Princess Eugenie posted family photos & vacationed in Verbier with her mom

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank had a complicated year. They welcomed their son August Philip Hawke in February, they lost Jack’s father after he was hospitalized for months with Covid, they welcomed niece Sienna (Beatrice’s daughter) and they said goodbye to Prince Philip, who seemed close to both of the York princesses. Beatrice posted a carousel on her Instagram, mostly personal family photos of August’s first months, and photos of the family members they’ve lost. She didn’t include any pics of her father. She did include one photo from the “dual christening” they had for Lucas Tindall and August this fall. Just nice family photos from a year which brought a lot of highs and lows for Eugenie.

Meanwhile, I’m fascinated by this: apparently, Sarah Ferguson, Beatrice and Eugenie all went to Verbier, Switzerland after Christmas. Prince Andrew was left in Windsor, and Bea and Eugenie’s husbands were on the trip as well. Edo and Jack are completely tied to this mess and I feel a bit sorry for them. I’m also very interested in hearing about where they stayed? Fergie and Andrew co-owned a chalet in Verbier until they stopped making payments on the home and the former owner sued them. They had to settle out of court and they put the chalet on the market in 2020. I believe they sold it last fall? So are they staying at a hotel or with friends? Very curious.

The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust reception

Photos courtesy of Instagram, Avalon Red.

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  1. Tessa says:

    I don’t feel sorry for Fergie, with her running around defending Andrew.

  2. Jan90067 says:

    I *just* posted about this on the other thread. We all KNEW the pic would come of the babies for distraction, as soon as The Fail had the headline calling for Pedo’s title. I’m waiting for the one of the back of Sienna’s head next.

  3. Chic says:

    From the DF and Hola, it sounds like PA owns the chalet. Maybe Queen paid off own. There is something tone deaf about this vacation.. COVID, awful British response to COVID during Xmas and issues they face as a result, highlights that PA is trapped in UK …not sure if this hit right PR notes

  4. vs says:

    gosh all the royals copy H&M….the picture in the wood of Eugenie and her son is a copy paste of H’s picture of Meg when she was pregnant of the last of their Australia tour….anyway, I understand Eugenie, Andrew is her father after all but at this point, she needs to stay out of the mess
    How can she be friend with Meghan and not be disgusted by how the rf used Meg to cover for pedo prince?
    Anyway, she should take her husband and kiddo and move to NYC

  5. Woke says:

    Both her girs married relatively well and have cosy jobs she’s not a huge success as an author but I suppose she makes a decent living with her books, I don’t understand Fergie insistence to standing by Andrew and publicly defend him.

    • lanne says:

      He’s her meal ticket. She is perennially broke. She has even borrowed money from her daughters’ trust funds. She just has no ability to manage money at all. She’s what the ratchetsand the royals hoped Meghan would be, a broke hanger-on desperate for money that they could look down upon and laugh at. Fergie’s a joke. Not because of her looks, or her divorce. Not even for her infidelity, which is understandable in that she was left alone and unsupported in the royal family. She’s a joke because she never managed to make a living for herself, even with all of the opportunities she had. She wrote books, endorsed products, had a TV show at one time. She has squandered every opportunity she’s had.

      • Mac says:

        This. No matter how much money Fergie makes it will never keep pace with her spending.

      • Shoshone says:

        Sarah supposedly lost her royal security coverage after her divorce. Obviously, Andrew kept his as well as their daughters. Yes, she’s a spendthrift but it would have been difficult for her to earn enough money to support herself on the world stage (where she needed to be in order to attract future money making opportunities) as well as pay for her own security services given her abilities. It actually made perfect sense for her to live with Andrew and be protected and raise their children under one roof. Of course, I believe this was good for their daughters, too.

  6. Catherine says:

    I like the York daughters. But I don’t feel sorry for them. The timing of the posts and the clearly coordinated photo ops just feels calculated to me. It was actually stunning that she posted a photo that appears to be from INSIDE the chapel. I don’t think that is usually done. I also side eye Eugenie’s anti slavery/trafficking work. The optics of it just aren’t right to me. Eugenie and Beatrice are not responsible for their fathers actions. I’m sure they love him and believe him. But I’m also certain that they will happily play “the game” with the media and try to provide cover for him. Originally August’s christening was private and unannounced like Beatrice wedding. We only found out after the fact that it had been cancelled because of a Covid scare. They turned it into a photo op after things with Andrew’s case progressed.

    • Mac says:

      Yeah, it seems really weird someone would do a retrospective of a momentous year in their life at the end of the year. It’s also super weird that Eugenie would work on human trafficking before her father was outed.

      Not everything is a conspiracy.

      • Catherine says:

        She didn’t start the work before Andrew was outed. Virginia’s accusations have been out there for a decade as well as Andrew continued friendship with Epstein after he was convicted. As for the retrospective. She didn’t release a christening photo immediately after the event itself. Given every conspiratorial thing that happens with this family particularly with regard to the way they seek to appease the media. I don’t think everything is a conspiracy. But it is perfectly reasonable to raise questions about the motivations of certain actions. Particularly with regard to the timing of announcements and the release of photos. As I said before, they clearly set up the christening itself as a photo op after it had been previously scheduled to be unannounced. So it’s hardly a huge leap to think the new christening photo was itself was part of game also.

  7. Athena says:

    That arm in arm picture is such a set up for the paparazzi. Notice Edo and Jack keeping their heads down.

