Jill Stein-endorser Susan Sarandon still doesn’t think any of this is her fault

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A lot of people realized this week that Roe v. Wade will soon be overturned, likely in a 6-to-3 vote on the Supreme Court, with all three of the justices nominated by Donald Trump voting to overturn. Hillary Clinton told every single person in America that the Supreme Court was at stake in 2016, that once Republicans got their people on the highest court, everything would be on the chopping block: abortion, LGBTQ rights, marriage equality, birth control, the environment, everything.

Whenever Hillary Clinton spoke about that fact in 2016, she was always bitched out by the far-left flank, the Bernie Sanders supporters. Susan Sarandon was certainly one of the faces of that, especially given that Sarandon was often given free air time to bash Hillary and advocate for “anybody but Hillary.” Sarandon even said that she would prefer to see Donald Trump elected over Hillary, and she ended up endorsing Jill Stein. After Trump won, Sarandon never owned her part in the f–ked up debacle. She repeatedly said Trump was not her fault, she continued to call Clinton “dangerous” and she often spoke glowingly about how people were so “energized” during the Trump administration.

When the realities of the impending reproductive doom came this week, of course people were like “hey, remember all of that sh-t Susan Sarandon said?” Was Sarandon to blame for everything that happened 2016-2020? No. But she’s still a reprehensible, short-sighted jackass who should have apologized and then STFU for the rest of her g–damn life. Sarandon’s name has been trending on Twitter all week, and then on Thursday, Sarandon decided to respond:

The original tweet was just a garden variety statement along the lines of “remember, this is what Susan Sarandon wanted.” Look, I don’t have any patience for Susan Sarandon at this point. She’s not a moral authority or a political savant and I hope karma comes for her. Right now, I just feel another wave of disgust for all of the people who mocked the idea that voters should care about the courts. I feel another wave of disgust for those thousands of people in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio who threw their votes away on Jill Stein in 2016. I have nothing but contempt for the millions of men and women who smugly cast their votes for Trump in 2016 and 2020 as well. Basically, I loathe millions of Americans. Or whatever they’ll call themselves once the court rolls back all protections for women. The Republican Nation of MAGA Gilead or whatever.

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  1. Merricat says:

    I agree 100 percent.

    • Snappyfish says:

      I think the vote will be 5-4. Roberts, who is concerned about the court’s legitimacy will probably vote to uphold Roe. It’s the empty Susan Collins playbook move

      As for Sarandon, privileged white lady whose life wouldn’t be affected, she is a POS & I boycott everything she is attached to. Please don’t forget she torpedoed Gore as well touting Ralph Nader. Bernie? I can’t even with that horrid man. Such a phony

  2. CE says:

    Some of us do have a long-term memory. I was (and am, but have now lived with it so long) devastated after the election and during the run-up to it that Tr**p was even allowed to be an option. The 3rd party Bernie Bro sh*t I am now convinced was given more space because of Russian and Chinese interference trying to undermine the democratic process (and don’t @ me saying it’s a conspiracy, there has been a lot of evidence to support this claim). Anyway, I’ve made peace with the fact that I can at least be involved in micro-local government issues because this country is going to hell and I can’t do anything about that.

    • Mac says:

      Bernie did more to elect Trump than Russia. I loath him nearly as much as Trump.

      • AppleCart says:

        Bernie holding his nose endorsing Hillary never sat right with me. But for me it was James Comey she had good traction going. But he decided to play election God and meddle in it because EMAILS!! Meanwhile they stayed quiet on all the backroom dealings Trump was doing with Russian agents. Ugh, this is a sad day for women.

    • LightPurple says:

      Be involved in micro-local government issues, be very involved. The far right is now targeting school boards and town counsels, disrupting them and pushing extremists to run for those posts. It’s a coordinated effort, involving threats of violence, that has caught the attention of the FBI. Be very involved.

      • SomeChick says:

        THIS x 100000000!!!

      • Courtney B says:

        It’s always been their play. I’m 50 and it’s been like that as long as I can remember. Republicans are patient, kept their eye in the prize (mostly SCOTUS) and settled in for the long game. It’s taken decades but now their hard work is paying off. But they’ve always started small and local. City councils, school boards, etc. No election is too small, no off year election too unimportant. Dems have never coalesced the same way. We hear it even now, that enough hasn’t been done fast enough so people may stay home in 2022. Well, the gop base won’t. They never do. voters need to show up and snatch seats like Toomey’s in PA. Then Manchin and synema can be sidelined. But losing the senate and likely the house will doom Biden.

