Did John Mulaney & his pregnant girlfriend already break up because he cheated?

Jacqueline Novak: Get On Your Knees Opening  - Arrivals.

John Mulaney and his girlfriend have possibly broken up. The source is someone sending in a tip to Deuxmoi, so who knows. The first time we heard anything about Mulaney and his girlfriend (who shall remain nameless on this blog, for reasons) was back in May, just after we learned about his split with his wife Anna-Marie Tendler. By September, John Mulaney’s girlfriend was visibly pregnant and they ended up confirming the pregnancy. There were also People-exclusive photos and an interview by Seth Meyers, and a timeline no one believes (because it doesn’t make any sense).

The long and short of it is that Mulaney cheated on his wife and knocked up his jumpoff/girlfriend soon after he got out of rehab. It was a huge mess. If this Deuxmoi submission is accurate, then it’s going to be even messier:

State Opening of Parliament

My thought was that they would stay together until the baby was born and Mulaney would find a way to exit the “relationship” a few months later. It says something that they can’t even grit their teeth and make it to a full-term pregnancy. Hours after Deuxmoi posted that not-so-blind-item, they had this update:

State Opening of Parliament

So… he cheated on her?? YIKES!

CB pointed out that three weeks ago, in Us Weekly’s print edition (dated October 11), there was a story about how everything was moving way too fast between Mulaney and his girlfriend and this was “a fling that got out of control” and “the baby came out of left field…” Mulaney was described by Us Weekly’s sources as not being relaxed and not doing any long-term planning. The sources also say that she was happy to be in an open relationship and that her friends are like “girl, this was never gonna last.” Us Weekly has always been HER outlet of choice when she wants to get her story out. She was introducing the idea that he was “seeing other people” and that she was having second thoughts, but it’s all cool, whatever he wants. SHAMBLES!

2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. Léna Fontenelle says:

    Poor child, this is a mess. No of it was a good idea
    …. but I do enjoy this kind of celebrity gossip, I feel like it’s been a while we had a messy relationship going on

    • Tiffany says:

      “…but I do enjoy this kind of celebrity gossip, I feel like it’s been a while we had a messy relationship going on.”

      This is why I am so disappointed in Miranda Lambert.

      I depended on her mess.

    • Marian says:

      I think it’s just so much of the gossip in Hollywood and the Royal Family lately has been involving Covid, Sexual and Racisl Harassment, cruelty or death and dying that people want a messy situation that they can gawk and laugh at and not feel too bad about it. People like good inconsequential dumb scandals to distract them from bad serious things and this one fits the bill nicely.

      • Becks1 says:

        Agreed, and I think that’s been the appeal of Bennifer 2.0 as well. It’s not that we are actually invested in their relationship, its more like – yay, it’s been a rough few years, so much of the “gossip” isn’t really that fun anymore (like the royal family used to be something I followed for the fashion, and its not really light hearted anymore), so yes, we need a messy relationship like this one and we need a good pap-strolling relationship like Bennifer.

      • GRUEY says:

        @marian I just wish there weren’t an innocent baby in all this. Getting pregnant to trap a fresh-outta-rehab cheater is fairly toxic shit.

      • LahdidahBaby says:

        I’m with Gruey on this one.

    • ConcernFae says:

      Why did you put a Miranda/Mulaney ship into my head? You knew what you were doing!!!

      I saw references to this over the weekend. Made the wise choice to wait to read the whole story on Monday. Thank you, Kaiser.

  2. mindy_dopple says:

    I don’t want to be happy for someone else’s misery… but here we are.

    • terra says:

      Schadenfreude at it’s finest.

      (. . . And now I’m off to listen to the cast recording of Avenue Q.)

      • Driver8 says:

        Avenue Q is the best and I’ll join you both!

      • Oh_Hey says:

        This. The schadenfreude of this is peak celeb gossip.
        I remember a few weeks ago folks really trying to both sides this man’s divorce despite glaring evidence of his past and current actions and now look. Anne Marie is thriving with Petunia on TikTok and this mess is still messy.

      • MarcelMarcel says:

        Omg I saw Avenue Q performed live in the West End of London. Such a great show!

      • Snappyfish says:

        I adore Avenue Q

    • molly says:

      I wish there wasn’t a kid involved because I love celeb relationship drama. The messier the better.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Molly that’s exactly how I feel…trying to hold back a bit because of the baby. But at least here on CB, I think *everyone* feels sorry for the poor baby, it goes without saying— so we can go ahead and express our glee at this well-deserved sh!tshow and not feel like terrible people.

        If this is true, it could not have happened to a more deserving pregnant woman.

      • Liz version 700 says:

        Molly you are right on the money. I love mess, and John M is giving us all the mess you could ever want. But that kid is going to need therapy from the moment it can talk yikes.

      • Va Va Kaboom says:

        In the same vein as “the messier the better”…

        Did this line strike anyone else as oddly written “This A list comedian who was previously in a relationship with A PREGNANT WOMAN…”? Is that the normal blind item/PR jargon for the woman HE impregnated while they were dating?

      • minx says:

        Same, I feel sorry for the poor baby. I’m completely unsympathetic towards the baby’s parents, they seem like careless jerks.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        I’ll throw shade all on the GF. You are suppose to bring a child into this world to give it the best life. Not because you just want one. She picked him for no worthy reason except wealthy, career boost and he was willing to get in bed. Not because he was stable, healthy, single, committed and wanted a child.

        Her narrative did flood the news. We never heard his side beyond the damage control interview that didn’t add up to truth.

        I hope he gets help. I hope she learns how to be a good mother to give that poor child some stability and love.

      • The Recluse says:

        Indeed. Poor little one – to be born from chaos. Hopefully Mom will be enough, because Dad is a mess.

