Lady Louise Windsor, 17, is apparently the monarchy’s ‘secret weapon’

Day Three of The Royal Windsor Horse Show

The embiggening of Lady Louise Windsor started this summer. The 17-year-old daughter of the Earl and Countess of Wessex was suddenly being pushed into the spotlight in the British media. I have no doubt that Stage Mum Sophie was behind it, all part of her “grief tour” following Prince Philip’s passing. Later, when the shenanigans over the “Duke of Edinburgh” title began, Sophie and Edward let it be known that Louise would likely become an HRH princess on her 18th birthday. And after that, there’s hardly been a week where royal commentators haven’t mentioned Louise as “the future of the monarchy,” or “the new savior of the monarchy,” or a “true star for the monarchy.” Everyone is positioning this shy teenager to have “an important role” as what I can only assume will be the family scapegoat.

Lady Louise Windsor has been tipped to be the slimmed down monarchy’s ‘secret weapon’ who could ‘continue the royal family’s legacy’. The 17-year-old daughter of Prince Edward and Sophie Wessex, who recently stepped into the spotlight for a BBC documentary about her late grandfather, could become a valued member of the Firm now that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Prince Andrew have stepped back from royal duties.

Phil Dampier, who has written about the Firm for 35 years, told the Telegraph’s royal editor Camilla Tominey that Lady Louise is ‘mature’ for her age, and is progressing to become ‘precisely the kind of person the Queen can rely on’. He suspects that the young royal could eventually take over some of the Queen and late Duke of Edinburgh’s Patronages, should she choose to accept her HRH title on her 18th birthday in November.

‘You have to ask yourself who is going to continue their legacy with Harry and Meghan and Prince Andrew off the scene? There’s a huge workload there’, he said.

Speaking to FEMAIL in April, royal author Ingrid Seward explained Lady Louise, the Queen’s youngest granddaughter, has ‘always been an asset’ to the royal family and is ‘very polite’ which Her Majesty ‘loves’.

[From The Daily Mail]

Yeah, I hate this. I hate this for Louise, who seems like a shy, sheltered kid. She should have the freedom she was promised, to focus on her education and horses and whatever else interests her. Instead, she’s being pushed to become a working princess on her 18th birthday in November. The reason why people are trying to make “Princess Louise, savior of the monarchy” into a thing is pretty interesting too. It’s because she’s clearly not a “star.” She’s not overshadowing anyone. She won’t threaten the meager “popularity” of William, Kate, Charles or Camilla. That’s why everyone is like “oh, she’s perfect.” Once again, the institution itself is so bad at all of this – they don’t know if their goal should be “making sure the institution can be sustained through popularity and interest,” versus “never ever overshadowing some of the dullest, laziest people on the planet.”

Duke of Edinburgh death

Duke of Edinburgh death

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  1. Liz version 700 says:

    They are going to destroy that kid. She does not look comfortable or desirous of being in the spotlight. But I guess we have all seen their children are considered expendable. This family is nothing but a pond of sharks.

    • goofpuff says:

      Just wait when she has her “makeover” aka basically grows into an adult and is suddenly much more glamorous to the younger crowd than Kate or William. Then those two will start attacking her.

    • Eurydice says:

      Well, given the Queen’s advanced age, she won’t have to rely on Louise for very long. But I love the part about “who’s going to do the work?” Nothing says “favorite granddaughter” than being given Andrew’s patronages as an 18th birthday gift.

  2. Becks1 says:

    Omg, this:

    ‘You have to ask yourself who is going to continue their legacy with Harry and Meghan and Prince Andrew off the scene? There’s a huge workload there’,

    I don’t know, maybe the FUTURE FUTURE KING AND HIS WIFE?!?!?!?!?!? they aren’t doing anything else. Seriously, those two are so lazy and everyone knows it. It’s kind of funny at this point how its just accepted they wont do the work.

    As for Louise -I don’t think Charles is going to bring her on as a working royal, not in any way shape or form. It seems clear someone (sophie? edward?) really wants that for her, but why? Why put her at the mercy of William for the rest of her life? Let her find her own way and do her own thing and I’m sure she’s getting some nice trusts from all the wealthy people in her life.

    • Nic919 says:

      If William and Kate were doing their job then they wouldn’t be talking about Louise. But they are useless.

