Ben Affleck’s Raya hookup talked to tabloids about their months-long relationship

Ben Affleck’s post-split relationship timeline is complicated. Of course he got with the nanny in 2015 either when he was separated from Jennifer Garner or when they were working on reconciling. In August 2018 he had a fling with Playboy playmate Shauna Sexton, which seemed to overlap his relationship with SNL producer Lindsay Shookus. He got back with Lindsay in February, 2019 and they split around April of that year. That summer of 2019 he met a musician named Katie Cherry on Raya. They Facetimed for a while until they met in person that fall. Katie was with Ben when he was photographed looking wasted in October, after he had announced a year of sobriety. She got a little press rollout and everything. This week’s Star, In Touch and Life and Style all have similar quotes from Katie. They’re all owned by the same company, American Media, so it’s possible she only talked to one outlet. Katie claims that Ben only had one drink the night he relapsed and that he moved fast with her. Here’s part of what she told Star.

[Ben Affleck] was surprisingly down to earth. “He’s such a homebody,” Katie tells Star. “His favorite thing to do is sit at home, watch movies and have his chef cook something. I usually don’t date industry people because they’re so full of themselves and so Hollywood,” she adds, “but Ben is the complete opposite.”

He opened up to Katie quickly about his kids and former wife and even J.Lo, 52, whom he’d been engaged to before they called it quits in 2004. “He told me her ass is phenomenal,” reports Katie. “He seemed very enthusiastic about it!”

Things moved swiftly for Ben and Katie. “He wanted something serious,” she shares, revealing he told her he loved her quite early on. “He didn’t talk about marriage, but he did say ‘I love you’ really, really fast,” she says. “And he also asked me to move in with him! I was thinking about moving back to Buffalo and he said, ‘You should just move in with me!’” Katie didn’t say “I love you too,” she admits: “I didn’t want to lie, and I didn’t really see a full on future with Ben.” (He does like to move fast: By March 2020, Ben, who had recently told GMA he wanted a “healthy, stable, loving, committed relationship,” was dating his Deep Water costar Ana de Armas. The couple moved in together that December and split in January 2021.)

Katie and Ben spent most of their time together cozying up at his Pacific Palisades home. “I’m into film scoring so he was always trying to introduce me to his friends in the business, but for the most part we would eat really good food and watch really good movies. He cracks jokes every other minute so you can’t even watch the movie but it was hilarious,” she recalls. Once, he set up a romantic evening for her in his backyard: “It was really nice out so his chef did a candlelit dinner.”

Katie was also there for one of Ben’s lowest points. In October 2019, the rehab vet was photographed looking inebriated at a Halloween party a few months after celebrating one year of sobriety. “My friend asked us to this masquerade party, Billie Eilish was singing there and Ben had one drink,” she recalls, adding. “He had a vodka cranberry and it was almost clear. I’m pretty sure the bartender was like, ‘Oh, it’s Ben Affleck, I’m going to make it really strong,’ and it hit him really fast.” Katie says she asked Ben if he was sure he wanted to partake: “He said ‘Yeah, I’ll just have one.’”

When the story broke the next day, Katie says Ben’s main concern was his kids. “After the slip, the first thing he said was, ‘I’ve got to make sure my kids are OK,’” she remembers. “He wasn’t worried about himself. I felt bad for him.” The actor went straight to Jen’s house to see his children and stayed over for a couple of nights. “I can guarantee Jen was angry, I heard about it from Ben,” says Katie, “but she seems very gracious and level-headed and it seems like she does really care about him.”

Indeed, Katie remembers Jen constantly checking in with her ex. “He said generally that she was a really good mom and he was lucky to have her as their mom,” dishes Katie. “I did notice that she did call him quite a bit,” she adds, “but it seems like they just really love their kids and want to do their best to keep a good relationship for that reason.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition, December 27, 2021]

That sounds really nice to crack jokes, watch movies and eat nice food. That’s like my ideal relationship apart from the fact that it’s Ben. It’s kind of gross that Ben was bragging to Katie about how J.Lo has a phenomenal ass. That seems just like something he would do. As for Jennifer Garner calling Ben a lot, their kids are in activities and I’m sure they have to keep in touch to coordinate schedules. It also doesn’t surprise me to learn that Ben said “I love you” fast and told Katie she should move in with him. Narcissists love bomb and future fake. Katie went on to tell Star that Ben seems like a great match with J.Lo as they’re both family oriented and love their kids. I hope Katie got some cash for the holidays out of this. Also she was smart to keep Ben at arm’s length.


Ben Affleck enjoys a Christmas shopping trip with the kids and his mom

Photos credit: Backgrid, Star and via Twitter/TMZ

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  1. Merricat says:

    “I’ll just have one” is the addict’s favorite sentence.

  2. Kviby says:

    Im sure it’s hard to resist that tabloid cash. With someone like Katie would she have to choose between the cash and her future career? Or would no one care she did this? Did she decide the people who could help her career don’t really care about her « revealing » Ben? Or does Ben also not care?