  3. Gil says:

    I love this inner “joke” we have here in the celebitchy site about the nameless girlfriend who is by the way a “see you next Tuesday” . There I said it.

  4. LaUnicaAngelina says:

    YIKES 😬 – really curious who the new A list gf is. Not surprised but also agree that i thought they’d make it through the pregnancy.

    • Mia4s says:

      Whoever it is: they are getting involved with a guy barely out of rehab who is going through a divorce and managed to get his jump off pregnant AND break up with her in less than a year??

      Yiiiiiiiiikes. I’d recommend she give this a bit more thought. FFS. 😣

      • tealily says:

        Must be someone young, right? Or someone messy herself.

      • ElleV says:

        i bet it’s lily james cause that girl is the marie kondo of dating – SHE LOVES MESS!

      • iconoclast59 says:

        @ElleV “the marie kondo of dating” — that is simply brilliant. I hope you don’t mind if I borrow that. I promise I’ll give proper credit and not try to claim it as my own!

    • Betsy says:

      That was my curiosity, as well. If this is real and about who we think it is, who is the other lady?

      • Sue Denim says:

        I’ve heard speculation that it’s Kim Kardashian? Single, likes the so-called crazies as a psychiatrist friend of mine described his work, A list celebrity (not not actress), recently did SNL, good friends w people in his orbit, and sort of his type…though he doesn’t seem hers, but who know, maybe she wants the PR…

    • Sierra says:

      For some reason, I immediately went to Jennifer Aniston.

      A lister and deeply involved in the comedy world in Hollywood. People will also not associate her with something like this.

      • smlstrs says:

        Hmmm… she knows Jason Sudekis from “We’re the Millers,” and Jason and Seth and John are all tight … 🤷‍♀️

    • remarks says:

      I can’t see Jennifer Aniston wanting to deal with this.

      I also think his taste leans towards women his own age or younger. Maybe slightly older, which Munn might be, but not as old as Aniston. I don’t know why I think this.

      • lucy2 says:

        I agree. I don’t see Jen wanting any parts of this disaster, and I too bet it’s someone younger.
        As if the mess with she who will not be named wasn’t enough!

      • Lorelei says:

        @Remarks, I can’t either. Even if she wanted to, she has SUCH a strong, billion dollar brand and a very positive image…I don’t think she would risk all of that for this idiot.
        Plus, she knows she would immediately start being compared to Angelina and referred to like “who’s the homewrecker now??”
        I think she’s too smart to get involved in this in any way. And Stephen Huvane would lose his mind and probably handcuff himself to her just to prevent it, lol.

      • Coco says:

        @ Lorelei

        She already did that with her last relationship. Justin was in a 14 year relationship when they got together.

      • remarks says:

        A younger person might be more naive to what his reality as an addict is like. I picture him with someone college-age, even. I just have no idea what 21 year old during this pandemic is considered to be A-list. Unless they exaggerated the A-list part and she’s a semi-famous influencer on Raya….the only kind of naive person I can imagine wanting to be with him at this point in time.

        I can’t even picture someone like Selena Gomez, at 29 (older than a college-age person but not old either), thinking “hmmm…yes, John Mulaney, with his addiction issues and pregnant girlfriend and the wife he might not be officially divorced from yet– that’s who I’d like to be with right now!”

      • Sue says:

        @Remarks – now I can’t help thinking that it’s one of those “influencers” (I am re-reading that out loud to myself as an old lady). Who is the chick that Kim K.’s sister is attached at the hip to and now she’s doing movies? I’m going with her.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Coco you’re right! I totally forgot that Justin was still living with his longtime girlfriend when he got together with Jen. It wasn’t as big a story because (imo) he wasn’t married, he didn’t have a fan base like Mulaney’s, Jennifer wasn’t pregnant, Justin hadn’t constantly been announcing for years that he never wanted children, etc. Plus he didn’t have the issue with rushing into it immediately after rehab. He wasn’t as well known as John Mulaney, and imo Justin is pretty boring.

        Morally, it’s just as wrong, imo; I felt horrible for his girlfriend at the time— they weren’t married, but they’d been together for something like 11 years (?) and it was awful for her. The fact that they didn’t have a marriage certificate doesn’t make it any less painful for her or sh!tty on his part. But I guess cheating when a celebrity is married makes for a better headline (🙄).

  5. Solidgolddancer says:

    A while entire hot mess…
    I only have sympathy for Anna-Marie and the baby.

    • tealily says:

      I hope Anna-Marie is cackling.

      • Sushiroll says:

        Oh hell yeah. Imagine her flying on a majestic black pegasus, wearing blood red lipstick, eating candy and laughing her fuucking ass off before she disappears happily into the night.

        “HE’S YOUR PROBLEM NOW! 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣”

        Now that’s Halloween entertainment.

  6. Steph says:

    Watch it be that actress that everyone cheats with. I can’t think of her name right is but if it comes to me I’ll let you know.
    Oh…..Minka Kelly

    • HufflepuffLizLemon says:

      She’s with Trevor Noah currently, or at least as of a few weeks ago… I would struggle to consider her A-List as well. I’m curious who it is.

      • Steph says:

        You’re right about not really being A list. She just comes to mind bc her rep as a jump off precedes her.

    • LillyfromLillooet says:

      sidenote but yeah–I really love Minka as an actor and I don’t get her personal life at all, and it’s not good, inasmuch as reputation does have some kind of connection to getting cast–does the public love the person, does the person’s personal brand work with the project etc. This is why I’ve never liked starlets hooking up with older established actors–Abbie Cornish, and Ana de Armas come to mind, and yeah, Minka has been with Jesse Williams, that baseball ho (was it A Rod?) and a couple of other dudes at the time they were exiting big relationships. I really hope she and Trevor Noah make it work.

      • Steph says:

        What projects has she been in? I’m curious. I’ve never actually seen her work before.