      Louise should be allowed to live a normal life as she can and go to post secondary education. Interacting with non aristos is the best thing for her long term mental health. This family is nuts.

      • Becks1 says:

        You know how we discuss on here a lot why Harry is deemed so necessary to William’s reign? like how there’s this weird narrative about how William NEEDS Harry when he’s king in a way that people don’t talk about Charles needing Anne etc?

        I wonder if its as simple as the fact that William has made it clear -both over the past 10 years and in conversations about the future- that he refuses to work. I know we have that comment about how they’re going to focus on a few select charities and not do as any bread and butter events as the other royals do -but what if even that was just a warning? Maybe he’s said things like “nah I’m not doing the international tours anymore” or “I’ll do the diplomatic stuff that I HAVE to do but that’s it.” So they desperately need Harry to fill in some of the gaps, because the Queen does a lot more than just that.

        They know they are never going to get more work out of William than they are right now so there is a sense of desperation at the palace.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        “I know we have that comment about how they’re going to focus on a few select charities and not do as any bread and butter events as the other royals do”

        IMAO, going to a zoo at a university and playing with a spider and snake for a photo-op is about as “bread and butter” of an event that one could conjure up! LOL!

        What else can the Keenbridges do?

      • Becks1 says:

        @Bay – yes, it definitely is, but its notable bc they’ll do that kind of event like once a month, if that. You’ve gotta be like Anne or even sophie and make the B&B events add up.

        but i was talking about the specific story from about two years ago – I cannot remember the source, it may have been a charity spokesperson or something like that – who said that they were informed the Cambridges were going to take a “new approach” to royal work and they would focus on a few select charities and patronages (so no 500 patronages for them like the queen or phillip) and to not expect them to show up at the county fairs or something. It basically read like “We’re not going to work more when we’re prince and princess of wales, sorry not sorry!”

      • BayTampaBay says:

        Becks1 – I remember that article. I think they also said that the Keens would focus on 3-4 charities a year to expand the charities profile and fundraising then move on to 3-4 different charities the following year. I may be losing my mind but I know I read this or a similar scenario somewhere sometime in the last two years.

        Also, my point is that Wiglet and Baldy said they were not going to to Bread & Butter Engagements and it seems to me that Bread & Butter Engagements are all they do.

      • Rapunzel says:

        Becks- I agree about W&K and their work ethic. I actually wonder if they (W&K) aren’t behind these “secret weapon” pushes because they are trying to tell Chuck and Liz to give the work to any and everyone but W&K.

  3. canichangemyname? says:

    Toxic. The monarchy is toxic. I know, I’m USian and maybe others still see a reason for it, but all I see here when I read headlines is … toxicity and sadness.

    • STRIPE says:

      The podcast “You’re Wrong About” did a fantastic series on Princess Diana and they really dive into how toxic and weird the royals are. It’s really worth a listen.

      • canichangemyname? says:

        Thanks! I’ll check it out! Yeah, NONE of this seems good for any kind of family life whatsoever. I feel bad for anyone growing up in it! Gross. I feel like Meghan & Harry’s kids will thank them some day.

    • TIFFANY says:

      Me too. You know what I flashed back to when I read this. The gross countdown to 18 clock and stories about child actors here in the US.

      This has that feeling and it is toxic.

  4. PeacefulParsley says:

    “She should have the freedom she was promised, to focus on her education and horses and whatever else interests her.”

    How about getting a fccking job like the rest of the world?

    • Becks1 says:

      Well, I think Kaiser means after her education. She’s only 18.

    • goofpuff says:

      Well she is a teenager – so most generally go on to higher education or gap years if they can afford it. And if parents can bankroll it or they get loans, they generally don’t get jobs unless its internships until after graduation.

  5. Mac says:

    Louis will never be a working royal. Sophie and Andrew need to wrap their brains around the fact that the queen is not going to reverse Charles’ decision on the slimmed down monarchy.

  6. Tiffany says:

    So they are admitting they need youth because the younger royals they have now are a joke and are willing the destroy a kid, who I doubt is asking for it, to get it.

  7. L4frimaire says:

    How many of these stories about this girl are they going to trot out? Is this the 3rd time we’ve seen this type of articles. Girl, go off to college, do some study abroad and ignore these thirsty fools.