  3. Lucia says:


  4. Mich says:

    Of course she doesn’t take any responsibility. The ‘don’t vote with your vagina’ lady is a narcissistic kook.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      It really was narcissism. The Bernie supports were so butt-hurt when he didn’t get the nomination, that they were willing to sacrifice what they CLAIMED they stood for, just to “stick it” to the person who beat him. They all share in the blame.

  5. TheOriginalMia says:

    No lies detected anywhere. Friend worked with Sarandon last week. We had to pray she didn’t pop her in the face with her pink hat. Loathsome woman who has absolutely no remorse for her actions. She’s still smug af. I hate what’s about to happen to women in this country as the Republithugs roll back everything in their desire to control and subjugate women.

    • Carol says:

      It’s a scary time to be a woman, or Asian, Black, hispanic – basically anyone who isn’t a wealthy white man – in America these days. I don’t blame Susan Sarandon with anything because the US was swaying towards the right or being polarized, without Bernie’s or Sarandon’s help. I hope to God, the ERA discussions will reignite again because I fear that will be the only way to secure abortion rights. Multiple surveys show that the majority of Americans support some level of abortion rights so it makes no sense to not provide federal protection for women’s reproductive rights.

    • WithTheAmerican says:

      she and Nina Turner crashed the tent demanding to troll Hillary. She’s so full of herself and Molly Ball (Time) too with her “ Hillary Clinton’s Political Identity Is “I’m For Whatever You’re For”

  6. Lala11_7 says:

    As someone who had seen everything she made…until 2016 & who always enjoyed her as an actor…I simply say…

    “F— her…FOREVA!”😡

  7. Sam the Pink says:

    Man. she really is glutton for punishment, isn’t she? Then again, she’s always been terrible at reading a room (I can remember back in 2001 when she tried to plug a NYC mayoral candidate during a 9/11 concert speech and nearly got booed off stage).

    I don’t blame people for voting Green if they genuinely are legit Green party members who wanted to vote for the party. But then again, how many of those exist? Everyone I encountered who voted for Stein (with the exception of one very devoted Green party member who smokes way too much weed) was doing it as some kind of “protest” vote against Clinton.

    I think was gets me about Susan is how much privilege it takes to have her worldview. She’s basically willing to offer up the rights and liberties of people other than herself as the sacrifice to make a point, and it’s infuriating. It’s not her daughter who will have her healthcare compromised. Then again, this a woman who named her son after a serial killer who she advocated should be freed and then when he killed again, never breeched the subject again. She’s a pip.

    • Rmcgrudiva says:

      Waitaminnit. Serial killer what now?

      • Sam the Pink says:

        Susan was a huge booster of a guy named Jack Henry Abbott back in the 90s (so was her partner, Tim Robbins). Abbott was a murderer, who after getting imprisoned, wrote a book called In the Belly of the Beast, which got a ton of positive press. And when he came up for parole, he became kind of a celebrity pet cause – Norman Mailer argued for his release, Susan and Rim Robbins, etc., due him being a great writer and his traumatic life, etc. And Susan and Tim named their son Jack Henry – after this guy!

        Well, he wound up getting paroled and it only took him 6 weeks to kill again – a waiter who told him the bathroom was out of service and he couldn’t use it. Norman Mailer, to his credit, said he regretted supporting Abbott’s parole and he should have never been released. But Susan’s son is still stuck with that name.

      • Lizzie Bathory says:

        @Sam the Pink, Wow, I never knew that. Absolutely bonkers.

      • rmcgrudiva says:

        @Sam the Pink – whoa. Thank you, because that was NOT coming up in my google searches.

        I also should have said i agree with every part of your original comment – i just got stopped in my tracks at the serial killer thing!

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Sam the Pink, thank you for sharing! That is horrifying, but really illuminating. She never admits she’s wrong, even when it is so egregious.

    • Songs (Or it didnt happen) says:

      Sam the Pink, I haven’t ever heard that. Can you give more details please?

    • AppleCart says:

      @Sam I was at the concert for 9/11 also. It was a beautiful thing seeing the whole MSG turn on her and boo her. Sadly Hillary was booed also but everyone loved Bubba on stage. I really wanted Hillary to be President but she just didn’t have that charisma element her husband has in abundance. But she would have been a fantastic President and so much death and misery could have been averted.

      • Brandy Alexander says:

        She could have more charisma than anyone in the world and the results would have been the same. I remember how they tore her down when she was the First Lady because she had the audacity to lobby for health care. I also remember reading her book in public 20 years ago(I’ve loved her since the first day she showed up in a pants suit), and having people practically spit on me for it. She’s a strong, intelligent woman, and there’s nothing that is more hated in this country. In retrospect – she was never going to win.

