Prince Charles worries Harry’s memoir will be an ‘excoriating takedown’ of Camilla

Ever since we learned that Prince Harry has been writing his memoir, the Windsors have been briefing against Harry in advance of the publication. For a while, it was just wall-to-wall royals-telling-on-themselves, but in recent months, the gossip has slowed down. Weirdly, it seems like Prince Charles is the one who is the most concerned. Arguably, Chuck knows what he did and he has a guilty conscience, but one would think that William would be pretty worried too, right? But most of the time, it’s just Charles fretting around, telling anyone and everyone that he’s dreadfully worried that Harry will write bad things about Camilla. Now that Charles wants credit for “extending an olive branch” to Harry, it turns out that Chuck has an ulterior motive: convince Harry to NOT mention Camilla in his memoir?

Ahead of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee next month, the Prince of Wales is said to have invited the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to stay with him amid their ongoing security concerns. But privately Charles has told aides he worries his younger son’s shock book will be an “excoriating takedown” of the Duchess of Cornwall — particularly in the early years of the couple’s romance.

Last night a source said: “Forget the Prince Andrew saga, the main topic of discussion at Clarence House is Harry’s book — and the reputational damage it could very well do. There are concerns about Harry’s recollections of Camilla’s entry into the Royal Family, and how her long-running romance with Charles damaged him from a young age.

“Harry is fiercely loyal and protective of his late mother and her legacy, and didn’t approve of Camilla sweeping in as the great love of his father’s life. Understandably he found those early years incredibly difficult, and he might publicly blame Camilla for much of what he believes went wrong in his childhood, and the trauma the whole situation caused.

“Charles is deeply protective of Camilla. The last thing he needs — especially in a year of celebration that should be all about the Queen — is an excoriating takedown of Camilla at a time when people have finally taken her to their hearts.”

The source adds: “Harry also still has anger towards his father, who insists he cut him off financially, despite the published royal accounts suggesting he didn’t. He hopes by inviting Harry to stay, he can gently talk to him about the book and ask if there’s anything he needs to know. He is also desperate to see his grandchildren, Archie and Lilibet — the latter, of course, whom he is yet to meet.”

[From The Sun]

Charles’s priorities are clear: find out what Harry’s putting in the book, ensure that Harry doesn’t rip apart Camilla’s careful rehabilitation, and then after all of that, Charles would like to see his grandchildren briefly. Let’s not kid ourselves about any of this. I assume Harry knows exactly what his father is up to and that Harry has zero illusions about this. This is about Charles and his drama and not about Harry and Meghan, how they were treated and what that says about the monarchy. All that being said, why does Charles keep telegraphing that he’s so, so worried about Harry’s feelings about Camilla? Charles is preoccupied with Cam while Charles’s sons have never paid much attention to Cam either way.

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  1. Angie says:

    That says a lot. If any of my family members wrote a memoir, it wouldn’t even cross my mind to be worried. That’s because I’ve been a good family member.

    • Bettyrose says:

      Right? This reaction is the most telling thing of all.

    • HeyJude says:

      This! If you don’t want people to say awful things about your wife, don’t marry an awful woman. (Or man or any other person, it goes all ways equally.)

      He’s basically saying Camilla’s done awful things he’s scared of getting out.

  2. Cessily says:

    Makes me think that the Crown might be more factual than fiction and maybe not the worst of what happened if he is that afraid of what Prince Harry will write. 🤔🤨

  3. Chloe says:

    I find this worry of charles incredibly interesting. To my knowledge harry has never publicly said anything negative about Camilla. So why this worry?

    What did Camilla do to him?

    Aides don’t have to worry because im pretty sure that his parents marriage isn’t something harry will talk about much.

    And if charles was so desperate to see lili and archie he could just take a airplane to see them.

    • Mac says:

      Harry has never spoken out about Camilla, but we have no idea what he has said privately. That clearly has Charles worried.

    • A says:

      I would absolutely bet there was some friction between W&H and Camilla, at least in the beginning. There almost had to be, what with the cheating aspect and, of course, losing their mom. And I would also believe that Charles was always more worried about Camilla than about how his kids felt about the situation.

      My guess is that it was a huge deal for Harry when he was a kid and he’s learned to live with her because he’s the only one of the Windsors that ever actually grew up at all.

    • FC says:

      Something must have happened if he’s more worried about Camilla, specifically, over his own coverage in the book (especially given how widely documented it is that he’s an awful father).

      Chuck’s strategy up until now has been to simply bully his son in the press, so talking to him is a nice change of pace (and could actually work) to steer Harry in a different direction with his memoir. Wills should consider the same approach if he ever wants to be king.

      • Jan90067 says:

        Charles really has nothing left to bully with! Harry doesn’t need him. He’s got his financial house in order, is self-supporting, has his own family, and built a wonder life for all of them faaaaaar away from the mishegas (craziness) of the Tales of the Warring Windsors.