      • Dlc says:

        Baseball ho…lmao! It was Jeter, not Arod.

      • AmelieOriginal says:

        Haha I know I was going to say it was Derek Jeter! But when you look at his dating history prior to marrying his wife Hannah Davis, he dated a parade of GQ models (including his now wife). Some also happened to be actors. I did a quick google, I was too young to follow celeb gossip in the 90s so I totally missed his first major celebrity relationship was Mariah Carey haha! What a fun era that must have been.

      • Kebbie says:

        @Steph Friday Night Lights is the only thing I’ve seen her in. She was okay. She seems like she’d be good in Hallmark type movies. Not the Christmas ones, but like the Valentine’s Day and summer ones that nobody watches. She’s really pretty but not super charismatic. But maybe she’s gotten better? FNL was a while ago.

      • tealily says:

        @Steph she was on Parenthood too. I really like her on screen! I think she has that magnetic It Factor thing.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Lilly I’m lmao because “that baseball ho” could be referring to SO MANY people

      • Ann says:

        She’s not A-List. She hasn’t been in much since FNL. Very pretty though. Her acting is decent, not great IMO. I actually always thought she was a weak link in the FNL cast.

      • teecee says:

        Minka Kelly, Ana de Armas, etc. aren’t A-List. It’s actually hard to think of an A-Lister who is single. Brie Larson? She led a Marvel movie and has a recent Oscar. I don’t think it’s any of the Brad exes, or Charlize, they’re not his type. It’s probably someone who’s at least adjacent to the comedy scene. (If ScarJo wasn’t married to Jost, I’d think her.) Anna Kendrick isn’t A-List but she fits.

      • The Recluse says:

        For awhile she was known for her pap strolls with Chris Evans. They had been a thing for awhile.

    • LillyfromLillooet says:

      @Sarah I saw her in Parenthood and She’s In Portland but look her up on IMDB–there’s likely something you’ve seen she’s been in. She’s been working consistently for 20 years and has always felt like she had leading lady potential. She’s a solid jobbing actor. I was always sorry she didn’t get a bigger turn in Parenthood.

  7. FrodoOrOdo says:

    I know the internet seems to be aghast but I think it’s better they’ve broken up now that trying to navigate feelings at a time when you’re trying to adjust physically, emotionally, hormonally to a new baby.

    And anyone who feels sorry for that woman is… well, look, if you keep laying down with dogs…..

    • InVain says:

      Hey… let’s not drag innocent dogs into this mess.

    • L4frimaire says:

      It sucks and is messy but has happened before in Hollywood. Remembe rwhen Billy Crudup left his heavily pregnant girlfriend ( Mary Louise Parker) for Claire Danes? Mulaney is a mess and this girlfriend isn’t well liked by his fans ( or others) but at some point hopefully this dust will settle and he’ll step up as a co-parent.

      • remarks says:

        I don’t think Billy Crudup was an addict. His situation was messy but I think the drug addiction makes people go “How is this going to end?” regarding the John Mulaney situation.

  8. OriginalLala says:

    Poor baby… thats all I got. One bright spot in this whole mess is I now follow Anne-Marie Tendler on Insta and her art is lovely, heartbreaking and emotional. I’m a fan, and I desperately want one of her handmade Victorian lamp covers.

  9. S808 says:

    this ending was so obvious. I feel terribly for the child though.

    • Kathryn says:

      Agree. Don’t think any of us thought they were going to be together forever, thought the kid might make it to age 1 or 2 before they split but yikes. JM seems to be a bit of a serial cheater lately which makes me wonder…is this new? Or has he always been this messy and was good at keeping it under wraps?

  10. Jamie says:

    There was a deuxmoi reddit post about how his jump off’s pregnancy was not a secret quite a bit before the photos came out so someone there has a pretty good in.

  11. LillyfromLillooet says:

    I wonder if JM and AMT are at least talking again.

    This has got to help her contextualize his behavior as not I found someone awesome but I’m spinning out.

    We’re in for a Ben Affleck-style bumpy ride, folks. This situation is going to have a lot of twists and turns, and we are no where near what a new normal for all parties will be like.

    • Kviby says:

      Good riddance to him and home she’s healed and focused on other people. Hopefully he has apologized and is leaving her alone. Whatever he and munn did it is what it is. Sad for his wife but she luckily didn’t have kids with him so she can pretty much turn away after healing and focus on the rest of her life. My biggest takeaway was thanks to a comment on this website where someone recommended a podcast which reviews celebrities’ memoirs, their episode on munn is incredible and she wrote the nastiest most pick me book I can imagine targeting incels! Not against incels, basically a book trying to make them feel good about themselves, it’s quite weird. Idk if that’s the real her or she wanted to make some money but it is intensely pick me. After hearing all those quotes from her book, I’ll never look at her the same way. She does not shy away from doubling down.. wonder how the custody situation will go now

      • Sue Denim says:

        check out Anna’s tiktok, she’s so cute and seems really happy. I think she’s actually the winner in all of this prob still healing but seems to be doing much better than a few months ago. GF will prob be better off too. Maybe even JM, free to roam…though any schadenfreude I might have had is so tempered by deep hopes that he can stay sober.

      • Lurker25 says:

        I listened to that podcast because of the comment here too!! I didn’t like their voices (the vocal fry was off the charts) but their horror at the book was quite enjoyable.

      • Lorelei says:

        I need to know the name of this podcast!! Please someone drop a link because I will start listening IMMEDIATELY

        @Sue, ITA, Anna Marie is definitely the winner here. It might take her a long time to be able to realize it, but eventually she will. She seems smart, and once the rawness wears off, she’ll probably be relieved.

      • Lila says:

        What is the name of the podcast? That sounds fascinating!

