushi says:

        Harry can because he is married to American citizens. Visa holders are not allowed back either. Europe has opened entry for American since beginning of July but US has not reciprocated. However Russia, Turkey can fly direct to US even unvaccinated.

      • Becks1 says:

        @AmyBee – yeah, if Beatrice and Edo can get an exception, I’m sure Charles can. Let’s not act like these are normal people who follow the same rules as the rest of us.

      • Nic919 says:

        Canada has opened up to vaccinated Americans as well but the US has not reciprocated so I am not surprised that it’s tricky for Europeans as well.

      • Eurydice says:

        @Sushi – Spouses of American citizens need a visa, too.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Sushi, you’re right, that must be the explanation— those stupid Americans, at it again! Too dim to possibly be aware of a pandemic!

        Please. Charles is the future King and could have his people make some calls to have an exception made if he wanted to. It’s not as if this family has EVER followed the rules set for everyone else.

  12. Noki says:

    Lies!!! This is another attempt at dragging Archie and Lilis mum into more mud slinging. They will be working overtime to insert Meghan as the sealed Will and Peado Andy continue to make headlines.

  13. Eurydice says:

    Poor, pitiful Charles. If only he were the heir to the richest monarchy in the world, then he’d be able to make a phone call.

  14. Rapunzel says:

    Could it be, with the lack of photos of her, that Charles is sad he can’t see Lilibet because he’s dying to know if she has high melanin levels? Perhaps he has *concerns*? That sounds about white.

    • MissMarirose says:

      Do you really think H&M haven’t sent a photo of her or held her up during a Zoom call in all this time?
      Just because there are no *public* photos of her doesn’t mean no one in the royal family has seen this kid.

      • Lady D says:

        I don’t for one minute believe the RF has a picture of Lili, it would be everywhere by now. Possible exceptions include the Queen and the York princess living in their house. The royal rota would destroy the RF if they knew one of them had a picture of Lili and kept it to themselves.

  15. Harper says:

    Okay, sure, Nick Bullen, whoever you are. You probably haven’t ever even spoken to Prince Charles. But thanks for picking up the phone and letting us know what you imagine Prince Charles is thinking and feeling about Princess Lili.

  16. equality says:

    Poor Charles is so sad about Lili that he can’t manage his finances so please don’t pick on him about shady schemes in his charities.

  17. Cessily says:

    Guess the foundation/charity scandals and PA civil lawsuit for raping a trafficked minor are not as news worthy in the UK as poor PC not seeing his grandchildren he stranded without security.

    Whatever the Duke and Duchess decide about Lilibet’s christening and wherever they decide to have it, I hope they are allowed the privacy they deserve for the private religious ceremony.

  18. MsIam says:

    Sorry Charles, you can’t use a little baby to hide the fact that you’re a greedy grifter. He’s as bad as Toxic Tom. And I thought the story was that Charles was going to make sure Archie and Lili never get titles? Sounds like something a loving grandfather would say, right?

  19. Seraphina says:

    It’s always poor pitiful Charles. No matter what the story – he is ALWAYS the victim. Cry me a river. I had such hopes when he walked Meghan down the aisle.

  20. Catherine says:

    This stories keep coming out because the tabloids are making them up. And they time them when they think it will get the most traction. They are desperate to make it seem that the Sussexes are concerned about acceptance from the BRF. They have no idea when the Sussexes are coming back and it’s driving them crazy. We now know that Harry was planning to be in Florida for the Warrior games this week. Some of the carnival had them coming to the UK this week. They been making predictions about when they will return since they left and they have been big wrong. They have already started speculating about Christmas. FFS. What the Sussexes have made clear since Sussexit is that they planned to continue working with UK based organizations and that they planned to regularly spend time in the UK. The pandemic changed that. We are still in the middle of a pandemic. They have very young children. Travel requirements are changing daily it seems. So I’m sure their plans for the fall/winter probably included some thoughts about time in the UK but given the health and safety considerations I doubt there are concrete plans for them to return. There is no deadline for a christening. IMO. They will have Lili christened in the UK when they can be there for other work related things and there will be no info about in advance.