  8. Amy Bee says:

    What Kaiser said. I think the discourse around Louise is creepy and the only reason the press is pushing for Louise is so that they can report on her in the press. If she remains a non-working royal the press cannot cover her.

    • TIFFANY says:

      And they are chomping at the bit for when Louise turns 18 and really start getting creepy. And day out minding her business with her friends is gonna start being news. Bet on it.

    • Over it says:

      It’s sad but true, they could try writing articles after articles about why the Doolittles still do so little.

  9. Lexistential says:

    Louise, if you’re reading this, run the F away and get over here to NYC and have a life. You’re gonna get scapegoated.

  10. ModeratelyWealthy says:

    “RF Secret weapon ” is the new The Queen´s favorite grandchild”

    PS: have you noticed that William is never touted as TQ favorite? Not even the MIds PR dares to go there….is like they are afraid BP would release a note ” The Queen categorically denies William is HEr favorite grandchild”

    • Nick G says:

      But why do they keep talking about weapons? Who exactly do they think is the enemy? Is there a war I don’t know about?

      • Dee says:

        The “weapons” thing bothers me, too. I guess they can’t call them “tools” instead. I wish they would leave this young woman alone. She deserves to go to school and choose her own career path.

      • Amy Too says:

        So much of the vocabulary around the royals, including “secret weapon,” makes it seem like their job is simply to perpetuate themselves by force and violence and trickery. So and so is the secret weapon, Harry and Meghan are are only doing this thing because it makes it seem like they care, this royal makes a tactical visit to such and such place, some thing is a stab in the heart to the monarchy, “take that Sussexes! Cambridges triumph in popularity poll,” royals visit Wales to remind everyone of what they’ll be losing, Prince William’s Earthshot makes him look like he cares, Queen sends secret message with brooch, Kate’s work with children is a smart move for the Duchess, etc.

        They keep talking about themselves like their #1 Most Important Job is to brainwash the populace into seeing value in the royals by manipulating them with tactically timed PR-savvy visits or initiatives that make the populace believe that the royals are good people, and they assume that everyone else in the public sphere doing anything good or helpful is also doing the same thing. They really think that Harry and Meghan are single mindedly trying to destroy the BRF; and all of the charity work they do, and the donations they give, and the causes they speak on are just to win points in the PR war. Like they don’t think that Harry and Meghan actually care about racism, toxic media, or vaccine equity, they think they’ve chosen those causes because they’re popular and will win them a lot of press coverage and also so they can set themselves up in opposition to the RF so that when they win, they’ll have all the power and prestige. The RF keep telling on themselves with this sort of language. Maybe they should actually try service and compassion, charity and fundraising, empathy and thoughtfulness. But no, everything is a competition, everything is smoke and mirrors, they’re all just performing in a way that they think people will respond well to. Nothing is genuine. They care only about themselves and the power they hold and keeping that power, and they’ve decided that the way to keep that power is to actively lie to the populace about how much they “care” about them. But then they keep accidentally telling us that they’re lying and it’s all a game.

      • ModeratelyWealthy says:

        @Amy Too

        In the modern world ( speaking mostly about western countries) , there is really no need for royal families to exist, let alone provide heads of State

        (unless we are speaking about micro states, where one can argue having a royal at its head can be part of the national identity, as micro states are, by their own nature, relegated to supporting roles in the political game, are rarely talked about etc)

        It is an anomaly in itself. In Spain, they only exist because it was the compromise for not having another dictator; in the scandinavian countries, they hide behind their States economic and social boom of the last century, and provide the appearance of unification through a nod to tradition …

        The UK, Netherlands and Belgium have royal families as some sort of reminder of a “great” past , of their Empires, but the UK seems to be the only one that is constantly forcing itself on this role that should be moved away from, and it got to a point where it feels like theri self serving nature has been sold as some sort of reason to be proud of, as they are heavily engaged in a cycle of constant abuse and brainwashing of its peoples.