    • Chaine says:

      I don’t recall ever even hearing about her until this blog post. I’m guessing that being with him did not help her career chances so much that on the balance the money from the tabloids for this story wasn’t worth it. I mean, for a tabloid tell all, it could hardly be more bland and harmless. We all already knew he fell off the wagon repeatedly and it’s hardly headline news that he liked his then ex’s booty, along with the majority of the rest of men on planet earth.

    • pandora says:

      I think the quotes from the interview are quite complimentary to everyone involved, there is nothing bad about Ben, nothing revealing.

      Maybe even Ben paid her, as the interview is in favor of Ben.

  3. OriginalLaLa says:

    Sounds like his chef made quite the impression on his hookup! she mentions the chef at least 3 times. I get it though, I’d be into a personal chef as well 🙂

  4. Watson says:

    This whole article struck me as incredibly sad. He seems to lead a very lonely existence, despite all the female support surrounding him.

    But above all else, poor Jen Garner. Pretty sure she keeps a tight leash on Ben cause she’s terrified he’ll go on a bender, and leave her children fatherless.

    • MrsBump says:

      That’s what i found the most sad, that J.Garner still feels the need to keep an eye on him, despite the cheating, the drinking, the half assed compliments he has doled out to her all these years. i’ve been with an drinker before, and i did the same, well past the end of the relationship even when i was no longer in love with him, i still loved him because i had looked after him for so long, he felt like my child, i felt resposible for him.
      Why Jen.Lopez is sticking to this guy when she could have anyone, i just dont understand. i genuinely hope she realises that this is a lost cause and moves on.

      • Dora says:

        Agree, when the husband has serious health or addiction problems he is as another child for the wife. You cannot see him as a man anymore. Jen Garner was looking after him for so long and he became her fourth child. Sometimes Violet looks very protective to him too. His family knows his true problems and they worry for him. Maybe Jlo is looking after him now and his ex will be totally free from him and his endless troubles.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        She might be checking in to make sure he follows through on responsibilities for the kids. Like multiple reminders that there’s a dance recital on Saturday and soccer game on Sunday. I can only imagine the number of times he’s let the kids down.

      • Annetommy says:

        How do you know Ben is a lost cause? I expect people said the same to Susan Downey. I expect Robert jnr is glad she didn’t listen.

      • Marietta2381 says:

        @Annetommy… I think the ridicule of addiction on this and other sites is abhorrent. Addiction is a disease, end of. Stop with the shaming. Ben is not a lost cause.

        And 100% agree that Susan Downey and RDJ are both glad she didn’t listen! And no one would have ever predicted he’d be thriving the way he is. So stop putting down addicts!

        It’s disturbing to me that practically every commenter is so incredibly negative all the time when it comes to Ben and his alcoholism.

    • BethAnne says:

      I don’t know how old their kids are, hopefully as they become more and more independent she will feel comfortable removing herself from him in parallel.

    • Esmom says:

      I think it’s sad, too. It’s clear his addictions have such a strong hold, I can’t imagine the fortitude it takes to fight them every day. It has to be exhausting and just so much harder in the public eye. Here’s hoping he can keep up his sobriety and that it eventually gets a little easier.

    • Celina says:

      I wonder why she chose him as the father of her kids, when she had Scott Foley as a better choice or even Vartan

  5. equality says:

    Is it not a red flag if somebody is saying “I love you” too soon. It sounds pretty likely insincere. So Affleck is seen in public with his other girlfriends but didn’t want to go out in public with this girl and she didn’t see that as a red flag? Is he only concerned about being seen in public with those who can help him boost his image? Sure, staying in is nice if you have your own personal chef but going out publicly says I’m proud and okay with being seen with you.

  6. DogObsessedGirl says:

    This seems like a PR planned “tell all.”
    It’s “tabloidy” enough to make people think she got paid, but it’s also very complimentary to Jennifer Garner, and highlights how important Ben’s kids are to him.
    The only new items revealed about Ben are cute and quirky, and then there’s the perfect-for-JLo mention of JLo.
    I see this as an effort to counteract the calamity of the Stern interview quotes.

    • TeamMeg says:

      Good call. You may be right! I was expecting some dirty details but it’s all very sweet and complimentary.

    • Sudie says:

      You nailed it. I didn’t notice at first, but you’re correct in that it delivered on every recent issue Ben has had.

    • florencia says:

      I might agree with you about it being staged by the power players (Affleck, Garner, JLo) if it was coming out in a something higher profile than this trashy rag.

  7. AmelieOriginal says:

    Is Katie the blonde lady next to him in the poker picture?

    Admittedly, this isn’t much of a story. Ben and Katie both had a consensual relationship for a few months after meeting on a dating app. It didn’t work out. He had one drink at a party while he was with her which I guess is the major “scandal” but alcoholics relapse (and Ben has several times). I guess it gave us a bit of insight into his relationship patterns but this story just confirmed what we mostly already knew (love bombing, he’s funny, he cares about his kids etc.)