  21. Jan says:

    How many times Charles visited Archie, and he was living in England, twice??? Once after his birth and at the christening.

  22. Sofia says:

    It’s USWeekly so no idea how much stock I would put into it. But there’s a pandemic outside Charles. International travel has been limited for 18 months and counting. So it’s been a case of logistically, it’s been difficult to come over. Harry has only been over 2 times I think? So yeah.

  23. Scorpion says:

    Lmao at the fan fiction, fairytales and fallacies…

    I doubt Heir Force 1 is worried or thinks about Lili. He seems to be under siege at the moment. Let him focus on the fact he has selling honours for cash 😁

  24. Keke says:

    USWeekly was just saying how the Charles and the rest of the family was afraid to talk to Harry because what they said could be leaked or written in his book and they don’t trust him. Now Charles is wanting to meet Lili….. Ok

  25. J ferber says:

    Pick up a phone. Hop on a plane. It ain’t hard, Jack. (Riffing on Paul Simon’s 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover)

  26. Over it says:

    He isn’t paying for Harry and his family security so his mean selfish ass can use that money to charter a plane and fly to Cali to visit Harry and his family if he really wanted to. Babies don’t visit you, you visit them.

    • Lorelei says:

      @OverIt: “Babies don’t visit you, you visit them.”

      Thank you! The entitled audacity of this family continues to stun. And I like your idea of using the £ that SHOULD BE paying for their security to fund this jaunt.

  27. Chantal says:

    That Time 100 list really has hit the BRF hard. Well that, Andrews lawsuit + Charles pay for play schemes. They are trotting out all of the greatest hits. First Toxic Tom, then one finger typing William, now poor little Charles wanting to see Princess Lili after repeatedly dodging her father like the coward he is. Sounds like he still isn’t taking Harry’s calIs since that hasn’t been broadcast/reported on. I hope any reconciliation is done on Harry’s terms only. They have proven how untrustworthy they truly are.

  28. Amy Bee says:

    It’s never been confirmed whether Harry actually wants the christening to be in Windsor. So we have to start at this point. For all we know Lili could be christened already. This Nick Bullen was the same person who said Harry was going to do concert for Invictus in LA with his production company but scrapped it because of his Netflix deal. If Charles wants to see his grandchildren he can hop on a private jet but word is he barely saw Archie when he was in the UK. And let’s not forget the way the Royal Family behaved when Lili’s birth and name was announced.

    • MsIam says:

      The name debacle is what’s really galling to me because it looks like a member of the staff of the guy handpicked by Charles ran to the BBC to complain about Lilibet’s name. The fact that the “loving grandfather” didn’t immediately shut that shit down says a lot about him. So Charles can go walk off a cliff as far as I’m concerned.

  29. colleen says:

    Do planes no longer fly from the UK to California? You’d think that would have been on the news 🤔

  30. Lexistential says:

    Sorry, Chuck. But you don’t deserve to meet Lilibet on your turf where you can leak to staff and tabloids. Get on a plane and meet her dad on his, and you’ll seem sincere.

  31. Lizzie says:

    I can already hear the outraged wailing by the dm that the Sussex are trying to overshadow the queens jubilee with Lilibet’s baptism.

    • taris says:

      this months-long obsession with a baby they’ve never even seen (that began literally when she was TWO DAYS OLD) is really unsettling.
      we don’t talk enough about just how creepy and intrusive that is.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Taris, couldn’t agree more. Now that we’ve had a little bit of distance from it, it’s easier to see just how disturbing their treatment & coverage of an hours-old baby really was.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Well, of course! It’s her year. Her YEAR. Nobody else is allowed to do anything. [sarcasm alert]

      • Hell Nah! says:

        @BeanieBean: thank you for pointing that out. Everyone is now on notice – get your stuff done before January 1st, 2022 because as of midnight this New Year’s Eve, it’s all about QE II for the rest of the everloving year.