      • SomeChick says:

        she won the popular vote, by millions.
        and it took all the underhanded bs the others could come up with to keep her out of office.

    • WithTheAmerican says:

      What makes it hard for me is the Green Party “positions” are no different than the Democratic Party. Well, the only difference is the Democratic Party doesn’t pretend it can do things it can’t do, which the Green Party does.

      Like, hey I’m for world peace so I vote green! What? How are they going to make world peace? It’s just cotton candy for uneducated or willfully ignorant self important people like Susan.

  8. Erin says:

    F*ck her.

  9. NorthernGirl_20 says:

    Hillary was right about everything

    • Twin falls says:


    • JanetDR says:

      She would have been a wonderfully competent president. I ‘m never getting over that election.

      • Persephone says:

        Same. That election was the start of all the crap we’re going through now.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        Yes. It was such an easy choice between competency and a vindictive idiot, it shouldn’t have been close. I really think that Americans ruined their country with that election. There’s no going back.

      • Grace says:

        Same. Forever changed the direction of this country.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        I’m never getting over the election either. But it was an even larger problem for me — it opened my eyes to just HOW MANY(!) racist, hateful, and/or stupid people are in America. I thought we, as a country, were better than that and could never elect someone like Trump. Well, I was wrong, and it made me look at my country in a new light and I didn’t like what I saw.

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      Everything. I’ve admired Hillary for a long time & voted for her of course. But one of the things I liked most in 2016 was that she clearly scared the shit out of Putin.

  10. Songs (Or it didnt happen) says:

    Naw, almost all of this is on RBG for choosing not to retire during the Obama administration when Dems had the senate too. She wanted to stick it out and now here we are.

    But third party voters are basically voting for Republicans, that’s who they get elected. Kidding themselves if they think otherwise.

    • MissMarirose says:

      Trump appointed 3 justices, so it’s not just about RBG. Even with her still on the court, the likely outcome of this case is a 5-4 loss of women’s rights.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      RBG was still a competent justice, up until the end. There was no reason for her to retire just to play politics (which judges aren’t supposed to do). This is all on the VOTERS.

    • Emma says:

      All of this is on RBG?! Come on. Even under Obama, there was McConnell.

  11. ML says:

    I sort of understand this, but (please do not destroy me), I understand Susan Sarandon up to a point as well. I live in a country that allows its citizens many, many parties to choose from. Unlike the US where I’m from, the Dutch have a much greater ability to vote for what they believe in. I get to choose between 2 parties and sometimes both do not represent me. (For example, here the government pays money to ALL schools public and private based on how many children attend. School fees are optional, though if you don’t pay you might not get gym or music classes. I think all schooling should be free in the US, too. Also, you cannot choose which students attend unlike private schools in the States. I cannot seem to explain this concept to the Democrats I vote for.) So I do think that Susan Sarandon should be able to vote for her choice. I see the issue more that the Republican party has, shall we say, been hijacked by fascists as being a much bigger problem. Susan Sarandon is a loud little fish–go after the sharks instead.

    • HK9 says:

      Yes – but she should also consider strategically what her choice will mean long term. Your choice is not without it’s long term consequences, and from my perspective, the ensuing fu-kery that is being visited on womankind in the US at the moment is not worth it. One must think a thing through all the way to the end. You have 2 parties – which one is closest to your beliefs and how does that vote impact society? There are times when strategy & unity are more beneficial than a platform that matches all of one’s beliefs. Susan unfortunately hasn’t really used her “platform” to help this situation in any way.

    • Eurogirl70 says:

      Sorry, but in Europe you have primarily parliamentary forms to of government where power sharing and forming coalition governments is how the system works. The system of government in the United States is a 2 party system with a a winner takes all. No power sharing. We have an electoral college that votes on citizens behalf; usually voting the way a majority of their citizens have voted. But now that isn’t even a guarantee going forward as state legislatures want to be able to overturn the will of their voters if they don’t like the outcome. Hillary Clinton got 3 million more votes than Trump and still lost due to the antiquated electoral college which was setup to give slave states a greater role in governance at the inception so that they, with smaller overall populations could count black men and women as 3/5ths of a person. Republican Senators, to this day, represent fewer persons than their Democratic counterparts. Their role is outsized given the population of their states. Wyoming has 3 electoral college votes. They have a population of 250,000. That is 1 vote per 75,000 residents. California has a population of over 39 million and they get 55 electoral college votes. That is 1 vote for every 709,000 citizens. You aren’t even comparing apples to apples and Susan Sarandon knows this. So, no there is nothing to understand about her position