        Harry truly IS in the driver’s seat, so to speak.

        Plus, as long as Charles is making sure Harry won’t be able to get the property security, Harry is saying, “You can talk to the hand, ‘cos the rest ain’t comin’ near!”

    • Lady D says:

      Maybe Camilla did or said something truly ignorant to Meghan, and that’s what Charles is afraid will get out?

      • Jan90067 says:

        Something racist, about her or the baby (before/after birth) when Cam was a few gins to the wind? *Quite* possible.

      • HeyJude says:

        I don’t think it’s race because Charles wouldn’t be so worried. It’s obvious the royals are racists or okay with racists and a large part of the British public don’t really care.

        My suspicion is it’s Diana related. Which a large part of the British public, even the anti-Meghan people are still quite concerned about. Diana remains revered among everyone- royalists and anti-Monarchy alike.

        I suspect Camilla might have told Harry to get over his mother’s death as a child, that he was being too dramatic about it, and that she (Diana) wasn’t a saint to mourn over, etc. Something along those types of ghastly lines romantic rival would say if she wasn’t a very nice person and was sick of this kid crying on about their mother all the time long past her death and cramping her style as the new wife.

    • eb says:

      This is a fake story meant as a shield against stories about him. PC is creating a strawman, Harry v. Camilla. to keep his little butt out of the tabloids. Maybe.

      • kgeo says:

        Exactly. I had someone once go around telling people I attacked her children because she and I had a big blow up. I never said anything about her kids. My problem was her. It just shifts all the blame over to the other person.

      • aftershocks says:

        Yeah, based on Harry’s reported comments when he was 21, in 2005 (later copied by Angela Levin in her Harry biography), I do not think Harry has any particular beefs with Camilla. One of Harry’s comments about Camilla from 2005, rehashed in Levin’s 2018 biography:

        “We love her to bits. She’s a wonderful woman, and she’s made our father very happy…”

  4. Justplainme says:

    I think The Crown should be Charles bigger concern. It will be released close to the same time as Harry’s memoir.

  5. Jane says:

    Because Harry has proven himself to be vindictive and use his platform to assassinate the characters of others? Please. He discussed his family woes with Oprah in the most oblique terms, being careful not to name names precisely because he realised how damaging it would be for them, and he wasn’t talking about them, he was talking about himself and Meghan and their experience. I don’t expect his memoir to be any different – there’s so much interesting stuff about him that he can talk about – dyslexia, army, charity, Invictus, Meghan etc. There’s no room for other stuff and it wouldn’t serve his current future-facing agenda.

    • Miranda says:

      Yeah, the fact that they’re so terrified that Harry might write something damaging about them is just further proof of not only their self-centeredness, but also the way that they’ve always seen Harry as an afterthought. He’s just the “spare”, after all. He just BARELY mattered before, and only in the context of his status as a royal. Now that he’s left that life behind, what could he possibly have to say for himself that anyone would be interested in reading, unless it’s about them?

      • ArtHistorian says:

        This seems to me the case of a tell-tale heart. A guilty conscience telling on itself. It never crossed my mind that Harry would write about Camilla – but now I’m wondering about how she treated him behind closed doors.

      • windyriver says:

        Regardless of whether there’s any truth to the story – it definitely raises the question, “What does Charles know that we don’t?” These people would do themselves a massive favor most times if they’d just shut up. As far as the public knew, so far, Camilla hasn’t been part of any of this. Between the media beast needing to be fed, the ham fisted PR attempts of various palaces, and the jockeying for power behind the scenes, yet another problem is created, not diminished. Maybe that’s to someone’s benefit, but nothing to do with Harry.

        I expect Harry to talk about Charles in the sense of he, as well as Diana, being models for him of public service (Charles has pulled a lot of crap, but does have solid accomplishments). Likely he’ll mention TQ. Don’t expect him to waste space in his book about his development on anyone else. Do expect the RF to simultaneously feel relieved Harry didn’t do a big tell all, while at the same time, offended most of them were left out. Either way, book sales are going to be great, especially if crap like this continues for another six months.

      • Robert Phillips says:

        Reading your reply made me think this. What if they are all worried that Harry will prove with his book how useless the actual royal family is. That they have no actual power. That its the men in gray who make all the decisions. I know there is already an abolish the monarchy plan going forth. What if Harry’s book just makes that stronger. They already don’t like Charles over there and seem to really hate William. Maybe Harry’s book can be the final push.

  6. Lolo86lf says:

    The royals are so self-centered. They are terrified of the media targeting them specifically. Like William and Kate are quite okay when the tabloids trash Meghan Markle but God forbids they become the bullseye themselves.