        These people are so damn warped with their sense of entitlement. Gross.

  32. Llo says:

    This is all the same type speculation as it was for Christmas last year. No one actually knows what’s true. It’s about clicks and “royal reporters” speculating for said clicks and creating news like Meghan said.
    The only thing we know is what H&M said in post Oprah interview is that they want peace.
    I don’t believe any of the rest.

  33. molly says:

    Love to see Charles play the Sussex card when he’s surrounded by REAL legal questions and problems.
    Don’t pay attention to all this shady stuff I’m doing over there! Sussex! SUSSEX! SUSSSSSEX!!!

  34. Nancy says:

    I have a solution: hop on one of your private jets and fly your ass to California.

  35. Neners says:

    I’m going to laugh so hard when we’re still talking about “Lili’s upcoming christening” 5 years from now. I legit am not convinced it’s a priority for them now that they’re not a part of the dog and pony show

    • Ania says:

      As a mom to a toddler, I am sure M&H can’t wait to travel to UK with 2yo and a little baby, ruin their sleep schedule for a couple of days to christen Lilly in Widsor…. among family that almost destroyed them and keeps on trying.

  36. lunchcoma says:

    He’s tried this Sad Grandfather bit as a distraction before, hasn’t he?

    It’s not very convincing. I don’t get the sense that he’s super involved with William’s kids, let alone Harry’s. Isn’t his deal that he mostly pays attention to his mother and Camilla, deals with William because he has to, and could do without much of the rest of the family?

  37. jferber says:

    Eurydice, Loved your post. Shade to perfection.

  38. MY3CENTS says:

    He can take seat next to Thomas Markle. Enough with these whinny abusive poor me dads.

  39. HeatherC says:

    What’s that nonsense that they HAVE to be seen supporting the queen? No they do not.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Heather I snorted at that line. They owe the Queen loyalty because…why, exactly? These people and their almighty Jubilee 🙄

      • lunchcoma says:

        I’m sure they’ll do something at some point during the year to celebrate Harry’s grandmother, but this idea that the whole world is going to halt for an entire year is ridiculous.

      • equality says:

        @lunchcoma I agree. People will still be dealing with covid or with its after-effects from impact on health, income and loss of family and friends. Who cares how long QEII has had her behind planted on a throne?

      • Alarmjaguar says:

        I am already heartily sick of the damn Platinum Jubilee! It is going to be a long several months.

  40. Bex says:

    I don’t think Harry’s actually expressed interest in any of it, which is why these people keep whinging about not meeting Lili.

    But good job admitting how you haven’t even met your newest granddaughter over Zoom, Chuck.

  41. Maryam says:

    Planes fly both ways, right?

  42. Nutella toast says:

    He and Thomas should start Sad Grandaddy memes…like Sad Ben Affleck but older and more crotchety.

  43. Margaret says:

    Well that pathetic story has people talking about poor Charles, and selfish sussexes. Instead of pay to play charles story. Say what you will the BM, and BRF know how to change, and misdirect the conversations. Charles and company still using the Sussexes as a shield for his bad press.

  44. Robin Samuels says:

    As a rule, I don’t use profanity on social media platforms. When I read this headline, the temptation was strong. When Baker referred to Archie as a chimpanzee, Charles chose the “Never complain, never explain” mantra. He cut off their security when they were most vulnerable and, to this date, has not publicly stated any love for Harry and his family. Lilli is not tax-funded, so the demands to see her fall on deaf ears, and rightfully so.
    When both parents are caucasian, what color the baby will be is not questionable. It wasn’t Meghan’s complexion; she’s not at all dark; it’s her mother. Moving forward, anything to distract thoughts that Charles is engaged in pay-to-play schemes and possible relationship with his COO.

  45. Jaded says:

    The Sussexes are on record stating that Charles refused Harry’s calls. And yet…here we have Charles being portrayed as a pitiable old grandpa whose only desire is to see his new granddaughter. And we also have it on record that senior royals (likely the Cambridges and Windsors) voiced “concerns” about Archie’s colour. No, Charles couldn’t give a royal crap about Lili and apparently about his own son and daughter in law. He’s too involved with really important things like saving his own reputation in this access-for-money snakepit.