      • ML says:

        I. Am. American. I just live in the EU… and yes, I understand the difference between the various systems and voting directly vs indirectly for my chosen representative. I completely agree with overhauling the electoral college as well, and to reconfigure and expand the House of Representatives to more equally represent the population of the US.
        Next, many of my friends have the same pov in regards to choosing the better of the 2 parties to represent you. I no longer totally agree with that viewpoint. I do not share Susan Sarandon’s politics per se, but I think she should be able to vote however she thinks best (presuming her choice is fairly pro humanity).
        In the US it’s virtually impossible for parries other than the Democrats or Republicans to gain a foothold, which keeps the big two in power. This is not always beneficial.
        I have no desire to move my family to the States. However, if I did I presume everyone here knows that Biden and Trump are essentially equally anti immigrant. My kids are US citizens through me, but my husband is not. And the Democrats as well as the Republicans do not want foreigners married to US citizens in the country.
        This week there was an article on CB about Andrew Cuomo’s brother, Chris, who helped him with using news sources to glean oppo on his accusers. Presume (thankfully this is not real) that Andrew Cuomo were the Democratic candidate and he was in a fight with a Republican for governorship. Who do you vote for in that case? The molester or someone whose values do not reflect your own? Why should you have to choose between only two candidates?

      • Twin falls says:

        “Why should you have to choose between only two candidates?“

        Because that’s the current US political system and pretending otherwise by voting third party is foolish at best, and realistically at complete odds to a pro-humanity stance because it weakens the democratic vote putting fascists in power.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        Of course Sarandon can vote “how she feels best” — and she DID. That’s what we’re saying, her choice of vote, and encouraging others to do the same, is part of what got us here. Nobody said she couldn’t vote the way she did, we’re saying it was a BAD DECISION on her part, just like the people who chose Trump. While I acknowledge Sarandon’s right to vote how she wants, that doesn’t mean I have to support her voting strategy, because I have a right to criticize it.

    • Léna says:

      I’m also from a country where we have multiple parties represented at each election. It’s really sad our little diversity there is in the US in my opinion. Everyone should be able to vote for who they believe is the best candidate, full stop. Your binary Democrat/Republican is screwed up and does not allow for any other point of view to grow and to be represented.

      • Swiz says:

        Couldn’t agree more. I’m sorry but why should people vote for a party they don’t believe in? I’m a black woman and could never vote for the Democrats or the Republicans. Two sides of the same coin.

      • Eurogirl70 says:

        Sorry Lena but why is privilege speaking. The current system of government in the US doesn’t work with multiple parties. See my comments above. All 3rd parties do in the United States is dilute the power f Democrats so we wind up with Republican minority rule. Please don’t go down the “both sides are equally bad” rabbit hole. Only one party in the United States believes in democracy and that is the Democratic Party. Republicans are Christofascists and kleptocrats.

      • Léna says:

        @EUrogirl70, I understand that I am privileged to vote in a country where I can vote for whoever I want. Where did I say “bod sides are equally bad”? All I’m saying is, it’s sad you can’t have more parties, more ideas represented because you have only two parties.

      • WithTheAmerican says:

        Wow this is Susan’s basic argument. But of course, this system is what it is, and each candidate is different, so “binary choice” is misleading and no matter what, Trump wasn’t a good choice. Only severely misinformed would think otherwise.

    • Mary Mae says:

      Unfortunately we have a two party system set up here in the US. Third party voting is really not legitimate due to third party only wanting the Presidency and nothing else due to selfish reasons. This enables them to used as a tool to disenfranchise not only the voters who try to make it a thing because they’re doing it wrong, but also subverting the will of the actual people.

      • Léna says:

        “third party only wanting the Presidency and nothing else due to selfish reasons” don’t they all want power for selfish reasons though?

    • Ann says:

      Of course, but Sarandon doesn’t live there, she lives here. The way it works in the US, you basically have two choices. Voting for a third party candidate who has zero chance of winning is throwing away your vote and taking support away from the better candidate, who in 2016 was Clinton.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      But she didn’t just vote her choice, she attacked and lied about a candidate repeatedly. She has a big platform as a celebrity, and it is an attack on democracy to spread disinformation. If she only had the impact of her 1 vote, that would be a different issue. Her harm was caused in a bigger way than just through her 1 vote.

  12. girl_ninja says:

    Many white women and independents let us down. I am tired. I am sad. I am scared.