        It is like that:

        1) You MUST love me because I am doing this for YOU ( Queen jubileum as some sort of moral boost and not a selfish display of entitlement)

        2) You must PAY for me because I work for you and sometimes I even deign to speak to you ( bread and butter engagements)

        3) You must PUT UP with me because it will be so much trouble to get rid of me ( the whole “it would be too expensive and too complicated to get rid of them” as if the french, the russian, the italians and germans did not do it…)

        and finally 4 ) I am a bland, powerless entity, only here to serve ( as if all the hidden arcane powers the Queen uses behind the scenes to hide her wealth are not a show of power….let alone her status of the greatest landowner o Earth)

      • Nick G says:

        @AmyToo exactly. If they think about what they’re saying it’s incredibly transparent. @Moderately ITA. The UK is playing an advanced and belated game of the Emperor’s New Clothes.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Hahaha @ ModeratelyWealthy LOL’d at (your) The Queen’s statement.

  11. Giddy says:

    I wonder if anyone has thought about what Louise wants. Not what her mother wants, not her father, but Lady Louise. She’s just 17. What about college? I realize that the RF doesn’t seem to value education all that much, but surely she’ll get to go to college. And with apologies to Louise, but why would anyone see her as a secret weapon or a savior? Poor kid.

    • observer says:

      i feel really bad for her. she seems introverted and awkward from the pics. probably a little sheltered and brainwashed too, but that’s not her fault.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        I feel she has grown up in a bubble. She attends Day School not Boarding School so she has never really been away from parents.

        Many people have talked the problems of boarding school but at the US High School level (grades 9 thru 12) there are some good advantages.

  12. ABritGuest says:

    Have they replaced the jewel of the crown, peacemaker, saviour of the monarchy, Kate the great already? Thought she was the secret weapon.

    It’s so gross as they just want a young royal to report on that they can have access to until the Cambridge kids get older & interesting from a tabloid perspective. This is despite face Louise is unlikely to be a working royal so should be left alone. You can see why Harry wouldn’t want this for his kids. Especially when phone hacking cases revealed the press were stalking him & his friends even when he was a teen.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      Tin Foil Tiara Time – Set the dial to Medium: Sophie Wessex plays ball with the tabloids so maybe the tabloids assume Louise, through her mother, will play ball with them too?????

  13. Belli says:

    For god’s sake, leave the child alone! They are going to tear her apart.

    The lengths they’ll go to to avoid asking William and Kate to do a bit more work!!

  14. HeatherC says:

    I really really hope this is what this kid wants (Even if it is, she has no idea what she’s getting into or facing) and not something her parents are pushing her into so they can stay on the royal welfare system. I hope she goes to college and studies something “real”

    • observer says:

      i don’t get the impression this is something *she* wants because she wants it, but she might “want” it because other people *want* it for her…when you’re that sheltered, it’s very easy to be manipulated into thinking you want something when it’s really not the right thing for you. hell, when you are 17, sheltered or not, it can be easy to be manipulated by adults regardless… but coming from her background she really would be stumbling blindly, there’s no sign she has any media training (and she shouldn’t have to have it).
      i just know that especially if you are introverted or awkward, or come from a sheltered or insular background (be it rich or poor), that if everyone around you is telling you it’s the thing you *should* want or do, and you may desperately want to fit in, please them, etc.

      the article is full of code words and dog whistles that speak “she’s not rebellious or unruly *cough*likeharry*cough* so she will be the perfect distraction/scapegoat/puppet”

      she still *might* think she wants it, but i dont think she’d want it if the idea hadn’t been floated before her, you know?

      • Anners says:

        “i just know that especially if you are introverted or awkward, or come from a sheltered or insular background (be it rich or poor), that if everyone around you is telling you it’s the thing you *should* want or do, and you may desperately want to fit in, please them, etc.”

        Oof, yes to all of this ^^. I don’t care particularly for the RF or any of their members, but damn my heart bleeds for Louise. They are going to send her out to be slaughtered, just like they did Meghan. A sheltered 18 year old will be nowhere near as resilient as Meghan, either, and they almost killed her.

      • Lyds says:

        How can you judge how “unruly” a 17-year-old is? They are not past their teenage angst and not even beginning the “finding themselves in college” phase. Even the most “obedient” child can “switch” just like that, especially if they’re being thrust into the spotlight or treated poorly (Diana being the obvious example).

  15. Seraphina says:

    They will eat her alive and spit out the bones because they are a pack of hyenas. I feel for the young girl. Hard enough being that age and then add the family and then this – just awful.

