FDA and CDC approve booster shots for everyone 18 and older

Coronavirus booster shots have been available for immune compromised people in the US since mid August. In late September, the FDA and CDC approved Pfizer boosters for those 65 and older and people 18 and older at risk for severe covid. About a month ago, Moderna boosters were approved for that same group, and Johnson and Johnson boosters became available to everyone who received that shot. The FDA also said that mixing shots was fine and seemed to be well tolerated. On Friday afternoon, the FDA approved booster shots for everyone aged 18 and older. A few hours later, the CDC rubber stamped that. Here’s more on that from CNBC:

All adults in the U.S. are now eligible to receive Pfizer’s and Moderna’s Covid vaccine boosters, after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention authorized the shots for the general public Friday. The move allows an extra dose of protection for tens of millions of fully vaccinated Americans as cases climb and public officials worry the nation could face another surge during the winter.

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky signed off on the booster shots hours after the agency’s independent panel of vaccine scientists unanimously endorsed opening up eligibility to everyone 18 and older at least six months after they received their second dose.

The Food and Drug Administration had authorized both companies’ vaccine boosters for all U.S. adults earlier Friday.

“After critical scientific evaluation, today’s unanimous decision carefully considered the current state of the pandemic, the latest vaccine effectiveness data over time, and review of safety data from people who have already received a COVID-19 primary vaccine series and booster,” Walensky said in a statement Friday evening.

“Booster shots have demonstrated the ability to safely increase people’s protection against infection and severe outcomes and are an important public health tool to strengthen our defenses against the virus as we enter the winter holidays. Based on the compelling evidence, all adults over 18 should now have equitable access to a COVID-19 booster dose,” Walensky said.

The CDC also said people over the age of 50 should get booster shots, a stronger recommendation for that age group than before. The panel previously limited its strongest guidance to people over 65 and other people with high risk.

[From CNBC]

I’ve already had a Pfizer booster, which is the original two shot dose I received. While I technically wasn’t eligible, I felt OK about it because I wasn’t taking a vaccine away from anyone. I got sick with a low grade fever for about a day, but it wasn’t that bad. I still wear a mask indoors, I don’t go to parties and I rarely eat at restaurants. Now that I’m boostered I may go to events where vaccination is required, although that’s going to be on a case by case basis considering that my state just elected a Trumper governor.

Right now cases are surging in Europe and experts predict that the wave is about to come to the US. I’m happy that the boosters were approved. The people who are complaining about it lack critical reasoning skills and many are paying the price. We are getting out of this pandemic through trial and error and adjusting to the circumstances created by people who refuse to wear masks or get vaccinated. This is how science works and you can either accept reality or rail against it and see what happens.

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  1. Becks1 says:

    I got my booster – my only side effect was a REALLY sore arm, it hurt for days, but no fever or anything. I’m still waiting for my superhero powers to kick in though. I’m not radioactive yet, I’ll let you all know when I am.

    My boys get their second dose a week from today and I’m so excited. Fully vaccinated for the holidays!

  2. Jenns says:

    I got the J&J shot in April, so I got my Pfizer booster the day it was authorized. I just had a sore arm and felt tired the next day. Other than that, no issues at all.

  3. Merricat says:

    I get my booster on Tuesday, and I can’t wait.

  4. dlc says:

    Had my booster last Tuesday. no after effects at all.

  5. BeanieBean says:

    Got my Moderna booster two weeks ago. Instant rash with this one–my first gave me a rash at the injection site about 10 days after the shot, no rash with the second–completely fine after a week. I’ve still got a good supply of masks for indoors & I am ready for winter!

  6. CE says:

    I’ll do the booster if or when I know for sure that efficacy decreases a substantial amount. Right now, 6 months after my second dose, I haven’t read anything to indicate I have anything to worry about. But I’m not high-risk so I’m less concerned than some other people.

  7. Katherine says:

    Also got a booster a while back, glad I did, would seriously get the fourth too, I’m not messing around with this thing!

  8. Twin falls says:

    I was scheduled for my booster last Thursday – and got a break through Covid case on the Monday before. Get your boosters!

  9. EnormousCoat says:

    My husband and I just got our third dose yesterday. We had low grade fevers and headaches during the night, improving now. The good news is that even though we had our second doses seven months ago, our reaction to the third suggests we still had a good antibody response. But now everyone in our family has had the third dose and we are looking forward to celebrating together on Thursday.

  10. Brandy Alexander says:

    My husband and I got our Pfizer boosters yesterday with no side effects other than a sore arm. We tried to get my young son his first dose yesterday too, but he freaked out and it didn’t happen. We’re trying again tomorrow, but I’m already dreading it. If anyone one has any tips for getting a 5 year old mildly on the spectrum through it (he’s never had an issue with shots before yesterday) I’m all ears.