      • Kviby says:

        I just checked the podcast app to be sure. It is called celebrity memoir book club. The hosts are called Claire and Ashley. I was much too fascinated by the quotes to mind their voices but I might check out some more episodes now that it’s on my mind again so we’ll see if they start to annoy me. For those who like that particular episode (they really massacred the book word by word and concept by concept) a similar podcast I heard recently was the female dating strategy podcast’s episode on a (very weak) article jezebel wrote on, supposedly, the female dating strategy brand. I love this kind of meticulous, evidence-based take down! Also, the jezebel author in question had some things in common with munn, in my opinion/memory based solely on hearing those 2 podcast episodes

      • Lila says:

        Thank you!!! Off to listen to both of those!

      • Lorelei says:

        Thank you so so much!! Going to go subscribe to both of those right now.

      • Léna says:

        Thanks a lot for the podcast recommandation. Currently really bored at work, listening now!

  12. Jan90067 says:

    They BOTH need therapy.

    Hope that poor child has *some* good relatives on its side, or at least, an amazing nanny to give it stability!

    • vociferousgirl says:

      His parents seem pretty on top of things, and not just because they’re successful, but his mom (from what I’ve heard from her students), cares about her students. He also seems really on top of things, IF, he can stay sober, I think that’s going to be the key here.

  13. Kaye says:

    mindy_dopple, I think that’s called Schadenfreude . . . and I have it too.

    • terra says:

      Ah, didn’t see this before I commented on mindy’s post. But, yes, yes, it is. Always a thrill when I get to break that one out – it’s been one of my favorite words since my Dad taught it to me when I was young.

  14. Lily says:

    I guess the girlfriend and baby ‘saved him’ after all… so he could be whole again and move on to a different situation… I can’t wait for his next appearance on Seth Myers to explain this timeline.

    • Songs (Or it didnt happen) says:

      Cue She Who Will Not Be Named releasing a tik tok where “Good 4 U” is blaring ……

      • Lorelei says:

        @Songs, I feel like Olivia will do something public soon. No idea what, maybe a pap stroll of her smugly holding hands with John? Or, if this is all true, some sort of petty retribution type thing.
        She doesn’t seem like the type to let stories like this fly around without getting her side out there. I barely even pay attention to her but even I can see how manipulative she is.

  15. Merricat says:

    I don’t see how anyone could be terribly surprised by this. He just got out of marriage and rehab; it was unlikely that he was pursing a relationship with the “girlfriend,” and even more unlikely that he wanted a baby. He was screwing around, which is also not unusual, under the circumstances. The “girlfriend” thought the baby would settle him down, but since he didn’t plan to have children, it probably made him angry.
    The guy is fighting for his sobriety and his career. Of course he has personal messiness–he’s an addict who fell off the wagon.

    • Surly Gale says:

      If he didn’t plan on having children…a vasectomy works wonders, I’m told.

      • MarcelMarcel says:

        @surlycat ITA. If you’re a grown man and you know for sure you don’t want kids than just have a vasectomy. Contraceptives only work when used correctly which leads a pretty big margin for human error. It’s pretty tmi but I’m big on double protection outside of long term relationships. Wrap it up with a condom, take a pill, if you wanna go down on a lady you just met consider getting a dental dam. And straight men who pressure you into sex with no rubber and refuse to get tested by a doctor aren’t worth it.

      • Zapp Brannigan says:

        Yeah that’s what gets me, a guy claiming he doesn’t want kids but refusing to do the thing that means he won’t have kids. Why would he make various women responsible for his choices 🤷

      • Oh_Hey says:

        I’m with you 1000% and I’ve seen up close and person what causes this. Its guys who don’t want the day to day or emotional responsibility of a child but they’d be giving up their “manhood” if they had to do anything about it.

        These are the absent fathers that come back to their adult kids hat in hand want to tell them “the truth” about their mothers and how “honest’ they were about not wanting kids…but they’re happy to have relationships with adults they don’t have to care for now. Mess.

      • Merricat says:

        I’m guessing being under the influence doesn’t make your judgment very keen.

      • HeyJude says:

        Seriously, “the baby came out of left field”.

        Ummm, NO. The baby came outta your dick, a 6th grade health class could have told you this was a inevitable result of being sloppy.

        If you really don’t want kids then you gotta be responsible and take care of that.

        You can’t just be laying pipe everywhere then go “oops, but how ever did this happen?!”

      • Betsy says:

        I know not everyone changes their minds or is truly solid on not wanting kids; that could have been him.

    • Ariel says:

      I do feel bad for the pregnant lady- no one wants this as the outcome when they get pregnant, no matter what the circumstances.
      But isn’t it common knowledge in sober circles, if not in larger society that newly sober people are not supposed to dive into relationships and babies are a huge no-no. They need time to become this new sober person that they are and build a foundation and stability.

      I hope in the long run, everyone gets along and the new little person in the world has a lot of love and stability, no matter how it all shakes out.
      We all want that for a new human.

      • Jan90067 says:

        Then again, The Japanese Potato Lady has now cemented at least 18 yrs of income out of JM. This *could’ve* been the end game motivation (she’s not the best actress lol).

      • Merricat says:

        Yeah, I don’t think he had any intention of starting a serious relationship with anyone, but she got pregnant. Again, not great judgment on his or her part, but again, he is an addict who had fallen off the wagon.

      • teecee says:

        I’m not a fan of hers, but she was an early investor in a lot of tech companies, including Uber. She probably has more money, and more secure money than he does, since she’s not been throwing it away on drugs. He gives her entrance into circles that she wasn’t allowed to enter before, that’s the appeal.

    • Coco says:

      Can we stop treating grown a$$ men with substance abuse issues like little boys . He is responsible for his own actions and his part in how this baby came to be. If he didn’t what kids could have worn a condom or get vasectomy.

      Clearly he more focused on part of his body then he is I his sobriety and his career.