  7. Amy Bee says:

    The funny thing about this is nobody knew that Camilla and Harry didn’t get along until it was announced that he writing a book. All Charles had to do was keep quiet about it and we all would have been none the wiser. I don’t believe Harry is going to take down Camilla, I think he will mainly talk about being lonely after his mother died and being unable to talk about her with his family. Another thing, this talk about “Charles inviting Harry and Meghan to stay at his house” story is giving the same vibe as the “Charles helped them to buy their house in Montecito” story. It rings false to me.

    • Chloe says:

      Could these stories originate from KP? Just to make Camilla look more bad? Its interesting to me that we’ve barely seen anything stories like this but then about how william is so worried. Except for like 1 or 2 when the memoir was announced

      • Amy Bee says:

        @Chloe: Nah, I think this all CH, they’re worried that whatever Harry says in this book would affect Charles’ ability to reign as King and could destroy all their work to get Camilla to be accepted by the public. Regardless, of how William may feel about Camilla, he’s Team Windsor through and through and he and Charles are on the same side now.

      • Kalana says:

        I think this is KP. Remember tiara-gate? The Sussexes were not feuding with the Yorks and the whole thing was set up by William.

        Same thing here. Push Charles’ buttons about Camilla and direct attention at her when it’s William who is freaking out about the book.

        William wants Charles and Harry to stay apart.

      • Amy Bee says:

        @Kalana: The story of Tiara gate actually came from CH not KP. It was first told in Charles’ authorised biography done by Robert Jobson. Later CH told Jobson that Charles was upset that Meghan decided against attending some exhibition for his birthday saying that she didn’t want to be there because there were cameras. So KP is not alone in the smearing of Meghan.

      • Couch potato says:

        I was wondering the same @Chloe. Willnot needs a new scape goat to through under the buss, and Camilla is a married-in. Why would Chuck “rehabilitate” Camilla’s reputation over many years, just to launch her as the evil step mum before the memoire comes out? If not KP, who else is trying to damage Camilla? There’s been quite a few negative Camilla articles in the resent year. Her nephew involved in the cash for access, the Biden fart story, several articles about Chuck worrying about what Harry will write about her. It doesn’t add up. It could of course be a part of a power war going on between Chuck and BP courtiers who want to keep control as long as they can.

      • equality says:

        @AmyBee I wouldn’t go to any exhibit with PC anyway if I were Meghan. There was the one thing she and PH attended where PC told them to stand back that it was for “senior royals only”.

    • Sue E Generis says:

      So, here’s the thing, people always project their own behavior and thinking onto others. Charles, and the others, are selfish, petty, backstabbing, vindictive people. Ergo, they just assume that Harry will act as they would in the same situation.

  8. chill says:

    I really have no idea, but my take is that Harry will not try to tear his family to bits. What good would that do? He can still get his opinions across without tearing down House Windsor. He is part of House Windsor and seems to care about them. So, I think all the sound and fury is useless and tells on them and what they fear. Harry will be diplomatic, but honest.

    • Bettyrose says:

      Absolutely. He’s never gone scorched earth yet. Why are they so worried that he will?

      • Indica says:

        They’re worried he’s going scorched earth because given the chance, they would. Projection, thy name is Willy.

      • Em says:

        Because the simple truth is damaging enough. Harry doesn’t need to spill all the family secrets and throw his rage and anger around to show Charles and William as the bad guys. “They said racist things about my kid, cut off security, wouldn’t return my phone calls, and lied to the tabloid about my wife.”

        That’s not scorched earth. That’s facts.

    • SarahCS says:

      They are judging him by their own standards. He’s made it clear his are very different!

    • Carty says:

      Maybe there’s insight Harry has on what Cam did to Diana while she was still alive, but after the divorce. I can see some ‘what color will the baby’s skin color be’ type bombs. Camilla is not a nice person I’m guessing.

    • BritDebbie says:

      Do you know what I wish. I wish Harry will not even mention them in his memoir. I hope he talks about his mum, and any lovely staff that looked after him, any teachers that inspired him etc… I think rather than worried about being written about, perhaps they are worried that they won’t be.

      What happens if in the whole memoir all they get is a sentence?

      • Bettyrose says:

        I suspect that’s exactly what it’ll be. He won’t shy away from discussing the impact of his mother’s sadness on him but otherwise it won’t be about individuals within the RF. More about how he grew to his realization it wasn’t the life for him.

  9. North of Boston says:

    This makes me think of the masthead that was featured on a local weekly newspaper which never hesitated to speak truth to power.

    It was something like “if you don’t want people to read about it here, don’t let it happen”

    Charles and Camilla should have taken more care and had more concern about their behavior way back when, and treated people more kindly, honestly, respectfully, decently then, instead of getting their knickers in a twist now about what a witness to their bad behavior might say.

