Halle Berry posted a photo that looked like she married Van Hunt, but it was a joke

Halle Berry confirmed her relationship with musician Van Hunt back in September 2020 and they have been publicly booed up and gushing over each other ever since. Despite being a quarantineship, Halle and Van’s relationship is still going strong. Halle and Van decided to prank their supporters on Instagram over the weekend. Halle posted a picture with Van standing in a tropical chapel. Halle was wearing a flower crown and she captioned it “Well… It’s Official.” After receiving loads of well wishes from fans and celebrities, Halle and Van clarified the statement saying that they didn’t get married. Halle was actually talking about it being officially 2022 (squints eyes) which was the next pic in the post. Here are a few highlights from US Weekly:

“We were just having some New Year’s Day fun! People clearly don’t swipe as much as we thought they did. 😂 Thank you for the well wishes, tho’, it really touched our hearts,” Berry, 55, captioned an Instagram selfie with Hunt, 51, on Sunday, January 1. “Now it’s OFFICIAL, the internet is no longer undefeated 😜 #nomoreswipes4me #Januaryfoolsday.”

Hours earlier, the loved-up couple first sparked marriage speculation after the Call actress posted a snap of them kissing in a tropical chapel. Berry, for her part, donned a long dress and a floral crown, captioning her social media upload, “Well…IT’S OFFICIAL!”

In a second slide, she wrote “It’s 2022” across a close-up selfie of the couple. As a result, several social media users immediately congratulated the pair on their presumed nuptials.

“👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 congrats you two!!! Beautiful,” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson replied via Instagram comment. Tia Mowry, Meagan Good and Taraji P. Henson also shared their congratulations for the pair.

Days earlier, the Ohio native gushed over her beau during their romantic vacation, writing via Instagram, “Even our feet go together.”

[From US Weekly]

Halle and Van knew damn well what they were doing. They are so obvious. Halle knew most people wouldn’t go to the next photo in the post to see that she was talking about 2022 or that they would ignore the post coinciding with the new year. So perhaps it was a joke, but there was something that felt serious about it too. These very public relationships are cute but also so cringe. Then again, I am nosy and I like to know the tea despite being a relationship skeptic. I wish Halle would be less public about this current relationship because I really want it to work out for the both of them and people can be cruel. However, it isn’t my life and the one thing I can do is not be a salty Betty and just celebrate her happiness with her.

I thought Halle glowed in her vacation photos with Van. And the picture with her wearing the flower crown was adorable. Now I want to know where the hell they vacationed. The pictures from their vacation were stunning. It was so cute that Dwayne Johnson and Meagan Goode congratulated Halle. And it was also sweet that Halle’s fans are cheering for this relationship to go the distance. Halle has been having an amazing career resurgence this last year. Perhaps 2022 will bring Halle an engagement and wedding as well.

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  1. Noki says:

    When they break up,i feel sorry for this man. Halle seems vengeful and nothing is ever her fault.

  2. Amy Bee says:

    The joke probably would’ve worked better if they had done it for April Fools but I think them doing this means they might get married later down the road. All the best to them.

  3. Mira says:

    She is so thirsty I’m getting dehydrated just by reading this.

  4. Yup, Me says:

    She did an excellent job in Bruised. I’m going to focus on that and ignore this little debacle.

  5. jferber says:

    I hope this works for them. They both deserve this happiness.

  6. FHMom says:

    Really immature, which is not a good sign. It’s not funny, either.

  7. Lucy2 says:

    His post at the end there is kind of funny, but I don’t get why they did this. Imagine being Halle Berry and still needing attention?
    They do seem happy together though, so I hope it all works out for them.

    • PeacefulParsley says:

      “Imagine being Halle Berry and still needing attention.” Wow. This. When you put it this way, it’s really freakin’ sad.

  8. Twin falls says:

    They’re just on vacation drunk posting. Things are a lot funnier and make perfect sense while drunk that then maybe not so much the next day.

    • PeacefulParsley says:

      Maybe I’m just a graying GenXer, but posting photos is not an involuntary or automated activity. It is a choice.

  9. Sweetpea says:

    Tick tock till crazy

  10. Alicia says:

    They are in Bora Bora.

    • BothSidesNow says:

      That is all I was looking for, thank you!!

      I do hope that they are happy, but I agree that the joke wasn’t funny really. They knew what people would speculate. A chapel, long dress, headdress and the kiss. Looked like a wedding snap to me.

  11. PoppedBubble says:

    They look happy.