      • Sue Denim says:

        I’ve actually wondered if he wanted a kid, like after Sack Lunch Bunch, which is around when he seems to have gone off the rails, and maybe GF saw an opening… He said somewhere before all of this came out that for all of the other things he’d done it was Sack Lunch Bunch that kind of destroyed him…

    • Merricat says:

      Huh, it’s almost like drug and alcohol addiction does something to your ability to make good choices.

  16. Jezz says:

    The only thing about this scandal that I like is that it introduced me to Fug Nation. Go Fug Yourself is the sweetest and funniest blog, so thank you nameless one for gifting me knowledge of them.

    • Twin falls says:

      GFY is a treasure.

    • SarahCS says:

      Ah I’m glad you took something great from this! GFY is wonderful and I adore Jessica and Heather.

      My BFF and I still have a running joke about ‘jazzy slacks’ thanks to them that has been going for years (and is even funnier to us because we’re British so calling trousers ‘slacks’ is already entertaining). We’ve attempted multiple translations into other languages anytime one of us travels and finds a particularly fine example.

    • Keats says:

      They are SUCH NICE LADIES I will never get over her deciding to go after them of all bloggers!

  17. TQ says:

    Yeah, an ending to this relationship that surprises absolutely no one. They both seem like trash. Sad for the kid though. As others have said, hope there are some relatives that can provide stability for the kid.

  18. B says:

    I don’t care about these two but deuxmoi is not exactly reliable….most of the stuff on there is made up.

    • ThatsNotOkay says:

      There are reports in Us Weekly that this relationship is “uncertain” and “friends” dishing that they don’t know what they’re going to be.

    • milliemollie says:

      Yes, a lot that deuxmoi posts is total bs and is sent in by trolls, but it could be true if it’s the same source that already revealed their thing in spring.

    • Case says:

      True, but a lot of stuff about Mulaney specifically has been correct.

    • Fortuona says:

      Yeah they were in Phoenix together last week

      And DM’s Met Gala thread was crap where the were accusing everyone of vax fakery and called out Zenadya who we saw getting hers

      • Fortuona says:

        That would be Zendaya

        And that article also said Kendall (whose BF sister has DiGeorges Syndrome and she got the vax in March when he did – she lives with him and his brother) and Hailey and they were up close and personal with the Sun’s players ,attended the MET , were at awards shows unmaked ,walked NYFW etc

  19. Digital Unicorn says:

    This was inevitable considering how he and Olivia got together in the first place – that poor child, I hope he is a better father than he is proving to be a husband/partner.

    • lucy2 says:

      Definitely, I figured it wouldn’t last long given how very, very messily it started, but I didn’t bet on breaking up before the baby was born.

  20. detritus says:

    He got into a long term relationship well before his fame peaked.
    I have zero surprise he’d want an open relationship now that he’s feeling himself.

    While true respectful poly is valid and legitimate, I see too many fck bois use it as a way to cheat with an uncomfortable but unwilling to leave spouse. It’s a gross power dynamic and Johnny here is grade A fck boi.

    I hope he gets his sht together soon so his baby isn’t saddled with this nonsense.

  21. Sue says:

    I just wish the absolute best for this baby. That’s all I got.

  22. jbyrdku says:

    The only one that I’m sorry for is that kid. Munn got knocked up on accident (on PURPOSE) and that kill will spend the rest of it’s life trying to get its dad’s attention.

    • vociferousgirl says:

      I mean, she doesn’t exactly seem to have the best character, so I’m not shouting trap card, buttttttt.

      He should have just gotten a vasectomy.

  23. LadySwampwitchGivsneaufux says:

    You lose him how you got him.

    • Katherine says:

      Um, I don’t know, I don’t think Olivia is in a particularly bad position here — she’s approaching her last childbearing years, hooked up with a man she liked and got a – from the looks of it – healthy pregnancy, plus google her net worth – unless she’s too heartbroken about this, she’ll be fine.

      • Queen Meghan's Hand says:

        Bingo. AND Mulaney comes from money. So Momma Munn and Baby Munn-Mulaney are all set.

  24. Case says:

    I don’t usually take Deuxmoi seriously since they don’t vet their sources, but all the stuff about John Mulaney has been true as far as I’m aware. Some of their followers have solid sources in the comedy community. So…yeah, I believe it. I’m just wondering who the new “A-list” woman he cheated with is. What A-lister would cheat with a guy whose girlfriend is pregnant???

    I find it really sad that he messed with his life in such a spectacular way after getting sober. Experts say it’s not a time to be making big life decisions for a reason, and it’s just unfortunate because this seems he’s taking a path that is doomed to land him back in rehab once more.

    • Greywacke says:

      This website makes me really uncomfortable. Anyone can submit lies to it. How are they validated? I stopped believing most blind items long ago.

    • Faversham says:

      I haven’t seen Sack Lunch Bunch but notice Natasha Lyonne has a cameo. She is A list and close to his age.

      • outoftheshadows says:

        She’s been with Fred Armisen for years. He’s in Sack Lunch Bunch too, I think. He was at the intervention.

      • amilou says:

        I don’t think Natasha Lyonne would qualify as A-list…

      • Sea Anemone Enemy says:

        Natasha Lyonne was also at the intervention, so I gather they are at least good friends. I don’t see them getting together, though I do believe NL and Fred Armisen are no longer a couple.

  25. Scal says:

    That poor baby. Entering to such a mess. Hoping they have lots of love and cuddles.

    Mom-well how you get him is how you get got, so zero sympathy there.

  26. christina says:

    Lily James?

    • Marietta2381 says:

      LOL… I know I shouldn’t laugh, but that kind of made me chuckle. And I could definitely see it, which is even more sad!

    • milliemollie says:

      She’s not a Hollywood A-lister.

      • lucy2 says:

        I think she is. She’s in a ton of stuff.