    • Tessa says:

      I doubt Charles even sees much of the Cambridge children, except for singling out George for “dynasty” photos.

  46. psl says:

    So he can’t fly to CA and see them all?

  47. thaisajs says:

    Planes fly in both directions. He could come to see the grandkids if he wanted to.

  48. Meghan says:

    Why can’t he fly to CA? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  49. RoyalBlue says:

    So what’s the matter? The airport’s open. They couldn’t spare a week of their two month long vacation to fly to Santa Barbara and pay a visit? He is the future king, he could make it happen.

  50. Bibbi says:

    I have no doubt that Prince Charles wants to see his son, daughter in law and his grandchildren. The issue is the invisible contract that Prince Harry spoke of, in the Oprah interview. Prince Charles is trapped and does not have the courage to go against the people who have it in their gift to make him king (i.e. the tabloid press). It is the same reason why Prince William blamed the BBC and Martin Bashir’s interview with his mother for fuelling her paranoia and worsening his parents’ relationship. As per usual, the children are always the victims.

    • Tessa says:

      It is Charles own nature. He could have stopped William from working against Harry. He could have done a lot of things. I don’t see him as trapped. He made Camilla non-negotiable even though he was criticized. He should have made his sons and their respective families non-negotiable. Charles has his priorities. William showed great disrespect for talking of his mother’s “paranoia.” . Diana was spot about things. Harry never labeled his mother as ‘paranoic.” William would knows darn well that the interview did not “worsen” his parents relationship. They were on the rocks well before that interview. Plus Charles made some confessions over a year before Diana did, to Dimbleby.

  51. Tessa says:

    Charles should have thought of this when he let William undermine Harry and help drive him out. He cannot have it both ways.

  52. Well Wisher says:

    It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that due to COVID, the risk to children under 12 years, who cannot be vaccinated. Children cannot travel like adults.
    A most likely scenario is that any introduction will occur over zoom, unless the Sussexes charter a private jet to fly to the UK.
    Should that become a reality, guess who would be making the most noise.
    Prince Charles had remarked that Archie called him Papa over zoom, unless the conditions changed pernamently to a new normal, Lili Diana will probably do the same. He will have to wait for his hugs and kisses.
    In the meanwhile, Lili Diana will not be photos will not be avalable to be merched.

    • Duch says:

      I’m going to guess that M was vaccinated while pregnant, so it follows that Lili would have antibodies, from what I read. But Archie does not, and they’re not going to leave him at home!!

  53. blunt talker says:

    The poster Bibbi stated it exactly right-Charles is trapped by the invisible contract with the Uk media.

    • Lady D says:

      …and it would take the balls that Charles doesn’t have to get out of that contract, so the DM is safe there.

    • Tessa says:

      It is all on Charles. He paid lots of money for Camilla’s PR campaign and can do the same thing for Harry and Meghan and their family. Charles was never really “trapped” it’s his own nature that has trapped him and his inability to take personal responsibility.

  54. SUNNYVILE says:

    lol the palace & uk tabs finally saw the writing on the wall about H&M not coming back😂they can’t use lizzy because she didn’t attend Archie’s christening. They shot themselves on the foot by cutting them off and now H&M are free to live by their own rules. I’m almost certain that LiliDiana already had her christening (she’s born in US so it’s very likely she’ll be the first royal kid baptised there as they also have Anglican churches in Montieceto). Chuck is in a pickle and is desperate to get back some bargaining chip with UK press to back off on covering Andy’s trail but its not going to happen. The Sussexs are living a prosperous life free from negativity so why the fk would they willingly come back to that hell hole??? This idiot & willy are wasting their times(and £££)

  55. JD says:

    If Prince Charles is so sad about not meeting his granddaughter, why doesn’t he just fly over to California and meet her? His sadness is probably to divert attention away from his charity scandal.