Meghan Trainor posted a video showing her side by side toilets

Last week Meghan Trainor admitted that she had toilets installed next to each other so that she never had to be apart from her husband, Daryl Sabara. She didn’t volunteer this information. Her brother Ryan, who lives with Meghan, outed Meghan for that when they were both on Nicole Byer’s podcast, Why Won’t You Date Me? When that story got picked up, Meghan tried to clarify that she didn’t regularly go number two at the same times her husband. She tweeted that he sits with her when she’s doing her business, but that they’ve only done that together one time. They do often pee next to each other though. It all sounded very dysfunctional and codependent. Meghan has posted a video to TikTok showing her bathroom setup. She’s sitting on the toilet with her pants down, it’s unclear if she’s doing one or two but she looks sad as she pans to the other toilet, with the song “All By Myself” playing in the background. The caption says “POV: your husband is over the news about you having two toilets next to each other.”


POV: your husband is over the news about you having two toilets next to each other

♬ All By Myself – Céline Dion

It’s kind of shocking imagining people even peeing right next to each other like that. It looks like Daryl put the kibosh on their joint bathroom trips, for now. They seem to be fine though because she posted a video of them with their baby after that.

Their eight-month-old baby, Riley, is absolutely adorable! Look at him laughing!


Incase you haven’t smiled yet today 🤣❤️‍🔥 ##babylaugh

♬ original sound – Meghan Trainor

This baby!


The best sound ever 🤣 @darylsabara @ryan.trainor

♬ original sound – Meghan Trainor

I had to think of this couple going to the bathroom together, which is gross, but I got to see videos of their baby laughing so it kind of balances out.

Here’s a video Meghan posted in June of them making Riley say “I love you.” I like Meghan and Daryl now! I want them to be together forever and to have more babies if they want. I don’t even care that they go to the bathroom next to each other, they only do that for Riley so they can spend more time with him.


Happy birthday @darylsabara !! Riley and I love you so much 🤣💝😍

♬ original sound – Meghan Trainor

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  1. Queen Meghan's Hand says:

    She needs to stop this. How is this story still going?

    • Eve says:

      Amazingly I managed to escape all the other posts but I came here this time to beg CB to stop, at the very least, top billing this nonsense.

  2. Bryn says:

    Baby laughter is so adorable.

  3. Woke says:

    Just why ?

  4. MrsBanjo says:

    Why does she think we need to know this?

    Is this some kind of celebrity challenge that’s going to be revealed at a later date? “In this series we test celebrities to see who can overshare the most foul of personal habits. The winner receives a lifetime supply of total disdain from the entire Internet.”

    • LaraW” says:

      I would almost prefer this because at least there would be a REASON for all this overshare! But no, they’ve just all been infected with diarrhea of the mouth. Or gonorrhea of the brain.

  5. Eve says:

    Yeah, because ALL I want to see is my beloved taking a dump.

    Jesus Harold Christ On Rubber Crutches!!!

    And here I thought *I* was crass.

  6. Barbie1 says:

    I can’t believe this girl. We don’t want to know let alone see it.

  7. Rose says:

    I go to the toilet to get away from my husband, not to have more time with him.

  8. Lemon says:

    Ok I thought the video was kinda funny. She has a sense of humor!

  9. olliesmom says:

    Why are we still hearing about their creepy toilets?

  10. Eurydice says:

    I showed the prior article to my mother and she wondered why they hadn’t commissioned a double-wide toilet – that way their eliminations could be together, too.

  11. Myjobistoprincess says:

    I think Megan is trying to tell all of us haters of her double sh*t bowl story to go f ourselves, that’s why she keeps pushing it

    • Coco says:

      That makes no sense to me nothing about her keep talking about this story or telling other gross stories is her telling people off.

      It seems she trying to make the story sound better, but only does the opposite.

  12. Anne says:

    0/5 stars. Do not recommend. I just can’t.

  13. AmelieOriginal says:

    Their baby looks so much like Daryl, it’s so funny. Not just the red hair, Daryl’s face reminds me of a garden gnome and so does the baby (in the best possible way, I don’t mean that as a dig). He’s very cute.

    As for the toilet thing, it’s weird and we are tired of hearing about it. I didn’t need visual confirmation either.

  14. Eve says:

    Since we’re at such romantic subject and I’m part of the “go big or go home” philosophy, she should gone with something like this:

    P.S.: If anyone has already posted anything similar, my apologies.

  15. WithTheAmerican says:

    videoing yourself on the toilet to All By Myself and posting it is an indication that we have reached critical mass.

    No thanks, Megan whoever you are.

  16. Magick Wanda says:

    Enough with the toilets already. Is there anyone who is that interested in Meghan Trainor’s toilet habits? If so, please seek help. This is one of the saddest attention grabs I’ve seen in a while.

  17. forgotuser12 says:

    She’s reaching Kristen Bell level of oversharing with this. We do not need to know this

  18. Meh says:

    Waiting for the photos of them shitting together. You know it’s coming.

  19. MarcelMarcel says:

    I don’t understand why you’d want that many toilets in the same space but you do you do. As long as I can still be alone in the bathroom it’s really none of my business. I just don’t get why she’s still bringing it up.
    How often do you shower? Do you poop solo or with a loved one? There are some questions that don’t need answers.

  20. jferber says:

    Yes, this is tacky as hell and incomprehensible (though I once saw a double toilet in the South), but why cancel her as an artist because of this? Generally I agree with “cancel culture” for real and important reasons. This is just nonsense.

    • Jules says:

      She’s an artist? I don’t even know who she is. And now I just know her as pooping next to her husband. In which case, I would say her marketing of herself needs to be redone.

  21. Niamh says:


  22. Marigold says:

    Get that attention girl

  23. Blueskies says:

    While it’s been her decision to run with this, her brother is an ass for making it public in the first place. Jerk move! Unless it was all pre-planned, nothing would surprise me in 2021.