        Christina, I think she’s a pretty good guess!

      • milliemollie says:

        She’s B-list, but definitely no A-lister. She’s not in the same league as Angelina Jolie or Scarlett Johansson.

    • Ann says:

      I kind of feel bad for laughing too….but that’s not a bad guess? The thing is, she lives in the UK (though she was filming here for a while for that Pamela Anderson thing) and I don’t think she moves in his circles. You never know, though.

      After the whole Lily James/Dominic West thing happened (and then the rumors about her flirtation and possible thing with her “Rebecca” co-star Armie Hammer). I read on one site that she is known to sleep with a lot of people. No judgment for that, it’s not my business and the woman can have as much sex as she wants, but it gets messy when they’re married with kids, or in a relationship with a kid on the way, etc.

      I’d call her a very successful actress, maybe a “starlet,” but not an A-Lister. Not in the USA anyway. Despite having been in lots of movies, she’s not a household name here.

    • Fortuona says:


      She is currnently dating Mikey Shoes from QOTSA and has been from the end of last year

      And these loads of people were those 2 (allegedly) and Chris Evans for a one nighter . She was with Matt Smith for 5 years prior to all that happened last year . and Matt has went thought a lot of girlfriends since then as well

      • Ann says:

        I have no idea if it is true or not, but yes, I read on a British site that she has slept with a number of other people, casually, as well. And again, I don’t care. If it’s true, then it might not be known because the others aren’t actors or famous ones, anyway.

        As for “allegedly,” Dominic West is pretty much 100% certain. They shared a hotel room alone for several nights and were seen canoodling in public. His wife wasn’t pissed for no reason.

        I know she was with Matt Smith for quite a while and yes, now I recall reading that she was dating someone else. Still, it isn’t a bad guess for those who are not familiar with her current dating situation.

        This is a gossip site and we’re gossiping.

      • Fortuona says:

        Well it is not true though . She dated Smith for nearly 6 years and was as far as I know never suspected of cheating on him – him on the other hand was realy ‘close’ to Claire Foy during her divorce .Her fall happened when they broke up . And she hooked up with Shoes and then moved out of the country nearly a year ago

        The reason I threw in an allegedly was no one knows if she actually did sleep with Hammer as that was thrown in when she was getting the shit for all the DW stuff

        And which people did she sleep with according to the Brit site ?

  27. Scout says:

    Yikes! I already feel bad for their kid. I hope their mum sets her priorities straight and concentrates on stabilizing her life. Because this is a cluster* and I doubt that kid will have a decent dad so it really needs a good mother.

    As far as who the other woman is…an A lister but not obvious to the public…to me thst means not an actress but someone with power. Maybe a known producer. A politician. Talk show host. News person or reporter. Something like that. Maybe a foreign actress?

    • Lemons says:


      • Lorelei says:

        @Lemons, omfg that would be insane. And tbh it seems plausible— she’s not A-list but her boyfriends often are, which is why we even know whoTF she is in the first place. And obviously she’s in the same NYC comedy circles. We know she has NO problem getting involved with very messy men.

  28. AmelieOriginal says:

    I went back a few posts about John Mulaney to see how I had reacted when John confirmed the pregnancy and this is what I wrote: “My guess is he’ll relapse and Olivia will realize hooking up with a (married) guy straight out of rehab was an idiotic choice, but hey she got what she wanted. Even if he doesn’t, they still won’t last, I predict a breakup not long after the baby arrives. She desperately wanted to hook up with John Mulaney as we all know and decided to have a kid with an addict who didn’t want kids. Be careful what you wish for. The only person I feel bad for is the baby getting saddled with two messy parents.”

    So basically what we all predicted came to pass much sooner than we expected. I just feel bad for that poor baby. I understand why Olivia chose to stay pregnant, she’s in her early 40s and who knows if the opportunity to become a mother would come along again. I just wonder what kind of dad John will be. Will he be super involved or just pop up here and there? Or will he just ignore the kid and just throw money at Olivia for child support? He was so famously vocal about not wanting kids and one day that kid will be able to look up all this messiness itself and find out how it came to be. Oh and also watch all of John’s specials about how much he loves his ex-wife. The parents won’t be able to hide it because it will be on the Internet forever.

    Now any guesses as to who the A-list actress girlfriend is? I am very curious about who it is!

  29. Deanne says:

    It was never going to end any differently. Very messy start. Very messy end. I feel badly for Anne Marie and the baby, nothing for “ the girlfriend” and wonder what A-list actress is stupid enough to become involved in this sh!t show.

  30. Tiffany says:

    I think it’s Kate Beckinsale.

    Randomness is how she rolls.

  31. Watson says:

    I find it shocking everyone’s still talking about this guy.

    • Merricat says:

      Me, too.

    • Tiffany says:

      I won tickets to see George Lopez years ago and John was his opening act.

      Dude was funny. I totally see how he has the career he does.

      He was open about his addiction in the act as well and you kinda knew a mess was coming.

      It’s almost like people are stopping to see the trainwreck.

      • Watson says:

        I think I’ve read at least 3 articles about him on this site, and they each generated at least 200+ messages. I understand he’s famous and his life is messy but I really just don’t understand why people are drawn to this particular story as he’s C list at best, average in looks and as an addict…his actions were predictable.

      • North of Boston says:

        I think one of the posts here got into that a bit: a) he’s got a big fan base
        b) you might not enjoy his look but a lot of people do/did … including his default well dressed comic in a suit look
        c) his stand up drew a lot on “guy who adores his wife” and “guy who was a massive screw up and substance abuser but now seems to be stable and as happy as a stand up comic can be” so the transition to active addict, off to rehab, messy cheater who dumped his wife in an apparently blind-siding way while doing pap-strolls with a thirsty and then pregnant affair partner… she with her own issues was of interest to a lot of people

        That it’s sad and a predictable outcome for someone who falls off the wagon and speeds into a new relationship/big life changes during or immediately after rehab doesn’t change that.