    • Lady D says:

      A pack of dogs waiting to tear their helpless prey apart, and a pair of parents who are cheerfully willing to toss her at them. She will be nothing more than leftover bits the animals gnaw at but have no real use for. I hope she can withstand ten years of this treatment before it becomes Charlotte’s turn. Does PR expert Sophie seriously think she can take on BM on her daughter’s behalf and win?

  16. RoyalBlue says:

    This is terrible. #FreeLouise.

    NEWSFLASH: The monarchy doesn’t need anyone other than the Queen. She is the one with the official role. The rest of them are nothing but descendants of thugs and marauders who are now desperately clinging on to any vestige of hope that the monarchy survives so they can keep up the pretense that they are needed by the public to cut ribbons and break bottles on ships.

  17. Jenni says:

    They sure do have a lot of secret weapons.

    • Lizzie says:

      Usually women. They won’t refer to a woman in having any type of power or position unless it’s secret excepting the queen.

  18. Layla says:

    Don’t do that to the poor girl! William and Kate will want to force her out of the spotlight aswell

  19. TabithaD says:

    Ridiculous that they (I assume the Wessexes) are still pushing this narrative. Where is Louise in the succession? I make it about 16th. That’s extremely small beer, in royal terms. And she doesn’t look suited to the role anyway. Let the poor kid go to college and get a proper job.

  20. Matthew says:

    Where’s the big workload the papers are always going on about though? I’ve been following this mess for a few years now and I’ve yet to see evidence of a workload.

  21. NorthernGirl_20 says:

    That’s a lot of pressure on such a young person sheesh

  22. Lili says:

    these people never learn, let her go off to College, she doesnt know who she is as a person yet, let her grow up into her like an dislikes, she cannot get the youth on bord if she doesnt know who she is and what she stands for. Meghan could bring a fresh perspective because she had lived a life and had interests and experiences and knew what she was about. If you suck another young woman into this abyss you call royal duty nothing will change or move forward, look at the last young woman you sucked in, she is literally a blank canvas, that gets trotted out, has no ideas of her own. and in reality the men in grey suits need an overhaul, you cannot keep doing the same old thing to young women sucking the life out of them, make them paranoid and suicidal.

  23. Over it says:

    Well maybe the keenbridges could get on with the workload. I mean they were Karen and Kevin’s to Harry and Meghan because they wanted to be top dogs yet they don’t seem to have the desire to actually work, always collecting the perks but never the work. I feel for this poor girl . If ever child protective services should be needed, it’s for this

  24. Here4tea says:

    For f#cks sake.

    • Here4tea says:

      I really hope this is just rota bullsh!t. I note all this stuff about Louise only started after Philip died. He is probably spinning in his grave. The objectification of this young woman is just heartbreaking.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        I agree with you. It’s just my opinion obvs that I don’t think Philip would have wanted Louise pushed out this way. Don’t know why, just believe this is not something he would have wanted for Louise’s sake. Let the girl enjoy adult life on her own for a few years at least. The other ones did, right (for the most part).

        We know Will had lots of non working/non royal engagement time for quite some time.

  25. Dee Kay says:

    This feels a lot like trying to make “fetch” happen.

  26. Cora says:

    God, this poor kid. That’s all I have.

  27. Izzy says:

    A BIGLY YUGE workload of… *checks notes* ribbon cuttings, meet-and-greets, pub crawls, and movie premieres. Got it.

  28. SueBarbri says:

    This needs to stop. Louise and James do NOT seem suited to royal life in any way, shape, or form. Edward and Sophie are already incredibly awkward in front of a camera and around reporters, so who is giving this poor girl media training? It would be a shame for them to send poor Louise out to be slaughtered by the press given everything we know about how the royal lifestyle destroys women and girls. She seems sheltered. Leave her alone.

    As somebody said above, there’s not going to be a lot of tabloid or online interest in the remaining working members of the royal family until the Cambridge kids become teenagers. They pushed out H&M, and those actions will have consequences. No amount of hiding behind poor Louise is going to keep the public from finally figuring out whatever is wrong with William.

  29. LeonsMomma says:

    I hope her cousin Harry is talking to her. Telling her — and showing her — there are options and he and Meghan support her (no matter what path she takes.)