    It sounds from the story that they’re staying in that same Chalet. There was a story a while back, during the whole he owns money to the seller, that the queen provided the funds to pay off the loan. I thought at the time it was “that’s it, that’s your inheritance, don’t expect anything else from me” but now we’re told she’s also paying for his legal bills and probably paying his living expenses. Her other children should be mad about this.

    • Bread and Circuses says:

      I’m pretty sure the royals all have effectively a universal basic income — they get supported continually throughout their life, rather than waiting for an inheritance (although they get those too).

      None of them (except Charles, who is going to inherit the logistics) probably cares about a part of the inheritance that goes away because the ongoing UBI is what they live on.

      Andrew’s probably gotten his royal UBI sharply reduced now he’s not doing public appearances, but the royal family prefers to keep its dirty laundry private, so I’m not surprised the queen sorted out the chalet debt. There might be a penalty Andrew pays in private, but it’ll stay invisible to the public.

  8. Sofia says:

    Verbier is aristo skiing destination of choice. There’s obviously others but most British aristos head there during ski season.

    Nice pictures from Eugenie. I don’t have an issue with either of them or their spouses so nothing else to say from me.

    • Ann says:

      Me neither. They are not to blame for their father’s actions. I’m sure they love him so it’s complicated, to put it mildly, but all I see is a family on a ski trip. A rich family.

  9. KFG says:

    I think Eugenie and Jeff are the only ones to have a real loving relationship. He obviously loves her and cares about her. That pic of him on the boat for work was used by the Cambridges to smack at Eugenie for still supporting Harry. They did the same to Bea and Edo. Bea is more like Sarah so I’m guessing she needs the support so she ofcourse has gone at MM. Plus I think Bea’s marriage is one of convenience. Eugenie has shown she’s not afraid of C&C or the Cambridges and isn’t going to back her father. I think she did this for her mother and nothing else. Sara has always been more like their kid vs a mother so I think they feel responsible for protecting her.

  10. Amy Bee says:

    It’s being reported that they stayed at Andrew’s chalet so either he has not sold yet or Mummy paid off his debts.

  11. According to the People link–Eugenie posted the photo carousel, not Beatrice. Beatrice doesn’t have an official/public Instagram.

  12. Emma says:

    The bright little cheery normal facade this family is committed to publicly presenting in the midst of a federal US investigation into whether Dad raped sex-trafficked minors including Virginia Giuffre is really something. Eugenie didn’t choose and can’t control her father (or mother), so I do feel a bit sorry for her. Still, I feel like if my dad was in that position, I wouldn’t be posting blithely away on Instagram like nothing was going on. It seems very uncaring toward Epstein and Maxwell’s many victims.

  13. A says:

    I think the photo summary of her year is fine (no doubt a distration, but fine) and reguardless of Sarah’s endless shenanigans and the general moral questions that should be asked of her, reguarding her ex-husband. I sort of understand her defense of him (he, is literally responsible for her having a roof over head). What I don’t really understand is Eugenie and Beatrice’s relationship with the cambridges. Prior to Meghan coming on the scene, from what I remember it was them whom Keen was at war with. Also, they refused to invite their mother ( in a rather public rebuke) to there damn wedding, despite Kate’s gaffe prone uncle being welcome with open arms? Add to that the most recent hijinks of Baldingham threating to remove their father from his home. Why in the world would they go to Keen’s little special? Like did William call up and offer them something in exchange? Did he promise them he would get the media to lay off ? Hell, did he offer up another court case interference special? I know its very QAnon royal additon but i’m questioning it!

    • molly says:

      Just reading between the lines of the past 20 years of pictures, Zara and Peter seemed to be closer to Will and Kate, and Bea and Euj were closer to Harry (and eventually Meghan). Not sure if alliances were officially formed once Harry and Meghan left, but that still seems to be the divide.

    • teecee says:

      Liz is going to die soon and they’re worried so they’re sucking up to the heirs. Even if they don’t want or need money, they know that once gramma is gone, they are the ones who will be fed to the press now that Harry’s in the USA.

  14. Gubbinal says:

    I do feel sorry for those girls. Both of their parents are flaming narcissists who never have enough money. But I suspect they are emotionally wrenched whenever their mother makes a request of them.

    I think that Eugenie really seems to be a decent person–her words about her Grandfather’s death were the must human and humane and personal of all. But I also know that she has been emotionally trained from birth to be her mother’s servant. I read a story by William Faulkner (I know different time, different place) about a son feeling ashamed of his father’s conduct and it was a misery to admit the truth to himself.

  15. Molly says:

    Interesting that Eugenie seems to have gotten the Official Royal Gown for August at the double baptism, while Zara’s son is wearing a normal outfit. Curious how that was decided. (“Blood princess!!” perhaps? I can see Andrew throwing a fit about that.) Both babies are 9+ months and older than normal royal baby christening schedules, so perhaps it only fit August.

  16. sansblague says:

    The Daily Express reports that the chalet was indeed sold in Sept 2021 in order to satisfy the debt to and the agreement with Isabelle de Rouvre. I do recall the sale being covered and that it was reduced in price due to the lack interested buyers – particularly since covid when many European ski resorts were ordered to shut down last year and the year before. Maybe they negotiated the right to rent during this holiday as part of the term of the sale? Surely the buyer felt sorry for them – the entire situation is pathetic!

  17. sansblague says:

    Now I can’t find confirmation of the sale but there are plenty of hints that “Edo” may have bought it with his property development firm that suddenly expanded to the Swiss Alps.