      • Ann says:

        Mulaney is very funny. I saw George Lopez live once and he was really, really funny. He speaks in Spanish a lot during his act (this was in Houston so maybe he mixes it up depending on the audience), which I appreciated because it helps me practice and just enriches the humor in his case. VERY different styles of humor, though.

    • AmelieOriginal says:

      He’s got a rabid fanbase and he’s got three or four Netflix specials. He and Nick Kroll were on Broadway for a bit doing a show together a few years back, he used to write for SNL. He’s a pretty well-known comedian in the US. He’s not C list. Maybe not A-list but nearly there. He did his Netflix special at Radio City Music Hall while doing Kid Gorgeous. C-list comedians don’t do comedy shows at Radio City Music Hall. He is BFF with very well known comedians like Seth Meyers, Jimmy Fallon, etc. who were on SNL at the time he was a writer.

      • Katherine says:

        It’s funny how he’s A-list but she’s worth 5x and is B-list

      • lucy2 says:

        I enjoyed his comedy specials, and he was good on SNL, I’d say he’s A list in the comedy world, but lesser in the general public. I think his story has drawn so much attention because a LOT of his comedy was about his past substance abuse and then his “perfect” life with his wife, and that all fell apart on both fronts. Toss in an affair with an actress most dislike and a lack of stories with the pandemic…big gpssip.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Watson, I agree with what others have said about his huge fan base — it would have been a story no matter what— but imo it wouldn’t have been such a big one if the jumpoff was someone other than OM. She is a hateful b!tch and I think the fact that it was her is what elevated this story so much.

      She is so awful that the whole thing became a perfect storm for this absolute sh!tshow.

  32. Lunasf17 says:

    We all knew it wasn’t gonna last but I thought he would hang around at least until 6 weeks or so after the baby is born. I feel bad for the baby but seriously what did she expect? Cheaters gonna cheat. My first husband left me for a woman who gladly home wrecked us (luckily we didn’t have kids). They get married and have a kid and now they are long done before the kid turns 2 and lives on the other side of the country and my ex is a deadbeat dad who doesn’t even think he should pay child support. Again I feel bad for the kid but when you start a dishonest relationship woth a liar, do you really think it’s gonna work out ?! I don’t understand these women who thinks they can change these losers and think cheaters are some kind of prize.

    • Coco says:

      I agree, but on this site people seem to find Ben Affleck as some kind of prize for JLO. Ben cheated and everyone and cheated though out his marriage with multiple women and people still think he’s the best thing.

      • Watson says:

        I don’t think anyone thinks Ben is a prize but Ben Affleck and JLO were peak A list gossip. Their relationship is a source of nostalgia for an entire generation and the star power of those two is undeniable. As an added bonus it will never not amuse me how she shoved A Rod aside leaving him to sulk in the corner. Lolololol.

        So yeah, those two are worthy of interest. This c list John Mulaney guy? No. Just no.

      • Coco says:

        I don’t get the whole A-Rod thing ether JLO basically left one cheating fiancé for another .

    • February-Pisces says:

      No woman has the power to change a man. Women always believe two things when they date someone they know has a history of being a cheater.

      1. They think “I’m different”
      2. “it’s because he never loved her, like he loves me.

      They genuinely believe that they are the special one who will make them change, but they don’t. Men don’t cheat out of lack of love, they cheat because of a lack of morals. They could love a woman dearly, marry her, have kids with her, love and adore the kids, and yet they still cheat. Seriously don’t bother with these men, invest in someone who respects women.

  33. Robyn says:

    I mean, it’s probably all true because JM’s past behaviour is the best indicator of future behave buuuuuuuut… Wouldn’t it be DELICIOUS if it was AMT who is sending these tips into Deux Moi, just to fuck with them?!

  34. Ann says:

    Zero sympathy for the baby mama. She played to win and now she’s a single mother with an addiction-riddled baby daddy. Shouldn’t have baby trapped him. Maybe that’s sexist but I don’t care. She knew what she was doing and it blew up in her “all-natural” face.

    • Katherine says:

      If she’s smart, she took a calculated risk. I refuse to believe an adult successful woman wasn’t able to see how this was a majorly risky relationship. I kinda like to think she just went with it, got the baby, and enjoyed the time they had, and is ready to move on? And she is one baby richer now – I’m assuming she wants to be a mother? She certainly has the means to do it on her own. Given all the comments here, I’m probably wrong, but I can only see it from this perspective.

  35. Keats says:

    In ‘parasocial relationship’ news I woke up to 4 separate people texting me about this deuxmoi post. Trying not to read anything into that, lol?

    • Ann says:

      I think that whole “parasocial relationship” thing is kind of nonsense. No one thinks he’s a personal friend, they are just curious about his personal life because HE has put it out there for public consumption as part of his brand. BTW I just texted my daughter about it……

  36. Mcmmom says:

    God, this guy is a train wreck. I don’t know his comedy, so everything I know about him is from this site, but what a walking disaster.

  37. Sigmund says:

    Well… I’m not surprised, if this is true. Poor baby.

    Honestly, the only thing that surprises me is that people still think he’s sober. This behavior shows he’s spiraling out. Sooner or later, he’s going to need rehab again.

  38. Bobbie says:

    It’s possible she doesn’t care. Maybe she just wants the baby, and she has money. She’ll be fine.

  39. BC says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like this gossip story? I mean he seems seriously messed up. Plus there is a justifiably aggrieved ex-wife, an innocent baby, drugs and depression it’s just sad. Granted I’m not an Olivia Mum fan, but I wouldn’t wish this scenario on my worst enemy, and I’m not even talking about the baby. All the crazy speculations about timelines, infidelities, and all sorts of behaviors are just nuts at this point. The whole story is a terrible train wreck and getting worse. I hope the publicity and gossip doesn’t push anyone in a worse direction. I hope it stops to be honest. This kind of gossip isn’t fun.