  10. ABritGuest says:

    I think Chuck is projecting- he’s probably more worried about HIS image. as I assume Harry & William feel more of a way towards him than Camilla over treatment of Diana & the way they were used for PR eg leaking when William met Camilla etc

    I kind of hope Harry’s memoir barely mentions the Windsors & instead focuses on others who have helped shaped his life like people he met in the army or through trips to Southern Africa. I know that will be a slap in the face for those Windsor narcissists

    • Amy Bee says:

      @ABritGuest: I’ve always felt that the Windsors would not feature as much in the book as they fear they will and when that happens the press and the Palace will be offended that he barely mentions them. Remember Harry and Meghan’s letter for 2021 on their website when he said “I’m my mother’s son” and the press were offended on Charles’ behalf. I think the book will be that same vein – He’s my mother’s son and why he always felt like an outsider in the family and at school.

  11. Hannah says:

    I am sorry for everything the Sussex’s have been through at the expense of the RF. But it has opened my eyes to what a g-d awful dysfunctional family they are and have made me seriously consider why we still have a Monarchy. If we had a referendum tomorrow, I’d vote to abolish it immediately once Liz passes

    • SarahCS says:

      You’re describing almost my exact feelings on the matter. I was interested to neutral on them prior to Meghan arriving on the scene. Since then the horrors of the institution have been exposed and I would be there with you on voting day.

    • FC says:

      They are definitely awful, but there’s no world in which Charles doesn’t become king. Think about what will happen when QE dies — the months of national mourning, the thousands of stories written to honor her life, etc. No one will be talking about Harry’s book during that time (or The Crown, Andrew, etc.). That’s why Charles should just apologize to Harry and bury the hatchet. There is no long term reason to keep the feud going, and reuniting will help craft his image as a “non-racist, loving father/grandfather” — which can also earn him much-needed extra points with the Commonwealth countries he’s about to rule over.

      Now William is a different story. There is enough of a jump between the beloved queen dying and his reign that people will have time to organize and vote to abolish. He’s screwed. 🙂

      • equality says:

        I don’t agree. If the Queen is so popular why aren’t concerns or issues about her selling now? They over-estimated how much mourning and interest there would be in Philip when he died; most people were complaining about not being able to watch their favorite shows that were supplanted by Phil’s memorial. On the Crown more interest is shown in the Diana years and not in the Queen. What are any long-lasting changes that the Queen has actually made as an impact on the world that can be cited? Is there anything to know that hasn’t already been written about the Queen unless they reveal all the secret lobbyings of laws and hiding of money?

  12. Miranda says:

    He won’t say anything about Camilla. He’ll probably go easier on the rest of the family than they deserve, too. Such guilty consciences! All this fretting over the memoirs is telling us far more about the RF’s dysfunction than Harry ever would.

  13. Cathy says:

    Is this actually from Charles or is it a Royal Rota Rat or DM just making up stuff for clickbait? An example would be the story that New Idea (Aussie weekly women’s magazine) made up that Charlotte would be inheriting the Spencer Tiara and not Lili. Which, of course, is not true because the Spencer Tiara Diana wore will be inherited by her brother’s heir. But this fact was not checking and the usual suspects (aka the British tabloids) reproduced the story as gospel. So, is this story really from Charles, or his minions at Clarence House? Or is it just another clickbait story?

    Of course we can’t have Danny Wooteen’s take on how terrible Harry is today because he’s too busy spitting tacks about the New Zealand Prime Minister and our response to Omicron, which… luckily (?) he’s an expert about…

  14. Ginger says:

    Harry may have his own personal issues with Camilla but he has never, ever went against her in the press and has been nice to her in public. It shows what a decent human being Harry is. Can’t say the same for the RF.

    I doubt he will really even mention Camilla in his book.

  15. Mslove says:

    Lol, they think Harry’s “shock book” is worse than the Andrew situation. Nice try.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Mslove, I think this phrase was the reason for the article: “Forget about the Prince Andrew saga” and they are throwing Harry under the bus to take the heat off of Randy Andy. Geez these people are so predictable. If this really is CH they’re idiots, because the article does the opposite for Cam then then their intent. Well, other than throwing Harry under the bus.

  16. Over it says:

    First off because it bugs me. Was there ever a time when Kate was around Harry that she isn’t staring at him like he is the forbidden fruit she would love to bite? That carriage ride picture with her, Camilla and Harry is what I am talking about.
    Now on to Chucky and his emotional support rock willer Camilla. Yes we know all he cares about is her. If he cared for his son Harry and Harry children just a quarter as much as he does for Camilla, then we won’t be were we are now. Harry won’t be fighting for his family safety and protection against the media, the Windsors and all the other racist ass—-holes out there who want to cause them harm just for breathing the same air. Charles could have put a stop to his incandescent son and his stepford wife behavior ages ago. Charles shouldn’t have married a practical child and then turn around and ruin her all because he needed to get his rocks off with cams. He should have been a better man, husband and father and then he won’t have to be there sweating about what Harry will write.
    And for the record, Harry didn’t lie about when his father cut him off. And it says a lot about these people that Andrew being a pedo is the norm but Harry writing about his life is earth shattering.
    Lastly, the jubilee my ass. I don’t want to hear one more word about a narcissistic big party to celebrate a woman who has spent her life with her head buried in the sand about most things. Especially considering it’s nit her money paying for this shit.