    • MerryGirl says:

      Why should it be Harry’s job to talk to her. Her parents in their recent CNN interview showed they have no respect for Harry and never supported him while he and his wife were in the RF. He has no obligation to save any of those inbreds back in the UK. I bear no ill will to Louise but she’s not Harry’s problem.

  30. ohrhilly says:

    So Louise will be a “princess” at 18? Will James become a “prince” at 18 also? I get major Mommy Dearest vibes from Sophie. I think she aspires to be as cunning as Carole or Kris K, but doesn’t have the same connections to do so.

    • Becks1 says:

      According to conventional wisdom, yes to both. It’s not that she “becomes” a princess, it’s that she’s always been one as a grandchild in the male line of the monarch – and her parents chose for her that she would go by Lady and not Princess. But at 18, she can choose for herself.

      (we had a debate about this a few weeks ago, thats why I said according to conventional wisdom.)

      • BayTampaBay says:

        Sophie Wessex would not be flapping her jaw and spouting-off to the tabloids that Louise can choose to use HRH Princess of Wessex (Edinburgh???) when she is 18 if this was not true and correct. Sophie Wessex is many things but she is not stupid by any stretch of the imagination.

  31. Mooney says:

    Carole with an E must be so happy someone’s taking lessons from her.

    Anyway, that picture of the three of them standing together with heads tilted in different directions never fails to make me laugh. That picture looks so drab, creepy and at the same time funny,idk why.

  32. Lady D says:

    That creepy Children of the Corn head tilt picture is something else. They remind me of the robots in Westworld.

    • observer says:

      oh my god, they do!

      for me, it’s also the way they’re all posing with their hands in the same weird crotch position that is apparently considered appropriate for toffs attempting to appear proper (i see billy boy doing it a lot when his fists arent clenched in incandescence)

  33. Jumpingthesnark says:

    Louise seems like a find young person but if she is the BRF secret weapon then they are in Big Trouble. But we all knew that already. If I were her I would be researching universities far away. Canada would be good, optics better for a commonwealth country maybe. Montreal or Toronto are fantastic cities with great universities.

  34. Caseysmom says:

    Stop trying to make ‘fetch’ happen. Not gonna work for Lady Louise.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      Lady Louise could happen as there is raw material to work with. Lady Louise is tall and lanky with naturally thick blonde hair. Lady Louise is into “Turnip Toff” country pursuits and looks great in riding clothes..

      Turn Lady Louise over to a top-rated stylists for a makeover and watch HRH Princess Louise of Wessex hit the cover of Tatler every third month.

      • MsIam says:

        “Turn her over to top rated stylists”? They have been working on Kate for twenty years and she still has more misses than hits in her wardrobe. And Louise will not get the budget spent on her that Kate has, Kate won’t stand for it. Nothing good will come of them trying to push this girl to the front. At least nothing good for Louise.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        Actually, I think Louise would be easier to work with than Katie Keen. First order of business is to get Louise out of her mother’s closet for the rest of eternity. Louise would look good in Ralph Lauren type clothes. Is there a British Ralph Lauren? Being a ‘Turnip Toff” country girl has its advantages if you want to be an “It Happening Royal”

        With regards to a budget, Sophie Wessex already spends a metric-tonne of $$$$ on couture or the designers are are giving her loaners.

        Whomever wants Louise “to happen” is going to have to fork over some dough. Louise could spend one-fourth the money the York Princesses spend on clothes and look four times as good.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Bay I am laughing so hard at these comments bc I’m envisioning a whole montage like out of Princess Diaries, with all the clothes coming and going and the hairstylists and everything else, with the reveal at the end lol. You can play the Hector Elizondo character – I can hear you now with the “First order of business! Stay out of your mother’s closet!!”

      • BayTampaBay says:

        Becks1 – You have known me long enough to know that I am just being snarky to the highest snark. I hope everyone realizes that I do not really have any desire to makeover Lady Louise….unless of course she would ask for my help! LOL!

  35. MsIam says:

    Will Louise get a gold sparkly dress to wear too? Honestly, though, whoever is behind this push ought to be ashamed if this is not what Louise wants. But have we ever heard her speak to say what she wants? This is just the UK media flapping their gums.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      “whoever is behind this push ought to be ashamed”

      I agree but it is really fun to talk about the possibilities!!! LOL!