    • tealily says:

      I know it’s a typo, but “Mum” as the name of She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is kind of funny.

    • Ann says:

      It is a train wreck but that’s why I can’t seem to look away. And I admit, if it’s true, I am very curious to know who the other woman is.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Ann, same.

        @BC, you’re not wrong, but it was such a mistake for him to go onto Seth Meyers’s show and give such a detailed (and easily debunked) timeline. If he had kept his mouth shut, I don’t think the reaction/speculation would be this bad. But he put it all out there in the most public way possible, so he invited this kind of scrutiny. imo

    • Emma says:

      Same. I actually liked this woman (who I guess we are not naming) for her animal welfare activism and saw her as a young actress who was trying to make it as a Chinese woman in a racist, sexist cesspool of a business.

      All this to say, let’s not be THAT hard on an Asian woman, because you know she had to deal with some serious BS when she was young to make it and it’s understandable she would try to put up some armor and would not always make the perfect choices in dealing with the situation. Even John Mulaney (who is definitely not my preferred flavor of comedy) is an addict so I understand his poor choices also (not agree with, but understand).

      I have a graduate certificate in Women’s Studies and I have definitely not made the best choices and I have regrets. When you’re a young woman in the patriarchy it is hard.

      • Betsy says:

        I think people are being adequately hard on a woman who acts messy as hell and blames things on Japanese sweet potatoes.

      • remarks says:

        Hasn’t she been hard on other people for being fat?

      • gab says:

        Young woman?! She’s 41! At what age do we hold ourselves responsible for our actions? Give her a break because she’s an Asian woman? What does that have anything to do with this particular situation? She’s a problematic a hole, her race has nothing to do with this. Olivia, you are reaching.

    • Sue Denim says:

      I agree but for me it’s anxiety for him esp that keeps me sort of fixated on this. As awful as the things he’s done seem, esp to AMT, I really want him to come out of this ok… The others I think will be fine, even the baby. It’s him that seems on such a dangerous path right now…

    • Merricat says:

      I agree, BC,

    • Watson says:

      BC agreed. Lainey gossip perfectly described people’s reactions as “gleeful” when it came to this situation and how it’s such a weird vibe. Like when you break it down it’s not just a train wreck, it’s super super dark.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Watson imo it’s oddly awkward because so many people LOVE him and an equal number of people HATE her. The fact that a poor, innocent baby is about to be born makes it a complete mess. Also, his fragile sobriety.
        So lots of conflicting feelings all around, lol.

    • Otaku fairy says:

      @BC and Emma: I don’t completely disagree with you. It’s possible to think she’s an asshole, see that she’s responsible for her own actions, and still have some of those concerns. Just look at the caring and at times protective way people still talk about Paul Walker and Kobe Bryant.

  40. smee says:

    I found his comedy specials hilarious. He’s definitely brilliant. All this addiction-related drama makes me sad for everyone involved. I sincerely hope it doesn’t end with him ODing.

  41. Annetommy says:

    I’ve not got a lot of time for the ‘home-wrecker’ label. Jen Aniston didn’t kidnap Justin Theroux, Angelina didn’t abduct Brad from Jen. The men had a choice. And when a relationship ends where no children are involved, like Justin and his pre-Jen GF, it may not reflect well on one of the parties but frankly that’s life and even long term couples break up because someone else seems more appealing and people recover. But there is going to be a kid involved here and if – big if – it’s true, it seems pretty irresponsible. It’s not always possible for parents to stay together but this…

  42. Oria says:

    So he substituted his drug and alcohol addiction with love and sex addiction?
    He should go back and stay in rehab another year.

  43. why? says:

    Happy couple pregnancy/nursery staged photo-op and photoshoot in… 3, 2, 1. I don’t see her giving up John that easily. She was gloating about the pregnancy as if it was some sort of competition with the ex wife.

  44. Allison says:

    No baby comes out of left field. I’m sure he knows how babies are conceived. Even w protection, people get pregnant.

    It’s not a great comment by him or his people. I wish everyone involved the best. (And I totally acknowledge his effed up behavior.)

    Sounds really hard for all involved.

    • Fortuona says:

      She is currently on tour with him – well last week she was . And how many A-listers is he going to meet in Arizona

  45. MangoAngelesque says:

    I feel bad for the child, because obvious reasons are obvious.

    But, equally obvious, is a person fresh out of rehab, still struggling, who cheated their way into their current relationship, cheating their way into next relationship. This isn’t exactly the stable portion of his life, why would anyone possibly think it is, including himself?

    Isn’t that even a rehab rule? I know it doesn’t really “count” for married people, but if you end a relationship or are single in the first place, you really aren’t supposed to get into a new one until you have a year of sobriety?

  46. Lex says:

    In what world is he A list?

  47. Kalana says:

    The A-list star is Julia Roberts. John Mulaney is hooking up with Julia Roberts.

    Picture that.

  48. Mimi says:

    I just feel bad for the baby. John and Olivia are BOTH to blame for bringing a baby into this situation.

  49. Moo says:

    Haha, pregnant girlfriend is the ultimate diss.

  50. elle says:

    @Va Va Kaboom Yes, that wording seemed very odd to me. It makes it sound as if she was pregnant with someone else’s baby when they dated!

  51. msd says:

    I’m not American. I have no idea who this guy is. Like, zero. Blank. I’m not saying it as a boast or as a judgment. I just find it interesting. He seems to be famous as he’s getting so many comments but he’s America-only famous. That feels almost rare nowadays. The rest of us usually know (more than we even want to) about most American celebrities due to weird, international, media/social media osmosis.