    • Robin Samuels says:

      I’ve always seen that twinkle in her eyes when Harry is around, and I think at times it made him feel uncomfortable. I also believe that is the underlying cause of her dislike of Meghan or any of Harry’s past girlfriends. She wanted to be the future king’s wife who’s rigid and not a lot of fun and best buddy with the brother because he’s quite the opposite. The problem is, you can’t have both.

  17. Songs (Or It Didn't Happen) says:

    Interesting how this is put. Charles is worried, not Cam. Charles blah blah blah. I feel like unless it’s a kind of saucy story (involving someone being sauced), there aren’t a lot of stories put out about Camilla herself, while every few weeks there about stories about what Charles thinks involving Camilla.

    (does that make sense? It’s early here and no coffee yet)

  18. Becks1 says:

    I don’t think Camilla is going to be a focus in Harry’s memoir. Yes, he may talk about the trauma of having parents divorce so publicly and the press intrusion etc and that will involve Camilla, but I don’t think there will be a chapter called “CAMILLA: WHY I HATE HER.” And that’s not even because Harry and Camilla are BFFs now or because they are worst enemies. I think at this point, at 37 years old, Camilla just isn’t a focus of Harry’s life and she’s not going to be a focus of the memoir.

    I think Charles’ fear with this memoir is what harry may say about him (charles) but he thinks it sounds better in the press to act like he’s defending Camilla.

    I also think that Charles’ big fear re: Camilla and this memoir is just that people will remember what actually happened during his marriage to Diana, like the Crown.

    • lanne says:

      My guess is that Harry has spoken less than a dozen words to camilla in the past 2 years–anodyne Zoom greetings with Charles. He was likely never around her enough for her to be “wicked Stepmother.” He likely just sees her as his father’s wife. I think the is all ratchet speculation. Harry’s book is on absolute lockdown. No one knows what’s in it.

    • Shawna says:

      For Charles, then, what the word “Camilla” means is “everything I did to secure Camilla,” which includes his treatment of Diana.

    • Merricat says:

      Becks, agreed. And I don’t think Harry is going to put a lot of heat into it, even. I think he will state the facts, and how he felt about the facts, and how the facts affected him. And that on its own will be powerful.

    • Nic919 says:

      I don’t think Camilla will be directly mentioned in Harry’s book very much if at all. The tabs are still portraying this as Harry’s burn book but it is likely to be vague in terms of any real gossip.

      But who has an interest in putting it out there that Camilla might have something to worry about despite no evidence to suggest that Harry has any issues with her? Is this KP pulling some strings? Or just a random staffer or tabloid writer having some fun? I just don’t see anyone directly linked to Charles going to a tabloid and putting it out there that Camilla needs to be worried.

    • KrystinaJ says:

      Is it wrong of me that I want there to be a chapter called that? lol

    • Jais says:

      I kind of wonder if it’s also more about how Harry felt alone, like his father wasn’t there for him, partly bc of his pursuing Camilla and securing her status in the press, which was often done at Harry’s expense. That’s all about Charles. So in that way Charles could be worried about what Harry will say about Camilla bc it’s really all about him. And honestly how in the world can Charles think he can have any say over what Harry will write in the memoir after pulling his security? I wonder if Charles is trying to negotiate security for Harry as long as he agrees not to include certain things in the memoir. As in, you can hire the met police for security if you don’t write about xyz.

      • Harper says:

        @Jais …maybe Charles wants to see the chapters with Camilla first before he puts a good word in for Harry with the Home Office? Sneaky.

      • Lady D says:

        According to an above poster, Priti Patel, who I believe is in charge of the police in England, said in no uncertain terms that Harry will not be buying/renting/using Met Police for protection. I wonder if Priti will go back on her word and kowtow to Charles?

      • Jais says:

        Yeah I really don’t know. Aside from Charles, one thing I’m confused about is the judicial review. I know that Priti Patel said that but does she have anything to do with the judicial review that Harry has asked for. Legitimately don’t know how that works but couldn’t the judges review against what Patel has said and allow Harry to pay?

  19. ScarcasmQueen says:

    I mean, if Camilla has always treated the boys well, never put a foot wrong with Charles, etc, what could there be to tell?

    Things that make you go hmm…

    • Tessa says:

      I do think she behaved badly to Meghan. That’s probably what Charles is worried about.Harry may have even complained to Charles about this.

  20. Jay says:

    This is such an odd reaction. I’m trying to imagine how it would feel if my spouse’s child announced an intention to write their personal memoir and the first thing out of my partner’s mouth was to demand “Hey, you aren’t going to tell everyone what a terrible person I married, are you? I know she’s the worst, but we like to keep that information a secret. Now, you can write what you like about your awful sibling, I don’t care about them.”