  36. Athena says:

    They’re starting to give the impression that Louise is not going to University and like her aunt Anne is joining the firm at 18.

    • Amy Too says:

      That’s true. Is she a senior in high school right now, or whatever the British equivalent is? Because when I was in my last year of high school, October was when a lot of college applications were being filled out and you pretty much knew what you were doing (university vs work vs technical college vs military) if you didn’t exactly know where you were going yet (which university, what job, which tech school, which branch of the military). You would think that she would have a plan by now and if it’s not being a working royal, people should know that. Unless this is her mother or just the press trying to persuade her and change her mind?

    • Tessa says:

      Anne was that age in a different era where many women did not go to University. Plus Anne was allowed to do her own thing and go in for equestrian events even working to get into the Olympics.She was also much higher in line of succession than Louise is now.

  37. Sofia in TX says:

    She looks like a pretty, feminine version of Harry.

  38. Merricat says:

    There’s a new “secret weapon” every week, and will continue so, because the Windsors are circling the drain and they don’t know how to stop it.
    Lady Louise is the latest straw grasped.
    It’s always secretive with that bunch, like people (mostly Waity) wearing secret messages to dead people in their clothes and jewelry

  39. A says:

    Has anyone even bothered to ask Louise what the heck she wants from her life? Does she want to go by the style of HRH Princess Louise of Wessex? Does she want to be a working royal and take on this load? Does she want to sign up for a life in the public eye at 18? None of what she wants matters for any of these crusty white geezers, or her parents, or to anyone else, it seems. Isn’t it interesting, how we’ve heard from her mother, her father, her grandparents, royal courtiers, the press and royal reporters, but her voice, even as she is the subject of all this speculation, is conspicuously and noticeably absent?

    It’s also funny to me how Sophie, after YEARS of breathlessly making sure that the public knew how the Wessexes were good little soldiers who keep their heads down, don’t get ahead of themselves, understand their place in the pecking order (and styled their children accordingly as non-royals, even as they are entitled to be referred to as HRH Prince/Princess), and are above all only loyal to the queen and are so incredibly close to her as a family, is pushing her daughter into the spotlight the moment the opportunity presented itself. Ma Middleton would be proud of how quickly Sophie scented blood in the water and moved to leverage her kids to get a leg up.

    Sophie was good with not using her kids to get ahead when it seemed like there was no real way up the pecking order. For YEARS we were told how her and Edward were doing their best to raise their kids without any expectations of fulfilling a public role as a member of the royal family. Now, with Harry and Meghan out, and Andrew out, and Beatrice and Eugenie not looking like they’re going to step up to the plate, there’s an opening, and Sophie’s all over it. Good to know she’s capable of using her daughter to cravenly social climb once the opportunity presented itself.

    The whole tone these rats are taking here is just gag-inducing. “Mature for her age,” in particular is making me see red. This poor kid. Leave her the f-ck alone.

    • Tessa says:

      She seems to me to be sheltered, She is not “of age” and at 18, she would be looking to go to University and getting friends her own age. I wonder how comfortable she is with the PR push by her parents.

  40. Tessa says:

    Do they not want her to get an education? I am not getting the sudden push for Louise. The York Princesses cannot do royal work. I don’t get why the Wessexes think that an exception will by made by Charles for Louise.

  41. Slippers4 life says:

    This is all over the British Media so how is this a “secret”? And what do they need a weapon for?

  42. Aud says:

    Leave her out of this. I feel this is her parents pushing the storyline and it’s awful. Let her be normal. Charles is not going to suddenly let her be a working royal, his cuts are coming. They’re using her to try to manipulate him.

  43. Monica says:

    The BRF’s cache of “secret weapons” rivals the US nuclear arsenal, apparently. Yet most of them are duds and this one doesn’t deserve to have such a terrible designation applied to her.

  44. Ania says:

    Sophie is either stupid if she thinks Luise will be treated differently than Yorks, Harry or Meghan or evil if she does this knowing what will happen. What future does she expect her daughter to have? Avoiding Will’s rage so that he keeps funding her? I would start looking at US universities asap if she was my daughter…

  45. Sarah says:

    Umm why on earth would Louise take on patronages at 18, wouldn’t she be in university? I would think that her parents would want her to further her education and no try and rely on the monarch or is that just wishful thinking? LMAO!