    • simmons says:

      Which I am really surprised that no one mentioned this: he only got one drink, and he was so drunk that he couldn’t stand up straight when TMZ caught him? It immediately raised my suspicion that either he faked the drunk, or he had more than one. But then he got to win 5000 dollars in just 15 minutes in a casino later in the same night with this Katie woman. Sure, functional drunk can win, especially in the case of Ben Affleck who was a skilled gambler. But we all see he was intoxicated and couldn’t stand up and walk straight. Which led me to believe he faked his drunkness to kill off Garner’s reconciliation wish.

      • Lena says:

        Wow THAT’S a reach Simmons. I know you are a Ben fan but try o be a bit more balanced in your comments.

  8. Noki says:

    Ben doesnt have a clear type does he ?

    • AppleCart says:

      He reminds me of Don Draper he has a Madonna/Whore complex. He wants the hot trashy fun girls but the ones that are graceful and elegant to parade around in public. In a way J. Lo is the perfect woman for him. She isn’t trashy but has the blend of hot and elegant.

  9. Serena says:

    I wonder if this was damage control from Ben’s part , although talking about your ex’s ass to someone you’re seeing (and seemingly in love with *rolls eyes*) is extremely tacky and gross.

  10. Gigi says:

    Cracking jokes isn’t cool if I am trying to watch the movie. A little of that goes a long way.

  11. Eurydice says:

    You know, for all the high drama in this man’s life, I find him incredibly boring and ordinary. I wonder what it is that makes him so appealing.

  12. Celina says:

    “He’s so down to earth”

    “He has his chef cook for him”


  13. Jules says:

    @ DogObsessedGirl — Agreed. These quotes are reaching new levels of pathetic-ness lmao.
    Garner to Jlo- take him, he’s all yours.

  14. Bobbie says:

    He’s like a lot of guys. He overlaps people.

  15. Mslove says:

    Kinda sounds like the typical life of a stoner. Staying in the house watching movies & getting the munchies.

    • Merricat says:

      We’re in a pandemic. It sounds like everyone’s life.

    • Carolnr says:

      Didn’t Shauna Sexton his other girlfriend say that all he wanted to do was stay in & watch movies, too? I think Shauna also said something about Ben always wanting to go to church.
      i think that he totally freaked Katie out telling her that he loved her & wanting her to move in with him after a short time dating. i know that would have freaked me out, Ben Affleck or not!

      • AppleCart says:

        or he just transfers addictions back and forth, not drinking he’s gambling, not gambling he has a love/sex addiction. And cycles through them over and over. Right now he is sober (allegedly) and focusing his love/sex addiction on Jennifer Lopez while gambling in Casinos with her Mother. Jennifer may be the “one” but she is still headed for a heartbreak again when the next addiction cycle rears it’s ugly head. And she will be designated Jennifer picking up McDonalds before shipping him off to rehab (again).

      • Mslove says:

        @AppleCart lol at designated Jennifer!

      • simmons says:

        People take gambling like it’s a vice, hence an addiction. Maybe it isn’t a vice especially he is known to be a professional gambler and won prizes in the past.

  16. Karisma says:

    Well nothing scandalous! and of course because he doesn’t describe Ben as a horrible vile person it’s pr planned for some of you lol

  17. tisme says:

    Omg this Katie person sounds lovely! She managed to give some dirt while painting everyone in a nice light.

  18. Meh says:

    Looking forward to see how Jlo spins this to her advantage even more.

  19. Shirley says:

    I just want to say that most people that I see on this site very rarely ridicule Ben or anyone else that struggle’s with addiction.
    I believe that Ben is ridiculed because he is an arrogant man that has been protected by a lot of people in Hollywood and he still doesn’t have enough common sense to either appreciate it and say thank you or to just keep quiet.
    After all the second chances he has been given he is still complaining about his Argo snub. 🙄

    • simmons says:

      Won’t you be bitter if you got overlooked of promotion in your work when you know you deserve it and everyone tells you that you deserve it? The same should apply to Ben! It’s not like he complained of not winning. He actully wasn’t nominated of Best Director when convention has it that Best Picture and Best Director usually go to the same person! Of course it was a scandal.
      I find a lot of people really don’t have empathy, just because it is the celebrities they are commenting on.

  20. BCity says:

    W-w-w-a-i-t….she’s a MAGA crazy. I hope the next chef who serves her spits in her food 💅

  21. Al says:

    Lol remember that book Molly’s Game? Someone was dissing JLo’s ass at the poker table and Ben gave him a death stare and said it had been ‘nice’

    The casualness with which commenters describe him as a lost cause… he’s been sober for over two years (as far as is publicly known). That’s not a small thing

  22. Oh says:

    The saving job is j.lo turn here I see.
    So try not to disappoint Ben A. ..
    Now for next time choice your words about JG bc I am sure it wasn’t easy to husband you for her, and it shows you are not responsible for your part but also you used her.

    • LaurenMichelle says:

      Ben should stop doing interviews for the sake of his children. There is no mystery to Ben at all, and he has gotta stop all the confessions that no one cares about.