  21. Eurydice says:

    Seriously? The main topic of discussion at Clarence House is Harry’s book? Not, like, a possible continental war over Ukraine, the UK economy, Omicron – or, even more important, what’s for dinner?

  22. ScarcasmQueen says:

    Also, I really wish Charles and Camilla would dial back on this love of each other’s lives myths. But I’d say that Camilla and Wallis Simpson are more alike than the Wallis and Meghan comparisons. Camilla and Wallis both had their lives shaped permanently by the palatable PR fiction written to justify Edward and Charles’s bullshit.

    • equality says:

      Maybe PC is worried that H will mention his other women and blow the “Cam is his big love” PR.

      • Tessa says:

        Charles’ other women already came forward. Lady Dale Tryon and Janet Jenkins commented on their relationship with the Prince of Wales. And there were other women in his life. And it is on record that Charles called Lady Tryon “the only woman who really understood him.”

    • UNCDancer says:

      This! All of this.

    • lanne says:

      I kind of love the fact that Wallis grew to despise Edward and was stuck with him. He groveled after her his whole life, wanting her to be a mommy to him more than anything. She found him to be stultifying, whiny, and boring, and she openly had a multiple year affair with a younger man right under his nose. They were both insufferable racists with entitlement complexes–she likely thought she “deserved” to be styled HRH just from putting up with his weak, annoying ass for decades.

      My guess is that Camilla tolerates Charles more than loves him, and escapes from him anytime she can to her own house.

      • Me says:

        The Queen Mother and the UK at large should have given Wallis the HRH and their boundless gratitude for taking that Nazi POS Edward off their hands. Wallis really fell on the grenade with that one.

      • Tessa says:

        It was said the Queen Mother was at one time interested in Edward. ANd she resented Wallis because she married him. If Edward really committed treason he would never have been allowed in the US nor been allowed to return to the UK. I think he was so besotted with Wallis he was desperate to marry her. The younger man that Wallis was involved with was James Donahue, an heir from the Woolworth family. He was gay but was involved with Wallis. He also was abusive to her and when he started being physically abusive to Wallis when he was at the Windsor home, Edward threw him out of their home and Wallis never saw him again. I think Camilla resented Diana and was actively working against her. Sun Editor Stuart Higgins reported she would call him up every week (during the C and D marriage) to give her side. William and Harry are polite to her but realistically they probably don’t forget the role she played in their mother’s life Edward wanted desperately for Wallis to have the HRH. I think it was more him than her. Upon marriage she should have had the HRH, but George VI issued a special letters patent so she would never have it.

  23. jferber says:

    Of course he’s worried about the only person who has a slight alliance with his puny little heart. Pathetic.

  24. tamsin says:

    This bit about Charles being worried about Harry attacking Camilla is very strange and makes no sense at all. I recall one time during a press interview with William and Harry, Harry said very positive things about Camilla, something to the effect that she made their father happy so they loved her to bits. It does seem guilty a consicence rearing its head and projecting. All these suppositions and inuendoes coming from what is probably the imagination of the press is really saying something about the BM. How does it feel to do this kind of inane and stupid reporting.

    • Tessa says:

      Harry only praised her ONCE and I think he did this for his father rather than Camilla. I think Dad “suggested” that Harry say something nice about Camilla. Charles I think is very wary. Harry was going to give the speech about Diana at her 2007 Memorial Service. It was on TV and I noticed Charles asked Harry to show him a copy of the speech first. Very telling. I don’t think Harry is buddy buddy with Camilla, he is polite to her. I don’t think he appreciated the way she smirked at his and Meghan’s wedding.

  25. AuntRara says:

    God, they’re so bad at this. The source literally said “Forget the Prince Andrew saga, the main topic of discussion at Clarence House is Harry’s book.” The press strategy is to actually SAY to people “Forget about Prince Andrew and what he’s done. We want you to think about how mad we’re probably going to be at Harry at some future date because of some hypothetical thing.”

  26. aquarius64 says:

    The sniping between Charles and William stays within the UK. When Harry talks the WORLD listens. That’s what scares Charles.

  27. Mich says:

    Yeah. No. Harry isn’t where the potential trouble for Camilla is going to come from. Far bigger spotlights are about to shine from the next season of The Crown and a new documentary about Diana that is all the buzz at Sundance and set to hit HBO later this year.

    I do wonder if Camilla did something to Meghan and that is why Charles is so worried.

  28. Nedsdag says:

    One word: “GOOD!”

  29. J says:

    Well, she’s a cheater and an other woman so if Camilla is excoriated, she deserves it.

    So does Harry’s dad.

    such an abusive family. Cheating is emotional and sexual abuse that hurts the whole family not just the betrayed partner

  30. Em says:

    Charles is throwing Camilla out as a human shield the same way Will occasionally does it to Kate.