  13. Chana says:

    I think after a certain point we should be allowed to admit we feel let down by the democratic party. Hillary didn’t even go to three of the states she lost. But she isn’t president/in power anymore, so I don’t feel any animosity for her regarding this.

    It’s bizarre there isn’t a single mainstream democrat talking about ending the filibuster or legalizing abortion at a federal level. It’s not a priority for any of them, it’s just an issue to fundraise around.

    • Dillesca says:


    • Barb Mill says:

      She didn’t go to WI because she went to FL after the Orlando nightclub shooting happened where 49 people were killed.

    • WithTheAmerican says:

      Let down? In what way. They just passed historic legislation to benefit actual people instead of corporations.

      I do not feel let down by anyone but people who spout talking points like this riddled with errors in an attempt to somehow equate Democrats with the Republicans, who are currently right now getting ready to steal our actual freedom as women.

  14. Scal says:

    Oh you mean the navel gazing idiot who argued that ‘Hilary was just as bad as trump’ because Hilary ignored her at a party has no sense of self reflection? /sarcastic shock

    Also her tweet shows she STILL doesn’t get how it works. We don’t have a majority in the senate-it’s a tie and then we have two folks who basically vote GOP because ‘reasons’

  15. Barbiem says:

    Republicans are mostly a united front. Democrats are not. Waiting for a true third party cause done with both of them.

    • Swiz says:

      They’re both terrible I agree. Even Biden said nothing will fundamentally change- what’s that about? I’ll tell you what I want: I want universal healthcare, sick pay, maternity pay, welfare. None of the two parties we seemingly HAVE to vote for are offering any semblance of that. So yeh… I won’t be voting for either of them.

      • WithTheAmerican says:

        Democrats Just reinserted a paid medical and parental leave policy into their bill after Republicans objected.

        It seems like it would be wise to pay attention if it matters this much to you.

    • HK9 says:

      @Barbiem – The lack of a true third party, and a lack of will to make a third party viable is what is so infuriating. People like SS need to spend the time and do the work or just be quiet about it as it hurts the Democrats in the end.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      You point out how the GOP is united, and the Dems are not….and then you say you are holding out for a 3rd party??? That makes no sense!

      The reason the GOP is able to advance their horrific agenda so quickly is because they accept progress wherever they can find it. Moving a step forward unites them.

      Roe v Wade is getting overturned, and you’re here promoting 3rd party voting??? I just don’t get it. Don’t you see the consequences of this kind of thinking?

      • TigerMcQueen says:

        I do not understand the “I won’t vote for either party!” people when one party is trying to GUT all the things the “both sides suck” people hold dear and the other isn’t.

        Only one side want to whittle our rights away until we lose not just access to abortion, but to (female) birth control, and they want to abolish publicly funded education and social safetynets, on top of wanting to do away with Obamacare so that we go back to health care being something only wealthy white people have access to.

        But, hey, they’ll show us stupid democrats!

  16. grabbyhands says:

    The continued will dissonance from some who is now and will always be safe from the ramifications of their shitty decisions is infuriating.

    She will never, ever have to worry about her reproductive health or the other myriad number of rights that this court now has the power to destroy.

  17. reef says:

    lol how Susan Sarandon become the Liberal boogeyman is very weird and this dumping on her is also VERY weird because it’s lazy and disingenuous. But who am I to stop this delusion?

    • Eurogirl70 says:

      Susan, is that you? Susan pulled this same sh-t in 2000 when you went for Nader over Gore. How did 20 years of war and 9/11 work out with the 3rd party enthusiast crowd?

    • TigerMcQueen says:

      That’s an incredibly sh**y take.

    • WithTheAmerican says:

      Didn’t know you had THIS much time on your hands Susan! Props for the effort here the comment section reads like Putin’s propaganda.

  18. Annetommy says:

    People who didn’t vote for Hillary in 2016 because she didn’t come to their state are ridiculous. Do you like the policies or don’t you? It takes her to come to flip some burgers at some state fair before you’ll vote for her? Juvenile. Hillary’s election in 2016 would at least have significantly impeded the spread of MAGA. I have sometimes voted for a centre candidate rather than a left wing candidate. The left ring candidate wouldn’t get in. So it was either a win for the right wing or a win for the centre. I preferred not to waste my vote on an unelectable candidate and sometimes that’s the grown up thing to do.

  19. Monica says:

    Sarandon completely ignores how the decades-old Republican lie machine has eroded any actual power Democrats can have.

  20. Str8shooter says:

    Know it all who can’t own up to the fact it’s partly HER fault Trump win. She sucks and so does her Asshole husband.

  21. Mina_Esq says:

    I can’t stand this dumb a-hole.