    Camilla hasn’t had anything to do with this. She doesn’t owe Harry anything, and hopefully any resentment he carries from her involvement in his parents’ marriage has been addressed in therapy.

    It’s Harry v. Will v. Charles.

  31. Ace says:

    They keep hyping this book as some sort of “burn it all down” memoir and I’m going to be disappointed when it’s an inspiring story about dealing with a hard situation and overcoming your dysfuntional family.

    I hope at least Harry is saving all the tea for a second part after Brenda dies.

  32. thaisajs says:

    Oh please, if Harry throws Camilla under the bus and not Charles, the future king will be DELIGHTED. He only really cares about himself. I’m sure he’s hoping that Harry focuses mostly on William because Charles sees William as a threat to his rule. These people are vipers.

    • Tessa says:

      I think it’s deflection on Charles’ part, he never takes responsibility for any of his choices in life. I don’t think he blames himself for letting William drive Harry out.

  33. RoyalBlue says:

    They are so upset that Harry gets to write his own story rather than have Levin, the Rota rat write a new version that depicts him as a caricature they have curated for public consumption. i.e. the dim younger son of the future king, rumored to be a playboy and known for his womanizing and jet-setting ways. this is the story they wished they could write.

  34. Teddy says:

    Just stating the facts brands Camilla as a terrible person. And not on topic at all, thank goodness Meghan is now free from wearing those awful hats. Yeesh.

  35. Athena says:

    I read an article yesterday about the sixth in line to the Spanish throne who lives and works in Switzerland. Her and her husband committed fraud, he went to jail etc etc. But you don’t see leaks coming from the Spanish royal family about her or her family. Harry and Meghan did nothing illegal or immoral, they decided to live their best lives and yet the Windsors will not leave them alone.
    The other royal families are just as messy, dodgy finances, affairs, illegitimate children, but the Windsors take it to an all new level.

  36. Athena says:

    Also want to say that Camilla did a lot of damage to her own kids. Children can be cruel and you can just imagine what her kids had to hear about their mother from other children or the whispered comments from those children’s parents. There’s a blurb in an article about William commenting to Camilla’s daughter about what her mother did their lives and her responding about what his father did to theirs.

  37. lunchcoma says:

    Now I’m kind of curious what we don’t know, because as far as I can tell, the main villains up to this point have been William and Charles. I don’t think Charles is throwing Cam under the bus by hinting there’s something worth saying about her behavior. That’s not their relationship with each other. Maybe there’s actually some shit that she did that we haven’t heard about already?

  38. Pentellit says:

    A guilty conscience needs no accuser. They both know what they did…they probably ignored this poor child after Diana died and were so happy Diana was now out of their way they were ecstatic leaving those two boys to fend for themselves. Not only that, does Harry and Meghan really want to go spend time with those two when we learned from Meghan’s memo that when they last stayed with them Charles was constantly berating Harry. These would be Kings are so damn self-serving.

  39. Jaded says:

    All I know is that Camilla did something very telling when she was asked by a reporter “Will you miss Harry and Meghan?” during an engagement at Prospect Hospice in Swindon. In the video she pauses before letting out a sly smile, looking like the cat who licked the cream, and says…“Hmm, course,” then swans off. Look, she’s married to Charles, had a decades long affair with him before Diana’s death and she knows him inside out. She’s the wife of the FK, and her role as FQC means that in this whole ungodly mess she’s clearly siding with Charles, so I don’t think there’s much love lost between her and the Sussexes.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Something definitely went down between Camilla and the Sussexes in their time as senior royals. I’ll add some observations of my own to what you wrote:

      -During Commonwealth Day 2019 Camilla gave a pretty curt greeting to Meghan and waltzed over to Kate to have a lengthy conversation.
      -There was some Remembrance-linked (I think; at least it was around that time of year) engagement in 2019 that she was supposed to attend with Meghan but she cancelled last minute claiming she was sick.
      -During Commonwealth Day 2020, when the queen, Charles, and Camilla walked in, Meghan smiled and greeted/curtsied to the first two but avoided looking at Camilla.

      I mean…it’s possible that this ongoing worry about what Harry will say about Camilla is more about his childhood, but I feel like she’s probably said and done some unpleasant things regarding Meghan.

    • Tessa says:

      I don’t think Camilla is buddy buddy with the Cambridges either but I don’t think she’ll have to worry if Charles passes on first, he probably has an iron clad will so she won’t have to depend on Will for Money. Camilla’s smirking at the Harry and Meghan wedding was rude.

  40. Califire says:

    Harry tends to keep it classy and I don’t see that ever changing about him. I think it will be more who he doesn’t mention and how he doesn’t mention them that will send shockwaves. I just don’t see him taking down Camilla no matter how much anger he has over the way his mother was treated. If he does and she earned it. She earned it.

  41. Steph says:

    This is such a weird take on everything. The Charles and Camilla saga is very well known. This article even concludes that it caused trauma for Harry. Why wouldn’t he write about it? Why are they so sure he’s going to be blaming people instead of just reflecting on how it affected him and how he’s learned to cope? I really hope the whole BRF reads it and decide to take some steps in their own healing.
    From a gossip stand point, I’d love for him to go all scorched earth, but it’s sad that a stranger knows he won’t better than his own father does.

  42. LuLuLu says:

    Oh, the consequences of cutting Harry off completely. If only the BRF had let him keep his military honors and patronages, they probably could have avoided all of this. Proof positive of their short-sightedness.

  43. Rapunzel says:

    Several possibilities for this PR come to my mind:

    1. Camilla is the racist Harry mentioned and they’re afraid Harry will reveal it.

    2. Chuck or Will is the racist and thus is distraction by one or both of them to make people think Camilla is responsible.

    3. They have perhaps heard that Harry will discuss addiction in his memoir and spill that Camilla is an alcoholic. Or discusd cheating and his mom and remind folks of Camilla being a manipulative bit*h to Diana. They might also just be afraid Harry will mention something else negative about Camilla, not related to Di or racism.

    4. Most interesting to me: I wonder if they’re afraid Harry will talk more about the invisible contract and spill how Chuck has manipulated press for Camilla but wouldn’t defend him (Harry) or Meg.

    I’m betting 2 or 4 is the truth.

    • Charm says:

      Harry’s Memoir will be about Harry.

      HIS life experiences throughout HIS childhood, teens and adulthood, told from HIS point of view.

      The things HE learned along this journey, which HE can now identify as helping to shape HIM into the man HE is today.

      HIS experiences in the army and how those experiences shaped HIM & HIS worldview.

      Becoming an advocate for veterans.

      Meeting M.

      Becoming a husband.

      Becoming a father.

      Becoming an entrepreneur; businessman; philanthropist; mental health advocate.

      Given, of course, that none of this happened in a vacuum, there will be other folks mentioned. They will NOT be central characters. In fact, I believe strongly that H will make every effort NOT to mention any of those welfare, left over royals in the context of their institutionalized life. He will mention them in terms of their relation to him:….my father; my grandmother; my brother; and, of course, my mother.

    • Tessa says:

      I’ve often wondered how Harry feels about Charles and Camilla’s writer friends (Penny Junor) and about the way they slammed Diana. Junor wrote a “biography” about Harry which included not so nice comments about Diana. And Junor said she got cooperation from C and C.

  44. Keroppi says:

    Every article just makes me want to preorder the book.

    What are they so worried about? Especially since they are very much not a racist family. Definitely have no skeletons in the closet or pedophiles lurking around. Nothing sketchy going on with their finances either.

  45. L4Frimaire says:

    This is Harry’s memoir, and unlike Charles, Camilla is not the center of his life. What was she like in private if he’s so worried what Harry will say?

  46. Gabby says:

    More than any specific incidents, I think most damaging to C&C will be if Harry mentions the vacant holes in his life where a father should have been.

  47. equality says:

    Nice for Random House that they don’t have to worry too much about paying for publicity for the book.

  48. Robin Samuels says:

    When Harry announced that he was writing a memoir, he shared the part of his life he plans to share in the book, and everyone seemed to have blanked out that part and turned it into what they hoped it would be. He expressed his feeling about Charles in the Oprah interview. It’s why he’s determined not to use the same pattern to raise his children. He also said he would work on improving their relationship. Charles is vying for attention and sympathy. The Queen’s sunset brightens the sky. His ascension to the throne will not be without global criticism, from his climate hypocrisy to the treatment of Princess Diana and the cruel treatment of Meghan and Archie. I believe Meghan declined the invitation to his event because there would be cameras. It was more than likely because the same reporters circulating false stories about her would also be in attendance. He punished Harry for not allowing the British media to abuse his wife and son at the expense of favorable press for himself. There are snakes in the desert less venomous than Charles.

  49. Tessa says:

    I think Harry would be more likely to complain about Kate and William than Camilla. He probably would think Kate’s behavior towards Meghan was really offensive. Especially the “Crying story.”

  50. Tessa says:

    I would think it’s not really Camilla, Harry resents, It’s the spin that his father created which involved putting down Diana. Realistically that would bother Harry and William.

  51. Kat says:

    A favorite quote that’s fitting: “Tell your stories. If people wanted to be remembered fondly, they would’ve behaved better”.

  52. Christine says:


    Seriously, in a family where a completely made up lie about a mommy crying about her daughter not wearing tights, instead of the truth, for so.many.years. I believe none of you, Harry is going to do Harry, which means it will be meaningful and probably life saving, in ways we won’t know. These fools have to stop with dragging Harry, he and Meghan are the best of them.

  53. MelOn says:

    If you haven’t done anything you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. That being said, I can only imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth if he doesn’t talk about them at all. I’m kind of hoping he goes that way.